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After traitor Pierre Trudeau surrendered Canada to the Zio-Marxist Globalists in 1968, a great schism began to form between Canada the COUNTRY and its PEOPLE. Since then our vassal country has repeatedly kowtowed to the Globalists by succumbing to international agendas deleterious to us (like “manmade global warming”) and committing a series of war crimes in our name, without our consent. In Syria, our nation LOST but we the people WON! Like you, I am disgusted by how the Government of Canada murders or cheerleads the murder of Muslims in our name, then uses it as an excuse to force us to take in millions of bogus “refugees”. Pierre Trudeau surrendered Canada to the Globalists in 1968 and our Bank of Canada to the Rothschilds in 1974. Since then our debt has ballooned as we have been paying interest to banking parasites and our By Pastor Dr. James Sears military has done the bidding of Globalist parasites, most recently by Justin Trudeau supporting Zionistbacked Muslim terrorists in Syria.


Footage of children “gassed by Assad” is proven to be staged (one kid interviewed by RT said he was given free food in exchange for acting). Israel wants to seize Syria to expand its borders, and will butcher anyone in its way. But Syria has 2 million Orthodox Christians, and Russia is Orthodoxy’s unofficial protector. So the Syrian Archbishop pleaded with Russian Orthodox Archbishop Kirill to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to save Syria’s Orthodox Christians from certain holocaust by Jewish-backed terrorists (Marxist Jews holocausted 50 million Orthodox Christians in the Soviet Union).

Archbishop Kirill then met with Putin and convinced him to intervene. Over the last 3 years Russia’s Christian Crusaders helped the Syrian Army crush Israel’s Zio-Muslim infidels, The anti-Assad forces are NOT “freedom fighters”. Their funding and weapons come from and are mopping up the last remains of the terrorists. It is a victory for Christianity over Zio Israel and The United States. Their wounded fighters are treated by Israeli doctors. -Marxism. WE THE PEOPLE WON!


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MESSAGE FROM OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Our layout specialist “Lügenpresse Mole” and graphic artist “Vincent Van Goy” are doing stellar jobs. I am delaying the launch of my new 20-page Christian-Aquarian quarterly to late 2018 because I need more artists, web designers, writers, delivery volunteers and paid advertisers, to roll out the inaugural 100,000 print run targeting infidel neighbourhoods, with the goal of bringing all Muslims & Jews to Christ before 2033. Please contact me to volunteer. I lucked out in my Toronto Mayor run: was NOT TAKEN! In the June 7th provincial election I challenged Attorney General Yasir Naqvi in his “Ottawa Centre” riding to punish him for charging me and Leroy for “hate speech”. Rogers invited then uninvited me to the TV debate (first time ever a candidate was uninvited--I suspect Naqvi bitched). Then every community debate banned me (but Rogers and others welcomed the Communist Party candidate whose ideology holocausted over 100 million people). I will not know if my efforts to unseat Naqvi were in vain until after press time. While my family and I were expelling Marxist parasite Naqvi from office, I left our beloved Shih Tzu “Mountain Bear” (in photo with Dear Loyal Readers: me) with a friend. He got loose, ran across South Kingsway, was struck and killed. My wife and I are deeply saddened, our son is I am considered the Salvador Dalí of print media—an innovator too young to understand, my friend is racked with guilt, and the of highly weird prose—so the hysterical reaction of some to Your driver is traumatized. Ward News amounts to me having thrown pearls to swine. That does not deter me from my mission of pushing the The following are still scheduled for late 2018: register The New boundaries of speech to vertiginous heights, as evidenced in this Constitution Party of Canada (my Christian Libertarian National edition, where I debut a new realm of expression inspired by Socialist party); restart monthly Toronto Real Men meetings to sexually-frustrated mass murderer Alek Minassian. I meld antiteach men seduction and masculinity; secure 3000+ sq’ of space Marxist & anti-Feminist ideologies into a new genre I call for a new HQ, studio to stream daily online “Misogynazi”. Let me know if it turns your crank! news, and “Hitler Fan Club” clubhouse; hold our “Anti-Marxist Book Burning” (the city See page 16 for an overview of our legal battles. Private refuses to issue a permit, so it will be a companies & our volunteer army deliver 305,000 copies of our protest). paper. Half hit houses in our delivery area. The rest hit random STAY TUNED! towns outside Toronto, so let us know if yours is infested with Marxist parasites. Canada Post has an apartment mailbox monopoly, so grab bundles from our office to slip under doors in your building. The best response to our Spring 2018 Edition was Dr. James Sears, from Hamilton, Ontario, which is being terrorized by a small group of deranged, low-IQ anarchists that call themselves "The Editor-In-Chief, Your Ward News Tower" .




JUSTIN TRUDEAU'S CORRUPT LIBERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ILLEGALLY BLOCKED CANADA POST FROM DELIVERING YOUR WARD NEWS! If you did not receive any of our past editions due to our Metrosexual-In-Chief's treachery, please go to to download a pdf copy, or visit our office to pick up a free hard copy. Your Ward News is temporarily being delivered by private companies and an army of volunteers who believe in free speech. Please consider enlisting to distribute our paper in your spare time. You can volunteer in almost any city, as we are testing markets across Ontario. To volunteer, contact us at:


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SHOULD YOU HAVE A TRYST WITH YOUR FORMER RAPIST? In some countries, if a woman is forcibly penetrated by her husband, or she goes out alone dressed like a whore and is forcibly penetrated by a total stranger, it is NOT considered “rape”. Society defines “rape”. Since it is a social construct, the victim of what a particular society deems “rape” can ignore society’s prevailing view, change the context of what happened to her, and thereby reject the inevitable “victim” label.

YOUR HEALTH By Dr. James Sears

We can debate for hours over what “rape” actually is. Did she clearly “consent”? Did he understand? How sober must one be for sex to be “consensual”? But we can all agree on what REAL“RAPE” is. It is violent. It is not a misinterpretation of verbal or body cues. It is not an exercise of matrimonial property rights. It is obviously wrong and should be illegal. So let us assume for a moment that a particular woman suffered what she deemed a REAL “RAPE”, but instead of playing the victim role, she psychologically-flipped the situation around by seducing her former rapist.

That is exactly what Lana Hoch describes doing in an article titled “I Cheated on My Boyfriend with My Rapist” published Feb. 2, 2018 by women’s lifestyle magazine “Marie

Claire”. Lana’s rationale was “By seducing my assaulter, I was reclaiming the control I’d lost over my body and identity”. The rape involved her drunk and semiconscious on her stomach on an air mattress on a dorm room floor, a friend’s brother crushing her from above, thrusting roughly into her from behind, her struggled to push him away, then asking herself “How did I get here? Did I say yes to this?” More than a year later the rapist was with a group of her friends at a bar. She started with small talk, then flirtation. She drank just enough to be disinhibited but not lose control then suggested going back to his apartment. Jim Hopper, Ph.D., teaching associate in psychology at Harvard Medical School and a nationally-recognized expert on sexual assault and trauma says “Attempting to master a situation in which you previously did not have control is one way a lot of assault victims respond … The motivation is usually trying to gain some sense of authority, either over a sex scenario or even how the perpetrator sees you—i.e. not as someone



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. they can do whatever they want to … It can also be a way to manage your perception of yourself, by painting a different picture of what happened. Because who wants to think of themselves as a rape victim?” Reversing the power dynamic makes sense in theory, and I have recommended it in the form of “role play” with me for many women to help them overcome past sexual trauma. However, Lana reclaimed the narrative—in essence, rewrote her story with a different ending—by CHEATING ON HER BOYFRIEND! Definitely not ethical (then again, what do you expect from a broad that was drunk-face-first on a mattress in a dorm?). Perhaps instead of cheating, she should have taken the advice of Germaine Greer, an Australian writer and intellectual, and one of the major voices of the second-wave feminist movement of the 60’s.

these jewels of knowledge into the already-shellshocked crowd: “We are told it’s one of the most violent crimes in the world--bullshit … Most rape is just lazy, just careless, just insensitive. Every time a man rolls over on his exhausted wife and insists on enjoying his conjugal right, he is raping her. It will never end up in a court of law. Instead of thinking of rape as a spectacularly violent crime--and some rapes are --think about it as non-consensual, that is, bad sex. Sex where there is no communication, no tenderness, no mention of love.”

