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Over the past two months I have been lucky enough to interview some really inspiring people, including President of UN Youth NZ, Elizabeth Chan (pg.6) and Wheelchair Basketballer, Maioro Barton (pg.28)

Also in this issue, we catch up with Marcus Powell from ‘All My Brothers’, give you an insight into getting your driver licence, find out what it takes to become a Karate Instructor, get a first-hand account from a young Kiwi working in Spain + heaps more!

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The successful actress on the importance of believing in yourself


Marcus Powell on the message behind the music…

The Award-Winning Scientist and

8. SIX60

Underwater Hockey player from Bluff

A Q/A with sheep shearer turned drummer, Eli Paewai

22. ERIN SIMPSON What have Erin Simpson and the team been up to this month?



The Mai Morning host on asking: ‘Why Not’?

Heyday catches up with the


successful singer songwriter

Callum Razak

TOPICAL 10. THE UNOFFICIAL ROAD CODE A lighthearted look at getting your licence!

12. THE DOWNLOW ON DRINKING What is alcohol and how can it affect you?





Karl Stanley



Spanish Adventure

Meet the inspirational President of UN


Youth NZ!



how the ‘hellish’ experience changed Courtney Deed for the better


GOOD SPORT 28 MAIORO BARTON The Wheelchair Basketball star on why he dwells on the possibility and not the disability!

She’s on a mission to make the world a better place…



the coveted award explained!




Check out his iconic kiwi art – it looks good


enough to eat!

34. SHYLA ROSE What is takes to be a talented Seamstress.

Provides insight and youth perspective to issues facing children and young people in Aotearoa.

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Music Entertainment



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The best advice surround yourself with good people!

obstacles I have faced; I think everyone

go to the bathroom. And don’t take other

faces at some point in one way or another.

peoples’ drinks or put your drink down!

It’s a cut throat industry and if you are not careful you can let it get the best of

What were some myths you believed

you. Everyday you are putting yourself out

in when you were young (in relation to

there in a very vulnerable way. I personally

alcohol and drugs), and did they influence

Who influenced you in the direction

have probably had the most issues with

your decision making?

you’ve taken with your career?

myself being my biggest critic - I want to be the very best ME, I can be, and I put

Not a myth but, I saw a video at school in

I think the strongest influence would have

a lot of pressure on myself - in a healthy

Health that showed the effects of drugs

to be the Shortland Street team (cast and

way - I don’t want to wait around and see

and a story about one boy who took E and

crew) they offered me a great learning

if things happen, I want to work my butt

never snapped out of it - and it freaked me

environment from day one and really helped

off and create as many opportunities for

out! I think it’s important to show these

me develop a true passion for what I do.

myself as possible and meet with as many

things, educate and let people make their

exceptional and creative people I can along

own decisions.

How influential was the support of

the way and have fun in the process. My

your family?

advice, whether you want to be an actress

I know for me - I have so much going on

or anything for that matter - work hard,

in my life right now that requires me to be

My family are my world. Their support

be passionate, don’t give up, believe in

focused and performing at my very best all

means everything - without them, what I

yourself 100% and enjoy every day!

the time. It’s my decision right now to make

want to do wouldn’t mean anything. They

choices that will only help me, not slow

support me 100% and want me to achieve

What advice would you give a young person

my greatest dreams. It is their support that

wanting to get into your line of work?

makes me believe the sky is the limit. The best advice - surround yourself with What do you think are some of the

me down.


good people!

struggles young people face growing up in NZ?

What has been your career highlight


so far?

Nickolodean Kids’ Choice Awards 2010

I guess the “it’s not cool to try hard”

As herself

attitude can be very detrimental to an

Another tough question! I think it’s a tie

individual. I have always surrounded myself

for two - being nominated for a People’s


with passionate and driven people. I think it

Choice award in 2010 and filming a show

MTV Movie Awards (TV Special)

is so important to have the confidence and

for Nickelodeon in LA last year for the Kid’s

As herself

belief that you can be whatever you want

Choice Awards.


to be. Growing up is hard - you are finding out who you are and you’re changing.

What are some of the struggles you have

If you go out partying, what are some of

Talent: The Casting Call

the things you do to make sure you and

As Aspen Carlson

your friends stay safe?


faced getting to where you are today? How did you overcome them?

I usually will only go out with a group of

Power Rangers Samurai

friends. If there are boys with us, they take

As Lauren

I always find this a tough question. Being

care of us and make sure we are always

an actress is hard, but no one wants

safe. I always carry my phone on me at all

2007 - 2012

to hear about that side of it - it ruins

times and make sure everyone in the group

Shortland Street (TV Series)

the illusion. I have a great job and any

stays with someone at all times - even to

As Sophie Mckay


Get lots of experiences. Find a passion and stay committed to it. Focus on your dreams. That’s sound advice from a young woman who is grabbing every opportunity that comes her way.

22 year-old, Elizabeth Chan is the National President of


UN Youth New Zealand, a Supreme Court Judge’s Clerk, a Volunteer Support Worker for the Refugee Services, a Young New Zealander of the Year finalist and a pretty good ballet dancer too!

Originally from Hong Kong, Elizabeth moved to New Zealand when she was 6 and grew up in West Auckland.

It was in 2005 that Elizabeth was given an opportunity which has shaped the past few years of her life.


Inspire “My school sent me on Model UN — it’s basically where students

“During my time as a student I took up a research scholarship

come together and role-play as diplomats in a pretend committee

at the Australian National University College of Law, attended

of the United Nations. We learnt about international crises,

two Undergraduate Summer School programmes at the National

advocated for our countries’ positions on these issues and through

University of Singapore and University College Dublin, and even

negotiation, developed solutions to global problems. It sounds

went on exchange to Lyon where I studied French.”

geeky, but it was so much fun!” Elizabeth has also summer clerked at Crown Law for 6 weeks. Now, seven years later Elizabeth is serving her third term on the UN

With that complete, she has now embarked on a 2 year contract

Youth National Executive as the organisation’s National President.

as a Judge’s Clerk in the Supreme Court

Elizabeth also represented New Zealand at the UNESCO Youth

in Wellington.

Forum in Paris at the end of 2011. “It’s always been my goal to get experience as a Judge’s Clerk, “UNESCO is such a fantastic organisation to be involved in. It

so I’m incredibly fortunate to have been given that opportunity,

means a lot to us to see delegates enjoying themselves at the

it’s going to be really inspiring to learn from some of the greatest

conferences that we run, and for many delegates, it is the first

minds in the legal world.“

time they’ve had to learn to advocate a position, accept criticism and try to persuade others. There are about 80 active officeholders

Elizabeth is also a Volunteer Support Worker for Refugee Services,

all over the country and we have an incredible bond — many

helping her refugee families to find furniture for their homes,

of us stay involved for several years. Being National President

setting up power and electricity, helping with enrolment in

Get lots of experiences. Find a passion and stay committed to it. Focus on your dreams.

school and university programmes, and supporting them in their settlement in New Zealand.

“It’s such an honour being able to give a family support when they first arrive in NZ. Our formal placements are six months long but I’ve built a lasting relationship with my refugee families. It is wonderful to see them flourish in New Zealand, and I feel really inspired by their courage and optimism. In many ways they

is a challenging role. On a personal level I’ve learnt to listen to

have welcomed me into their fold and introduced me to cultural

criticism with an open mind and to develop a genuine willingness

communities in New Zealand I didn’t previously know existed.

to change myself. On an organisational level, there is the challenge of keeping volunteers motivated every day, all year round as our

Volunteering has really helped shape the way I see the world – I

activities are on-going, and making sure that our young volunteers

think it’s really important to take on opportunities where I learn

(high school and university students) are properly trained for the

about other cultures and people.”

projects that they take on.” So what does someone so busy do in her spare time? As it turns Recently my work in UN Youth has involved advising UN Youth’s

out Elizabeth is a natural performer.

regional councils, national event committees and international programmes; ensuring an effective sponsorship strategy for

“I love speech and drama (which she also holds qualifications

the entire organisation; organising training for officeholders and

in!), and I have grown up doing ballet, so I have continued to take

managing our relationships with external organisations. It’s a

advanced classes on a weekly basis.”

wonderfully fulfilling role!” After her placement at the Supreme Court, Elizabeth is In addition to her commitments to UN Youth, Elizabeth has

considering doing postgraduate study in law in either the United

completed a conjoint degree in Law and Arts, majoring in French

Kingdom or the United States

and Political Studies at The University of Auckland. She is currently writing her Law Honours dissertation.

“I’ll definitely come back to New Zealand and contribute here — perhaps as a diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade!”

During university, Elizabeth was lucky enough to be given several opportunities to travel abroad.

