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Audience Questionnaire

Name: ZOJ.ur^B,^tt Age: l?


Gender:Mâ‚ŹJ What kinds of music do you to? Rock tr

Hip hop E Altemative tr

Classical tr

Indie El Pop El Metal E

Who is your favorite band? What do you like about them?

What genrewould you say this song is? Rock tr Hip hop tr Alternative tr Classical tr

Indie E

Pop tr

Metal E

What are the first three things that come into your mind?


2.'lnlvtA.u 't


' 4pq-q-E4sf,

What messagesare conveyedthrough the song?

What image in terms of fashion and style would you associatewith the band?

Who would you compare this band with? The Script El FeederE You Me At Six El Biffy ClyroE


Who in terms of potential audiencesdo you think would listento this song?Please specifyrace, culture and gender

When making the video what one thing would you adviseus to include?


questionnair results


questionnair results