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Pyrose Wood Works is comprised of both Katie DiGrappa and her partner, Jeffrey Salter. Katie and Jeffrey met, serendipitously, at an after show party, and have been together ever since. It’s obvious that they have a cool yin/yang vibe in this endeavor. The two of them collaborate in coming up with image ideas, she provides the sketches for the art, he provides the wood/guitar piece, and both of them help with the wood burning process. They are kindred spirits creatively. “For me,” says Katie, “I was immersed in the Native American culture growing up…it gets Jeff and I back in touch with our roots.” Though they can do any design, they both feel that “spirit animals are an interesting, indirect representation of someone’s personality and a great place to find muse for art, such as the goat symbolizing tenacity or the owl embodying insight or vision. Their goal is to provide provocative creative, quality sound and an affordable price, all in one incredible artistic instrument. Katie moved to Nashville from Colorado to attend Belmont University and received a Fine Arts degree. Jeff came to Nashville via Birmingham finding success as guitar player in The Banditos who have just released their self titled debut album with Bloodshot Records joining the likes of Ryan Adams and Neko Case. The process begins building the guitar, with local woods such as maple, ash and alder. Many of the pieces are made from used Telecaster’s…they shave off the paint and sand to raw wood. They ink the template and use graphite paper to transfer sketches to the wood then a sauntering iron pen is used to burn the sketch into the guitar. It can be used as a piece of art, or it can be functional, customized to your preferences. gear savvy and hardware installed on the back, with no sacrifice of sound. Now musicians can rock out while they wear their attitude on their instruments and their sleeves! Photo courtesy of Katie DiGrappa 94 YOURWILLIAMSON.COM | Summer 2015



You can’t have the name Daphne in the same title as the words mystery and machine and not get nostalgic about a beloved vintage cartoon. But let me be clear... this isn’t a crime fighting damsel in despair and the machines we are Photo courtesy of Michael Shumate talking about here do not include a VW van, although there is a car connection to be revealed in this story. The only connection Daphne has to “Daphne” is that she is a dynamic and beautiful woman with the ability to attract and draw you in immediately. She owns great power and conviction on stage and off with an energy level that won’t quit. And she has the smarts to surround herself with some awesome musicians that each hold their own in her formidable presence. Daphne is a Missouri native with a background in working on cars… oil to be exact…texas tea! I asked her how she thought that having an auto background impacted her music, “it gave me a strong work ethic” but there would be more to this narrative. Curious about what the name of the band really meant Daphne went on to explain, “at the time I was never really sure who was going to be playing on stage with me…but what I did know was that whoever it was, they would all be machines at their craft.” She shared, “each of us has a very unique sound if you took one song and we played it each individually, it would not sound anything like it does when we all play it together”, “each part of the band stands on it’s own but we work together like parts to a well oiled machine, an engine.” With her green guitar in hand and the machines behind her, they lay down a deep and haunting sound with distinct bass and string sounds as well as impressionable guitar riffs. Even their voices sound like a string section of a symphony blending together and complimenting each other. With the unique gift of all band members being singers, they produce swelling harmonies while telling thought provoking mesmerizing stories. They will be playing Music City Roots on July 15th and are looking to release their new CD in July as well so check it out.

Summer 2015