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The Founders of Youth Infusion and East Stroudsburg High School South’s Cavalier Justice Academy This powerful ‘trio’ met in the fall of 2009 with a mission to prove that Service Learning Works and is a powerful force for bringing about positive change. They are the original faces of Youth Infusion, Inc. and the Cavalier Justice Academy.

Francesca Turturro is Co-founder, Executive Director and Director of Programs for Youth Infusion. Elika Almeida is Co-founder and currently volunteers with Special Events and Marketing. Patricia Tiernan is an English Teacher, Service Learning Instructor and Yearbook Advisor at East Stroudsburg High School South. They believe in providing our youth with the tools they need to become leaders in their society and the world at large. They believe in true partnerships with community members to make change for the common good.

Youth Infusion, Inc

P.O. Box 853 East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 Phone: (570) 266-5125 Fax: (888) 569-3546

“ You Raised Me Right!”

You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

A Service-learning Event Addressing Child Abuse


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Overview of Youth Infusion’s School-based Service-learning Initiative in Partnership with the Cavalier Justice Academy (CJA) Youth Infusion’s School-based Service-learning Initiative creates an opportunity for classroom teachers to connect students with community resources so as to implement service-learning projects that extend beyond the classroom. Service-learning is a teaching method that connects meaningful community service and advocacy with what is taught as part of the school curriculum. It provides an opportunity for young people to become deeply engaged in addressing real community needs, while mastering the classroom content set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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The founders of Youth Infusion understand that a quality education must include opportunities for students to deeply engage in real world issues. They also believe that partnerships with schools are critical so that students are able to link what is learned in the classroom with high stakes public outcomes. Connecting with their community and conducting authentic and pragmatic projects gives students a sense of purpose, cultivates self-reliance, and promotes sustained civic involvement. During the fall of 2009, Patricia Tiernan, English Teacher at East Stroudsburg High School South, piloted two service learning class projects, in partnership with Youth Infusion. In terms of community impact and student achievement, the projects were a huge success. This compelled Tiernan to establish the Cavalier Justice Academy (CJA), a service-learning magnet, within the South High School. The Academy, with Youth Infusion, Inc. as its lead partner, along with administrators, fellow educators and other community partners has officially launched the Cavalier Justice Academy. If a student is scheduled for English with a participating service-learning teacher, then that student will participate in a service- learning project tied to skills, themes, and/or content established in the English Curriculum for his/her grade level. The CJA and YI are now closer to their common goal of having all students engage in servicelearning at some point in their four years at East Stroudsburg High School South. The CJA has 4 participating teachers and is currently engaged in 4 service learning projects for the fall/spring semester. Key Club of EHS is also partnering with the CJA for various projects. The CJA Green Team is a service-learning project that started in the spring of 2010.

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“ You Raised Me Right!” A Service-learning Event Addressing Child Abuse

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Award Presentations Blues Instrumental by Robbie Grier, Kevin Carson, and Cody Sariski Welcome

“I Have a Dream” “Hero” performed by Jasmin Wells School-Based Service Learning Initiative Student Film

“Pause for Wellness”™

570-234-0772 Manifest Excellence, LLC provides a variety of informative and encouraging health and wellness presentations. Services include: Conference Presentations Seminars and Workshops Webinars and Teleseminars Lunch and Learns Wellness Courses

“Thought in My Head” performed by Kaseem Parsley Student Film

“When Children Cry” performed by Peter Vernacchia and Kevin Carson Certificates Student Film

“Nobody Better” performed by Jonathan Lindsay Student Film

“I Wouldn’t Be A Man” performed by Joe Bolles Manifest Excellence applauds Youth Infusion and the Cavalier Justice Academy for their work to boost community and personal wellness with their “You Raised Me Right!” Event


Student Film

You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012


“Momma” performed by Shea Cutshaw and Kishawn Wiggins Student Film

“It Gets Better” by Kaseem Parsley Surveys/Closing Remarks


Messages to Parents

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You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

“Hi Uncle Anthony. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I love you. Thank you again.” - Chris Marrone


“Mom, you taught me so many things over the years and I thank you for all that you have done for me. Love you mom,” - Corey Leight “Hi mommy. Just letting you know that I greatly love and appreciate you no matter what I say or do.” - Elaurine Hunter “I love you mom. Thank you for always being there for me.” - Stephanie Landon “Thank you for raising me right. I love you to the moon and back mom!” - Abigail Hilliard “Dear Mom, It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us father and son [mother and daughter]”* - Samyra Legendre “Hey mommy, I want you to know I appreciate you so much, and I hope this night shows it.” - Ammira Smith “Dear Dad, Thank you for loving me and caring for me all the time. I love you!” - Atija Barzew *Quote adapted from Johann Schiller

Thank You!


