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HKFYG June 2017 | Youth Hong Kong

Concert of Ten T P L U S

A t t e m p t

a t

G u i n n e s s


n celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR, 10,000 young people will come together in concert, singing of shared dreams, passions and hope for the future. Their enthusiasm and positive energy symbolize Hong Kong moving forward. Supported on stage by • 140 choral music students • 16 professional singers • 2 dance troupes • Percussion group • Marching band


26 June 2017


Hong Kong Coliseum

Hong Kong Guest Performers Joey Yung, born in June 1980, is one of the foremost Cantonese singers of all time. She made her musical debut in 1999 and since then has won numerous awards, including the prestigious JSG ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ and ‘Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold’ a record-breaking nine times. One of the songs to be performed at the Colisueum on 26 June will be a few lines from Joey Hung’s all-time hit I Can Fly, a huge favourite with Hong Kong audiences. Hins Cheung, the 36 year-old Cantopop star from Guangzhou, has a huge cult following among Hong Kong youth, a generation with whom he has strong empathy. His best known hits include My Way [ 港 版 ] and Cool Love ( 酷愛 ).

Alfred Hui Tinghang is a 29-year old singer and dentist. Departure ( 出走 ) and Ant ( 螞蟻 ) are among his hit recordings. He also won much critical acclaim for his song, The Ode 香港特別行政區成立二十周年官方標誌 使用指引 of Youth ( 青春頌 ).

Joey Yung See me fly, I’m proud to fly up high

不因氣壓搖擺 只因有你擁戴 Believe me I can fly I’m singing in the sky

假使我算神話 因你創更愉快

James Ng Yip-kwan, better known as Kwan Gor, is a 27 year-old Hong Kong singer and actor. His pop songs, including She Doesn’t Love Me Enough ( 原來她不 夠愛我 ) garnered millions of views on YouTube. He starred in Happiness (2016) and the hit sitcom Come Home Love.

Ng Yip Kwan

Hins Cheung 46

Alfred Hui

Profile for Youth Hong Kong

Yhk 9 2 looking forward  

Yhk 9 2 looking forward  


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