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Democracy! A Few Good Volunteers Needed To Help Deliver This Community Newspaper! Spread the true news in your ward. Call 416 - 693 - 6325, 1-10PM PAGE 1 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013


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By Mark Towhey Rob Ford's Former Chief of Staff After hearing an impassioned plea by Mayor Rob Ford to choose democracy and set a byelection date, councillors voted instead to decide themselves who should represent Doug Holyday’s former west-end ward. Left-wing councillors understood that much. Councillor Janet Davis even tried to extract from Ford a promise not to campaign. Ford refused to bite. What these councillors failed to grasp was that, no matter how they voted, Ford couldn’t lose. By voting against the mayor’s byelection request, council painted itself into an anti-democratic corner. This is bad news for those councillors who want to challenge the mayor in 2014, because they all voted with the pack and the pack ran off the cliff.






The byelection loss was a strategic win for Ford in three important ways. First, it provided evidence that council is largely motivated, not by reason or logic, but by its hatred of Rob Ford. Council voted to “punish the mayor.” Canadians love an underdog, and no one does underdog better than Rob Ford. Second, it put Rob Ford squarely on the side of the democracy angels, and positioned council as a petty group of power-hungry, anti-democratic partisans. Absolutely no one believes left-wing councillors are more fiscally stingy than Ford. People will believe councillors voted, not to save money, but to keep control of the appointment to themselves and out of the hands of voters. Voters don’t like that. Canadians like democracy. It’s a defining theme in our culture. Toronto, in particular, is a city of immigrants, many of whom came to Canada from countries where democracy is little more than a wistful dream. Having their electoral rights stolen by a bunch of uppity councillors infuriates them.


These immigrants and their neighbours know Rob Ford well. He’s the guy who returns their phone calls, listens to their problems and shows up at their door with city staff in tow to make things right. Warts and all, he’s someone they trust. This vote singles Ford out, once again, as the guy who will stand up for the democratic franchise many of them sacrificed so much to enjoy.

Editor: LeRoy St.Germaine Graphics & Layout: Robert James

Finally, the vote highlighted the dysfunction of council. Pollsters often report the mayor’s public approval ratings, but they rarely report public approval ratings for city council as an entity. They should, because those numbers are shockingly bad. An overwhelming majority of voters in Toronto believe city council is a dysfunctional mess. Any mayoral contenders who come from that mess in the 2014 campaign will be handicapped from the start.

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Council’s decision was petty and foolish. It robbed 52,000 residents of Etobicoke Centre of their democratic franchise. Councillors intended to make the mayor look weak and prevent him from bolstering his public support by campaigning. It is ironic, then, that their decision will likely achieve exactly the opposite.

Friday, September 6, 2013 Dear Mayor Ford, We would like to thank you very much for taking the time to resolve a three month "by law gridlock confusion" with a Trillium Garden here in Scarborough. You graciously and firmly established the content of the problem, and with incredible quickness of spirit and resolve, understood the significance of the improvements, and the need to preserve these. You also immediately grasped and resolved other facets of the community's concerns. We are very grateful. As you know, many people in Guildwood have an interest in this garden, and in gardening in general, and we are happily reporting now to those asking for the results of a long complicated "discussion" with City directives. As you know, there are literally hundreds who wish the survival of this design of the garden who are now quite relieved. We would love to see you at the Awards at the Scarborough Civic Centre, October 3rd, 6:30, if you have time. We can appreciate that this garden owes its very life to you. The focal piece is the corner. It is also significant that our perception of being treated unfairly, undemocratically, was righted by your intervention and solutions. People know they have a champion of fairness in your good Office. Thank you from all of us here in Guildwood, and beyond, because the interesting story of this garden's evolution, and ultimate protection by yourself, has reached people downtown, the Beach, and Etobicoke. You are the People's Mayor, and it is clear that you will be Mayor for as long as you yourself will choose. We pray and know it will be, a long tenure. Warm wishes, and with respect, Sherri Lange and Michael Spencley Toynbee Trail, Scarborough, Ontario. PS: Kindly express our thanks for your staff also, who attended the site visit on a Friday afternoon.

