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$4.1 Million Ice Pond PAGE 01 YOUR WARD NEWS DECEMBER 2013

SIBERIAN FLETCHER’S $4.1 Million Ice Pond by ROBERT JAMES Needing to outdo Mary Fragedakis' new $2.4 million ice-skating park, open a whole two months of the year Communist party leader Paula Fletcher really had to put red ink to paper. Taking the gravy off the dinner table and riding the express train straight to crony pocket books, Fletcher put a cheap wall-less roof on her community’s ice pond… astoundingly at a cost of $4.1 million dollars! With the millions wasted already on crony contractors, the debt this city faces for public sector jobs, and administrative kick-backs on every maintenance project when will the people realize enough is enough. Feel good community projects may win quick votes from the incompetent, until people smell the coffee and a tax revolt is cultivated. Comrade Fletcher says it’s for the children, just like her plan to raise property taxes by $30 million dollars a year for recreation. Fine, let the kids play hockey – we have no problems with that. We want our kids to have fun and play sports. The problem we have is when Paula Fletcher uses the same old and tired excuse “it’s for our children” to continuously rob this city blind. Only socialist bureaucrats could waste over four million dollars splashing water onto concrete! The original construction costs of Maple Leaf Gardens was $1.5 million and it only took six months to build. It was good enough to house the Toronto Maple Leafs for 70 years, but according to Fletcher’s budget; not quite good enough for our children. Despite the fact all you need are skates and a garden hose it took two years for construction crews to complete putting a multi-million dollar metal roof over an outdoor ice rink. Calling it a “prototype for years to come” Fletcher has big plans for her red pen. Even Rob Ford showed up to skate as one young kid shouted “you’re the best” to our mayor. Frazzled Fletcher took note, though she claims to do everything for the kids Ford clearly had their vote. PAGE 02 YOUR WARD NEWS DECEMBER 2013

From SUN News: A week ago, the CBC reported that it had received scores of e-mails from the RCMP pertaining to the evacuation of High River, Alta., following last June's floods. Thankfully, the National Firearms Association (NFA) also received most of the same documents because to read the CBC's story, you would get the impression that everything went smoothly and the Mounties behaved entirely benignly. The incident has become known as the High River Gun Grab because as officers went door-to-door in the devastated and deserted town (presumably looking for survivors), they seized hundreds of firearms. They kicked down doors in 1,900 of the 5,300 houses in town, including houses untouched by floodwaters. They even kicked down unlocked doors and doors that had glass panels beside them that could have been broken to reach the deadbolt. From the muddy boot marks and glove prints they left behind, it is clear officers searched in all sorts of locations (such as underwear drawers and makeup tables) where no survivor could have been sheltering (but where a handgun might have been stashed). The destruction Mounties inflicted on High River is unprecedented, yet the CBC insisted officers were engaged solely in "basic police work." The only problem the CBC could see: Federal Tory cabinet ministers were putting "political pressure" on the national police force to give back whatever guns they had taken as quickly as possible. But a deeper examination of the documents, obtained via access to information, reveals that Mounties weren't just acting as compassionate rescuers and heroes. An RCMP spokesman, Sgt. Julie Gagnon, is seen in an e-mail complaining that politicians shouldn't be concerning themselves in police business because officers were "only ensuring the safety/security of the population. Police do that kind of work when they go to residences that are unsecured ... they have to do it." But if, as Sgt. Gagnon says, the only residences Mounties were entering where "unsecured," why the need for nearly 2,000 forced entries? An unlocked door doesn't need to be battered down, only a locked door - a "secured" door - does. Pardon the pun, but were officers smashing in doors just for kicks? If 95% of townspeople had been saved within the first 24 hours, why the need to break down doors for a further six or seven days? The answer simply cannot be the hunt for survivors. In all, Mounties rescued 38 survivors trapped by the rising Highwood River. That is a very brave and noble achievement for which Canadians should be grateful. But it's not a sufficient explanation for keeping 13,000 people out of their homes for two weeks or more while police went on a looting rampage. Many homes, including several outside the flood zones, were searched two or three times until guns were found. Others were only searched for guns. As the disaster dragged on, Mounties became obsessed with taking guns rather than securing survivors. PAGE 03 YOUR WARD NEWS DECEMBER 2013

THE GRAVY TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION Merrily-Spending McMahon & her incautious cronies, all aboard!


