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Size four models that look like they haven’t had a bad hair day or a zit in their entire life, celebrities airbrushed beyond recognition, one thousand and one ways to get an orgasm, articles encouraging girls as young as thirteen to go out dressed in little more than a hanky, a one thousand five hundred dollar scarf advertised as a wise investment, girls ‘dressed’, posed and photographed for the pleasure of perverted old men and pubescent little boys, 20 question quizzes that will determine the rest of your life, miracle diets and miracle creams. That’s not life that’s a glossy magazine. Life’s is an amazing, beautiful, eye opening journey, a learning process through which we gather the knowledge and experience required to pass from this life into the next. Youth in Revolt will evoke thought, feeling and discussion from start to finish, life will never be a glossy magazine but this, is progress. This is YOUTH IN REVOLT.

Olivia Mróz

Nicole Daphne



Photographer and artist.

Writer and journalist.




04__ 90’s Nostalgia (by Olivia Mróz and Nicole Daphne) 11__ 90’s Revolutions (by Nicole Daphne) 13__ Babes and Badasses of the 90’s (by Nicole Daphne)

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‘Metal Jesus’ series (by Olivia Mróz) Meet the Band: NO ZEBRA (by Nicole Daphne and Olivia Mróz) The Supermarket Chronicles Meet the Artist: Hana Gagweed (by Olivia Mróz) The Real Series: #1The Kidnapped (by Nicole Daphne) bL0GG3Rz (by Olivia Mróz)



90’s Nostalgia...

ShotbyOliviaMróz&WrittenbyNicoleDaphne 4








Pokémon cards:

Game Boy Color:

Pokémon trading cards were based on the Pokémon video game series which surfaced in the late 90’s. Pokémon trading cards became so popular that if you had a rare shiny Pokémon card you were pretty much considered a god among your classmates. Every true 90s kid definitely didn’t dare leave their house without their Pokémon cards tucked away safely in their backpack next to their Game boy Color and their Ooze Toob. Novelty badges:

Game Boy Color was released in 1998 by Nintendo. The logo for Game Boy Color spelled out the word ‘COLOR’ in the five original colors the handheld console was realised in, they were named Berry, Grape, Kiwi, Dandelion and Teal. The Game Boy console had one of the longest continuous lifespans of any console (1998-2002), only beaten by the Atari 2600 (1977-1992). The Game Boy Color became a staple for any selfrespecting 90’s kid and a must have for any parent who wanted to avoid that dreaded question of “Are we there yet?” during long family car trips to Granma’s.

90’s fashion bought back into style many 70’s trends and it would seem that we’re now experiencing a fashion revival of our own, the 90’s. Novelty badges, slap bracelets, ripped jeans, chokers, bandanas and doc martins are back and thank god! 90’s style icons, Gwen Stefani, Clair Danes as Angela Chase in the TV series My So Called Life, Courtney Love (love her or hate her) and Drew Barrymore remind me that although the 90s did have its fair share of fashion fopas it was also a fashion-laud era free of fear. 8


Cassette tape:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

The popularity of cassette tapes peaked in the late 80’s early 90’s just before the introduction of compact discs. Cassette tapes were not only popular for listening to music but also as a means of recording. During the 90’s lovers and friends exchanged mix tapes of their favourite songs proving that romance and a passion for music was very much alive during the 90’s.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is written by American novelist Stephen Chbosky and was published by MTV in 1999. The story is narrated by a teenager who goes by the alias of ‘Charlie’; he describes various scenes in his life by writing a series of letters to an anonymous person, who he doesn’t know personally. The story takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 1991–1992 school year, when Charlie is a freshman. The story explores topics such as introversion and the awkward times of adolescence. The book also touches briefly on drug use and Charlie’s experiences with it. Since Its release in 1999 The Perks of Being a Wallflower has become one of the most popular and widely read novels among young adults but has also attracted a great deal of controversy. Ooze Toobz:

In the 90s kids everywhere were disappointing their parents by saving up their weekly allowances to blow on ridiculous amounts of sugary snacks void of any nutritional value. These sugary snacks not only kept dentists everywhere in business but also kept our hyperactivity levels through the roof. Unfortunately in more recent years popular 90s candies have seemingly vanished from supermarket shelves and milk bar counters due to the nations increase in health issues such as obesity and diabetes. 9


I hope it’s the kind of second side that he can listen to whenever he drives alone and feel like he belongs to something whenever he’s sad.I hope it can be that for him.

