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David Miller yes-man and high spender Joe Mihevc, blowing your money in the wind! Joe Mihevc is the single WORST city councillor in Toronto’s history. For the premier issue of Ward 21 News we decided to let Joe Mihevc’s anti-taxpayer voting record, proudly displayed on Toronto City Hall’s website speak for itself: Councillor Mihevc voted YES to his own pay raise. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to public discloser of campaign contributions. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to make ambulances an essential service. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to spend $2 million on eliminate traffic lanes. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to waste $13 million on bikes lanes. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to save $80 million by reducing staff. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to save $1 million on office budgets. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to David Miller’s corny jobs for campaign donors. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to $45 million dollars in city hall upgrades. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to ban ALL plastic bottles and a 5 cent bag fee. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to spend $360 to just tear down the Gardiner Expressway. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to honour Canadian service men who died in Afghanistan. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to reduce the size and spending of city councillor. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to ending $80,000 in free meals to councillors. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to refusing $255,000 in free baseball tickets for councillors. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to new car registration taxes. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to new land transfer taxes. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to allow handicapped seniors exemption from those taxes. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to any public referendum on his new taxes. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to free home delivery of crack pipes and heroin needles. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to more garbage taxes. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to any public meetings about his new garbage taxes. Councillor Mihevc voted YES to up property taxes by 3.8%. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free city wide parking for city councillors. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free TTC passes for city councillors. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free golf passes for city councillors. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate $20g in cigarette handouts for the homeless. Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate $60g in booze handouts for the homeless.

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The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, taxpayer subsidized and government monopolized was Ontario's answer to prohibition. One of the world's largest sellers of alcoholic beverages the LCBO proudly boasts it's one of the only crown corporations to turn a profit! How exactly could it not? Known for their high prices and poor hours, the LCBO is a laughing stock to Western Canadians where privatization and countless small beer vendors are the norm. While Canada is subject to the Excise Act which contributes to the cost of beverages the vast majority of hidden liquor tax customers pay is provincial. With brands selling in Ontario for up to 60% more than in New York State. Using a legally sanctioned price fixing mechanism to guarantee profits and discourage price competition the LCBO enforces minimum selling prices on all their products. The LCBO returns around $1.2 billion to the Ontario government which is a pathetically poor amount considering the large market share it retains. Due to the inevitable red tape and bureaucracy ripe in the public sector, this is not a surprise. In an effort to discourage any complaints of government-granted monopolistic hematophagy the province grants two small private companies to "compete". Yet the Beer Store keeps the same LCBO hours and policies, while the Wine Rack by a fluke of the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario is allowed to sell only Ontario wines from a small coalition of independent vineyards. Private liquor stores and/or motor hotel vendors are legal in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. They are legal in most jurisdictions on the face of the planet. Yet according to the Ontario government if private beverage resellers open up, and people are allow to buy some drinks a single tick after 5:00 pm on a Sunday all hell will brake lose. Kids will be knocking back a mickey on the street, while drunk drivers run over elderly ladies and bare knuckle boxing brawls brake out in every park. Heck, Al Capone himself will rise from the grave and start bootlegging tax-free bathtub gin. The entire province will go blind with alcohol poisoning! In order to avoid this disaster up until the early 1960's the LCBO licensed drinkers the same way that driving is licensed. People who wanted to drink had to fill in several application forms and were issued individually numbered liquor permits that kept a record of the individual’s purchase history, just to buy some suds. Even past 1975 the LCBO conducted its own massive spying operations on customers employing an army of under cover investigators that clandestinely visited customer's homes, workplaces, banks, neighbours and even churches to decide if an adult was worthy enough sip a sherry. Not only was this a blatant violation of privacy, but also a huge waste of taxpayer dollars to embarrass the public into temperance. Hundreds of thousands of individuals were blacklisted and banned from every retailer in the province, in some cases just because their investigation showed a customer bounced the rent cheque at their bank.

