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...CONTINUED FROM LAST PAGE And of course the big lie that is whispered at election time is that if you do vote for a fringe party or independent, you are “wasting your vote”.

power in Canadian politics, it’s no wonder at all that the public has become jaded to the system and for the most part given up on voting and participating in it. Voter turnout in Canada now averages around 60% and has been dropping steadily. In the last federal byelection I worked on it was 47%--that means less than half the people who could vote did!

It also goes without saying that this control also dictates subject, policy and issues discussed during elections, so that subjects important to most Canadians, such as banking policy, immigration or foreign aid, are never discussed or brought to light in the body politic. And of course there is the one thing that is talked about which is the "First past the post" system. In each electoral district or riding, the candidate with the most number of votes in an election wins a seat in the House of Commons, or the legislative assembly in provincial and territorial elections. The leader of the party which wins the highest number or seats, rather than the party with the highest percentage of the overall vote, is asked to form the government. Although first past the post is talked about, the winners of the elections seem to forget all about their objections to this system if they win. With the system and media rigged to ensure that only the big three corporate-controlled parties will ever attain and forever hold on to

WTF? Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrives at the memorial service for Paul Desmarais with Widow Jacqueline Desmarais! No surprise… Sarkozy hid in Paul Desmarais’ home as French police were raiding his Paris home for an illicit campaign financing investigation.

If Canada is ever to regain a democratic form of government a number of things need to happen. Firstly, Canada needs to return the issuance of currency to the public (The Bank of Canada, which we own) and away from the private banking cartels. These cartels use this wealth to control the people and the government though debt. Secondly, a large percentage of Canadian citizens have to care enough to get involved in the political process, not only in terms of voting but also in joining and running of political parties. We need to demand honesty and transparency in government, and we need to get it! Not just promises. Lastly, we need to install a system of accountability. Regaining democracy in Canada is a huge undertaking. It requires a lot of work by a lot of people. Until you are ready to do your part, don’t speak to me of democracy in Canada, because that’s not what we have.

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