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Ryan was six years old when he learned in school that every day, thousands of children die for lack of pure drinking water, and that a handpump costs only $70. On this day, Ryan decided to help. He started small household chores, collecting his earnings in a candy box. A few months later, he presented the 70 Dollars to the organisation. When Susan informed him that the total cost of digging a well was $2,000, he responded: "Ok, I'll just do more chores, then." A local newspaper picked up Ryan's story, and donations started to flow. At age seven, Ryan had financed his first well. Neighbours donated Frequent Flyer Miles to enable his visit to Uganda. Thousands of children were lining the dusty backcountry road, all shouting his name. "They know my name," Ryan exclaimed in astonishment. His guide Shibru replied "Ryan, everybody for fifty miles knows your name." When the celebrities had calmed down, Ryan pondered what to do next. "I'll just keep going until everyone in the world has clean water to drink."

(fair use) photos: Visit their site to discover more about their amazing work.

When Ryan shares his story, school children respond with enthusiasm: "We wish to help Ryan, how can our class help?"Using his fundraising tips, they are raising millions of dollars, worldwide.

Mayerly was 12 years old, when her best friend was shot dead in the open street. This experience made her start a children's movement for creating peace in their regions, neighbourhood crime and domestic violence. By age 17, 3 million children had joined. Rebels laid down arms, saying "it is more about that our children grow up in peace than to have a socialist revolution." The Army stopped forced recruitments of under 18 years olds. The movement reached all the way into familiy homes. “We have many wars in Colombia. Civil war, drug war, gang wars, domestic violence. The power to end these wars is in the hands of children. When we talk to our parents about our fears and pains, they start listening. Because they are reminded of their own. We can do what adults cannot do.Children can end the wars.� At seventeen years of age, Mayerly has already been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

(fair use) photos: Visit their site to support their work, worldwide.

Kimmie experienced the worst of the Liberian Civil War, from atrocities to famine. His dilapidated body appeared so lifeless that people dumped him on a pile of dead bodies. His mother discovered he was still alive. He set an aim to end the forced recruitment and abuse of child soldiers, and if possible, the war. With friends, he started "Golden Kids Radio", children expressing themselves about war and peace. The show became most popular with listeners, 90% calling it their favourite, changing their view of children and youth. The program now airs in 9 countries Kimmie asked UNICEF, the United Nations' department for helping children, for support. It took thirteen times to make them respond and provide a small sum of money. “They may have thought they'd get rid of me that way. They were wrong," Kimmie says today, smiling. He kept pushing campaigns and published a report that led to the liberation of 20,000 child soldiers.

(fair use) photos: Visit their site to support their excellent work in Western Africa.

At age 17, he had to flee the country, because the government wanted to have him killed. Since, Kimmie has been running development programs for Liberian youth from abroad. In June 2012, the former president was been sentenced to life-long prison by the International Criminal Court. Kimmie is still around, steady as ever. His message to youth: "Come up with your own vision. A vision so big you're afraid of it. If you're not afraid of it, it's not your vision."

Born in Mexico, Erica was 6, when her working class parents moved to Los Angeles. Some day, she learned about the planned construction of a liquid gas facility , with pipelines to run overground through her neighbourhood. With a potential risk of the entire place going up in flames any day. "This is no way to live for the next fourty years," Erica thought, and started addressing adults about it. The city council wanted a few more jobs, and people showed no spirit of resistance against a multi billion dollar mining corporation, . Alone, Erica started campaigning from door to door. She mobilised school students, citizens, organisations and journalists. On the day of the final hearing, hundreds of people accompanied her to the city council. Suddenly, her fifteen minutes of speaking time were cut down to five minutes. Erica laid her carefully prepared notes aside and spoke free. Everyone present was so impressed that the council changed their view and voted against construction. The facility was never built. A few days later, Erica discovered an official looking, anonymous letter in her mailbox. Private donors had opened an account in her name, so she would be able to some day realise her dream, - to study law at university.

(fair use) photo: 2009 Award. Learn more about the Roots & Shoots education program.

When Rachel entered the University of Berkeley, California, at 19 years of age, she heard that a nearby campus produced their own electricity. "Hey, that's what I want at my uni, too. If someone has to start setting a model for society, it is the universities. Let's go sustainable on campus." When this sound idea was not met with understanding by local decision-makers, she decided to simply turn to the students. "Are you ready to pay $5 more per semester, so we can turn the campus sustainable?" It didn't take long until a vast majority of student responded "yes, sure". After all, with many thousand dollars of annual fees, five dollars are a laugh. It's a big uni, with 40,000 students. From one day to another, a several year plan took off, fueled by millions of dollars to build on for several years. Dozens of students serve as volunteers for projects, managing organic food stands and more. CampusInPower was born, and their 2 minute video clip and simple tool-kit spread like wildfire to other campuses. More than 120 universities have followed in the US, and another 100 worldwide. What's up in your place? Are students bright enough for the 21st Century?

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One day that Craig was flipping through the newspaper for cartoons, he stumbled over the photo of a boy in a bright red jacket. This was Iqbal, a Pakistani child labourer, who had been sold to a carpet factory to make up for the family's $15 debt at age four. Chained to his work place, he worked up to 16 hours, every day. At age 12, he managed to escape and spoke up publicly against child labour. He gained the attention of the media, and support of the United Nations. As he returned to his village, he was shot. Craig was shocked. He, too, was 12 years old. he had never heard about child labour, nor did he know where Pakistan was on the world map. but the next morning, he stood before his class, trembling, saying "We have to do something. Who is ready to help?"Twelve hands went up, Free The Children was born. Craig convinced his parents to let him travel to Pakistan the same summer. He met and interviewed child labourers, found out they never heard about the word or concept of school. Craig's decision was clear. To liberate child slaves and build schools. Adults responded this was hopeless, but Craig, his brother Marc and their friends kept going. They liberated hundreds of children, and have since been building a new school every week, 750 schools to-date, a new clinic every second, and alternative income and water projects in 45 countries. And there's more. Much more! (fair use) photos + video stills: and Get involved!

We can continue with hundreds of examples. Tashka, the youngest chief in the Amazon Jessie, 14 years old, has started a renewable energy initiative worth $1,9 billion in savings. Ta-Kaiya, age 10, sings up against pipeline projects across the untouched Northern Canadian wilderness Wesley, age 13, has founded a business for building playgrounds on every native american reservation. Sushil, a champion peace activist, who plans to run campaigns against dowry killings of brides. Hassan, 19, empowers Pakistani village girls and boys through 100-day literacy programs. You can meet the youth groups "live" in their backyards via skype video From Argentina to Canada, the US to Pakistan, Egypt to South Africa, Palestine to Israel, and India to New Zealand, youth are creating change and social impacts unseen in history. This is the world of Youth Leader Magazine. We exist to tell these important stories. And to empower everyone to spread them, and even - take action to change the world. Big time.

Craig takes action on child labour.

Ryan starts building wells for Africa.

Free The Children. The largest network of children helping children. Building a new school weekly, a new clinic every second and so much more.