The main benefit of selling the LCBO would be sixteen billion dollars that would be the immediate windfall from the sale. And even with this one-time profit, the province could actually earn more money by dismantling the high-margin retail stores while keeping the lucrative wholesale business. The Alberta government actually showed more profit by privatizing their stores while acting as the middle man between the importers/manufactures and the stores. With the ticking time bomb that is Ontario’s debt the government can not afford to keep the LCBO. All newborn babies born in this province owes over $20,000 in legislative debt the second they are born. Every single hour of every single day Ontario can add another $1.3 million dollars to our total debt from the interest. “A lot of Ontario’s problem stems from government entitlements and government wages which make up 50% of the money spent at Queen’s Park” according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “That’s what got Greece and what got Detroit as well.” Here comes the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, as always offering moronic excuses of why privatization is such a filthy word that should only be spoken of in disgust. Last summer they threatened to make this a dry province unless their demands were met. Collecting the dues of 6,700 LCBO employees the union decried their contact, wanting more wages, more hours, more benefits and a signing bonus. No one makes $50,000 a year putting a bottle in a flimsy paper bag full time, except at your local LCBO. While the very few full time employees at the LCBO struck it rich, the part time contract workers who make up the rank and file had nothing to cheer about. The union clamed victory, taxing the backs of “casual employees” on every paycheque. Working poor who got little out of the deal, yet hey at least they no longer have to wear ties to work. Well la-di-frickin-da! In the real world, companies make a profit to keep afloat while struggling to stay alive. Public sector employees can not afford to strike. They’re happy just to be employed. The LCBO has phased out its plastic shopping bags, as part of its efforts to become a greener organization. Now handle-less LCBO paper bags make it next to impossible to carry heavy purchases, and melt in the rain. Countless oceans of the angels share made its way into the gutter thanks to this stupid move. In an effort to pretend to be green the LCBO does not want any plastic bags in landfills, ignoring the fact people use them to store garbage that would otherwise fly in the wind – and most cities accept them with recycling anyway. Thus forcing spontaneous purchases by pedestrians to buy a one dollar bag each time they shop at the LCBO. In September 2006, the Government of Ontario announced another stupid green scam for the LCBO. The government program, which was forced on all alcohol containers in the province by charging customers a bottle deposit tax of ten to twenty cents a can or bottle and can only be refunded at Beer Store outlets. This program has been highly criticized by members of the public and employees of The Beer Store. Beer Stores were seeing upwards of 50,000 LCBO containers per week while the unprofitable nature of the program forced wage cuts and staff reductions across Ontario's private beer distributor. In true to the LCBO’s stupidity this forced tax actually COSTS the province $15 million per year. Don’t have the transportation to take your empties back? You may like to know your friendly local binner is breaking the Residential Collection By-Law 844 by scavenging your blue bin.

Raising Toronto’s Blue Flag on the Beaches, Bullshit that Baffles Brains. The Blue Flag is a certification by the Denmark based Foundation for Environmental Education assuming a beach meets it's standards. The certification is granted by individual organisations on behalf of the FEE, of which there are 65 organisations in 60 countries. The Canadian organisation that bestows a flag on the Toronto Beaches is the scaremongering Environmental Defence Foundation, known to use junk science to back up their anti-corporate and pro-union agenda. The Blue Flag criteria include some standards for water quality expected of any Beach, yet the vast majority of the requirements to become Blue Flag certified are purely bureaucratic and administrative. Examples include such gems as "Information about the Blue Flag Programme (sic) must be displayed", "Code of conduct for the beach area must be displayed and the laws governing beach use must be easily available to the public upon request", "A minimum of 5 environmental education activities must be offered", "A beach management committee must be established to be in charge of instituting environmental management systems", "Waste disposal bins/receptacles must be available on/by the beach in adequate numbers", "On the beach there will be no unauthorised camping or driving", "Regulation concerning dogs and other domestic animals on the beach must be strictly enforced", “Beach area must be patrolled”, “A Supply of potable drinking water must be available on the beach”... The list goes on and on and on about bylaws, rules and taxpayer funded services required to have the esteemed honour of raising the blue flag. Take for example the Foundation for Environmental Education’s requirement that “an adequate number of lifeguards, first aid kits and lifesaving equipment must be available at the beach”, and “there must be safe access to the beach”. Common sense policies in place at every single public beach in the civilized world. It has nothing what so ever to do with the quality or cleanness of any beaches. Does the blue flag make you feel any safer about taking a swim? Well it should not, as most Torontonians found out. While the blue flag does have a very small set of poorly worded requirements such as “the beach must be clean” and “no industrial or sewage related discharges may affect the beach area”; they do not seem important enough to deny a blue flag as long as the endless red tape and government oversight is present to make sure a Blue Flag beach has “wheelchair and accessibility features”. It’s no wonder why Toronto was the first city in North America vain enough to apply for Blue Flag certification. In the August 2013 edition of Your Ward News reporter Robert James covered Lake Sewage Ontario in the article “Poo in the pond”. After the tropical rainstorm dumped over one billion liters of human sewage into the lake due to corrupt city counsellors bending backwards to condo developers without a care in the world about dilapidated sanitary systems. With record levels of E. coli in the Beaches, Toronto’s Blue Flag certification should have been revoked. Just goes to show you bullshit baffles brains, and affects those without brains dramatically. S.O.S. = shit out sinking!

