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ALTRUISTIC HEALERS OR SLEAZY DRUG DEALERS? One family has raked in billions of dollars from the “Opioid Epidemic” ravaging North American society, and they have maintained relative anonymity … until now. I would like to introduce them to the readers of Your Ward News in hopes of pressuring Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney to find a final solution to this crisis. Crushin' candy, crushin' pills, Got no job, mom pays my bills, Textin' ex's get my fill, Sweatin' bullets, Netflix-chills, World's out there singin' the blues, Twenty more dead on the evening news, Think to myself "really, what's the use?", I'm just like you, I was born to lose, Why oh why can't you just fix me?, When all I want's to feel numb, But the medication's all done, Why oh why does God hate me?, When all I want's to get high, And forget this so-called life, I am so freakin' bored, Nothin' to do today, I guess I'll sit around and medicate.


When I first heard the above lyrics from the song “Rx (Medicate)” by “Theory of a Deadman” on the radio by Dr. James Sears a few weeks ago, it crushed my heart. During my medical training and practice I encountered many addicts, but mostly alcohol or marijuana. Only a small percentage did “hard drugs”. Some Negroes were crack addicts. Some Caucasians were coke addicts, with the odd Oxycodone or Heroin addict. I never would have described it as an “epidemic”. But over the last decade, things changed. Across North America the “opioid epidemic” has taken hold, with over 50,000 Americans and 3,000 Canadians dying of overdoses just last year. Its primary target is formerly high-functioning Caucasians (majority men) who cannot deal with the psychological burden of an economy decimated by Economic Marxism and a culture raped by Cultural Marxism; a lost generation of men, glorified in movies like “Fight Club”; children of selfish, self-righteous, virtue-signalling, treacherous “Baby Boomers” who sold out these men’s destiny to infinite immigration, consumption, consumerism and environmental destruction. Their Boomer Scum parents spent their inheritance like drunken sailors, so these poor bastards are paying the bill, both economically and psychologically. A few years ago my wife’s sister’s boyfriend died of an Oxycodone overdose (sold under brand names like Percocet or OxyContin).

pharmacists and further re-dealt on the street for quick easy cash by our satanic neighbours. Sleazy physicians and pharmacists are enablers. Known as “The First Family of OxyContin”, the billionaire Jewish Sackler clan own the patent for OxyContin, the main opioid in this epidemic. They own dozens of homes worldwide and have successfully marketed themselves as philanthropists and donors to the arts and higher education, with “Sackler Wings” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paris’ Louvre, London’s Royal Academy; Sackler rooms, escalators, institutes, at dozens of other museums & universities. But exhibit attendees are unaware that the number of people murdered by the Sacklers dwarfs even those by Pablo Escobar and his cocaine cartel. The Sackler Family first became wealthy when older brother Arthur had the brilliant idea of marketing their new drug “Valium” to a VERY BROAD RANGE of patients (competitor “Librium” was chemically virtually identical, but treated a very narrow range of “anxiety”, as its patent owners were ethical). Arthur claimed “psychic tension” caused headaches, stomach aches, sexual dysfunction, disturbed sleep, etc., all treatable with Valium (inspiring the Rolling Stones song “Mother’s Little Helper”). But the Sackler Family’s $14 Billion net worth overwhelmingly came from OxyContin. This year multiple U.S. states began suing the Sacklers for the Opioid Epidemic. On August 29, 2018, B.C. became the first province in Canada to launch a class action lawsuit against dozens of companies for “negligence and corruption” about opiate addiction risks, most notably Sackler-owned Purdue Pharma and pharmacies Shoppers Drug Mart and its owner Loblaw Companies Ltd. But Ontario taxpayers footing the bill to treat these addicts have not heard a peep out of our new Attorney General, Globalist puppet Caroline Mulroney. A Canada-wide private class action lawsuit against the Sacklers was about to be settled for a paltry $18 million, with $11,000 to $13,500 paid to each of an estimated 1,475 to 1,770 eligible claimants, including legal fees. The Sacklers jumped all over it because they knew it was ridiculously low, but to the credit of Saskatchewan Justice Brian Barrington-Foote, on March 15, 2018, he rejected the settlement.

In our next edition of Your Ward News I will cover the immorality of “safe injection sites”, When it comes to cocaine, crack or heroin, the government will bring to bear all of the state’s resources, against drug smugglers, producers and dealers. But the “opioid epidemic” and the “Methadone Clinic” scam (these facilities do not want their “patients” to recover; is different. The drugs are PRESCRIPTION, produced by “Big Pharma”, dealt by rather, they want to keep them hooked for eternity, with taxpayers footing the bill).

(LEFT) On March 10, 2018, righteous Jewish artist Nan Goldin and over 100 demonstrators threw prescription pill bottles into the moat around an ancient Egyptian temple in the Metropolitan Museum’s Sackler Wing, chanting “FUND REHAB!” (RIGHT) On July 20, 2018, Harvard Medical School students joined Goldin to stage a “die-in” in the Arthur M. Sackler Museum on the Harvard campus, chanting “SHAME ON SACKLER!”


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MESSAGE FROM OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 2,000 years ago. They better not make the same mistake with their “Prince of Darkness” (I have no animosity towards Warren because without his hysterics, we would have shut down 2 years ago due to a lack of publicity & donations). Private companies & our volunteer army deliver 305,000 copies of our paper. Half hit houses in our delivery area. The rest hit random towns across Canada, so let us know if yours is infested with Marxist parasites. Canada Post has an apartment mailbox monopoly, so ask us for bundles to slip under doors in your building. The best response to our Summer 2018 Edition was from Guelph, Ontario, with dozens of subscription requests, and Kitchener, Ontario, which set a record for email death threats per thousand copies delivered!

Dear Loyal Readers: In this edition of Your Ward News we investigate the “Fake News” false reality peddled by mainstream and left-wing alternative media. We expose false prophets Faith Goldy & Jordan Peterson as Globalist shills tasked with the duty of leading disillusioned young men, Pied Piper-style, into a lake of eternally-misdirected or suppressed rage. On page 16 I discuss how our legal battles are about to hit a climax. FYI, I am a Toronto Mayor candidate (see but due to conflict guidelines, I will not promote it in this paper.

Our office landlord owns a variety store at Main & Gerrard. He wanted to annex our unit to expand his space for a flower shop in order to compete with a new store up the street. He bought out the last 6 years of our 5+5 lease for BIG CASH! That plus saving $1,500+HST monthly rent, goes toward securing a new 3000+ sq’ HQ. It will also house a studio to stream daily online news and my “Hitler Fan Club” clubhouse. We expect to open the doors in early 2019. Thanks to A.R. for storing our furniture & back issues for free (they are being saved for when we can mail subscribers all the editions they missed due to our mail ban). After our “hate speech” trial is over I will register The New Constitution Party of Canada (my Christian Libertarian National Socialist party); restart monthly Toronto Real Men meetings to teach men seduction & masculinity; hold our “Anti-Marxist Book Burning” (the city denied us a permit, so it will be a protest). And I need more artists, web designers, writers, delivery volunteers and paid advertisers, to roll out the inaugural 100,000 print run of my new 20-page Christian-Aquarian quarterly, targeting infidel areas to bring all Muslims & Jews to Christ before 2033. Please contact me to volunteer.

On July 5, 2018, reporter Jessica Young published a story on The Toronto Circus Clown Riot, neglecting to report she lives in an area which two weeks earlier received a copy of Lawrence McCurry’s eerily-similar piece. On August 28, 2018, Warren Kinsella railed against The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and The United Jewish Appeal, for offering him no STAY TUNED! monetary support in his battle against us, while evoking us to demand hundreds of dollars per person in donations to “fight anti -Semitism”. Warren is correct: Without him as leader, there would be no resistance against us. The Jews crucified their King

Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief, Your Ward News


JUSTIN TRUDEAU'S CORRUPT LIBERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ILLEGALLY BLOCKED CANADA POST FROM DELIVERING YOUR WARD NEWS! If you did not receive any of our past editions due to our Metrosexual-In-Chief's treachery, please go to to download a pdf copy, or visit our office to pick up a free hard copy. Your Ward News is temporarily being delivered by private companies and an army of volunteers who believe in free speech. Please consider enlisting to distribute our paper in your spare time. You can volunteer in almost any city, as we are testing markets across Ontario. To volunteer, contact us at:


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DOGS ARE COLOUR BLIND … NOT BLIND TO COLOUR! Being a talking dog I have a good understanding of humans and I like having them in my community. I say “Species Diversity is Our Strength”. But sadly, most of my K-9 brethren are intolerant of humans’ bizarre rituals and customs, with most of my kind also being overt racists. But according to experts, very often it’s the fault of their owner! I once knew an English Bulldog that hated anybody in a uniform. Whether it was a boy scout or somebody in the Salvation Army made no difference to him. All he would see is some guy in a mailman’s uniform coming to his door every day to torment him. And many if not most dogs are not only racist, but would be down with anybody who would suggest a complete genocide and final solution when it comes to cats and squirrels. You humans have a real blind spot when it comes to cats, which are nothing more than creatures that are pure evil incarnate who manipulate you to their own nefarious ends.