Greer’s comments caused some people to walk out in disgust; but she is correct. Now before you pen your nasty “Letter to the Editor”, keep an open mind and listen to what I have to say. Think of a vagina as a house that you can only enter by invitation. Now a man could weasel his way in, salesmanstyle, by sticking his foot in the door as you try to During a recent speech at the Hay Literary Festival, close it; or he could just break in and run amok, my new favourite feminist after Camile Paglia knocking over furniture and damaging walls. Think sparked outrage after she said rapists should not be of the former as merely “bad door etiquette” and the thrown in jail. She added “Two hundred hours of latter as a “home invasion”. If the perp snuck in community service would do me … I have when you were out, lounged around the place suggested maybe a little tattoo would be a good unbeknownst to you, and left it relatively thing, maybe an R on your hand. I’d prefer it on undamaged, that would be “roofie rape”. the cheek really.” “Bad sex” and REAL “RAPE” are different! And let Greer, who was raped at a party when she was 18 us face it, the “salesman” analogy makes sense, as (similar to Lana), twisted the knife even deeper into “seduction” is a form of sales. And some salesman delusional femi-Marxists in the crowd by saying that are better or harder sellers than others. most rape was actually just “bad sex” and “don’t involve any injury whatsoever” then catapulting Years ago I had a Romanian girlfriend with an extensive history of promiscuity in her youth. As we lay in bed, the topic of “rape” came up (happens often with me for some reason, lol). I asked her if she had ever been “raped”. She said “No. Never.” Knowing her history, I found it hard to believe, so I said “You’re telling me no man ever forced you to have sex?” She responded “Oh, yes, of course, I had forced sex many times, but no one ever raped me.” It turned out she was raised in a NORMAL society where only violent forced sex (ripping, bruising, bleeding) was considered REAL “RAPE” (she emigrated to Canada from Romania in 1977, so God knows what the Cultural Marxists have done to her society since then).

Let us assume the above femi-Marxist propaganda is true. Out of 460,000 sexual assaults, I would say 450,000 are perpetrated against women, 400,000 against those aged 14 to 50 (8 million women at the time these stats were compiled). That is ONE SEXUAL ASSAULT PER 20 WOMEN PER YEAR in Canada! (ALL women, even the ugly ones) Give me a break! Luckily the conviction rate is low because of Judges like Alberta’s Robin Camp, who told an alleged victim “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” and “… sex and pain sometimes go together”. Camp grew up in South Africa, so he has not been brainwashed (however, since Jewish Marxists helped the African National Congress take control, South Africa has become the black-on-white rape and murder capital of the world).

Editor-In-Chief: Dr. James Sears Owner/Publisher: LeRoy St. Germaine “Your Ward News Media Group” is owned by LeRoy St. Germaine. "Your Ward News" is published in support of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. OUR DISTRIBUTION AREA: “YOUR WARD NEWS” IS DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION.

In Canada “rape” and “sexual assault” used to be two different things. Now it is all lumped into “sexual assault”, and unlike some jurisdictions, in Canada “sexual assault” is not categorized as “first degree, second degree, etc.” Crowns and Judges make it up as they go. Look, I do not pretend to have all the answers. OK, who am I kidding? I have all the answers. I believe the solution is for us to stop using the word “rape” all together. Because of femi-Marxist brainwashing, the word has taken on a life of its own and no longer means what it was originally intended to mean (like the word “racist”). I suggest we refer to forced penetration as “VIBE” (Vaginal Break and Enter). That way when Sally meets Suzie at the office water cooler she will say something along the lines of “Did you hear what happened to Tammy? She was date-vibed last night. That asshole Bill did it.” Yes, being “vibed” does not sound nearly as bad as being “raped”. And “Vibe Culture” creates the mental image of irresponsible people on both sides of the forced sex act, which is pretty much grounded in reality.

If your home or office is in this area and you are not receiving our newspaper, CONTACT US ASAP! 163 Main Street (@ Gerrard) Toronto, Ontario M4E 2V9 (647) 748-4421


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As Toronto is recovering from the shock of having a bunch of its residents mowed down by a van driven by a sexually-frustrated guy on the Autism Spectrum, there have been more questions than answers … UNTIL NOW! We are about to enter the mind of the man responsible for this despicable act. I am your guide. Grab the popcorn and get ready to potentially fall into a state of cognitive dissonance so deep, you will call in sick tomorrow. Up until April 2010, I held monthly “Toronto Real Men” meetings in the basement of a restaurant on Danforth Avenue (I terminated them because life got busy). The meetings were initially meant to teach men and lesbians how to seduce resistant women who were often By Dimitri The Lover belligerent and ill-tempered. I considered the seminars public service to both the un-fucked attendees (who Canada's top Seduction aknew they needed sex to be happy) and their underand Masculinity Guru fucked prey (who likely did not know they needed more sex to be happy). Each sex expresses the bitterness associated with sexual frustration differently. Women usually become verbally and emotionally abusive to anyone around them. Men usually ruminate for a couple of years then begin to exhibit violent and even sadistic ideations toward women.

verbiage or body language, many of my attendees were socially-awkward victims of natural selection with such a deficit in social skills, they could not even say “hello” to a woman without triggering her “Paul Bernardo” reflex. Most of these men felt deep resent toward women, and rightfully so because they were humiliated for sport by mean bitches who felt that an inelegant sexual proposition accompanied by a thousand-yard stare was tantamount to an affront to their dignity. Some male attendees were the type that I knew were capable of raping or knifing a random woman on the street or along a bike path. As a trained M.D., I shifted my focus with these men from “seduction” to helping them understand and accept the broken psyche that causes western women polluted by toxic feminism, to fling abuse. I worked to convert each scorned man from a potential rapist-murderer, to one who looks upon such women with mild disdain and deep pity. I know for a fact that my counselling prevented many hopeless men from perpetrating serious crimes against women.

But it quickly became apparent that rather than being unlucky or merely expressing clumsy




DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. Shortly after I read that Alek Minassian had mowed down people on Yonge Street, I began to search for answers. I knew he was likely an Armenian Christian (surname suffix “yan” is usually an Armenian from Armenia proper, and “ian” is one scattered to a nearby majorityMuslim country, after the Armenian Holocaust was perpetrated by the “Dönmeh”, a group of crypto-Jews from Spain who pretended to be Muslims and worked with “The Young Turks” to slaughter one million Armenian Christians). Minassian’s attack took place on April 23, 2018, the DAY BEFORE the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Holocaust, so I decided to see if there was any connection. I was shocked to learn that his ancestor, Sarkis Minassian, was one of the Armenian intellectuals arrested on the night of April 24,1915, and murdered shortly thereafter. The timing of Alek Minassian’s attack was uncanny … but his choice of mowing down a bunch of seemingly random people on Yonge Street did not jive with my holocaust theory.

based on my past experience helping men like Minassian, that there are THOUSANDS of other InCel ticking time bombs wandering the streets of Toronto.

Minutes before he began his murder spree, Alek Minassian posted this cryptic Facebook entry (LEFT). Like many men seeking an environment in which they feel they “belong”, Minassian joined the Canadian Armed Forces. He was a member between Aug. 23 and Oct. 25, 2017. He did just 16 days of recruit training, and voluntarily withdrew. “Private” and “C23249161” were Minassian’s rank and serial number. “00010” was his “Military Occupational Structure ID”, corresponding to “Infantryman”. The rest of the entry contains InCel lingo. “Chads” refer to Alpha Males who constantly get laid. “Stacys” are high-value, hypergamous women (Chad’s female counterpart). Elliot Rodger (RIGHT) was the first mass murderer to actually murder in the name of InCels, though I suspect that many before him were InCels lacking the insight to self-identify as such. “Supreme Gentleman” refers to one of Rodger’s rants about how a Negro was chatting up a blonde white woman Rodger felt entitled to because he was half white and a "Supreme Gentleman".

Then I learned Minassian was an unrepentant “InCel” (Involuntary Celibate). Now the attack made even less sense because you would have expected him to target cockteasing, attractive, young women. I have resigned myself to accept that he was likely bitter, angry and looking to end his miserable existence by way of lashing out at the society that moulded him, then exiting by way of “Suicide by Cop”. I then learned he was a vaccine-damaged man on the Autism Spectrum who former classmates and co-workers described as “awkward”.

