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GREGORY AND THE SHE-HAGS OF TWITTER In Homer’s epic “The Odyssey”, the singing of the “Sirens” or “Sea Hags” drove men mad and suicidal. Hero Ulysses ordered his men to block their ears with beeswax, but TIE HIM DOWN to the ship’s mast with UNBLOCKED ears, so he could experience the Sea Hags’ song without being able to act upon it. The hero in our modern-day Odyssey bravely experienced the manipulative call of the She-Hags’ UNBLOCKED Twitter accounts, but sadly, did not take the precaution of TYING DOWN his hands. Freedom of speech has been on trial in a Toronto courtroom and the verdict comes down on January 22, 2016. This story involves a 54 year old Graphic Artist named Gregory Alan Elliott and two militant FemiMarxists named Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly. (There was a third woman who dropped out)

to Guthrie that if the young man ended up killing himself, it would not look good on her or her organization. And here is where it gets bizarre: up until that point Elliott and Guthrie were getting along fine online. Elliott even offered to produce a free poster for Guthrie’s “Women in Toronto Politics” (witopoli) group.

But now the “Twitter She-Hags” turned on him. Guthrie was not happy just labeling Elliott a “Troll” and blocking his Tweets. She demanded he cease even referring to them when It all started when this group of self-important making comments about heated political issues. After thousands of Tweets back-and-forth FemiMarxist She-Hags got together on Twitter to between Elliott and the group of left-tard FemiMarxists that Steph Guthrie was conspiring hatch out a plan to ruin a man’s life. Their target was with, in 2012 Gregory Elliott was charged with “criminally harassing” first Guthrie, then a young game designer who created a “virtual face- Reilly and another woman who later withdrew her charge. At no time did Elliott ever come punching” game that spoofed a famous FemiMarxist close to threatening or sexually harassing any of these women. He just publically disagreed video blogger named Anita Sarkeesian. Guthrie with their political tactics. Tweeted that she wanted the inventor’s “hatred on After spending THREE DAYS IN JAIL, Elliott came up for bail. The Crown actually tried to the Internet to impact his real-life experience”. Then she Tweeted to prospective employers to warn have him DETAINED UNTIL TRIAL! He was granted bail on condition he was banned from using the internet. Being a Graphic Artist depending on the internet for his livelihood, of them off the young man, and even sent his local course he lost his job as well. Now THREE YEARS LATER, this unemployed father with a newspaper a link to the story about the game he whopping legal bill waits on the justice system to decide whether or not to send him to jail designed. UP TO SIX MONTHS, all because he opposed a handful of FemiMarxist political By Lawrence McCurry The evil practice of publicly shaming and attempting for wannabes on Twitter. Writer, filmmaker, media to destroy the reputation of anybody who opposes Once again, at no time did Elliott ever threaten or sexually harass these women. He just the Marxist left is a tactic that has been used for strongly disagreed with them on Twitter. Their claim is that his disagreement made them critic and trouble maker some time by radical feminists and “social justice feel “UNSAFE” and they felt “STALKED” because he would comment on what they were warriors” (SJW’s). doing politically. Gregory Elliott disagreed with the tactic, Tweeting that he thought the shaming “was every bit as vicious as the face-punch game” that the young man had created. He suggested

Self-described “Gender & Culture Consultant” Steph Guthrie leaves court with the “Bearded Lady” in this media circus. The only bulge in his pants is from what appears to be a spare maxi-pad that Guthrie likely makes him carry for her. We have been unable to determine if he is a hipster sellout or an end-stage HIV+ “gay bear”. PLEASE NOTE: Your Ward News is offering a $100 reward to first reader who positively identifies the “Bearded Lady” and provides us with his contact info for interview purposes. Graphic Editing By ROBERT JAMES



Your Ward News Jan 2016  

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