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Janet Davis and her


If you're easily offended, don't read this... By ROBERT JAMES It must be exhausting for Janet Davis and her coalition of leftwing dingbats being appalled all the time. Offended by everything and ashamed of nothing, Janet Davis is leading a putsch against democracy. I find it truly appalling that there are dictators in waiting within our own city! Taking a page out of Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook, Janet Davis becomes outraged at the smallest, stupidest things. Suddenly, everyone, everywhere, is supposed to be offended by everything.


Mr. David Nesbitt

One mistake might be an honest one. Two could be merely coincidence. But three gross errors in succession start to look like a strategy. What should we conclude about the several ways our Liberal sham of government has found to waste for us, at costs each of a billion dollars, and more. In case you have become too disgusted to continue following the mismanagement of our Ontario Liberals here is a brief reminder: (1) e-Health; (2) Ornge; (3) Power Plant Closures; (4) Windmills & Solar Cells; (5) All-Day Pre-School & Kindergarten. That’s not all, but it’s an ugly-enough start. Don’t worry about running out of examples; they’re making new ones every day. Instead of describing each horror, we can look at the modus operandi of them in general. Evaluations of the costs and benefits were not done, or were concealed, or were submerged by other business. The MPP’s might simply have preferred to go along with the Liberal machinery for re-election. In this way, they collaborated in burdening all of Ontario with debt that will keep us, at best, an Almost-Have province.


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How do these permanently whipped-up delicate dandelions live? Always worried that their precious snowflakes might have to grow up in the real world, they seek to destroy the very fabric of our democratic system in the name of a "better future for our children". These Bolsheviks offend me. There is a contagious pandemic sweeping across the nation. It’s an epidemic called Bullshittitis, on the top of Health Canada's list of major infectious diseases. A bacterial vaginosis that infects several female NDP councillors, causing severe intellectual disabilities and is accompanied by an unpleasant fishy smell. Symptoms include: traumatization, peevishness, incompetence, and an all-around hypersensitivity to anyone who they just don’t like. Doctors recommend that those infected stop looking for stupid little things to be offended by every single minute of the day. Unfortunately, that is not party policy. Case in point: It is okay for Janet Davis' cronies to slander, attack, lie, cheat and steal. It's okay for the left-wing media to yell the words pussy or fuck at the top of their lungs. Yet when someone defends themselves, quoting buzzwords the socialist agenda has been plastering everywhere... only then does it become appalling. Janet Davis, that spineless jellyfish spends our taxes going around bugging into people's private conversations and finding more and more ways to scream how appalled she is. When there is nothing for her to be appalled at, she can just pull stuff out of her witches' hat. Making up stories like a preschooler does to their mother, just so they have something to cry about. The worst are those who go out of their way to find things offensive on other people's behalf, just for attention. In fact there are few things NDPers love more than being appalled. They spend most of their time waiting for the chance to be offended by something. They amass a personal army of offended do-little do-nothings, most of whom lacking any real employment have all the time in the world to be offended along side the hand that feeds their laziness. That's how at a drop of a coin the Toronto Union of Unemployed Layabouts can mobilize for their common interest of being easily offended. At this point, it is acceptable to ask them to make their ever so valuable insanity public. NDPers call this "getting involved in the community". And if you don't agree with me, you probably vote NDP. No offense, but I’m not going to apologize!