Now it all made sense. I guarantee you that some cruel feminist cunt set him off. Trust me on that. She and the vaccine manufacturers are just as responsible for those dead bodies as Minassian is! And he and his family are as much victims of his heinous crime as are the poor people he murdered. Of course he should go to jail for what he did: In my opinion he is NOT “insane”. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Those suffering from Autism often have an EVEN DEEPER INSIGHT into reality than the rest of us, because they see things that are staring all of us in the face, but we either cannot see or choose to ignore.

Many have attached themselves to movements like the “Alt-Right” and to intellectuals like Jordan Peterson. They are trying to figure themselves out because PEOPLE LIKE THE ONES WHO KEEP LODGING COMPLAINTS AGAINST OUR NEWSPAPER refuse to accept that “white men” are the most victimized group in our society; and the one with the optimal balance of IQ, testosterone and discipline, to annihilate the social order (think “Fight Club”). And I know FOR A FACT that our newspaper serves as an outlet for many potential Minassians who choose to discreetly deposit a stack of our papers in the vicinity of a feminist-laden venue rather than driving a van INTO said venue. Canada and the rest of the western world is about to enter the “InCel Fight Club” era, where formerly “LoneWolf” InCels begin forming cells which will ultimately morph from vandalism and sophomoric havoc, to mass violence. The sooner women start treating young white men with respect, and we stop damaging our children with vaccines, the better. I am confident we can turn this situation around in one generation with minimal bloodshed. But ladies, it has to start NOW with YOU! Begin submitting to the natural Patriarchal order, and stop being so shallow and materialistic … choose men based on general health over faggish good looks; and intelligence/vocation over lifestyle thrills.

I will do my part after my “hate speech” trial ends in early December, and my time greatly frees up, by resurrecting “Toronto Real Men” meetings so that I can give men like Minassian a safe space where they can vent their frustrations before they are channeled into a violent act. What can the rest of you men do? Fight femi-Marxist ideology wherever you can. If you see a vile woman emotionally or verbally-abusing a man that is either unwilling or incapable of fighting back, step in and SHUT HER DOWN, with extreme prejudice. Only then can And Minassian is not a “terrorist” by we rid the Earth of misandrous any stretch of the imagination. He is ideology, circumvent the a desperate victim of a combination dystopian future we are hurling towards, and guarantee that we resurrect our Brave Old World; one based on the natural of misandrous feminist ideology and brain damage from toxic vaccines, who tried to bring the public’s attention to an issue destroying young white men in our society. I guarantee you, order, as God intended.


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STARBUCKS CUCKS TO A GHETTO INFLUX! Never say you’re sorry to the left … BIG MISTAKE! Now, dogs will accept guilt when they’re caught red-pawed so to speak. We can even look ashamed and repentant while being chewed out. Believe me, I’ve been called a “Bad Dog” so many times I have it down to an art form. But a dog will NEVER say “I’m sorry” (even those of us who speak Human).

By Shep the Talking Dog Retired police dog and citizen journalist who has lived on Woodbine Avenue for the past 6 years with his friend and his friend’s latest hippie girlfriend

Apologizing to the politically correct Marxist horde on the left is a bad idea when anyone does it personally; but when you do it as a corporation, you are really screwing the proverbial pooch. Time and again the controlled media has given us fine examples of people who would have been better off keeping their mouth shut and just taking the tap of the rolled-up newspaper.

It didn’t help the next day when the NASA scientist broke down in tears and apologized. They came at this poor tattooed horn dawg even harder after that, both at the office and in the press. As a talking dog I can tell you straight up, he would have been much better off just keeping his mouth shut about the whole thing and playing the stupid dog game.

Take for example that scientist Matt Taylor. While giving an update to the press after having just landed a spacecraft on a comet for the first time in human history, he started an uproar with the loony feminist left over the “horn dawg” shirt he wore. It was a cool shirt really; Hawaiianstyle, depicting cartoonish, scantily-clad, buxom women brandishing firearms. It was custom-made for him by a female friend who was delighted he wore it. Taylor was mercilessly condemned on Twitter and the Internet, for having committed the sartorial equivalent of a thought crime, something we do here at YOUR WARD NEWS in every issue.

Bending over for a humping might work for an individual like Taylor, but as a corporation it’s going to cost you more to apologize. Now at this point I have to say that I have no love for Starbucks coffee shops. I once went into my local Starbucks and ordered a double latte extra cream, in a bowl instead of a cup. Well the skinny, effeminate cuck behind the counter looked down at me and yelped like a girl. Then he threw hot coffee on me! (Like a talking dog is any more frightening than a boy in a dress) Dogs have never felt welcomed at coffee shops. And



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. now the left will have you believe that neither have black people?

belligerent black men arrested for sitting at a Starbucks without ordering anything, settled with the city for a symbolic $1 each (and a promise from officials to set up a program for There’s an old saying that goes “It’s a dog eat dog world” and when the politically correct young black entrepreneurs that would cost taxpayers $200,000 USD). Meanwhile in the Marxist left eat one of their own… well, that’s a double sweet mocha latte indeed my friends. wake of protests and threats of boycotts, Starbucks announced it would close all its U.S. For the last few years Starbucks has engaged in virtue-signaling to the far-left political wack- stores for one day so staffers could take "racial bias education" classes. As the java giant jobs, through cup design and endless press statements cucking on subjects ranging from continues to face backlash over the racially-charged incident, the female manager of the “gay marriage” to “gun-free zones”, and even promising to hire refugees over veterans and Philadelphia shop is no longer employed there. other chronically-unemployed Americans. Starbucks has gone out of its way to show how politically correct they are. In fact, you could say Starbucks was the leader of the pack when And in order to mock Starbucks cucking to pressure from the far-left, a black “Hotep” it came to corporate virtue-signaling and leading the liberal lynch mob. The corporate board Nationalist named “Hotep Jesus” released a film of himself trolling a Starbucks where, with a at Starbucks must have felt safe against the pack of “Social Justice Warriors” they had paid straight face, he requested a free coffee in the way of reparations for how the two thugs were treated, AND GOT IT! (Hotep Jesus is an admirer of “Alt-Right” White Nationalists, such careful lip service to; that is, until the sharp fangs of the mob finally turned against them. feels that white people have done enough grovelling, and black people need to overcome their “victim At a Starbucks in mentality”) Philadelphia the manager was having an Then Starbucks ongoing problem with announced that their loiterers, and once had bathrooms will now be even been chased open to all, including around the shop after people who have not she asked one to leave. made purchases. So she called the police (They had better lay on two men who were some newspaper out sitting at a table and in the corner as well). asking to use the Days later, a hidden washroom without camera was found in making a purchase. It's the washroom at a universally-accepted Starbucks at King and that if you’re taking up Yonge Streets in table space at a Toronto. It was hidden restaurant or coffee in an electrical outlet shop, you buy under a sink in one of something. But when the unisex the female manager washrooms. The politely explained this outlet had a hole policy to the men, they through which the refused to leave, forcing lens was aimed her to call 911 (if the directly at the toilet. manager was an intact stud instead of an And Starbucks just outnumbered bitch, made an there was a good announcement which chance these thugs is the corporate would have left). equivalent of “playing Here’s my favourite Starbucks protest photo. Soyboy barista “Zack” displayed the discipline of a sheepdog staring down a dead”: To “help fight wolf, as he stood ready for the amplified howls of abuse from a delusional “Black Lives Matter” spokesman, who began with This is where the poverty”, now “What’s with your cracka ass menu? Coffee ain’t ‘blonde’! It’s ‘black’ you motherfu …”, then froze in silence as he, never manager could have ANYONE can loiter having been in a Starbucks before, realized the price for regular coffee was DOUBLE that of McDonald’s. He thought to himself at ANY Starbucks for handled it differently “Where are white folk getting the dough to pay those prices?” Then after the photo was snapped, he started back up with AS LONG AS THEY than the looney left “Those prices are white privilege, you motherfu …”. LIKE without having would normally have you do. Like with any pup in training, you have to punish when the offence happens. By the time the cops show up, these two may have forgotten what they had done. What she should have done was roll up the newspaper right there and hit them both repeatedly with it while chanting “You gonna buy something? You gonna buy something?”, and made sure when they did buy something, she offered them praise with “Who’s my good customer? Who’s my good customer?” She also could have let the guy use the washroom and when he came out, pointed to the door and repeated loudly “Did you do that?”, and threatened to rub his nose in it! That one always works on me--you ask me if “I did it” and you will always see my most guilty face. When police arrived, the loitering thugs still refused to leave, arguing with the cops for ten full minutes. Realizing they couldn’t reason with these rabid dogs, the police slapped cuffs on the two and charging them with trespassing. But there was a big problem for the loony left: the two men were black and film of the event that went viral only showed the arrest and not what led up to it. Of course the two black men accused the Starbucks and the manager of being “racist” and the police of “racial profiling”. After the perps spent a few hours in jail, police decided to back off and release them with no charges. But it was too late to stop the social justice juggernaut from rolling, with protests springing up in front of and inside Starbucks across the U.S. In the aftermath the cops and the city got off cheap compared to Starbucks. The two

