Youth ALIVE! 2014-2015 Annual Report

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2014-2015 Annual Report We believe that urban youth have the innate capacity to stop the violence plaguing our communities. Every day, we nurture leadership and life skills of young people affected by violence because addressing the root causes of violence saves lives.

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Welcome! Dear Friends, What a year of milestones for Youth ALIVE! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Teens on Target, our violence prevention youth leadership program, at a special evening in Jack London Square, joined by many youth leader alumni (including founding youth leader Michael Munson, who emceed, and Smooth Wickliff, part of whose speech is on the back cover) and even Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Another celebration was bittersweet: the well-earned retirement of Khadafy Washington Project founder, and 2015 Oakland Mother of the Year, Marilyn Washington Harris. This year, Youth ALIVE! made “Healing� a core value: We believe that while hurt people, hurt people, it is also true that healed people, heal people. We are committed to helping our community find hope that renews and restores spiritual, physical, mental and emotional balance. To uphold this value, we doubled the mental health services available to our Caught in the Crossfire youth, and we began using the innovative Screening and Tool for Awareness and Relief of Trauma (START) to help our young people build on their own resilience for coping with community violence. Alongside fellow honorees Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, Youth ALIVE! received the 2014 Courageous Honoree award from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. We are proud to be part of a national movement to break the cycle of violence in urban communities by investing in homegrown strategies to prevent, intervene and heal from trauma. You are part of that movement. Thank you for your support, and may we have a peaceful year. With gratitude,

Anne Marks, Executive Director

Youth ALIVE! at the 2014 Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence Gala

Because of You: Teens on Target

Fewer East Oakland High School students believed having a gun would help them earn respect

Caught in the Crossfire

Youth who suffered violent injuries were re-enrolled in school

Khadafy Washington Project

Families of homicide received Victims of Crime assistance for funeral expenses

2014 Finances

Revenue - $1,465,739 68%

Contracts - $927,972


Grants - $473,734


Individual Giving - $32,439


Corporate Gifts - $24,388


Events - $7,206

$ 1,465,600 - Expenses 83%

Programs - $1,221,165


Management - $160,184


Fundraising - $84,251

Teens on Target

Highlight: Since 1991, Teens on Target has trained over 1,000 youth leaders and made presentations to over 40,000 students, policy makers, and community members on how to prevent and reduce violence!

Our Teens on Target (TNT) violence prevention youth leadership program, trains peer educators who teach workshops about gun, gang, family and domestic violence, provides case management and mental health linkage to support their growth, and engages them in advocacy for policies to reduce violence. This year, Teens on Target celebrated our 25th Anniversary! Please see the back cover for a testimonial from a TNT alumnus

Teens On Target (TNT)

JUST $198 PAYS TO TRAIN A TNT YOUTH LEADER TNT’s program made over 1,400 young people safer during the 2014-2015 school year.

87% Students know they can do something to help prevent and reduce violence in their school or community.



Students know the difference between an abusive relationship and a healthy relationship.

TNT Overview and Info

Quotes from our Middle School students

Thank you for teaching us about gun safety. I really liked how you guys taught us not to use a gun for protection and to stay away from somebody who has a gun.

Caught in the Crossfire

Highlight: Since 1994, over 34 programs throughout the U.S. have implemented our model because it works!

Caught in the Crossfire (CIC) is the nation's first hospital-based violence intervention program. We provide intensive trauma-informed case management and mental health services to young people immediately after they’ve been violently injured and/or released from detention, in order to prevent retaliation, re-injury and arrest.

Caught In the Crossfire (CIC)

JUST $3,600 PAYS TO ENROLL ONE YOUTH IN CIC The Caught in the Crossfire program served 132 young people in 2014.

