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February 02 2013

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YVA Nation, Welcome to the show!

It’s our 8th year and we’re celebrating because we’ve come a long way to being recognized as Jamaica’s Premiere Awards Show...To God be the glory! As we grow the YVAs we endeavour to expand our reach to the wider Caribbean region. Our goal is to include the energy of our West Indian neighbors by our 10th year while still continuing to celebrate our homegrown celebrities. Building the YVA Movement through the YVA Nation has been an extremely rewarding experience especially as we’ve seen our Hype Crew members grow with us through the years and then go after their own dreams. We also celebrate the fact that our success is a collective effort and celebrate our sponsors, both old and new. Our sponsors share the vision of creating and building a platform for the unwavering fans to acknowledge their favourite artistes and for the artistes to celebrate each other. We applaud all the artistes who go all out to ensure their fans love their performances on the YVAs stage and we appreciate our fans that don’t look to overseas awards shows to big up their own. It is evident that each and every one of these nominees has made a significant impact on the hearts and minds of each fan since they continue to use their voice, their vote and their view to ensure that their favorites are duly rewarded. Lets continue the celebration and enjoy the show! Tootles

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Kranium goes MAJOR

sean paul 5 All Hail the Queen: Q&A with Kaci Fennell


7 The Hype Crew Family

What’s Hot: Hair & Nails

10 reggae revival

Get familiar with the new movement

13 KFC On the Verge Winner:


14 Trend Report: with Sashon Burton & Stacy L. McNeil

Writer & Editor Ayanna Kirton Design & Layout redbunker Publisher: An Elegant Affair Event Production To advertise in YVA Nation Magazine email


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SEAN PAUL: STILL GOT IT In an industry obsessed with staying young, Sean Paul at 41 years old is still a hit maker. With 20 years in the business, his catalogue is a tremendous body of work that contains hit after hit. No wonder his concerts pack arenas all across the globe.


ince the release of his first album, Stage One in 2000 to the 2014 release of Full Frequency, according to Sean Paul what’s different with this album is “the sound, definitely.” “There’s…a brand new generation of kids learning about new artistry and music so you have to try to bridge the gap…There (have) been trends…that I kind of follow and…try to stick to.” Sean Paul has enjoyed massive success internationally on the solo tip and from crowd-pleasing collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Interestingly, he has managed to achieve this without straying from his true ‘yard man’ style, still spitting his verses in patois. He confesses that there is no formula to his ability to cross over internationally. “It’s not the same thing every time. It’s not a formula. I think art is supposed to reflect life and it’s supposed to be as natural as possible…to be just how it is, “ he says. “Practice makes perfect so we get better and better and better if you keep on doing it. That’s my opinion.” And his opinion on the YVAs enabling the youth of Jamaica to

decide whom they nominate and ultimately who wins an award? “That’s amazing because when I was a kid I didn’t get a chance to do that. (Kids) are, usually the people who

are in tuned with what’s happening, what’s new…It’s a great thing for them to be picking ‘cause I think it means more for them. Other awards (shows) sometimes…don’t even have the right people because they are not familiar. It’s a lot of (elderly) people (who sometimes) don’t even know what is happening in the streets so it’s not a good gauge of who the real winner is. (Therefore) I think that kids are the best option.

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KRANIUM GOES MAJOR The latest dancehall artiste signed to a major international label, Atlantic Records, is Kranium.


orn Kemar Donaldson in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Kranium moved to the US in 2005 with his family. It was there that he tapped into his talent due largely to the influence of his uncle, Screwdriver, who he describes as a dancehall veteran. Kranium’s break out hit, the amusing but mellow “Nobody Has To Know” sold 29,000 copies in 2014, peaking at no. 32 on the Reggae Digital Songs chart, also reaching the Next Big Sound and Twitter Emerging Artists charts. The song’s video generated upwards of 10 million YouTube views. His second single “Lifestyle” has sold more than 8,000 copies. ( With this multi-album deal from Atlantic, Kranium is sure to move from virtual obscurity to the level of recognition enjoyed by dancehall acts like Shabba Ranks, Shaggy and Sean Paul because of their ability to create authentic Jamaican music with an international appeal. YVA Nation here are a few things you didn’t know about KRANIUM: His favourite local artist is: “Chronixx. He has a sound of his own, and you can tell he is doing it with passion.”