The Environmental Defence Foundation is proud supporters of the so-called “Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan”, one of the most incompetent wastes of taxpayer dollars in Toronto history. This 25-year study to figure out what happens when it rains or snows and the water runs off is estimated to cost taxpayers $1.2 billion dollars (with a “B”). How in the nine hells does it take two and a half decades and tens upon tens of millions of dollars a year to study the effects of what happens to storm-water??? If city councillors claim to be so concerned about the environment that a King’s fortune must be spent on an endless study, then why in the hell did they not care about the 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools of raw crap dumped in the lake in just a single night? Since 1989 there have been several programs to date in an effort to clean up the Great Lakes and get rid of pollution. The Canadian government has invested $355 million into all of the Great Lakes since then and the results were nothing short of miraculous. This was not another study, this was action – and it worked. Just who the hell do these tax and waste left-wing municipal counsellors think they are spending over three times that amount just for paperwork while doing little about outdated sewage systems that were never built to handle towering condo developments? This spend frenzy insanity will bankrupt us all! Funding for Blue Flag Canada is currently provided by anonymous donors and annual Blue Flag certification fees. The yearly costs of the city to be a bluebuddy is $400,000.00 for the implementation of the Blue Flag program, $50,000 public outreach and an annual membership fee of approximately $7,000.00. Yet get this, as a requirement the city has to raise a blue flag on each beach in the city, they spent $300,000 alone just installing flagpoles and signage with the Foundation for Environmental Education’s logo. NO, I am NOT making this up! Let’s take a look at the organization that calls the shots for all Blue Flag beaches in Canada. The eco-terrorist sounding Environmental Defence Foundation, and it’s Executive Director until recently received the Rubber Duck Award in Junk Science Quackery. Rick Smith, a Toronto environmentalist who ran the Defence Foundation for the past decade is not only an NDP member but also served as Jack Layton's first Chief of Staff. His book ‘How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health’ informs the public how everything man made on the planet is killing us. Backed up with plenty of pseudoscientific “facts” based on unproven evidence from experiments committed on his own co-author Bruce Lourie, who is still very much alive and spouting gibberish how every product we buy is toxic. According to the Rubber Duck Awards. “Junk Science occurs when scientific facts are distorted, when risk is exaggerated or discounted, when science is adapted and warped by politics and ideology to serve another agenda.” It has everything to do with the Environmental Defence Canada’s courtship with the NDP Party, the United Steelworkers Union and the Communications, Energy and Paper Workers Union. Well at least that $300,000 blue fag means are Beaches are environmentally friendly… right?