Pictured above, Caheri Gutierrez, TNT Violence Prevention Educator/ Case Manager & former CIC client, celebrates her 6 year anniversary as a gun shot survivor

98% Youth were not re-hospitalized for a violence-related injury

52 Young people received mental health counseling 5

CIC Overview and Info

Client Success Story

Excerpt taken from the August 2014 edition of Essence Magazine, entitled “Black America's Invisible Crisis” by Lois Beckett

In October of 2013, Aireana and her boyfriend were driving through Oakland when a man on the street opened fire on their car. Her two children, ages 6 and 1, were in the backseat. Aireana remembers feeling something slam into her jaw and hearing a sound like a firecracker popping in her head. Her boyfriend hit the accelerator and swerved down the street. He and Aireana turned at the same moment to check on the kids. They were safe. Then her boyfriend looked at her and saw blood spurting from her neck. “Oh, my God,” he said, panicking, and crashed into a parked car. A bullet had smashed through her front teeth, grazed her tongue and broken her jaw. When Aireana was lying in Oakland's Highland Hospital last fall with When Aireana was lying in Oakland's Highland Hospital last fall with her jaw wired shut, one of her visitors was Rafael Vasquez, an intervention specialist with Youth Alive!, the nonprofit group that founded the nation’s first hospital-based violence intervention program in 1994. Tall and solidly built, Vasquez sometimes has to reassure patients he’s not an undercover cop. His goal is to ensure that victims of violence stay safe after they leave the hospital and that they never come back under similar circumstances. … Over the winter, Youth Alive!’s licensed marriage and family therapist, Nicky MacCallum, visited Aireana at home to conduct therapy with her daughter. Kyndra Simmons, CIC Program Manager & Aireana Allen, … former CIC client at the 2014 CIC Celebration Dinner MacCallum diagnosed Aireana with PTSD. “Nicky helped me,” Aireana says. “She was the first person I actually talked to who believed it was real, that my feelings were real.” MacCallum and other therapists say PTSD is the best diagnosis they can give in these instances—but that it’s not a perfect fit. For clients who live in violent neighborhoods, the trauma that they’re dealing with isn’t really “post.” “People in our community are constantly retraumatized,” MacCallum says.

where Aireana received the Intrinsic Motivation award

Update Aireana was adamant about moving forward in her life. With the support of both Rafael and Nicky, Aireana made significant progress in her personal life and recently relocated and enrolled in college.

Aireana Allen, former CIC client & her son at the 2014 CIC Celebration Dinner

Khadafy Washington Project

Highlight: In 2014, the Crisis Response and Support Network provided financial support to 40 families, totaling approximately $15,000!

The Khadafy Washington Project (KWP) provides practical, emotional and financial support after the violent deaths of a loved one, in order to prevent retaliation and promote healing.

The Khadafy Washington Project (KWP) JUST $72/ MONTH PAYS FOR KWP’S 24/7 HOMICIDE RESPONSE PHONE

There were 84 homicides/ murder of loved ones, in the City of Oakland, in 2014.

Tammy Cloud, KWP Program Manager & Ricardo Garcia- Acosta, KWP Crisis Responder


Youth ALIVE! Board member, Angela Jenkins

Were reached by our KWP Crisis Responders

Oaklandish’s 2014 Day of the Dead tribute KWP homicide victims

74% Families of homicide received Victims of Crime assistance for funeral expenses


Legacy Story- Tribute to the KWP Founder Excerpt taken from the May 2015 Oakland Tribune article entitled, “Oakland woman helping families, victims of violence is named Mother of the Year” by Chris De Benedetti.

Marilyn Washington Harris, KWP Founder, is presented with the Oakland Mother of the Year Award from Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf at Oakland's Mother of the Year ceremony on May 9, 2015. Photo Credit: Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group

Marilyn Washington Harris, KWP Founder and Oakland Police Captain Ersie Joyner at Marilyn’s retirement party.

Rafael Vasquez, CIC Program Coordinator & Marilyn Washington Harris, KWP Founder at Marilyn’s retirement party.

Advocacy, Training & Research

Highlight: In 2014, the NNHVIP provided technical assistance to 7 programs, across the country, on our best practices.

Advocacy, training and research – in addition to our direct services – are how Youth ALIVE!’s innovative leadership helps save lives. Through our National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (NNHVIP), for example, we support communities replicating the Caught in the Crossfire model.