InThePerksofBeingaWallflowerCharliemakesamixtape for his close friend Patrick, these are the songs he chose.



90’s Revolutions Writer: Nicole Daphne

Movement Counter -globalisation

ment hold critve mo n io at is al ob gl runte Participants in the co ns having unregulated io at or rp co al on ti na icisms about multir, specifically we po is th of e us ab the political power and mize profit at the exxi ma to g in ek se of d corporations accuse s, environmental rd da an st d an ns io it nd pense of work safety co authority among other e iv at sl gi le al on ti conservation and na ion protest took at is al ob gl rte un co concerns. In the 90’s erred to as Madrid94), ef (r id dr Ma in d rl wo place all over the J18) and Seattle as to d re er ef (r on eg London, Eugene and Or isation movement has al ob gl rte un co e Th . (referred to as N30) vement which saw mo py cu oc nt ce re re mo been compared to the Canberra, Wollongong, in il so n ow r ou on e protests take plac de and Melbourne. ai el Ad , ey dn Sy h, rt Pe


“Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They’re destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outburst s and racial division.”


The Sexual Re volution

“Never let the hand you hold, hold you down.”

The sexual r evolution or sexual libera tion of the 90’s was a s ocial movemen that challeng t ed the tradit ional codes o sexual behavi f our. Sexual liberation in creased accep tance of sex outside tradi tional hetros exual, monoga mous relation ships. Contra ception and t he pill, publ nudity, the n ic ormalisation of homosexual ity and the l egalisation o f abortion al followed. l

moion t g u n l i o defin e, led r Rev e t d s n o e lac em p h t The G k saw o f o n o t o i e y t n r u the 0’s O 0th centu er revol 9 n i e h In t of the 2 the gend ease fire gether o c n ments by woma clare a instead t ses of y s de mostl d woman sexes and the stre ssure. – n e men a tween the enemies ancial pr enders g e n n war b ew commo e and fi w both rtunia m n e e, ti oblems s work op le for face f i l n pr qaul f strugg e moder mutual e yo rac These and emb a centur f unite fter hal a ties . e chang



BabesandBadassesof the90’s Writer: Nicole Daphne

90’s Gwen- Before Gwen Stefani sold out to mainstream music and a more manufactured look her fashion was always unique and consistent, in that she always looked herself. –This made it hard to criticize her even when she did slip up because even her weaker choices were genuine reflections of her own unique style. Gwen Stefani has been credited for starting the 90’s bindi trend, popularizing it by wearing it constantly. Gwen even rocked a bindi in the video clip for her song “Just a Girl” along with a blue fury bikini. More recently Model Abby Lee, Katy Perry and Isabel Lucas have been seen sporting bindis proving that the legacy of 90’s Gwen definitely lives on!

Claire Danes as Angela Chase- Claire Danes as Angela Chase in My So Called Life labeled queen of angst was frequently clothed in mismatched colours and patterns, plaid shirts, floral dresses, boots and red lipstick. Claire Dane’s My So Called Life wardrobe embodied the rebellious personality of the character she played and was also a pretty accurate depiction of what many real life teens were wearing. The 90’s was about self expression and although looking back the Angela Chase look may seem a little boring compared to other 90’s fashion icons Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love back then she represented a rebellion against what parents considered age appropriate for young adults of the time as seen in episode one when Angela dyes her hair an unnatural red prompting a war of words between her and her Mother. 13


90’s Drew Barrymore- One of the ‘it girls’ of the 90’s notorious for her childhood struggles Drew Barrymore helped set many 90’s trends. Labeled the Lindsay Lohan of the 90’s Drew’s often grungy style was a reflection of her personality and attitude. Drew’s style could be described as a more refined version of Courtney Love’s unapologetic style which makes it no surprise that the two were close friends at the time. Many teenage girls would have had Drew’s raunchy 90’s Guess campaign plastered on their wall. For the famous shoot she wore lingerie, combat boots and red lipstick, she looked the epitome of cool. Drew was also known for wearing a lot of laud floral prints.