by Shep The Talking Dog Retired police dog and citizen journalist

Not to mention dogs are terrible gossips. There’s a Pekingese at the dog park who comes every day with his Asian friend and the other dogs are always yanking his tail by telling him “Today your friend walks you, but tomorrow he may wok you” or asking the hound dog why his friend isn't wearing overalls and carrying a shotgun. Dogs can be very racist all on

their own. And most humans only seem concerned when their dogs show a dislike towards other humans of a different sex or skin colour. What some people don’t realize is many non-white races don’t see man’s relationship with dogs in the same way most white people do. While you may look at your dog as a member of the family and a cute and loveable creature, many brown people see dogs as a domesticated animal to be used like sheep or cattle, or God forbid, for food. Not all brown people of course, but like the uniformed mailman sensitizing him to other people in uniform, once a dog picks up on this vibe from one brown person, it’s likely he will then apply it to them all. The same could be said about a dog owned by a lesbian mistress. That dog may show a dislike towards a male human because of the bias of its human friend. These signals may not even be so overt. I once knew a dog



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. that would bark only at black people because his friend would tighten up on the leash a little bit when a black man went walking by. Now whether he did that because the dog hated black people or the dog hated black people because he did that is like the chicken and the egg.

apply that experience to all children. Same holds true if he’s been kicked by an Asian; he’s going to be leery of being kicked by all Asians.)

Santos also believes the best way to rectify a dog’s biased behavior is to go about training as methodically as if you were teaching a dog to sit. I And speaking of eggs, the eggheads (animal disagree; the problem is not with your dog; it’s with behaviourists) who have studied the likes and the humans he doesn't like. If you ask me, it’s better dislikes of dogs will tell you … to train the humans your dog is racist towards to treat your dog better. For example, the dog who “A lot of dog owners don’t go out of their way to hates people in uniform would change his ways real expose puppies to people of all races, genders, quick if the mailman were to slip some bacon sizes, and ages. If a dog is raised in a though the door along with the mail. If your dog homogenous community with limited access to hates black people, hire some black people to slip the world, they may be hesitant—and your dog some bacon when you’re out walking with sometimes aggressive—in the presence of him. The way to win over a dog is though his something or someone new. In other words, stomach. dogs’ behavior problems reflect the segregated ways in which many Americans still live. And speaking of the term “racist”, why is it that Moreover, 45% of white households in the US different types of humans are “races” but different own a dog, compared to 20% of black families, types of dogs are “breeds”? I mean, isn’t it really the according to a 2010 survey by the Pew same thing? Both dogs and humans have no Research Center. So proportionately more dogs problem categorizing various breeds of dogs by are socialized around people with lighter skin, intelligence, strength, speed, temperament, etc. We and therefore have a stronger reaction to darker all know Border Collies are the geniuses of the dog -skinned people.” world and Pit Bills are the impulsive This is just more killers. But when I psychobabble. In my try to have a experience if dogs conversation with a have a dislike towards human about the a race of people they traits of various usually have a good breeds of … sorry reason for it. For … races of humans, example, last year I’m abruptly told to while researching a stop yapping as story, I tried to talk to a they mutter some number of Muslim psychobabble about people, many of whom “race is a social either yelled at me and construct” (I think ran away, or tried to hit it’s because I’m me with their shoe. German). Next time Now any other dog a government may have formed a decides to ban pit bias from this; not me bulls, perhaps the however. I just kept bulls could argue trying until I found one that “breed is a rather nice gentleman social construct”. who gave me his I’m just saying. falafel. And what’s with all Don’t think Cultural Marxism has only infected human the human sexual Point is after having society. These commie bitches at the dog park were hang-ups over done some research on the subject (that’s protesting guys at the pound profiling by sub-breed. interbreeding? A right, I not only talk, I horny stud doesn’t read as well) I’ve come to the conclusion that most care what size or colour his target bitch’s tail is, of these so-called “dog experts” have no idea what provided it smells right. Hell, a dog will even cross they are talking about. Dr. Laurie Santos, director of the species boundary if he’s desperate, the most the Comparative Cognition Laboratory and the common being human leg humping (but dog society Canine Cognition Center at Yale University has said considers cat and squirrel-humping to be antisocial “The first step is to stop using the term “racist” behaviour). And why do you humans make as dogs do not have the intellectual capacity to language so complicated? If a Jack Russel mounts be bigoted in the same way humans do.” (For a Shih Tzu, it’s simply “interbreeding”, but when a starters, I poop on that statement) Instead, Santos white stud mounts a black bitch in the human world, recommends calling these dogs “biased” or it’s “interracial breeding”. “prejudiced” (Isn’t that what “racist” is?) Moreover, she notes there have as yet been no peer-reviewed Anyway, from what I can see the articles on this studies proving beyond a doubt that skin color can subject are all way off base. Yes, your dog can be trigger negative behaviors in dogs. (Where do these racist, and it may or may not be your fault, but the eggheads get this stuff? If a dog doesn’t like good news is that bacon can fix any problem in the children because he had his tail pulled or had a world. If this article has been helpful to you, send finger poked in his eye, of course he’s going to me some bacon … lots of bacon.

Editor-In-Chief: Dr. James Sears Owner/Publisher: LeRoy St. Germaine “Your Ward News Media Group” is owned by LeRoy St. Germaine. "Your Ward News" is published in support of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. OUR DISTRIBUTION AREA: “YOUR WARD NEWS” IS DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION.

If your home or office is in this area and you are not receiving our newspaper, CONTACT US ASAP! (647) 748-4421


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MAYOR TORY’S GUN STORY: A NAÏVE WHITE ALLEGORY! White people are intelligent, resourceful & highly-effective society-builders, innovators and planners, but the stupidest race in their naïve submission to the Cultural Marxist mantra of “Diversity Is Our Strength” and blind trust in what appear to be the good intentions of others. And Mayor John Tory is the embodiment of the gullible white human condition. Another shooting, another slogan: “Summer of the Gun”, “Danforth Strong”; the left push “mental illness” and “tolerance”; on the kooky right Faith Goldy and The Toronto Sun chant “Muslim terrorism” and “ISIS”. It is all so confusing to the un-awakened citizen, so let me clarify it for you, and if you disagree with ANYTHING I write, ask yourself if you have a better, simpler explanation and solutions.

solutions are straightforward. But in the case of general gang violence, and specifically the “Danforth Shooter” Faisal Hussain, it is convoluted. And to complicate the matter, both the left and the right are misleading us as to why it happened. So let me take you go down the politically-incorrect rabbit hole of diversity-related crime.

Faisal Hussain and his family lived on the 7th floor of 43 Thorncliffe Park Drive. When I was growing up in the 70’s, before traitor Pierre Trudeau suicided our society by opening up Canada’s borders to mass, uncontrolled, unvetted, non-European immigration, Thorncliffe was almost exclusively Greek. I had cousins in the area. Gradually demographics shifted. As reported in our Summer 2018 Edition, “Toronto Now it is almost exclusively Muslim, primarily Afghanis, Pakistanis and Muslim East Indians Van Attack” perp Alek Minassian was autistic and (I buy freshly-baked flatbread from my buddy at Afghan Village Bakery). And the formerlysexually-frustrated. He rented a van and used it to mow very Greek “East York Towne Centre” now looks like a mall in downtown Kabul. down pedestrians on Yonge Street in the name of But unlike the Greeks they replaced, these Muslims refuse to fully assimilate into Canadian by Pastor Dr. James Sears “InCels” (Involuntary Celibates). A future attack of a similar nature can be averted if we prevent autism by society because they do not have to--Trudeau’s new Canada is “multi-cult”. They live in a not immunizing young children, and rid our society of all feminist ideology. The motive and CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE...




DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. ghettoized insular society which looks upon outsiders with disdain and zealously preserves its ideology. Whereas in the 60’s and 70’s Greeks assimilated into Canadian society effortlessly within one generation, the children of Muslim immigrants still harbour an “us versus them” attitude toward Christians, with about 20% being outright supremacists.

fare evasion, you create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes (not new laws … just a policy to strictly enforce existing ones). In other words, the city cleans up graffiti; then police stake out the area and bust any perps with spray paint. If a “diverse” group has congregated in an area known for gang activity, the police bust them up under existing “loitering” laws. And absolutely no letting “gangstas” off There are very few of us Greeks left in Thorncliffe, but our churches, community centres and with warnings for minor crimes (similarly, Antifa was allowed to get away with minor other “infidel” symbols remain, to the extreme dismay of the more radical Muslim elements. vandalism, and have now escalated to serious assault, and eventually murder). Muslim and Greek leaders get along out of necessity, lending one another parking lot space for large events. But individuals like Hussain, look out their window or walk on the sidewalk, The other day I was in the foyer of Loblaws at Carlton and Church (great place to pick up and see beautiful Greek women heading to church; women (and men) who are free to enjoy horny, attractive women who are badly-neglected by fags in the area). I witnessed store life without the shackles of having to wear religious garb and pray several times a day. It security accost a dark-skinned couple with a backpack and bag busting at the seams. They drives some of these guys crazy; Hussain, to mass murder. emptied them out, one full of pricey “Naturally Raised” chicken they shoplifted (they were obviously going to fence it). I was horrified when the security guy let them off with a warning! We know that while traversing an alleyway off Danforth at the time he was shooting it up, I asked him why. He said it sickens him to do it but Loblaws’ policy is not to prosecute Hussain encountered a Sikh man, and spared him. Those on the kooky right have taken it to shoplifters because “the optics are bad”, as most of them are “diverse”. Even worse: mean Hussain thought the guy was a “Muslim”. I disagree. A radicalized Muslim knows the Loblaws installed syringe disposal boxes in their washroom so druggies can shoot up in their difference between a Muslim and a Sikh. Rather, he was targeting Greektown but knew this stalls (the epitome of whites having business smarts but cultural blindness). guy was NOT A GREEK, and especially, NOT A GREEK WOMAN! Also, if Hussain’s motive was strictly “kill all infidels”, he would have been yelling “Allahu Akbar” or some other Of course my solutions to Toronto’s gun violence would fall on deaf ears at City Hall Islamic slogan, at some point during his rampage. No, Hussain was targeting my women; because Mayor John Tory is a naïve white man who prefers to consult rappers for a solution beautiful Greek women who were out dressed in sexy outfits, celebrating birthdays and (yes, he actually did that) and even had Drake’s caricature illuminate the side of City Hall. anniversaries. This “Halal InCel” could not have one, and made sure no one else could. Just He does not think of consulting higher-IQ African-Canadian doctors, lawyers and like the van attacker was sloppy in his driving, and hit unintended men, Hussain’s male businessmen, who can go out into their community as leaders, and be positive role models victims were collateral damage (I assume some men tried to block bullets intended for their to their youth. No, not Tory. Instead he consults those that push violent, degenerate lyrics. woman’s body). Most leaders in African-Canadian and other “diverse” communities are in it for fame and money over altruism. Hardworking Negroes I know are disgusted by their community’s The Hussain family’s statement and slanted media reports portray him as a man with a sleazy politics. It reminds me of a retired Toronto Police officer I knew who was a Jamaican psychological condition who had minor run-ins with police. But my contact at City Hall found immigrant. He famously told me “I left Jamaica to get away from these Niggers and now no social work file on him (was it purged?) His brother is a known drug-dealer and gunthey’re here”. runner--a member of the Muslim street gang “Thorncliffe Park Kings”--who did not face his day in court because he is conveniently “in a coma”. I suspect Hussain got the gun from his ATTENTION STUPID WHITE PEOPLE: “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa are funded by Globalist George Soros. They do NOT reflect the views of law-abiding African-Canadians. brother’s stash, after it came across Trudeau’s open border with The United States (gun control is useless, as criminals will always find guns). The parents of these two pieces of You are conditioned to be afraid to speak the truth when it comes to race, gender, religion human garbage are described as “victims”, with dad supposedly keeping a “constant vigil” and “diversity”. You are victims of the Marxist mind-control technique of “political by his comatose son (Do these people work? Are they scamming welfare?) I hold them correctness” (you cannot speak certain thoughts, so eventually you stop thinking them). But personally responsible for their boys’ criminality. They knew what these scumbags were up we can use this mind-control technique to our advantage by employing the “Broken to, but chose to turn a blind eye. The entire family should be charged with criminal Windows Theory”—if thugs cannot spray-paint their violent thoughts, then maybe they will negligence then deported. stop thinking them, and ultimately not act upon them. So how do we prevent future attacks? Firstly, we follow the path of Russia’s Putin and repeal Marxist “gun control”. Allow any law-abiding citizen to “conceal carry” a gun, and make it mandatory for an establishment of 100 seats or more to have a conceal-carrying staff member present at all times (optional for smaller businesses). If these laws were in place on July 22, 2018, Hussain would have been terminated in the first half-block. Secondly, let the cops do their damn job, including “carding” and “racial profiling”. In contrast to the media spin, most African-Canadians I meet (they LOVE Your Ward News) support these measures, as they are way more afraid of encountering one of their own in a back alley than a white boy. And why is it legal for someone to trash-talk to a cop? Sure, we have the right to “free expression”, but the Charter of Rights has a “notwithstanding clause” allowing “reasonable limits”. If I can be charged with “hate speech” merely for criticizing Zionism or Feminism, why can we not charge a thug with “disrespecting a peace officer”? He would sure change his bad attitude really fast if the cop he called a “pig” took him down to the “pen”. Thirdly, Toronto should look to how Mayor Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York’s gun crime by implementing the “Broken Windows Theory”, which theorizes that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. By targeting minor crimes like vandalism, public drinking and


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Catholic girls who dress like hookers in church fascinate me. Not in regards to their slutty motives, the fulfilment of which is nullified at confession; but rather why no one calls them out on their hypocrisy. And now it appears one of these bible-thumping cockteasers is at large on the streets of Toronto, soliciting shekels as she sews discord wherever she goes.

Only four things appear certain about Faith Goldy:

 Her real name is “Julia Bazos” (“Bazos” was removed from her Wikipedia page shortly after she announced a Mayoral run)

 She is from a wealthy family, having attended private girls’ school Havergal College until grade 8 (tuition is $33,000 a year!)

 When Goldy studied Political Science at University of Toronto, her best friend was Ashley A. Lefler, a Munk School graduate who now works for Prime Canada's top Seduction Minister Justin Trudeau at Global Affairs Canada as a Policy Advisor in the UN Security Council Division. and Masculinity Guru Goldy & Lefler created a “sex only for men who vote” website at which was recently taken down, but a cached copy can be found at

by Dimitri The Lover

 Only a blind man or a total faggot would not want to bed her (or at least see what she looks like naked) Goldy’s Globalist ties in Point #3 are interesting, because she was nobody (with virtually no online history, even in social media) up until only a few years ago, when someone manufactured her persona and presented her as a modern-day Joan of Arc to archetypestarved Alt-Right men. I worked hard to find this information because it is as if her entire life—all her social media history from all the schools she attended—was just scrubbed from the internet (commonly-done when people are manufactured for nefarious purposes). Is an elite entity using her (and Jordan Peterson) to misinform and misdirect angry young men? I do not think she is a CSIS agent in the vein of Grant Bristow, but from her inception, something was just not right about the girl. “Journalist” Faith Goldy whores herself out as a “White Nationalist” sexpot who wears her Catholicism on her sleeve. And bizarrely, she was being pimped out by radical Zionist Jew Ezra Levant, to the disgust of fellow Jews. But no matter how much Levant publicized her



