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Sen. Marco Rubio

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try on Earth with the ability and the willingness to call the evil for what it is, confront it and defeat it.” Before his speech, Rubio said he plans to make amendments to his immigration policy and begin to strengthen elements of the bill in question. Defending the bill, Rubio said it enforces entry and exit tracking, includes $5.5 billion in border security funding and puts illegal immigrants through a years-long rigorous process to obtain citizenship. “They’ll have to come forward. They’ll have to undergo a criminal background check, a national security background check,” Rubio said. “They have to pay a $2,000 fine and an application fee. They don’t qualify for any federal benefits. They only get the permit for six years. They have to come back and reapply and prove they’ve been paying taxes.” Rubio also dodged questions about a 2016 presidential run. “I have my hands full,” Rubio said. “I don’t have time for thinking about the future quite like that.” Attendee and Tradition resident Teri Pinney said although Rubio’s immigration reform isn’t perfect,

it’s a starting point. “He has developed at least a solution where others are full of criticism. I like that. That shows vision and that shows leadership.” Palm City resident Medora Reading said before Rubio’s speech she was concerned his immigration bill would grant immediate amnesty to the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. “I didn’t know how I felt about that issue and he explained why we had to address it in a manner I understood. I didn’t understand it before,” Reading said. “... He made me realize we need to know who’s here, why they’re here and what they’re doing.” Ominous skies outside brightened by bolts of lightning didn’t deter a crowd from gathering on an aligning sidewalk to rally against Rubio’s proposed immigration reform. Jack Oliver, legislative director of the nonprofit corporation Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, disagrees with Rubio’s policy, claiming the senator misled constituents during his campaign

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the hotly debated immigration-reform bill he helped write. Big government is the catalyst to a stagnant economy, Rubio said during the St. Lucie Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day dinner at the Polish American Club in Port St. Lucie. Calling Republicans the “party of upward mobility,” Rubio said the political group consists of hard workers who are capable of the American dream if large government doesn’t stifle the process. Rubio commended the party for allowing small businesses to blossom. “If you are successful economically, if you are successful professionally, we celebrate it. We hold you up as an example and an inspiration,” Rubio said. “But for the most part, if you have made it, all you want government to do is basically leave you alone so you can continue to make it and help others make it, too.” Although he believes the war against terrorism will endure for generations, Rubio, who stressed the U.S. shouldn’t get involved in unnecessary conflicts, said the U.S. is the only country capable of one day stopping extremists. “We have got to be committed to win it, because there is still evil in the world and evil must be defeated,” Rubio said. “And the U.S. remains the only coun-

“If you are successful economically, if you are successful professionally, we celebrate it. We hold you up as an example and an inspiration.”



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