Courtney Love- Alternative rock’s wild child Courtney love popularized the ‘kinderwhore’ look in the 90’s, wearing vintage babydoll dresses styled in a suggestive way. Other famous 90’s Courtney Love looks included a push up bra underneath a fishnet body stocking matched with a mini skirt and knee high boots, a ripped baby doll dress with almost nonexistent undergarments and an elaborate boa wrapped around her neck. Each of Courtney Love’s looks was toped of with her signature ‘done in the car on the bumpiest of roads’ makeup. Love her or hate her Courtney Love was unapologetic for the way she dressed and at the very least you have to admire her for that.



Joshua Jackson- In 1996 soon after taking up acting Joshua Jackson landed the role of Charlie in The Mighty Ducks series, a role Jake Gyllenhaal was also considered for. Jackson went on to play Pacey Witter in the popular 90’s series Dawson’s Creek which ran from 1998-2003. Pacey Witter was known as the town screw up, the loser who will never amount to anything but like Jordan Catalno from My So Called Life he was bad enough to be unattainable and vulnerable enough to be redeemable, an all too enticing combination which had fans of actor going weak at the knees.

Leonardo DiCaprio- In the 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s face was plastered on bedroom walls, locker doors and diary pages worldwide. Leo rose to teen stardom in the 90’s and achieved permanent A-list status after playing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Jack in Titanic, he also won a permanent spot in our hearts. Unfortunately once reality set in and we all realised Leo wasn’t going to be escorting any of us to the local shopping centre for a smoothie any time soon pillows everywhere became tear stained and bedroom floors unrecognisable through the sea of tissues.



Jared Leto- Jared Leto rose to prominence in the 90’s for playing Angela Chase’s love interest Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life. Jordan was hot but clueless, cool and illusive and although the series only lasted one season from that point on Jared had teenage girls everywhere swooning over him. Jared then went on to make his movie debut in How to make an American Quit in 1995, received praise for his role in Prefontaine in 1997, played the lead in the 1998 horror film Urban Legend and played supporting roles in The Thin Red Line and Girl, Interrupted. If Jarrod Leto’s 90’s credentials weren’t already impressive enough he also formed the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars in 1998 and this multitalented 90’s heartthrob is still breaking hearts today.

Kurt Cobain- Kurt ticked all the boxes, singer (tick), song writer (tick), guitarist (tick), total babe (tick, tick). Lead singer of Nirvana Cobain was labeled ‘the spokesman of a generation’ but he often felt misunderstood and misinterpreted by fans and critics. During the last years of his life Cobain struggled with heroin addiction, illness and depression. In 1994 Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle due to a self-inflected shotgun wound. During happier times Cobain married Courtney Love in Hawaii in 1992 wearing only his pajamas because he “Had been too lazy to put on a tux”.



Me al



Olivia Mróz ©






















NO ZEBRA Andrew Bramante - Vocals Pete Kyvelos - Guitar Michael Kyvelos - Drums Alex Rodger - Bass/Guitar/Keys

Interview with Andrew Bramante; NO ZEBRA’s lead vocalist... Describe your sound. Being a new band we’re asked that question alot, and I never have an answer. I’m sure each of us has our own idea. It’s a mixture of Rock, Metal, Funk and Grunge- so I guess Alternative would be the most fitting. Describe a typical jam session. We practice every Sunday from 6-10. We play all the songs we’ve written so far (we’re on about 14-15 at the moment) just so they don’t get stale or forgotten. Then we get crackin’ on finishing mid-way-done tracks or starting new songs, adding new bits to older ones, tightening the gears a little. You know, general maintenance. Do you have any funny stories about being on tour/things that have gone wrong at a show? I have two! This one time (not a band camp) we were playing a show at Laundry Bar and Alex’s bass amp started to crackle and suddenly shat itself midway through the intro to Else (which is bass and vocal only), so it was going fine and than suddenly turned into an acapella version. We played through the rest of the song and I was just trying my hardest not to laugh at him fiddling to get it working. Thankfully it was the last song for the evening. At a show at Sweatshop Michael handed me a drumstick to start off the next song with a simple snare hit. My hand was so sweaty it hit the snare and slipped out of my hands, bounced off the drum and hit me square in the face. I’m very grateful I was facing away from the audience but I think they could tell something was up cause he had the widest grin on his face. What are your creative influences? Everyone in the band has a varied selection of musical influences. I personally like a lot of (god, I don’t want to forget anyone) The Beatles, The Doors, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel, Tool, System of a Down, and way too many others to 28




