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Training for trainers 2 Silla (SPAIN) – 05/02/2012 to 10/02/2012

Activity programme

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before departure


Partctical informations

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Project partners

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1 Avd Alacant 63 -Silla 46460, Vlc- Tel:961200029 Fax:961210731

Sunday 13th

Monday 14th

Tuesday 15th

Wednesday 16th

Thursday 17th

Friday 18th

Saturday 19th


Packing and going to Valencia


Official welcoming

Visiting l'Albufera Analysis of the "Express your future" campaign


Presentation of the programme and objectives

Planification of next topics Visit to Valencia Market


Coffee Break 12h

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Youth MEDIALAB in my town: presentation of local context by Brainstorming on Youth Forum participants (10 min / country)


Selection of winners of MEDIALAB Contest

Departure of Participants

Coffee Break Visit and presentation of the Regional Youth Council Planification of next topics Seminar evaluation


Lunch and free time

Lunch and free time

Lunch and free time

Lunch and free time


Participants arrival in Silla 16h


Social Media and Young people: an opportunity to Youth MEDIALAB in my town: improve communication within main successes and difficulties Youth Work?

Lunch and free time to Valencia

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Tips for success within MEDIALAB implementation




Planning Youth Forum

Welcoming dinner

Workshop: How to use Social Network to improve youth participation? Social CafĂŠ in Partnership with SOCIALNEST: "How to inspire youngsters to make a positive impact?"

MEDIALAB Tools Fairs Planning Youth Forum

Farewell dinner and evening in Valencia Dinner in Silla

Intercultural dinner in Silla

Dinner to Valencia

Dinner in Silla


2 Avd Alacant 63 -Silla 46460, Vlc- Tel:961200029 Fax:961210731

Things to do before departure One of the main objectives of this second training course will be to evaluate works that have been done untill now and to evaluate your successes and difficulties to implement MEDIALAB project at local level. For this reason, we are asking to prepare some activities and materials that will be further developped during sessions.

1. Presentation of your local MEDIALAB experiences On the first day of the seminar, each delegation will have to present the local impact of MEDIALAB project. You should specially focus on the following points: - How to involve (and keep involved) young people in the project?; - How did you manage creation of MEDIALAB contents with young people?; - What is your strategy for diffusion and promotion? You should present those results in the most creative way, by using MULTIMEDIA tools. Every delegations will have a maximum of 15 minutes to introduce their work.

2. Social Café On Wednesday afternoon, we will organize an informal debate in a valencian Bar in collaboration with the Association SOCIALNEST. Main topic will be “how to inspire young people to have a positive impact?”. In order to better prepare this debate, we ask you to find one concrete local exemple of young people strongly involved and active for the community. We will be also very interested in initiative supported by Internet and Social Network.

3. MEDIALAB tools fair On the last day, we will organize the first MEDIALAB tools fair which will aim to share between us several technological tools that can be use to improve communication within Internet. Each participant will have to present at least one tool. Tools must be free and, if possible, online and open source. Presentation will be recorded in video in order to be uploaded to MEDIALAB Website.

4. Intercultural dinner On Tuesday, we’ll organize the intercultural dinner so you are invited to bring with you any food, drinks or music from your country in order to share them with everybody.

3 Avd Alacant 63 -Silla 46460, Vlc- Tel:961200029 Fax:961210731

Project Partners

Municipality of Silla / Nau Jove / Eurodesk Office (Valencia/SPAIN) : Project Leader  Municipality of MEGARA / Youth Council of MEGARA (GREECE)   City of Varna / Youth Department (BULGARIA)  Youth Information Center of Brest (FRANCE)  O.S Hodina H (Pelrimov / CZECH REPUBLIC)  Anne Noortekeskus (Tartu/ESTONIA)  Youth information Network Xarxa (Valencia/SPAIN)  Youth Council of the Valencia Region (Valencia/SPAIN)  Europocket TV (Valencia/SPAIN) 

4 Avd Alacant 63 -Silla 46460, Vlc- Tel:961200029 Fax:961210731

Practical informations How to get to Silla?

The nearest airport from Silla is the Valencia airport ( o-Valencia/en/). When you arrive there is a metro station under the airport where you can take the line 3 or 5. You will stop in the station XĂ tiva where the train station is. In the train station you just need to take the line C1 or C2 till arrived to Silla train station where we will wait for you. There is train to Silla every 15-20 minutes and the journey last about 15 minutes.

Accomodation Participants will be hosted in the Moreno Hostal (Silla): Adress:

Avenida Alacant 80 / 46460 Silla

Forecast: .

Phone contact: Nau Jove:

+34 96 120 00 29


+34 690 027 469


+34 608 645 361


+ 34 630 604 319

Hotel Moreno: +34 961 201 141

5 Avd Alacant 63 -Silla 46460, Vlc- Tel:961200029 Fax:961210731

Infopack MEDIALAB Training Course 2  

Programme and Instruction for MEDIALAB Training Course

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