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Photographers wanted: No experience necessary Sunsets at Tradition Square will be one of the magnets for a convergence of photographers attending the 8th Annual Scott Kelby PhotoWalk in October. Mitch Kloorfain chief photographer


magine a flower with the sun coming from behind its petals, children chasing each other through the fountains or a couple walking along the lake as the sun goes down. Now imagine 50 photographers all converging on Tradition Town Square. For the last eight years, photographers around the world gather together on the same day to explore an area, photograph, share those photos with the world, and hopefully make some new friends during the Scott Kelby 8th Annual WorldWide Photowalk. This is my fifth year as a “walk leader” for this event. The concept is simple and yet amazing at the same time. The photo walk is literally


Mitch Kloorfain worldwide. Last year there were over 30,000 participants last year from around our globe. Throughout the day you can watch the website as people populate it with images from their own communi-

ties. Each walk can accommodate 50 photographers that will vie for some pretty elaborate prizes from camera gear, accessories, books, memberships and other prizes through the event’s sponsors. What makes it especially interesting to me is that we have always gotten a great mix of novice, amateur, semi-pro and professional photographers to take part in the event. I usually try to pair

a novice with a pro to meet and share time where questions can be answered along the route. Besides making eye-catching images, it is a combination of networking with others as well as a learning experience regardless of your status or photographic skills. The equipment used is negligible. There has always been a nice mix of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, point-n-shoot cameras, and smartphones. Whatever it takes to get to a creative finished product is all that matters. First, we start by meeting on time at 6:15 p.m. in Tradition Square. I make some introductions and a few announcements of procedure and then my favorite,

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Letter from Lake Charles resident The 1 million dollar settlement paid to HOA governed Lake Charles gated community in St. Lucie West by the city of Port St.

Lucie appears to be fast tracked to build a five private office suite for the HOA Board of Directors, even though their electoral

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status remains in question due to their living too close to one another, in strict violation of Florida statutes governing HOA elections. The city misused a wedge shaped parcel of land belonging to Lake Charles during the construction of the Crosstown Expressway, and courts subsequently found on appeal that the gated community was due this large settlement out of taxpayer generated accounts. A recent meeting by this writer with the legislative aide of state Senator Denise Grimsley, namely Anne K. Bell, revealed strict protection for HOA residents by Florida law in regards to even and fair distribution throughout the HOA community of their elected board members. This apparent violation appears to be in play. However, appeals for discovery and adjudication of the rule of law to the Mayor and City Manager of Port St. Lucie and to Commissioner of

Consumer Affairs Adam Putnam have been to no avail! This writer, using her own odometer, clocked the following distances apart of board members from the home of Board President Anthony Iaquinto: to Vice President at 0.9; Secretary at 0.4; Assistant Secretary at 0.3; Treasurer at 0.2. The long standing BOD member formerly in office during the legal process lives at reading 0.9. Details coming out of the recent board meeting involve an initial expenditure of $100,000 for letting of design plans to begin construction of what one resident called “their Taj Mahal.” The Lake Charles website publication of results of resident polling showed a whopping 79% of residents oppose this huge rehab, while only 21% favor it. The Board already has spent $600,000 for a radar spy gun to “police” residents who

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Stluciewest 8 21 2015  

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