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Youth Leadership is about coming up with a vision to make change, with considerable life-changing impacts for many. Yes, it's the stuff of heroes. Youth Leadership naturally trains core competences like teamwork, project development, self-organisation, interdisciplinary research and intersectorial cooperation. It is congruent with highest educational goals for personal development, responsible lifestyles, active citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit - with benefit for one's personal, idealist and professional paths. In the words of YES!, the stellar community of youth leaders:

"We set out to change the image of the angry, young activist." "Giving all that we are, on behalf of everything that we love." Craig Kielburger calls empathic, passionate youth with a sense to make a change for others and the world "Shameless Idealists". Others Intelligent Optimists. We say they are beyond words, but to facilitate understanding and support in the field of education, we call them - drum roll, flip page >

About Youth-LeadeR. Empowering the Change Generation  
About Youth-LeadeR. Empowering the Change Generation  

A quick, yet fundamental look at the core reason why efforts for significant positive change have been failing for the past half century, ho...