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The Music Revolution

Music store owner to finance distributing i n d i e m u s i c i n To r o n t o

Exclusive to Ward 32 News:

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David Grey Eagle Sanford, American Mohawk eco-warrior (pg 11)

Fine Art! Visual Art Great Art!

Sandra Bussin Gets $12,250 Cash for Fixing The Deal (pg 8)

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Miss Toronto Tourism 2008 Bewitched But Crowned

Wa t c h l o c a l s t o r i e s o n v i d e o o n o u r w e b s i t e L I V E ! ! w w w. w a r d 3 2 . v i d e o r e p o r t . c a

the “Boardwalk Bistro” Deal. Their names are on the City Of Toronto Web Site Exclusive to: Ward32 News. (

e now f i n d out why a local restaurant on City property did not have to “bid” for the lease on prime city property.


Council did decline to call for other bids. Council voted 21-14 to grant the extension even though Boardwalk Bistro had not provided any key financial information. The proposition to renew the Foulidis lease was led by and supported by local Councillor Sandra Bussin, a friend of Mr. Foulidis. Councillor Bussin defended her actions by

What the media did not report is why a local CONTROVERSIAL RESTAURANT restaurant on City property CONTRIBUTES OVER $12,250.00 did not have to “tender a bid” for the lease of the INDIRECTLY TO CITY COUNCILOR prime city property. What SANDRA BUSSIN'S CAMPAIGN. they did report was that the “Boardwalk Bistro” at 1681 stating that Mr. Foulidis and his Lakeshore Blvd. would not have any company were 'a good fit' and further competing bids for the lease of city that "we should be putting an parkland. The value of this lease of emphasis on retaining good city of Toronto land is usually set out relationships". to tender. The highest bid gets the deal. Shortly after winning this controversial vote and obtaining a JAMES COWAN of The NATIONAL new lease with no need to submit a POST reported On Jan 24/2007 tender, Mr. Foulidis' uncle, cousin, “City staff argued against accepting business partner, employees and Foulidis’ proposal without first friends all made individual maximum soliciting bids from rival companies. allowable donations of $750.00 to a The city’s purchasing and materials total of $8,200.00 in 2006. management review division argued an open call for proposals would ensure the city received the best possible deal”

2006 Election Contributors

2003 Election Contributors

The following contributors are found to be associated with the "BOARDWALK BISTRO". The list is off the City Of Toronto web site that lists contributors to elections. Note none of these “Contributors” live in WARD 32.

Councillor Bussin can be seen to have a relationship with this family which precedes the 2003 election campaign, for during this 2003 election campaign Mr. Foulidis' wife, Lynn Haslett made the maximum individual permitted donation of $750.00 under her maiden name, his cousin, Peter Fatsis contributed $750.00 while other donations came from his business partner and other associates.

All Contributor ($750.00): MIT 3S2 1.) Anthony KALENTZIZ Corporate Officer 2.) Johanne ST. JACQUES, M1T 3S2. Lives with KALENTZIZ 3.) Christos FATSTS, M4J 2X1 Uncle Of Foulidis 4.) Peter FATSIS, M4J 2XI Cousin of Foulidis M2J 2W9 5.) Farinaz MAMAGHANI, Employee of Foulidis M4M 3H4 6.) Alvija ZARFMBAITE, Employee of Foulidis 7.) Audrone BUTRIMAS, M9B 4V6 Employee of Foulidis 8.) Susan STRATAKOS, M4L 3R5 Employee of Foulidis M4B 2Z3 9.) Fotis STRATAKOS, High School Friend of Foulidis M4B 1X4 10.) EQUINOX GROUP High School Friend of Foulidis 11.) Nick PRANGIKOS, MIT 2Z9. High School Friend of Foulidis Total Combined Contributions = $8,250.00

P r o t e s t A t T h e Boardwalk Bistro On “utube” See

Local Music Promotor Charges City Councilor Hearing For Sandra Bussin Appeal Granted Court date is with election September 12, violations 2008.

The 2003 Financial Contribution (Sandra Bussin) Disclosure List shows the following contributors who are affiliated to George Foulidis, operator of the Boardwalk Bistro, 1681 Lakeshore Blvd. E., and Toronto: 1. Anthony KALENTZIS 2. J. ST.JACQLJES KALENTZIS) 3. Susan STRATAKOS 4. Lynne HASSLETT 5. Peter FATSIS

(business partner) (common-law to (friend) (spouse of) (cousin of)

Total Combined Contributions = $4,000.00

It would be in the public interest if Councillor Bussin and those who voted for this lease of our City property would explain in the media the reason they took this procedure! Ward 32 News demands a police investigation of this “use of public parklands”.

Leroy Offers To Pay The Councillor Bussin Legal Bill. Sends Letter To David Miller (pg 3)

(pg 16)

Leroy At Woodbine Park Speaking To Protesters. David (Sandra’s Go To Guy) Taking Pictures Of The Protesters 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Reseach Myrna Speers Written by Veronica Snooks

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Music Promoter Offers To Pay Councillor Bussin Legal Bills Councilor Sandra Bussin should not be above the law. Music Promoter Sends Letter To David Miller Councillor Sandra Bussin has failed to comply with the rules regarding campaign financing in the 2006 municipal elections.

A good citizen and resident of the Beach, Mr. Leroy St. Germaine took Councillor Bussin to court, where the judge ruled the deadline to seek an

audit of her expenses had passed. Bussin’s bill is $7,308. The Councillor did pay her legal bill via the kind citizens of Toronto. Toronto city

lawyers could not recommend that the city should pay for the legal bill because it is illegal to do so

Mayor David Miller May 23rd, 2008 City of Toronto 10 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2N2

elections that are monitored to ensure fairness and an equal playing field.

others have fought to put in place.

We believe this is a fair challenge and one that you should view as necessary.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

The executive committee’s decision to provide unlimited funding to City Council members only, to protect them from election expense scrutiny goes completely against everything you claim to support.

Your clerks website, which posted these expenses, was misleading and as a result we were not aware of Ms. Bussins full records until after the initial audit period.

The basis of ‘cleaning up City Hall’ must also include fair and open

In short she spent over $70,000, instead of the $23,000 limit. She also accepted individual donations far in excess of the very limits you and

We do not want city council to foot anyone’s election bill. We are willing to pay if we are wrong. If Ms. Bussin accepts and or agrees to an audit and is found innocent we will repay the city or Ms. Bussin for the full amount of her legal costs and the audit.