name. Pete listens to alot of Fall of Troy and Red Hot Chili Peppers but he also likes Dubstep and Drum & Bass. His taste is constantly growing. Michael I know likes Dream Theater, Tenacious D, Massive Attack and Jane’s Addiction. His taste is a bit more similar to mine whereas Pete is in a musical world of his own. Alex is a big Iron Maiden and Living End fan but loves surf rock. There are a few bands we all listen to collectively and all love like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The White Stripes. We really like your song ‘Else’, what inspired it? Somebody once told me that if you get upset about something to write down exactly how you’re feeling and bring it in for discussion. ‘Else’, for the most part when it was written was directed to a close friend of mine after having an argument via txt. I wrote down everything I wanted to say and then forgot about it, went to band practice and it just kinda FIT with the song we were working on at the time however I did have to change it a little bit as not to blow my cover. We were doing some pretty weird stuff at that time and I was hoping it would just be this nifty little bassline sliding along to some poetry. I remember Pete coming up with the chorus and it just blew me away, I didn’t want to stay in a sad, slow mode for the vocals so I felt I had to match him. I just kinda followed his lead on that one. That song is about 2 or so years old, we still love playing it during practice and I think we’ve played it at every gig we’ve had. Glad you like it . How did you guys get together? Pete and I first started as a two piece comedy duo called Jam Sesh. I really wanted to start ‘a real band’ but he thought we were on different levels in terms of music and goals etc. It actually took me a while to convince him I was serious. It’s funny, I remember trying to explain that I was for real in the parking lot of Hungry Jacks in Roxburgh Park and he said “But you’re not a writer” and I said “I will be, I’ll learn, like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam” and he said “But their songs are about real things and all his songs about experiences and stories” and I said “So will mine.” After twisting his arm we came up with a beauty, but we were still a two piece, by then his little brother was playing drums and he was into what we were doing so we added him and his friend on bass for two years. Three lineup changes and many gigs later you have No Zebra. We have been No Zebra for one year coming up on the 22nd of Feb. What separates you from other bands out there? We are dead serious about this. This is like a second job to me (but much more fucking awesome). We’re making the music we want in our own way not by anyone else’s rules (haha ‘Else’), so when you free yourself up like that, the songs take you to so many different places and you get encouraged to experiment. We’re all very strange individually and I think you can pick that out at our shows. I don’t think I’ve heard another band play or sound the way we do, local or global. Fuck, I don’t even think I know another band who 30


looks like us. We are onto something unique here and maybe that’s what people love about us. We don’t sound like anyone. Why do you make music? Many reasons. It’s tribute to all the band’s we love. It’s to have some music that is special, that we each helped create. It’s for fun and it’s for learning. Personally I love that I can say whatever I want when we get up there (as long as it’s in tune). I can tell a story, or be direct with people I can’t otherwise. It’s a place to vent. Where do you see the band in the next couple of years? We want to record an album sooo badly but we need a studio with an engineer to help us acquire the sound we’re trying to create. So if anyone is reading this with the power to make records, you need only meet us once to understand what we’re all about. What’s the best thing about playing shows? The best thing about playing shows is getting feedback from people seeing us for the first time. Find out what they like, what they’d like to hear more of and what they were expecting. It’s all about learning and god knows we’ve done a lot of that over the past year.

Check out NO ZEBRA’s facebook page!











Hana Gagweed By: Olivia Mróz

Hana is a sixteen year old Piscean, feminist and artist. She enjoys the taste of oreos, saliva and boogers, and finds Labiaplasty (plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora and the labia majora) revolting. She used to have two pet rabbits until her nunna “(that’s a grandmother for any non-wogs)” ate them both. Her favorite artist is Shintaro Kago. She loves all things grotesque and people who draw on the walls of public toilets. As she has a form of Asperger’s, she has no recognition of social norms and therefore is incapable of embarrassment (which I think is fucking brilliant). Hana’s works involve a lot of nudity, body secretions and stuff that will make your mother blush. Mediums of choice: A black ballpoint pen (a black fine liner if she’s feeling a adventurous), a camera and Photoshop. Inspirations: Words. Hana is Synaethesic, so all words and letters have certain colours attached to them in her mind. She’ll often get a word or phrase stuck in her head and tries to recreate how the word feels in her mouth through her art.

cross the t s u j ’t n o e who d l p o le, but e b p a t e k p i e c c “I l a socially ’s t a h w f o line undary.” o b e h t r e piss all ov 34








Check out more of Hana’s work:



The Real Series #1 The Kidnapped By: Nicole Daphne On the 19th of June this year I was kidnapped. Who kidnapped me?