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be yourself, think outside of the box, never give up, and be smart His favourite international artist is: “Drake. Not because he sang my song onstage but because of his work ethic and the quality of music he produces.” When he’s not making music he likes: “Driving fast cars.” His major career goal is: “To have a diamond selling album.”

His advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a recording artist: “I would tell them to be themselves, think outside of the box, never give up, and be smart with who you chose to be around you, positive thinkers only.”

Florida. Do you think that had any influence on the judges’ final decision?

the 22 -year old beauty to get you the details about her first international pageant experience and more.

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN Q&A with Kaci Fennel


he Miss Universe Pageant stunned audiences at home and abroad when the announcement was made that our girl, Kaci Fennell was named the 5th runner up.“We want justice!” was about the only thing that was left to be shouted by disappointed fans that sat glued to their screens as history unfolded. Kaci appeared to take it like a champ, graciously accepting the decision and admirably congratulating Miss Columbia for her victory. With the competition behind her, Kaci’s reign as Miss Jamaica Universe has kicked into high gear. YVA Nation chatted with

YVA Nation (YN): What motivated you to enter the Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant? Kaci Fennell (KF): Entering has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl watching Sandra Foster (Jamaica’s first semifinalist at Miss Universe). YN: Describe how you felt when your name was announced as the winner of the pageant? KF:
I was relieved,  extremely overwhelmed and pleased. YN: You decided to keep your hair short for the pageant in

I think a lot of things influenced the judges’ final decision. Whether or not my hair was one of those I could not say. What I do think is that the world and the organization now has that little bit more perspective on beauty presented in different packages. YN: Describe your personal style in a few words.
My style is youthful, feminine and sophisticated. YN: What item of clothing/ accessory/cosmetic can’t you live without? KF:
I’ll choose one of each! (Laughs) I can’t live without a perfect little black dress, black stilettos and nude lipstick. YN: What was the name of the last book you read? 
The Secret YN: Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s YVAs? KF:
Is Spice or Vanessa Bling performing? (Laughs)

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LIME Huawei Y330b (7.25"x7.25")_FAW.pdf










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5:14 PM

Hype Crew!


drian Williams has been a member of the Hype Crew for 5 years. Super industrious, Adrian is a banking and finance student at UTECH, works in the financial sector and also has his own online show “Bredrin Code” on Youtube. The show offers tips to Jamaican guys and girls trying to survive the ups and downs of the social world. (Think MTV’s Guy Code or Girl Code).


Adrian also created the On the Verge Buzz Video which is basically a short preview of the TV show available for viewing on the OTV YouTube channel. According to Adrian, “since many people can’t always make it to the live show, the buzz video provides behind the scenes footage as well as highlights of the actual show before it airs on TV.” Go Adrian!

OUR HYPE CREW FAMILY comprises the official representatives of the YVA Nation. They collect your nominations months before the actual awards show and ensure that the voices and the views of the teens and young adults are heard. Though you see them in action at KFC’s On the Verge in October and at all the activities leading up to the YVAs, these enthusiastic and energetic foot soldiers promote the YVAs all year round! Thank you HYPE CREW! We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Abonique Coley Adrian Williams Akeem Grace Aldayne Henry Chantal Williams Damouy Collins

Dominick Rose Dominique Clarke Gennel Grindley Issia Thelwell Janal Gordon Jamario Smellie

Jovanna Bailey Kamal Hendriques Kevaughn Bryan Khloé Clarke Kristavel Fearon Malique Bignall