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. visit to Israel, disdain for Palestinians, extreme anti-Muslim views, belief Jews are God’s to document the flow of illegals. These photo-ops bolstered her position with the horny beta chosen people, etc. Jews were just not buying it. But in the moral balancing act in Levant’s cucks that follow her online, but did not lead to any meaningful increase in her support base. mind, Nazi shekels were no different than Jewish shekels. He was just capitalizing on the Alt -Right phenomenon for as long as he could … then suddenly it all came crashing down. Her latest publicity stunt came on the final day of Toronto Mayoral candidate filings--a hasty, spazzy announcement that she was running for Mayor! Dr. James Sears, a serious Fresh off a Levant-sponsored Israel trip (where Goldy recorded an Islamic call to prayer in candidate for Toronto Mayor, submitted his name three months earlier, on the first day of Bethlehem as she urged for a modern Christian crusade to take back the city), she travelled filings. Obviously Goldy was desperately hoping her candidacy would turbocharge her to Charlottesville to attend a peaceful Alt-Right rally and report from the ground. Levant did popularity and her coffers. But to date, it has not. Instead, many of her diehard supporters not want her to go, but I personally supported her attempt to provide a fair and balanced are now disillusioned--they do not understand what she is trying to accomplish. They feel her perspective to counter the anti-white mainstream media bias surrounding the event. During longshot political pursuit is distracting her from the far-right investigative journalism they are that trip she fell into The Twilight Zone of identity politics by accepting an invitation to appear funding her to produce. Besides the fact that Goldy’s candidacy is a total joke, an Alt-Right on a podcast hosted by “Azzmador” of Nazi website “Daily Stormer”, a man who has publicly man who votes for a woman, is a hypocrite. stated he wants to “Gas the Kikes”. Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin considers Goldy a “thot” (“that hoe over there”, a derogatory term for a woman who erroneously thinks her Goldy is turning 30 and her biological time clock is ticking loudly. Other than being a little opinions matter). “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk (a homosexual shitlord in real life) nutty, manipulative and annoying, she appears psychologically and physically healthy, recently admitted he reads Daily Stormer every day and is a huge fan (his new book making her fine breeding stock. If she is truly serious about “saving the white race”, she “Adjustment Day” is about a post-race war United States split into three regions: Blacktopia, must submit to impregnation. If the idea of sex intimidates her, it can be done “Handmaid’s Caucasia and Gaysia). Tale”-style. I am sure that worthy donors would queue for several blocks, as the idea of reading the Book of Revelation out loud whilst saving his race by procreating with one as The interview, which can be found online, was troll gold. As the hilariously offensive and genetically-worthy as Goldy, will appeal to most men. Another possibility is that she is a witty Azzmador interviewed Goldy, she began to sound more and more like a little Nazi girl dyke. But even being of that orientation does not preclude her from raising a loving family, meeting Adolf Hitler. She was extremely excited to be there, and so caught up in the with a man she at least respects (they can “swing” with women to satisfy her masculine irreverent Nazi fun that she began making bacon jokes about her Jewish boss Levant. As proclivities). However, I have not witnessed Goldy display anything but fleeting, self-serving, expected, Levant fired her. Braindead Goldy was confused as to why, lol, but eventually shallow gestures of faux reverence toward Alpha Males (her interview of George Hutcheson offered up an insincere mea culpa to her online fans whilst painting herself as a victim. came close). She may not be aware that only male homosexuality is a biblical “sin”; the bible When reality finally set in and she realized Levant was not changing his mind, she ventured says female homosexuality is just “unnatural”, meaning she would get a pass from Jesus if out on her own, accumulating a small fortune from horny beta males who felt the need to such was her orientation. protect a “white damsel in distress” by emptying out their pockets on Patreon (when you are Faith, I do not know who controls you, but I do know you are an avid Your Ward News Daddy’s Little Rich Girl, begging for an allowance is second nature). reader and your initial visceral reaction to this article will be one of extreme outrage and Now compare her to journalist Lauren Southern, who is much more intelligent, insightful and disgust. But please remember that I am writing it from a position of love for you as a human discreet about flaunting her sexuality. Unlike Goldy, Southern displayed integrity when being. The charade is over. You have had your fun milking weak men for personal gain. The Levant asked his crew of Fake News cucks to go to Israel (in order to keep his own people chickens have come home to roost. The fulfilment of your destiny is upon us. Honey … from lynching him for hypocritically associating with Nazis). To her credit and my surprise, shhhh … enough of that crazy talk of Sharia law coming to Canada … just come to bed. It is Southern REFUSED and QUIT! Then Southern went full “White Nationalist” when she now time for you to save our race, Dimitri style! branched out on her own. No hypocrisy. Her most recent project is the documentary “Farmlands” on the White Genocide in South Africa. Levant is not the only Jew cavorting with Nazis for personal gain. Liberal Jews have lambasted the Jewish Defence League for cozying up to Nazis at anti-immigration rallies. In the JDL’s mind, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and their loathing for Muslims far outweighs their disdain for Nazis, real or imagined. But unlike Levant, the JDL does not practice identity hypocrisy for financial gain. Rather, it does so in order to regain the sociopolitical relevance it lost decades ago. But getting back to Goldy, she has continued her hypocritical virtuesignalling to both Jews and Nazis (recently joining the JDL in an antiMuslim protest) by scapegoating Muslims for anything she can think of, erroneously assuming each side will forget she supports the other, and just focus on hating Muslims. And Goldy was raking in cash from victims of natural selection until Patreon and PayPal shut her down and donations dried up. She responded with various publicity stunts she thought would broaden her audience by endearing her to right-of-centre Conservatives, such as travelling to the Quebec/U.S. border


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TRUMP HAS RISEN TO FREE YOU FROM THE MENTAL PRISON! Every day the polarization between the left and the right is becoming more and more entrenched. South of the border people are actually starting to speak of “Civil War” in hushed and whispered tones. Here in Canada, formally-reasonable friends and neighbors start to lose it and spout left-wing rhetoric with the slightest bit of provocation. Many have referred to these two camps as those who are “red-pilled” or “blue-pilled”, a reference to the movie “The Matrix”. In “The Matrix”, the rebel leader offers the main character the choice between a “red pill” and a “blue pill”. The red pill represents an uncertain future—it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated “dream” world and allow him to escape into the “real” world; but living the "truth of reality" would be harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill represents a beautiful prison of the mind —it would lead him back to ignorance, living in confined comfort within the simulated reality of the Matrix, without want or fear.

by Lawrence McCurry Writer, filmmaker, media critic & troublemaker

The reason this movie resonated with so many people was because many see our world of today in this way; that we live in the grip of a “mental prison”. The owner, editor and writers of Your Ward News broke out of the mental prison years ago, and those within the prison are suffering from a form of "Stockholm Syndrome" where they

sympathize with their captors, the "Globalists". When our paper hits an area, red-pilled people get it and blue-pilled people do not. Many people also agree that the one man who is responsible for the biggest “prison break” from this mental grip is U.S. President Donald Trump. In July President Trump made his first official visit to London, England. Reports tell us that an estimated 10,000 people came out to protest his visit. When asked what they were protesting, we heard those newsy soundbites with the same old tired media talking points, “I just think he is a complete idiot. He is aggressive. He is a narcissist. He is a misogynist. He is a racist.” One woman was quoted by the UK Independent as saying “I want to let Trump know he is not popular in Britain. The massive protests today are undeniable. He can’t dismiss them as fake news.” This quote really caught my attention. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE...


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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. The term “Fake News” is one that has been at the forefront of my mind since Trump started using it in reference to CNN during his election campaign, and it’s about time somebody in power did bring it up. You have to ask yourself why it is that thousands of people on the other side of the world get so worked up over the visit of a foreign leader that has little to do with their day-to-day lives. It’s not like the people in London don’t have any political problems of their own to protest. So why are so many of them worked up over the visit of a U.S. president which in years past may not have even made the front page of the daily papers? In my opinion it’s because the Globalists don’t like Donald Trump, and they control the corporate media. Trump knows this and has called them out with his term “Fake News.” Never before in history has so much of the world’s media been controlled by so few people, and the influence and control they exert over the general public when it comes to politics, is a very dangerous game they’re playing. At one time we had media ownership laws in Canada, the thought being that the more people controlling the media, the wider range of views the public would get. But these media ownership laws were thrown out in Canada and the U.S. around the same time by our Globalist-sympathizing governments (Prime Minister Brian Mulroney betrayed Canada).

Nobody had mentioned Trump. It was a fine example of how Trump Derangement Syndrome has worked itself into the psyche of people. That very same day, on the subway heading back home, I encountered a drunk Native fellow (And no, I’m not saying all natives are drunks, ok) who was berating some Asian lady and screaming about how all “white people” are “racists”. Well I called bullshit on him and talked the guy down, explaining how his beef was not with the people on the subway, and that the lady was not being racist, and she was afraid of him. I said “Who cares if some people are racist. You can’t control how people think” and “If somebody wants to be a racist, who cares”. Well he calmed right down and shook my hand as he got off at the second last stop before the end of the line. But the mostly black people on the end of the car going to the last stop with me, all just sat there and looked at me like I dropped a turd right there. Must have been my statement about “Who cares if some people want to be racist, let them”. Yes, it’s dangerous times when even a “live and let live” attitude is looked upon with scorn. And it’s true that no matter how much of a “Social Justice Warrior” you are, you will never be able to control how all people think. And if you go looking for a fight over it, well, sooner or later you will find one. These are interesting times my red-pilled friends.

The only reason that people in Great Britain are so worked up over the state visit of Donald Trump is because the media has whipped them into this frenzy of hate. The Globalist-controlled media supports the extreme politics of the far-left and if they don’t back off this course of action soon, my prediction is we are going to start seeing political violence in the streets on a scale that’s going to make the sixties look like playground games. People who support centre-right politicians like Donald Trump are starting to feel like their back is against the wall; and you are only going to be able to throw insults like “fascist” and “neo-Nazi” at these reasonable people for so long before they break and start acting just like that. If the neo-Marxist post-modernists of the far-left, supported by the controlled Globalist media, keep up this campaign of violent protest and media propaganda, they will get a strong pushback from the right like a breaking dam; and in The United States where gun laws are lax, it could be ugly indeed. Like the Brexit vote in England, the majority in the United States (57% of the electoral college) voted for Donald Trump to be president, and all the whining, bitching and protesting in the world is not going to change that. What it does do however is put that silent majority on edge and makes them nervous of the day when they may have to defend that position against their formally -reasonable friends and neighbors; and I lay the fault of this conflict squarely at the door of the Globalist-controlled media. To say that the media does not have influence over the way people think and the Trump Derangement Syndrome we are seeing, is just closing your eyes to a very real problem. For a long time now the constant buzz in people’s ears has been non-stop “Racists, Nazis, Trump! Racists, Nazis, Trump!” This constant barrage of propaganda definitely adversely affects people. Last week an old colleague of mine and I went to visit a friend at the old folks home where we discuss matters of the day over a pizza. While talking about pipelines, the mention of “coal” came up and I said something about new technologies and clean-burning coal, which set my colleague off on a long-winded environmental rant that ended with “And screw Donald Trump”.