to buy anything … as long as they are not “homeless” or strung out on drugs (a few days ago in Chicago, a homeless drug addict attacked a Starbucks patron in the washroom, and syringes were all over the floor … I predict sleeping bags and sterile injection supplies with Starbucks logos are coming soon). This new dog park-style bathroom policy is even causing problems for their coffee competitors, like Tim Hortons. At a Tim-Ho’s in Langley B.C. a woman could be facing charges after an irate confrontation ended in feces being thrown at staff. When she was denied access to the washrooms based on past behavior and out of concern for the immediate safety of staff members and guests in the restaurant, she literally dropped her pants and laid a steamer right in front of the counter. She then picked it up and threw it at the kid behind the counter while he was calling the cops. She then grabbed a handful of napkins, wiped her butt, and threw them at the kid as well, before storming out. She was arrested in the parking lot. A police spokesperson said the woman was detained and released to attend court at a later date. They were not sure what to charge her with!? I was thinking of doing the same thing at Starbucks, but that chick just ruined it for me; if I did that now, I’d look like a Copy Cat. Anyway, I did not care to risk getting pinched by animal control, so I did the next best thing: went down there and lifted my leg on their outdoor tables and chairs. And to the guy that jumped and spilled his coffee when some splashed on him: Don’t expect to hear an apology from this talking dog!


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LONG-DEAD HORNY CLOWN KEEPS “INCEL” FROM GOING DOWN! A violent act committed by a sexually-frustrated circus clown in 1855 has saved the life of a sexually-frustrated man who committed an even more heinous act in the same city in 2018. Your Ward News has scraped the bottom of the circus barrel to bring you this heartwarming story. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s this: There is no such thing as a coincidence--you were just not paying attention to the other half of what was going on. Case in point: Alek Minassian, the man charged in the van attack that killed 10 and injured 14 people, is alive today and in custody waiting to stand trial because over 160 years ago a drunken circus clown got his hat knocked off in a prominent Toronto bordello.

By Lawrence McCurry Writer, filmmaker, media critic & troublemaker

After Minassian’s heinous rampage was ended when the van he was driving was finally stopped, it became clear that his intent was to end his life via “suicide by cop”. Had it not been for the brave, very welltrained and disciplined police officer who took Minassian into custody rather than shooting him like the suspect was goading the officer into doing, things could have been very different.

personnel, like police and firefighters, were not so well-trained and were in fact in those positions because they had friends on a corrupt city council who appointed them. One of the reasons we have such a well-trained and disciplined police dept. today is because the “Toronto Circus Riot of 1855” brought about the very first reforms of Toronto’s corrupt police department. Toronto in the mid-1800’s was a town of muddy streets and shacks with a population of around 40,000 people that would double over the next 20 years with the coming of railroad lines. Back in those days, police divisions and fire companies were as much social clubs as they were government services, sometimes creating territorial rivalries. On June 29, 1855, when a fire broke out on Church Street, members of the Hook & Ladder Firefighting Company responded to the call. While fighting the fire a donnybrook ensued when another volunteer company showed up and

There was once a time when Toronto’s emergency response



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. attempted to help. The competing companies’ firemen dropped their hoses and started to fight. When Toronto police moved in to separate the two companies, the firemen turned on the police and gave them a beating. The police charged the firefighters with assault, but when the matter came to trial, the policemen developed amnesia after they learned that they were all brothers in the Orange Lodge; so they failed to indict the firefighters. This incident had a bearing on what happened two weeks later when the circus came to town. On July 12, 1855, a travelling American-based outfit named The S.B. Howes Star Troupe Menagerie and Circus rolled into Toronto. Led by a man named Meyers, they set up their big top on the fairgrounds which were just north of Front Street between Berkeley and Princess Streets. Howes’ Circus featured exotic animals that most of the population of Toronto had never seen, including a lion, elephant and giraffe. There were also the usual circus acts--acrobats, jugglers and clowns. On the first day of the scheduled two-day engagement, the troop played to a sold-out crowd and looked forward to doing even better the next day.

In 1855 Toronto had over 152 Taverns and 203 beers shops on top of that. And then, there were the brothels. There were a lot of brothels. After a long day of jocularity, the clowns and roustabouts decided to pay a visit to the House of Mary Ann Armstrong at King and Jarvis Streets. According to the newspapers of the day, Mary’s house was not only a tavern but suspected of being a “house of ill-repute”. Unbeknownst to the circus clowns who were just there to have a few drinks and get silly with Mary’s girls, the house was also the hangout of the battling Hook & Ladder Firefighting Company.

riots at the fairgrounds, he did two things. First he sent word to Old Fort York to call out the militia. Then he grabbed his coat and went down to the fairgrounds to try and break up the fight himself! Upon arriving he found Chief of Police Sherwood and his constables standing on the sidelines cheering on their firefighting Orangemen brothers as they were setting the big top on fire. Finally, the soldiers of the militia arrived and restored order. When the dust settled, the circus packed up headed out of town. 17 rioters were charged, but when the case came to court, not one member of the police would identify any of the accused, and the rioters were acquitted, with one exception. All of the police who were at the scene claimed they couldn't remember any of the Orangemen who had been there, just like they had a few weeks earlier, after the firemen's fight on Church Street. A few months later, there was another Protestant vs. Catholic riot--and Chief Sherwood's memory was yet again suspiciously fuzzy as far as Orangemen were concerned. A few months after that, he was again under fire after freeing a suspect who had been accused of robbing a bank. Sometime thereafter a new mayor and city council called for and launched an inquest. In the end, the entire old policing system was overthrown and reforms were instated that turned the police force into a more military-style organization. Every single police officer in the city was fired and the new force was created from scratch. Half of the old constables would end up being re-hired, but the Orange Order no longer controlled the department.

In a large part it was because of the “Toronto Circus Riot of 1855” that the City of Toronto has the well-trained and disciplined police department it does today. So next time you have Of course, the inevitable was to happen … mix circus clowns, booze, hookers and horny fire an encounter with a policeman who acts in a courteous and professional manner, you can fighters, and a fight was bound to break out. The story goes that the melee started when thank a horny circus clown who got his hat knocked off in a local whorehouse. one of the drunken firefighters, a man named Fraser, knocked the hat off the chief clown Meyers and refused to pick it up. The ensuing fight was fierce and at the end of it the circus clowns won the day and the spoils; the whorehouse was all theirs that night. Any other drunken cathouse brawl might have ended there, but the Hook & Ladder Firefighting Company had a reputation to maintain, not only as fighting men, but also as members of the Orange Lodge. Toronto was somewhat of a powder keg in 1855 after a large influx of Irish Catholics into the city. The Orange Order, who most police and firefighters were members of, was known for large-scale street fights. The chief of police at the time was a man named Samuel Sherwood. He had been chief since 1852, replacing Orangeman George Lyttleton Allen. He had been the owner of the Coleraine Tavern a decade before when a shot fired from inside the tavern killed a Reformer celebrating an election win over the Tories. The morning after the fight at the bordello (Friday the 13th) crowds began gathering at the fairgrounds. The local merchants who had set up stalls were told to leave before the trouble started. By the time the police chief had sent a few officers down to the fairgrounds, some rocks and punches were being thrown. The clowns were holding their own, so the cops just hung back. But when the Hook & Ladder brigade arrived in full force, all hell broke loose. They stormed the circus with pikes and axes, overturned wagons, pulled down the tents and the big top, and set them on fire. The circus clowns were viciously beaten and a couple of them had to swim out into Lake Ontario to escape. The mayor of the city at the time was George William Allan. When informed of the