7 “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein











SI X 60 .C O. N Z

Entertainment Music

SIX SIX60 On October 10th 2011, Six60 released their self-titled debut album which went to NO. 1 on the charts and was certified gold in its first week… Heyday caught up with drummer Eli Paewai. What made you choose your career path?

What has been your career highlight so far?

I was really crap at shearing sheep!

If you were at Homegrown, that was epic.

How influential was / is the support of your friends

If you go out socializing, what are some of the things you do

and family?.

to make sure you and your mates stay safe?

Our family and friends have been massive for us, there’s been

Stick together, and have a good time, If you’re not in a good mood,

so many times along the way where we’ve needed help with

then don’t go out, nobody like a buzz kill!

something or a place to stay and they’ve been there for us right from the start.

What impact do you think drinking underage and/or taking drugs has on youth?

What are some of the struggles you have faced getting to where you are today?

No matter how invincible you think we are when you’re that young, they’ll get the better you at some stage.

There have been a lot of times where we’ve been at each other’s throats along the way, and the transition from an amateur band to

Growing up, what lessons did you take on board about

a proper band threw a lot of challenges our way.

drinking and drug use?

How did you overcome them?

Don’t be that guy that everyone laughs at because they can’t handle their booze….be the guy that gets all the girls!

We just had to stick together; if you do that then you’re able figure out any obstacles that get thrown at you.

Any other words of wisdom to share?

Do you have any advice for young people wanting to get into

Put a smile on your dial!

your line of work?

Don’t expect it to be easy, and work your arse off!

Don’t be the guy that everyone laughs at...




When you’re 15, three things matter, and I mean REALLY matter:

basically read it and read it again until you understand it as well as you understand how to play Farmville on Facebook.

1. Getting the guy/ girl you’ve had a secret (or not so secret) crush on to actually acknowledge that you exist

Once you’re sure how thick the tread must be on your tyres and you have mastered the three-second rule, you’re ready to take

2. Ensuring you have the latest and greatest gadgets – (think

the test!

‘Apple’ anything) The computerized test is made up of 35 questions, 25 questions 3. Having a nifty card known as a ‘licence’ which will no doubt be

about road rules and road hazards, and 10 questions about safety

your golden ticket to the glorious highway of independence – just


think, mum won’t have to drop you at the bus stop in her fluffy pink pajamas any longer!!!

To pass the theory test you need to get at least 32 questions right out of 35.

For many of you reading this, that last one will more than compensate for any lack of kudos in the relationship or gadget

Assuming you have passed this first hurdle, give yourself a pat on

department… especially when you get the keys to your older

the back – you have made one small but significant step towards

siblings hand-me down Toyota Starlet…

becoming a safe road user!

But before we get too carried away; there’s a few things you need

Now it’s time for you to navigate the world of Dad teaching you

to do.

how to parallel park, and do a hill-start (both of which are likely to end in tears and result in the inevitable ‘professional driving lesson

Firstly you must practice your ‘queen wave’, essential for the

birthday present’ – probably best for everyone).

warmer months when you can wind down the manual windows and greet all people out for their Sunday stroll. You must also

I won’t go into any gory details about the next phase of your

ensure your seat is slightly lower and further away from the

driving life as you work towards your restricted licence (cue

steering wheel than is practical (sit on a cushion if need be). It is

learning the reality of petrol prices – hey, freedom does come at

also mandatory to hang something from your rear vision mirror,

a cost!).

stay away from anything resembling a disco ball, as this can be distracting.

For now just bask in the glory of having your learner licence… even if the photo on it makes you look like a cross between a

Once you’ve successfully sorted out the above you will be road-

criminal and a possum stuck in headlights.

worthy… Oh wait reverse reverse, you haven’t actually got your licence yet have you…

At least you’ll have your ‘queen wave’ down to a tee when you finally hit the road.

To get this you’ll need to read ‘The Official NZ Road Code’ which is now available for FREE online - geez they make it easy for you

Disclaimer: For the official license and study guide

these days! Read it while you wait in line at the dairy, or when

click here

you’re walking on the treadmill (beware of motion sickness), Good luck and drive safe!!!


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank





nt rece out b a er arn driv To le s to e g . chan ests ce t licen







What exactly is alcohol?

What you can do?

Alcohol, technically speaking, is a chemical compound, formula

If you are under 18 and are with your parent or legal guardian

= C2H5OH. Most of the family of alcohols are totally poisonous

you can: drink responsibly in a private home or at a private

to the human body, but the kind we drink, called ethyl alcohol, is

function like a family BBQ or 21st, go into supervised area of bars

tolerable in small amounts.

and pubs (that’s most bars - but to be sure - check the licence).

Where does it come from? Alcohol comes from fruit and

What you can’t do?

vegetables that are fermented (left to rot) with sugar, water and yeast. Over time, this unattractive mixture produces carbon

If you are under 18 and without your parent or guardian you

dioxide (the bubbles) and alcohol.

can’t: drink in a public place go into pubs and bar, buy booze or get an adult to buy you booze,

When it reaches critical mass (the strongest it can get) at 15%

carry a fake ID or use someone else’s.

alcohol, the alcohol starts to kill off the yeast. This means that any drink with a higher percent has had extra alcohol added, usually

your stomach called alcohol dehydrogenase starts the process. So


minutes after you have downed a drink, your blood is sending the

Drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous because drinking alcohol

alcohol to every part of your body. As it travels, the alcohol slows

slows your reflexes down, causing you to react more slowly than

down the work of your body’s cells, especially in the brain. You can

you normally would. Obviously the best thing for you, your mates,

feel this happening. One of the places it travels to is your liver. It’s

family and strangers is that you don’t drink at all if you’re going to

the one place where your body can change the alcohol. Your liver

drive. Taking turns to be the designated sober driver is a good way

uses enzymes to break it down into H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon

of keeping everyone safe. Otherwise, pooling some cash amongst

dioxide). Your liver works hard but slowly, it takes one to two hours

your friends and putting this aside when you go out partying can

to break down one drink. So if you drink faster than your liver can

mean that a cab ride home is affordable.

through distillation.

How does alcohol work? Alcohol isn’t like a food. Your body knows this and treats it differently. Food gets broken down before it reaches your bloodstream; very little alcohol does. An enzyme in

cope, the alcohol hangs about and messes with your brain. The amount of alcohol you can drink before you are over the limit Remember drinking alcohol is your choice, and if you don’t want

depends on many things - your age, weight, body size, gender,

to drink no one can make you. If you do decide to drink, you can

what you’ve had to eat that day and whether you are tired or have

choose to make it a good experience or a bad one. Sometimes, less

taken any medicine that might increase the effect of the alcohol

is more. Have a few, feel good, but not out of control. Listen to your

e.g. a petite female teenager who has played a couple of gruelling

body and think about your own limit - and tomorrow morning!

hockey games, may be over the limit after one glass of wine.


RECENT CHANGES IN SADD (STUDENTS AGAINST LEGISLATION DRIVING DRUNK) The legal drink drive limit for drivers under the age of 20 has

What is it? SADD is a peer education programme that has been

changed from 0.03 Blood Alcohol Concentration (or BAC) to

in New Zealand for over 20 years. The primary objective of SADD

zero. This is part of a government strategy to make the roads

is to reduce the harm caused on our roads by drink drivers.

safer, as young people are at high risk of death or serious injury

The peer education programme is run in secondary schools by

from road crashes in New Zealand – and for a significant portion

students, and can be incorporated into the school curriculum.

of these, drink driving is a factor.

The organisation is open to any student and SADD encourages participation from across the year levels. To find out more and see

If you have to go through the alcohol-testing process and are

how you can get involved visit:

found to have a blood alcohol concentration level of between zero and 0.03 (the old legal limit prior to the zero tolerance law being introduced), you will receive an infringement notice. This will be for an infringement fee of $200 and 50 demerit points. If you receive 100 or more demerit points within a two year period, you will have your driver’s licence suspended for three months.


*Note: BAC 0.03 is the same as 30mg alcohol per 100 ml blood

Youth health centres are a good place to go for help. If you don’t have

or 150 mcg alcohol per litre breath.

one in your area, talk to an adult you trust, such as your parents, your doctor, Kaumatua or Kuia, a school counsellor or a youth worker. You

If your test comes in at over 0.03 and you are under the age

can also contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797 or text

of 20, you will have to go to court. If you are found guilty you

‘ADH’ to ‘234’ for confidential information, advice and referrals for

can be fined up to $2,250 or face imprisonment for up to three

people with questions about their own or someone else’s drinking.

months; In addition you will be disqualified from driving for three months or more.