They call themselves my parents, I can think of a few other names for them though. Why did they kidnap me? Apparently I need to ‘sort myself out’ Hello! You’re the ones kidnapping people. They seem to think I’m ‘off the rails’ Hello! When was I ever ‘on the rails’? Where are these rails you speak of me once being on?! Truthfully I’ve always been this way, one day I just got sick of tip toeing around these people who call themselves my parents or who I now prefer to call, my kidnapers. The 19th of June started off like any other day, I started work at nine and finished at two. I was just about to light my routine after work cigarette when the kidnapers approached, typically one should be happy to get a surprise visit from their family at work, but your typical parents aren’t kidnapers now are they? Confused and embarrassed I told the girls I wouldn’t be needing a lift home and once out of ears shot I demanded they explain what they were doing there. “Get in the car.” -That’s not an explanation you psychopathic fucks. For the entire trip to what would be my hell for the next 24 hours not another word was spoken. There was no escaping from the car either, with an older brother sitting on either sideofmeandthedoorslocked,escapewasmadevirtuallyimpossible.Idon’tknowhowlongIwastrappedinthecarfor,itfeltlikehours.When wefinallyarrivedIwasgreetedbyanotherfamiliarbutnotsofriendlyface,myaunt.“Thisisanintervention”–Thisismyfinger,youknowwhere youcanstickit?‘Intervention’,it’sreallyjustanotherwordforkidnappingwhenyouthinkaboutit.Aninterventionisanorchestratedattemptby one,oroftenmany,people(usuallyfamilyandfriends)togetsomeonetoseekhelpforbehaviourthatmaybeconsideredharmfultothemselves or others. During an intervention one may be held somewhere secluded and refused the right to leave until they accept that they need help. Yep, sounds like kidnapping to me. The ‘intervention’ quickly turned into a screaming match and eventually it got to a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore and I locked myself in the room my aunt had so kindly allocated to me. Four walls, no windows and a bunk bed, I’d become a refu39


gee in my own country. My only link to the outside world was a door

brothers? Or why I was not allowed to have more than two pierc-

leading from the tiny room to an equally tiny backyard which I used

ings? (One in each ear) Or why I wasn’t allowed to sleep at my

frequently to go for a cigarette. I finished a whole deck in a matter of

friend’s houses? Or why I had to be a home by a certain time? The

hours. After that I noted all the different ways I could kill myself using

list goes on. Suddenly cracks in our relationship began to show. I

various items in the room, just as I started to work out which would

just couldn’t help it though, turning 18 gave me a new lease on life,

work quickest and be the least painful, I heard what sounded like a

a new courage, a new curiosity. I wanted adventure, something for-

phone ringing and then someone picking up. “Yes, they think she’s

eign to my traditional Italian parents and after months of battling

on drugs.” Silence...“Really? You think we should take her to get test-

with them over my freedom I had my first big weekend. I was up for

ed?” –I knew that two day bender was a bad idea. Luckily no drug

48 hours straight with some help from my new friend Louie, also

test was ever conducted and one way or another I made it home the

known as speed. Me and Louie fell in love instantly and since then

next day alive. Just. A couple days later I agreed to take part in this

I’ve experimented with a variety of different drugs. I’ve also got six

Zine, little did I know the following weekend I’d be kidnapped again

new piercings, a tattoo and am no longer a virgin. I guess you could

and have even more material to use. The second time around I was

say my parent’s worst fears for me have become realities and in that

hoaxed into believing a relative of mine had died, low even for them.