(fair use notice) photo: video still. Visit their site to discover + support their amazing work. Meet some YES! Jammers via this video link

This unique, 24h telesummit presented young peacemakers in 50 min sessions, switching from timezone to timezone around the globe. The speakers' work covers the full spectrum of peace, from inner to inter-personal and ecological peace, looking at peace "not only as the time between wars, but harmonious cooperation on all levels of human interaction". They work in the youth field, showing that youth are change agents in their communities, also in education, business, religion, politics, - across historic, cultural and generational divides, for shaping a better now and future. Altogether, this makes this historic event a unique opportunity for inspiration and use in education. As a co-sponsor of the event, Youth-Leader Magazine makes this extraordinary potential available long-term to a global public. Our 500-page multimedia Special Edition offers inspirational portraits, interviews, articles and features, with a. Publication in YL Magazine, and b. translation to ten languages available as a 500 page PDF via download, or a print-on-demand book, or as digitally printed copy for use in education. This book is distributed to registered conference participants from 112 nations, for use in their communities, schools, organisations and media. It is also available to the general public for personal reading, and for students and teachers as an authentic, richly illustrated and action-oriented teaching tool about Youth & Peace.

photo: screen.

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TREAT GLOBAL ISSUES, “There are so many things so many people have no clue about.” IN PERSONAL, SAFE ATMOSPHERE, “I was the only one from my city, but I felt so comfortable with those people, everyone just being themselves." WITH DYNAMIC ACTIVITIES LIKE COMMUNITYBUILDING, PUBLIC SPEAKING, TALENT SHOW & PROJECT DEVELOPMENT, “We did so many things, and I have to say I loved every single one of them.” WITH ACTION-EXPERIENCED, PASSIONATE TRAINERS “They’re just like your friends, but they are so smart!” ... AND IMPACT. “When I have children, I’ll be able to look myself in the eye and say I changed the World.” YOU HAVE TO SEE THEM IN ACTION! VIEW THE VIDEOS (fair use notice) photos: visit their site to discover more about their work.

View what participants say (fair use notice) pageshot: visit their site to discover more about their work.

“I thought I knew something about global issues of our time. I quickly discovered that this was not the case. We learned so much! Thank you!” “I expected the campus to be boring, as workshops normally are. But it turned out to be crazy and exciting. We discussed all the way back on the train and even still in our rooms. We were so tired of the days that we did not party a single night. It has been the best week of my life!” “It is urgent time we do something to save the planet.

We as a young generation can achieve it. The sky is not the limit any more.” “I have found my life’s purpose. It is to use my power of inspiration to fire up young people’s love for nature and humanity, and to turn this love into action.” “The teamers were awesome. So inspiring.” “You can truly change people’s thinking.” “Life-changing.”

“You are legend. We all think so!”

14-17 year olds present holistic business models after3 days of training, with aspects like Fair Trade & Supply Chain Meaningful Products Company Culture Outside Company Culture Inside Learning Organisation Value Communication

huge! multimedia diary @ Designed by Eric Schneider / Youth-Leader Magazine. With international teamers from Europe's most dynamic business school, the, inspirational videos, methods and novel business culture. Teachers and representatives from the European Commission were floored by the final presentations.

We Day. 70,000 active youth. Millions watching online.

Go Local. Take Action Academies.

Rise of the Eco Warriors. An Expedition for Change. Revolutionary Optimists develop Kolkata's slums.

Inspired by the human warmth, sharing and caring experienced in Free The Children partner communities from Ecuador to Kenya and Pakistan, Craig and Marc have started a lifestyle movement for positive change: MeToWe shifts priority from the “me” to the “we”. Its core values are self love, appreciation, community and caring action for others in need - worldwide and at home in their cities and communities. They offer various action programs at two thousand schools, books, volunteer travel, trainings, have their own talkshow: Shameless Idealists" and weekly newspaper columns coming with teaching tools on current global issues. Pretty much over night, they advanced to the biggest organic clothing company of the country. All this is organised by young people. At WeDay, Craig and Marc unite 70,000 active teenage youfrom 1,800 schools across the nation with celebrities like Michail Gorbachev, the Dalai Lama, Patch Adams, and music and sports stars who truly care. They learn about global issues, celebrate their achievements and gear up for a new season of actions. A must-see: View the video highlights and the next dates @

(fair use notice) photos: video shots. Visit their site and for massive inspiration!

NOW CHECK THIS OUT: In just six months, from November 2011 to May 2012, MeToWe has grown from 700,000 to 2,4 Millionen facebook Likes, from 1,5 to five millionen hours of action, from five to twenty million dollars for 500 projects in forty countries, with new campaigns for 'Re-Defining Possible', weeekly columns on current global issues along with teaching tools for instant use in schools, Take Action and Go Local Academies in Canada, the USA etc. Videos on youth leadership, sustainability and action are already part of the official curriculum at Toronto schools. And every topic, in every subject, at every grade level must be connected to "environment."

This is what other people say >>>

Young people, adults, experts, teachers and activists around the globe, regardless of age, culture of professional background, say the same. They love this. They want this. They wish to see it everywhere! Isn't this awesome?! Hundreds more feedbacks via

What started budding in California in the early 60's, went around the globe in the Seventies. Students (Twens) opposed the old and took the streets for political advocacy.

What started budding in California in the early 90's, is now starting to flourish in Canada, and sprouts around the globe. Students (Teens) take action to create the new, with sustainability actions.

In the early Sixties, the world was still subject to political totalitarianism. But in California, a multi-colored movement of university students started taking politicial demands for citizen rights, democracy, peace and the environment to new scales and to the streets.

This time, it is school students take sound, solution-oriented, concrete actions. For positive change in every aspect, and with tangible results..The origin lies in 1992 California, when a few kids started a group that is today the foundation of a new generation of HIPs. It has touched thousands of like-hearted spirits around the globe. And now, this spirit enters the young Canadian mainstream.

The media called these people HIP, for "Highly Intelligent People". Ten years later, around 1969, the core movement dissolved (more about this later), and a wave of student movements rocked around the globe in the Seventies. Altogether, in society, only few were ready to accept it, and less were able to live it. Also, the global wave, did not have the same high potent spirit as its originla core in the Sixties. Since the Hippies had copied the elements conveyed through media, but did not have the deep experiental background and visions that had brought the HIPs the deep respect. On other continents, this wave arrived even more diluted. The fashion trends and the 'hip' of today have nothing to do with the original movement. Yet, a lot has changed, but measured by thegenuine spirit of the HIPs, what state of peace, liberties democracy and welfare have truly been achieved? Now, a fresh, new and exciting movement is cooking up!

This 'special dimension of youth engagement', in free selforganisation, with real impacts on lives and significant influence on society is reflected in the definitions of YOUTH LEADERSHIP and TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING. This time, the societal constellation is different. Again, only few are yet living it to the max, but many feel the spirit and wish to see it at scale. Even the institutions and schools is looking at nurturing empathy, engagement, global learning, sustainability education etc.. This is a great chance.

An enormous chance.

What will we do with it this time? And what will You do? Ignore? Watch? Or BE THE CHANGE?