If you come in at over 0.08 you will have to go to court. If you are found guilty by the court the penalties are increased to a fine of up to $4,500 or imprisonment for up to three months. In addition you will be disqualified from driving for six months or more.

*Note: BAC 0.08 is the same as 80 mg alcohol per 100 ml blood or 400 mcg alcohol per litre breath.

If you repeat-offend at alcohol levels beyond BAC 0.08, you may be looking at higher penalties!

All pretty sobering stuff!!!


Music Entertainment


Marcus Powell

How and when did ‘All My Brothers’ come about?

in the mentor seat. I run a young artist and band development programme called the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa. Some of the

I have jammed with the members at different times throughout

young talent that come through are amongst this problem. I don’t

my career. When I was asked to get involved with the Zeal Voice

want to see teens make life changing mistakes because of this.

campaign I asked the members if they were keen to do a song

If we can make a difference and stop this from happening, then I

around the teen binge drinking problem. They were all keen to be

want to help.

part of it and after we jammed a few times we came out with 10 demo’s.

The ‘Find a Way’ tagline is ‘don’t drown your dreams’... is this something you see happening all too often in NZ?

You have a pretty impressive lineup of people involved – can you just run me through the members and what they

All too often with the role I am in. I find that the youth don’t

contribute to the band?

always know what they want to do or be. For some it takes a long time to discover their true purpose in life or even make

I am the guitarist and backup vocalist in the band Blacklistt.

steps to get there. For those that are lost in this void, they can

Formerly in Blindspott. Francis is the bassist and one of the vocalists

turn to drinking for an escape. It’s up to us as a community to be

in the band KORA. Ben Campbell plays the rhodes in the band. He

responsible for each other. We are all children of mother earth so

was in the bands Zed and Atlas and is now in House of Mountain

lets start taking care of our brothers and sisters!

as is the other guitarist in AMB, Moses Robbins. Emily Giles performs on the cello and she is in the band Forbidden Joe. Chris

Why do you think binge drinking is such a big issue amongst

Grant is the drummer from dDub. Dan Antunovich is the bass

youth in New Zealand?

player from Autozamm. The song Find A Way also features Adeaze and Sid Diamond.

There are many reasons to why youth pick up a bottle but there are very few methods to put it down. I feel like the problem is that

You all have quite different musical backgrounds – are you

drinking is seen as the celebration rather than the achievements

able to put a ‘sound’ to your work?

being celebrated. It’s ok to have a drink or 2 to celebrate the good that you have done, but the habitual drinking culture that is in the NZ

Let’s just call it Kiwiana Diversity. I dunno… whatever the “sound”

community is ‘get hammered as fast as you can’. Let’s get involved

is, it’s mean!

with these youngsters lives on a face to face basis and unlock the layers of problems underneath that leads to drinking.

You’ve recently released your debut single ‘Find a Way’ which has a very strong message and cause behind it, can you just

Ultimately, what do you hope ‘Find a Way’ and the Zeal Voice

explain how it came about, what the message is and why you

campaign will achieve?

felt compelled to back it? Awareness around what exists. I also want to see a trend that I am big on this campaign which Zeal Voice created to combat

musicians can start which is that it is ok to have a drink or 2 but

teen binge drinking. I’ve struggled with my personal demons in

not ok to get ripped. You are not in control of your senses when

the past around this same issue and it’s been tough. Now I’m

drunk. You are beautiful and all you need to be without drinking.


All My Brothers has donated this song to the cause in the hope

Heaps. The majority of my obstacles are ones that I have created

that the money earned will go towards combating this problem.

myself, the key has been knowing I have the courage to face

A scholarship has been setup that you can find more info on

them. These have shaped me and driven me to where I am now. It sounds like 2012 is shaping up to be a busy year for you – Are ‘All My Brothers’ planning any more releases anytime

are there any new projects in the pipeline?

soon? If yes, what can we expect to hear? My focus for the remainder of this year is on The Crescendo Trust All My Brothers has material that is getting worked on. The songs

of Aotearoa and expanding on what has been built so far. I have a

go from soul to reggae to drum and bass with a rock element.

lot of talented young artists that I want to see succeed and I will

They do tie in quite nicely though. A real treat for me and hopefully

help as much as I can.

the listeners. Also Blacklistt is looking to release an album this year so I will be On another note you have personally set up ‘The Crescendo Trust of

finishing up writing the songs and recording them over the next

Aotearoa’ – what’s the story behind that?

few months.

I worked as a mentor in the NZ Music Commission mentor

All My Brothers may require a bit more time as the members have

programme as well as teaching music for many years. For me

their own bands that are working hard but we have arranged time

it has been like the Jack Black movie School of Rock. What I am

to get together in a few months.

drawn to though is seeing the shift in perception that the artists involved gain from the work. It challenges them not just to be

If I do another project it would be an acoustic album with

better artists but to be better people. The program uses music

electronic beats of some sort. I’ve been playing with some ideas

as a creative pathway to explore themselves and grow. They are

but we’ll see…

learning how to interact with others in a professional environment and are accepting guidance from good honest role models. Communicating in a musician environment such as a band will give them skills they can use in any given field. It is a honour for me to be part of this.

What musicians are you currently working with?

I have about 50 young artists per term at the moment from all different genres. I am currently in 6 high schools in the Auckland


area and work out of three different studios. I have hip hop artists

If you were a biscuit what would you be and why?

to metal bands, reggae to gospel. I hope to get enough funding

Hundreds and Thousands biscuits. I love the many colours.

to expand into more areas of the nation and also employ staff like myself to work with more young artists.

Person you admire most and why? Captain Archer off Star Trek: Enterprise. Yeah I’m a trekkie fan…

As a role model what is one piece of advice you give to the

Because he has some great qualities. He is fair, kind, loyal,

young musicians you work with?

courageous in adversity and is a great leader.

Honesty. When you see an artist that is true to themselves its

What super power would you like to have for just one day?

inspiring. The courage to be honest is a powerful thing and it

I’m a huge fan of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Give me the Avatar

shows in any given field.

state for a day. Meanest!

You’re a very successful musician and entrepreneur – what

Word that sums you up?

obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you

My girlfriend says I’m a gentle giant. Like a teddy bear so maybe

are today?

the word I’d choose is “Po”. Like the Kung Fu Panda…

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” - Barack Obama



With Pr ime Min ister John ke y


is bby o h s key y’ Hoc Baile r e t erwa Und

does Doing what she best - science!


Growing up in Bluff, the Pearl of the South, it’s no wonder 19 year old Bailey Lovett has a penchant for the sea. “When I was growing up my Dad was always building boats so

“I swear I was the most unorganised person at the event! I was

we took every opportunity we could to get out on the water – I’m

in a panic at the last minute when I realised how big the display

sure that’s what really sparked my interest in marine life.”

size was! My project was tiny in comparison, so I went out and brought a massive New Zealand flag to make up for it.”

By year 12 Bailey had cemented her goal of studying Marine Biology at University and she asked her Biology teacher if there

For Bailey, the opportunities seem to keep coming – at the Prime

was anything she could do that would give her an advantage.

Ministers Awards she was approached by Sir Don McKinnon.

From there she found herself in the midst of a 6 week research

“He came up to me and asked if I would like to do a work

project with Environment Southland.

placement at Auckland museum, I thought he was joking, when I told my Mum she got a bit overwhelmed too, she said ‘Bailey one

“People were ringing up saying that were getting sick from

thing at a time, we’ll talk about this when we get home.’”

Shellfish so I set about sampling mussels and cockles in the Riverton area (West of Invercargill), to ascertain the faecal

And it was no joke – in January 2011 Bailey came up to Auckland

contamination levels after high rainfall or flooding.”

for a month where she did everything from sorting fish specimens and collecting fish samples at Mangawhai Heads to visiting the

Despite being told her sampling was unlikely to uncover anything

Mercury Islands where she painstakingly picked through nets to

groundbreaking, she was in for a big surprise.

find fish larvae until the wee hours of the morning.

“Basically we found that the contamination levels went sky high

“I was totally in my element! Before the trip I had actually enrolled

after heavy rainfall – the samples came back something like 20x

in Biomedical Science, but that experience made me realize I was

the safe zone, no wonder people were getting sick!”

throwing away what I really really wanted to do, so I knew I just had to switch to Marine Science.”

As a result of her research, Environment Southland extended the wait period for collecting Shellfish after heavy rainfall from 2 days

Bailey is now embarking on her second year of studying at Otago

to 5 days.

University towards a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Zoology and Ecology and a minor in Marine Science.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling knowing your work has brought about change and I definitely wasn’t expecting that!”

“To be honest my first year at Uni hasn’t been easy – it was hard juggling the workload with my overseas Hockey trips.”

