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of smoke, even in the rooms. It was my mission to not have a similar issue this time. I chose a newer property in which the rooms had never had a smoking option, and the casino was built with state of the art ventilation.

DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BOOKING. There are many Gotta ride the hotels in Vegas, and it can definitely be overwhelming trying to decide on one if you’re not familiar with the options. Trip Advisor and Yelp were my best friends when making this important, and expensive decision. Travelers can post reviews and, even more importantly, pictures of the property. The first time that I went, I had the unfortunate experience of staying at an older property that reeked

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CREATE A BUDGET. Vegas is basically a Disney World for adults. Meaning, you’ll have a great time, but it comes at a cost. A bottle of water can run you $7.00. We planned our trip a year in advance and set Let’s aside money each month designated to our Vegas fund. The amount needed will be different for everyone, but I recommend over budgeting. Don’t forget to include things like cab fare and tips. PLAN YOUR FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT. Ok, no one wants an itinerary gondola shoved in their face when they’re on vacation. However, having a loose idea of what you’d like to see and do while you’re there will be helpful. We knew there were a couple of restaurants we wanted to try while we were there, so we made sure to be familiar with where they were located and if we needed a reservation. Your options for shows are plentiful, and you’ll likely be bombarded with flyers and handouts as soon as you get on the Strip. We

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knew we wanted to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Love (highly recommend!), so we booked our seats way in advance to make sure we wouldn’t miss it. We also planned dinner at the hotel in which the show was performed, so we wouldn’t have to rush getting from one property to the next.

PACK ACCORDINGLY. Vegas can bring forth images of sequindo lunch laden mini skirts and stilettos. Yes, you do see this, but it’s not the norm. During the day, it’s all about comfort! Athletic gear, tennis shoes, and flats should all make their way into your bag. You should also plan to use a cross-body purse instead of a shoulder bag. You need your hands free, and you want to keep your items close to you in a crowd. Desert weather is much different from our weather. We went in February. The days were warm, and the evenings and mornings were chilly. Pack layers that can be put on and off easily, as necessary. Also, a side tip if you have long hair- Dry air= static attack. Bring dryer sheets. WALK VERSUS CAB. The hotels are enormous. Caesar’s Palace alone takes up a half mile square block. Walking from property to property is definitely doable, but it may not be for everyone. Some properties offer trams that will go to sister hotels, so that’s a great alternative. There is also a taxi stand at the main entrance of many properties. The bellman will ask where you need to go and get the cab for you. We found it to be moderately priced and the convenience to be worth it.

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For more information on traveling to Las Vegas check out these websites – lasvegas. com and

Your Williamson April 2016 Home & Garden Edition  

Your Williamson April 2016 Home & Garden Edition