Youth Leadership embodies all facets of positive change for sustainability, of a responsible, active citizenry, of cocreativity etc . It does not advocate change and expect deeds from "others", but takes smart, solution-oriented action. This form of youth action goes beyond the wildest dreams, aspirations and goals of the education sector, and of democracy and of sustainable development. Of the wishes for global citizenship, life-long learning, social entrepreneurship, applied values, participation, voluntary action, creativity ... ROLE MODELS of every kind. Youth Leadership is a win-win that can connect the so far disconnected sectors of youth work, education, school culture, civil society, administration, social business and spirituality. This is a great opportunity, - for the world, for everyone, for the future, - unexpected by any actors and stakeholders of the past, citizens and institutions. It is unknown in its combinations and potentials. Also, they are incapable of doing it, and not investing and nurturing it appropriately. It's evident. it is NEW. No adult ever grew up with it. And this is reason to be VERY CAREFUL. Let's look back, and prick your ears now, please: Also, in the Sixties and Seventies, the noble terms 'democracy', 'liberty' and 'human rights' were trendy in media and institutions, in the USA they had been the great ideal for two hundred years - but they were only understood to apply to man, and only white men. It was tough for the Seventies' movement to change this. But how much has the political decision-making since improved for the well-being of all. For wars, environmental

integrity, work, health, global equity? Or in Egypt? Democracy, now what? Only a term or model are being copied, but the spirit has not arrived. Neither in parliaments, nor in European schools. This is not even necessarily due to ill will towards the new, but to personal insecurities, lack of understanding and underestimate of what the new truly is about, what new opportunities it represents and - how it works. It lacks off spirit and role models. So, how can the exhilirating potentials of youth leadership for co-creativity and transformational action fully unfold on wide scale? How can everyone develop masterly skills in exercising it? First, we have to understand what youth leadership truly is. And I swear it is not about a decision whether the flower pot is to be put left or right of the school entrance. Second, it is about living it, doing things that need doing, without waiting for orders or permission. Back then, the right to vote for women and citizens of colour was unthinkable for many 'democrats'. What's going to happen today, when independt, self-organised youth, uncontrolled by school principals and politicians suddenly start doing good thing that bring about significant change? Adults easily act insecure and incompetent to new forms of youth action, especially in the context of schools and public space. The same is true for youth, who so far have zero idea what is possible - and even stigmatise passionate peers! All these aspects, however, have been successfully overcome by youth leaders over two decades, even under very less favourable conditions. The solutions are methods are available! To take them to scale with the grand public, this handbook serves as an entry point to the world of Youth-Leader Magazine, the first Positive Change Action Magazine.

I have designed Youth Leader Magazine* as a 'missing link' between the global change movements' solutions and the people, through youth in schools. In particular, to convey the genuine spirit of Youth Leadership, and the holistic, far-reaching visions from the Heart of the sustainability movements. To get in touch with, to 'feel' the true Role Models, and to establish the contacts for cooperation.

i say "i" to emphasise that real people are behind yl. be it examples on youth level, adult changemakers or sustainability solutions, yl core staff stands with their full integrity for the genuine spirit, nothing less.

Furthermore, YL offers methods and tools for simple, harmonic, win-win integration in conventional schools. This includes progressive pedagogical concepts and curricula, the image of engaged youth as 'talented and gifted', as our future social entrepreneurs, cultural creatives and perfect role models at school. Also, free, excellent media, self-installation and management of a public wall display at school as Informal Sustainability Learning Environment and SPACE for 'applied Changemaker Spirit' in schools: Also status with UNESCO, as an official organisation, with global community, support for conquering local media and mobilising support in your city. Furthermore, just as important, the role models and solutions from adult changemakers, offering feasible models for a truly sustainable civilisation. For reading, applying and sharing. This way, the young generation opens their path into the leading learning environments of our time, for their personal, idealist and professional futures. Truly, an Abundance of contents, available in simple ways. After all we have the internet, so let's use it wisely. As a portal to proven solutions, in lively form, with instant practical value, and even bridging from online to on-site, through print&post exhibits and wall displays. Every reader of any age can open this world to hundreds more people within minutes. With this little gem of a book! And the media at hand. I hope U r ready to propel this awesome movement forward! No matter what happens with humanity and the people around you ... the moment that YOU enter this Bright New World, it becomes an ever growing part of your life. That's quite something, isn't it?

81% of students left We Day feeling passionate about a social justice issue, up from 53% before We Day 61% of students left We Day believing they could be a leader of social change, up from 27% before We Day 56% of teachers felt We Day provided them a renewed inspiration for teaching To assess We Day's impact, Mission Measurement conducted surveys of both teachers and students. The surveys were launched 10 days after the first-ever We Day in the Waterloo Region, allowing recipients the time to reflect on their experience while still being proximate enough to capture fresh reactions. The following are some highlights from the report: 85% of students reported having gained knowledge about a social justice issue. Teacher respondents also observed this growth in knowledge, as 79% reported that their students learned "a lot" about social justice issues at We Day

Prior to We Day, only 34% of student identified with the statement "I can only make a very small difference..." After We Day, just 3% of students felt this way. This shift in empowerment, from 66 percent of students feeling empowered to "make a meaningful difference" or "be a leader of social" before We Day to 97 percent afterwards, is a strong signal for the future success in creating systemic change. But perhaps most encouraging is that the percent of students who felt that they could be a leader of social change more than doubled from 27 to 61 percent. This feeling of empowerment can be seen in how broadly the students shared their experience after leaving We Day: 93% reported having talked to their family about the issues discussed at We Day 95% reported having talked to their peers about their We day experience 96% reported an intent to lead or play an active role in a social justice initiative at their school With respect to school culture and attitudes, teachers agreed: I have developed relationships with students with whom I would not have otherwise (80%) I feel a renewed sense of purpose as an educator (79%) I am better equipped to teach my students about social justice issues (81%) Make sure to visit and There is so much to discover on their sites! Learn from the most powerful youth movement on the planet!

Before we look at how everyone can spread this spirit, everywhere, how to apply YL as a medium and how to support this movement...

Thankx for re-defining possible & showing the good life to Dave Mason + the ESL youth @ Howick College, New Zealand

Yo! This is Outdoor Ed at school. Because we are wild, awesome, human beings. Many tamed, industrial humanoids have forgotten that.

Jarred Griffin - 2008-2009 Taking Outdoor Education has easily been the best decision I have ever made. It has taken me to the most beautiful and amazing places throughout New Zealand and taught me incredible skills that I will use for the rest of my life, well exceeding any life lessons that I may have learned in any of my academic subjects. With OED I have tramped to the top of mountains, through forests snow and through the two 'great walk' tramps of the north island. We have kayaked through fierce rivers, climbed to the tops of punishing rock-faces, crawled through caves, jumped off waterfalls and pushed beyond my comfort zones. The OED family is an amazing bunch. Everyone gets along and the friendships that have been forged will keep for life. I feel I speak for OED students when I say, firstly that Dave Mason is truly inspirational and his passion makes every trip memorable. Also it will be deeply saddening to leave OED, the subject that has had such a profound effect on me and developed a passion of the outdoors that I will cherish forever. Melissa Greacen - 2005-2009 I took Outdoor Education right throughout my time at Howick College. This started when I was an overeager Year 9 at camp up until finishing Year 13. But I can genuinely say that taking OED was one of the best subject choices I took. Not only did I gain knowledge, life skills and leadership, but I've made some of the best friendships I'll ever make. The memories and experiences are irreplaceable and OED has always been a place to go to get away from 'life' at school and other stress. If you ever get the opportunity to take OED, DO IT!