Dinner Award Recipients Mother and Father of Robbie Grier

An Oral Interpretation of Dr. King’s Speech "I Have a Dream" By The Freedom Speakers Luis Aponte Maria Castro Shayla Counterman Jamari Dortch Patrick Duffy Essance Dzedovich Lauren Gilmour Serenity Hamlin Stephanie Landon Fernando Martinez Joseph Rose Ryan Senholzi AlyssaTorres TaylorTorres

Mother of Brandton Griffin Aunt of Abigail Hilliard Mother of Elaurine Hunter Mother of Stephanie Landon Mother of Samyra Legendre Mother and Father of Corey Leight Uncle of Chris Marrone Mother and Father of Briana Ragonese

#1 le Unc

Mother and Father of Cody Sariski Mother of Ammira Smith


You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

MLK National Day of Service - January 16, 2012


Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service Monday, January 16, 2012


You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

Reflections From the Students Danielle Knoetgen “I chose to work on this service-learning issue because I never really knew much about child abuse and I have seen it before, but I was young and I didn't know what to do about it.” Heru Kirkland “I'm now aware of how the abusers think and why they do it. Before this I thought people were just evil and did this just because.” Matthew Carriveau “Now that I have started doing the service-learning project I see it a lot more in public places. Because now I know what to look for and what can be considered "abuse" . Christina Balog “From interviewing and research I've learned a lot about how abuse can change a child. I learned about how a child could think that the abuse is their fault and that they think they deserve it and I found out how even though a parent could abuse a child, the child would still not want to leave their home.”


John Moscato Former Case Worker, New York City Administration for Children’s Services Judge Michael Muth Captain William Parrish Stroud Area Regional Police Sue Rasely East Stroudsburg High School South Michael Silvoy East Stroudsburg High School South Christiana Sulinski Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc. Dr. Michele Tavormina Collins, Collins, and Tavormina Michael Tukeva Pocono Alliance Ann Van Why Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc.

You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

Thank you, Community Partners!

Dawn Walker Monroe County Children and Youth Denny Willis Bottom Time Productions


You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

Elika Almeida EA Wedding Planner and ELysian Events Marie Andrysiak Crisis Intervention Supervisor, Pocono Medical Center Gillian Bender East Stroudsburg High School South Laura Bertanzetti Forensic Counseling Associates Detective Sue Charles Stroud Area Regional Police Department Luci Coke East Stroudsburg High School South Dr. Donna Hamilton Manifest Excellence Tammy Held Crisis Intervention Specialist, Pocono Medical Center Rose Berardi Event Planner Dr. Ken Koberlein

Reflections From the Students Jason Rocco “I've been involved a lot with video games, and I know what addictions are commonly involved and the stuff that are in sorts of games that should definitely not be seen by little kids, and yet, parents still allow their children to play them.”

Tiffani Dickison “I think that our actions will teach many that children should be taken serious too and treated with tender love and care. I think it will help people be more aware of what is going on and why its wrong.” Katarzyna Hacia

You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

Thank you, Community Partners!

“I am aware that child abuse is very serious, and it

effects many people, and the victims don't even realize they are being abused.”

Brooke Langan East Stroudsburg High School South


Joe Martin East Stroudsburg High School South


 “ You Raised Me Right! ” Student Groups

You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

“ You Raised Me Right! ” Student Groups Causes/Types/ How to Spot It/ How to Take Action Taylor Thomas Danielle Knoetgen Ty’Quan P. Berry The Psychology of the Abuser Rebecca Paul Heru Kirkland Laneige Jones Amanda Soto Sherman Theater “You Raised Me Right” Event Planners David Pabon Briette Martinez Michael Bosetti Dillon Murphy Effects of Abusive Surroundings/Long and Short Term Consequences of Abuse/Disorders that Result From Child Abuse Kathy Simmons

You Raised Me Right - January 16, 2012

Neglect/How to Stop the Cycle of Abuse/ Resources for help Lisa Steakin Tiffani Dickison Eric Tapscott Jamique Levine Media Trivialization of Violence Toward Children/ Violence in Media as Related to Child Abuse and Neglect Kevin Carson Dan Stevens Jakub Nowak Raquel Berrios Kasia Hacia Influence of Video Games/ Child Neglect and Video Games BonTon Graffin Matt Carriveau Jason Rocco David Cooper

Christina Balog

Resources for Help

Jasmin Wells

PA Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-932-0313 If you are being abused, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)



Monroe County Children and Youth: (570) 420-3590

You Raised Me Right Program  

You Raised Me Right is a Service-Learning event addressing child abuse, developed by Cavalier Justice Academy students at the East Stroudsbu...

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