People in the “mental prison” of Cultural Marxism experience conditions like “Trump Derangement Syndrome” because they cannot fathom the “red-pilled” reality that those who escaped the prison can see. In his work “Republic”, Greek philosopher Plato presents this human condition in “The Allegory of the Cave”, where Socrates describes a group of people who have lived all their lives chained to the wall of a cave, facing a blank wall, watching shadows projected on it from objects passing in front of a fire behind them. The shadows are their reality and they give them names. One day one of the prisoners breaks his bonds and discovers their reality is not what they thought it was. He discovers “The Sun” (the fire that man cannot see behind him). He is the philosopher. He returns to the cave and explains to his friends that the shadows are not real. But they stubbornly cling to their delusion and refuse his offer of freedom. They stick with the shadows rather than risk shattering their entire worldview, leaving the philosopher alone in his enlightenment. Like the fire casting light on the cave’s wall, the human condition is forever bound to the impressions it receives through the senses. Even if our interpretations absurdly misrepresent reality, we cannot break the bonds of our human condition to free ourselves from this state, just as the prisoners could not free themselves from their chains. If we miraculously escaped our bondage (by reading Your Ward News) we find a world we cannot understand; the sun is incomprehensible for someone who has never seen it. In other words, we would encounter another "realm"; a place unfathomable because it is the source of a higher reality than the one we have always known; the realm of pure form and fact; the “red-pilled” reality of Trump and Ford supporters.


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Some of the best years of my childhood were as a Scout. Nature is one of life’s great teachers; if you let it, the great outdoors will show you much more about critical thinking, self-preservation and responsibility, than any classroom ever could. But forced “diversity” has transformed the Scouts from a paramilitary groomer of independent young men to a Cultural Marxist indoctrinator of highly-impressionable boys. I remember one of the first overnight trips I ever went on; we were up North on some Crown land and our troop had already been hiking for what seemed like hours, up some steep, wild terrain. It seemed like whenever the ground levelled out a little bit, it would do so just long enough to taunt us into thinking the worst was over, before tilting back upwards. I wanted so badly to quit. The only thing stopping me was seeing everyone around me persevering and going that extra mile. Even though I was more tired than I had ever been, I didn’t want to let my friends down. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t.

by Lügenpresse Mole Your Ward News’ man inside the mainstream media

Still, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why our troop leader chose this route for a bunch of 11-to-14-year-olds; surely there were better, easier paths we could have taken. When we reached our campsite, I finally understood why. The site they had chosen for us to spend the night was right beside a giant cliff that overlooked the miles and miles

of terrain we had hiked through that day. After getting our shelters set up, we all roasted hot dogs and watched a picture-perfect sunset light the rose-coloured sky. It took me many years after that night to realize it, but the point of Scouts isn’t just to mess around in the woods with your friends or to get badges. Scouts is (or it used to be) the traditional organization that would help children along their first steps to becoming adults. It offers brotherhood; camaraderie; family. It teaches kids what it means to be part of a team and how to look out for their fellow human. Most importantly, it teaches respect and self-sufficiency (perhaps if ANTIFA didn’t all come from broken homes or neglectful parents, they would have been sent and learned a little for themselves). But that was then. Today, as a result of years and years of declining



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. Scout membership, the vast majority of people DON’T have these skills. Since peaking in the 1960s at around 320,000, Scouts Canada’s youth membership has declined; just over the past decade, from around 97,000 in 2008, to just under 86,000 at the end of 2017. What’s worse, this number takes into account youth members AND volunteers. Bottom line: there are just under 63,500 children currently enrolled in the Scouts.

building block that every aspiring right-wing Chad or Stacy ought to strive for. For that reason, and many more, Boy Scouts of America’s decision to make their programs co-ed was nothing short of complete capitulation to the SJW left.

Men and women are inherently different. We think differently, socialize differently and even have distinguishably different brains. Our critics will suggest that I’m saying woman So why is the Scouts failing? In a word: misconceptions. It’s little things; it’s the parents shouldn’t learn about the outdoors or that camping is a “male-only” activity, but that indoctrinated to believe silly nonsense such as blogger Ambreen Tariq’s claim that couldn’t be further than the truth. Women should have scout-equivalent programs, camping and hiking are not “diverse enough”, then decide not to send their kids to Scouts however they should focus on skillsets that women tend to be more interested in than men. (Scouts Canada has been open to women since 1992 and has never discriminated by For example, men’s physical structure makes them better at long hikes or anything race). It’s the mother who doesn’t want her child involved in “toxic masculinity” yet years associated with their inner “hunter”. Likewise, a woman’s intrinsic “gatherer” nature would later finds herself sparring with a 24-year-old man-child that never learned how to fend for make her better at foraging for berries, herbs, etc. and learning about skills like first aid himself. It’s the 12-year-old student that has been teased in class to a point where he begs and cooking. It’s these natural differences that actually make the male-female team so his parents to take him out of the Scouts, even though he loves it. To address Tariq’s successful--where one of our weaknesses begins, the others’ strength starts. ridiculous claim above, let me just say that diversity has nothing to do with the importance of Scouts (or the outdoors in general). It’s important for everyone to learn these skills. But On that note, Scout leaders used to be exclusively men. Impressionable, young boys need if you think that an activity anyone can do, is a masculine role model to look up to, not some “too white”, I would argue that’s a pretty racist bastion of fragile femininity or a man who is statement to make. Have you crunched the attracted to other dudes. Here’s the thing, as a numbers? Can you prove that the majority of Libertarian, I could give two fucks what you do people who have camped are white? I doubt behind your own closed doors. But kids are it. And by the way, how do you define impressionable, and it’s well-known that a “camping”--is anyone who has slept in a tent child’s formative years are when his or her mind “camping”? is most malleable and receptive to new ideas. When you have women and homosexuals The reality is that, just like there are guiding young men (as we’ve seen in recent differences in preference amongst genders, years) it creates confusion amongst children there are differences in preference amongst who, for the most part, are predisposed to races. The fact that white people love masculinity (I will concede that there are an camping doesn’t mean that other people who extremely small amount of people who are born don’t camp as much are somehow being homosexual, as evidenced by historical oppressed. It just means that other people records). Likewise, I would suggest that only aren’t as interested in camping as white females be leaders for my proposed girl-only people are. And yet you have people like scout programs. We don’t need feminine men Tariq saying that the outdoors isn’t diverse teaching girls about what it means to be a enough. But does it matter? Seriously, no one woman. What I don’t want is someone looking cares about the fact that the NBA is too black after my child that is going to make them or that major-league baseball is too Hispanic. question their inherent feelings and instincts. Why? Because racial homogeneity is only an This whole charge to make Scouts “more issue when the majority is white. Diversity is diverse” will, no doubt, come at the cost of our always code for “anti-white”. next generation’s understanding of their masculinity and femininity. There’s so much talk today about millennials not being able to grow up and start their own When I look at our rivals, I don’t see people lives, and yet the left will point to imaginary who have learned this lesson. In fact, most problems --“systemic” -isms, self-diagnosed SJW-type leftists I meet seem devoid of disabilities or just straight-up excuses--to authentic feelings or thoughts, as though they explain why they haven’t been successful in can only hold views that have been given the society, as though it owes them something. thumbs up by their cultural icons. It’s as if But as anyone who has ever had to walk 10 they’re bored with life. Not even depressed, just hours through uneven, muddy boreal forest bored and listless, like some fleshy drone in with 35 pounds of gear strapped to their back just to reach that picture-perfect spot knows, 1984. In many cases, their belief they’re somehow fighting an unseen evil by being on the the world doesn’t care about you, it doesn’t owe you shit and it sure as hell isn’t cutting you left, seems to be the biggest thing keeping them motivated. I pity them. It’s a terrible way to any breaks. Nature’s cruelty is also its beauty; if you work for nothing in life, you won’t be live life; angry, always on the offensive and looking for someone to blame. able to appreciate anything. But for someone who has no structure to their life--no purpose or meaning--it makes There’s a reason why so many millennials can’t seem to solve problems without resorting sense. Most of these people owe their current mental state to a bad childhood. I suspect to physical violence. There’s a reason why men’s testosterone levels have been the vast majority were not given physical punishment (spanking, slapping) as children decreasing so much over the past decades. There’s a reason why 20-something soyboy when they did something wrong. Most also have parental issues or some other kind of cuckolds are on the rise. It directly correlates to shit like this. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m traumatic childhood experience that has influenced their personality. Conversely, others not saying that a decrease in Scout membership is the sole reason for the above had parents that didn’t set up proper boundaries, leading to overgrown man-children who problems, but it’s a symptom of the larger disease of Cultural Marxism affecting some of do not understand the concept of going too far. the most quintessentially Canadian organizations there are. But this is what happens when you choose to have your children raised by rap music and So many of the problems we face as a society today stem from the fact that the average YouTube thots instead of compasses and one-match fires. It’s what happens when the man doesn’t have anywhere near the same “handy” skills as his father or grandfather. Car norm shifts from a beautiful night under the stars to a sloppy 24 hours behind bars. When broke down? Call a mechanic. Sink leaking? Call a plumber. This is stuff that, while it getting a badge is lame but failing a class is cool; when dads teach their kids how to use might seem trivial, plays a big part in being able to be in control of one’s own life. The Facebook instead of how to shave. confidence you gain from being able to understand and maintain something you own is huge. I know what you’re thinking; that Scouts doesn’t teach you any of that stuff. You’re Can we save Generation Z? It depends. If we’re going to make the attempt, we need to right, it doesn’t. But Scouts teaches you the most important lesson of all: self-reliance. If start at the root cause. Parents, teach your kids self-reliance. Show them how to fix their someone can master this skill, it slowly evolves into others, like critical thinking and a own stuff. Let them make mistakes. Above all, never let them believe that life is anything propensity towards wanting to learn things oneself. Once mastered, it becomes the but a constant struggle between us and nature. It’s your call.