Alice Flavell-Birch - 2008-2009 I believe everyone should choose to take this OED course. It was the most worthwhile subject I took - I learned more life lessons in a single trip than years of maths and science! I'm going to miss OED trips so much but mostly it's the friendships and unforgettable moments that I will remember. Thanks Mr Mason, you rock! Tamsin Rushton - 2003-2006 I took OED in 4th, 6th and 7th form, and although it took up a lot of my time I have never regretted it. It’s an amazing and well planned course that takes you to unique locations all around New Zealand. I think that by taking the course I learned a lot about independence and leadership. It also increased my own self confidence and created a tight bond between the people in my class. Not many high school classes can offer you that. Ben Lilley - 2003-2006 I really can't say much more about the OED course other than it's the best thing I have ever done. I can without a doubt say that the course helped me become the person I am today, it taught me more about life than all my other classes combined, and surprisingly enough it has helped me in my day to day duties of running a business. There are times where you're pushed so hard that you hate it, but the hard work pays off big time. Russell Neill - 2002 & 2005 Being a part of the OED family was the highlight of my college years. Would you laugh if I told you that the life skills I learnt during OED had a big influence on my decision to study Art? The fact of the matter is; during the length of this course I gained so many skills, made so many friends and shared so many memories with students and a teacher who I respect on so many levels I wouldn't give it up for anything. The thing that inspired me the most was Dave Mason. My OED skills helped me get accepted to work at the eighth top summer camp in the USA and without them I would have been lost! Four years out of Howick College and I'm still going back to volunteer for trips and camps, what does that tell you!?

this is about YOUTH Leadership especially children and youth are fit for the NEW THINKING especially children and youth have the TIME to learn and act all youth are at school EVERY DAY youth spend HALF THEIR TEENAGE LIFETIME there NEW LEANRING CULTURE must be anchored in schools you reach 1,000 youth daily at an average school because school offers LONG-TERM COMMUNITY because school offers INFRASTRUCTURE it offers a PROTECTED SPACE it also offers SUPPORT because School STUDENT action is popular with media & because there are HUGE, INSTANT WIN-WIN POTENTIALS for QUICK IMPACTS

The contents of YouthLeader are just as fit and precious for > > > > > > >

youth clubs cafĂŠs conference venues public festivities company offices... university campuses your nearest bus stop

especially also for thematic events about > youth > participation and empowerment > learning and education > sustainability > girls and women > peace > Africa, Asia, India, > indigenous people etc.

Reactions by children, youth, citizens, teachers and experts around the globe show that it is possible to raise attention, nurture INSPIRATION*, curiosity and can-do-Feeling, with stories and videos like in this handbook.

YL offers tips and teaching tools with especially effective and media attractive actions that change lives, moblise local support and take action to scale. After all, we are talking about significant positive change, don't we?

We can say that the mix is always about ROLE MODELS + MODEL SOLUTIONS with actions and campaigns.

In fact, these Media and Action-Opportunities support topics and activities that already exist in schools or that today's curricula want to see introduced; like global learning, sustainability etc. What distinguishes these tools is the novel degree of Authenticity and Liveliness that they add to the topic, with the consequence of heightened students' identification, involvement, engagement, passion, self-organisation and empowerment beyond school. It's a rich win-win for students, progress teachers and school culture

We offer these in a variety of formats, fit for different environments and applications, for the public, as a kickstarter, with multimedia, for deeper reflection, theme- and action-focussed... for use at school, at conferences in offices or in public space. USE in class is good, But how about a Poster Exhibit in the school forum? This is visible to 1,000 students, long-term, with feedback opportunities, dialogue, video projections, livestreams and more. Setting a space for "inviting for a conversation: "Wow. What's happening here? Who likes this? Would you like to have this in school? Will you take responsibility?" And then, you set out together to create a permanent, central, public space for this at school. A Wall Display as an Informal Sustainability Learning Environment, in educational terms. ACTION & ACTIVITIES are triggered by the Action Opportunities at the end of every article, each portrait and teaching tool, through campaigns and of course, students' own ideas. TAKING ACTION is easier than you think.

*Nothing happens without spirit, without passion. It's just like in music, sports and relationships. Without the divine spark of passion and inspiration, without love, without the power of life, nothing happens. This is why Youth Leadership is so decisive for Sustainable development and a creative, future-proof citizenry. From my perspective, Youth Leadership at School decides about 90% of the future. Since: where and when else do human beings have the access and time to learn and practice such worldchanging action to a relevant degree? For sure not when they have 9 to 5 studies or jobs and families. No way. Think about. Especially if you are a child, a youth, a teacher. Because a different, good future is in YOUR HANDS.

Each article culminates in a TAKE ACTION opportunity, for instant action, support, replication or knowledge transfer to practitioners in the field and media. The leading changemaking knowledge of humankind - clear, concise, tangible - for practicle application.

Weekly new articles. Shining human examples, solutions, projects, initiatives, campaigns, tools. Via Newsletter, facebook, twitter and QR coded PDFs. About YOUTH LEADERS that re-shape our worldview about children and youth, and about changemakers who transform the structures of our civilisation. The groundbreaking breakthroughs in development, energy, law and order for the global commons, reanimation of urban environments, reduction of violence, healing of genocide, art in service of sustainability, non-toxic farming with higher yields, solutions for helping 100 million coffee farmers out of poverty and thousands more.

- conscious of problems, bnut concrete and solution-oriented - rich in videos, imagery and illustration - current topics but timeless articles about solutions - also reports, studies, data and facts from top level institutions - documentary films - avantgarde thinkers As PRINT+POST WALL DISPLAY visible for the entire school. As E-MAIL NEWSLETTER for constant inspiration , with new tools, application examples and opportunities for oneself and others.

YL's POP-UP EXHIBITS IN-A-BOX are a simple tool for conveying the new spirit of Youth Leadership in attractive and effective form to the public. ALL THIS IS AVAILABLE BY DOWNLOAD: > PORTRAITS-POSTER SERIES on Youth Leaders, Girls & Women, Africa Rising, Peacemakers, Urban Sustainability. More coming, with our Special Editions. > ACTION CALL POSTERS with Slogans und Wake Up data and facts > VIDEOS via YL Magazine's youtube channel, add a projector for Cinema Sessions! > LIVE-VIDEO-MEETINGS wit young changemakers and YL Team on demand > DIRECT-SUPPORT for projects through Live-Video + Donations and of course: as an impulse for local dialog and action: > INTER-ACTIVE POSTERS for "Feedback" and "Show us your Local Heroes! Let's create an exhibition of them!" We can easily develop such a 'Local Heroes'-Series with you and local partners. It is a great tool for winning attention and participation of local schools, civil society, administration and media! And then - action follows. With a few print-outs, in colour or black and white, you can reach hundreds of students, company employees, organisation members, guests of a conference, youth club, even a farmers market! Just download, view, share with friends, - LIKE! - develop your own ideas and then go ahead, print & post them to inspire a local climate of changemaking.

From our wide spectrum of changemakers and model solutions, we produce Special Editions in specific global issues that are widely treated in schools. We aim at supporting teachers and enhancing the learning experience of everyone involved. Our editions distinguish themselves by - Authenticity - Liveliness - concrete solutions - true role m/odels - Action-orientation - youth friendly tone - inspirational videos - rich imagery - 'Take Action' opportunity in every article - Reflection, transfer, adaption for one's own world The holistic spectrum and high inspirational quality trigger instant Change of Awareness and Worldview in students. About the topic, but also the role of citizens, youth and themselves in creating the world around us and their personal path in life. And - they also offer the impuls to Take Action! This impact is shown by feedback from readers, teachers and experts around the globe.

Each edition offers around 50 Features on Changemakers and Model Solutions - from an astounishing spectrum of solutions, context, effects, relevance and feasibility - with a total of around 500 pages, dozens of videos and action opportunities. Impulses and ideas for use at school, reflection and short- or long-term local action are appended to each feature.

OPENED BY Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, former Vice-Director General of the United Nations, President of the United Nations Security Council and Head of the United Nations Decade for a Culture of Peace.