Bussin Watch By ROBERT JAMES The Toronto Mental Health Housing and Support Network is requesting assistance from the public to locate escaped involuntary patient Sandra Bussin, please use caution as Bussin is considered crafty and manipulative. On April 30, 2013 it is alleged that Bussin used a realtor’s master key to unlock her straitjacket, and sign a motion to be released unsupervised into the community. With plans to run for office in 2014, we are not sure if it’s the medication she is on, or the medication she needs to be on; but something is not right! Bussin suffers from an inflated sense of ego and is manifesting symptoms of grand delusions, including a staunch belief that holding an undergraduate bachelor of arts is the only prerequisite for municipal office. Although in her defense, a BA degree is a required prerequisite to manage the night shift drive-thru in most fast food joints. During psychiatric treatment Bussin volunteered that she had an unhealthy obsession with former mayor and NDP poster boy David Miller. Miller, a San Francisco, California native raised near Cambridge, England was about the most Canadian mayor our city has seen since... well Mel Lastman before him. Bussin on several occasions would go into a short-term detachment from reality daydreaming about Miller’s considerable “position”. Her mental breaking point occurred during the 2010 Toronto election. After Ward 32 residents had enough of her immoral selling out of our Beaches to the Boardwalk Café, condo developers, and other campaign “donors” a grassroots movement was launched by citizens suggesting voters put their “X” down for ANYBODY BUT BUSSIN!

The Libertarian Democratic Reform Party is currently petitioning the Ontario Government for a common sense reform immediately in the following areas: - Subsidise the working poor through the subsidizing of small businesses. - Enhance the living conditions of the disabled and the working class. - An end to social housing, every Canadian deserves a house. - The destruction of bureaucracy. Lets quit spending to decide whether something is good or bad and lets just do it! Free up the bureaucracy in government.

The effects of the Anybody But Bussin campaign were staggering, yet it would be prudent to mention she had no chance in the nine circles of Hell of For information and to sign our convincing anyone she needed a fifth term. The surprise was not that Bussin petition call 416-693-6325 or visit: lost the election, but that she lost by a factor of 2.5 to a candidate with no political experience, no education besides reading books written in French, no background, and no record. Not only did Bussin lose to an absolute nobody, Is Liberty under attack? Perhaps more she lost to a nobody in one of the most overwhelming landslides our city has so than any other time! We see this daily in seen yet. Since her coup d'état as councilor - shattering any psychedelic induced notion of becoming more then a blindingly, boring, busted, buffoon she retired to Forest Hills. Forest Hill Real Estate that is, where Sandra Bussin: officially licensed über-realtor continues to feed off the generous hands of developers; with listings as varied as condos still under construction, condos where construction has not yet even started, and vacant land we can only assume may one day be the spot of another condo.

how our government regularly misleads us; making foolhardy economic decisions, then treats citizens alarmed at record deficits like madmen.

Government repeatedly tramples our rights as if we were slaves. Politicians present themselves as gods, above error, who dismiss dissent as if it were the babble of infants. Between irrational new laws, and the government’s refusal to enforce common One concern of interest to the psychiatric staff is her continued assertion sense rules, we feel trapped and betrayed by that she is a reporter for some type of newsletter. With no noticeable journalist increasingly tyrannical leaders.

credentials we could find for her, Bussin’s continuing claims that she writes for something called the “Town Crier” can not be verified. Since I never personally even seen a copy of the Town Crier in my mailbox or anywhere else, I simply can not confirm her statements.

What distinguishes man from other forms of life is the ability to learn from experience. To survive and prosper we have to use our minds. We can develop our mental faculties only by exercising them with Even by all accounts if the Town Crier ever did exist, the newsletter is freedom to make and act on our own now more defunct then a VHS movie rental store. Yet by all the same accounts, individual decisions.

Bussin does enjoy ranting on her twitter account; which as I look at it right now, has exactly 666 followers to the digit on the edge of their seats waiting to see what crazy stunt crazy Bussin has planed for the 2014 elections... ... ...

Liberty is essential for being human, experiencing happiness and self-fulfillment. The right to your life is useless without the right to liberty. PAGE 03 YOUR WARD NEWS NOVEMBER 2013

I don't think anybody who looks carefully at us thinks that we are a left-wing or a right-wing organization. -Peter Jennings

Special Constable


Thought Police

Sandra Bussin, Taxpayer Funded


By J.J. as originally published in the October 2009 edition of Ward 32 News


Something wicked this way comes... and it came in the form of a 12-page Statement of Claim from Councillor Sandra Bussin’s lawyer. With a shortage of ambulances to chase, Julian Porter, QC., is helping Councillor Bussin sue the snot out of this publication. She got herself a dynamite mouthpiece…... and why not? She’s not paying for it. YOU ARE. WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS.