The Liberal Clause: Socialism on a Sleigh "What about the Christmastution?" [an elf shouted]. Ignoring them, Elf Sneed shouted out, "My fellow elves, it is my distinct honour to present to you, the change we have been waiting for; our new Claus!" Shortly after these words left Sneed's mouth, a man dressed in Santa's suit stepped onto the stage and strutted to the mike. In front of him, a group of elves ran out holding up a TV screen with words on it. This was the first time the elves had seen a teleprompter at the North Pole. The skinny impostor began to read. "My fellow citizens of the North Pole," he stated with a hint of arrogance in his voice, "I am here to pull Christmas back from the brink of destruction. My name is Barry, but you can call me Liberal Claus." "Are you even from the North Pole?" an elf questioned from the crowd. Liberal Claus scowled at this elf with pure evil in his eyes. For a moment all of the elves stood in disbelief waiting for a response, but the response would never come. As the elves shivered in the cold, Barry commented, "Because of elf-made global warming, the ice caps are quickly disappearing and there are no more snowmen!" At this, an elf in the crowd protested, "But sir, this is the coldest year on record and we are sitting on snowmen." With an angry scowl Barry responded, "You poor little elf, it is obvious that you have not been told the truth. For years, you elves have made your snowmen with large, jolly center sections. This must stop from this point forward! Now go melt your snowmen!"


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Mary-Margaret McMahon flipped her two-face, totally aligning herself with the “progressive” mentality of the now illegally state owned city hall. Gone is Rob Ford’s democratically enacted power to govern this Metropolis, as he has for the past three years for the benefit of Torontonians. The once clearly visible glass offices in Nathan Phillips Square have been terrifyingly frosted overnight, ending public transparency of municipal government. All the while using lefty controlled media to convince gullible sheeple that it’s a good thing. In it’s place Merrily-Spending McMahon and a cabal of conspiring cohorts have literally, and criminally usurped the position of our elected government. In our province we have an unconscionably spendthrift Liberal bureaucrat who unelected to the position of Ontario Premier is authorizing the seditious overthrow of the mayoral seat, and installing a despotic puppet ruler who until four months ago held no deputy mayoral office. Of course McMahon does not think it is contrary to good conscience for an unelected Ontario Liberal to allow an unelected Toronto Liberal to govern Canada’s largest city. The people have no choice in the matter, but to be fair they were both appointed by the Liberal Party. In Soviet Russia, party elect you… not the other way around! McMahon forced to give an actually tolerable face to the putsch, dragged her own daughter in front of the media while treasonously declaring that the public’s vote is invalid. "There is no reason [for Ford] to be here as the leader of the city, [Ford must] step down immediately." Why? Because Rob Ford has done exactly what he campaigned for, and exactly what the people elected him to do. Stop the gravy-train tax and waste that Mary-Margaret relies on, end oppressively large government that is unaccountable to the people, stop the selling of government to bribing political allies, and defend us from the irresponsible incompetence destroying this city in the name of a totalitarian fiscal policy. What is most irritating to several Toronto city councillors is not only the international attention Mayor Ford has brought to city hall, but the public transparency of where exactly tax dollars windup. There was too much required accountability under Ford, and city councillors much preferred old fashioned closed door meetings, making their deals in the backroom – free from nosy parkers. With the hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus Mayor Ford has saved – councillors are drooling figuring out ways to waste it, simply so they can pretend to have the legitimacy to raise taxes in their 2014 budget. If they don’t have the power to spend our money this year, they can not extort us for more the next. It is very simple, and the reason why Merrily-Spending McMahon who has already sold this ward out to Bussin’s old condo-developing cronies has also sold out our mayor. Although it may look like an exercise in civics, don’t be fooled… McMahon encourages crony capitalism through and through. Unlike Ford, Mary-Margaret McMahon was elected on a domino set of lies. The very concept of liberty is so repugnant to Mary-Margaret McMahon that she demands “mouths need to be duct taped” in order to protect the state. Whenever a libertarian speaks it is “absolutely deplorable, disgusting, appalling, unacceptable, offensive and atrocious” in McMahon’s own words. Constitutions, laws and civil liberties are only to serve the interest of the state. Constituents are to be governed, not rule. No longer are politicians civil servants, the people are public servants. In a scene very reminiscent of 1991 and the August Putsch, this newspaper wonders how long until our own mouths are duct taped shut. Except in this case, the belligerents have unlawfully seized power and would love nothing more than ordering our mouths be physically crushed permanently. With democracy, perestroika and glasnost completely eliminated and the power to declare a city-wide state of emergency now in the hands of a puppet state, freedom of the press could become nothing more than a meaningless political buzzword.