FEATURING the speakers of Youth Rising for Peace, the first global 24h tele-summit uniting young peacemakers around the globe, giving 45min sessions on solutions for all facets of peace, from inner and inter-personal to ecological and world peace. And another 30 groundbreaking solutions. With Ameena Matthews of Ceasefire Chicago, Nuna Aini, Julia Bacha of Just Vision, Erin Gruwell's Freedom Writers, Polly Higgins, Lawyer for the Earth, Arab SpringTime Creatives and many more.

+ "PEACE WITH OUR BODIES" A special teaching tool with world-leading contributions and media about self-image, gender harmony, natural child-birth, self-development and holistic sensuality. You will be delighted.

For impressions on scope, layout, spirit and feedback, e.g. of YOUTH RISING FOR PEACE, visit

The Special Editions are excellent books for individual reading, as well as for display in youth clubs and cafeterias, and for training and development of activists. The step to taking relavtn action is easy. SCHOOL USE is possible in various subjects, projects and work groups. We recommend a very simple approach: Hand each student a feature as homework, to present in the next couple of lessons - a presentation with video, poster and images. This lesson will be a unique experience! The posters can then be exhibited in school. Depending on students' intrinsic motivation and the focus and frameworks of the school, you can follow up with reflection, local adaptation, and action; in and outside school, since the media, YL support and the COMMUNITY OF ACTION are available to them.

Around the globe, groundbreaking solutions to the great sustainability challenges are emerging. The spreading depends most of all on public knowledge of these solutions. The old top-down channels are not appropriate, nor are the old formats used by civil society and media. The shift in consciousness and transformational learning can only manifest through new ways and best with the young generation. In cooperation with leading changemakers, YL is developing Teaching Tools that can help promote and replicate these important innovations. We include their websites and online media as authentic Learning Environments, some with campaigns, cooperation and even "live" interaction. Each Teaching Tool is made of a mix of Article, Interview, Videos, Action Opportunit and guidance for excellent local Media Work - to mobilise and involve readers, schools and youth. They fit into various school subjects, also for projects and student-organised 'changemaker work groups'. Our steadily growing collection features essential topics, initiatives and innovation from all sectors of society and the planet.

They include John D. Liu's Documentation of largescale Ecosystem restoration, Polly Higgins EcocideCampaign for protection of the Global Commons at the International Criminal Court, the amazing rediscovery of Dyeing Color Gardens as Cultural Heritage, a new regional economy and many more.

For the YL Teaching Tools, we select groundbreaking innovations that are possible to implement as a fun experience with impact on lives and great potential for media coverage and local replication. As true ACTION TOOLS, they make excellent projects also for young changemakers and citizens outside school. We all run campaigns and projects, so why not take these ones in your community? They are fun, have impacts, and can trigger involvement by schools, too. From our point of view, these projects have unique potentials to go beyond what's commonly done. Especially when going at them with shameless passion and delivering the right action images and testimonies of life-changing experiences to local media, so that your expereince inspires others to get angegaed in new ways, too. YL is ready to help you with it. Also, our UNESCO status can help better connect into the education sector. We offer some advice in the implementation, if necessary, and would love to REPORT about your action and expereince in lively YL style. We can best do so if you contact us while you are preparing your action. It is simple. This story will not only be published in YL, and your local media but could also make it to the websites of the changemakers themselves, and their newsletters. We love to see this happen, since it will inspire and encourage countless more people to take these innovations to their communities. And the role model will suddenly be YOU!


We write about Youth Leaders, we talk to them, we ask them how to support their initiatives, and how others can do similar work elsewhere. It's natural that we engage ourselves in creating such partnerships. And we do so through novel win-win models for cooperation between youth leaders and schools worldwide. Here we go: connect with real Youth Leaders! Youth & Youth Alliances are win-wins for students and progressive teachers, for the youth leaders, the benificiaries of their projects, and for nurturing a climate of changemaking in your cities through passionate media work. Students meet a youth leader via our stories or even live via a skype or vokle video meeting. In an open conversation, they exchange views and experiences, may focus on chosen topics and can decide on a specific cooperation. The encounter and cooperation with real young changemakers in real, life-changing projects has profound impact on young people's awareness on global issues, confidence, empathy and nurtures a drive to take more actions, also in their home communities, and even make it their lifestyle. This appealing combination makes Youth Leader Alliances a unique project in education and youth work, also at university or as CSR venture. The experience of relevant impacts on real lives, even entire villages or regions, the mobilisation of local media and citizens - even in a short timeframe of weeks or months - is an incredible experience that can start a lifelong commitment to social action.

EXAMPLES OF ALLIANCE PARTNERS - HASSAN (19, Pakistan) empowers village boys, girls and young women through 100-Day literacy trainings, so they can better shape their own lives and develop their villages. The program is unique, very successful, easy to scale and has great support by volunteers. - DHRUBA (Nepal) aworks with children that have liberated themselves from forced labour conditions. Besides completing a school education, they are eager to engage in social action. - SUSHIL (Nepal), a well known peace activist, is planning campaigns against the widespread practice of 'dowry killings'. Men lure young women into marriage, just to profit of their dowry, then torture or even kill her to get rid of her. It is high time to end this. We can help. - BABAR ALI (19, India) is the youngest school principal in the world. He runs a school of 500 street children, and is interested in international partners for online dialogue and project cooperation. How about starting small social business projects on both sides?

ACTIVITIES - Dialogue - Fundraising for the projects - The Youth Leaders blog about their progress for best possible transparency, involvement and media presence - Students print and publish progress reports in their schools and communities to keep everyone involved - Students report about their activities in their local media, in lively YL style, to expand their support base - Implementation of innovative sustainability projects on both sides, maybe even Social Micro Businesses. It's up to you!

To create a local climate for changemaking, it is necessary to - take top quality information from online to on-site - permanent presence, visible for everyone - simple, accessible for everyone to co-create - useful for many, with high value for teachers With YL's media, and actions, posters and regular articles, an abundance of campaigns, videos via projectors, online streams and internet access, Teaching Tools, Alliances, progress reports and success updates of your actions and your own local news, you can set up a vibrant, exciting space that anchors changemaking inside school. Isn't this an awesome learning environment? It's like a power spot, your space for things that matter to you. This space is important, and I'd say it is indispensable, for truly making a good worldview, new thinking and changemaking a part of everyday life. So that idealism and action become sexy and natural. Over time, more and more students will interact and join with these offers. Also, your activities and skills will be ever more interwoven with class activities. With presentations, projects, actions during breaks, permanent work groups, week-end actions...

It is visible for HUNDREDS of students. Daily. The Stories surprise and reach even those who never seek such stories or imagine they exist at all. Environmental and human rights activists, ordinary youth meet here, across class and grades, and discover each other as changemaker family. This grows your Community of Action in school! And it even involves cool teachers and parents. Other GOOD PLACES for Wall Displays are cafes, universities, organisations, offices, canteens, public places, markets, conferences... but these cannot develop the same kind of daily dialog and projects. This is why THE place is SCHOOL.

A space as "missing Link" between worldwide innovation and youth in schools. In few minutes, an Informal Sustainability Learning Environment creates a space for information, inspiration and student-centered participation.




Simple. Feasible. Effective. Precious. It becomes possible by the novel availability of a wide spectrum of YL News. Teachers use the them in class + students enter dialogue + develop projects + publish local news and initiatives ... to amplify action.