Bailey was recognised for her work when she won the NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair and was nominated for the

Not any old Hockey though - Bailey’s other passion is

Royal Society Event ‘Realise the Dream 2010’ which she also won.

Underwater Hockey!

From this she was awarded the 2010 Prime Minister’s Future

“I started In Year 7 when someone came to teach us at the school

Science Prize, which left her with a cool $50,000 towards her

pool and I haven’t really stopped since! In 2011 I was picked to

University Studies.

be Captain of the Under 19’s team and we travelled to the world champs in the Netherlands for three weeks where we

“I couldn’t believe it – I’m this little girl from Bluff who was been

won Gold!!!”

recognised nationally by the Prime Minister. The feeling was unreal.”

In the coming years Bailey hopes to continue with her Underwater Hockey success, gain her Masters in Marine Science and travel overseas

But the recognition didn’t stop at a national level, she was

to gain experience in foreign waters.

selected to go to the 2011 European Young Scientists Competition, held in Finland where her project won the International Award.


Music Entertainment


How did you decide you wanted to be a Pop Singer?

(my partner at the time was American). I was able to hook up with a few promoters and do performances. It was an interesting

It wasn’t a decision where I said ‘I’m going to be a Pop star’. I

7 years living in Los Angeles - I went through a lot of personal

pretty much fell onto the right path through Kapahaka, choirs, then

growth as well as artist growth too.

auditioning for school shows. While performing in a school show word of mouth got out and a rep from a record company came to

How did you make the transition from popstar to radio DJ?

watch me. That very weekend I saw an ad to audition for a singing group and thought ‘Why Not’? I auditioned and got into the group.

The whole ‘Why Not’ saying has pretty much been my motto to

We recorded a few demo tracks to shop to record companies and

life - I approach everything with it. I really can’t say ‘No’ if I haven’t

they ended up offering me a solo contract.

tried it, and I don’t think many opportunities knock twice, so try it, but try it well – 100% well! Make the most of it.

You released your first single ‘Broken Wings’ at aged 16 which went to #2 on the NZ charts – that must have been such a

I went up to the Programme Director of FLAVA at the time (James

cool feeling , especially while still at school…

Daniels) and asked him for a job! He put me on promo’s and made me do a promotional cross for ‘Burger King’ - man I must

I remember walking home from school and an aunty was picking

of sounded like a race car - I talked so fast, no one understood

her daughter up, the song came on the radio and she was

what I was saying! Lucky JD loved my energy and confidence

screaming at me ‘Your songs on the radio bub, listen it’s you’!

because he asked me to do some on air stuff; I ended up being

Everyone stopped and looked at me like it was a lie!

the Nightshift host for 2 years.

Why did you decide to only put the one album out?

How did you end up in your current job at Mai FM?

I was quite naïve about the music industry as a kid I ‘Just wanted

After 2 years at Flava, I decided to move to Los Angeles. While

to sing’ I found out the reality of the music industry and the

over there, Nickson approached me and told me there was a

amount of people who were trying to cash in along the ride.

position on Mai’s breakfast show, I applied and here I am now!

I started not to trust a lot of people and went into hiding, till I decided that I wanted to try different avenues.

Highlight of being a radio DJ?

Advice for people wanting a career in the music industry?

I love it – Nickson & Wairangi are exciting to work with. No day is ever the same, every moment is funny and entertaining so there is

‘Know your S#@*!’ be trusting, but have faith in yourself,

a fat chance I’ll get bored. We do so many stunts and crazy things

compromise and work with people, but always consult a confidant

- this whole year and a half has been the highlight!

who you can trust for advice. What’s a typical day at the office? You did a stint in America – can you tell me about that…

I’m up around 4am; I try to get to the studio as early as possible to get all the weather prep out of the way, so that all we do when

I was going back and forth from America, recording and

we all arrive in the studio around 5am is focus on what we do for

establishing contacts. After a few months of that I just thought ‘it’s

our Mai Morning show. People think we just rock up and switch on

costing me so much money to do this, why not just move over?’

the mics and start talking but that’s not the case, we’re constantly


on the lookout for entertaining topics, people, products, random

and there is no point dwelling on it, it’s like radio, once you’ve said

pieces of information and stunts. Our day never stops – not to

it – you can’t take it back! B) I’m one strong Wahine because of

mention all the other extracurricular activities/projects we each

it and more sure of who I am as a person, female and way more

have individually.

confident with myself as an artist! C) Life is far too short to hold back on where you want to go; only you can get you there!

Most memorable person you have interviewed on air? Hobbies outside of work? Stan Walker and the boys rigged a box with a little powder from the fireworks (totally dangerous) but the wicks weren’t attached

I still play heaps of sports and am still recording – I appreciate

to the powder, it was meant to be for show, at least that’s what

family time way more now after not having any for 7 years while I

they told me! Stan lit the wicks on the ‘Blackbox’ and the wick

was in Los Angeles, so we try to have fun every time we

burnt out, to all our surprise the wick still got hot and lit, dropped

get together.

into the box and lit the small amount of powder and went ‘Bang’, dropped on the floor and burnt the carpet! Bloody dangerous and

Future plans?

we’ve never tried anything like that again, but so funny! I want to go back to school (I never finished High school), record Struggles you have faced getting to where you are today?

more music, travel more, and try to take over the world all before I get way too old to enjoy it!!!

I don’t think I have enough paper to tell you about my struggles! I could write a movie, a series of books on being a pop star, living in Compton and Watts in Los Angeles, being a solo parent and trying to start my life all over again. Physical and verbal abuse, eating disorders, being shot at and held captive - you name it, I’ve been through it. The one thing I’ve learnt is A) I can’t change any of it


Wairangi K’Lee





How I decided I wanted to be an Editor:

Favourite part / highlight of my job:

Since my early high school years I always

Editing is all about story-telling, and that is what I love about it. At

wanted to be involved with film making. I

Borderless, being a social change agency, I get to work on a lot

used to use the media studies departments

of great projects with fantastic stories. There is something really

handi-cams and editing computers to make

satisfying about being able to take 10 hours worth of footage and

action films with my mates. I never really

turn it into a 5 minute clip that can make someone cry, or laugh,

knew what area of film making I was into

or think differently about something. Film making is a powerful

specifically, I just did it for fun. After high

medium, and it is that end product that makes it all worth it.

Name: Karl Stanley

Age: 21

Occupation: Editor at Borderless

school I decided I wanted to pursue a career in film or television and applied for

Advice for young people wanting a career as an Editor:

If you are interested in becoming a a Film Editor

the New Zealand Broadcasting School. It wasn’t until I had been through the course

I know it’s a cliché, but it’s all about passion. People in the film

that I realised editing was my strength.

industry seem to be able to sense passion, so if you have it in you, and its real and it drives you, people will see that and they’ll

there are a number of tertiary institutes that have great courses:

appreciate it. Just like any industry there is a lot to learn, but there


are people out there who are willing to teach. Also, just practice.


A career in the film industry had always

The thing about film making is that you can’t do it alone, and it’s


seemed like an unrealistic dream, but I think

not easy to get hold of equipment, but there are always ways

Media Design School

recent developments in communication

to work around it. Start small on whatever camera and editing


technology, particularly online video has

software you can find and rope in a bunch of your mates to help

definitely created a lot of jobs in the

you out. Stick at it, and eventually doors will open up and you will

industry, especially editing. So I think my

find yourself advancing.

The path I took to get there:

timing was right. As part of my degree at The New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch, I completed an internship as an editor at Borderless Productions, fortunately Borderless decided to employ me at the end of it. The NZBS was fantastic in preparing me for the film industry. The skills and work ethic I was taught has held me in good stead to this day, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone seeking a career in film or television.


“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” - Betty Reese



KARATE INSTRUCTOR How I decided I wanted to be a Karate Instructor:

part of a fast paced, growth focussed sport related industry. That’s when the “law of

Name: Callum Razak

Age: 24

I knew mainstream study or University wasn’t for me. I needed

attraction” brought to my traineeship at

a position where I could be educated on the job. I thrived off my

GKR Karate.

traineeship where I was learning Karate and growing as a leader in the community. I realised how passionate I was about training

Occupation: Regional Instructor at GKR Karate

Favourite Part of My Job:

people mentally and physically through exercise. I believe Martial Arts have an edge over common gym training. I love developing

Karate is fitness with a purpose. I’m

people’s self-belief and confidence while giving them a great

fascinated with training my body as a

overall body workout.

weapon for Self Defence. GKR Karate is full of positive people and we inspire people to

The Path I took to get there:

believe in themselves and achieve things they may have only dreamed of. Being able

You may have heard people say “success lies in the opposite

to share this and develop people mentally

direction of the normal flow”. Remember that “success” can be

and physically to overcome their personal

measured in many different ways. I’m striving to achieve many

challenges is very rewarding.