If you're easily offended, don't read this… By ROBERT JAMES It must be exhausting for Janet Davis and her coalition of leftwing dingbats being appalled all the time. Offended by everything and ashamed of nothing, Janet Davis has lead a putsch against democracy. I find it truly appalling that there are dictators in waiting within our own city! Taking a page out of Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook, Janet Davis becomes outraged at the smallest, stupidest things. Suddenly, everyone, everywhere, is supposed to be offended by everything. How do these permanently whipped-up delicate dandelions live? Always worried that their precious snowflakes might have to grow up in the real world, they seek to destroy the very fabric of our democratic system in the name of a "better future for our children". These Bolsheviks offend me. There is a contagious pandemic sweeping across the nation. It’s an epidemic called Bullshittitis, on the top of Health Canada's list of major infectious diseases. A bacterial vaginosis that infects several female NDP councillors, causing severe intellectual disabilities and is accompanied by an The Libertarian Democratic Reform Party is unpleasant fishy smell. Symptoms include: traumatization, peevishness, currently petitioning the Ontario incompetence, and an all-around hypersensitivity to anyone who they just Government for a common sense reform don’t like. Doctors recommend that those infected stop looking for stupid little immediately in the following areas: things to be offended by every single minute of the day. Unfortunately, that is not party policy. - Subsidise the working poor through the subsidizing of small businesses. Case in point: It is okay for Janet Davis' cronies to slander, attack, lie, cheat and steal. It's okay for the left-wing media to yell the words pussy or - Enhance the living conditions of the fuck at the top of their lungs. Yet when someone defends themselves, quoting disabled and the working class. buzzwords the socialist agenda has been plastering everywhere... only then - An end to social housing, every Canadian does it become appalling. Janet Davis, that spineless jellyfish spends our taxes going around bugging into people's private conversations and finding more and more ways to scream how appalled she is. When there is nothing for her to be appalled at, she can just pull stuff out of her witches' hat. Making up stories like a preschooler does to their mother, just so they have something to cry about. The worst are those who go out of their way to find things offensive on other people's behalf, just for attention. In fact there are few things NDPers love more than being appalled. They spend most of their time waiting for the chance to be offended by something. They amass a personal army of offended do-little do-nothings, most of whom lacking any real employment have all the time in the world to be offended along side the hand that feeds their laziness. That's how at a drop of a coin the Toronto Union of Unemployed Layabouts can mobilize for their common interest of being easily offended. At this point, it is acceptable to ask them to make their ever so valuable insanity public. NDPers call this "getting involved in the community". And if you don't agree with me, you probably vote NDP.

deserves a house. - The destruction of bureaucracy. Lets quit spending to decide whether something is good or bad and lets just do it! Free up the bureaucracy in government.

For information and to sign our petition call 416-693-6325 or visit: Is Liberty under attack? Perhaps more so than any other time! We see this daily in how our government regularly misleads us; making foolhardy economic decisions, then treats citizens alarmed at record deficits like madmen. Government repeatedly tramples our rights as if we were slaves. Politicians present themselves as gods, above error, who dismiss dissent as if it were the babble of infants. Between irrational new laws, and the government’s refusal to enforce common sense rules, we feel trapped and betrayed by increasingly tyrannical leaders. What distinguishes man from other forms of life is the ability to learn from experience. To survive and prosper we have to use our minds. We can develop our mental faculties only by exercising them with freedom to make and act on our own individual decisions. Liberty is essential for being human, experiencing happiness and self-fulfillment. The right to your life is useless without the right to liberty. PAGE 05 YOUR WARD NEWS DECEMBER 2013