Please read the story concerning our councillor. Councillor Sandra Bussin gets $12,250 for her handling of the Boardwalk Bistro Restaurant at Woodbine Beach at 1675 Lakeshore Blvd regarding the recent lease renewal, for the next twenty years. This is a multi-million dollar deal on City or Toronto property. Was there a public

tender? Ms. Bussin is also one of Mayor Miller’s Deputy Mayors, and the speaker of city council. After you read the story, ask yourself, do you really feel comfortable with her representing our community and city? Mayor Miller and Ms. Bussin promised to clean up what many saw as a corrupt council. One favouring friends, family

and business associates. A group of concerned beach residents invite you to add your name to a growing list of others urging Mr.David J Mullan the Integrity Commissioner for the City of Toronto to institute a police investigation into Ms.Bussin’s 2006 election campaign expenses. In addition to the Boardwalk Bistro Fiasco there are many

There are a great number of citizens in this city who supported you and others on City Council in order to clean up what many saw as a corrupt council, One which was operating on the basis of friends and business alliances and not in the interest of the public.

We, a group of civil minded people, were concerned about the way our Councilor Sandra Bussin City conducted herself in the last municipal election.

We ask you to look closely at the fiasco in Vaughn, a city with a troubled past, and ask yourself why they can order audits’ to clear the air’ while you refuse to do so. Are they really the Toronto? We hope not.



Leroy St. Germaine 117 Wheeler Ave. Toronto, On. M4L 3V3 416-693-6325

On-Line Petition: other issues to be addressed. The entire story will continue unfolding in the upcoming issues of the Ward 32 news.

Letter Send To The Integrity Commissioner. Re: Sandra Bussin

Toronto's Integrity Commissioner, David J. Mullan assumed his duties with the City of Toronto on September 1, 2004. The City of Toronto was the first Canadian municipality to appoint an Integrity Commissioner. The City of Toronto Act (in force January 1, 2007), now provides a statutory mandate for the office of Integrity Commissioner. Mr. Mullan plays a crucial role in maintaining the public's confidence in City Hall and in ensuring that the codes of behaviour and ethics governing elected officials and members of various City agencies, boards and commissions are objectively communicated and applied. David J. Mullan City of Toronto Integrity Commissioner 15th Floor, West Tower, Toronto City Hall 100 Queen Street West Toronto ON M5H 2N2 Telephone: 416-397-7770 Fax: 416-392-3840 dmullan

Mr. David J Mullan


Integrity Commissioner, City of Toronto, 15th Floor, West Tower M5H 2N2 May 15th, 2008

Many of us have seen Ms. Bussin riding with Mr. Foulidis, the owner of the restaurant, in his golf cart in the park. We have also noted several evenings when

Dear Mr. Mullan,

Ms. Bussin and her new partner David McCully (her assistant who lives with her 5 nights a week); frequent the restaurant, without receiving a bill.

I and a number of local residents were shocked last year when we learned that the City had approved a NEW 20 year lease for a restaurant located in a City park WITHOUT a tender. The attached newspaper article “City approves café lease without tendering” lead to several of us calling Ms. Bussin’s office only to be told that we did not know what we were talking about. Despite residents objecting the City accepted Ms. Bussin’s urging for the

However it was not until recently that we received the attached local newspaper that clearly outlines the real reason our City Councilor favors Mr. Foulards and his restaurant. have interviewed the We newspapers editor and found that his facts are undeniable. What waitress making minimum wage donates $750.00 to a political campaign?

Job: Part Time Worker Needed As part of our expansion program,our company is looking for part time Work from home Account Manager and sales representatives, it pays $3500 monthly plus benefits and takes only little of your time. Please contact us for more details. Requirements - Should be a computer Literate. 2-3 hours access to the internet weekly. Must be over 20yrs of age. Must be Efficient and Dedicated.If you are interested and need more information,Contact Mark Collins Email 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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To sign our on-line petition, go to Or please call and ask for

We do not see this issue as a campaign issue but rather one of favoritism and political payoff to be blunt. We appeal to you look into the matter which raises very serious questions. It seems that all the same issues that arose during the public inquiry are back again. The free meals, the granting of a lease without a public tender, these were all supposed to end. Please assure us that you are more than a name but someone who can and will take the appropriate action. Ms. Colleen Mills 1979 Victoria Park Ave. #4 Toronto, Ontario M1R 1V1 416-546-1295

Actor Caught On Stage In A Theather! We were there! DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN: Dave Lapsley

Review by K.I., Ward 31

A comedy, in which Dave Lapsley's solo performance as the caveman rejuvenated my idea of being a theater spectator. Dave, although strongly connected to his inner Caveman, he was far outside of any acting trance immediately erasing the stage /audience division and made me realize why I would see it again. Below is my review to announce the Well, the good upcoming shows. news is Dave's performance was such a success The Diesel Playhouse extended the shows in May/June/July, therefore keep for "Defending the checking Caveman"! The Jeffrey Latimer Entertainment of "Defending the production Caveman" will revolutionize--and evolutionize--your perspective on the gender wars. Written in 1991 by Rob Becker and adapted by Toronto actor Dave Lapsley, who has toured it from Vancouver to North Bay, the one-man

Sex: What’s Love Got to Do with It DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN REVIEW It is now over a month ago when I went to The Diesel Playhouse to check out "Defending the Caveman".

show whimsically reenacts the evolution of male / female relationships from the prehistoric to the modern era. Portraying a dazzling variety of characters in a wide range of hilarious scenarios, Lapsley-- "the Caveman "--manages to avoid cliche while answering such time-honoured questions as why men can't read women's minds; and his unapologetic message about BOTH genders' potential for evil leaves no listener unscaled by the heat of his spotlight! Whether you're romantically involved or single, expect to be uplifted and enlightened--or at least clubbed into laughing Diesel Playhouse BOX Office 56 Blue Jays Way Toronto, ON M5V 2G3 (416) 971-5656

Kim Cattrall was in town this week and one thing she said really stuck with me: “A women owes to herself to know what she likes sexually so she can then tell her partner…” She is so right. Originally from Quebec, I moved to Ontario five years ago to go back to University. I had heard of the famous conservatism of Ontarians but somehow I didn’t think that I would find it among young students. I was foolish. On more than one occasion I met women in their mid-twenties, virgin, lost, and looking for a connection but too afraid – at this point – to make one. One even proclaimed that all men were wolves. I couldn’t believe it. The ones less timid would blush at the mention of intercourse, their eyes full of questions they didn’t dare ask. But how can that be possible in a country supposedly promoting knowledge sharing and a high level of education?

Starring in DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is Canada's own Dave Lapsley. Originally hailing from Hamilton, ON., Dave begun his acting career in 2001 with a small production of Norm Foster's Office Hours. Dave has since workshopped and privately trained in Toronto and New York and has been seen on TV, in commercials and in 25 theatrical productions including Come Blow Your Horn (Neil Simon), Sly Fox (Larry Gelbart),The Bible: The Complete Word of God Abridged (Reduced Shakespeare Company), Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Centre's smash Harbourfront production of The Spiegel Show. Dave has left audiences in hysterics in his role as the CAVEMAN all across Canada.