If you are interested in

goals I have set and what I’ve realised is I’ve had to break away

Karate, check out the

from the mainstream path of ‘finish school, go to university, get a

Advice for people wanting to get into

GKR website here.

degree then find work!’

the same line of work:

I went to University and realised it wasn’t for me. I was fortunate

The fitness industry is growing fast.

enough to travel for a bit and in that time I was exposed to many

Everyone wants better health, better

awesome people that had exciting careers. This helped me decide

bodies and to feel good about themselves.

not to settle for the mainstream timeline. I knew I wanted to be a

There are many training styles and gyms out there. I recommend you get yourself educated either through University, books, personal experience or a mentor. It’s important you study people and how they are motivated, what they do and don’t want and how you can better their lives through exercise.

Too many people are conditioned to think that dreams should only happen when you’re sleeping. Screw that – Dream big, set goals, have a positive attitude and believe in yourself. Don’t give up after the first, second or even third setback. Life will always throw you curve balls, these are tests to help sculpt your character and define who you are as a person.



Music Entertainment



Don’t know about anyone else but I am kind of excited that winter is almost over – roll on the lazy days of summer…sun, beach and daylight savings.

Field reporter Kimberley Crossman recently got the opportunity, while in the US, to catch up with the stars of the new Step Up 4: Revolution movie and in Auckland Massad interviewed the boys from ‘The Wanted.’

It’s been a really busy year for us here on the show. In June we held our very own DIY

Everyday Mike continues to cook up a

makeover on the fringes of Christchurch’s red

storm with his delicious easy to make

zone with a little help from some friends. Our

recipes – check out our website for the

‘Four Corners Project’ saw an empty section

recipes; And

turned into a fantastic entertainment space

if you have any great ideas for what Mike

complete with basketball court, music stage

should cook, make sure you send them in!

and fashion catwalk for the community to enjoy.

Before we know it, it will be end of year exam time. Make sure you get a head

On August 3rd we held our first ever

start on your study – it always pays to be

fashion catwalk show in the studio to

prepared! Get lots of sleep, eat well and

find the winner of our Next Fashion Icon

take time out for exercise and friends.

competition. Thirteen year-old Sam Mitchell from Lower Hutt was the winning designer

Our last show for this year is on Friday 5th

on the day. For her efforts Sam gets a trip

October. We’ll be taking a bit of a break

to Auckland to be a guest at NZ Fashion

over summer to recharge the batteries and

Weekend and the chance to attend a

start planning an exciting 2013 series.

designer selection show. Keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter We’ve got some great guests joining us

or our website – we love hearing from you.

on the couch in August – Vince Harder, J Williams, Brooke Williams (aka Lana)

Join Erin Simpson and the team every

from Shortland St and Breakers star Tom

weekday 3.30 – 5.00pm on TV2

Abercrombie to name but a few. We’re also hosting the 2012 Maggi Intermediate Schools Kitchen Showdown Final where the three regional finalists will battle it out for the grand prize of $5000 for their school.



She’s a qualified medical Doctor, founder of an organisation dedicated to eradicating poverty; student at Harvard University and a pretty good Salsa dancer too… Meet Divya Dhar, a young Kiwi on a mission to make the world a better place...

group bringing together presenters and

really lucky; you create your own luck through

participants to showcase their research

working hard!”

on health. In her early University years she also led the youth rotary club rotaract,

It seems Divya’s hard work is paying off,

organising a national charity ball.

having just celebrated its second birthday; the P3 Foundation has already achieved

Amongst all this Divya travelled to Costa

some very positive things.

Rica to do her medical elective – that is where she found what she describes as

“In 2010 we ran a campaign called ‘Pay Fair

her ‘true calling.’

Trade Forward’ – participants went into an Esquires Coffee Shop that sells fair trade

“I met so many wonderful people while

drinks. They then bought a fair trade drink as

I was there – people who were living

a gift for the next person, so when the next

in extreme poverty, with no running

person came in to buy a coffee they were

water or electricity. I’m a big believer

informed they already have a fair trade one

in relationships, so once I’d made that

paid for them. The experiment was a huge

connection with people it became

success as customers continued to pay fair

For 9am the house is abuzz with laughter,

something personal and I knew that this

trade forward.”

chatter and the smell of breakfast cooking.

was what I wanted to devote my life to.

Back in New Zealand for her twin sisters wedding, I meet Divya at her family home in Auckland.

She leads me outside to a swing chair, the

P3 also run a social enterprise competition

yard littered with chairs and large cooking

Thus, in 2009 the p3 Foundation was born,

for high school students.

pots, soaking from a leftover feast - “There’s

an organisation with a mission to provide

been functions every night this week leading

opportunities for young New Zealanders

“We give them a broad theme and from

up to the wedding,”she explains with a

to be active participants in eradicating

there get them to come up with a project

tired smile.

extreme poverty in the Asia-Pacific region.

that fits within that theme – they pitch their idea and the winning team are given

Sitting outside on a swing chair she tells

“Youth are passionate, creative risk takers

money to help them put their plan into

me how her journey began.

– that’s why I knew the P3 Foundation

action. Last year a group came up with the

had to revolve around young people and

idea of delivering a water tank to Tonga –

“It all started when I was 16 and a teacher

empowering them to make to make

the ship left last week!!

at my school (Pakuranga College) asked

a difference.”

me if I’d like to take part in a speech competition, this eventually led me to the

Being CEO of the P3 Foundation is But not everyone was convinced.

United Nations Youth Conference. I met so

only part of Divya’s very full life – she is currently studying at Harvard University in

many inspiring people there and I just felt

“My parents and others were very cynical

the US, where she is doing a conjoint in

like I wasn’t part of that group – they were

of the whole thing, I had to win them over,

public policy.

giving so much to life and getting so

and eventually they bought into the dream

much back.”

– it took two years but now they’re all for

“The creative process of starting

it,” she says wryly.

an organisation has excited me, I’m

Divya says that’s when her mindset

really interested in global health

changed and she came back and set out on

One really important thing this whole process

entrepreneurship. I want to use my medical

a journey to find her passion.

has taught me is that first and foremost you

knowledge and figure out how we can

have to believe in yourself and in your dream.

radically change how we deliver healthcare

The journey took her down many roads,

People definitely thought I was a bit crazy,

to poorer communities – I haven’t got the

from becoming Vice President of the

but I was relentless – I worked incredibly

answers yet, but I have another 2.5 years

United Nations Youth Association of

hard, which I believe is the most important

to go!”

NZ to entering medical school in 2005

ingredient. A lot of successful people will

where she founded Healthex, a research

describe themselves as ‘lucky’ but no one is


H on i T t

D ounda

N p3f I F . w




“Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.” - Ella Williams








Little Stranger

Music Entertainment

Was there a defining moment where you knew you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?

I don’t think there was ever a defining moment, it’s always been something I loved to do so I just kept chipping away. Winning the ‘Play It Strange’ Competition at 15 was a high point, it made me realize I

You grew up on a farm in Tokanui – how has your upbringing influenced your music?

Growing up in an isolated area made me very focused. We didn’t have video games, a dairy or any friends within walking distance so I spent a lot of time keeping my mind busy with song writing.

Do you have any childhood memories of singing / songwriting?

My parents were very dedicated and took my two younger sisters and I all around the country and across the ditch to perform in smoky bars and competitions. We had a great childhood, singing in the car, checking into dodgy motel rooms in Kings Cross and met some crazy acquaintances.

You moved to Auckland to pursue your dream when you were 17 – how much of a culture shock was that!?

Pretty shocking, I came back with piercings and tattoos. Family was not impressed. My label made me take out all the piercings before shooting the first video clip for ‘Focus’. Family was impressed. I’m glad they did that too.

Who or what inspires your work?

Famous musicians, people on the street, personal experience. Everything.

Your debut album ‘Little Stranger’ was 2 years in the making the success must have been well worth it…

Yes it definitely was, ‘Girl In Stilettos’ has been a real achievement for the entire team, we’re very excited!

How did ‘Girl in Stilettos’ come about?


was good at it and helped me find the courage to perform my songs live.

Do you have a favourite song from the album?

My favorite song on the album is a song written by my sister Kristin called ‘Silver Friend’. It’s has an amazing story behind it and is a really rewarding song to perform live.

What are some of the struggles you have faced getting to where you are today? How did you overcome them?