DEVELOPER McMAHON KEW GARDENS CONSPIRACY? by our Investigative Journalist “J.J.” The Beaches future continues to be defined by cronyism, sweetheart deals, kick-backs, pay-offs and all the other hallmarks of classic corruption. The Toronto network’s dominoes haven’t started falling yet, as they have in Montreal. Our deceptively soft-spoken Ward 32 Councillor has given the ‘green light’ for ideas as to what improvements would be best for our already wide-open and welcoming landmark Kew Gardens. The funny thing is that the starting and completion dates for the project have already been announced. How can this be? They don’t even know what landscaper or architect will win the contract……OR DO THEY? Beach residents are well-versed when it comes to political corruption as we have been taught by the best. Ex-councillor Bussin gets the ‘Teacher-Of-The-Century Award’ on the subject and we should thank her for the lessons we have learned. We have also done our home-work and have uncovered additional information beyond the standard curriculum. We have discovered that no-bid contracts are just part of ‘Corruption 101’. The no-bid contract awarded to George Foulidis in the ‘Beach Bully Bussin Boardwalk Bistro’ caper has put educated Beachers on alert for the more advanced corruption courses that are available to citizens. In our extensive research on the subject we have uncovered many sophisticated techniques employed by municipal politicians. A complete expose will be published in 2014 by our Ward 32 crime-beat team, as it is way too depressing for this Christmas issue. One nugget we can share is the ‘phony high-bid’ move. With enough conspirators in the pockets of the municipal movers and shakers, several contractors submit ridiculously high bids so that the ‘lowest’ high-bid seems reasonable. Enough profit is made to spread around in manila envelopes. That is the move that we must remain vigilant for in the Kew Gardens Conspiracy that is clearly taking place. The education that Beachers received from Sandra can now be applied to Mary-Margaret as there are a finite number of dynamics available to the corrupt councillors and criminal cohorts of our present councillor. The letters and e-mails that we have been receiving reveal an important aspect to the success or failure of the Kew Gardens Conspiracy: Beachers have passed their Corruption 101 course with flying colors and are ready to TEACH our councillor a very important lesson.... WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!!!

Beachers PETULANT PROFITEERS In The Boardwalk Cafe

by Mr. David Nesbitt

Beachers who read Your Ward 32 News and sister media already know of George Foulidis and his stake in the boardwalk Café/Pub/Restaurant. Allegations were that he improperly influenced then-Councillor Bussin, and possibly others, to grant his Tuggs Inc (sic) a “sweetheart deal” that deprives Metro of what should have been no less than proper permit fees. New allegations of similar form extend back about thirty years. An affidavit naming Foulidis to Justice Newbould is about Foulidis and associates deceptively influencing each other, and each others lawyers. Various of these associates, at various times and in shifting circumstances, seem to have been in and out of traitorous business disputes. This has been a complicated, complex, confounding and convoluted legal and financial imbroglio. There seem to be two classes of potential legal actions within this mess. One is several civil torts. The other could be charges of improper arrangements involving some Councillors with municipal officers on one side, and possible malefactors and their lawyers and lobbyists on the other side. In some cases, individuals on one side seem to have allied themselves with one or more of the other side(s). Justice Newbould’s conclusions might finally reveal the stench of details of business relations of Foulidis and Bussin, when she still was a Councillor. Could these alleged malefactors not have played straight? The thrill of successful, secret chicanery may have been too tempting to resist. How many other instances are unfolding right now? Two Summers ago, and in our past Summer, I met J.J., your neutered pitbull mascot. The first time, he was full of dynamic affection. That made him a symbol of your efforts to keep The Beaches on track into a stable future of well-earned enjoyment for diligent wage-earners. The second meeting was a sad shocker. He had become a skeleton clothed in loose skin, and some cancerous tumors. The affection was there, but the old bounce was gone. Here was proof of the need for Canine Cancer Comfort & Care, which Your Ward News has been sponsoring. It can give to J.J. and other dogs the palliative care they need and deserve.


I hope this letter reaches you before the last nanosecond of J.J.’s life, which is the necessary end of all of us. J.J. made himself necessary in his life and role. -Wilbur