The Libertarian Democratic Reform Party is currently petitioning the Ontario Government for a common sense reform immediately in the following areas: - Subsidise the working poor through the subsidizing of small businesses. - Enhance the living conditions of the disabled and the working class. - An end to social housing, every Canadian deserves a house. - The destruction of bureaucracy. Lets quit spending to decide whether something is good or bad and lets just do it! Free up the bureaucracy in government.

For information and to sign our petition call 416-693-6325 or visit: Is Liberty under attack? Perhaps more so than any other time! We see this daily in how our government regularly misleads us; making foolhardy economic decisions, then treats citizens alarmed at record deficits like madmen. Government repeatedly tramples our rights as if we were slaves. Politicians present themselves as gods, above error, who dismiss dissent as if it were the babble of infants. Between irrational new laws, and the government’s refusal to enforce common sense rules, we feel trapped and betrayed by increasingly tyrannical leaders. What distinguishes man from other forms of life is the ability to learn from experience. To survive and prosper we have to use our minds. We can develop our mental faculties only by exercising them with freedom to make and act on our own individual decisions. Liberty is essential for being human, experiencing happiness and self-fulfillment. The right to your life is useless without the right to liberty. PAGE 3 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013

"I have Ford fatigue. Every time I open the paper it is something to do with our mayor and not usually in a good light." - Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon on slandering Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The Murton


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CALL (416) 693-6325 BETWEEN 1 PM to 10 PM A Few Good Volunteers Needed To Help Deliver and leave a message. PAGE 4 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013

This Community Newspaper! Spread the true news in your ward. Call 416 - 693 - 6325, 1-10PM By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power New Website:

A new website, focused on the damages of industrial wind turbines to wildlife, farm animals, pets, people, birds and bats is making waves. New incredibly damaging information has emerged showing the fallacies and dangers of having wind producers do their own environmental assessments, reviews, and counts of dead birds and bats. The numbers are MUCH higher than anyone could have imagined! ( “This man-made disaster, this gothic horror story, will be the wind turbine legacy we hand our children.”

Jim Wiegand, a noted wildlife biologist and turbine bird and bat mortality specialist shared several documents and diagrams showing the circumference of what is being counted, and the actual areas where kills take place. Also noted by Jim, are the scant times of counting, not nearly frequent enough, not timely enough, and the mysterious disappearing carcasses, people obviously paid to not discover and to hide. Reported bird and bat kills are the tip of the iceberg! Thanks, Jim, for your diligence, and for showing us what a nasty brutish industry this really is. Of course, net zero power is collected from the killing fields, as well. “No matter how anyone

feels about wind turbines, no one should condone the corruption, the silent fraud, and bogus studies supporting this industry." —Jim Wiegand, Wildlife Biologist

I cannot stress this enough. From what I have seen from looking at wind industry bird & bat mortality studies, this industry and our wildlife agencies are so corrupt they might as well all be selling used cars with their odometers turned back at least 90%— because this is how bad it really is. Across the nation official bird and bat-kill estimates have been derived from studies rigged to hide mortality. The real numbers are at least 10 times the amount being reported and sometimes far more. Altamont Pass has reported less than a hundred dead bats in 30 years of service, although thousands have been killed there. This industry is “set up” to hide mortality and the latest “incidental take” or “kill permits” for a few endangered bats could end up being 5000. A single permit for an eagle could easily end up with dozens being killed. One wind turbine in Delaware was reported to be killing about 82 birds and bats per year. This may sound like a lot, but after looking over the study I believe they covered up over 95% of the mortality. With their tiny searches on the gravel area around the turbine, all the data collected using flawed search intervals, flawed searcher efficiency trials, and flawed scavenger removal rates—rendering the mortality figures completely meaningless. Even two gulls that were seen killed by this turbine were not counted because they fell outside the “designated” little search area. The distance carcasses travel is one of the primary ways the industry uses to rig their mortality studies. Industry studies are designed to look in an area that goes out no more than 50 meters and AWAY from the direction of carcasses throw. The blades on most of the larger turbines are 50 meters or longer. One study that slipped through the cracks on midsized turbines showed approximately 45% of fatalities being found at 50 meters or more. On the newer 2-3 MW turbines, it is likely to be 80% or more. Goodhue County, Minnesota, put up a several-year battle and defeated this industry. The community was unified in the effort to save their eagles and other species from these turbines. I believe the project developers knew a court battle was inevitable and, since it meant the industry’s hidden mortality would be publicly disclosed, they left town. When you think about it, no matter what experts or representatives from conservation groups the developers called in for testimony—what could they really say? They would all look like idiots trying to defend the industry’s bogus mortality data. Then think of all the new information that would be revealed from subpoenas compelling this industry and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to produce documents. (I keep an entire list handy, awaiting that glorious day.) Big Wind knows their data will not hold up. This is why every community should be dragging these people into court. A generation ago these were the people we incarcerated or ran out of our neighborhoods. Now these same people are fleecing us of our tax dollars while putting us on the path of massive industrial blight and extinction of species.


