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Press Pack 2013

What is Youth In Revolt?


Youth In Revolt is a free online magazine that features the work of talented young people from all over the world, We release the magazine bi-monthly as well constantly updating content on our website. The ultimate goal is to provide exposure for young creatives and to inspire more people to create. We view Youth In Revolt as a creative collaboration between the people featured in the magazine, the team that brings the magazine together and also the readers. The average reader is aged 16-25, has a passion for art, music, fashion, film, and literature, as well as an interest in an alternative view on youth culture. we aim to evoke thought, feeling and discussion. we encourage young people to be brave in their creative work, to instill it with honesty and quality.

Our readers are mostly female (71%), though our male audience is growing steadily also, with a majority of them aged between 18 to 24. We have over 1,000 Instagram followers and over 1,500 facebook likes with a majority of them coming from Australia, The United States, and The United Kingdom. Since our first issue we have amassed 50,000+ views and the number continues to grow by the day. In the first month after launching our new website we reached over 10,000 views. Youth In Revolt contributors usually have their own online following which they are eager to share our magazine with. With each issue we gain an even wider audience.



We make sure to have a large variety of content in each issue, we try to feature many different artists and writers each as unique as the next. Our content is carefully selected from the submissions we receive and we are always on the lookout for new talent. Our team consists of writers, photographers and artists, so we are constantly generating our own content as well.

As we are a free publication it is important for us to be able to maintain a standard that our readers have come to expect. We are based solely online so our focus is on an engaged online community. We are constantly updating content to quench our readers thirst. Every second month we release an issue packed full of brand new content that we believe to be the best of what we have received and created.

In the magazine we feature art, photography, fashion, music, short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, and so much more. We are constantly updating our website. While the next issue is what we are always working towards, we also make sure our website is at a standard we can be proud of.


Magazine Pages

We offer a range of options for our bimonthly issues including, half page, full page, double page, as well as full and double page multiple issue deals.

Half page ad = $35 Full page ad = $60 Double page ad = $95 Full page ad for 3 issues = $160 Double page ad for 3 issues = $240


Youth In Revolt often has giveaways and events that you could be a part of, just get in contact and let us know what you have in mind.


If you want to advertise in the magazine, email us and specify what type of advertising you want to purchase and whether you will need us to design the ad for you. Once your ad has been confirmed will will send you an invoice via PayPal. We require the ad at least 2 weeks before the the issue you wish to advertise in is published. If you want us to design the ad for you, there will be an extra cost of $50 (in this case we will need images and information from you)

Contact For general enquiries email For advertising contact: Diarmaid Murray or Nicole Wilson

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Youth In Revolt | Press Pack 2013  
Youth In Revolt | Press Pack 2013