I try to tackle every challenge positively and am not afraid to let people know how I feel, this doesn’t always make things easy, but I think there is some respect in being able to say what I think. It took me a while to have the courage to do this.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Having a Platinum single.

Any advice for young people wanting to pursue a career in the music industry?

Work hard and don’t be afraid to get stuck in yourself, organize your own gigs and play live as much as you can. Listen to everyone.

What’s next for Annah Mac?

Collaborations and new singles!

It’s about my musical journey to this point in my life and all the people I met along the way.


Good Sport

For more information on Wheelchair Basketball Waikato check out their facebook page here

POSSIBILITIES Maioro Barton Maioro’s passion for sport began at a young age when his year 7 teacher noticed he wasn’t involved in any extracurricular activities and introduced him to wheelchair rugby.

“I loved smashing into my opponents, but because I’m quite light weight I always seemed to end up on the ground!” There’s one thing I almost forgot to mention about Waikato resident, Maioro Barton – he uses a wheelchair because his lower limbs are

Although he was good at rugby he wasn’t able to advance to

paralysed, due to Spina bifida, a condition which occurs when the

represent NZ because he is a paraplegic, not a quadriplegic, so he

spine fails to develop completely.

made the move to basketball – and the rest as they say is history!

“The motto I live by daily is: ‘Dwell less on the disability and more

Now a member of the NZ Men’s basketball team training squad,

on the possibilities,” says Maioro.

Maioro follows a strict training regime of up-to 2 hours a day, 6 days of the week.

But it wasn’t always that easy – at the start of High School he was bullied for using a wheelchair.

He fits this in while working at Sport Waikato as a disabled youth coordinator which involves getting disabled youth more active and

“It was rough for awhile, but as soon as people found out I was

involved in sports, teaching them the fundamentals of various sports

representing NZ in the Under 20 Wheelchair Basketball Team, I

as well as going into high schools to promote disability awareness.

started to gain respect from my peers!”


“There are so many benefits that stem from getting involved in a

access and it’s just too dangerous to get people to lift me up

sport – apart from living a healthy active lifestyle, you make a lot of new

stairs, as you never know what could cause them to slip and

friends, learn great work ethics, leadership / team work skills. Sports

drop me.

are beneficial for everybody, not just people living with disabilities.” But Maioro refuses to focus on the limitations, a mindset made Aside from sport, Maioro is part of ‘Unique Extras’, a project

easy with the help of his large, incredibly supportive family and

funded by the NZ Government ‘Making a Difference’ fund, which

other positive role models.

aims to make disabled people more visible in mainstream media. Qualification - tick, good job - tick, successful sporting career - tick, “I love the limelight, so this is perfect for me,” says outgoing

budding media star - tick.

Maioro, who recently auditioned for a part on Shortland Street. What’s next for this self-confessed shopaholic? “I think raising positive awareness about people with disabilities is a great way to change negative perceptions”, something he admits is one

“I’m working towards getting my driver licence, so the

of the biggest challenges he faces.

independence and freedom that it will bring will be priceless – apart from that I’m looking forward to all the usual things – buying

“I find that sometimes people automatically think that because I

a house, getting married, starting a family...I know I can achieve

am a wheelchair user, that I need help – at times I do, but I’ll ask

anything if I really want it!”

for it if I need it!”

Accessibility is another obstacle – “I love going out to events and nightclubs, but some of Waikato’s bars don’t have wheelchair

Dwell less on the disability and more on the possibilities!



Occupation Au Pair

Then, in search of bigger and better things I moved to London,

and a new and very different experience. Just a couple of weeks

which is so expensive I had to share my room (taking an hour to

later I arrived in Spain.

get home from work in central London) with two smelly boys. I actually liked them very much, and even more so when I moved

It’s a strange sort of roller coaster, living in a country where the

out and then shared my room with an Aussie girl who snored like

majority of the time you have no idea what is going on. I have

an approaching train!

managed to learn quite a lot of Spanish reasonably quickly, but when people speak normally (i.e. very very fast) I very rarely

The facilities in my home for an interesting three weeks.

understand anything. For example just yesterday I went to buy a new mobile phone - I had earlier gone into the shop, not

During this time at the “Craic Den” I received an email from an

understood a word, and taken a magazine home to research the

Au Pair company I had once accidentally signed up to with a list

phones in English. Eventually I picked one and went to buy it,

of prospective families. I replied, without thinking too much about

taking the magazine for ease of pointing and nodding, and they

it, and this went on until I had a solid offer from a family who

didn’t have it in stock. The woman said plenty of helpful things I

wanted me to move in with them. They called me one night for a

didn’t understand and I continued to nod and said I would look

chat and it was all “what?” “I don’t understand…” “umm… que?”

on the internet. I don’t even understand the Spanish Vodafone

I disregarded it as a disaster attempt and sent off a confirmation

website. And I still need a new phone.

text to move into a new flat in London, in search of less snoring. In an attempt at a bit of fundraising for myself and shopping A couple of days later, I received a text from the agency that

needs, I have advertised myself as an English teacher. In twenty

the family still really wanted me as their Au Pair. This was very

minutes I have my first lesson with a girl who speaks pretty much

unexpected, but on a day when I was sick of selling sandwiches to

zero English, and needs to have an intermediate level before

the miserable London crowds, it felt nice to be wanted, especially

September. I have tried looking up lesson plans, but I keep getting

somewhere sunny with siestas and fiestas and the most amazing

distracted and researching camel treks in Morocco.

ham in the universe. I figured, no worries, I could pick up the gist of Spanish before arriving. It would be motivating, good for me,


“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” - Thomas Edison

Practice your leaping.. you can try to pretend you’re not a tourist but you will not be able to resist the jumping shots… have fun !!!

I think when you move overseas, you have mostly the same emotions as you do back home. Your level of happiness is probably about the same. You still have problems, with money, boys, work, all the usual things- but, you’re on the other side of the world. You spend a weekend living on a boat in Barcelona. You go skiing in Austria. You have croissants in France, picnics in Hyde Park; you see the Lion King show in London. Even on days where you don’t do anything, you know you are somewhere perhaps you never thought you could be, in a period of your life you will never forget and always look back on, wistfully thinking “those were the days;” rather than, as many, many people are, thinking “yes, one day definitely I can do it,” as life passes by. Yes, it’s scary, and that’s exactly why you should do it.

Stop thinking, stop planning, stop saying you will do it and go right now to the travel agency and book a flight. See you in Morroco!!!

You can read my travel blog here

Or watch my highlights packages at



“Welcome to the Grey Lynn Ghetto” says Simon as I step into his

Although he’s been successful, it’s still a hard road.

humble outdoor art studio. “When there’s a recession on, art is one of the first things to go – Yes - It is basic, but it has everything this talented glass artist

the powerpoles sell for between $950-$1200 so people just can’t

needs to create his masterpieces.

justify that kind of spending sometimes.”

Lining the shelves are multicoloured powerpoles – his signature piece.

To make life a bit easier Simon has created a lower-end range called ‘glass candy’ – namely the iconic jet aeroplanes that all

“I have this strange obsession with powerpoles, I think it just

kiwis love.

conjures up such positive memories from going out to the country on road trips when I was a child”.

I watch as he sprays silicon on his creations – they looked good enough to eat, and apparently I’m not the first to think that.

And he insists he’s not the only one. “Some galleries have set them out in a bowl on their counter, “I’ve sold these powerpoles all around the world – there’s actually

there’s been a few people left red faced when they go to take one

clubs devoted to the obsession of powerpoles!”

and realize they are glass!”

Simon fell into glass art after leaving school.

It’s not hard to see how much Simon enjoys his work, but he explains life hasn’t always been so simple.

“I didn’t do so well at school, but was lucky that when I left, my friends father, who was a pioneer glass artist in NZ took me on, so

“I had a tough upbringing and was in and out of boy’s homes, I

I learnt the basics that way.”

never really felt I had a sense of direction until I put my all into my art and I think there’s heaps of young people out there who are a

After working there for a year Simon decided to go and explore the

bit lost and just need to find what it is that makes them happy.”

world, when he came back he worked in hands-on occupations like drain-laying and plumbing.

Simon’s hoping to combine his glass art skills with helping young people.

“It was good for awhile, but I wasn’t passionate about it, you know? I needed to find what I loved again”.

“If I can give them an avenue, it might just stop some of them going down the same roads I did – kids have such awesome

Simon’s opportunity to do that came when his friend, Luke

imaginations, they’re so unrestricted so it’d be cool to see what

returned from the US – he has been over there practicing glass art.

they could create.