By Kathy Dostaler

Most of us Quebecer take sex as a divine right. If sex stops after marriage, “Then let’s not get married!”, we say, full of convictions. But just sixty years ago, the Catholic religion was forcing women across the province to have up to twentyone children. So we learned that the Church was, perhaps, not looking out for our best interest. Wikipedia states that “The views of religions and religious believers range widely, from holding that sex and the flesh are evil to the belief that sex is the highest expression of the divine.” The question I have to ask is : How reasonable is it, in 2008, to allow religious defamation to spread across our great country? Canada is a melting pot so therefore there are people who think that sex is evil and promote that opinion in your neighbourhood, passing it on to their children. I beg to differ.

Dave's Bio

Sex has amazing benefits: gain in energy, increase in oxidation (sends oxygen to your organs), relieves headaches and stress, strengthens muscles and bones, and reduce the risk of heart attack. Now, does that sound evil to you? I discovered that a lot of women were victimizing themselves, adopting the role of the chased rabbit helpless in front of the big powerful hunter. I have hunted enough men in my life to refuse this theory. The only power that a man has over a woman is the ability to leave her pregnant, stranded and alone to face tough decisions, and perhaps raise a child. There is only one safe way to avoid this situation and it is not abstinence, it is not ignorance, it’s birth control. Has anybody learned anything from Sex in the City? If the genetics are eliminated and our Y chromosome, or lack thereof, is not responsible for the lack of spunk in the female pool then the answer must be

found in the environment, namely the parents and education system. What do you say to a twenty-six years old graduate woman who comes up to you and declare that all men are wolves – just waiting for the opportunity to attack! First of all, those are called rapists my friend, not wolves, and they count for only three percent of the population. “Where do all these misconception come from?” I asked. The answers are always the same: my father, my mother, my culture… What about Canadian culture? What does it stand for? Is it willing to accept that virginity should be valued – secluding women into a world where she cannot grow as a human being, even less nurture and enjoy her own body – or can it stand up for its belief and the rights of all of its citizens?

Cash Paid Daily! Sales contractors wanted.

Excellent commission offered. Over 28%, $50.00 per sale Part-time position or full time. East End Toronto people with experience. Only serious people need to apply! Not MLM. Not a get rich deal.

Call Leroy At 416-693-6325 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Janet Davis Shuts Down a Fundraiser For The Cancer Society

Five Videos On “U-Tube” With Janet Davis And The Free Masons Caught On Tape!

the East Toronto Masonic Temple


I’m still trying to understand why an elected City of Toronto councilor would threaten the East Toronto Masonic Temple with fines and by-law infraction if they would allow the 4th Annual Danforth Music Festival 2007 to have an indoor event.

great music donated by local bands for free and then you were asked to help out the Cancer Society. Their September 1st event was cancelled by the Freemasons as a result of Without Janet Davis. notice, the day before the advertised and pre-booked event, Leroy called to collect the keys and was told that another booking had been accepted. This cancellation came out of the mouth of a Freemason who believes in brotherly love, relief (practice charity) and the best of all “The Truth”. John, the Freemason responsible for the booking in a taped phone call admitted that “the heat was coming from Janet Davis”.

At the previous event Janet Davis sent a by-laws officer to East Toronto Masonic Temple where the Danforth Music Festival Spring 2007 “BBQ For The Cure” was fundraising. (See for a video of the event.) There were no tickets or fines issued yet Janet Davis used the bylaws officer as a way of discouraging the event. This use of a by-laws officer to discourage her political opponents is nothing new. During the 2006 election Janet Davis sent a by-laws officer to harass the other candidates running for the Ward 31 councilor job. It would seem that if the money the union gave you does not work, use a city employee to discourage the democratic process of a free election. Is this not something you would hear happening in a third world election?

During the 2006 election Janet Davis sent a bylaws officer to harass the other candidates running for the Ward 31 councilor job.

Do you wonder why the City Of Toronto, gives the Unions a good deal! And The Winner Is -- JANET DAVIS Ward 31 $7,650.00 From The Unions --

Over a four year period the Beaches Blues Fest, a non-profit corporation, had over 16 events in the basement of the Masonic Temple. These events always had a charitable element. You heard some

“Do you wonder why City Of Toronto gives the Unions such a good deal when it time to negotiate a new contract for the teachers, Bus drivers, or Firefighters? Gee maybe it got to with the money listed below that was given to local; Toronto City Councillors. You guess it! Even Rob Ford got $750.00 from Toronto Professional Firefighters Assoc. But the big winner was our own Janet Davis with $7,650.00 from Trade Unions. P.S only $400 Toronto Police Association.

Totals for all Toronto Councilors Teachers of Toronto


Plumbers Local 46 936 Warden Ave, Toronto


Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 812 Wilson Ave., Toronto


Toronto Professional Firefighters Assoc. 39 Commissioners St., Toronto

$14,250.00 Minnan-Wong, Denzil Councillor 34 Toronto Police Association 180 Yorkland Blvd., Toronto M2J 1R5


Carpenters Union Loc.27 UN Steelworkers UA of Journemen Local 46 IBEW Local 353 IUnion of Painters Loc. 1819 International Union Painters ATU Local 113 ATU Local 113 Tor. Civic Employees Union Toronto Firefighters Ass. CUPE Local 79 CUPE Local 4400 O.S.S.T.F. - Dist. 12 Iron Workers Loc. 721 Canadian Ironworkers

Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade Trade

Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union

$250.00 $200.00 $750.00 $750.00 $250.00 $750.00 $350.00 $400.00 $500.00 $750.00 $200.00 $750.00 $500.00 $500.00 $750.00

Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,

Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet

Janet Davis Got 20% from UNIONS outside of her ward*

D o e s J a n e t w o r k f o r W a r d 3 1 o r T h e N D P P a r t y ? w w w. j a n e t d a v i s - d o e s n o t - r e p r e s e n t w a r d 3 2 . c o m

“You get what you pay for”. The NDP wants power to support city decisions that help the unions. It does not matter which ward they are elected in as long as they have the power. Does this serve the people of this ward? This cost of making union

deals increases your taxes. I always thought the NDP were the good guys. Is this what the good guys should be doing? Using Ward 31 to promote The NDP’s issues and not taking care of the Danforth. Yes, the Danforth needs help. Empty stores, drugs and

prostitution with the highest crime rate in the area. What is Janet doing about it? Maybe we should ask Smiling’ Jack Layton. It took $44,915.95 to get her elected. If she wants to get that money again for the next election. She has to make them

happy. That 85% OUTSIDE of our area. Do they give a fu#k about the Danforth? The one with the most election signs wins. Well... I guess it’s better than communism. If you want a voice in the city government you have to pay for it.