Advocacy, Training & Research JUST $2,500 FUNDS A SCHOLARSHIP


Youth ALIVE! worked with Assemblymember Rob Bonta to author AB 1629 in support of ALL Victims of Violent Crimes, which was approved by the Governor on September 25, 2014

Youth ALIVE! piloted The Boys & Men of Color Trauma project, which led to the creening and Tool ool for creation of START: Screening Awareness and Relief of Trauma

Youth ALIVE! helped pass Measure Z to support violence prevention in Oakland


Terrell Henderson, Intervention Specialist at the San Francisco Wraparound Project, Dr. Vince Chong, Surgical Resident at Highland Hospital & Nicky MacCallum, Clinical Director at the 2014 NNHVIP Conference

TNT Violence Prevention Educators and TNT Youth Leaders advocating for Measure Z

AB 1629 author, Assemblymember Rob Bonta

START 2 Heal This year, Youth ALIVE! and our community partners began using “START” – the Screening and Tool for Awareness and Relief of Trauma. Youth ALIVE! developed START after two years of research, focus groups, and community interviews with young men of color in Oakland. START helps people in communities that experience violence build their resilience to cope with, and heal from, trauma. So far, 83% of START recipients say that the tool improved their lives, like the young man who said:

“[START] will make me do better in society, will help keep me out of trouble because trouble is all around me. There’s a lot of stuff around you and this will help me be able to get away, to [not] be mixed up in the stuff (fights, etc.) that’s around in the neighborhood.”

For more information, visit

Trauma Screening Results No Symptoms, 3%

1 symptom, 6% 6 symptoms, 20%

5 symptoms, 9% 4 symptoms, 25%

2 symptoms, 20%

3 symptoms, 17%

Only 3% of young men in Oakland had no trauma symptoms

Trainers from Youth ALIVE! and trainees from the Healing Hurt People Chicago program

Youth ALIVE! Board of Directors Michael Nieto

Alisa Dewys

Board President Deputy District Attorney Alameda County, CA

Siara Spriggs Board Vice President Claims Authorizer, Social Security Administration Richmond, CA

David Durant

Board Treasurer Consultant, Resources Global Professionals San Francisco, CA

General Counsel Yapstone Pleasanton, CA

Elizabeth Sekera

Stan Weisner

Angela Jenkins

Gregory Victorino Phillip Chang

Director, Nor. Cal. Community Benefit Funded Programs Kaiser Permanente Oakland, CA

Board Secretary Director, Behavioral Health Sciences, UC Berkeley, CA

Clinic Director Lyon-Martin Health Services San Francisco, CA

Chief, Division of Trauma Alameda Health System Oakland, CA

La’Ban Wade, II

Former TNT Youth Leader Student, UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Principal Redondo Surgical Los Angeles, CA

Youth ALIVE! Board & Staff

Youth ALIVE! Staff Ahmed Ali Bob Community Health Advocate

Anne Marks

Executive Director

Ashley Jackson Communications & Grants Coordinator

Caheri Gutierrez TNT VP Educator/ Case Manager

Christina Barnes Office Manager

Demetria Huntsman TNT Program Manager

Farzana Talukdar Graduate Intern

Greg Johnson CIC Intervention Specialist

J.D. Rhone

CIC Intervention Specialist


Jelani Avant

Michael Lewis

John Torres

Nicky MacCallum Clinical Director

Finance & Administrative Director

Kyndra Simmons

Rafael Vasquez

Tammy Cloud

CIC Program Manager

CIC Program Coordinator

Linnea Ashley

Ricardo GarciaAcosta

Wazi Davis

CIC Intervention Specialist

Deputy Director

National Training & Advocacy Manager

CIC Intervention Specialist

KWP Crisis Responder

Samuel Martinez Counselor

Sue Danne

KWP Program Manager

Lead TNT VP Educator

TNT Youth Leaders TNT's Youth Leaders are peer educators, advocating for violence prevention policies in their community. They advocate, and work in their communities to limit access to the means of destruction. Adriana Fuentes Ahlayha Knight Alban Lopez Alfonso Lopez Aliyah Bell Alonso Santiago Andres Vega Anesha Harris Angel Vega Ashlee Alexander Breanna Gonzalez Brenda Roman Brian Escoto Carlos Herrera Celeste Dozier Cesar Martinez Cristina Flores Dante Clary Diana Hurtado