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ROB FORD’S SWORD FLOORED THE MARXIST HORDE! When his “Common Sense Revolution” swept Premier Mike Harris into power in 1995, we awoke from a Marxist bad dream. Harris correctly predicted “By the time we’re done, there won’t be a single blade of grass on the south lawn of Queen’s Park that hasn’t been trod upon by some protester.” With the election of Doug Ford, we awoke from a Marxist nightmare that began when corrupt Dalton McGuinty won in 2003 and ended when pedo-pushing Kathleen Wynne lost in June 2018 … and you should see the grass at Ontario’s legislature! A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left. Ecclesiastes 10:2 In his first two weeks in office Doug Ford did the unthinkable for a modern politician … he started fulfilling his election promises. Day one, Kathleen Wynne's pedophilic sex education program, GONE! Liberal “Cap by Lawrence McCurry N’ Trade” tax to support the “manmade climate change” Writer, filmmaker, media hoax which was nothing more than a cheap tax grab, GONE! The PC government announced it would no critic & troublemaker longer assist the federal government with resettlement of refugees in Ontario; no more would the people of Ontario pay for illegal immigrants to bolster Liberal voting ranks.

The overpaid Hydro One board of directors scurried off like cockroaches when Ford turned on the light. A hiring freeze across the public service; and an end to Wynne’s free magic money “guaranteed basic income” experiment ($17,000 annually for single participants and $24,000 for couples, no strings attached). This “experiment” alone would have been enough to bankrupt the province even without the added massive immigration to soak it up. Just by pulling the plug on the Globalist programs of the former Liberal government, billions are saved. Every day it’s something new and the list just keeps growing. For the silent majority of Ontario taxpayers, Christmas day has come. This is what happens when a non-Globalist politician sneaks past the corporate media gatekeepers. This would not have happened had the controlled corporate media not overplayed their hand by attacking Globalist Patrick Brown. In trying to secure support for a corrupt Liberal/NDP



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. Marxist government, the controlled media went too far with false allegations of sexual impropriety against Patrick Brown, just before a provincial election, forcing a snap PC Party leadership election, allowing Ford to slide in and run for office before they could slander him enough to defeat him. Now the Marxist left are losing their minds because for the first time in a very long while, democracy actually worked the way it should and somebody who cares more about the taxpayers than personal gain got elected. For once we have a Premier of Ontario that’s more interested in the will of the people than pushing a Globalist agenda. Even before he took office, the corporate media were comparing him to U.S. President Donald Trump. For those of us that have been “red-pilled” or have woken up to the Globalist agenda, that is a compliment.

a government-run racket to control the sale of marijuana: He announced that when the rollout of legal weed happens, he will turn distribution over to the private sector rather than make the government your sole dealer, as the Wynne government planned to do. And just today Ford announced that every publicly-funded College and University will have to implement and comply with a free speech policy that meets a minimum standard prescribed by the government; and that policy has to be in place by no later than January 1, 2019. The Marxists/Globalists who had total control over the seats of higher learning up to this point, lost their collective minds over this announcement, calling it a "far-right policy" and citing concerns for "marginalized students”.

Although it appears Doug Ford is doing great things for the people in rolling back the agenda of the Marxist Liberal government, we still have to keep in mind that there remains a Doug Ford is not new to politics, having served one term on Toronto City Council supporting strong Globalist presence around him both in the PC party and his own cabinet. Most his brother Rob when he was mayor. Ford learned that council was bogged down and notable among these was his choice for Attorney General, Caroline Mulroney, whose father, useless; incapable of coming to any kind of consensus due to its large size and the sheer Globalist Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, threw out the media ownership laws in Canada, number of alt-left councillors representing the downtown core. Although his brother Rob leading to the controlled-leftist press which is an ongoing problem for the Ford government. stated many times that city council needed to be cut by half, Doug Ford quickly learned it was not something that could be accomplished at that level of government. Rather than wait Ford is keen on wiping out the worst of the nightmarish Liberal policies of the past, but the till the next election cycle, and even though campaigning for city council had started, Ford Globalist ideology that spawned most of those policies is still firmly entrenched in moved quickly and brazenly with the announcement to cut Toronto City Council from 47 government, not only in the unions and employees, but within his own cabinet. Even if (and seats (a planned increase from 44) to 25 seats, bringing the ward boundaries in line with that’s a big “if”) Doug Ford is aware of the Globalist influence around him, there is very little provincial and federal ridings. He also cancelled planned elections for regional chair he can do about it. Even though more and more people wake up every day to the hidden positions in two Greater Toronto Area communities, Peel Region and York Region. hand that controls us, most of them only recognize its influence on the left and not the political control it also exerts on the right. But for now the love affair with Doug Ford Like Doug Ford, as a lifelong resident of Toronto, my opinion is clearly that our city council continues. He’s batting a thousand and so far has done no wrong. The chant on social has failed us in so many ways, from garbage strikes to inadequate public transit. For years media from the right is “Go Dougie Go”. Toronto politicians patted themselves on the back calling When Rob Ford ran for Mayor in 2010 us a “world class city” and they “Dimitri The Lover” made headlines poured money into festivals and as his only celebrity endorsement, private art projects that benefited saying of the Marxist infestation in their friends and the political City Hall “Only one procedure can class of the downtown core, effectively cleanse a chronic while the working class in the infestation from an enclosed cavity … suburbs suffered poor transit, a douche! Ladies and gentlemen, Rob lack of affordable housing and Ford is that douche!” In 2014 Ford’s dwindling public service. City re-election run inspired Dr. James councillors spend millions every Sears to vie for Ward 32 Councillor. term renovating their offices He ran this ad in our April 2014 while our schools became Edition to honour Mayor Ford. He dilapidated. While city council became Editor in May 2015. Ford calls for a downtown relief line, loved reading Your Ward News (he they seem to have no problem obviously did not admit it publicly). ignoring the overcrowded buses We are sure he is looking down from in Scarborough and North York. the heavens, laughing hysterically at this edition & the reactions of Marxist Many agree that less lefty parasites to his brother’s election windbags in love with their own win. WE MISS YOU ROB! speeches at City Hall could be a good thing. Certainly the millions But we doubt Rob is impressed with of dollars in savings could be put Doug’s pick for Attorney General: to better use. Remember that Globalist puppet Caroline Mulroney. everybody who owns a house or The former AG, inept Marxist rents an apartment in this city scumbag Yasir Naqvi, falsely charged pays for those overpaid clowns Dr. Sears & Leroy St. Germaine with at City Hall. But like a game of “promoting hatred against Jews and musical chairs at the circus, it women” on November 10, 2017, days will be something to watch these after a Board of Review into our clowns step all over each other Canada Post mailing rights found no as they fight for the remaining evidence to justify our mail ban. The seats. Crown tried to have all editions of our paper since March 2015 banned. A judge reviewed our hilarious paper, found nothing to justify a ban, and rejected the request. The humiliated Crown is prosecuting the trumped-up charges summarily (no jury, as 12 random people would Just so we can watch this game never convict them). The Crown prayed for a bad judge, but got the well-respected, knowledgeable and fair Judge Richard Blouin. The of musical chairs at the circus in bumbling Crown has yet to provide evidence of anything close to the case law definition of “hate speech”. style, reminiscent of a speech by JFK challenging Americans to go After being charged, Your Ward News published 3 more editions. The desperate Crown asked Caroline Mulroney to extend the offence date to the moon, Ford challenged to June 2018 to include the new editions. Why? Because their case is so weak, they need more ammunition (our last edition contained some Ontario’s beer manufacturers to “rape” jokes, and “Jews” were mentioned a few times). Within weeks of taking office, to our shock and disgust, supposedly “Conservative” produce a “buck-a-beer” by Mulroney APPROVED the extension (Doug Ford is probably unaware). And we guarantee that in a few weeks Mulroney will extend the date Labour Day. But if one dollar a to September 2018 to include this edition. So we decided to ensure she is prominently featured in it and we had a special message for her: beer is not your thing, Ford also busted-up Liberal plans to set up CAROLINE, YOU ARE A GLOBALIST CUNT AND A MARXIST TRAITOR LIKE YOUR FATHER BRIAN MULRONEY!