sense I guess I can see why they kidnapped me. Don’t get me wrong

Fortunately they underestimated me and this time around I had a

I love my parents, possibly more then they’ll ever know and I hope

friend waiting in a car at the back of the house and when no one was

one day our relationship will return to the way it was but these days

around I jumped the fence and made my great escape. I know what

it looks doubtful. We come from different times, we live in different

you’re thinking, “Here’s some spoilt brat whose had everything she’s

worlds. I know they disapprove of the way I’m living my life at the

every wanted handed to her on a platter looking for sympathy and

moment but I’m just having fun, I’m not a heavy drug user, it’s a

attention, her parents obviously care about her and only did it for


her own good and she’s too self absorbed to realise.” – Listen here


you presumptuous fuck, you don’t know anything about me so pipe


the fuck down, things weren’t always like this. I used to enjoy the oc-

because that’s what being real is to me. - Not cooking fucking pasta.

casional company of my parents, shopping, family outings and dinners. I could have a conversation with them without conflict, we’d joke and laugh. It was pleasant. But soon after I turned eighteen I

t h e r e a l s e r i e s . t u m bl r. c o m

began to question certain things, like why me and my mother had



bL0GG3Rz What do you do? I’m at college five days a week studying Psychology, Film and English Language and Literature and I have a part time job at a electronics store in the airport at the weekend.


Who’s your favorite artist? Did this mean music artist or art artist? Haha. If it’s music, it changes all the time but I’m really into Lights and Panic At The Disco at the moment, and if it’s art then I love Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein’s work! What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever seen/done? Probably stuff I’ve done drunk. Like the time I punched an ex-boyfriend at a gig because he was talking to another girl (oh the shame, I promise I’m not really a psycho bitch, I was very drunk) If you started a revolution what would it be? Everyone should dye their hair a cool unnatural colour so the world is prettier to look at.

What do you think of the 90’s? I loved the 90’s, well I’m pretty sure I did because I was only 6 in 2000. But I have an older sister and I copied everything she did, including watching Saved by the Bell, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and listening to the Spice Girls, and I have fond memories of my childhood and some of the best music came from there, like Hole and No Doubt. I think the 80’s seemed cooler though. 41

What’s your favourite thing to blog about? Just whatever comes into my mind on a day to day base really. I love talking about the paranormal and psychology aswell though, I make big old posts about those subjects. -Japanese culture, everything is so cute. Do you think you’re a Indigo/Crystal child? This is so weird because I was reading about them the other day. I don’t know, it would be cool! The only thing about me and an Indigo/Crystal child’s characteristics that seem to be alike is the whole ‘big eyes looking into your soul’ thing, people have said that to me me before haha, but I’m sort of skeptical into that theory too anyway. Do you belive in the Mayans and their calander? It’s very interesting. I like looking at the different theories for 2012, but it will probably end up with nothing happening on the day, just like the rapture.

Interview by Olivia Mróz


Giulia Rebellato|Seventeen|Aquarius there’s somebody out there who’s a perfect match for you.

What do you do? I’m a student, I’m studying an Advanced Diploma of Advertising at RMIT University

If you started a revolution what would it be? That nobody should have to wear pants. Ever.

What do you think about the 90’s? I couldn’t have asked to grow up in a better timeframe.

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? Nothing stays the same. Enjoy things while they last and remember when everything sucks, it’ll soon change and get better.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? (Why?) never wear pants. ever. What’s your favorite thing to blog about? Cherry blossoms! any time i see cherry blossoms on my dashboard, they will always be reblogged. I love them so damn much. What inspires you? My blog is a personal blog; it’s entirely things that interest me. It’s not exactly ‘inspired’, it’s just a compilation of my interests and things I find to be interesting and beautiful. Do you create? I create...mess? Because I’m lazy! Do you think you’re a Indigo/Crystal child? I had to google this. I still don’t exactly

know what they’s really confusing. But no, I definitely do not think I’m either. What revolts you? Long nails and bad teeth, I’m not too sure about both. What’s your favorite smell/touch/taste? Gingerbread for all three. I love gingerbread. Do you believe in true love? Yes because it’s a lovely thought to think 42

What’s something you know you do differently than most people? My sleeping patterns are way off what’d be considered normal! Are you sick in any way? I suffer CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), it’s actually the reason I started blogginga way to entertain myself when i couldn’t leave my bed. I also have a couple of minor illnesses which don’t affect me too much, for the most part.

Interview by Olivia Mróz


Sneak peak issue.02 MARCH | 2011




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