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You may recall that Toronto City Council voted 25-5 to finance Councillor Bussin’s lawsuit against this publication, your friendly neighborhood Ward 32 News. Your tax dollars can now be used in 25 other wards when those councillors want to shut you up. The document’s header features the seal of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The first page states that we must respond in 20 days... or else! It goes on to say that we can have 10 more days to respond if we fill out a Form 18B. Anybody got one? The good news is this: a battery of Philadelphia attorneys could not rattle LeRoy St. Germaine, publisher of Your Ward News. The Statement of Claim also says: IF YOU FAIL TO DEFEND THIS PROCEEDING, JUDGEMENT MAY BE GIVEN AGAINST YOU IN YOUR ABSENCE AND WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE TO YOU. These characters clearly don’t play well with others, so they’ll just have to play with themselves. We can hardly wait to tell you all about the other councillors that voted in favour of funding Councillor Bussin’s lawsuit against us. We have launched a major investigation into their activities, conduct, attitudes and ideology.


Sandra Bussin’s Criminal Campaign Contributions & Foulidis’ Beaches Boardwalk Café By ROBERT JAMES “A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.”

did George Foulidis have to bribe former Ward 32 councilor Sandra Bussin to secure his nefarious dominance in the Beaches? We also must ask then, why was Bussin not brought to the stand to explain why she received maximum campaign contributions from the entire Foulidis family, his friends, associates, and a few employees before campaigning for the untendered contract of the Beaches Boardwalk Café? Maybe Bussin could explain how simple wage earners working for Foulidis could afford $750 even after receiving a tax refund for their “donations”. Also I am sure Bussin would have a good excuse as to why these donors decided to make the maximum contribution to a politician who did not service their ward; and could do absolutely nothing for them.

do...because the owner has the rights to all food and beverage sales (from Balmy Beach to Ashbridges Bay)”. George Foulidis crying and grieving on the stand explained how heart broken he was to be the victim of protests and news articles during the scandal, stating “I was humiliated. I felt like a criminal.” We really did not mean to hurt your feelings back then George, we just figured our community needs to know exactly the depths of the dishonest deceit perpetrated by Sandra Bussin during her tenure.

15% gratuity to all bills – now that really does seem very narcissistic to us George, especially when your customers claim they will never return!

And then there is the issue of who is worthy to perk their Once again, Mr. Ford has swim trunks on one of your been forced to delay his civic seats. In January 2012 Mr. duties and mayoral Foulidis personally banned responsibilities so the left Toronto Sun columnist leaning media could find Sue-Ann Levy from his another frivolous story to restaurant, while threatening splash on the front page. to call the police. As a Never in Canadian history community newspaper we has such pointless and find nothing more offensive ridiculous dribble been then when another journalist published in a coordinated is kicked out under the effort by the left-wing to oust Trespass to Property Act a politician who has so while covering a public He then went on to explain valiantly spent his term meeting about a public lease how these protesters lost him exposing the rampant on public land. customers and revenue... corruption in our city. wait, we have to stop you Is this how you silence all Rob Ford has stated publicly right there George. Nobody perceived threats to your that a massive prolonged but yourself should take mastery of our Beaches, “conspiracy” has been at credit for losing customers. George? Juvenile lawsuits play to oust him from power. Checking any reviews of the against our mayor and “This comes down to leftBeaches Boardwalk Café an former Ward 32 candidate wing politics. The left-wing almost unified voice of the Bruce Baker for doing their Her Royal Speakerness; wants me out of here, and people claim poor quality jobs questioning what is Sandra Bussin’s gleeful and they'll do anything in their food, overpriced cash grabs, rotten in the state of uncapitalistic approval of a power...” reporters herd. horrible service, bait-andDenmark? Lashing out at monopoly agreement with Pledging to fight "tooth and switch with the breakfast other former candidates such Tuggs Inc. gave Mr. Foulidis nail" Ford will take his menu, overly foamy beer, as local lawyer Martin an iron fisted rule over all tough-as-an-old-boot fighting serving wrong orders, Gladstone for daring to use food and beverage sales in style to the court of public re-serving returned food to the Freedom of Information the entire Beaches area, opinion; revealing the other customers, extensive Act by requesting a copy of ensuring the Boardwalk Café unseen and underhanded waits, disappointing serving the lease? Forcibly evicting won’t face any actual dealings at play. sizes, moldy hamburger reporters from covering competition until 2028. This buns, cooking food that fell public news events under the The media has been asking truly unethical deal was on the floor... well one can go threat of arrest and police the wrong questions in this made against the advice of on, and on. Yet why take our escorts? Maybe you should matter, as always to place city staff, in a closed room word for it; Yelp, spend your time on more the blame squarely on the session with no Restaurantica, Trip Advisor, constructive endeavours, shoulders of Ford himself. consideration of other Dine TO, Urbanspoon all has like... oh I don’t know maybe “Did Ford go too far?” was proposed offers. To quote a the same type of reviews in learning how to properly run the battle cry of these local critic “So, if there is a the dozens. To top it off a decent restaurant. conspirators. The real hotdog vendor that wants to Tuggs Inc. adds their own WORD! question is how much money set up on the can