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MARXISM’S “SPECIAL VICTIMS” VS FREE SOCIETY’S DICTUMS! “Your Ward News” is the canary in the mine where truth-seekers dig below the “fake news” till they hit enlightening veins of gold. A Cultural Marxist tag-team of Zionists & Feminists, have teamed up to snuff out this bird while their media friends maintain a blackout on the story. If we abruptly stop singing, they may be coming for you next!

by Dr. James Sears Editor-In-Chief

On November 26, 2018, Leroy and I finally meet our Thermopylae as a 2-week Soviet-style show trial for “promoting hatred against Jews and women” starts at College Park Court. The charges are based on over 300 police complaints from Jews, cat ladies and anyone else Warren and Lisa Kinsella worked into a frenzy (the movie about us will be titled “OVER 300” to go with the “Spartan martyrs” theme). A Marxist postering campaign also encouraged people to call police. But 300 complaints over 3 years for a partisan, offensive, satirical publication read by over a million people each time it is published, is paltry.

Leading up to our epic final battle will be many skirmishes. Snowflakes Warren and Lisa Kinsella falsely claimed we threatened them.

Police refused to charge us, but the Kinsellas convinced a Justice of the Peace at a secret hearing to issue private charges. The week-long trial for “uttering threats” starts October 22, 2018, also at College Park Court. I will use my legendary legal skills to represent us, but I will first appear before Judge D. Moore on September 19, 2018, to try and have the charges “stayed” because I got a Judge’s order to release the transcripts from the secret hearing, and they reveal a severe abuse of process (come out and watch me in action … just wait till you hear what the Kinsellas and the Crown did during the secret hearing). If we lose the Stay Motion, then on September 20, 2018, we have a hearing to decide if the Kinsellas will be declared “Vulnerable Adult Witnesses” too fragile to be cross-examined by me. This legal motion is meant to prevent people charged with sexual, physical or psychological abuse of a child who is now an adult, from representing themselves and reconfronting the victim. If Judge Moore feels the Kinsellas are THAT “vulnerable”, then you the taxpayers are paying for a FREE LAWYER to grill the Kinsellas on behalf of me and



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DELIVERED BY CANADA POST (BANNED!) TO 305,000 HOMES, BUSINESSES, AND APARTMENTS, WITH A READERSHIP OF OVER ONE MILLION. Leroy. The Crown appointed Chris Murphy. He is lovable, meticulous and assertive, so we hired him to fend off Lisa Kinsella’s libel lawsuit (we have Discovery Hearings for that one on October 3, 2018). On August 28, 2018, a Motions Hearing was held for the “hate speech” charges. Leroy and I pled NOT GUILTY. The Crown wants to introduce into evidence at trial, everything I have ever been accused of saying/doing in my entire life about/to women and/or Jews (most of it is stuff I do not even remember saying/doing, or is the work of a collaborator or romantic partner or unknown entity). A female junior Crown Attorney spend an hour-and-a-half reading out statements I supposedly said about women/Jews, and each time she repeated an expletive attributed to me, like “fuck” or “juicy ass”, she spewed it out forcefully, with venom, occasionally glancing over and staring a hole through me. It was obvious from her aggressive, bordering on abusive tone, that she considers it her personal vendetta to convict me. I felt a mixture of mild embarrassment and moderate sexual arousal (now I understand why men pay a dominatrix to verbally abuse them). At one point I thought she was going to throw one of her stilettos at me. An hour into her profanity-laden rant, the judge (who stopped taking notes after 15 minutes) needed a break, so we recessed. Out in the hallway she sat between the two detectives (nice people) and STARTED SLOWLY PEELING THEN EATING A BANANA! I felt like an extra in a bad Fellini movie. We went back in so she could finish besmirching me. Then my lawyer, Dean “The Animal” Embry, took a mere 20 minutes to meticulously eviscerate all of her legal arguments, listing off every piece of case law she either misinterpreted or ignored

… LIKE A BOSS! Leroy’s lawyer, Ian “Madman” McCuaig, sat back and watched the bloodbath. The esteemed Justice Richard Blouin, our judge at the hate speech trial, will rule if this sexual gossip, rumour and innuendo is admissible as evidence of me possessing “antiSemitic” and “misogynistic” ideations (which even if it was true, is not illegal). The Crown has two “expert witnesses”, one on “Jews” (Derek Penslar, Professor of Modern Jewish History, Harvard) and one on “women” (Janine Benedet, Law Professor, UBC). Their reports are laughable, with Penslar attempting to conflate criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians or claiming that Israel was involved in the 9-11 attacks, with “anti-Semitism”. And I will not even dignify misandrous feminist Benedet’s deluded report with a response. On August 31, 2018, the Board of Review into our mailing rights formulated their final recommendations, but refused to send them to us, claiming their mandate specifies that they only have to send them to the Minister in charge of Canada Post! That is even though Leroy and I were the ones that convened the Board to protect our rights! I estimate the Board of Review, police investigating and Crown prosecuting us on criminal matters, will cost the taxpayers over $20 million, assuming no appeals past 2018 (murderers & rapists will walk free as huge blocks of court time bump their cases, causing them to be thrown out). We are slammed until December, so our Winter 2019 Edition will be online January 7, 2019. Also by then we will know the outcome of our epic trial, and create an epic front cover for it. STAY TUNED!

GET FREE HDTV BY ANTENNA Rogers & Bell RIP YOU OFF! Get FREE HDTV by Antenna. ZERO monthly! We can save you hundreds of dollars per year!

With our EAGLESTAR Pro: Top Performance Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna. Get totally free H.D. channels from Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo with no monthly payments.

Guaranteed minimum 20 channels, or return the antenna for a full refund. STOP making those monthly payments to BELL, ROGERS and other CABLE providers. Stations include CBC, CTV, City TV, Global TV, CHCH, TVO, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Justice Network, ESCAPE, LAFF, The CW, Bounce, GritTV, Comcast Network, GetTV and MUCH, MUCH more depending on location. Free over-the-air HDTV signals look BETTER than cable or satellite. DO NOT SETTLE FOR CHEAP IMITATIONS!


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Dr. James Sears is mobilizing manpower and materials to open the next front in our battle against the Marxist parasite. We need resourceful, intelligent, uncompromising men who refuse to yield to pressure from traitors. Specifically: • Audio-Visual Specialists • Aggressive Online Trolls • Counter-Protest Muscle

• Satirical Writers • Political Cartoonists • Event Security

Dr. Sears also needs men to sit on the steering committees for the "Adolf Hitler Fan Club" and the "Anti-Marxist Book Burning". If you are man enough to be our comrade in arms, contact us through