Olivia Gregorie Ornella Thompson Rohan Perry Sassian Henry Shanice Alveranga Shauna Ke McCleod

Shelby Miller Stefan Ledgister Tevin McKenzie Trishell Brown

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WHAT’S HOT NAILED IT! Want to know the hottest nail trends? Just take a look at the styles that are heating up the runways. According to nail technician, Martina Morgan, owner of Martina’s Nail Place, nail trends mirror what’s current in fashion. She’s the go-to nail artist for celebrities like Angel, Ishawna, Queen Ifrica, Denyque and Ninja Man. And she has over 13 years under her belt making her salon’s services among the most sought after. Here’s the latest in nail trends from the master… Colours: Fall colour palette-dark reds and neutrals Negative space nails: where your un-colored nail peeps through bold lacquers like cutouts in clothes. Gel polish: If you haven’t tried this, go do it now! It might seem a little pricier than a regular manicure but well worth it. Your manicure will last for weeks with no chipping. Stilletto nails: The most extreme nail shape to date. These pointy nails look fatal and are sure to make an impact. Martina’s favourite nail polis brands: Essie and Morgan Taylor Craziest request from a client: A bride who wanted to go all out for her big day… multi coloured nails with rhinestones!


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NATURALLY YOU. Women of African descent are saying goodbye to painful chemical treatments and embracing their roots. Maybe you’re already there or you’re still toying with the idea of setting yourself free from the chemical chains, check out the following tips on how to take great care of your hair in its natural state. Cut down on shampoo. If you have dry hair, co-wash your hair. Co-wash means wash your hair with conditioner not shampoo because shampoo contains chemicals that dry out your hair. Use organic products. Choose products with a lot of organic ingredients. Avoid products with mineral oils and petrolatum to prevent dryness. Create a regimen. Condition every 3 to 5 days and seal the moisture in with natural oil. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or tie your hair up in a silk scarf before bed.

KYLIE HAIR KOUTURE. Kylie Jenner’s new hair extension line, Kylie Hair Kouture by hair manufacturer, Bellami is an editor’s choice must have beauty product for 2015. The product is made using Insta-Weft technology. InvisiWefts are seamless and lay flat on your scalp making them virtually undetectable.

Described as “the muse of a generation”. From 90’s retro rival to modern glam, Kylie effortlessly captures the world’s attention with her bold and beautiful aura. She could start a beauty revolution with a single sultry selfie. From her mermaid chic bob to a long hair don’t care attitude, setting trends is a full time job for the boho beauty.

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If you haven’t realized that reggae music dominated 2014 you’re either extremely out of touch with what’s going on in Jamaica or you’ve been living under a rock on a remote island! With solid production and uplifting lyrical content , new life has been breathed into the genre that still stays true to its roots while managing to appeal to the younger generation. This new life has caused the current wave in reggae music to be termed the “Reggae Revival” and in this issue, YVA Nation gets up close with some of the its most talented artistes.

PROTOJE Protoje’s “Who Knows” features Chronixx and was one of 2014’s most heavily rotated singles. Directed by Storm Saulter, the song’s video has been nominated for Favourite Local Music Video, and takes the viewer on a journey across Jamaica through a day in the life of Protoje and his kinfolk, while he and Chronixx trade lyrics over this uplifting musical backdrop. Protoje, who describes himself as very quiet and reserved is also nominated for Favourite Cultural Artiste of the Year. Check out a few facts about this 2015 YVAs nominee: Real name: Oje Ken Ollivierre Hails from: St. Elizabeth: Musical heritage: Both parents are entertainers. His mother is singer, Lorna Bennett (of “Breakfast in Bed” fame) and his father, Lord of Mercy, is a calypso king from St Vincent (b. Mike Ollivierre). His 10