Elvis Alvarado Esthefany Frazier Evelyn Carranza Fatima Chavez-Villegas Gamarr Tolliver Genesis Muniz Georgia Cameron Ismael Hernandez Jackie Casados James Monroe Janiesha Grisham Jeremiah Phillips Joanna Mack Jocelin Pulido Jose Cerrano Jose Villanueva Joseph Barboza Joseph Hawkins Julia Garcia

Jyna Buckley Kalijha Brown Karla Magallon Kevin Montalvo Kyra Willis Lakeviona Adams Lamontae Dawkins LaRon Cutno Laylani Allen Luis Muniz Luis Osornio Malini Mesui Mario Bruno-Hernandez Mayra Avalos Mayra Vanegas Mele Nisa Miguel Aguayo Reyes Mikah Turner Millenia Dunn

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Thank You!!

Without our funders, donors and supporters, Youth ALIVE! would not be able to have such a great impact. We are grateful for your contribution.

Eileen Denny Alexander Robert & Gertrude Allen, Jr. Renato Almanzor Shiv & Shobha Bajaj Elizabeth Balderston John & Sherry Katz Balmes Betty Becker Jodie Berger David Durham & Marcy Bergman Barbara Bernstein James M. Betts Yael Bloom Sallie Blytt Jim O'Brien & Terese Bogucki Roland Brandel Eric Breitbard Loretta Graziano Breuning Rebecca Brewer Deane and Richard Bunce Joseph C. Bunker Carol Carman Giovanni Centeno LaShawn Chatmon Thomas Chen Erin Coburn Anne Corcos Robert and Michele Davenport Frances Davis Rachel Davis P Delaluna Alisa DeWys Griffin Dix John Patrick Dooley David & Cynthia Durant William Ellis, Jr Jenny Eng Donna Enright Christopher Epinosa Jillian Faulks-Majuta Victoria Levin & Joel Fein Heather Fell Patrick Finley Roy Ford & Cynthia Hill- Ford, Jr. James Fousekis Dana Fraser Grace Fretter Caitlin Lang & Christopher Gaither Wesley Bolton & Mei-Hua Gee Denisa Legaspi & Gina Gemello Michael Gonzalez Alice & Stephen Goodman Jeffery Goodspeed Linsey Goodwin Sharmila N. Grant Jacqueline Richard & Richard Haber


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Youth ALIVE! accepts donations by mail or online at, where you can make a onetime gift or set up a monthly recurring donation. This just in: Youth ALIVE! is now accepting gifts of stock. Please contact Sue Danne at (510) 594-2588 x301 for more information.

Smooth Wickliff, former TNT Youth Leader at the 2015 Youth ALIVE! Spring Fundraiser, celebrating 25 years of Teens on Target.

We can do so

“When I first moved to Oakland, I had already heard so many bad things about it that it caused me to be afraid. One of the first things I thought about was protection, so I got a gun and pocket knife. As I reflect, it’s alarming how easy it was for me to get the gun with no questions asked. I wasn’t really into the TNT program at first, but I decided to join for the food and money. At the time, I was having problems at home, so the program became a way of escaping the hurt I often felt while at home. I didn’t have a voice at home, but everyone in the program took an interest in me and wanted to hear what I had to say. My perspective on the program didn’t really change until I did my first presentation at Reach Academy. I presented some facts on gang violence and all the students were hanging on to my every word. They were able to relate to me because my name is Smooth and I looked like them since I was really close to their age. Afterwards, 98% of the students said they thought the presentation helped them and they wanted to tell others about the program. I felt incredible. I finally felt like someone was listening to me, and it motivated me to want to help other kids feel good like it was helping me. It was then that TNT became home and Demetria and Caheri became family to me. It seemed like whenever I was with them that everything else I had going on at home didn’t hurt anymore. TNT was a foundation for me; I owe everything to them. Before TNT, my grades were slipping, I had no direction, or passion. The program pushed me to do more for the community and to set goals for myself. Not only did I graduate at the top of my class, but I was also given the opportunity to speak at my graduation. Even today, I am about to be 20 years old, and I still feel Demetria and Caheri pushing and encouraging me when I feel like giving up. Every time I hear from them, they are always asking how I am doing in school and in life, because they really care. They are still my family. Family will always be there, no matter the distance or the time that goes by. Home is where the heart is, and my heart will always be with TNT.”

We can do so