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Got your rag in the mailbox the other day. Don't have use for your shit, but would put it to good use for wiping our asses at our outhouse on Lake Jos if only you would use real soft newsprint. Your rag burns up real good in the fireplace though. One wonders what point your rag’s editors are making since you are all over several maps. Seriously, what has this or any government NOT done for you to make Canada NOT the best country globally to live in? However, should you decide to move I would be happy to send a couple of men from the races you hate most to help you pack. No hard feelings! I have no problem engaging in an intelligent conversation as long as you stick to facts. I won’t spend my time going from website to website to find out who is undermining democracy. I know that already. Do you have a link to support PET gave up control of BoC to the Rothschilds? That we are not printing our own currency? Criminally prosecuting polluters is more effective than taxing polluters? Like Hitler do you promote a superior race? Who qualifies? I look forward to your responses. When are you going to put up a slate of candidates and under what logo? Will they be … swastika? Next you will be telling me the Holocaust was fictional and Hitler did not support the concept of the Aryan race as preeminent. Got it! When does the intelligent conversation begin? Have a great day morons! Karen Lee, London, ON It took me a while to correct all your grammar, syntax and spelling, whilst maintaining the nutty essence of your email. You refuse to spend time “going from website to website” because you “already know” everything, but I strongly suggest you search online for “COMER lawsuit against Bank of Canada” to confirm that in 1974 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Marxist traitor father Pierre surrendered control of the Bank of Canada to the Rothschilds. Provinces and municipalities stopped qualifying for zero -interest infrastructure loans, started paying interest to Rothschild, and Canada’s combined national and provincial debt ballooned from near zero to over $1.5 trillion today! And do not mistake PRINTING money with OWNING it. We do not “hate” anyone based on “race”. But YOU seem to be obsessed with non-white moving men (sexual

fetish?) Every major federal party’s leader is a Globalist puppet, including Andrew Scheer. The Globalists are using the “Carbon Tax” to tax our productivity. Instead of chasing carbon unicorns, we should focus on criminally-prosecuting polluters spewing REAL toxins into the air and water. CO2 is NOT “pollution”. In our homeostatic world, if CO2 increases, vegetation growth increases, in turn O2 increases, and re-establishes equilibrium. And yes, I WISH Hitler was our Prime Minister, and NO, he did not “hate” other races or promote a “superior” race or gas any Jews—he just loved his own people most. Hitler enforced a VERY STRICT policy of criminally-prosecuting those who abused animals or the environment. And if your idea is merely to tax chemical polluters, think again: They will just work the tax into their operating costs, while we continue to contract cancer and other chronic diseases. We must do what Hitler's National Socialists did and threaten polluting corporate scum with concentration camp sentences. Finally, the swastika is a beautiful ancient symbol. Do your research!

Please desist from delivering this to our home –unsubscribe. Sir: We were surprised to receive your "publication" in our mailbox at ____ Street Kitchener earlier this week. We neither requested nor care to get this bizarre collection of filth. Please be advised that our family charges a $100 fee to dispose of each delivery of unsolicited hate mail. Appearance of your publication at our home again will constitute acceptance by you of this fee, and we will launch a small claims court action to collect until such time as you cease and desist.

help, but they would put you on meds which would only make you worse.

Mike Strathdee, Kitchener, ON

Craig Mayne, Guelph, ON

Wow! Does that work? Seriously, I am so tired of receiving degenerate flyers from Marxist politicians. I would love to appear before a small claims court judge and say “Your Worship, I warned this Globalist puppet to stop mailing me propaganda with rainbow flags and fake “Manmade Global Warming” data, but she would not cease and desist. My family considers this Marxist filth an assault on our retinae and affront to our Nationalist dignity. Not to mention how our enjoyment of life has been taken away from us by the constant Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief need to walk to our recycling bin and ------------------------------------------------------------ dispose of this intellectually-toxic material.” I assume in your case, your weak, soy-infested body is incapable of Don't you have anything better to do with your time than publish this rag? Do the world making it all the way to the blue bin, and a favor and SLIT YOUR WRISTS. Broadcast your limp wrist cannot muster up the it on YouTube or Instagram because I want strength to flick our well-endowed paper into it. to watch. Sincerely, A guy that can't believe people like you are allowed to continue Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief breathing. -----------------------------------------------------------Ben Larocque, Kitchener, ON Come to Kitchener-Waterloo again, and I'll If we had unlimited financial resources make you eat the papers with Ketchup, and I did not have to work for a living, we followed by you and your staff. As of today, would publish monthly and distribute unless you want the Ultimate in torture (off of over a much wider area. I would never social media, I'm old, I fared well before it) give the enemies of Jesus the satisfaction Your Ward News is discontinued TODAY. of killing myself; and if the mainstream Try and push the crazy by laughing it off. All media reported that I did, you know it lives matter, eh. Leroy is on borrowed time, would be a Globalist hit-job framed as a because A. he's a zillion, B. he's a Nazi suicide. piece of garbage who is going to be kissing daisies with his Dr. Sears. :) If any of you Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief support them and/or their projects, YOU ARE ------------------------------------------------------------ NEXT! Kitchener is a no clown zone, bozo. We don't need your “red pill” garbage in our town. I sincerely hope I don't see any of your cronies polluting my neighbors’ mailboxes. Just because one basement-dwelling clown reads your paper doesn't mean you have the right to spew hate, you lonely stooge. Tory Ransom, Kitchener, ON I can never feel “lonely” when I am inundated with emails from histrionic, brainwashed, low-IQ, Marxist losers like you. Your low brow reaction to our truth tract brings me great joy and gives me reason to live. Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief

Tyler Cox, Kitchener, ON

Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief -----------------------------------------------------------Hello, I recently read through a copy of your last edition of Your Ward News that a coworker brought in today and absolutely love it! I just have to get on your delivery list if you have one in my area. I was wondering how I could get a subscription delivered to my house since Canada Post will not deliver it..

We now have over 1,000 people worldwide, waiting for us to resume subscription deliveries, but Canada Post remains the only cost-effective method, and we are still fighting to reverse our unconstitutional mail ban. However, there is a good chance you (or your co-worker) will receive the paper going forward, as Guelph is now a permanent delivery area. Please consider volunteering to deliver to your neighbourhood, since it appears we have no volunteers hitting your street. Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief -----------------------------------------------------------I am not sure how you found me but I got Your Ward News in my mailbox. We need something different to protect our identity from Zionism and media scams. Thanks, I appreciate. Tito Brozzi, Guelph, ON There would be dozens of publications across Canada disseminating “something different” if not for Caroline Mulroney’s father, Globalist traitor Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, changing Canada’s media ownership laws to allow massive Globalist empires to seize control of our media. Now every major newspaper, TV and radio station in Canada publishes the exact same message with the exact same Zio-Marxist slant. On August 31, 2018, National Post published an op-ed by Maxime Bernier where he explained how Globalist scum have bought our politicians and hijacked political debates, for their selfish interests. Let us hope his message gains traction in the months leading up to the October 2019 federal election.

Well, it appears “All Lives Matter” except for mine and Leroy’s, LOL! BTW, I especially loved how on Facebook and Twitter you told your followers “Found Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief the proprietor of that Nazi-paper 'Your -----------------------------------------------------------Ward News' on Facebook, and I've told the old man I plan to brutally torture him We published just a handful of the unless he ceases publication of the hundreds of letters we received since pamphlets. You can't say I'm not an the last issue. Almost all were positive. Activist!” You are so typical of the type of Some letters were edited for brevity. delusional Marxist kook that puts on a mask, marches in an Antifa rally, breaks Please send your letters to: windows, punches and kicks elderly Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief bystanders, and then has the audacity to refer to the police as “Fascist thugs”. I would suggest you seek professional


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THE 1st ANNUAL TORONTO OLD-FASHIONED ANTI-MARXIST BOOK BURNING Bring the whole family out to help us fan the flames of Canadian political history, as we cleanse the body politic of commie filth. The New Constitution Party of Canada is proud to present The 1st Annual Toronto Old-Fashioned Anti-Marxist Book Burning, featuring educational speeches by NCP members, live music courtesy of the Beaches Blues Festival, refreshments and food courtesy of Dr. James Sears, and of course, the burning of Marxist effigies and books. Attendees are encouraged to bring Marxist books to be arraigned by Dr. James Sears. Any book he finds guilty of corrupting our body politic will be sentenced to the ash heap of history, and dropped into the fire pit.

One Million Germans Attended The 1937 Nuremberg Rally Help Us Beat Hitler’s Record!

We welcome all Marxist books: Marxist doctrine like the Communist Manifesto; cultural Marxist filth like Kathleen Wynne’s pedophilic sex education curriculum; FemiMarxist garbage by authors like Margaret Atwood; EnviroMarxist Agenda 21 propaganda by scientific sellouts like David Suzuki, etc. We are open-minded and will terminate any parasitic prose, without prejudice. ITINERARY: We will announce a detailed schedule of events and speakers soon. If you or your group would like to speak at our event, please contact Dr. James Sears at PLEASE NOTE: No matter how tempting, we will not burn religious scripture or national flags. Our sharp focus will be on Marxist books. ONE FINAL NOTE: Unlike the Marxists, we terminate books we disagree with--not the authors themselves.

Marxist Book Burning Is Fun For The Whole Family. Kids Love Watching Their Textbooks Go Up In Flames!

Nothing Brings A Community Together Like Burning Marxist Books And Effigies While Everyone Salutes And Yells "HAIL VICTORY! EXPEL THE PARASITE!"

Handsome Heterosexual NCP Men Will Be On Hand — No Metrosexuals Allowed!


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Your Ward News Fall 2018  
Your Ward News Fall 2018