MORE NEWS THAT WIND CREATES HAVOC: MORE C02, MORE ghg EMISSIONS From a letter to the editor “Manitoulin Expositor” week of September 3, 2013:


Proponents of wind turbines argue that wind power is better than other harmful forms of energy such as burning fossil fuels or even nuclear power. But as we discovered, there has to be a backup, and that involves the burning of fossil fuels. The extraction of natural gas particularly by fracking can produce significant amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas about 20x more powerful than CO2. Some studies, including those using data from Colorado and Texas, show that as the level of wind capacity increases, the CO2 emissions actually increase, and in the best case, CO2 reductions are either so small as to be insignificant or too expensive to be practical. Europe has been building wind turbines for several decades and over 20,000 are installed in Germany alone. CO2 and pollutant production has actually increased in Germany and new coal plants have had to be built as a result of the intermittent supply from wind turbines. A report by the Irish National Grid showed that as the level of wind capacity increased, the CO2 emissions also rose. Denmark produces about 20 percent of its electricity from wind and has subsidized the wind industry for decades, however this wind power has not made a major difference in the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, coal consumption, or oil use.

* Reliance on wind power may increase greenhouse gas production overall! * PAGE 5 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013

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ATTENTION!!! Sociopaths! Megalomaniacs! Deliberate Misinformers! Wanna-Be Empire-Builders! WANTED: To run for City Council... By Mr. David Nesbitt We wish that our experiences and alerted observations had not aroused our suspicions that our municipal elections seem to put into power too many people who could qualify as specified above.

SOCIOPATHIC? You know right from wrong. You choose wrong, if it gets you what you want. No regrets; no shame; ever. In fact you’re proud of it. It frames your charming smiles, and gracious praise of the suckers who pay you, even eventually out-of-Office, from their endless contributions of taxes.

MEGALOMANIACAL? No praise, honour, pay, or token of respect ever will quell your desperate quest for eminence within any gathering of any people. Think of the thrill you get from sitting at the Head table, with people who really are important (which you really are not!). You want always to have something to say, so you love chaos that keeps issues on the table.

DECEIVER? You know you won’t keep your promises. They are just devices in the mechanics of campaigning for office. You know not to speak lies, but you also know how to omit important truths, and how to induce false conclusions. Silence is one of your most effective tools, if maintained long enough, at the right time. Answer despairing challenges by suggesting that other people are not “working together” to help all of us to “move forward”, leaving “nobody falling behind”.

EMPIRE-BUILDER? If you are any or all of the above, then you will attract sycophantic cronies, within and outside of government. You might become a macro-ruler within and outside of government. Businesses will negotiate with you, before dealing with Council or its agencies. If you leave Council, you might retire into a pre-built career, that you were paid from taxes to develop.

GREEDY? Not all ambition is greedy. Not all greed is for money only. See other forms, above. But, someone we know only as “Anonymous” said, “Men want more, less than they want more than other men.”