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cousin is popular Jamaican producer, Donovan Bennett of Don Corleon Records Name of band: Indiggnation Break out hit: RASTA LOVE featuring Ky-Mani Marley. This song was a major hit globally: close to 8 Million views on YouTube. Awards & Accolades: The prestigious German based Riddim Magazine voted Protoje as Song Writer of 2011 and its readers voted him Best Newcomer of 2011. Albums: Seven Year Itch (2011), 8 Year Affair (2013), Ancient Future (2015)

JESSE ROYAL Jesse Royal is indisputably one of the strongest lyricists in this current reggae revival. His approach to songwriting is a refreshing change from the tame albeit commercially sound offerings to which listeners of Jamaican music have grown accustom. He unapologetically delivers music with a strong message and consistently refers to instilling self-reliance in the youth instead of waiting on the powers that be to lessen the burden.

CHRONIXX Chronixx is nominated for an impressive 7 YVAs: Favourite local music video: Who Knows (Prototje feat. Chronixx), Favourite Local International Artiste 2014, Favourite Cultural Artiste 2014, Favourite Music Collab.: Who Knows (Protoje feat. Chronixx), Favourite Local Artiste 2014 (Male), Young Hot & Hype Male and Celebrity Role Model. Here are a few interesting facts about Chronixx:

“They all lack vision (and) we have to be aware of what’s going on around us or we’ll be taken for fools,” says the singer, who pens his own lyrics. At 25 years old, Jesse Royal possesses a level of awareness and candor uncommon in an industry where the quest for mainstream success creates a culture of silence. These characteristics help to set him apart and he might just be considered the next real revolutionary-at least in the minds of those who listen to reggae music.

Real name: Jamar Rolando McNaughton Date of birth: October 10, 1992 Hails from: St. Ann Musical heritage: Chronixx’s dad is Jamar McNaughton Sr, known professionally as “Chronicle”. Name of band: ZincFence Redemption

Show with Jimmy Fallon: 2014

Break out hit: BEHIND CURTAIN produced by ZincFence Recordz.

Performed to an audience of 5,000 in Central Park, NYC at Summer Stage: 2014.

Career milestones to date: Performed as a Peace Ambassador in Nairobi: 2013

Albums: Hooked on Chronixx (2010), The Dread & Terrible Project (2014)

Appeared on NBC’s Tonight YVANATION Magazine 2015




“Conscious music is on the rise again, (the) Rasta influence is getting a lot (of) buzz right now,” says Keznamdi. “More people are craving positivity, consciousness and a sense of hope in these times.”

Kabaka Pyramid, the ‘conscious revolutionary lyricist’, is one of the most outspoken artistes leading the reggae revival.

The 24-year-old artiste argues that the buzz is due to the ability of “the artistes or messengers. (They can) bring it across in a way that is easily acceptable and understood by the youths and people in general.” Keznamdi’s parents are lead singers in the internationally known reggae group, Chakula. He spent his early years touring the world with them and was present while they were recording their 10 albums at their home studio in St. Andrew. His exposure to music from an early age has given him an appreciation for all genres. “I set out to write and perform good music. Music that is positive and will inspire people, make a change to people’s lives and music that just feels good. I don’t limit my music to reggae, my music is limitless and if you listen to my small catalogue of songs a lot of it is not really reggae. I do world music,” he declares. 12

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His recently released single, “Well Done” produced by Damian Marley, takes Jamaican politicians to task for the state of the country. The song has received positive reviews from music fans worldwide and was named the “Scorcher of the Week” in early December 2014 on BBC Radio 1 Xtra hosted by renowned selector, David Rodigan. Kabaka’s strength lies in his songwriting prowess, skillful wordplay and overall consciousness. He offers the following advice to young people thinking about entering the field. “It’s always best to know what your strength is and develop your weaknesses. But always make your strength the focus. Don’t be dependent on others to “give you a strength.” Make your talent shine and force them to want to give you a strength. If you find that this isn’t happening after years of trying, be smart enough to know (that) there is another path for you.”


ejour (b.Fabian Gardner) is the reigning champion of the 2014 KFC On the Verge competition.