OPEN LETTER TO ALL THE FORD HATERS. This letter is anonymous. Why? Because it seems that anyone who dares to stand up against the current mob calling for Rob Ford's resignation can expect to be targeted for scorn, ridicule, and name calling. Those labelled as "Ford Nation" have alternatively been called fanatics, far right maniacs, extremists etc (see Royson James, The Toronto Star, November 3, 2013). Publicly attempting to put down and humiliate people with name calling and lumping them all into one category. Isn't that called bullying and stereotyping? When I was educated it was. But what do I know? I'm apparently just another extremist - someone who thinks that a Mayor who was subjected to almost six months of 24/7 police surveillance, at least some of it with a Cessna over his house until the neighbours started complaining, and who has not yet been charged with anything, should not have to resign. Someone who wonders just how much all that investigation and surveillance cost. Someone who gets a little edgy when the police chief orders the investigation and a six month surveillance of an elected official, then releases a 400+ page report in which we learn that the Mayor and his friend Alessandro Lisi drank vodka together in a wooded area, that the Mayor relieved himself on a bush, and that they apparently had a strange penchant for convenience stores, Gatorade, potato chips, and little baggies of nefarious content. Good grief! Call in the RCMP! Mr. Lisi, this alleged underworld character, meanwhile managed to evade the top police team numerous times, and in the end was charged with dealing marijuana in a plaza and verbally threatening two alleged drug dealers in an attempt to get the video of the Mayor allegedly smoking crack. Really? That took six months of police surveillance, and resulted in the police chief being "disappointed" in the Mayor? This is the same police chief isn't it who had no problem with his officers "kettling" innocent people in the rain during the G20, and who has defended police shooting of mentally ill people, at least one of them having been shot several times then tasered for good measure. And he's disappointed in Ford? I think maybe the people of Toronto remain pretty disappointed in him. Does the Mayor have a troubled personal life? Yes, it appears he does. And I'm sure this is not helped by reporters swarming all over his driveway and his front yard, refusing to leave unless pushed and yelled at, with his two small children, 6 and 8, looking on. Nor is it helped by the Toronto Star's campaign of the past three years from the moment the man took office. To hear The Star tell it, Armageddon would ensue. Has it? Well, actually it hasn't. Since he took office Toronto's aging infrastructure is being rebuilt, a subway extension to long suffering Scarborough, taxes kept low, getting rid of the vehicle transfer tax, better customer service - in fact he regularly goes out to see citizens himself and works to fix whatever is troubling them. He says he "loves to meet people at the doorstep". Just in case all those Ford haters out there were wondering, that is exactly the reason his approval rating went up 5% in the wake of the police chief's latest revelations about his bad behaviour. People know he is trying to do a good job for them. They appreciate it when they call his office and get their concerns addressed. They know he is unpolished and has shown bad judgement in being drunk in public places. Of course none of us has ever done that. "But we should hold the Mayorto a higher standard!" say the Mayor's opponents. Really? Did we hold a certain drunken Premier to a higher standard? Or a certain drunken Attorney General? Or a certain Scarborough Councillor after his DUI? Did we put them under surveillance? Most importantly, do we honestly think that no politician at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels has not from time to time fraternized with shady characters - some of whom throw fundraisers for them and/or donate large sums to their re-election campaigns? Not only that, but weren't there all kinds of untendered contracts awarded provincially by OLG, and did not provincial Ministers approve untendered contracts - 30 million worth wasn't it, to IBM for eHealth (Toronto Star, October 1, 2009)? And did they not squander millions more on the failed Green Energy Act and ORNG? Are we not more worried about politicians misplacing our money than we are about them peeing on bushes when inebriated? Let's get real. What really has all you Ford haters so upset? Could it be that the comfortable Toronto establishment doesn't feel so comfortable anymore? Wasn't it February of 2011 that the Mayor and the city's Auditor General discovered huge waste and possible fraud at the Toronto Housing Corporation? And did that not result in Ford calling on the Chair and the whole civilian Board to resign? And wasn't police chief Blair pretty upset with Ford in August of 2011 when Ford tried to introduce a 10% cut to the police budget? Seems he really upset Mike McCormack of the police union who vowed to take "every legal action" to fight Ford on it (Globe and Mail, August 31, 2011). He has certainly upset the downtown Councillors. Possibly about spreading city cash more evenly between the suburbs and the downtown core? Who are we kidding? Mayor Ford is far from perfect as he himself admits. But was there Armageddon? Is he "desecrating" the Office of Mayor as one Toronto Star columnist has said? Hardly. My advice to Ford Hater Nation? Get a grip!

