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Some Key Facts The voluntary youth sector is dependent on the contribution of significant numbers of volunteers •

9 out of every 10 workers in the youth sector is a volunteer

Over 23,500 volunteers aged 16+ are engaged in youth work in Northern Ireland every year

Many young people who engage in the voluntary youth sector remain as volunteers Youth work provides excellent value for money

The youth service receives 1.5% of the overall Education Budget. This is approximately the cost of building two post primary schools. The voluntary youth sector receives a proportion of this which does not equate to its contribution to delivery.

For every one pound invested by the Department of Education, Voluntary Youth Organisations generate as a minimum an additional five pounds. Youth work engages with considerable numbers of young people

Over 180,000 children and young people aged 4-25 years are currently involved in youth work in Northern Ireland

A minimum of 55% of children and young people in Northern Ireland will have had contact with the youth service at some time in their lives

A Charter for the Voluntary Youth Sector  

charter for voluntary youth sector in Northern Ireland written by Youthet