Special GBNA Benefit Concert to help protect character of Queen St. East. An evening of intimate Beatle Ballads with Martin Gladstone – Guitar/Vocals, Frank Caruso – Piano & Special Guest Brenton Chan – Cello. Martin Gladstone was lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the popular Toronto band “The Grottybeats” in the 1980’s. He later studied law at Queen’s University at Kingston and practices Entertainment Law in his own law firm in Toronto. Frank Caruso is an elementary school music teacher, and a pianist, with a degree in Music Education from the University of Western Ontario where he studied piano with Damjana Bratuz and Patricia Giron. He plays a variety of music from the 1920s to 1960s, including popular standards. Brenton Chan is pursuing a Master’s degree in Cello Performance at the University of Toronto and currently studies with Canadian cellist, Shauna Ralston. He also plays with several ensembles in the Toronto area.

Wednesday September 25th @ 7:30 p.m. St. Aidan’s Anglican Church 70 Silver Birch Ave., Toronto, ON Corner of Queen St. East and Silver Birch Ave. Tickets available at the Door General Admission - $20.00 Students/Seniors - $15.00 Children under 12 years of age - $5.00 PAGE 8 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013

Jay Jay

of the Beaches...

By ROBERT JAMES The team at Your Ward News are proud owners and lovers of a 12-year old bull terrier whom well over three years ago was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor on his head with only six months at the most to live. Without surgery or chemo he is still alive and happy today, enjoying life well past the expectations of even healthy bull terriers. When veterinarians encountered Jay Jay’s case of canine cancer, our refusal to provide chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery lead to an immediate diagnosis of a painful death. In a last ditch effort to profit, veterinarians offered a more affordable solution for our dog, something they inadequately called "euthanasia". The answer is to enhance the quality of life for our best friends, not their veterinarians. Cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs, with 45% of dogs that reach 10 years of age or older dying of cancer. Veterinary oncology deals with cancer "research" and "treatment options" of animals. There is no profitable cure for cancer. The costly techniques used to "treat" canine cancer have several adverse effects that lower the quality of life and in-effect poison our pets. Chemotherapeutic and radioactive techniques destroy the immune system to critically low levels, which can result in fatal infections. The life energy is literally sucked out due to these "treatments", leaving our dogs in an almost catatonic fatigue. Not to mention bleeding, gastrointestinal distress, hair loss, organ failure, swelling, and cognitive decline are also common long-term effects. Yet Jay Jay has always been a fighter, even when it came to the Ontario Provincial Government. As a friendly bull terrier that has never harmed any person or another dog, moronic bureaucrats have been trying to murder him since day one. Under Bill 132 Jay Jay is automatically considered a violently aggressive spawn of Satan, with an unquenchable lust for human blood. The onus of proof that a dog is not a pit bull lies with the owner of the dog. So even with a grandfather clause all it takes is one look from the needle happy “humane society” to order his death. This is ethnic cleansing, canine style! To add vinegar to the wound, owners of any dog that even resembles a pit bull will have to face a $10,000 fine and six months in jail after their loved one is barbarically slaughtered by extermination camp cronies. Just over a month ago Jay Jay had another good fight left in him. His health considerably degraded, and we were forced to once again consider putting him down. Jay Jay lost most of his muscle mass, bone structure, and developed a major infection leading to a massive bloating of his stomach. He was unable to walk, move, urinate or defecate. What is more his brain cancer spread to all over his body, leading to squamous-cell carcinoma. After contacting several local veterinarians to inquire about the dirty dead, they were more then happy to finally get the opportunity profiteer on Jay Jay’s medical condition. The quote came back as $350.00 to “euthanize” our poor friend. That did not include cremation, which they upsold for an additional $350.00. Yet the disgusting slime bucket vets did not stop there. Once they thought they had a sale the bastards demanded an additional $400.00 just to get the ashes back. That was a deal breaker. We decided to let mother nature take it’s course, and we are glad of that decision because Jay Jay also decided to tell the Reaper to bugger off! With the same love, care, compassion and herbal remedies that kept Jay Jay fighting for this long gave him the courage and fortitude for this battle. Just two weeks after we said NO to the veterinary industry, Jay Jay came back to life – and now has no problems going for walks, getting up the stairs, doing his business and raising a little hell.

For more information please visit: or call (416) 693-6325 PAGE 9 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013


By ROBERT JAMES Cry baby Shelley Carroll cried baby tears after losing a debate with Councillor Mike del Grande. The tears poured out like rain as council was forced to consider a motion by Shelley Carroll's bosom buddy Councillor Janet Davis on ways to waste over $60-million in your tax dollar surpluses.

