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The world is in need of solutions. The solutions for, indeed the models OF a Sustainable Civilisation are now available. What the world needs now are people who implement those solutions! The inhabitants OF a Sustainable Civilisation. But on top - The people who co-create this new civilisation! In one word: Heroes. In the grown-up world, we might call these Visionary Social Entrepreneurs. Among the young generation, it is Youth Leaders. It is said

Schools are more than ready for the most awesome heroes, values and solutions of today! Role models, Service Learning, Global Learning, Education for Sustainable Development... it's all there, en vogue and supported by the five great educators that you have in every school. Youth-LeadeR offers the first holistic approach and tools for > serving a continuous flow of heroes and model solutions (= knowledge transfer)

"Surround yourself with people that make you a better person."

> in vibrant, inspirational formats (= spirit transfer)

„Human behaviour is formed to 80% by r ole models. Subconsciously."

>packaged for use in formal and informal learning settings by many potential users from youth and educators to citizens, colleagues and activists.

Both is known, both has yet been ignored in the arenas of youth, education and changemaking. Maybe also for the lack of awesome young heroes, grown-up heroes, solutions and opportunities for getting involved. But these times are over.

> along with simple methods for setting up new Learning Environments for positive change, managed by young people, contributing to school culture in many ways

What is the only meaningful conclusion?

> and of course, every single item leads to Action Opportunities for application, scaling and replication of the model solutions

Let's fill the world of young people with awesome Youth Leaders and Visionary Changemakers. Not just for a few people, for all of them! Not just for a few minutes on screen in the late afternoon, but throughout the entire day! The one place to reach all young people is? - Schools!

> on top with supportive network, global community , training, direct cooperation with visionaries of our times. In short - all the aspects of Youth Leadership. Nothing less will do.

This means young people not only learn about changemaking and sustainability solutions, upgrade their spirit, horizons and find their passion, but they actively contribute to taking the grand solutions to scale in their regions. If you are aware of what impact s individual youth achieve today, you will sense the potentials of millions of young people getting access to this world of solutions. So far, many changemakers think schools are no-go areas, but this is completely wrong. It only requires tuning changemaking to the educational discourse. Project-oriented learning, soft skills, etc. After all, like no other activity, changemaking enriches one's personal, idealist and professional paths. This brochure gives an overview conveying YL's approach and tools. Other yl publications (This is YL, What you can Do with YL...) and the yl Handbook give deeeper insights, including the bigger picture of how to shape the future, evolving collective vision for societies, the inner hero and a positive change media culture transmitting the meme patterns of a Sacred Civilisation. As with every system, the total is more than the sum of its parts, and this may be one of the first times all this is put together. Enjoy, Eric Nicolas Schneider YL Director

About Youth-LeadeR. Empowering the Change Generation  
About Youth-LeadeR. Empowering the Change Generation  

A quick, yet fundamental look at the core reason why efforts for significant positive change have been failing for the past half century, ho...