Simon was out of work at the time and helped Luke to build

For the time being though, Simon has his sights set on cracking

a furnace, in turn Luke and his girlfriend Kate taught Simon

the overseas market.

everything they had learnt. “My girlfriend is French and we’re heading over to France for a “Kate was the one who taught me how to make the powerpoles

couple of months, so I’ll definitely see if I can sell some of my

and I’ve been doing them ever since”.

work over there, and then you never know, as long as I have a creative space and some tools of the trade I could work

Through Luke, Simon was able to get his ‘ins’ with galleries around New Zealand and his work is now in about a dozen of them.


from anywhere!”











XXX 20 year old Shyla Rose Kelly is in her words a ‘Seamstress’.

Once she had completed the diploma she got a job sewing and patternmaking for two tailoring and design companies to pay the rent.

“Fashion designer sounds a bit pretentious and glamorous – what I love doing is making clothes”.

“My passion is making one-off garments like ball dresses, creating wearable art and designing capsule collections for the pure fun of

And she’s known for a long time that this is what she wanted to do.

it – I absolutely love couture design and dressmaking”.

“Ever since I was little I would be cutting up my clothes and

So far Shyla has had her work showcased in the Warkworth-

sewing (or safety pinning in the early days) bits on to make them

Wellsford Wearable Arts Show, at the Massey University Charity

more interesting - I remember this one morning when I was about

Fashion Show, at the prestigious Fantasia lingerie show and more.

eleven, I was freaking out because I didn’t have anything to wear to a ballroom dancing lesson (the highlight of my week at the

“I think the thing I love about creating one-off garments is that

time). So I ransacked my cupboards and found this black top I’d

you get to work one on one with people to design and make

had for years, grabbed my scissors and cut the collar off it, then

something that shows their personality, it’s got so much more

wonkily hand-stitched the word “HI!” in fire-engine red on the

meaning than just everyday street-wear.”

front. I think I may have scared off a few potential dance partners with my in-your-face fashion statement, but hey, I felt fabulous!”

Although Shyla is just starting out she has big plan for the next few years.

Shyla, who was homeschooled, began taking sewing lessons when she was 13.

“My dream would be to be employing people to work for me and I’d love to travel around the world, particularly to France to source

“One of my first garments was a velvet skirt, which has been

fabrics and get some inspiration for my work, but for now I’m just

relegated to the dress ups box – I could hardly sew in a straight line”!

focusing on getting my name out there”!

Luckily she’s come a long way since then, enrolling in the diploma in Patternmaking and Advanced Dressmaking at the NZ Academy of Fashion, starting when she was 16.




When asked how my Outward Bound experience was, my most

Before I launch into how awesome Outward Bound is, I really do

common response is that it was both the best and worst time of

mean it when I say that it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

my life. Thanks to the Lions Club of Howick, over three weeks my

The instructors make it their mission to find that one thing that

life was turned upside down, blindfolded and jumbled up. Over

scares you. Whether it is heights, bugs, being alone or even

three weeks I met thirteen others that I will never forget and I still

open water. Mine was the fear of not knowing what I was doing

keep in regular contact with them two years later. As clichéd as it

next. For example, at home or at Uni my day is methodically

sounds, Outward Bound changed my life.

planned out, hour by hour. However for three hellish weeks I was subjected to the prospect that I would be told about an activity

Before Outward Bound, I struggled with self-confidence issues

just moments before it happened. This meant having half an hour

and all that comes along with it, speaking up in front of my peers

to pack for a six day tramp or a sailing expedition.

and in general, being a sheep and following what the masses were doing. Now, I try my very best every day to be me. It’s

Other than that, being a part of a fourteen man group (seven

corny, I know, but true. Two years after Outward Bound, I am

girls to seven guys ), together you learn to trust one another very

studying a conjoint degree in Law and Social Sciences at the

quickly because before you know it you’re belaying each other

University of Waikato, living away from Mum and Dad and doing

or making sure they keep stable footing on a cliff face. You make

my own thing.


friends for life and the feeling of camaraderie is unexplainable. I hurt muscles I never thought I had, saw the most beautiful scenery and pushed my personal limits every single day. My experiences from Outward Bound also include climbing rock faces, sailing with dolphins and running my second half marathon.

If you want to know more, to learn about yourself, dealing with others and developing a strong belief in yourself - you’re just going to have to experience it in Anakiwa!



ofEDINBURGH a first-hand perspective

BY JESS AND ELLEN Duke of Edinburgh, a programme that many schools tend to have, but not many of us know a lot about. It is an award (see already looks good coz everyone likes awards!) that any person from the age of 14-25 can take part in to find out more about themselves and the community they live in. It is all about having a go, discovering your goals, managing your time and having a sense of accomplishment.

There are three levels to Duke of Ed, bronze,

where you help someone else out without

silver and gold and each award has certain

being paid. It was our ‘service’ that brought

sections: service, skill, physical recreation and

us here to Youthline, writing this article.

Get into it with your friends, when there’s a

an adventurous journey.

Spending an hour a week helping at a

big group of you doing something it’s always

hospice shop or even visiting someone at

more fun and as an added bonus it looks great

It takes a bit of time to complete the award

a resthome is also counted as service. You

on your CV!

because one of the sections has to be

could even spend an hour a week cleaning

done for six months while the others only

your grandparent’s house!

for three. As long as this sounds it really


We are only on bronze at the moment, but after we finish this one, we’ll definitely

is not hard at all! Physical recreation can

Then there’s the adventurous journey.

progress further, we’ve learnt heaps and it

simply be the sport you may play, always

Two days and one night tramping with your

has been a load of fun. It may seem like a

wanted to try or simply going out for a

friends! What could be more fun!? In New

bit of extra work at first but really it’s not and

walk one hour a week. We do a simple

Zealand it really isn’t hard to find a good

once you get into it you’ll never look back.

Netball and Ultimate Frisbee. Skill can

tramp, look at all those mountains there

be absolutely anything you don’t learn at

are to climb, before you know it you’ll want

It won’t make you taller......but you will

school, like really anything! The Duke of

to walk them all and take touristy pictures

hold your head up higher!

Ed website suggests stamp collecting or

from the top!

classical music appreciation - even movie

It won’t make you better looking....but it

appreciation falls under the heading of a

Most schools are involved with Duke of

will make you more attractive

skill! We do cooking and karate for one

Ed, so if you want to give it a go find the

to employers!

hour a week. Service can be the hardest

teacher in charge, they’re always more than

one to find out of the three but it’s the

willing to help. Sometimes if you’re in a

It won’t get your washing done....but

most rewarding. The definition of service is

group, or social club, they’ll do it too.

you’ll have the motivation to do

15 hours over the course of three months

If that’s not possible, all the information is

it yourself!




E ng R O lle



h .c w



“I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” - Thomas Jefferson



The Children’s Commissioner, who is a voice for children and

They don’t need to be academic; they need to be young and

young people in New Zealand/Aotearoa, is interested in hearing

passionate about making New Zealand/Aotearoa a better place for

from young people.

children and young people.

What is the YPRG?

What do they do on the group?

The Young People’s Reference Group is one way that the Children’s

They connect with local people to get a good sense of what is going

Commissioner hears first hand what it’s like being young in New

on for young people in their own communities.

Zealand. The group provides insight and youth perspective to issues facing children and young people in New Zealand/ Aotearoa.

They write articles for the Commissioner’s journal and provide

They also look at potential solutions to issues that are affecting

comments for media/events. Their opinions and perspectives are

children and young people in New Zealand/Aotearoa.

woven throughout the Office’s priorities.

Who are we looking for?

Members of the Young People’s Reference Group serve a two-year term.

Young people who are interested in speaking about issues that

Members attend four meetings a year in Wellington, usually from

impact on children and young people. In particular we are looking for:

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The Children’s Commissioner covers all costs for members of the Young People’s Reference Group.

Someone who wants to contribute to change.

Someone who is passionate and engaged in their community

Someone with a willingness to learn

Someone who has a unique perspective on the world

A young person who shows leadership potential – but just

needs support. They need to be:

Aged between 12-16 years or Year 9 to 11

Good at working in a team

Connected with either school groups, community

groups, church groups, sports club or local hapuvand iwi

A hard worker


What the young people give?



You can download an application form HERE.

Hard work

Their perspectives and opinions

Willingness to learn

Networking in their local community

Please find an information flyer around applying to the Young

Research into issues around children and young people

People’s Reference Group that may be used for promotional

Their life experiences Commitment

information. The Children’s Commissioner would be grateful if

Responsible and respectful participati

on in the group

What the young people gain?

Please note you need to fill out a parent/guardian form, community reference form and a character reference form also.

you could mention this exciting opportunity to young people you are connected to.

We are happy to send applications out, please request one via 0800 22 44 53 ex 808, or email with your postal address and we will send you one.