Your Ward News salutes Toronto Police Constable Ken Lam (LEFT, with his father David, a former Sergeant of Auxillary Police in Hong Kong). Constable Lam arrested “InCel” mass murderer Alek Minassian without firing a shot. Minassian said “I have a gun in my pocket” and “Shoot me in the head” then repeatedly pretended to draw a gun, cowboy shootout-style (he was drawing his cell phone). High-IQ, disciplined, Oriental Lam kept his cool and calmly walked over to his police cruiser to shut off the siren. Lam eventually put away his gun, drew his baton, and arrested Minassian without incident. Minassian’s aim was “Suicide by Cop”, a phenomenon portrayed in movies like “Falling Down”, where our troubled “InCel” protagonist, played by Michael Douglas, is recently-divorced and just-laid off from a high tech defense contractor. After going on a long-drawn-out killing spree, in the finale, Douglas draws a water gun in order to get mowed down by a cop played by Robert Duvall, so that his family can collect on his life insurance policy. The March 29, 1993 front cover of Newsweek (RIGHT), the year Minassian was born, featured Douglas’ character as part of an article on “White Male Paranoia”, eerily foreshadowing our “InCel” revolt a quarter century later. Other than being a single white male on the Autism Spectrum, 25 year old Minassian does not fit the “Suicide by Cop” profile. In 2014 the American Association of Suicidology conducted a profile of “Suicide by Cop” subjects and found that 95% were male with a mean age of 35. The men were 41% Caucasian, 37% single, 54% unemployed, 29% homeless, 62% mentally ill, 80% armed with a knife or gun, 29% had children, 19% feigned or simulated weapon possession, 87% expressed suicidal thoughts prior to or during the incident, and 36% were drunk.


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WILL A ROBOT GLUT UNDERCUT THE FEMINIST SLUT? The left portrays the workplace as a constant struggle where women play the eternal victim. But in reality, slutty women prancing around the office cause many of these problems … and nowadays, having a vagina is pretty much a prerequisite for getting into most industries, the media included. The left loves to act like the media are vanguards of the Patriarchy; a vestige of sexism from days past. But LET ME TELL YOU, as someone working in the mainstream media, all I see around here is a culture where women can get away with anything. The other day a female colleague remarked that I looked good after I wore a suit to work. But can you imagine the backlash I would’ve got if I told her the same thing and she complained? I would be reprimanded for “sexism” in the workplace.

By Lügenpresse Mole Your Ward News’ man inside the mainstream media

heretofore were a result of her sweater puppies (don’t take offense to my use of the phrase, Shep). Point is women can’t have it both ways-either accept that men think with their dicks as much as their brains, and dressing sexy will get you what you want in the workplace, or, if you really have a problem with being objectified at work, don’t dress in a way that you know turns men on.

The whole reason men tend to wear suits in the west is to create a standard, albeit unofficial workplace “uniform”; a set of unspoken rules Fact is many of these women ARE dressing like sluts in the office. Why to be followed by the many. Unless he has autistic, NEET-level fashion wouldn’t they? They understand SEX SELLS. It’s like the Dave sense, a man wearing a shirt, tie and pants to work will not stand out. Chappelle skit where a woman with giant tits hates all the unwanted Fashion expectations are at a baseline so that, in theory, promotions attention they bring and wishes to be flat-chested, only to have her and discourse are based on non-physical points of merit. But women wish granted and find that all the benefits she previously enjoyed in life think differently than men. Many are astute enough to realize that



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. dressing a certain way gets them things they want. The problem, however, is they want to be able to effectively reap the benefits of the system whilst simultaneously critiquing it as “sexualized”, and decrying “workplace harassment”. We all knew the left were opportunistic hypocrites, but this is a whole other level of delusion.

One of the biggest reasons whites don’t have babies at the same rate as Negroes, Hispanics or Arabs is because our society puts capital gain at the very top of the social hierarchy, conditioning us to believe that our income defines us. When we focus too much on material wealth, we forget about togetherness, longevity and all the other beautiful things that extend from the nuclear family. As much as I consider Islamic “culture” to be Women effectively want an environment where they can dress like sluts knowing full-well it garbage, I do have to applaud them for how much of a virtue large families are seen as in will yield work-related benefits due to men’s their societies. It also solves a lot of the horniness, but also where they can have a problems I mentioned above, namely women man (bonus points if he is Christian and/or value their attractiveness more realistically and white) fired for displaying even the most minor do not take advantage of double standards to manifestation of those sexual desires. It’s a undercut their male counterparts. double standard, a fucking travesty and the perfect example of how a giant mandate of For white people to start having more children Cultural Marxism is an increasingly 1984-style in higher numbers, one of two things must crackdown on masculine sexuality in social happen. Either we start prioritizing the settings. longevity of our race over the fleeting and temporary benefits of capital wealth and shortMen, it is completely normal to find your colived happiness, or we devise a way to have workers sexy, and me having to say that is a children without restricting our ability to work testimony to how bad things really are. The and live otherwise normal lives. I don’t know if Marxist Parasite wants men to view the former can ever happen, but artificial workplaces as scary places where they are wombs are about as close as we’re ever going constantly walking on eggshells regarding to get to the latter in our lifetimes. what they can and can’t say … BUT NO MORE! Soon working women will not be Of course, the left will shout about childrearing able to have their cake and eat it too. And the being almost exclusively female-dominated pressure to naturalize the workplace will come and a form of Patriarchy, or some other from an unlikely source: the dating scene. nonsense, and suggest that artificial wombs That’s right women, listen up. Enjoy the won’t fix anything since women will still have to advantages you have in the dating culture raise children. And they make a good point: now, because the long, hard pendulum of who are all these busy white men going to get sexual marketplace value (SMV) is swinging to look after their children if they don’t have back towards men at an alarming rate. wives? Enter the sex robot, cyber deus ex machina and nanny of the future! How many men reading have been on a date where some 5/10 tier woman is complaining Halfway across the world, in the hills of about how oppressive and patriarchal chivalry Barcelona, the “Robin Hood of sex” Dr. Sergi is, only to awkwardly do nothing when the Santos has spent three years trying to create a cheque arrives, expecting you to pay it in full? robot that’s as good a fuck as a “real” woman. The current advantages women have in the The product of this research is Samantha, a dating environment result in women sex robot prototype who can switch between overvaluing their physical traits--twos think sexy, romantic and family modes; she can also they’re passable fives, fives think they’re synchronise sexually with a user and be strong sevens, and sevens think they’re nearprogrammed to orgasm on command (if only perfect tens--call it the “Schumer Effect”. the same could be said for my ex). It gives “Mail Order Bride” a whole new meaning! It also doesn’t help that our society is promoting degeneracy at every turn, from Let’s be honest. Although there are some telling overweight girls that being fat is a good women out there, most (or at least perfectly healthy lifestyle choice to insisting millennials, in my experience) are not fit to men should find trans women (read: a mentally raise a child without turning it into some purple ill man who thinks he is a woman) attractive -haired freak entitled enough to think their lest they not want to wear the revered badge feelings supersede the biological dichotomy of of “transphobic”. gender. These women are the byproducts of baby boomers, so just imagine how terrible my Sorry Stacey, NO MORE FREE LUNCHES! Yes, your SMV is about to plummet because generation’s kids will be. But what if they didn’t have to be? As skeptical as I am about the at this very moment patriarchal male scientists who view you as merely a life supporting benefits of AI, I would rather my kid be raised by the monster I can program than the one unit for a uterus and vagina, are employing their vast male brainpower to make you who operates on instinct. obsolete. The Patriarchy’s first breakthrough took place last year, when researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia created a lamb womb replica good enough to sustain Perhaps I won’t have to. It’s undeniable that the concept of SMV heavily favours women at lamb fetuses for four weeks. Researchers say the technology will likely be ready for human the moment--the pussy is already on the pedestal. I don’t know if they’ll ever wake up from testing in 3-5 years. their indoctrination at-large but there is a chance, and the threat of being ousted by artificial wombs and nannies is exactly the wake-up jolt women need to drop the double I, for one, welcome our new artificial uterus overlords. This is just the technology men have standards and start playing by the rules, both in dating and workplace cultures. been waiting for to end the degenerate experiment of the past 20 years known as “thirdThe radical feminists who attack Your Ward News as a projection of their own wave feminism”. Cut out the middle woman, so to speak, and give men the ability to start families themselves. No more putting all of your metaphorical eggs into a basket (you shortcomings will suggest I’m advocating for some Handmaid's Tale-esque scenario, but know, one that may or may not go crazy and leave you for half of your stuff and/or children that couldn’t be further from the truth. All I want is a dating landscape where women are a once she is “post-wall”). No more settling for one of the many deranged, unstable bit more pressured to treat men with kindness and compassion, as opposed to seeing byproducts of the last 30 years of cultural Marxism. And, God willing, no more white them as an extension of their wallet that can be left at any time. If the catalyst for such couples opting to focus on their careers because childbirth is too “time-consuming” and change is Stacy knowing that Chad will leave her for the new iStacy 5s if she gets out of “expensive”. line, then so be it.