RE: Black Diamond Riders M.C. You feel sorry for how the police treated a person who there is no doubt, engaged Shelley Carroll ranted in defense of in criminal activates for some part of his life…the fact that he was caught later doesn’t matter? -Anonymous Janet Davis, when you have the money -

spend; when you don't - tax. Always sing the Blues!

It is amazing how much bull you can not only stomach, but also regurgitate. There is no doubt??? None what so ever! What criminal activities have you committed in the past, what are your secret crimes??? Jaywalking? Smoking some herb? Stealing candy from the neighborhood mini-mart as a kid?

Mr. del Grande knows that it is the job of the budget chief, Councillor Frank Obviously you know nothing about the trials and tribulations of Johnny di Giorgio and his committee, to decide Sombrero, and there is also obviously no doubt about YOUR criminal activities! Are council’s priorities, not the job of you chartered accountants at Laberge Venne former crown attorneys? Seems you lost individual members of City Council. your case considering Johnny Sombrero’s charges were for NOT breaking ANY law. Shelley Carroll, whose sits beside Mr. del Grande was ordered to “sit down.” Shelley Carroll and the other NDPers frequently interrupt the intelligent councillors who have the floor. Knowing she would never win in a fair debate, Shelley Carroll begged to get the morning off without a note from mommy or daddy. "I just want to get out of here. I want to find my bag so I can leave" she said, crying.

In fact the only criminal activities were committed against Mr. Sombrero. Theft of private property, invasion of privacy, assault and false arrest. It is obvious Johnny Sombrero is a victim of criminal activities; just as it is obvious you are bigoted against freedom loving motorcycle exhaust. - LeRoy —————————————————————————————————————————— There is an art to living in the now. Balance is key. I always thought life should be lived in a four fold of smack-slack-hack-and-crack. Its deep. No one ever really texts to say hey I’m really happy I feel pain and am in tune and balanced with what surrounds me. Lies sell. Some are obsessed in searching for it and welcome its embrace. I am not one of these people. This is the highlight of my day. It’s gonna be huge! - Tyler Haakenson, USA.

Make our communities safer through community involvement and increased public awareness of dangerous fugitives. If you have any information on a fugitive please call the United States Marshals Service at (202) 307-9100. You rock man! You The speaker then banged her gavel can make a difference in the fight against felony crime. - LeRoy

and adjourned the council meeting. Any other job when an employee leaves early, that's time off their paycheque. With the NDP we are still paying their salaries for an extra long lunch break.

—————————————————————————————————————————— Hay LeRoy, I have a question for your website/graphics kid. I noticed Paul Murton was scheming $500.00 per month with some type of hustle to get people on the top of Google. I know it does not work so is Murton just running a new scam? I would appreciate any advice you may have. - David, Storefront Owner on the Danforth

“They pull that kind of shit all the time.” Councillor Frank di Giorgio noted in reference to the NDP's tactic of rambling over any dissenting members of City Council. “You too, Councillor Vaughan, you’re one of the other ones” Mr. del Grande mentioned by name.

Howdie David! What Murton is pimping is called “search engine optimization services”. Paul Murton has no skills or expertise to offer these so-called “services”, and even if he did Murton is willfully overcharging for nothing. Murton’s websites currently display 2 out of 10 on SEO ranking scales, that is pathetically piss poor. Honestly Google and other search engines use sophisticated programming to weed out spammers and scammers like Murton, as well as anyone foolish to waste $500 per month on this beady-eyed cockroach. The single best way to get your website to the top of search engines is by having links from other LEGIT websites to your website. It only took me a month or two to get all of LeRoy’s websites on the top of Google, and Our local socialist councillors take you better believe I never charge extra for this service when I design proper websites. For more information type “SEO Scam” or “Paul Murton Ripoff” into tips from Piers Morgan, not to win an Google! Also feel free to call LeRoy if you want it done right! - Robert James argument - but to silence dissent.

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A Few Good Volunteers Needed To Help Deliver This Community Newspaper! Spread the true news in your ward. Call 416 - 693 - 6325, 1-10PM PAGE 10 YOUR WARD NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013

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