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On FEB 24 will let ALL politicians at Queens Park know that WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY and that existing and proposed industrial wind turbines have to be dealt with and will AGAIN be a major election issue. Mothers Against Turbines is putting the challenge out there to show MPPS and Toronto that the years of abuse of provincial power has to stop! Let's rise to the occasion and send a very clear message to MPPS that industrial wind turbines cannot continue to desecrate our health, homes and communities. Bring your signs! Bring your noisemakers! Bring your megaphones! Plans are for a few speakers and a march to the Royal York/Fairmount Hotel to OGRA - Ontario Good Roads Association, handing out information along our way. March will be for 30 - 40 minutes in length. Municipal and provincial elected reps will be at OGRA to see that this issue is not going away simply because the current govt. chooses to ignore it! For that day, I am arranging for a coach bus to leave Chatsworth at approx. 8:00am with stops in Markdale, Flesherton, Dundalk, Shelburne and Orangeville. We will leave Toronto at 3:00pm. Cost of $35.00 per person covers bus and simple lunch, lunch to be supplied for the ride home. Pick up: Chatsworth Arena: 8:00 Markdale, across from Foodland: 8:25 Flesherton, across from Munshaw's: 8:35 Dundalk, Esso Station: 8:50 Shelburne, No Frills Parking Lot: 9:10 Orangeville, in FRONT of Walmart: 9:40 Let's fill this and any other bus anyone takes the care and time to arrange to help you get to this event! All actions count and the timing for this one will get a message to all running in the upcoming election. Let's wake 'em up on Feb. 24th!

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Ashley Smith’s Legacy from our reporter inside Grand Valley. By Michelle L. Erstikaitis As I write this follow up to my earlier Your Ward News exclusive “Knowing Ashley” (published March 2013) it is New Years Eve, and I am currently housed in the maximum security segregation unit of Grand Valley Institution for Women. The very unit on which Ashley Smith died six years ago. I came back to Grand Valley on November 20th, 2013, and I have been housed on the segregation unity for exactly twenty-four hours at the time of writing. I am currently being held in cell number five, just four doors down from cell number one, the infamous cell in which Ashley lost her life. However, my current stay at Grand Valley has been fraught with difficulty of unbelievable proportions, and I have not only been housed in cell number one myself on two separate occasions on High Intensity Suicide Watch, but I have actually been tied down in preventive self harm restraints which correctional personnel refer to as “pinel restraints”, nicknamed after the Philippe Pinel Institute in Quebec. There have been infamous media videos of Ashley Smith tied down in these same restraints. Ashley Smith’s doctor Renée Fugère testified that pinel restraints are only to be used as a “last resort, when all interventions fail.” During this particular stay at Grand Valley, I have been in the exact same living conditions which Ashley Smith herself experienced, and I believe that I am able to offer some first hand insight into what Ashley may have felt. Further to that, I also believe that the recent ruling rendered by the jury at Ashley’s inquest that her death was an act of homicide was certainly the right decision, given the behaviour and actions of Grand Valley prison staff. Not only were the staff negligent and even cruel when dealing with Ashley to the point that it almost certainly caused her death, but I am able to reassure both readers of Your Ward News as well as members of the public that Grand Valley staff have NOT learned a single thing, and what happened to Ashley will undoubtedly happen again. Grand Valley Institution for women is rife with staff corruption, and extremely poor management. As I write this article it is almost midnight, and one of the correctional officers working the segregation unit tonight was actually the acting correctional manager on the morning that Ashley died. This whole past week she has been working on the segregation unit, and I have spoken with her numerous times, and I simply can not believe how absolutely self centred she is. The first day that she was on the segregation unit, I showed her a copy of my previous article for Your Ward News ‘Knowing Ashley’ and I said to her “Have you seen this?” She glanced at the headline and snapped “That is a really sensitive subject, I lost my job over that!” Of course she must have noticed my name under the title and been curious about what I wrote. She was back at my door forty minutes later saying “I changed my mind, I want to see that article!” I said to her “I am suicidal and need to be put on a suicide watch.” The officer stared to me and did not reply for what seemed to be nearly a full minute, and what she said was “you don’t look suicidal to me.”