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TRUDEAU’S “REFUGEE HOARDER DISORDER” In addition to the tens of thousands of “illegals” streaming over the Quebec border at this very moment, on November 1, 2017, Justin Trudeau announced plans to flood Canada with a million new “immigrants” over the next three years (mostly low-IQ people from “Shit Hole” countries), raising immigration levels to as high as 360,000 a year by 2020! I didn’t give him permission to destroy our culture and economy ... DID YOU? For the last couple of years Canadians have watched in horror as European nations that were the homelands of Canada’s first settlers have been overrun with mass third world illegal migration. Great nations like England, France and Germany have been so swamped with illegals that their cultures and people are now under siege. People in almost every European nation are justly afraid of the By Lawrence McCurry very real prospect of their elimination, both as a Writer, filmmaker, media culture and a race of white people.

critic & troublemaker

They fear genocide, not though war or force of arms, but one of being bred out of existence and having western culture collapse from within. One need only look at the city-state of ancient Rome for a past precedent. It was overwhelmed by peoples the empire had conquered, breeding the original Romans out of existence and eventually leading to the collapse of its society.

One could also look at the Soviet Union of the 1930’s and 40’s, where Stalin moved around entire populations of people. Some historians look at what he did as an attempt to ethnically -cleanse entire white Slavic populations. This mass illegal migration into Europe is taking place under the guise of their Globalist governments allowing “refugees” from the Syrian war to just walk over their open borders and register for welfare, free health care and housing benefits. But it quickly became clear that most of these so-called “refugees” were not fleeing from the Syrian war at all and were in fact economic migrants from all over Africa. In other words, it was an INVASION of BOGUS " refugees" . The very same sinister scenario has now begun unfolding in Canada, with a flood of illegal foreign “asylum seekers” walking over our border with the United States. And the Globalist government of Justin Trudeau is not only allowing it to happen, but in fact encouraging and



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. facilitating it! In January 2017 Trudeau even had the gall to send out a tweet to the world reading “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”. In the 12 months since this tweet from Justin (who did not have a mandate from either Parliament or the people of Canada to invite everybody in the world to crash our little party) “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada” had already processed 50,440 asylum claims from illegals, 21,000 of them having crossed at an illegal entry point in a residential neighbourhood in a small Quebec town, at the end of a dirt road over a drainage ditch at the U.S border (shortly after he took office, Trudeau changed the name of the agency from “Citizenship and Immigration Canada”, so you know that two-and-a-half years ago he was already planning to betray Canadians and open the borders). In Canada we now have more people seeking asylum illegally than legally! Instead of putting up a barrier or fence to stop people from illegally crossing the border at this point of entry, the RCMP will only stand there and caution these illegals that if they cross at this place they would be breaking the law. Then when the illegals do so anyway, the RCMP will help them with their luggage and children and give them the choice of what part of Canada they would like to be sent to once their paperwork has been filled out! On the American side of this illegal point of entry, where busloads of migrants are dropped off at all hours of the day and night, the ground is littered with discarded cell phones, travel tickets and any type of paperwork that the illegals (many of them potential criminals) would not like to have to explain to Canadian authorities! Most of these illegals choose to come to large cities like Montreal and Toronto, but mostly the latter, where there is already a crisis in homelessness and a critical lack of affordable housing. However, the advantage to the illegals is likely access to an expatriate community from their home country, and good welfare, healthcare and other social programs. The problem for Toronto is meeting the demand and cost as this massive influx strains its already-strained social program systems. For example, in the last year the number of people staying in Toronto’s emergency homeless shelters has quadrupled from an average of 469 people a night in 2016 to 2,351 people a night in April 2017. Illegals represent 38% of people living in the emergency homeless shelter system. Not to mention, nobody knows how many long-term residents of Toronto have been pushed out of the low-cost and shortterm housing markets to make room for these government-enabled illegals.

ongoing illegal immigration woes are attributable to “months” of unfruitful negotiations with the Trump administration. When Trudeau was asked about the repercussions of our lax immigration laws, he insisted the culpability rests solely on President Trump and U.S. lawmakers. At issue is the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA), which requires asylumseekers at official U.S.-Canada border crossings to apply for refuge in the country they entered first. A new trend involves illegals--often Nigerian tourists with visitor visas-surreptitiously entering Canada via America’s vast northern border. Recently the Trump administration announced that it was ending temporary protected status for Hondurans after it determined the conditions in Honduras have improved since the hurricane disaster in 1999. A similar revocation of temporary protected status for Haitians and El Salvadorans has been blamed for triggering last year's influx of illegals crossing into Canada, yet Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen (himself a Somali-born Muslim “refugee” who arrived in Canada in 1993) says he's not worried about a “wave” of Hondurans hitting the border.

But the truth of the matter is that Justin Trudeau is a Globalist just like his father, so his allegiance is not to the Canadian people but to the bankers and corporate business community that use him as their proxy. Like in Europe, their aim is to erase national borders. Their plan is to force you to stop being a Canadian, by tearing down your nation of confederated provinces. Oh, and if you think you can put a stop to all this nonsense by throwing out Liberal Justin Trudeau and electing Conservative Andrew Scheer as Prime Minister, think again! Scheer is as much of a Globalist as Justin. He won’t do anything of significance about illegal immigration, just like he won’t do anything about the carbon tax, because he publicly tows the Globalist line on policies like the “manmade climate change” hoax.

So while organized human trafficking rings push 90% of Canada’s illegal immigration though a dirt path in a residential neighborhood in a small Quebec town, our Globalist-sympathizing government builds structures and staffs the place round-the-clock with RCMP and “immigration” officers--the entire infrastructure needed so these economic freeloaders can prey on your sympathy and apathy (and your tax money). Instead of building a fence at the illegal border crossing, they filled a portion of the ditch to make it easier for these illegals to break the law. Instead of putting a police force there to turn people back and defend our border, they have instructed our police to act as bell hops and help with luggage. And Toronto Mayor John Tory is calling on both the provincial and federal (Liberal) governments instead of defending our nation and Canadian heritage, our Prime Minister blames others as for help in dealing with the impact these illegals are having on Toronto’s already-strained-to- he dismantles our country for his Globalist backers. Globalists like George Soros and other the-breaking-point social systems for the poor. But in reality, Globalist Tory is being non-Canadians are the ones pulling the puppet strings here and are literally formulating our disingenuous that he cares about the impact it’s really having, because on January 31, immigration policy by proxy. 2017, Tory and city council voted 37-to-3 to make Toronto a “SANCTUARY CITY”; the first Canadian city with a formal policy allowing undocumented migrants to access services For the last two hours while I sat in my second floor apartment in Toronto writing this article regardless of immigration status. At the same time, Toronto Community Housing with the window next to me open to enjoy the first of the spring weather, three very loud Corporation (TCHC) is bumping poor homeless Canadians and people with disabilities men have been arguing in a foreign language just outside my window, making it hard to further back on the waiting list to make room for these fake “refugees” to jump the queue. concentrate. Sure Justin, “diversity is our strength” … MY ASS IT IS !!! Kathleen Wynne couldn’t be bothered with anything that wouldn’t help her in the June 7, 2018 election, and our PM Justin Trudeau only sees these illegals as future supporters. He even has the audacity to point the finger at U.S. President Donald Trump’s move to do something about his own migrant crisis, as the problem. According to a Washington Times story, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told officials that

(LEFT) An RCMP officer escorts an illegal and her baby across the border. The defeated look on his face displays the realization that he’ll be working overtime for decades to cover the increased income tax he’ll have to pay to cover the lifelong welfare benefits for all these future chronically-unemployed illegals. (RIGHT) For months, Alt-Right Quebec-based group “La Meute” (translated “The Pack”, with a wolf paw as their symbol) has been aggressivelyprotesting against the Trudeau-led invasion of illegals across the Quebec border. The group boasts almost 50,000 members, making it the largest Identitarian-based Nationalist group in North America.