Janet Davis Got 85% of her money from outside of her ward*

WORK FROM HOME Concerned about harmful chemicals in everyday Products , Promote alternatives No inventory No investment FREE Training

Call Dan at 905-686-7877

MOWER’S PAINTING and DESIGN Servicing the Beach Since 1989 Interior/Exterior. Large or Small We Don’t Cut Corners, We Paint Them

Contact Chris at 416-691-0306 Or 416-856-7917 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Fine Arts: Mike Parsons

Kathy Taler (Singer) Left with Katarzyna (Our Dance Writer) At

Mike Parsons’s Show

Seven years ago Mike Parsons began the black and white cartoon investigation entitled "Hey Apathy!" His intention was to observe the city, to experiment, and to record his findings in an urban comic book. The project has since taken many forms including murals, installations, parties, animations, videos, a studio/gallery, a website, and most recently, live performances. Despite many offers from professional galleries and corporate sponsors, Mike found the street and other public spaces to be the most suitable settings for "Hey Apathy!" Mike Parsons was born in Scarborough, Ontario on Oct. 27. 1977. He began drawing comics in

1999. He attended the Ontario College of Art and Design between 2000 and 2004 where he studied film and video. During this time Mike completed three giant drawing installations, as well as numerous animated shorts. Mike has been exhibiting his work in galleries since 2001, publishing his own comic books since 2002, and he can be found performing regularly as a street artist in downtown Toronto. To see a complete history of Mike Parsons' comics, paintings, murals. exhibitions, cartoons and videos. visit

The Pawn Shop


Your Goods…Our Cash “We Buy and Sell Your Jewellery” The Pawn Shop 1832 Danforth Ave


Ask about my service in Educational Tutoring AGES

SALLY HUNTER B,Ed, M.A. Gendai Reiki Master Certified in Hollistic Massage And Yoga

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by paul murton

ElastoCitizens The music that The ElastoCitizens present is ass-shaking epic concert making: Grinding guitars, nasty girlgroup dancing , feedback baselines, a heavy horn section and multiple singers make their concerts an electrifyingly original live music experience.” ElastoCitizens much like “White Cowbell Oklahoma” both have a great stage show. However lack any take home treats. After hearing a band, if the tunes are good, you should have a little song running through you mind that makes you have to hear it again. Back when Barry Gordy, of Motown Records would play a new song he would offer a copy of the 45 for free or free lunch. If his buddies asked for the free lunch Motown didn’t buy the song. ElastoCitizens needs pop hooks badly, or they should cover some classics like Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown ETC

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band “The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band are a Canadian folk music band, who play a brand of klezmer music, traditional Eastern European Jewish dance music. The band's music adds elements of rock, jazz and salsa.” Can you imagine going to your best FISH and CHIPS restaurant only to find that they are now serving SCRIMPS and CHIPS. It’s close but not what they have been serving since 1967. So much like a famous restaurant, musical groups become known for their “sound”. I came to hear Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, but got folk music with a dash of klezmer music. Where was the traditional Klezmer music? They should not be building or booking on the “klezmer music’ fans. Change the name to “Joe’s Folk Music Band”

ElastoCitizens Currently the Flying Bulgars are in studio working on their 20th Anniversary album. For the first time the Flying Bulgars are writing songs in English for the upcoming album.

Little Known Tri Tip cut of Beef a Unknown Gem There’s a new steak in town an affordable triangular beauty called the tri tip. Canadian butchers in the know are pegging the boneless cut as the meat to eat in 2008, while Americans have been enjoying it for years. The tri tip is a triangular cut from the bottom sirloin that can be cooked as a roast or cut into steaks, strips, kebabs, or cubes. It’s well marbled but not fatty, tender and packed with flavor. It’s beautiful meat at a reasonable price and there’s no waste on it,” enthuses butcher Paul Estrela owner of Royal Beef on Toronto’s Danforth Ave. who sells tri tip for between $4.99 and $6.39 a pound. Its going to take off once people find out.” You’d think that are meatmad society would have figured out all the beef cuts by now. The truth is that some researchers, chefs and beef enthusiasts are constantly rethinking assumptions, experi-

*Bonded* *Insured*


416-729-2077 cell

Bestway Junk Removal & Demolition 24/7 Service Estate Clean-Outs Construction debris (416) 625-1244 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

menting and questioning how certain cuts are used and who gets to eat them. You can blame America for hogging all our tri-tips. According to John Baker of the beef information centre in Canada, it has traditionally been more profitable to sell our tri-tips to the American market. That changed last may during the mad cow scare, when Canada’s beef export market was closed and local retailers could finally get some tri-tip.” The response was terrific Says Baker, retail merchandizing manager for Canada and the U.S. Today’s consumer is always looking for something new.” We’ve started exporting beef again, but with strong local demand for tri-tip coupled with our stronger dollar, the cut continues to circulate in Canada.

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416-699-6641 2223 GERRARD ST. EAST Serving the community for over 30 years 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Fine Art: Up-and-Coming : Carrie Chisholm by K.I.

Ever wonder how a painting could do more than hang on the wall andlook good? If you dare to out, Carrie find Chisholm is the artist for you. More than a commentator on Carrie Chisholm consumer culture, Carrie uses her "blind contour" technique to distort and dissolve the affluent society in which she lives. With only photo reference to look at, and without watching her drawing hand, she liberates the image from its static perfection, reassembling facial and body parts before carefully treating the result with acrylic paint. The origins of her artistic process go back to 2000 when, as a student of illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Carrie was selected for an exchange program in Florence, Italy. The Florentine to luxury and the aspiration sumptuousness of her surroundings provided the tension from which her style was born.

Her unique style has brought her great critical acclaim, but Carrie's niche market also appreciates the satirical aspect of her pieces, as well as the uncompromising nature of her art. Little wonder that Carrie has been nominated as one of Toronto's creative female leaders by Luminato's 'Milles Femmes Magnifiques' project. Since completing her Master's degree at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, Carrie has become an active member of the PARCA Biennial programming committee, which arranges exhibitions of Canadian artists in New York City. Her other duties as Toronto's unofficial cultural ambassador include developing a project called 'Couriers of Culture', which collects stories from Canadian artists in an effort to raise awareness of their initiatives abroad. Currently represented by Femka Van Buuren Carrie's future projects include a 24 Hour Drawing Project with an Australian collaborator, a group showing in NYC on Canada Day 2009, and a Toronto-based solo exposition in October. If you'd like to know more or want to contact Carrie, visit:

Fine Art: Christiano

Miss Toronto Tourism 2008

Carrie Chisholm’s “Flemington

“Jodine Mitchell who won the title of Miss Toronto Tourism 2008 on Saturday, February 2nd at the Radisson Hotel in Toronto. Harbourfront Jodine is of Jamaican descent and lives in Toronto.”

pic by Permjit Sumra

Retaining The Original Essence through Blind Contour.

