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THE BRIDGE Guiding the Path to Brighter Futures July 2018

JOURNEY HOUSE PROGRAMMING HELPS KIDS REINTEGRATE INTO SOCIETY Our residential program at Journey House focuses on young men who have behavioral and substance abuse issues. They are referred to us by the Department of Youth Services. This is one of our oldest programs at Youth Bridge. We offer a variety of therapeutic activities to help them create a “tool kit” to take with them when they leave our facility. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to do this so they can integrate better with society. Teaching empathy is very important. One way we have done this lately is by having the boys volunteer at local nonprofits like Potter’s House. Recently, they worked in the warehouse to help clean out and sort through donations. Aside from volunteering, group activities are also a good mechanism for treatment. Our Mental Health Paraprofessional Joi McGowan recently led an activity called the “Race Race,” which is designed to foster empathy by revealing the advantages that some have over others. Joi had the residents and staff line up, and then she asked them questions relating to socio-economic status, family life, race and gender and so on. Each person took a step forward for a yes answer. After the questions were done, she told them to race each other. Often, young white males tend to be at the front of the pack before the race begins. “I felt like the group was really positive,” Joi said. “The students walked away thinking ‘I need to get to know the people that I live with, the people who work here with me’ and figure out that this is what society is like outside of these doors.”


Kevin had anger issues and often got into fights at school. Whenever he got angry, he would ball his fists, roll his eyes back and punch himself in the head. Our staff worked with him on coping skills to deal with anger in a more constructive way. His family was very supportive throughout the process. Now he doing great - controlling his anger, avoiding using illicit substances and even running track, one of his favorite activities.


• National Minority Mental Health Month • Black Family Month

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The Bridge - July 2018  

This is the monthly newsletter of Youth Bridge, Inc., in Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Bridge - July 2018  

This is the monthly newsletter of Youth Bridge, Inc., in Fayetteville, Arkansas