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ennifer Lam takes a look at youth policy-making around the world, showing how governments listen to youth and empower them.

As of 2014, 1221 countries had a national youth policy and at the first Global Forum on Youth Policies that year there were delegates from 165 countries and 115 governments.2 Discussion took place on a framework for youth policies and how they should be planned, financed, implemented and evaluated.3



Definition of youth 12-24 year-olds Youth policy The National Youth Strategy embodies Australia’s youth policy, the goals of which are to empower young people to build their own lives, enable young Australians to learn to take responsibility for their actions, become more resilient in order to navigate life’s challenges and build a healthier, safer and more productive Australia.4

Mainland China At present, China doesn’t have an explicitly written, unified national youth policy, nor an official executive mechanism for implementing or monitoring national or regional youth affairs. Youth policy is a component of overall policy.9

by Michael Coghlan flic.kr/p/hhpTsJ

Youth view In a 2016 pre-election poll, the most important issues for 17-25 year-olds were climate change, asylum seekers and marriage equality.7 44.6% said they would support the left-wing Greens because the other major parties were ignoring these issues.8


Hong Kong Formulating policies concerning youth has been the responsibility of various governmental departments and nongovernmental organizations in the past. Going forward, the proposed Youth Development Commission will formulate youth policy and implement goals embodied in central guiding principles for youth development.10 [See Interview pages 8-11.] Macau The Macau Youth Policy (2012-2020) is undergoing its first phase of implementation. A mid-term review was conducted in 2016.11

by ILO in Asia and the Pacific flic.kr/p/cAkhv7

Representative platform The Strategy established the Australian Youth Forum and National Conversation to listen to young people and ask for their views. An independently run National Youth Council of Australia brings together youth organizations and provides a platform for cooperation and discussion. It also operates an advisory arm that provides all levels of government and business with the opportunity to connect with youth councillors aged 18-30. Each year the Council holds a National Youth Conference at which delegates debate a range of issues and prepare an advisory paper for government and businesses on the topics discussed.5 In March 2016, two senators also called on the government to appoint a Minister for Young People to address the needs of the country’s youth.6

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Yhk 9 2 looking forward  


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