Support to be the best they can be

Self confidence

Leadership skills

New experiences

Knowledge about government and decision-making


All fully completed applications should be sent to:

Office of the Children’s Commissioner P O Box 5610 Rebecca Blaikie WELLINGTON 6145

A strong voice to decision-makers

Applications to apply for the Children’s Commissioner’s Young

Knowledge about New Zealand’s/ Aotearoa’s diverse

People’s Reference Group will close at 5pm on Sunday October

communities •

Public speaking confidence

Writing skills

Team work, facilitation skills

Media skills

And lots more……..

14, 2012.

If you have any questions, big or small about applying please email Rebecca: or phone her on 0800 22 44 53 ex 808.

A decision around successful applications will be made in late November 2012. The new members will have their first meeting in February 2013. We know this is a long time, but we want to make sure that young people know about the opportunity and they have time to complete the application form.



ASK MORGYN Got a question for Morgyn? Email your question to and look out for the answer in the next issue of Heyday. recognise and allow. They are there for a

you want to and are you okay with making

reason, and its about working out what

the necessary sacrifices for the next

they may mean. If you go a bit deeper,

18+ years?

you may find the feeling of her cheating

shows that things aren’t going how you like

your future plans (e.g. travel, career)?

them to in the relationship, that you want a change to how you interact. Especially if you have had your trust broken in the past, this may increase that feeling of doubt. Try talking to your partner about how

Have you considered the impact on

Who are you planning on sharing this child

with? Do you trust them to be a good father? •

Do you have the necessary support

around you from friends and family?

you’ve been feeling, letting her know the

24 year old, Morgyn Hartdegen works at Youthline

relationship doesn’t feel as you want it to

afford to give your child all the necessary care?

where she oversees young people and families

and look at what you can do together to

as they access our face-to face services. You can

make it work for both of you.

listen out for Morgyn on ZM’s ‘Sealed Section’ on Monday nights from 9.30pm – tune in!!!


My girlfriend and I have been

Are you financially stable, and can you

You may be feeling that a baby will help you to feel less lonely, or give you more

If you still have the feeling she’s

comfort, company or happiness. You may

cheating, you may want to ask her

feel that it will give your life meaning or

outright, but just remember the possible

a sense of belonging. Having a baby may

consequences of this (especially if she is

give you these feelings, but there are ways

not cheating) and then decide if the risk of

to get all of these things without having

confronting her outweighs the feeling of

a child too. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a

doubt you have.

child into this world that is there to fix

haven’t been hanging out as much. She


is on her phone all the time, and doesn’t

but I just really, really want a baby! I’m

a family member, a doctor) about these

seem to want to “get intimate” if you

thinking about just getting pregnant. I

feelings and work out ways to build up

know what I mean. I get the feeling she

don’t even really mind who to. Is this

your own happiness - so that when you do

might be cheating on me. How can I

totally stupid? My mum is pleading with

eventually have a child - you’ll be the best

find out?

me to wait but I just don’t want to.

mum you can be.

going out 6 months. Recently, we


There is no real checklist for if


your problems or fill a void. You could talk I’m 17 and I’m not sure why,

to a trusted adult (a counsellor, a teacher,

Your mum probably has some

someone is cheating or not. Some people

very valid reasons for why she wants

would say that her being withdrawn and

you to wait. The reality is that raising a

change in sex drive may indicate cheating,

child is one of the most challenging life

but this could also be her response to

experiences. The responsibility, stress and

stress or worry. Trust is a really important

sacrifice is huge! That is why it is important

part of any relationship. What we do know

that before you plan to bring a child into

If you need any support around any of the

for sure is that the recent change in her

this world, you know your reasons for

issues raised in this section please get in

behaviour and the fact that you have asked

doing so.

contact with Youthline:

this question shows that you’re having some doubts and are lacking trust in her. Feelings are really important to


There are many things people consider before having a child. Some include:

Phone: 0800 37 66 33

Free Txt: 234

Have you experienced all of life that

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Gahndi

Health + Wellbeing



1 cup self-raising flour 2 tablespoons cocoa

It’s a kiwi staple – master this and you can master anything!

3/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)

1 tablespoon oil

1/2 cup low-fat milk

1 large onion

2 tablespoons margarine, melted

500g lean beef mince ¼ cup tomato paste + 400g canned


tomatoes (or 1 can/jar pasta sauce)

1/4 cup cocoa

1 teaspoon dried basil

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon dried oregano (or 1 tablespoon fresh)

1 1/2 - 2 cups boiling water

1 ½ cups water black pepper 1 packet of dried spaghetti (or other shapes of pasta)

READING FOOD LABELS Tips for reading food lables so you can make healthier choices!

Variation: Top with fresh parsley, add chopped carrots or



Servings per package: 8 Servings per size: 32.5g

Method Heat oil in a large frying pan or saucepan. Chop the onion.

Quantity per

Quantity per

Cook for 5 minutes until soft. Stir in the mince and brown quickly.







110 Cal

330 Cal


1.9 g

2.7 9 g

Add tomato paste and tomatoes in juice, breaking up the tomatoes. Stir in herbs or water. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for half an hour or until like a thick sauce.

Fat - total

3.0 g

9.0 g

Cook spaghetti using the instructions on the packet.

Fat - Saturated

1.5 g

4.5 g


20.5 g

3.0 g


7.0 g

1.5 g


20 mg

60 mg

1.5 mg

4.5 mg

Drain. Serve and top with mince sauce.

Two meals out of one! Make extra bolognaise sauce, top with mashed potato and bake in the oven for half an hour for dinner the following night.

(Saturated Fat is unhealthy)

(Sodium Contains Salt)


Use the 10/10/6 rule shown below to make a healthier choice:


Best choices per 100g are: Less than 10 grams fat, Less than 10-15 grams sugar, More than 6 grams fibre

Drink plenty of water every day! You need 6 - 8 cups of water or other drinks each day.


Water is the best drink. Tea and coffee can be

Cereal (rolled oats, oat bran), glucose, fruit (Apricot), puffed rice,

included but go easy on cordial, energy and

vegetable oil, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, flavouring (apricot), salt.

soft drinks and fruit juice.

May contain traces of peanuts or other nuts





‘Unique Extras’ and the ‘Unique Agency’

An amazing charity run 100% by youth,

are part of a project funded by the NZ

aiming to empower young people to

Government’s ‘Think Differently’ campaign

eradicate extreme poverty in the Asia Pacific!

A BIT ON THE SIDE Top 100 Arena Entertaining and

to improve attitudes and behaviours

informative top ten lists

towards people who experience disability. Westeros Map Fancy yourself as a bit of a ‘Game of Thrones’ geek? Someone out there made a tablet app for the map of

Westeros, you know you want it.



YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki is

NZSL is recognised as an official language


a free community law centre for children and

of New Zealand, learn and gain qualification

Youtube sensation Karmin,

young people nationwide - know your rights!!!

with easy step by step videos.

noted for “Look at me now” have created a massive following and branched out with their own music. English Russia

Things are quite different on the other side of the



world. From the funny to

It’s RAK Day on September 1st 2012 –

A Manawatu site for youth by youth.

the downright bizzare, a

what kind things will you do?

checkm8 wants to be the kind of place

collection of real, but weird

that helps you feel connected, happy, and

news from Russia.

healthy. You can find out what’s on plus


where to go for info and advice.

South Park Avatar

Do Your Thing: Passionate about something? You

Make your very own South Park

could win a scholarship to fulfill your dreams!



A big THANKS to all the people who contributed:

In the Next Issue

Elizabeth Chan, Bailey Lovett, Divyar Dhar, Marcus Powell (All My

In the next issue of Heyday we catch up with

Brothers), Annah Mac, Six60, Erin Simpson and the team, K’Lee

Christchurch’s very own superhero ‘Flatman’,

McNabb, Kimberley Crossman, Maioro Barton, Simon Wards, Karl

meet US based Graphic Designer, Marie

Stanley, Shyla Rose, Cullum Razak, Melanie Vautier, Courtney Deed,

Holdaway, interview singer Jamie McDell plus

Jess and Ellen and Morgyn Hartdegen

heaps more!

Special thanks to Rachel Soh for this issues cover.


Do you enjoy writing? Are you doing something you think other young people would like to know about? Know of someone we should interview?

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please email - everyone who contributes goes in the draw to win a $40 itunes voucher and a Youthline T-shirt, designed by Illicit.

About Youthline:

Since 1970 Youthline has helped youth, families, individuals and communities through counselling, information, youth work, training and leadership development programmes, best practice and advocacy. Youthline is an NZQA registered Private Training Establishment.

Phone: 0800 37 66 33 Free Txt: 234


37 66 33

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