Despite the wrath of the pagan’s witches Miss Toronto Tourism 2008 made it to her crowning event. As a sponsor of the event, I was spammed by the witches until it was decided to take down our logos from the “Miss Toronto Tourism 2008” and make like the witches had scared us off. In the real world, there are not any witches. Just “media sluts.” or call 416-567-7285

What do we consider art? What do we consider beauty? What it looks like to-day July 08

Last October Darlene-Loghirn commissioned high school students to paint

this mural on the wall of her office building located on Kingston Road. Darlene fought a losing battle with taggers marking her walls. She painted over the wall several times, only to have the taggers do it again. Since the mural was painted the taggers showing respect for other peoples Art has left the wall alone, (they must think art lives here) Darlene has had over 100 signatures from merchants in favour of the mural. However it has to be covered over and left blank (taggers canvas) or …please the taste of fine arts critic Sandra Bussin to determine. Well, I guess if building owners plan to commission murals on their walls they had better present the design for censorship by the city before going on their own choice of artistic taste and really if you get one complaint…even a hundred

peoples signature to keep the mural is not enough! There is nothing wrong with this mural... maybe add some background to jazz it up but cover it? a feeling of censorship is what comes to mind and a deep since of sadness because I hear about all the drugs and violence crippling our Youth within this lovely city of ours and I can’t help but wonder why erase a positive action by youth?? If common since prevailed wouldn’t the fact that local merchants and residents are alright with this mural be a factor in this decision? Murals and graffiti are more authentic and more expressive then any paintings in traditional museums, because the artists are common people. They just paint what they see, and whether it's a portrait of cartoon characters or a flower it's artand its urban expression. One group 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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nor, one person should have the power to destroy some body’s Art like this! We need to gather together on issues that matter Show your support. If you are interested in getting involved give Leroy a call @ 416.693.6325. Call,write, or E-mail Sandra Bussin and/or her office to communicate your views. Toronto City Councillor Sandra Bussin, East York. Ward 32 Council Speaker. Toronto city hall,100 Queen St, East. suite b-28 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H-2N2 E-mail: councillor Phone#:416-392-1376 Fax#: 416-392-7444.

2592 Danforth Ave., 416-686-1442

2889 Danforth Ave., 416-558-0711

Our New Retail and Restaurant Feature

2921 Danforth Ave., 416-690-2278

2066 Danforth Ave., 416-690-5152 Moves Sept 08

2928 Danforth Ave., 416-698-2928

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy A New Alternative to Pain Treatment 2229 Danforth Ave., (416) 690-0582

2048 Danforth Ave., 416-421-4837

A New Alternative to Pain Treatment for Chronic Joint Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis ESWT is a pain alleviation therapy used to treat musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulders, elbows, knees, feet and hips including: Treatment for tendonitis and bursitis such as, Tennis Elbow, Jumpers Knee, Heel Spur and Achilles Tendonitis.

1268 Danforth Ave., 416-461-6090

Treatment is performed by specially trained therapists and our strict treatment protocol and quality assurance guidelines provide the best possible treatment standard at all times. 1. in-line ultrasound is used to localize the painful area 2. The ultrasound locks into place and a shockwave (acoustic) is emitted at a low energy.

Treatment is safe, non-evasive, drug free, free form side effects and most importantly recognized by medical professionals around the world.

3. When the patient is comfortable, the energy level can be increased.

For over 20 years, urologists around the world have used shockwave therapy to treat kidney stones. Since the early technology 1990’sshockwave such as ESWT has been widely recognized for pain alleviation and soft tissue repair.

Usually, tissue starts to rebuild after the third session. The acoustic energy rejuvenates damaged and inflamed tissue and thereby reduces or eliminates pain. The LEPT application accelerates the healing process.

Our unique treatment method is a combination therapy of ESWT and LEPT (Low Energy Photon Therapy).

ESWT treatment is provided over several days (usually 5 to 8 treatment days) with 2 to 3 days between treatments

1236 Danforth Ave., (416) 463-7000

45 minutes including document preparation and recovery time. Patients may feel a mild tingling sensation during shockwave application and the energy level can be adjusted to ensure patient comfort. Normal activities including driving may be resumed after treatment. Although most patients feel soon after ESWT application, the optimum result can be expected after gradual recovery of 12 weeks post-treatment. Patients should continue light physical therapy during and after treatment to achieve optimum results. To monitor progress, we follow up with patients at specific intervals after the treatment.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain that has resisted conventional treatment, ask your doctor about Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. Available at Henley Health Centre, 1089 Kingston Rd. Ask for Dr Stephen May at 4166978-1844. Our trusted community Expert.

Each session lasts approximately 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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379 Danforth Ave., 416-466-2988

Health: What is QiGong Anyhow? By Jesse Lown

Human Physiology is defined as the science of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of humans in good health, their organs, and the cells of which they are composed. QiGong is empowering, it allows the individual to alter his or her own physiology. It employes various movements, postures and methods that breathing target the body and mind. Traditional Chinese The Medicine theories related to QiGong are comparable to Western Physiotherapy and

Psychiatry. QiGong is a cornerstone of TCM's preventative health system. It is often used as a therapeutic treatment for health conditions, and has the capability of deeply enriching your every day life.

The word 'Qi' in QiGong is often translated as breath. It can also refer to the physiological 'action' of organs. For example, the 'Qi' of the Heart is it's pumping action, the 'Qi' of the stomach refers to digestion. 'Gong' translates as skill and understanding developed over time. So in this sense, QiGong relates to the

'energies' of organ function (including the brain), and the ability to regulate them ourselves. QiGong has roots in much older traditions, but it's benefits still manifest in contemporary practice. It provides us with a rich and time tested method of balancing our lives. C h e c k www.bestofchinesemedicine. com for information on Jesse's TaiJi and QiGong classes and workshops.


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he Danforth Jam Toronto's best open stage, happens every Wednesday night at The Black Swan at 154 Danforth ave just steps from The Broadview Subway Station.