Such a space is created quickly! And then imagine, ... that a handfull of students creates and manages a Wall Display, post a series of posters, shows videos, from time to time, holds presentations in class, that a class uses a Special Edition, and exhibits its portrait posters, also undertakes an action, documents it in lively form and publishes and inspirational article in local media (and in YL), holds a video-meeting with a Youth Leader in the villages of Pakistan, and shares their new discoveries in local news and enthusiastically invites citizens to donate ... these are many small actions with significant impact. They can even be created from the materials available through YL, and for sure you have your own sources to add. They'll have changed their own worldviews, established a wall display as Learning Environment, started a YL Clan, maybe with official NGO status with ecoclubes, with UNESCO status for Education for Sustainable Development, they will have changed lives, conquered the media, mobilised support and taken the position of role models. hat's quite something. And today, everyone can do this.

The following page displays this abundance. THE LOWER PART shows the contents and THE UPPER PART the applications and IMPACTS. What may appear overpowering at first glance, is like a rich paradise garden, full of beautiful parts with good effects on the world. Small parts, interconnected and working in synergy. Simply through application of many simple but high quality good practice approaches and tools.

UNITED NATIONS ONLINE VOLUNTEERING AWARD 2010 f端r YL Team India Youth Leader media and concepts are multi award winning, with "special emphasis on their exceptional potential for citizen and youth empowerment." YL's director, Eric Schneider, has membership with the National Round Table for the mplementation of the Decade in Germany. His impulse presentation about youth leadership has lead to the Round Table's decision for making "Empowerment f端r Youth Leadership" one of threerpriorities of UNESCO for the annual theme of Education for Sustainable Development ESD in 2012. YOUTH-LEADER and the application as wall display and Informal Sustainability Learning Environment ISLE represent a simple educational innovation that helps fulfilling the original purpose of school: nurturing active citizens of a democratic, libertarian society, - a society that today has to become sustainable and part of a global family of nations. More about sustainable school culture and students' right to up to date learning culture in parts 7 and 8.

YL Team India has been given the renowned United Nations Online Volunteering Award 2010 by an international jury. YL has also been presented as a project of extraordinary online-onsite impacts in the United Nations Volunteering Annual Report 2010. More thans 9,000 OnlineVolunteers have applied with YL. PEOPLE LOVE IT!

are part of our playful, structural support for school students. As a YL Clan, a group of students can have an extra identity that emphasises the passion, joy and creativity in changemaking. Do it with Fun! This strengthens their presence at school, and their motivation, visibility, community development, and also exchange and learning with other clans. Clan-Status is informal, but serious. Like rules of a game. Alone, you're a Warrior. (elves, magicians, beautiful beasts welcome!) From 3 Warriors, you are a Clan. From 7 Warrios, a Tribe. From 3 Clans per City, a Nation. Via facebook, Clans can share their adventures and success stories. hey find inspiration and learn express themselves lively through media. We will add further interactions via social media, competitions etc. Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Dumbledore's Army? We play it for real, in 4D on the grand screen with unmatched resolution. It requires true courage, to "give all that we are, on behalf of everything we love". YL offers a treasure box of golden arrows, magical wands and spells for overcoming the Dark Age of Unsustainability. This is the Grand Adventure of our times. The Quest for Liberating Paradise. For Abundance for All. And it's for real! Millions are playing. Are you joining?

Worldwide Community of Action. Rocking. Legendary. Fun. Real impacts. Awesome action tools & support. At eye-level with the grand changemakers of our times.

Do you have (compulsory) student workgroups and projects at school? How about creating your own, a Changemaker Project Group? The materials and activities you find in YL give you plenty of things to do that offer many excellent learning activities, so there's a good chance that you will get the school's permission. Studying global issues, organising public activities like exhibits, cinema, live video bridges and open space workshops that involve the school community, doing real projects, promoting them in school, creating media articles, offering presentations on global issues in class... that's many good things of value to the entire school. You'll have to make a list of ways to measure your work and lear-ning progress. This is not so difficult. - Make a list of planned activities, some are mentioned above. This book offers lots of ideas. - Make a list of how you will measure impacts, such as good documentation of your activities, media reports, student feedback, personal learning and skills gained... If you are serious about it and need help, talk to us.

Studying Changemakers and solutions. Informing the public. Taking action. Innovating school culture. How much better can it get?

ECOCLUBES is the only international organisation of children and youth dreaming up, organising and realising their own projects to whatever theme they like. Adults only serve as consultants and supporters. Ecoclubes comes from Argentina, with members in more than thirty nations. Wherever you are, you can become a member, easily. As an Ecoclubes member, you have official status as a charity organisation. This is useful for recognition by adults in general and institutions in particular. It also helps getting permission for activities in public space, and for receiving grants, donations and sponsorship by private donors, foundations and businesses. Active youth have great chances to get such support, especially when running rocking projects as YL Teaching / Action Tools and Alliances. It's pretty clear why we recommend Ecoclubes, huh? A great thing for YL Clans, too ;-)

Simple membership. Planning and realising real projects, without asking adults for permission. A global network of youth groups.

Changemaking is a long-term transformational process of changing the old into the new. Or maybe it is only about introducing the new in the old? Whatever School students are the perfect Transformers. They have the passion, spirit, fun, style and the TIME to evolve their knowledge and skills and establish a changemaking climate in their local biotope, the city.

House Parties.

Youth-Leader offers knowledge, tools, methods, contacts, status, support and services that enable young people to co-shape the process of transformation. They can even initiate it, take a central role, andif I am right they are the only ones to make it happen.

Open Air in the Park.

YL TRANSFORMERS is our playful name for informal meetings of youth in their own city. They first serve to share YL tools, but then, to enable exchange, training, support and project development between youth and YL Warriors, but also teachers, citizens and city officials.

At your Club.

This is not a formal workshop, but an easy-going jam session. There will always be someone with new videos, impulses, success updates to share, and questions and calls for help, or share new acro yoga and poi moves. For sure, a great time! "Do you want to change something in your environment, city or the world?" "Are you looking for ideas, suggestions, ways and support to realise your ideas?" "Do you want action! But you don't know what kind of actions to join?" "Do you seek people to join in making your dream real?" "Would you like to learn more about Youth Leadership YL, Clans Actions?" "Do you want to beam your school to the 21st Century?"

Join the Jam!

Online as Talkshow. At midnight. On the lake. Anything goes.

- Inspiration. Stories & Videos - what is Youth Leadership, for real!? What does it mean for me? - YOU are now in the position of shaping of history. - Articles = weekly flow , an own medium, interaction - top-level sustainability knowledge and -solutions - Videos = Changemaker Cinema - Posters = Exhibitions for class, schools, conferences, everywherel - Special Editions = superb material for various school subjects - Teaching Tools = perfect for project oriented learning - YL Alliances = cooperation projects with Youth Leaders. Hot!