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Wind Turbine Robbery in Progress: OR How Much is My Dream Worth? by Sherri Lange CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power) Wind developers and anyone aiding and abetting should pay damages in full for turbine “trickery.” The damage to homes, people’s dreams, landscapes, is deep and long-lasting. The “green” bill of sale has been utterly false, with no concern about, but even visible contempt

for, personal reports of financial losses and personal suffering. This is perhaps the lengthiest robbery of all time. Despite the trumped up reports by the wind proponents, and others whose financial interests are at stake, huge property losses are reported not just following the installation of massive turbines, but also at the whiff of a development. Sales are aborted, entire communities Apocalyptic photo of abandoned turbines in Hawaii. commonly almost instantly devalued; businesses lost or downgraded, tourism values slashed, including associate industries that depend on tourism. Inherent in these financial losses are the dashed dreams of people who have actively sought out peace, alternative living, farming and recreational havens, or even the peaceable enjoyment of their own personal property. A new website, provides summary materials and emerging events around property loss and wind turbine sprawl, suggesting that a robbery is well under way, stretching well beyond 30 years, and knowing no geographical limits. Some of the focus is on individual lives shattered by loss of property values. Roger Oliveira formerly of Melancthon, Ontario, writes eloquently of his sense of loss of his dreams, as well as his finances. In an open letter questioning of the wind developer, he asks, “How much is my dream worth?” The reality of living surrounded by nine massive machines impacting his health, his dreams dashed of country peace, a lifelong dream, Roger moved. Rather than continue the litany of health complaints, the depression from having lost “everything” financially, he had no choice but to gather the strength to pick up and move. For Roger and others like him, countless others around the world, there will be no damages awarded that will ever allow him to recover from that sense of complete and utter loss.

FIGHTING INDUSTRY FICTION According to Mike McCann: The approval of wind turbine projects close to homes is tantamount to inverse condemnation or the regulatory taking of private property rights. Still as the industry continues its fiction on zero property impacts, and in the wake of thousands of stories like Roger’s, Michael McCann of McCann Appraisal, LLC, Chicago, Illinois, finds that the hard data is irrefutable. McCann refers to some unsalable properties as “ground zero.” Mike McCann further notes that noise and sleep disturbances are “commonplace,” that homeowners are almost instantly deprived of “reasonable liquidity” and market value; McCann measures losses of 25% to 40% with mention of those properties that are indeed, not able to be sold at any price. At the conclusion of his discussion of property devaluations at Brewster MA, two 400 foot turbines, he includes a list of the medical and disturbance effects that is like a catalogue of an almost unimaginable Gulag of suffering.

INTO THE COURTS What happens when people lose 20-100% of their most precious financial and emotional asset overnight? Toronto lawyer, Eric Gillespie, now represents a growing number of clients whose assets are being reclaimed in as many as 14 different lawsuits reaching more than $50

million at the time of this writing. (The article referenced suggests a dollar value of 9 million, but Mr. Gillespie tells us recently, the actual dollar amount has now risen to more than 50 million CDN.) A twist in the evolving legal scheme is that individual landowners who support turbines on their land are also named in a number of the suits.

CONCLUSION This is a marketplace adjustment that is only beginning, according to Lansink and others, and the downward pressure on tax base property evaluations can only begin to have other financial insinuations down the line. Talk about a fiscal cliff in escalated time. Eric Bibler of Save Our Seashore writes that there are a MILLION Reasons to be Concerned About Industrial Wind Turbines. He invites you to go to your computer and type in the words: wind turbine lawsuit. The result is a staggering (his caps) ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND. As 2013 evolves, more and more of these cases, we predict, will settle on loss of property values, loss of enjoyment, loss of health. Many are now calling industrial wind turbine proliferation the most serious health scandal of our times. Soon, we will also be referring to the onslaught as the longest running robbery of all times. How else do you call misrepresented “greening” and “inverse condemnation?” By comparison with Jesse James, who typically limited his stealing to the Express Safe on trains, the runaway profits of the wind industry appear to show no limits or same sense of reserve. The damages to people, landscapes, land values, the environment, are without precedent.

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I don't think anybody who looks carefully at us thinks that we are a left-wing or a right-wing organization. -Peter Jennings





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Fletcher wants More Property Taxes!

