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*Why Are Guys So Whack?!* I get this text message from a guy I met a week ago. Soo cute! I was sitting down and I hear "all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!" ..which is a lyric from Pharrell's No one Nose. So, he was hott and loved Pharrell; we clicked. He moved to Beverly Hills from N.Y. working at an entertainment pr company. We talk/text everyday getting to know each other. I'm thinking this guy is gorgeous, educated, good looking, but more importantly not born in L.A. I thought this would be cool, but boy was I wrong! I'm hanging out in cyberspace (that sounds nerdy) when I receive an email from him. I THOUGHT he would be confirming our hanging out tommorrow, instead he said: I can't hang out this weekend because I have mono. How disgusting is that! Is this his way of saying he isnt interested in me? Because why would I want to talk to a guy who has mono? So I researched a site to his this mono defined and find out how one gets it, although I've heard its transferred through kissing; which is already a bad sign. So I look it up and of course its found through swapping saliva, in other words kissing and/or someone coughing on you. So I text him saying: I guess you kissed a dirty girl =/ He hasn't responded back yet. Does he not have shame, he is from N.Y. Why would I want to chill w/a guy who has mono or has had mono. It's a virus that you have to sleep off. You can't exercise, be active. Men need to make better choices. Plus this tells me that he has been hooking up w/other girls, although I read that the symptons can arrive 4 weeks later and he's only been here 3 weeks, I think. He supposedly didnt know anyone here in L.A. I'm not going to judge too much on this guy. We'll see what's in store

**Why are Guys So Whack**  

This is the latest entry from my blog. Just me writing about what every woman deals with when it comes to men...stress!

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