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Nimbus of Gagan Narang in Olympics The first pride of India in Olympics 2012 Gagan Narang won a bronze medal in men’s 10-meter air rifle, From Bollywood to Start cricketers every one is felt proud , and wished him from heart . Gagan Narang scored little in Seventh and Eight tries ,But He scored 10.3 ,10.7 hits the Bronze medal Then celebrations started . The reaction of Indians Celebrities

Gagan Narang, you make us proud by winning the first medal in Olympics 2012. Let`s hope & pray that we follow it up by achieving many more – By Sachin Tendulkar Congratulations to Gagan on winning the medal and making all the INDIANS proud, many more to come- Dhoni Loud cheer for Gagan Narang for bringing India`s 1st medal, huge moment finally at the podium, Hard luck Bindra U r still a champ- yuvraj Bollywood also greeted him

And Gagan Narang gets India our first Olympic Medal! Moment of pride for the nation and TeamDeepika Padukone Great news from London! Congratulations to Gagan Narang for bringing home an Olympic medalNarendra Modi also also fast to greet Gagan Narang . Ajay Maken union sport minister also wished him and luck for further Events He told to the reporters that His mind was running at the end AND added that He is not going to celebrate until he clears next events . He mentioned that he had a great journey ,He learnt form his failures ,and changed his approach for shooting .We are having a third time row medals in Olympics in shooting ,In 2004 Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won the silver and Abhinav Bindra historical GOLD in Beijing and this now Gagan Narang jutted out Bronze. He said with smile “We are with GOLD ,SLIVER But I’m with Bronze today ” Abhinav Bindra , failed to qualify as he shot 594 qualifying and stood 16th out of 47 individuals

Discourse Vinita Bali with our search lights!

Vinita Bali!! The young Indian author of Life serves LOVE! released byChetan Bhagat , Is slowly gaining echo and so here we would love to introduce her to think of a question “how a college girl during her education (of course still) tied a tight knot to make the Book BUGS aware of yet another sugar loaf! Grab more I in the inspiration from the info she give us down the lane! Every one of us who are not taught emotions but and who are forced to feel utterly expression less moments with a sign of expressing something great through their 5 senses, will move down our hearts -soothing them as if something is happening or going on them like in a fantasy filled novel! But who ought to feel that every life connected to serve love, though may not show up physically notable fantasies, but down the pitch of their heart, a fantasy is always being build up that brings the core of a true love. Read the modest paths she gave to our intriguing search light’s.

A sharp cut into her thoughts with our search lights! Here goes the first trail

1) How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? I‘m a girl next door, ultra confident, determined and passionate, mischievous,thoughtful and a very lively person. 2) If you were offered to be a biographer, who would it be? And how the answer support? This is a difficult one to answer. But I‘m sure it would be someone I know closely,family or friend and not someone famous. Sometimes regular people have more intheir life to speak than anyone big and eminent. 3) 1000m Hurdles, 50 Kg weight lifting, or an F1 race, what among these you feel is best suited to describe the struggles you faced to complete? F1 race for sure. (she chooses the highest fleet among the three; pointing at the heights of her hardwork ) 4) Let us know the felt things which sorted you to the thought of writing of a novel? The heart breaks, the love bitten people can be seen all around. All you need is an eye to see it and a heart to feel their pain. I‘m blessed to have both. ( her description mischievous, thoughtful reflects here ) 5) Why Life serves Love? Why not Life demands Love? How you came up with the title? Life always gives way to love and be loved. It‘s said ―pyar kisi ka mohtaz nahi hota‖. And hence Life serves Love. 6) Caution for life! Is what Attention for love! Begets. Shoot your opinion on this type of ideology that‘s been building up today…. LOVE HAPPENS…!!! It can‘t be controlled…!!! Is all I can say. (observe her punctuation it had lot more than it reads) 7) The journey as an author …….. Yet to be started? Or do you have something in mind to give further kick stars? The journey as an author has started. I have plans for a sequel to this novel. 8) And till now you are greatly supported by and with? Family and friends and yes a great support of the fans of Life serves Love who inspire me to work even harder. {priority FFF -family,friends,fans } 9) Besides your writing life, what do you dig into often? I‘m a final year student doing my bachelors in Fashion and Apparel Design. So that keeps me occupied for most of the time. (we wonder “how she made time to write this” which itself says passionate things will always have a forth dimension in one’s life) 10) Best columnist? Preferred author? & among them who makes a great impact with the reader? Best columnist and a preferred author who makes great impact on its readers. (It says every author and columnist are admirable.) 11) Share your dream (or)‗s? Dream to be a fashion writer. (something you mightn’t hear often) 12) Turn offs in a relation! Especially those you feel about? Lies. 13) Indian authors lack of good trending content or good publication houses! Please support!

It‘s just about getting the right publishing house with a right story. 14) Finally, any question you feel that we had missed out? Must say you guys have done a great job. (thank u; aren‘t we guys?) 15) In short, Share your note, please! Life serves love revolves around the true essence of life and living. In today‘s time the youngsters get so involved in relationships and commitments that it sometimes crosses all limits of being and when heartbroken they feel there is no point of living. I want them to realize that life in true spirit is all about living and enjoying all such moments. You never know what life has in store for you tomorrow. So why lock one behind the dark doors. Why not just live and enjoy and let things happen. It‘s all about believing in oneself and giving life a chance. It‘s all about living. ―Life serves love‖ tries to showcase this essence that life is all about being happy and living moments. All you need to do is give life a chance. It‘s all about trusting life all over again. You can order the book from: Grab your copy and send in your views at:

Ice Age: Mystery Break Down

Discovery : Ice Ages Year of Discovery: 1837 What Is It? Earth’s pastincludes periods of radically different climate—ice ages—than the mild present. Discovered by? Louis Agassiz Why Is This One of the Greatest? We now find immense fun to watch the characters that play a pik tak pulsating roles in ice age series, but how many of us are aware of the story behind the discovery of ice ages which plays a pivotal role in the directing the earth‘s climate zones. Behind The story: An avaunt-grade idea Earth‘s climate had not constantly been the same. Before Louis Agassiz discovered a proof that – all the Europe continent had once been covered by crushing glaciers, Every scientist for thousands of years assumed that Earth‘s climate had remained unchanging for all time. This is that breakthrough; by which Agassiz established the notion of continuous occurrence of global changes. A cluster of life resolving riddles which mystified researchers for centuries were blasted with this discovery was explained. Agassiz was the first scientist to record careful and extensive field data to support and establish a new theory also gave rise to a new begin in the field of Geology and our current planet‘s history.

Discovery story?

Louis Agassiz himself never bonded his prospects as a professor in a college instead he stood on his feet to be called as a field geologist and worked the way more than it demanded him. Late 1820s, noted for the period of tedious hikes all the way through his native Swiss Alps he noticed several physical features around the front faces of Swiss valley glaciers. First, glaciers wormed their way down valleys that were ―U‖ shaped—with flat valley bottoms. River valleys were always ―V‖ shaped. At first he thought that glaciers naturally formed in such valleys. Soon he realized that the glaciers, themselves, carved valleys in this characteristic ―U‖ shape. Next he noticed horizontal gouges and scratches in the rock walls of theseglacier valleys often a mile or more in front of the actual glacier. Finally, he became aware that many of these valleys featured large boulders and rock piles resting in the lower end of the valley where no known force or process could have deposited them. Soon Agassiz realized that the mountain glaciers he studied must have been much bigger and longer in the past and that they, in some distant past, had gouged out the valleys, carried the rocks that scored the valleys‘ rock walls leaving claw-mark scratches, and deposited giant boulders at their ancient heads. The breakthrough In the early 1830s Agassiz toured England and the northern European lowlands. Here too, he found ―U‖-shaped valleys, horizontal gouges, and scratch marks in valley rock walls and giant boulders mysteriously perched in the lower valley reaches. It looked like the mark of glaciers he had come to know from his Swiss past.

In fact there were no glaciers for hundreds of miles in any direction but by 1835, the awe inspiring truth striked him. In a little past, all Europe must have been covered by giant glaciers. The history must have been radically unlike than the current. Environment was not continually the same. In order to assert such a revolutionary idea, he had to demonstrate it. Agassiz and several hired assistants tired two years surveying Alpine glaciers and documenting the incidence of the revealing signs of past glaciers. When Agassiz released his result in 1837, geologists worldwide were overwhelmed. By no means ahead of him had a examiner gathered such widespread and detailed field data to prop up a new theory. Because of the quality of his field data, Agassiz‘s conclusions were immediately established—even though they drastically changed all existing theories of Earth‘s times of yore. Agassiz created a vivid picture of ice ages and proved that they had existed. Behind the curtain : The reason for the ice age formation

However it was Yugoslavian physicist Milutin

Milankovich happened.

, in 1920, who explained why they

Milankovich showed that Earth‘s orbit is neither circular, nor does it remain the same year after year and century after century. He proved that Earth‘s orbit oscillates between being more stretched out and being more rounded on a 40,000-year cycle. When its orbit pulled the Earth a little further than away from the sun in winter, ice ages happened. NASA scientist‘s deep-rooted this theory with research conducted between 2003 and 2005. Fun Facts: During the last ice age the North American glacier spread south to where St. Louis now sits and was over a mile thick over Minne-soya and the Dakotas. So much ice was locked into these vast glaciers that sea level was almost 500 feet lower than it is today.

Lav a Xolo X900 Lava Xolo X900 is simple handset which resembles like iPhone with four-inch capacitive touch screen.Lava Xolo X900 is the first phone which is enclosed with Intel Atom processor with the base of their own technology med-field . Lava Xolo is with mono body and a single slot of micro sim option which is a bit tricky and should be handled neatly .The 4 inch screen with a resolution of 1064*600 pixels which keeps the quality of images in high ,they are sharp enough with any viewing angles .Lava Xolo X900 is on with 1GB RAM and runs quickly like anything with 1.6 GHZ intel Atom Processor .The storage capacity is only 16GB no option for expansion It must be upgraded in next releases . Lava Xolo X900 looks thin slim but seems to be a bit too plain .Lava runs with Gingerbread not with ICS (UI) up to latest releases .The major drawback of Lava Xolo X900 is that it gets heated up even in a shorter duration sometimes it causes network interruptions too. Lava Xolo is with basic Andriod Music player but play very clear tones .1080P works ultra fine supports full HD play back ,3gpp ,MP4 ,Divx formats .The option of network connectivity is through 3G, NFC,WI-FI ,navigation is not provided ,but works fine until its get heated up .Lava Xolo X900 comes with 8 megapixel which it plays decently with plenty of pro-style features even with Brust mode ,but not allowed to be more shaky while catching the clips .Lava Xolo X900 may not work for some APK files because it’s not supported with X 86 architecture . The weight of the lava is 127g .Lava Xolo X900 is not worth for cost 22,000

If you want super fast phone switch to Lava Xolo X900

Versus-Not with ICS ,heating effects , doesn’t bear X86 Architecture . Expert -Super fast, Thin slim design ,Fast.

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