It was just after 10 P.M. I replied “well, I AM suicidal, and I’d like to be placed on a suicide watch.” The officer smirked at me, and said “I’ll see what I can do” and left. I waited patiently, listening to the inmates on my unit laugh at me and mock me for saying that I was suicidal, and the waiting period stretched on. After at least fifteen minutes, probably closer to twenty I finally pressed my cell call button again, and waited for about five minutes before staff came onto the unit. Yet they were not there to answer my cell call, they were there to do a regularly scheduled unit check, and they tried to walk past my door. I knocked on my door, and insisted. “I am suicidal, and I need to be put on a suicide watch! I spoke to an officer almost twenty minutes ago, what is going on???” This was a different officer, and this one said to me “we are just waiting for the correctional manager.” I could not believe my ears, and I only wished that I had been clever enough to smuggle in with me some kind of voice recording device. My calls of help were ignored as I was left waiting. I guess I should not have been surprised, given how many times that poor Ashley had been put through the exact same thing. Exasperated and more then a little bit ticked off, I rang my cell call button for the third time and when the staff arrived this time there were three of them. They opened my door this time, but rather then take me directly to segregation and put me on a suicide watch as I had requested nearly an hour earlier, they brought me to an interview room. The acting correctional manager and three officers actually proceeded to attempt to talk me out of going on suicide watch. It was incredible… they told me that I did not look suicidal, and even when I told them that I was in fact very depressed despite appearances because a fairly close friend of mine had just passed away, they were clearly set against putting me on a suicide watch. I was not crying, interestingly Ashley Smith rarely cried, if ever at all. Near the end of our lengthy meeting I glanced on the clock on the wall an noticed it was midnight. Still I was arguing to be placed on a suicide watch. “You know I’ve been trying to get on suicide watch for two hours now. Did you guys do this to Ashley Smith? I am going to call the media and the correctional investigator if you do not put me on suicide watch right now!” That did it. “Fine” one of the officers snapped, after conferring with her colleagues privately. “Your getting your wish” she said as if doing me a huge favour. The abuse was soon to follow. I was brought down to segregation cell number one where I wore a suicide gown, and had a correctional officer seated outside of my door. It was a Sunday evening, so perhaps I had inadvertently interrupted a staff poker game, or something. The following Wednesday I submitted an official complaint detailing the difficulty I had encountered after disclosing that I was suicidal. One week later I was returned to the general population. I once again reported that I was suicidal and was locked in a visiting room for nearly an hour. I passed the time singing some of my favourite songs which is what I had been doing six years ago when I met Ashley. I was laughed at, mocked and called names by two of the correctional officers who were assigned to peer at me. So I began to swear at them, exactly as Ashley Smith used to do. I want to remind readers that I was on suicide watch and these officers are supposed to be entrusted with my well being. Yet the officers invited three other inmates to join in causing me more stress. Also I would like to remind readers that I was on suicide watch in the very same area where Ashley Smith died, and all this was taking place while Ashley’s inquest was all over the news. I was placed in pinel restraints after harming myself. It was a rather surreal experience and I suppose that it feels like a cross between a peculiar form of torture with minimal pain. After I was tied up for 22 hours straight with heavy restraints (eleven more hours then Ashley herself) I called the Office of Correctional Investigations and talked to a Shannon Stewart. I complained about how I was treated. She refused to help me and told me not to call her office again. This is not to say Ashley’s experiences were the same as mine, but Grand Valley staff still have not learned from her death. Ashley Smith is still dead and nothing can be done to give her back her life that she lost. The only thing we can give to Ashley is a legacy of chance within correctional facilities across Canada. Clearly staff need to be much better trained in areas of sensitivity and suicide prevention. I am sad to say until this happens Ashley’s death will remain a homicide rather then a suicide.


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EVERY Thursday, 9 PM - 1 AM, "Bonnie Elvis", assisted by Lee Van Leer, host a LIVE MUSIC event @ Melange. After the opening set, it's an Open Stage and Artist/Band Showcase night. ~ Arrive early for good seats (& "your name on the List" if you're a performer.) ALL musical styles are welcome except "screamo" vocals. ~ We have a clear-sounding p.a. for vocals & acoustic electric guitars + bass & guitar amps + a DRUM KIT! Please bring your own sticks/rushes/'bamboo' sticks, thank you. Join us on Thursdays to share in this fun!

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Calling all Musicians to Participate in Gorilla Jamming


A long time friend and fellow musician Jon Long is what has given me the idea for this Article! There's been in Major Cities all around the world a phenomena where actors, artists and dancers will call, text and tweet one another. Then they will pick a time and place to meet. The participants will meet with a Leader/Conductor or will just adlib and entertain amongst themselves. They refer to this activity as Gorilla Theatre. (Gorilla as in Gorilla Hit and Run Tactics). Jon not knowingly has done this same sorta thing is well, but to the Jam Circuit in Toronto! Most positively affecting the whole Music Community. I've been working with Jon Long now for over 30 years on many live shows, benefits and recording projects and have become a close friend and fan of his over the years.

