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Audience Ouestionnaire Name:

What kinds of music do vou to?

Rock /Hip

hop Zf Alternative d

Classical tr

Indie d Pop tr Metal E

Who is your favorite band? What do you like about them?

What genre would you say this song is? Rock tr Hip hop tr Alternative E classical tr

Indie tr

Metal E

Pop tr

What are the first three things that come into your mind?

What messagesare conveyedthrough the song?



What magern terms f fashion and stvle would vou associatew t





Who would you compare this band with? The Script tr feedei tr You Me At Six d

niffy Clyro E

Other E

Who in terms of potential audiencesdo you think would listen to this song?Please race, cul{ure and,gender


Wh_enmaking the video what one thing would you adviseus to include?


ac* '?

Audience Questionaire 2  
Audience Questionaire 2  

A response from a potential viewer