The Jam starts at 930 pm and continues until 2am. Become part of a comunity that sings, raps, dances and plays music for fun and enjoyment. The Houseband Jon Long provide backup and support if required and we


always have a great time. We can also assist you if you want to host a special event because we have access to a great venue and we want to make it available for anything from music to art or entetainment at no charge. Join the Danforth jam in keeping the musical revolution alive. For more information on the Danforth jam please contact Watch videos of the bands at

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Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop, Salsa, Belly Dance, Pole Dance, Youth Fitness and Drop-In Classes Registration: 416-757-5483 Website:

As part of our expansion program,our company is looking for part time Work from home account managers and sales representatives, it pays a minimum of $3000 a month plus benefits and takes only little of your time. Please contact us for more details. Requirements -Should be a computer Literate. 2-3 hours access to the internet weekly Must be Honest and Loyal. Must be Efficient and Dedicated.If you are interested and need more information, Contact Michael J Sloan, Email: 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Get Your Music Reviewed Bears Den: If you have bought cd pressing from over the last year please send your pics and bio so I can run it in this paper. If you’re thinking about cd pressing our price is still just $1,299.00 per 1,000 retail ready cds. And yes if you can sing a note or two we will feature you in this newspaper as a result of your purchase from my cd pressing firm. TOM COMMON

Diamond Electric

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Leroy and David Grey Eagle

My name is David Grey Eagle , I am a Mohawk of the Bear Clan of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. I am an Environmental and political journalist who specializes in writing about and exposing the frauds and injustices that have continued since the First World War when Christopher Columbus arrived on our shores. It was my Ancestors that greeted him on our shores on his arrival and if he had of embraced us and listened to us we all would still be drinking the water from every lake and stream across this great province. Since the coming of the dominant society we as Indigenous peoples have had to endure over 500 years of lies and betrayals. Our lands stolen out from underneath us and our children put into the residential genocide system fabricated by the then government and the Catholic Church. It was my Ancestors that gave the now Toronto its name The Gathering place, Where the water meets the sky. I truly wonder what my Ancestors would say if they could visit us now and see Lac Ontario polluted beyond comprehension and the rainbow trout and salmon from every stream across this province crying out to us to be put out of there misery. I remember what my Grandmother once told me about seeing the animals sick and with no where else to go that we would be next, I am afraid that time is here now. The very people that we all elected to public office have convientely forgot

their responsibility and that sacred oath that they took when they were elected into public office to forever be the voice of the people. The Mayor of our city says that Toronto is in a money crunch and that the city is in financial crisis, No wonder we are in a money crisis there are 44 Councilors and a Mayor whose pay checks are draining us all into the poor house. If one ever watches our City Of Toronto council chambers channel you will see that they are so out of order that the Three Stooges could conduct themselves better than most councilors behave. There have been so many City Hall scandals that one has to wonder why there is zero accountability and that sweeping every thing under the rug are par for the course and in the end nothing is ever done about these things. What used to be a first class city is now nothing more than a danger zone with more violence, shootings, robberies, murders, and the list goes on? Lets take our hats off to the Metropolitan Police for all the great work that they are doing and lets take a minute to comprehend what type of a human being it takes to go into work everyday every shift and risk there lives to protect us and keep us safe from harm. One can only imagine what these amazing people have to see out there on there shifts, I have a very good idea as I came from a family of Police Officers. We all have to ask ourselves what would we really do without them, I hope we never have to find out. I look forward to bringing you my writings the every month regarding environmental and political truths that are affecting us all, I will leave you with this quote to ponder until next article. Who is worse them for what they do, or is it all of us for allowing them. My writings on Indigenous Human Rights have now been published at Amazon books .com for those that are interested. I can be reached for comment at. Greyeagle0@sympatico.caDavid Eagle, From The Bears Den.


Phillip Brown

John Clarke 416-434-2762

BEACH PUPPY LOVE Proudly Recommended by our Beach Bark and Fitz! Registered, Licensed, Bonded. Insured, professional member Of ACPSN!

416-693-9234 or 416-389-9234

Credit Card Systems For Home Businesses 416-693-8530

David Grey Eagle Sanford

For as long as he can remember Phillip Brown has been interested in

two things: music and serving his country with the Canadian Forces. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Phillip grew up listening to folk music, so naturally he took a liking to the genre. His father taught him to play the guitar at the age of nine. Ever since, he’s never put it down. At the age 16 Phil joined the Canadian Army Reserve. His skill and determination as a soldier allowed him to progress quickly, and in only a couple of years he began to instruct and train other members to become effective in their trade. In 2005, Phil had a chance to fulfill a life long dream of his and served on overseas operations in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. He has since safely returned to Canada. In the spring of 2006, he released his debut album titled “At Home.” Within just months, Phil followed this release


416-694-7402 cell 416-824-7901 416-820-3480 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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with a second, titled “Café Mirage,” in November 2006. Phillip often thinks of the Cafe Mirage album as “his baby.” He recorded the album himself and played almost every instrument that is heard on the disc. He then teamed up, once again, with Toronto producer Bryant Didier to put the finishing shine of the record. Phil has become known for his skilful guitar playing and unique style of finger picking. If you could describe his music in a word, the word would be “honest.” In 2007 his work got a bit of recognition as one of his songs was nominated for an Ontario Independent At only 23 years old, music award. this young, true Canadian hasn’t even begun to reach his full potential and talent as a musician and a songwriter.

Our New Retail and Restaurant Feature 2048 Danforth Ave

Fresh bread was placed on the table with two tasty dips, smoked paprika butter and miso aioli. Wines and Bubbly filled a list, and ranged from affordable/standard favourites to celebratory highend bottles. I had to try the house infused Raspberry martini, and found it filled with tons of flavour but not at the sacrifice of the bite from the vodka. We weren’t starving, so we ordered small. Spinach salad with pickled beets and chevre brulee. The presentation was beautiful, and the flavours were amazing individually and combined. Sweet candied walnuts brought it together perfectly. The crab cakes, and the shrimp and calamari dishes were equally impressive. I can’t wait to try their main dishes. Executive Chef Nick Drake. Balsam Restaurant 2343 Queen E (416) 699-2343

Tuesday: Senior's Day 10% Off Wednesday: Teacher's Day 10% Off

Call 416-421-4837

Thursday: Teller's Day 10% Off Saturday: Kid’s Day

10% Off

Hair, Nail, Spa and Wax

Ladies Hair Cut $15.00 Men’s Hair Cut $10.00 Pedicure/Manicure $35.00


Address : 1175 Queen St. E. Phone : (416) 913-2598 Organic & naturally raised local meat. Cooked in old fashion style. Beef, chicken, lamb, sausage & fresh turkeys + Wild fresh frozen fish & seafood

Tan on the Run will come to your home, office, hotel or set and give you a flawless airbrush tan in just minutes. We have many types airbrush tanning to choose from: clear (for brides), light, medium, dark, organic, glitter & aromatheropy. This is the safest way to get that golden color year round. Body conyouring also available (shading of the mucsle areas).