BUSSIN HITS HOME RUN FOR DEVELOPERS! Since election laws prohibit donations over $750.00 from any one citizen or company. Sandra Bussin simply received multiple family donations from the developer’s relatives. Sandra Bussin was on the developers team all along. It should be obvious when a corporation or developer wants a favour from a city councilor in some cases all it takes is a little creativity in the donation dept. 14 and 16 Wineva Ave have been demolished so that Three-3- Storey Luxury Homes can be built. PAGE 05 YOUR WARD NEWS NOVEMBER 2013

Dear Fellow Sub-Employed: In childhood and ‘teenages’, I did get into a little mischief, none of it destructive. I mostly heeded and obeyed adults at home and in school. I did my homework, got good grades, and entered University. My aim was to get educated, get a good job, and live happily ever after. Advice was to pursue my interests, for self-fulfillment, and to prepare to “be myself. I succeeded in at least five courses in each of the classes of biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, mathematics, politics, history and geography. “I just wanna be me!” What’s so wrong about that? I go for a job-interview, and get credit for abilities with words, numbers, and diagrams, but, no real job. Twenty-two hours a week, at minimum wage means I can’t repay my loans. Five of us are in about the same mess. We live, sort of, in a two-bedroom flop. What went wrong, where, when, how, and why? Who is employed, where, and doing what, for how much? How can I become one of them? What about my room-mates? About ten years ago, McGuinty promised 50,000 new jobs from combining PST and GST to make the HST. This step would make Ontario so competitive that jobs would leap out to us. Name just one, please. Then he promised that 16,000 jobs would leap into our economy from projects from the Green Energy Act. Similar casual promises have been made to tots on the knee of Santa Claus at any local mall. McGuinty is not alone in his turpitude. All of his supporters who were silent are as guilty as he. Their aim has been to continue in the lifestyle of public figures, even if they do nothing to deserve rewards of any kind. They are guilty also of not protesting by resigning from the liberal caucus. The better step would have been to resign from their seats in Ontario’s Legislative Assembly. The fact that none has so done speaks eloquently of the lack of integrity that empowerment fosters. Mr. David Nesbitt