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THE KEY TO BEING FREE IS GOING KAMIKAZE! As Leroy and I face two years in prison and financial & reputational ruin, we take solace in this passage from the Kamikaze pilots’ manual, which reads “When you eliminate all thoughts about life and death, you will be able to totally disregard your earthly life. This will also enable you to concentrate your attention on eradicating the enemy (Marxist Parasite) with unwavering determination ...”

Dr. James Sears Editor-In-Chief Your Ward News

So much has transpired on the legal front since the last edition! On March 28, 2018, a pre-trial occurred for Warren & Lisa Kinsella’s delusional private criminal prosecution against me & Leroy for “uttering threats”. At least twice the lovely Judge Wong nudged the Crown to drop the case, as she did not see how pursuing it was in the public interest. The Crown disagreed (I suspect due to political pressure from Marxist Parasites) and still had not provided us with full disclosure (more trickled in on May 11, 2018).

Perplexed by my legal acumen, Judge Wong asked if I was a lawyer. I was about to respond “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”, but bit my tongue. The Crown refused to order transcripts from the Kinsellas' hearing with the JP who laid the charges, claiming he was “not relying on them”. It sounded fishy, so I learned how to file the papers to go over his head and obtain a JUDGE’S ORDER to get the transcripts released (after all my hard work, the Crown had the audacity to DEMAND COPIES!) As suspected, the transcripts contain bombshell information that will take time for me to analyze, so I am delaying the June 13, 2018 pre-trial. I will reveal my findings in the next edition!

adult, from representing themselves and confronting the victim. Any survivor of REAL ABUSE (I withstood physical and psychological torture at the hands of a “shell-shocked”, alcoholic, WWII vet father), knows the feeling of facing your abuser again (they still have power over you). So I consider the Crown’s demands to “protect” the Kinsellas--who neither me nor Leroy have ever met in person--a spit in the face of REAL VICTIMS! The next pre-trial includes an open-court hearing on the “Vulnerable Adult Witness” motion, which I will STRONGLY OPPOSE on behalf of all REAL VICTIMS! I encourage REAL ABUSE SURVIVORS to attend and give me moral support, as I tell my story and ask the Court not to RE-ABUSE ME by equating being the butt of political jokes to being viciously berated and beaten. I will show how the Kinsellas are the REAL ABUSERS and Leroy & I are the REAL VICTIMS. The most suspenseful pre-trial moment came when the amiable Crown and I recessed to go down the hall and schedule a trial date. I smirked as he chose February 2019 (charges were laid June 2017, meaning I could have it thrown out because a delay over 18 months violates my constitutional rights). I kept my mouth shut, but Judge “Human Abacus” Wong


The Crown also wanted to expand the offense dates to include several editions of Your Ward News, claiming articles critical of the Kinsellas amounted to a repeated pattern of abuse, requiring the Kinsellas to be declared "Vulnerable Adult Witnesses". This legal motion is primarily meant to prevent people charged with sexual, physical or psychological abuse of a child who is now an


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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. was better at math than the Italian Stallion Crown. She noticed the error and sent us back down the hall. So now the week-long trial for "uttering threats" against the Kinsellas starts October 22, 2018. Coincidentally, that is also Municipal Election Day! Is that one of the reasons Lisa Kinsella dropped her bid for Councillor? August 21-22, 2018, are pre-trial motions for our "uttering threats" case. August 29-31, 2018, are pre-trial motions for our "hate speech" case (our vicious, extremely astute lawyers Dean Embry and Ian McCuaig are doing an excellent job of shutting the Crown down on that). And our 2-week trial for “hate speech” starts November 26, 2018. All of these hearings will be held at College Park Court. I have been told by several law professors and other academics that our “hate speech” trial will be the most important “free speech” trial in Canadian history! As a reminder, knowing a Jury would easily acquit us, the Crown elected to proceed "summarily" with their weak "hate speech" case (by Judge alone, hoping we get a bad one), denying us our God-given right to a trial by a Jury of our peers. They plan on calling experts on "Jews" and "Feminism". I estimate the cost of police investigating and Crown prosecuting us to be over $20 million (murderers & rapists will walk free as that huge block of court time bumps their cases, causing them to be thrown out due to "undue delay"). Now some GOOD NEWS! Over a year ago, a deranged high school Guidance Counsellor attacked one of our paperboys. She lied about the encounter, so police charged HIM with assault. The Crown felt it was unwinnable and DROPPED THE CASE! The bad news is the Marxist Parasite that attacked my paperboy is still on the street and coming in contact with fragile young minds.

Our enemies have launched SEVEN LEGAL ATTACKS in a futile attempt to silence us: 1. Children’s Aid harassed me after Lisa Kinsella wrote an article implying I beat my wife. Luckily, I discreetly recorded CAS workers admitting they were there for “what I write”. CAS never returned. 2. We successfully defended one of our paperboys on assault charges. 3. The Kinsellas filed delusional private charges that we “uttered threats” against them, after police and 2 Crown Attorneys rejected them. 4. We are fighting charges for “hate speech” against Jews and women. 5. We are fighting to overturn a Canada Post ban. 6. Lisa Kinsella filed a nuisance libel suit (when a public figure like Kinsella begins taking satire personally, it is time for her to exit the public spotlight).

7. Warren Kinsella filed a very delusional libel suit. For example, our arresting officer had an old voicemail greeting message stating he was with “homicide” so I jokingly wrote “My first thought was ‘Now that lying asshole Kinsella is trying to frame me for murder!’”. Cucksella is suing us for implying he is the type of guy to frame someone for murder (I kid you not). STAY TUNED!

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Visit 163 Main Street at Gerrard Street East or call: (647) 748-4421 “YOUR WARD NEWS” IS THE WORLD’S LARGEST ANTI-MARXIST PUBLICATION!

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Dr. James Sears is mobilizing manpower and materials to open the next front in our battle against the Marxist parasite. We need resourceful, intelligent, uncompromising men who refuse to yield to pressure from traitors. Specifically: • Audio-Visual Specialists • Aggressive Online Trolls • Counter-Protest Muscle

• Satirical Writers • Political Cartoonists • Event Security

Dr. Sears also needs men to sit on the steering committees for the "Adolf Hitler Fan Club" and the "Anti-Marxist Book Burning". If you are man enough to be our comrade in arms, contact us through



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. expression and newspapers were the glue that bound the cornerstones of democracy into a strong supportive voice of the people, of the minds of the people. Anything less is unacceptable on all fronts. “FREEDOM OF THE PRINTED WORD … Truth is not found in authority and obedience …”