- Wall Displays = Space & "Powerspot" for changemaking at school - pedagogical definition = Informal Sustainability Learning Environment - UNESCO Status - official status as charity organisation = Ecoclubes - Changemaker work group at school = self-organised students - YL Clans, Tribes & Nations = Global Community of Action - YL Transformers = Jams & meetings with other changemakers - YL Vokle Jams = Online-Talkshows with youth / changemakers AND this handbook via

Definitely cool stuff! The kind of stuff you gasp and think, “Why didn’t I come up with that?! Where can I sign up?” Kelly, Oceania Wow – their accomplishments are amazing! I had no idea that such young kids were able to effect such change. It gives me hope – not only as an individual, but as a citizen of the earth – that we can all change and help. Megan, USA TRUELY and UTTERLY powerful and inspirational listening and reading. I sincerely felt the conviction and courage these young people were trying to convey, to better the lives of their peers and wider community. I love WE and YES ! Very powerful words of change. Adults could learn a thing or two about courage and hope from these phenomenal young people and leaders of change featured on YL. I feel so inspired. Charlotte, Denmark I’m definitely impressed by the number of young people who weren’t afraid to stand up for their believes. believes that seemed right and could save and help many other little and big human beings. it just made me feel that I would like to be part of it. Gosia, Poland It also makes me wish that my kids would also get themselves involved in such activities and help contribute in creating awareness and

uplifting youth who are less privileged. Lilyn, Philippines It’s like someone has taken the vision I had in my head and started putting it into practice. I have been looking for an organization that would be the right fit with me, with my passion, hopes, dreams and aspirations for myself, my country, Africa as a whole and the rest of the world. Reading the stories and watching the video is like someone speaking directly to my soul, telling me that this is it, this is what you have been searching for all your life, this is what you were placed on this earth to do! I feel like I have come home. Ziyanda, South Africa It feels that I’m responsible and tasked to make a change in this world. And I love it. I feel special. Brian, Philippines Sometimes our actions are limited because we just don’t know that it can be done. Stories like these would have made us feel like we can also make a change. Kristin, Kenya Now that I’ve read the articles, I feel that young people can make changes and powerful changes. Rena, Malaysia

The whole lot is cool! What an inspiration to see such a variety of people of so many ages and from such different backgrounds all with the same idea and goal. The “We Day” event looks absolutely mind-blowing. One day I hope to be involved with something like that. Lotti, UK It’s brilliant to see so many young minds involved in all these projects, and makes me want to contribute in a similar manner as well. Mariyam, India Just knowing that ground-level change can be accomplished by people like myself would have served as a huge motivation and inspiration to become a proactive agent for change. Pia, Canada These portraits and videos are inspirational. I am struck by how incredibly young some of these role models are and how they have taken the initiative to achieve things that most adults cannot even achieve. Their vision and determination is incredible. Andrina, USA

1. Good stuff? Absolutely amazing. I feel like going out and I’m going to follow such amazing examples. 2. Did you know that young people are driving such powerful changes? I knew that young people can have a very powerful impact, however the story of 6 year old Ryan left me breathless. Unbelievable. Incredible. Amazing. 3. What feelings does it give you? It makes me feel eager and motivated to do something now. Some stories left tears in my eyes, during reading others, I stopped breathing. Such a motivation. Only now I realised how important it is for this stories to go out to schools. 4. Does it change your view of the world, of youth, of citizens? Oh yeah, definitely. Ryan rocks it. He was the biggest surprise for me because of his age and only now I realised the age scale of the ‘youth’. 5. Did you ever have access to this at school? No, school curricula are preoccupied with reaching government standards. I was only taught what was written in the school book and we didn’t have the chance to learn about this. And that is, in my opinion, the major setback for youth. Because of school curricula we don’t get the idea of how powerful youth can be. Even when we look at politicians, almost all of them are the age group of my grandparents, and this make us feel like we can do nothing because we’re simply not ‘old’ enough. 6. Do you think it would have been great to know such stories and videos at school?

Definitely. I feel like printing this page out and bringing it to my old grammar school now. This is a real eye opener and children all over the world should see this. 7. What makes out their value for education? I don’t think children in my county realise the urgency of global issues. Children don’t know that their peers in the developing world die because of hunger every day. That’s the matter of education, values, priorities etc. I myself, when I was 14, only cared about a new mobile phone or brand new clothes. Had I known what’s going on in the world, I would have taken action years ago. As I didn’t have access to such information, I had to wait until I saved enough money to travel abroad for the first time in my life, and only then to open my eyes. 8. Have you read such stories in media? These stories are definitely the most touching thing I have seen. 1. Cool stuff?! Cool doesn’t do justice to the inspirational, hard-hitting posters on display – Its simply amazing. 2. Did you know that young people are driving such powerful changes? It was news to me, pleasant news. I did not for a second think that people as young as 6 would be mature enough to look around the world, understand the issues and make a change. When I think of a child only tantrums and ice-creams come to mind – I am not kidding when I say: I will never look at a kid the same way again, they have new found admiration from me.

3. What feelings does it give you? For a minute it makes me feel guilty that I have not done as much, when I have so much more access to make a change. However the positive feel of the entire collection of posters is simply too great to ignore; that’s when the optimism sets in – its never too late. 4. Does it change your view of the world, of youth, of citizens? It definitely does, a eye opened of sorts. The “We Day” video was a watershed moment for me; to see that find of a crowd and participation for anything other than a concert or sports event – now that’s change right there! 5. Did you ever have access to this at school? No, we used to have the usual “Inspiration Stories Around the World” at the assembly but nothing to this extent. However we were given the avenues to make changes in small ways though orphanage visits, collection of clothes and books. 6. Do you think it would have been great to know such stories and videos at school? Yes it would be a truly great experience, all we heard about was of the big organizations and the established individuals; as a result we never paid much attention to the social issues – to us it was not a “Child’s” job. Maybe seeing the impact these teenagers have on the world would have made us sit up and think. 7. What makes out their value for education? Education is not just about studies, it is for the moulding of the entire individual. The social responsibility could have been provided as an additional credit class when the issues facing the world can be discussed about and the children given the opportunity to help even in the smallest of ways.

Before reading a book, one should know about the author, my first teacher taught me.

The result of this epic journey is manifesting in the media, actions, methods, ISLEs, workshops, alliances, vokle jams etc around Youth Leader Magazine. It offers many keys for the Liberation of Paradise and Abundance for All.

He's right. But I preferred to let you start with what matters most ;-)

There is much to say about the abundance of a sustainable civilisation, but what this moment is about is TAKING ACTION. And this handbook offers Vision, Feeling and many Powerful Tools for Amplifying Potentials of change at Your Local Level.

About myself: I care about the life on this planet. Roleplaying gamer, DJ, sports, adventurer... I am father to a great son and in passionate love with two absolutely incredibly wonderful women: one human, the other, this Planet. And this may be the reason why life has granted me some extraordinary surprises: From diving into spiritual hearts of ancient cultures to surfing the tidal waves of the global positive change movement. "The solutions are all available," I gasped back in the year 2000. "This has to be known to the people. To youth in schools, worldwide." The elder gentleman in the United Nations Pavillon, a cross-scientific scholar, responded with a helpless smile, his shrugging shoulders expressing a "Yes, we've been trying for ages, but - how?" So, I set out on making this knowledge available in fresh, compact formats - in ten languages fit for all classrooms on the planet. Since that's where it has to go. Every day. We'ev tested it with thousands of people. Even before youtube was around. Man, am I grateful that we've got these dazzling videos today!

The Spirit and Masterly Skills of Changemaking will unfold step by step, over time, organically, by surfing the different worlds of solutions. And most of all by face to face encounters with the great changemakers of our times. Since: " C h a n g e m a k i n g i s l e a r n e d f r o m C h a n g e m a ke r s . " Youth Leader Magazine carries the jewel of, the shining star of this Bright New World, in its title. And what's behind these words, YOU have started to feel in this little piece of reading. It is compulsory to watch the Videos, too! They are the real thing. They rock. Make sure to watch them, okay? Please :) May your worldview have changed in the past hour. And from this moment on - your path. It's the best that can happen to You and Life on this Planet. Along with other surprises. ;-) Maybe we'll met? I'd love to! MAY YOU ALWAYS BE A BLESSING FOR ALL LIFE. Eric Nicolas Schneider, Admiral Captain of YL's Online Crew Galactic Signature MEN 27771 OFFICIAL REFERENCES IN THE APPENDIX

"Youth leadership is the practice of teens exercising authority over themselves or others. Youth leadership has been eleborated upon as a theory of youth development in which young people gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead civic engagement, education reform and community organizing activities. Countless programs around the world seek to teach young people particular skills associated with leadership, particularly those programs associated with youth voice or youth empowerment."

Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults. Youth empowerment is often addressed as a gateway to intergenerational equity, civic engagement and democracy building. Many local, state, provincial, regional, national, and international government agencies and nonprofit community-based organizations provide programs centered on youth empowerment. Activities involved therein may focus on youthled media, youth rights, youth councils, youth activism, youth involvement in community decision-making, and other methods."

Since what is it worth, if you haven't seen and felt what it's about? You may have developed some small idea of youth action, based on what you know or could imagine. This is what the failure of the Sixties, Seventies, Sustainability efforts are all about. People don't know what it truly is, until they have felt it. I hope you have developed a feel and vision, and won't do with less!

These examples from the youth field are sensational, and they represent a historic shift. It shows a new, young generation that actually has the potential to live a healthy society that has outgrown fabricated differences of gender, ethnicity, culture, also expectations to decision-makers. This is happening at such a remarkable scale, that it is bizarre that there hasn't been a full page coverage in your national newspapers. Isn't it? They are so behind! The same blindness prevails about massive innovation in the field of adults. There are thousands of examples representing evolutionary steps that eclipse the old idea about economy, development, governance, and education, just like WeDay erases outdated ideas about youth, action and schools; in seconds! It is of utmost importance to me that you become fully aware of this.

How else can anyone have hope that actions on citizen level have any relevance if nothing happens in the big picture? How else could you start rocking and learn how to shape society in new sound ways, if you don't know that the grand transition is happening and possible to succeed? A lot is happening! With knowledge and spirit transfer of equal power and quality as the Youth Leadership examples - on all levels of the great challenges of peace, water, rainforests, poverty, energy, school, food, urban sustainability, the art of governance, active democracy, Social Business... powerful examples exist and start growing to scale, like WeDay! And still, they are unknown to 99% of people. Media and politicians have no clue about them. But this doesn't mean they don't exist! - just like YES! and FTC have been around for two decades, and WeDay for years. And these adult examples have nothing in common with the normal world of politicians and wannabe stars, media and managers as Craig-style youth leadership with apathic youth. You get it? Can you imagine the power of transformation available? Do you expect twenty FTC kids per school to ensure everyone's wellbeing? It's everyone's job. Isn't it about time you learn about the new solutions and take action?

Youth-Leader Magazine is full of stories from the entire spectrum of society change. It tells of Youth Leaders and Adult Changemakers. For everyone to get invlved. And even for direct application in school, in ESD, Global Learning, projects... this is why our Special Editions are so hot for school! "Last week-end, 40 people were killed in Chicago gunfights" "A recent report for the United Nations has found that 3,000 of the world’s biggest corporations caused $2.2 trillion of environmental destruction (ecocide) in 2008." The solutions exist! AMEENA MATTHEWS and The Interrupters. POLLY HIGGINS and the Campaign for Ecocide at the ICC. Polly's initiative can end large scale ecosysterm destruction within 5 year. Did you know that the destructive trend of the past 40 years goes towards a rest of reosurces by 2050 that serves a max of 1 billion people? It's time to CHANGE. Stories and YL Interviews about two model solutions are in the appendix, part 6: "A Bright New World is Happening." READ IT & ACT.


01min. discovering the changemakers world, at ease, weekly

facebook connect

02min. connecting, sharing, posting your fav stories


15min. reaching everyone at school and offices. start a conversation

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15min. reaching everyone at school and offices. start a conversation

Specia Editions

02min. give to teachers and recommend to practitioners

Changemaker Cinema

60min. pure inspiration. ignite the fire using our youtube channel

Wall Display

15min. set up posters, and evolve the space the way you love it

YL Alliance

for the next projects at school? Or the next CSR activity?

YL Presentation or Workshop?

possible at conferences, events, schools, universities. Also via online video

Cake & Cookie Sale YL Stand

have fun. in breaks, at the school party, at city festivals = promote YL + have fun + show your own actions + support YL (THANX!)

offers chapters about

6 YOUTH LEADERSHIP IN EDUCATION. An Unexpected Gift. A win-win for Everyone.

Theorie and reflections about the topic and how well youth leadership fits into today's curricula and aims of schooling for sustainable development. These arguments can be very useful for youth, activists, educators and parents that wish to see this new learning culture unfold in schools.

7 IMPRESSIONS from Youth Leader Magazine. A Bright New World is Happening.

Youth Leadership in context of the "global arena of changemaking" shows that there are just as sensational solutions for better, functional models fit for the great challenges that our failing societies are facing today. The dissatisfaction with current outdated institutions and decision-makers is correct, but it helps little or nothing, if one does not have better models at hand. This chapter shows striking examples of spectacular, feasible solutions underway for solving problems that appear unsolvable today. It is crucial that everyone know them and spread them. After all, it is about transforming all sectors of society, and there is no reason why adults should not get involved - now.

8 REFLECTIONS. The Bigger Picture.

Thoughts about the state of the planet and WHAT ROLE the YOUNG GENERATION plays in the creation of a global, peaceful, just and sustainable civilisation. From my perspective, it's 90%. This is a lot, but there has been no significant step forward in terms of sustainability over the past 40 years. The destruction has even accelerated, and even the supposed stable societies are failing in almost every respect. Unless Youth Leadership and advanced sustainability education are established in schools or otherwise seriously learned by the young generation at large, I see no chance that the next generation of decision-makers and citizens be any more competent than the current. But sustainability takes more than 3% organic farming in Europe, a little green energy. It takes a totally different Spirit to start with.

9 SUPPORT-NETWORKS. Outer school partners. Support. Method trainers. Finance.

We are open for many forms of cooperation, and we are eager to support you. Just drop a mail, introduce yourself, and let's hear what we can do together. An informal email is just fine:

We are looking for partners to create novel PUBLICATIONS for use in education and a global market of interested citizens. Feedback is excellent. We can work with crowd funding, private donors, philantropists, foundations and sponsors. We have various publications that fit your specific topic or regional focus. For comprehensive information visit

GENERAL OPERATIONS We have zero office costs, but communications with hundreds of volunteers, partners and media takes an incredible amount of time. We need to liberate some core people from pursueing extra jobs, and most of all protect them from burning out. Each staff has huge reach in communication, since we are now promoting our products to a global audience. Impacts are instant, empowerment extraordinary. On e staff costs us around 2,500 per month. Can you adopt half or full staff? That'd be such a blessing!

SPECIAL EDITIONS Youth Rising for Peace Children and Teens Girls & Women Soil, Food & Farming Urban Sustainability Water Positive Change Media Culture Indigenous People Africa Rising Asian Changemakers Innovators of India The Grand Changemakers Biodiversity ... + others

TRANSLATIONS (from English) Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino

We are creating around 50 stories for each with our online volunteers. FInance required for layout and design of the rich 500 page editions is 3,000â‚Ź / $3,800 (total cost, you can support with less of the total) We are translating the stories with our online volunteers. Finance required for professional editing, layout and design is 3,000â‚Ź / $3,800 (total cost, you can support with less of the total)

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