MORE!!! MORE!!! By ROBERT JAMES Higher property taxes in 2014, and tens of millions of more tax dollars will be wasted if Communist Party leader Comrade Fletcher has her way. The current system of having users of recreation services pay a small nominal fee is as obsolete as free enterprise in the modern MarxistLeninist society. Getting rid of recreation user fees would cost taxpayers over an estimated $30 million a year. Why? Not because Paula Fletcher responsibly budgeted, not because Paula Fletcher is asking City Hall to take a pay cut, and not because Paula Fletcher eliminated several non-essential crony jobs off her books. Today, when people are making less money, working more hours, losing pensions, lacking employment benefits, and paying more for EVERYTHING. Comrade Fletcher’s answer for her socialist pipe dream is the money would have to come from YOUR property taxes. On the agenda for the 2014 operating budget, members of the committee are figuring out even more ways to steal money. You have a very nice house there, shame if anything happened to it! Councillor Fletcher thinks that more taxes will encourage kids to be physically active, and that’s not the job of the parent --- raising children is the job of the state. “This is not gravy money, this is building character and health.” Fletcher notes. This coming from the gravyest of city councillors. A woman who thinks the name “park rangers” is politically incorrect, but creating 12 news jobs each costing taxpayers $83,000 a year to pick up trash and hand out park fines is correct. Local property taxpayer Mark Richardson, fired back at the committee. “Why can’t the city (continue to) ask the average Torontonian to pay user fees similar to what the rest of Ontario pays for recreation?” Toronto’s recreation fees are comparable to those in most Ontario cities. Families in the lower end of the income scale already do not have to pay these fees. The city’s “Welcome Policy” allows those on welfare, disability and low-income earners to have free access to recreation. So why is Fletcher demanding that property taxes need to be upped by over thirty million more dollars a year to help those who already get subsidised access to rec programs?

Past experience in sales and customer The motion to up property taxes passed 5-1 by the committee, which is service is a plus, but not required. Duties dominated by zealots against Mayor Rob Ford’s administration. “It’s an uphill include both indoor and outdoor work, climb,” notes Councillor Janet Davis, but it is only a “bit of a bumpy ride through with emphasis on over the phone sales. the budget process.”

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In other words if our socialist elite want to pass their operating budget in 2014, and raise your taxes YET AGAIN, they need to work harder to slander and attack Rob Ford and his supporters even more!

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LeRoy, Wonder why the libtard media is rarely reporting these teacher-sex allegations on the news?! Do you have any tips in how rogue Ontario teachers in the TDSB can be exposed to the Canadian sheeple? There is tons of incriminating information about Gordy Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou, Mary Gowans, Varla Abrams and Nathalie Champagne which are waiting to be released to the public, but the left-wing news and the Canadian sheeple do not mind pedophiles and child predators teaching their children. Take for instance, Mary Gowans. Even the evidence showed that Mary Gowans and the then 14 year old student exchanged over 2,000 text messages, some of the text messages of which were overtly sexualized in nature. One provocative text message Mary Gowans sent to the student was “Christmas came early, babe :-) ”. Mary Gowans even let the student into her home under the guise of babysitting employment. Mary Gowans seemed to be the typical pedophile who groomed the student to perform sexual intercourse with her, but the lack of evidence or common sense resulted in the Judge ruling a not guilty charge for the accusation of pedophile charges. Gordy Stefulic, current Chair of the Toronto Schools Administrator Association was accused of having sexual intercourse with students dating back to the 1990s. In 2008, Gordy Stefulic was accused of recording, distributing and sharing child pornography with under-aged students of Etobicoke Collegiate Institute and Silverthorn Collegiate Institute. Three students were implicated in massaging and fondling Gordy Stefulic on Toronto District School Board property. One female student alleged that Gordy Stefulic directed a male student to sexually harass her because Gordy Stefulic had a grudge against Muslim female students who wore the conventional headdress. The female Muslim student and her parents filed several complaints to the former TDSB Director Dr. Chris Spence, but to date the Muslim female student and her parents received no reply of the sexual assault which occurred in 2007. Vivian Mavrou, current Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate Institute was a known white supremacist and sexual predator who was incompetent as a Mathematics teacher while she was teaching at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in the early 2000s. Because of the teachers’ union tenure policies which favoured old white middle and upper class Canadians, Vivian Mavrou was promoted to Silverthorn Collegiate Institute as a Vice Principal. Allegations surfaced about Vivian

Mavrou and a school bully who were seen in Vivian Mavrou’s vehicle after school hours. Some students alleged Vivian Mavrou had sexual interference with the 15 year old school bully, and this conflict of interest caused many innocent students to become victims of school bullying. Vivian Mavrou failed to protect the students from being physically, emotionally and sexually assaulted by the school bully because Vivian Mavrou was having sex with the school bully and returned the favour by giving the school bully permission to bully students! The Toronto District School Board cited lack of evidence when the investigation was given and Vivian Mavrou was transferred to Martingrove Collegiate Institute where she enforced fascist policies to students to suppress freedom of speech in Toronto schools.