For more information please check out the website 416-838-TANN(8266)


2690 Danforth 416-913-1923 We specialize in : Thermal Japanese hair straightening Great Length / Cinderella Extensions Hair Colour+ Highlights

THE BEST Tandoori Chicken IN TORONTO Foo d Item

Q ua nt it ies

Snacks Chk. Biryani Kaachi Biryani Chk. Chilli Kabab Beef Chilli Kabab Jhuri Kabab Boti Kabab Sheek Kabab Chilli Chk. W/ Rice Saofun Rice Naam Halim Tandoori (leg only) Tandoori Dinner De s s er t Drinks (pop) Tea / Coffee

2928 Danforth Avenue (416) 698-2928

Uni t Price

$1 $2.99 $4.99 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $3.50 $1.00 $2.99 $1.99 $3.99 $1.00 $1.00

Come to the New Kabab House and experience the best Middle Eastern Cuisine in the G.T.A.

Take out available! Choose any of the items on the menu on the left, and surprise your family with a new taste sensation!

NEW KABAB HOUSE 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

Makeovers Bridal packages (services on location) Waxing Threading Facials Pedicures Unisex Hair Styles!

Address : 2229 Danforth Avenue, Telephone : 416-690-0582

MELANGE CREATIONS The Fat Belly Awards Despite the fact The Tulip has added $1.00 to the price of their hamburger, they still win The “Four Fat Truck Drivers Award.” This award is given to the most meat per dollar. Mind you, the door needs a muscle man to open it. So keep in shape! After 4pm the burger goes up by $3.50 because you can’t order the burger with out potatoes. The “Three Fat Belly Award” for the best taste goes to the “Lion on the Beach.” The “Two Fat Belly Award” for best “fastfood” goes to “Licks.” Wish they were still making their own paddies! Now commercially made, they fell off the best burger list a few years ago.


Open Audition For Singers! Bands Wanted By Booking Agency The great benefit of using this booking agency is you get to see and hear before you buy. All are artist have "u-tube" videos that we have shoot while they were working a party All types of music are accepted. BUT you must be able to sing cover songs. No Cost or ticket to be sold. Bring only your drum sticks. We provide amps and drums. We are looking for bands to play 50% covers and 50% their music . Audition Date:

WED Aug 20th 8 Pm THE BLACK SWAN 154 DANFORTH AVE You need to sing or play three cover songs. Please E-mail a list of songs your bands going to play. Or if you are a solo act the house band can cover most tunes

E-mail To Get An Audition Time Web Site:

Why are we singing cover songs? This is what the public at most bars want. If we don't sing covers the bar does not want us. As an example, you can play the "Elmo" but you have to pay them $650.00 if your people don't drink enough to make the bar money. With cover songs the band does not have to "guarantee" a crowd of customers to make money for the bar. The bar already has regular customers who know there will be a band playing tonight. So the band gets paid without having to pay any costs. While we are at the bar we sing our best "original songs" with the covers. This booking agency is a partnership between Jon Long (from and Paul Murton (from Next Date Sept 24th Same Location

Meena Jewellers



FOR RENT Pape/O’Connor

Click Computer Solutions

Bedroom, Living, Dining, kitchen, bathroom and Laundry - $850.00/ Month, available March.

Call Irene 416-455-5500 AUBURN PLUMBING INC. Metro Lic. # P1538 For all your plumbing needs *New Work *Replacement, Repairs and Renovations *Faucets, Sinks & Toilets * High Pressure Flushing * Camera Inspection and Pipe Locating * Lead & Galvanized Piping * Plugged Drains & Backed up Sewers



Yoga Classes available in East York for details call 647-234-YOGA e-mail

Nancy Christie, MTC Mindfulness Psychotherapy *depression *trauma *anxiety *relationship *creativity * free initial consultation

416-691-3768 Woman’ Issues Career, Inner healing Couples, Spirituality

Peg Earle, M.A., M.Div. (12 years experience)

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Experienced cleaning lady available Every other Monday, Wednesday and Friday Apartments and Houses. References Available



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We also do All Kinds Of Repairs And Trade-Ins Construction Group Inc.

Available for Reasidential and COMMERCIAL CLEANING OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE Specialing in Houses * New Homes * Offices *After Move Cleaning Call Annette

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Cash for old stereo equipment amplifiers,turntables,etc, Dynaco, Marantz, Heathkit, Quad, Yamaha, Leak, Dual, Eico, Scott, Naim, Rega, McIntosh, Etc, Tube or Transistor,

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BARTEX Window, Eaves, & Garden Cleaning Glass & Lock Replacement


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Have You Experienced its benefits? Bicycle Seat Covers,Canoe Seat Pads, Sheepskins, Wheelchair Pads, Infantcare Lambskins Workshop by Appointmen@ 128 ManfieldRd.Unit # 16

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Too much stuff and not enough house? Organize your home / office De-clutter Pack / unpack FREE Hour consultation

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Spanish with author of Spanish the natural Approach”10-WK 2 hr courses. Private lessons. Beginners, Conversational, Business, interactive communication approach

VIC SARJU, Insurance Advisor BERKSHIRE INSURANCE SERVICES INC. 204 – 2560 Gerrard Street East. Toronto. Ontario. M1N 1W8 Tel: (416) 686 – 6127

Experienced and certified English/ESL. Tutor Grammar, Essay Writing, College Preparation Suite 107-579 Kingston Road

Looking for entrepreneurs Paid Weekly! Complete Training Support No Investment

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Taking Care of Stress on a Day to Day Basis

Last month I wrote to you about all the ways that we take care of our stress levels in everyday life and that we know how it’s working for us by how our body feels. Taking a look at your overall life situation to see how to take care of stress is important. Sometimes we can’t change all those factors quickly. Everyone goes through ups and downs and when the going gets rough some simple onthe-spot methods for stress relief are handy.

Here are 3 quick tools for sure fire stress relief:

1. At any time we can meditate on three consecutive breaths. Just by noticing how you are breathing for 3 breaths in a row, without judgment or correction, you’ll see your body reorganizing the stress patterns in a satisfying manner.

Part 2

You simply choose to focus on body sensation only. You will be amazed at how well your body takes care of it’s own stress and tension just by doing this. 3.Think of something/someone that you are grateful for. Notice what happens in your body as you hold the thought of gratitude.

Making a warm and meaningful connection with another person is the best medicine ever for stress. That could be reaching out for understanding or giving care and compassion to a fellow traveler. It’s great to remember that we’re all in this together! Nancy Christie, Mindfulness 416-691-3768 Psychotherapy:

Guaranteed income for life. Retirement plans income for life? 2. Take 5 minutes out to simply notice your body sensations. Leaving behind your thoughts and emotions.

Saving for your retirement involves a lot of careful planning. Not only do you have to ensure your savings will be sufficient to fund your future need for income, you also have to ensure that your nest egg will last as long as you’ll need it. With longer life expectancy, this could be 30 years or more.

these investments guarantee that your retirement income will be predictable, sustainable, and potentially increasing? Or that it will last a lifetime?

