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Music-based Mentoring Flow Chart

Action Required


PLAN FOR MEETING YOUR MENTEE * Plan Location, Supervision, Time * List Questions * Read Youth Music Mentors Code of Conduct

THE FIRST 3 MEETINGS * Establish relationship * Go through mentor : mentee boundaries including confidentiality * Collect relevant monitoring information * Discuss aims and objectives * Discuss ending and progression routes * Record the meeting and

REVIEWING PROGRESS MEETINGS 4 - END * Plan/Do/Review * Discuss Aims and Objectives * Record the meeting and Outcomes

Youth Music Mentors Action Plan - Started

Youth Music Mentors Action Plan - Updated every meeting

END MEET * Plan Ending Meeting * Discuss Progression Routes * Record the meeting and Outcomes OR


Music-based Mentoring: Mentoring flow chart From ‘Music-based mentoring: a learning resource for practising mentoring’ on

Mentoring Flow Chart