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MEET THE MAYOR... MR. BUDGET PROMISE-KEEPER! Rob Ford, the taxpayer’s Mayor by our investigative journalist J.J. The only thing our mayor promised was frugality. For better or worse, he kept his word. He did not promise to be a good little boy in his private life. Some people believe that he should resign for smoking-up with some brothers. Toronto’s elite left-wing council members wouldn’t be caught dead with our city’s impoverished lower strata, and are furious with a Toronto politician that would. That’s the funny thing about equality….those who scream it the LOUDEST mean it the LEAST! The gulf that divides the elite from ‘everyday folks’ is the same divide that got Marion Barry RE-ELECTED mayor of Washington, D.C. after being videotaped smoking crack. We are seeing a similar reaction as our populist ‘people-person’ mayor retains significant and continual support from the public. And let’s not forget the alternatives: Adam Vaughan-Olivia Chow-Sarah Thomson. Maybe MaryMargaret McMahon will run for mayor (O.K.,…we’re just kidding about that last one). Our mayor has not been charged with anything as we go to press, so why resign? Some Toronto councilors and vicious columnists like Rosie DiManno have suggested that if the mayor had ‘come clean’ sooner, they would have been very forgiving and understanding. Does anyone really believe that? Toronto’s peculiar leftists couldn’t have cared less when their boy George Smitherman was discovered to have experimented with amphetamine-derived ‘party drugs’ like ecstasy. Smitherman’s supporters are likely the same people who didn’t mind Bill Clinton cheating on his spouse. His supporters screamed, “IT’S HIS PRIVATE LIFE!!! IT’S BUBBA’S PRIVATE LIFE!!! If a person cheats and lies to the closest person in their life, what the hell would they do to strangers? Of course, there’s nothing new about the leftist propensity for selective condemnation. It is one of the more persistent and noticeable blind-spots that plagues their ‘stated’ egalitarian ideology. Rob Ford’s popularity was boosted when he was heard on The John Oakley morning show on Radio Talk 640. John has not completely turned his back on Rob who has been a good friend of the show. Chief Blair seems to have little sense of process as he voiced his disappointment in the video that he viewed. We’re not so sure that the Chief is in a position to wax morally. Mayor Ford respects tradition and that is appreciated by educated citizens. If it sounds like we agree with EVERYTHING the mayor has done then we haven’t made our point clear enough. Mayor Ford doesn’t throw his friends ‘under the bus’, and neither do we. It’s time for mean-spirited, self-righteous councilors like Adam Vaughan, Paul Fletcher, Janet Davis and others (you know who you are) to come clean because ‘we know what you did last summer’, so to speak. From ex-communist leaders to cheating scoundrels, our top-flight investigative journalists are conducting ‘background’ checks on all councilors leading up to a special edition. Relentless research is paying off. If any of our readers have even a molecule of information about the sordid pasts of Toronto City councilors please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325 or AND A BIG THANK YOU TO WHO EVER IT WAS THAT SENT US THE GREEN PACKAGE FULL OF DOCUMENTS. Wow!!!

What a good boy! The team at Your Ward News are saddened to announce the passing of our best buddy Jay Jay. Our beloved bull terrier has gone to doggy heaven. Over three years ago he was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor on his head with only six months at the most to live. Without surgery or chemo he was still able to live a full happy life, baffling everyone. He went out peacefully, and on his own terms. Just as he knew his ‘dada’ wanted. Thank you to everyone who watched him for us over the years, and those who helped lay him to rest. Jay Jay had a big loving extended family. He will be truly missed but our memories of him will last forever... PAGE 08 YOUR WARD NEWS NOVEMBER 2013