As you may know, there are a number of different investment products currently available, such as GICs, annuities, mutual funds and segregated funds. But do any of

Unique in Canada, IncomePlus is now even better positioned to help provide you with:

Manulife Investments has recently enhanced GIF Select featuring IncomePlus.

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•Sustainable income that will last for life or at least until the principal is completely repaid* •Potentially increasing guaranteed income to help offset inflation •Control of your investment and access to you savings at any time •Tax-efficient income when held in a nonregistered account •Benefits that can ensure the smooth transition of your estate

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Cash for Cars Dead

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SON PLUMBING Plumbing & Drains - 416-567-4535 Frozen Pipes Thawed

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Sat. August 30th 2008 1PM. Till Midnight 10 hot bands plus open Jam

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Danforth Music Festival 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Hot Tub/Spa 2007 Model

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continued growth while being assured that your savings can provide a predictable stream of retirement income for life.

The features and benefits work together to allow you to invest for

NATURAL GAS EXPERTS BBQ’S Pool heaters Fire places Furnaces Stoves Water heaters All Appliance installation Gas piping underground Piping & Hookup CERTIFIED & Insured Licenced Contractor

When personal stress is at it’s highest we can feel alone in our difficulties.

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Hearing For Appeal Granted ! The new court date is September 12, 2008 10 AM. LeRoy St. Germaine, a long time resident of Beaches Ward 32 has laid charges against city councilor Sandra Bussin in relation to her 2006 election financing. St. Germaine is challenging the fact that Ms. Bussin only paid $500.00 in total to rent her campaign office at 1785 Queen st. east, for 4 months.

Court documents show that the office space was given to Ms. Bussin by the same company, EMM Financial Corporation, which developed the former Greenwood racetrack in her ward. St. Germaine refused to comment, stating that “the matter is before the courts”.

Documents, however, show that the office space had a value of over $10,000.00. Under the Election Act, Candidates are prohibited from accepting any gifts in the form of money, or any services from any company or person that is in excess of $750.00.

These charges were successfully challenged by Bussin’s lawyer on the grounds that “it is too late for the complaint to be heard”. An appeal had been filed by Mr.St.Germaine. The new court date is September 12, 2008 10am. By Colleen Mills

Left pictured at the East Lynn Park (south of Danforth, west of Woodbine) is Diana Gonzalez and Alison McMurry of Who with DECA have brought a Farmers Markets (local farmers, organic and conventional), to the park on Thursday evenings from 3 to 7 p.m during this summer. Thanks girls for bring Danforth some good food and postive spirit.

The Success Story Of TORONTO HONDA A Family Heritage of Forward Thinking

Even though the automobile has only been around about 100 years, both it and the industry have gone through a tremendous evolution. Today’s cars technological marvels, are symbolizing both human ingenuity and our quest to move forward. Meanwhile the auto industry has become an important barometer of economic health, reflecting consumer needs, desires and buying habits. Three of the top ten companies in the global fortune 500 are now automobile manufacturers. And the industry has evolved from a mindset of low cost mass-production or “whatever we build people will buy” to a business approach based on quality products, marketplace insight and log term customer satisfaction.

Indeed, with the ability to change with the times has always been one of our key ingredients for success in this competitive industry – for manufacturers and dealerships alike. Toronto Honda and Acura Woodbine share a heritage built on such adaptability and forward thinking. Spanning over 50 years, this dealer group has grown and succeeded through some of the greatest upheavals in auto history. Events like the fuel crisis of the early 1970’s, which ushered in cars based on efficiency and quality, and more recently, the rise of a car buying public that is better informed than at any time in history. Starting out in 1955 as a used car business, the dealer group has kept its finger on the industry’s pulse and stayed one step ahead of changing consumer sentiment. In 1971 during


We buy! – We pay cash!


Single items or complete estates Wanted: Old Furniture, China, Silverware, pictures, lamps, Figurines,glass, curiosities, etc.

Bungalows $79. 2 Storey $99. Ask about our Roof Tune – Up $119

Ross 416-737-3506

Fair market prices guaranteed! Terence 416-466-1404 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

the first wave of Japanese imports, a Mazda franchise was opened that soon became the top Mazda dealership in Canada. Then in the mid-70’s, Saab and Honda were added to the line-up. However, it soon became clear that Honda offered the greatest potential and the decision was made to become a Honda only franchise. The success of Toronto Honda led the addition in 1988 of Acura Woodbine – one of the first Acura franchises in Canada – and together the two dealerships haven’t looked back. Top auto franchises like Toronto Honda and Acura Woodbine don’t just happen; they are a work in progress. A quality product is certainly part of the formula. But just as important is the human element, the people that give the dealership its overall pe

TRANSWORLD LEGAL Specialist in Tax Appeals, Small Claims, Landlord & Tennant Matters & Mediations 2223 Gerrard St. East Toronto On. M4E2C8

416-699-6641 Page 15

Over 25 Stores For Rent or Sale On Danforth Ave Ward 32 News’s Real Estate section. -- --

HOME OWNER? NEED MONEY? Easy 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Mortgages Bad Credit? No Job? Arrears? OK Call Trillium Mortgage

Sheryl 416-994-8037

Provincial Land Transfer Tax Refund On December 13th, 2007, the Province of Ontario proposed an amendment to the Land Transfer Tax Act whereby the Provincial Land Transfer Tax Refund of up to $2000 would be expanded to include First Time Buyers of Resale Homes. Prior to this period, this rebate only applied to buyers of newly constructed homes from builders.

able on the closing date to complete their purchase transaction. In addition to the Province of Ontario Land Transfer Tax, buyers should also be aware that in purchasing a property in the City of Toronto, as of February 1, 2008, the3 city of Toronto has a separate Land Transfer Tax. The City of Toronto also provides for a rebate to first time buyers. Details of this rebate

should also be discussed with the buyer’s lawyer to determine the amount of rebate of the City of Toronto Land Transfer Tax to which they are entitled.

Mendo Petrovski is a lawyer practicing real estate law on Danforth Avenue since 1984.

As of May 20, 2008 the amendment became law and first time buyers of resale homes can apply for this refund resulting in a reduction of up to $2000 of the Provincial Land Transfer Tax payable on the closing of a purchase. The refund only applies to buyers who signed their Agreement of Purchase and Sale after December 13, 2007. If a buyer completed their purchase transaction prior to May 20, 2008, the buyer can still apply for this refund. A buyer should consult with their lawyer to determine if they meet all the requirements to qualify for the refund and determine the amount of funds they should have avail- 25,000 door to door in Ward 32

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Ward 32 News - Sandra Bussin Edition  

Old back issue of Ward 32 News. Copyright LeRoy St. Germaine, owner of the Your Ward News Media Group. All rights reserved. http://yourward...

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