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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST TO 77,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER 300,000. Estimates on the cost of this, according to Canadian Press, are $876.7 million in this year alone, largely due to the cost of the airlift; and perhaps $1.2 billion over six years. It also appears that Premier Kathleen Wynne will be putting the needs of these refugees ahead of people on disability and old age pension who can’t find affordable housing or don’t have access to doctors.

Justin Trudeau has made this generous gesture of accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees, but it’s your tax money that will support these people, your children that will have to make room in their schools, your health care system that will have to treat and look after them, and your taxes that will be going up. The 10,000 that will land in the GTA over the next few weeks will be bringing third world problems to our door step and it’s you, not Justin, who will have to deal with this.

Here are approximately 250 Syrian “refugees”... Justin has opened our borders to 100x THIS NUMBER, almost half of them INVADING TORONTO!

As of December 1, 2015 O.A.C.


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Your Ward News December 2015  

Tacky Dawn Chapman is the biggest attention whore in The Beaches (Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon is a close second).

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