Mayor Ford and Ralph Klein; protectors of the public purse. By Sherri Lange "The majority of people believe in incredible things which are absolutely false. The majority of people daily act in a manner prejudicial to their general well-being." -Ashley Montagu, Anthropologist A professor once told me: “I don’t read the newspapers anymore. I read other fiction.” Slices of scandal, served with hate, do not translate into “news.” The media in Toronto has been stooping very low with its repetitive sound bites on Mayor Ford. Missing, is the list of fiscal accomplishments, despite a very arrogant and self-serving council that the Mayor has somehow managed to work with. Have you ever tried to deliver a message in person, in 4 minutes, to the Executive Committee? Well, it is an incredible experience. Some council members walk around the room, texting, laugh at your very serious concerns, and show the most astonishing lack of knowledge this writer has ever seen. Councillor Minnan-Wong showed complete lack of interest, yawned during the presentation, showed contempt via his body language, and then laughed raucously at the mention of animals being subjected to stray voltage from substations and industrial wind turbines in rural Ontario. Laughed raucously and made a denigrating remark to those people suffering. This experience of councillors not listening to constituents’ presentations is, I have discovered, sadly, common. This is the same council, some members, including ring leader Minnan-Wong, who wish the good Mayor to step down, take a break. Let it not happen. It also appears that the Mayor is and has been for some time now, subjected to more than voyeuristic journalism. He is being taunted, hounded, harassed, possibly criminally, having reporters appear at his private residence, even as he walks his children in the neighborhood for Halloween. There is a brutish quality, a physical ugliness, to this harassment, that has many Torontonians reeling. It seems to many of us an incredible amount of negative fiscal resource placed to survey the Mayor, and for very little benefit. Seriously, a Cessna aircraft over his home for days? Wiretaps? What is the Chief thinking? Or is there another plan at work. Perhaps he is “disappointed” in the Mayor’s wish to cut the Police Services funding by 10%? Is this a “revenge play” in several instances? Some are demanding a full accounting and rationale from Police Board Members, Councillors Nunziata and DelGrande, as well as from the Vice Chair, Michael Thompson.

The Star: once the “Paper for the People”, now vigorously and with malice, and with apparent relish, degrades the “People’s Mayor.” The Toronto Star once modeled itself as a BIG TENT philosophy: Inclusive, forgiving, appealing to all. Now it is different. There is a nauseating repetition to the daily phrases of hate. Rosie DiManno appears to have the corner on “hate literature.” “Hate speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group (or person)….It is an incitement to hatred…” Canadian anti-hate laws are clear. The urban dictionary has some appropriate comments on “journalists” as opposed to reporters: “Journalist: A professional liar. A professional distorter. A professional hate mongerer. They craftily use newspapers and television programs to create the illusion that the entire world believes like them. In reality, they are literally just a couple psychos with a really big megaphone. Like Satan, they only have any influence in your life if you choose to let them in. Journalist=modern day sophist. Not only do they tell you things they know aren't true, they charge you for it!!!! Yeah, like I'm going to pay 50 cents and 30 minutes of my time to get lied to.” Rosie DiManno clearly needs to reacquaint herself with her responsibilities as a “reporter.”

Folksy Ralph, and Down to Earth, Mayor Rob Ralph as we all know, the former Mayor of Calgary, and then Premier, was folksy: from high school dropout to Premier, King Ralph. The time for Klein platform expression resonates with his desire for cutting the costs of government, trimming the fat, and sure enough, within short order, he eliminated an Alberta deficit of 23 BILLION. He privatized liquor stores, seriously cut government spending, and well, life was “prosperous.” Mayor Ford’s “Stop the Gravy Train,” is already in the works. In three short years, Mayor Ford has: 

Eliminated the budget gap. For a decade, Toronto relied on prior-year surpluses to balance its operating budget. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER


Plans in the works to reduce Toronto’s planned debt by $804 million, and investing $1.2 billion on infrastructure


Privatized garbage collection west of Yonge Street, saving $78 million


Negotiated historic labour deals that are helping us improve efficiency and save hundreds of millions of dollars. All of this, without a single day of labour disruption



Got council to cooperate with his plan to eliminate the $60 Personal Vehicle Tax


Working on the massive State of Good Repair backlog


Mayor Ford is bound to succeed. The “Nation” is strong and has not appeared to quiver with insecurity. It is not a new story, but one that reoccurs in varying shapes and degrees, with shadowy regularity, a town or city gripped by an unusual mind bending public execution.

IRONY: The province burns your money in advancing industrial wind turbines that produce no meaningful power, create job failures and power dumping to New board of directors and senior management for TCHC the US for about 2 Billion per year. (They plan another 5-6 thousand!) Scandal after (Housing Corporation Scandal), and a cleaning house of scandal of McGuinty and Wynne and their entourage marches across the province. various fiscal misdemeanors at that organization We are talking BILLIONS, or more likely, TRILLIONS, and most of that yet untold, Changed the culture at City Hall to one that is committed unaccounted, but to be found and tabulated. Backdrop this excess and corruption to customer service excellence with the honesty of Mayor Ford. It seems a no brainer.