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Several years ago Jon Long, Norrah, Wallachy and myself (Don Woods) have recorded a CD with several Scavenger Musicians. Due to certain situations at the time the CD was mothballed until these things were resolved. Recently Jon came to me and said it was time to properly release these works on his new Label which he shares with his new partner Susan Shaw. A very savvy and worthy partner in this latest endeavour, on his on-going march into the world of Music Promotion. We should be proud of his support to the Musical Community and applaud his efforts. Hooray Jon Long!!

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THE MUSIC OFFICE- IT’S A LEROY THING! By J.J. Mayor Rob Ford and music promoter and publisher Leroy St. Germaine have had a ‘fast one’ played on them both by the Toronto Star newspaper. While Mayor Rob was visiting Austin, Texas to explore the musical landscape, Leroy was as busy as usual down at the Music Office. Months later, on Tuesday February 12th/2014 the Toronto Star asked, “WHAT IF TORONTO CREATED A MUSIC OFFICE?” Say wha-a-a-a-t!?! Where have these morons been (?) ….or is something more sinister afoot? You can bet it’s the latter. Neither the mayor nor Leroy is mentioned a single time in the article on page A-3. Giving credit where credit’s due has never been a high priority for Toronto’s notorious fish-wrap commonly known as the ‘Star’. The guest columnist is another music promoter who says that he envisions an entity that would serve as an arbitrator between city councillors, residents and the industry. Over the past several decades Leroy has discovered that city councillors have been detrimental to the live music scene in Toronto. The existing Toronto Music Office would never get tangled up a millionth time with the present batch of self-serving councillors like Vaughan, Davis, McMahon, Fletcher and the like. The Beaches Blues Fest, the Danforth Music Festival and 100+ musical fundraisers and special events have been coordinated out of the Music Office which is located in the Beaches....WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYERS’ MONEY!!! To Leroy, it’s all about VOLUNTEERS the music and the musicians and he has fought NEEDED battles against councillors who have tried to TO ASSIST NON-PROFIT MUSIC CORP. CALL: muscle in for a piece of the action. That ain’t 416- 693 - 6325 gonna happen! Austin has dubbed itself the “live music capital of the world”, yet Toronto’s industry is five times larger. Toronto City Limits Publisher / Editor: LeRoy St. Germaine and the Toronto/Austin Musician Exchange are Graphics, Websites & Layout: Robert James For Advertising Call: (416) 693 - 6325 the newest additions created over the office’s 20+ years of service to the musical community. When the Toronto Star pretends that Mayor Rob’s trip didn’t happen or omits that Leroy St. Germaine has ran the Music Office for many Websites run by Robert James for Leroy St.Germaine years their journalistic integrity is again called YouTube videos, pictures and graphic layout by into question. Due to their well-known the team @ YOUR WARD NEWS dishonesty, we would prefer that the Star cease Your Ward News 117 Wheeler Avenue Toronto, Ontario. M4L 3V3 and desist from writing about Mayor Ford, Leroy Phone: 416-693-6325 Toll Free: 1-866-692-5837 E- mail: WARD32NEWS@YAHOO.CA St. Germaine, the Music Office or anything related to all of the above. To contact the Music Office call Leroy, 416-693-6325 or 1-866-69BLUES Editorial content by LeRoy St.Germaine is the web version of Your Ward News community newspaper in the Beaches and East York communities . Your Ward News is being published in print and by web to provide an unbiased view on activity in the Beaches and East York areas of Toronto. Your Ward News is run by LeRoy St.Germaine

Toronto City Councilor’s Blues Hits Bad Note With Beachers! Why has city councilor Sandra Bussin always been "difficult" when we have worked so hard, year after year, to put together a great Blues Fest? To the point of telling us that there were no three-day special event permits, even though we knew that there were. Heck!!? That was back in 2000. After all, this is the same Sandra Bussin who wanted a large maple tree, well loved by the neighbourhood, removed from the Danforth Avenue property of a resident who had the audacity to support a political opponent of hers. Allow us to recount the roadblocks and hurdles that kept getting higher and higher along a hidden highway of sweetheart deals, cronyism, secret cabals and favors owed:

The Libertarian Democratic Reform Party is currently petitioning the Ontario Government for a common sense reform immediately in the following areas: - Subsidise the working poor through the subsidizing of small businesses.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Beaches Blues Fest is a - Enhance the living conditions of the disabled and the working class. local non-profit corporation dedicated to producing performing arts festivals. The purpose is to educate - An end to social housing, every Canadian deserves a house. and advance the public's understanding and - The destruction of bureaucracy. Lets quit spending to decide whether something is appreciation of the arts while funding worthy good or bad and lets just do it! Free up the causes. Years three, four, five and six were blessed bureaucracy in government. with the warmth of the sun at Ashbridge's Bay, but " For information and to sign our petition call 416-693-6325 or visit: our "bewitching" councilor, Sandra Bussin, would have no more of this fun event because I'm not one Is Liberty under attack? Perhaps more of her "cronies". (Heck, I'd rather hang out with so than any other time! We see this daily in Ricky and Bubbles). We got down on our knees and how our government regularly misleads us; foolhardy economic decisions, then prayed at the Church at Berkeley for the 7th and 8th making treats citizens alarmed at record deficits like Annual Beaches Blues Fests. In this Ninth year, the madmen. Government repeatedly tramples our hurdles were raised so high that we decided to stage rights as if we were slaves. Politicians present themselves as gods, above error, the Fest at East Lynn Park, which is on the Danforth who dismiss dissent as if it were the babble near Woodbine Ave. All of the merchants in the area of infants. Between irrational new laws, and the government’s refusal to enforce common sense rules, we feel trapped and betrayed by were thrilled to sign our petition and a Street Fest increasingly tyrannical leaders. was also seriously discussed. The councilor from What distinguishes man from other forms of life is the ability to learn from East York (North side of the Danforth) approved of experience. To survive and prosper we have the Fest, but had to wait for Sandra Bussin's to use our minds. We can develop our mental faculties only by exercising them with approval. (South side of the Danforth). Guess what? freedom to make and act on our own Sandra eventually had some lackey call to inform us individual decisions. Liberty is essential for being human, that the event was "inappropriate". THE CAULDRON experiencing happiness and self-fulfillment. The right to your life is useless without the HAD FINALLY BOILED OVER!!! right to liberty.


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BUILDER / GENERAL Experience the difference of CONTRACTORS our personal touch. RESIDENTIAL /COMMERCIAL Reasonable rates. Residential, Finished basements. Painting. Commercial & Industrial. Bathrooms. Ceramic tiles. Flat Within the GTA, Canada and roofs. Leaking basements. Brick to the United States. Packing and chimney repairs. House Service Available. additions. Call BBB MEMBER SINCE 1992

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Bergeron Roofing Since 1979 We are the flat roof experts, flat roof repairs, flat roof strip to board, free estimates, senior discounts. All work guaranteed!

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Beautiful Homes and Gardens Eco-Friendly Cleaning Bonded and Insured High Quality, Reliable

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Hugo’s Painting 20 years experience. Real painting. Clean, no mess. Excellent quality. Residential, interior & exterior. Commercial spraying and power wash.

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iRepair Danforth, your one stop 'i" device repair shoppe in the East End. We repair what most people do not. Cracked, broken and water damaged iPads, iPhones, iTouches mostly done while you wait. Macintosh service and data recovery. Michael Rosenberg, 1351 Danforth Ave.


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English Painter


With over 30 years experience. • Interior & Exterior • Paper Hanging • Drywall Repair • Free Estimates • 10% Discount for Seniors

“Where old fashion pride resides.”

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and City Councillor Doug Ford discuss everything from politics to sports. Subscribe to the all-new Ford Nation channel here: Get to know the Mayor that the whole world is talking about. Send any questions you may have for the Mayor and/or his brother Doug to

Ward 21 News Feb 2014  

Joe Mihevc is the single WORST city councillor in Toronto’s history. For the premier issue of Ward 21 News we decided to let Joe Mihevc’s an...