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General Updates

America and the Caribbean this past august, where we came out with a very strong document. We were able to take this forward into the Asia and Pacific Population Conference, which was another success in advancing the recognition of our sexual and reproductive rights and have pushed for the same advancements at the African Regional ICPD meeting in Ethiopia. The YCSRR was also involved in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe session last July as part of the OR for ICPD.

New Website - Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on a new website! Keep a look out for our new online space in January 2014 and follow us Twitter, Facebook and YCNews for updates until then!


We have also been heavily involved in the Post-2015 development agenda discussions, through the online platforms but also in the meetings that took place in different spaces, particularly with Members and staff in Sao Paulo Brazil for the 2013 the youth and women’s groups. We attended the United Nations YCSRR Annual General Meeting General Assembly for Post-2015 this past September as well as meetings of the Open Working Group and the High Level Panel, and we aim take part in the shaping of the outcomes of the upcoming Working Groups meetings.

2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Members met in Brazil this August for our Annual General Meeting. In addition to an Orientation and Internal training on the Political Analysis of the Global Movement and the Post 2015, ICDP Beyond 2014 and SDGs, the 3-day AGM was full of important discussions, including reviewing our internal processes and YCSRR’s work. All in all, members left the meeting feeling energized and ready for the year ahead! Our Action Plans are in their final stages of development and in addition to our Board of Directors and Membership Committee, the 2013-2014 workplan will be made up of:

>> Working Groups: Abortion Rights, HIV-SRR, SOGI >> Task Forces: Post-2015, ICPD >> Special Task Force: Policy and By-law

Publications Including Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Youth Sexual and Reproductive Rights & Poverty is a first in the series of briefs that will illuminate the connections between SRR and development issues that are central to youth and must be included in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Each brief includes important definitions, background information and recommendations. Read more...

Resource Map on SOGI for Young Sexual and Reproductive Rights Activists

A collection of useful resources for advocates and activists alike working to ensure that young LGBTIQ people can claim and exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. The resource will feed into a live online database available soon at Read more...

Freedom of Choice: A Youth Activist’s Guide to Safe Abortion Advocacy

YCSRR Turns 15

2014 will mark the YCSRR’s 15th anniversary. As we make this milestone step into adolescence, stay tuned for upcoming events and announcements on how you can be engaged.

We hope to see you all this summer 2014!

2013-2014 Board of Directors

The 2013 AGM wrapped up with the election of our new Board of Directors, made up of 6 members and the Executive Coordinator, the 2013-2014 YCSRR Board of Directors is: Nickie Imanguli (Chair), Babu Ram Pant (Vice-Chair), Maria Ines Romero (Office Liaison), Rinaldi Ridwan (Secretary), Rachel Jacobson (Treasurer), Jakub Skrzypczyk (Strategic Vision), and Rachel Arinii (Executive Coordinator).

Congratulations, we’re looking forward to a great year ahead!

Membership & Staffing Updates

Since the 2012 AGM, the YCSRR has proudly welcomed 3 new members: Magnhild Bogseth from Norway, Jakub Skrzypczyk from Poland and Clara Fok from Hong Kong. The Office also welcomes two new staff members, Executive Coordinator Rachel Arinii Judhistari from Indonesia and Program and Communications Officer Ani Colekessian from Canada!









Upcoming Events


three watch dogs

Having just returned from the International Dialogue on Population and Development, the EuroNGOs Conference and the Muslim country meeting for ICPD 2014, we are going full steam ahead! In a few short weeks we will be heading to Tunisia for our final ICPD regional training. Then off to the Amnesty International Global Activism Skillshare meeting and the Post-2015 Open Working Group 6 to wrap up 2013.

Have Something to Say?

We would love to hear from you! Email the office at or send your contributions for YCNews, Twitter and Facebook to

Please join us in welcoming our new members and staff and read all about them on the YCSRR website!

The guide seeks to empower young activists working on sexual and reproductive rights with the information and context needed to become strong advocates for young women’s right to abortion. It is not the intention of this guide to offer a step-by-step process for developing an advocacy strategy or campaign. Instead, the guide offers a youth perspective on some of the key issues in advocating for young women’s right to abortion. The updated version of the popular guide includes new information on the global context as well as background information on abortion health and rights and tips for advocates. Read more...

At the same time, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our staff and members who have since left the YCSRR for all of their hard work and contributions to the organization and youth and SRR movements as a whole.

We also published three editions of the watchdog - read them online!

Best of luck to all those coming and going!

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