The same principles of hard working honesty and respect for taxpayers, found a home in the hearts of Albertans, and Klein was rewarded, despite a few famous personal mishaps, sometimes, often in public. He received an Order of Canada, 2012, and a string of other exceptional awards chronicled his dedication to the public purse. (We have to wonder the fate of Klein, had he had a Cessna over his home for days, or the Toronto Star harassing him for years, obscenely.)

Replacing aging sewers and water mains, and investing heavily in infrastructure that the previous administration neglected Worked with council members and developed relationships with three layers of government that allowed the City to change the Scarborough Light Rail Transit line with a seamless extension of the Bloor Danforth Subway Line …the list goes on.

A reporter eulogising Ralph Klein said: “One part of Klein's legacy that isn't being adopted by politicians generally is his willingness to risk unpopularity to do what he felt was right. People respect you for that no matter what.” Dave Bennett April 5, 2013 Mayor Ford also seems to be building a legacy of willingness to risk unpopularity. Despite obvious harassment, he has not wavered in his commitment to serve the citizens of the City of Toronto. We appreciate the different Toronto this Mayor is building. We suspect that Councillor Doug Ford is right when he calls his brother, “the most honest politician in Canada.” PAGE 09 YOUR WARD NEWS NOVEMBER 2013

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FELONIOUS FINANCIAL FINDINGS - MANY MORE “MADE-OFFS” By Our Investigative Journalist J.J. and Special Financial Correspondent Allen Fields Did you here the one about the Canadian who was caught investing in weapons of mass destruction? Your Ward News did, and the punch-line is so funny that we forgot to laugh. The zinger is that the TD Bank, the Royal Bank and even the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan invested in American companies that manufacture nuclear weapons. But our Special Financial Correspondent Mr. Fields has uncovered so much ‘funny-money’ that even this huge story has been dwarfed. Our recent expose regarding Intact Insurance led us to believe that we had found the head of the snake. After more research we concluded that there were many more coils to unwind before the head of this financial beast was revealed. We can hear the hissing, you can bet that we are getting close. ING Direct is the biggest bank in the world and dictates to all other banks and insurance companies exactly what criminal activities are appropriate at any given time. So just how big is this global creepy-crawler? ING Direct holds 40% of all current account deposits in the Netherlands; a 44% stake in ING Vysya Bank in India; China ING has a 17% interest in the Bank of Beijing; In Thailand, they have a 30% concern in TMB which is a universal banking platform with a nation-wide network. In fact, they have wrapped their entire length around the globe and have skillfully slithered into dealings with Iranian and Cuban banks. All of this impressed the Canadian banking community to such a degree that ING Direct Canada was founded in 1997. On June 12th, 2012 the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced a $619 million settlement with ING. A mere pittance for conspiring to violate New York State laws by moving billions of dollars through the U.S. financial system on behalf of SANCTIONED Cuba and Iran. This anaconda-like entity may be impossible to destroy as it constantly sheds its skin to conceal its true identity. In December of 2011 ING Direct Canada introduced Canadians to yet another newly-created term: ‘COLLATERAL CHARGE’. This is yet another way to steal from us by way of synthetic nomenclature (phony made-up words). Simply put, all mortgages held by ING Direct Canada would be registered as ‘collateral charges’. This makes it more difficult to switch to another mortgage lender without paying approximately $800 dollars in legal fees. So RE-financing with ING Direct Canada will “save” you 800 bucks. Their mortgage will restrict you from taking out a second mortgage or any other type of credit against your house unless your property value sky-rockets, which is unlikely. Bernie Madoff robbed Peter to play Paul, until Peter and Paul wanted to cash-in their ‘chips’ at the same time. His Ponzi scheme fell like a house of cards as there was no real foundation or value. The only difference between Bernie and today’s insurance companies like ING Direct is that he had no one to bail him out. In 2008, the Dutch government gave ING Direct $13.5 billion (U.S.) in bail-out money that they didn’t even ask for. To say that these felonious financiers are ‘connected’ is an understatement, as they are connected at the hip to politicians who are bought and paid for. Here in Ontario where Kathleen Wynnguinty’s Liberal Party has continued Dalton’s legacy by stealing billions of dollars, the banksters and insurance companies have great friends running the show. If Tim Who-duck’s Conservatives or Andrea Horwhack’s NDP gain power, the insurance criminals will still have great friends running the show. There is only one thing left that confuses us down here at the Your Ward News. When Nuremburg-type trials are conducted to prosecute the politicians and their co-conspirators in the banking and insurance world, who will receive longer jail sentences? But then again, those found guilty may get their necks stretched if the death penalty is reinstated. That is beyond our scope. Stay tuned for next month’s financial report!