Glad to get a copy of Your Ward News and learn of the New Constitution Party. Time is past due to oppose the Marxist ideology which has been gradually imposed on us by all levels of Government and old-line political parties; starting with Bi-ling, women’s lib and other forms of political correctness with the purpose to denigrate white men, young and old. Photos of the Prime Minister and/or Prov. Premier surrounded by women, African & Asian men, many with cabinet portfolios, must surely dismay the descendants of Wolfe, Brock & MacDonald and other founding people. Angry young men and old and grumpy men should rally and support your endeavour. God Save The Queen. George Meekins, Mississauga, ON What an honour to receive a letter containing moral support and kudos from past President of the “Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party”. I remember viewing your materials 25 years ago, around the time I began delving into Ernst Zündel’s travails exposing the Holohoax. You were one of the intellectuals that helped awaken me. To address your comments, I believe in what I call the “95% rule” of Nationalism. For a country to maintain its culture, 95% of its citizens must be descendant from its founders. In Canada’s case, 95% should be either European, Aboriginal, descendant from “underground railroad” Negros that escaped the Jewish-run slave trade, or descendant from Japanese or Chinese who built our infrastructure. The other 5% can be anyone with skills to make Canada a better place—not just a hungry mouth looking for handouts. Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief -----------------------------------------------------------I have been in the newspaper & printing trade 50 years. Dr. Sears has the right idea and I can see why people would be offended by his papers; for the same reason over history others have been offended by the printed word. The content may not ascribe to how they see things and may see things in a position of being threatened. The history of the press and freedom of speech has been a struggling marriage since Gutenburg created moveable type. History has been replete with newspapers that for one reason or the other have been much more offensive than your papers. Democracy is a cornerstone of free

can all get behind that. And I'd be happy to sign your nomination papers and so would my brother. I appreciate your time and look forward to helping your righteous quest to stick it to the sickos. BTW, your family will love the museums, which frankly is one of the few things government seems to get correct (ignoring the subtle propaganda and Master Wryter, Hamilton, ON gauche modernist architectural blemishes on otherwise dignified buildings). I learned I take my responsibility as a gatekeeper about you because I have one issue of your of information seriously. Most readers do paper, which my sister and her husband not have the insight or intellect to brought to me after having it delivered to understand what makes our world tick. It their door in Toronto. They thought I would is my solemn duty to help them interpret appreciate it and they were right. The quality current events and understand what of your paper rivals any samizdat out there. I those events mean to them. George learned of your running for MPP from sheer Orwell said “If liberty means anything at coincidence; I was looking into the all, it means the right to tell people what candidates to see if anything other than the they do not want to hear.” I am exercising usual Marxist tripe was on offer and didn't that right, robustly and shamelessly. see your name among a list of candidates I'd pulled up on Wikipedia (paragon of Truth), so Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief I decided to do a little digging on my own and ------------------------------------------------------------ your name popped up for Ottawa Center. Naturally I had to find out if this was true and I’m a Professor of Political Science at a I'm pleasantly surprised. I look forward to major Canadian university, and a proud meeting you and hope we can get this thing “Marxist”. I’ve always been very open with licked and really give the goons in charge a my students about my political beliefs, but a big time headache. disturbing incident took place a short while ago that has made me leery of being so P.C., Ottawa, ON open. A pair of white male students It was a great honour and pleasure to approached me after a class, displaying meet you and your brother, both aggressive body posture and language, hardworking, proud Canadians. As of accusing me of supporting “the murder of over 100 million people” and “pedophilia” and press time, I do not know the outcome of “degeneracy”. I tried to set them straight, but the race in Ottawa Centre, but I hope that Marxist Parasite Yasir Naqvi goes back to they were rabid and unyielding. I began to doing what he did before becoming an feel unsafe. I asked them to quote sources, and they provided me with a copy of your M.P.P. and Ontario’s Attorney General: volunteering at a food bank. Is that not abhorrent publication. If anything is “fake fitting? Handing out food to those thrown news” that should be banned as “hate into poverty by the policies of his speech”, you are. Despicable! government? Anonymous, Canada Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief Dr. Jordan Peterson is right. Most -----------------------------------------------------------university programs are “indoctrination cults”. And you have just displayed the I was appalled when I learned that you were hallmark trait of a cult leader: controlling permitted to run for Mayor of Toronto. Since the flow of information to your cult when are convicted sex offenders allowed to followers. Those boys that confronted run for office? If you think you’ve got any you had every right to obtain information hope in hell of winning, you’re totally from outside of your class. We are the delusional! And when did you get out of jail? most reputable source of news in Sleazeball RAPIST scum! Canada, because unlike the mainstream media, every article we publish is Deborah S., Toronto, ON thoroughly sourced. You misspelled “RACIST”, LOL! But Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief seriously, I have a clean criminal record. I ------------------------------------------------------------ am NOT a “sex offender”. That is just a vicious rumour spread by women I I appreciate your work. You're doing a great sexually assaulted … You see? That was job. I've heard you're in Ottawa with your a joke. Maybe you are on the “Autism Spectrum” and are having trouble family collecting nomination signatures and planning to run against Yasir Naqvi for MPP differentiating between satire and reality. in the Ottawa Center region. It's my neighbourhood and I'd be happy to do some Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief door-to-door for you if you think it would be -----------------------------------------------------------useful. My notion is to convince people to vote for you because you're the only The mainstream media is either ignoring or candidate who's guaranteed to shit on the downplaying the significance of some very waffles of the political class and I think we disturbing developments on the Natural


Health front. Dr. Sears, I know you are an outspoken critic of toxic, useless drugs and vaccines. You are my only hope to get the word out. For the millions of Canadians that want continued access to Natural Health products to sustain their quality of health and treat serious illness, the threat has never been more critical than now. Health Canada is coming out with "drug style" regulations for Natural Health products that don't need a prescription. According to Shawn Buckley, Constitutional Lawyer and President of the NHPPA (Natural Health Products Protection Association), what's coming down the pike affects Canadians in two major ways. Firstly, there will be further restrictions on Natural Health product availability. The government will rely on slanted “science” controlled by “Big Pharma” to decide if a Natural Health product will be available. Secondly, there will be censorship on product information. Important, honest research on Natural Health products will be censored by the government --a de facto violation of intellectual property rights. “Science” will be used as a weapon to suppress the truth. These regulations will restrict the progress of the Natural Health products industry. It will be illegal to use a Natural Health product for a serious illness. The mandate of Health Canada, and its pattern of behaviour, is to funnel everyone towards the medical drug model, using steadily greater force and penalties to encroach upon your right to sovereignty over your body. We need to strike down a law that violates our freedom of expression. Marlene Lynn, Toronto, ON You wrote an anti-vaccine article we published a couple of years ago that triggered a lot of brainwashed people and resulted in a flurry of hate email which I thoroughly enjoyed responding to. Write an article on the above topic and I will publish it. Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief -----------------------------------------------------------My lefty daughter just about shit herself when she saw a copy of Your Ward News on my kitchen table. She called it "the Nazi paper". We had a very long and heated discussion. Good show gentlemen. Kevin Andrews, Mississauga, ON I love heartwarming stories of family being at each other's throats over our demented truth tract. BTW, is she hot? Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief ------------------------------------------------------------

We published just a handful of the hundreds of letters we received since the last issue. Almost all were positive. Some letters were edited for brevity.

Please send your letters to: Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief

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THE 1st ANNUAL TORONTO OLD-FASHIONED ANTI-MARXIST BOOK BURNING Bring the whole family out to help us fan the flames of Canadian political history, as we cleanse the body politic of commie filth. The New Constitution Party of Canada is proud to present The 1st Annual Toronto Old-Fashioned Anti-Marxist Book Burning, featuring educational speeches by NCP members, live music courtesy of the Beaches Blues Festival, refreshments and food courtesy of Dr. James Sears, and of course, the burning of Marxist effigies and books. Attendees are encouraged to bring Marxist books to be arraigned by Dr. James Sears. Any book he finds guilty of corrupting our body politic will be sentenced to the ash heap of history, and dropped into the fire pit.

One Million Germans Attended The 1937 Nuremberg Rally Help Us Beat Hitler’s Record!

We welcome all Marxist books: Marxist doctrine like the Communist Manifesto; cultural Marxist filth like Kathleen Wynne’s pedophilic sex education curriculum; FemiMarxist garbage by authors like Margaret Atwood; EnviroMarxist Agenda 21 propaganda by scientific sellouts like David Suzuki, etc. We are open-minded and will terminate any parasitic prose, without prejudice.

ITINERARY: We will announce a detailed schedule of events and speakers soon. If you or your group would like to speak at our event, please contact Dr. James Sears at PLEASE NOTE: No matter how tempting, we will not burn religious scripture or national flags. Our sharp focus will be on Marxist books. ONE FINAL NOTE: Unlike the Marxists, we terminate books we disagree with--not the authors themselves.

Marxist Book Burning Is Fun For The Whole Family. Kids Love Watching Their Textbooks Go Up In Flames!

Nothing Brings A Community Together Like Burning Marxist Books And Effigies While Everyone Salutes And Yells "HAIL VICTORY! EXPEL THE PARASITE!"

Handsome Heterosexual NCP Men Will Be On Hand — No Metrosexuals Allowed!


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Your Ward News Summer 2018  
Your Ward News Summer 2018