Do we need a trust fund for Liberal moving expenses? I don't mean to be a pain in the you know where, but I have sent the Minister of Energy four letters and so far he has not responded to any of them. I know Bob Chiarelli is busy (I saw a picture of him with Premier Wynne and Al Gore) but I sure would like to know how my ideas are going over.

Varla Abrams in her decades career as a teacher, had sexual intercourse with at least four students and she had to be transferred many times because of those immoral incidents. Varla was notorious in the news for being a suppresser of freedom of expression in government-funded Canadian schools.

Because I was upset by Bob Chiarelli’s lack of response, I wrote an article about how we are exporting electricity to NY and Michigan and losing money. As I wrote it I thought, hey, if we are losing money exporting, why hasn't he told me that I could be paid for NOT producing electricity so that the money we are losing would stay in Ontario?

My letters were asking for something that the Ministry of Energy has already done for lots of other folks from other countries and other provinces so I didn't think he would have a problem with what I was looking for but I haven't got anything at all from him. The constituency office told me that I should send everything to, which sure didn't seem too personal so I became upset.

Mary Gowans, Gordy Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou and Varla Abrams committed heinous sexual exploitation crimes against minors and students using their position of authority. But why is their a lack of concern, but accusations of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack are met with the most uncivilized, unconstitutional and herd-mentality behaviour by the public and media in forcing Mayor Rob Ford to resign?

I may have offended the minister as I summed up my really short article with something that he and some other Liberals might find kind of nasty. It was a little rash but what I suggested is that maybe “Ontarians should seriously look at exporting our Liberal politicians. I think many in the province would even pay those jurisdictions to take them off our hands.” Maybe I shouldn't have been so nasty if he is At least Mayor Rob Ford does the job well as a going to allow me to NOT produce wind or person in authority. Canadians have no solar generation and pay me for that. If he business as to what Mayor Rob Ford does in his decides to pay me for NOT producing I spare time out of office. There are Toronto promise, I will write a nice article retracting District School Board teachers who use their what I said. work time to have sexual interference with I didn't expect the reaction I got to that last minors. These TDSB sex predators are named remark—I am getting e-mails from people who Mary Gowans, Vivian Mavrou, Gordy Stefulic want to contribute to the cost of exporting him and Varla Abrams. and most of the other Liberals. I only suggested -Paul Frankish NY or Michigan and now I am sorry I didn't mention Florida where it is warmer (maybe Should Mary Kay Letourneau move to Toronto? due to climate change), and where I also hear While the saga of Mary Gowans has made their electricity rates are lower. Does Florida international headlines, we can not find any have more appeal to Chiarelli? media attention for your claims of the others. The case of professional misconduct by In any event, I am now concerned that I may Gordana Anne Stefulic in the committee notes have to set up a trust account for the donations, found that she "abused a student or students but I only will do that if you think that it is a physically, sexually, verbally, psychologically good idea. Maybe I should set up a charity or a or emotionally, contrary to Ontario Regulation not for profit as I could probably get a grant 437/97, subsection 1(7) and engaged in sexual from the Trillium Foundation; I could at least abuse of a student or students of a nature rent Bob a real nice RV so his family would be defined in sections 1 and 40 (1.1) of the Act and able to ride in style. she committed acts that having regard to all I am busy responding to the people who want to the circumstances would reasonably be donate to move the Liberal Party out of Ontario. regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional, contrary to -Parker Gallant Ontario Regulation 437/97, subsection 1" Not only do I think a non-profit to move the True that in the socialist financed Toronto Liberals down south is a good idea, but I’ll chip District School Board, cronyism and nepotism in a few hundred to make sure they don’t come prevails with teachers protected by their union back! Although with the Liberals stamping wolves. Still move evidence is required then their approval of all not for profit applications, your continuous attacks plastered all over the you may need to setup the organization as a internet for the media to take notice. The point limited liability company. -LeRoy of the modern socialist education system is to indoctrinate students, not educate them. Which You are correct about Paul Murton, the BEADY is why so many youth today are as bright as an EYE SCAMMER. I am a victim of his practices. We need to do something about this thief!-Anon abscess and mentally collective without an independent thought in their brain. If there is And we will, together informing the public we evidence of sexual abuse cover-ups this is a need people like you to come public with info huge blow to their social modification scam! and file crime reports with the police. –LeRoy -LeRoy

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Needing to outdo Mary Fragedakis' new $2.4 million ice-skating park, open a whole two months of the year Communist party leader Paula Fletch...