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Hey Leroy, She’s b-a-a-a-a-ack!!! If there was such a thing as municipal war crimes, I’d love to be on the jury that was trying Sandra Bussin. As far as I am concerned, no-bid contracts always have the appearance of impropriety. They are usually sweetheart deals motivated by cronyism. It seems that politicians often forget who they work for. Or maybe they remember but just don’t care. Sandra really made a bad mistake the last time around when she tried to sue you with taxpayer dollars. I hope she had to pay back any money she had already given a lawyer. Those were my tax dollars that she tried to silence you with. I can hardly believe that she tried that. Unacceptable. Horton, Columbine Av.

Nothing against McMahon as she is a rather Ward 32 News, pleasant lady, but Sandra Bussin is much more Hello. experienced and really knows her way around City Hall. I’m not really sure that she is going to I just came across your paper at run though. She probably just couldn’t resist testing the waters. Garry Waters, Wheeler Ave. the Guildwood Library. I’ve lived here

Mr. St, Germaine, I don’t want to see your hateful rag on my doorstep again! It does not reflect the sensibilities that most Beach residents share in common. Who are your writers anyway? Why don’t they have a headshot of themselves at the top of their right-wing Horton, You weren’t the only one surprised by rants? Are they from the Beach? I suspect not. her actions. But who knows what we have up our You have my address. DO NOT DELIVER!!! sleeve if she runs again? We don’t want to show -Name withheld by request. our hand, but we know EVERYTHING about Sandra, public and private. We still have protest Dear Nameless, Obviously you are not signs from the last time and plenty of new ideas. appreciative of opinions that differ from yours’. We want to hear ALL the opinions of ALL Thanks for your donation.-Leroy Beachers. At Your Ward 32 News we are Leroy, Obviously you know that Bussin is advocates of the free marketplace of ideas. running again to be our councilor. I wish I could Don’t cry if one of our volunteers mistakenly borrow some of her chutzpah because I have to puts one on your porch. They are younger admit that I really like it as it goes a long way. Beachers that deliver the paper and certainly Let’s face it! The Beach needs a professional don’t deserve your negativity. -Leroy politician to do our dirty work. PAGE 12 YOUR WARD NEWS NOVEMBER 2013

for about a year-and-a-half. I have a

Garry, I have to admit I was shocked when she announced that she may run again. It will sure background in design and might like to submit some artwork at some point. keep Your Ward 32 News busy which is great because we have some well-known journalists But I want to congratulate you that have offered to ghost-write for us if she does on the articles you’ve written. I’m in run.-Leroy

100% agreement with the articles. I didn’t know that anyone had the courage to call a spade a spade. Because I have eye problems, I also appreciate the reasonable size print so I can read your publication. I hope Rob Ford sees your paper and knows you support him. Our schools and colleges can’t teach wisdom and insight. They never have and they never will. You fellows are right on the button. I will continue to keep an eye out for your paper! - (Anonymous phone message)

Ward 31 News - Nov 2013  
Ward 31 News - Nov 2013  

It must be exhausting for Janet Davis and her coalition of leftwing dingbats being appalled all the time. Offended by everything and ashamed...