The 21 year old jumped at the chance to enter the competition mainly because of the exposure he knew he would gain if he copped the winning title. He admits to enduring nervousness all the way to the end and feels that although he won, both the judges and the audience barely skimmed the surface of what he’s truly capable of delivering.

Up next for the affable singer? A performance on the YVAs stage. Although he was unwilling to divulge anything about what he had in store for the big night we did manage to get some insight into his background, approach to his craft and his plans for his career. YVA Nation (YN): How long have you been singing? Dejour (D): Since I was 15 years old. YN: Does this talent run in your family? D: Noone in my family can sing! I wonder all the time where the talent came from but I am thankful for the gift. YN: What sets you apart from other artistes? D: My personality. I’m very jovial and I try not to let anything stress me out. YN: How would you describe your musical style? D: It’s a fusion of dancehall, R&B and reggae. I’m a singer/ singjay who places a lot of emphasis on my words. I am convincing and sincere when I perform. YN: What are you currently working on? D: Definitely preparing for the YVAs and also working on two songs. One will be released in March and the other soon after.

KFC On The Verge Winner:

DEJOUR Photography by Lance Brown Outfits: Fierce by Dre Styling by Dexter Pottinger

Since then he has thrilled audiences at two major YVAs events and according to Dejour, participating in the Observer School Tour is a possibility.

YN: Do you get nervous on stage? D: Yes! I was nervous for the whole competition all the way to the end! I know the more I perform I’ll be able to get over it. YN: What are your plans to move your career forward?

D: Release as much music as possible, get more exposure and focus on music 100%. YN: What characteristic is necessary to succeed in your chosen field? D: You have to be passionate, that has helped me reach this far.

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gloves. It’s an awesome night out and it’s lots of fun so you don’t have to be too formal,” Sashon advises.

TREND REPORT with Sashon Burton & Stacy L. McNeil


ne half of the production team, Scorpio 21, personal shopper, image consultant, designer, and stylist, Sashon Burton (whose first name rhymes with “fashion”) boasts an extensive client list of some of Jamaica’s hottest stars. She gave us the 411 on the latest trends to help you to make your mark at the YVAs and advised kids not to break the bank. “Number one rule: Wear what you have,” says Sashon. “Some might be able to ask their parents but usually kids are unable to afford an expensive outfit to wear for one night.” Solution: Save up to buy one piece. Whether it’s a cool pair of sneakers, a bag or jacket…that one piece can turn up your outfit.” HOW TO CHOOSE A LOOK FOR THE YVAs “(Keep it) cool, fun and bubble gum instead of frills, frock and 14

YVANATION Magazine 2015

CURRENT TRENDS FOR THE GIRLS Go long: Long, high-waisted skirts Lace: Must be lined to prevent exposure of undergarments! Sky high: Gladiator heels, knee high boots, laser cut out heels Sparkle: Rock sequins but sparingly (opt for a top, pants or clutch instead of head to toe). CURRENT TRENDS FOR THE GUYS Cool kicks: Air Jordan sneakers Oversized/long line T-shirts:

Latest craze. Everyone from Chris Brown to Kanye loves this trend. Sneakers and blazer: Fun combination Not too formal: Stay away from a full tux. Mix trendy and current looks with the classics. MAKEUP Certified cosmetologist, Stacy L. McNeil has been making beautiful faces for over a decade. She weighs in on makeup must haves and current makeup trends that would be awesome for the YVAs. TRENDS GLOW: Glowing, dewy skin is in. Shimmer and bronzer will help to achieve that sun kissed glow. EYES: Cut back on the shadow and go all out with the liner. The winged eye is a must! LIPS: Matte lipstick for that sophisticated edge. Shades of pink also rule this season.

MUST HAVES Moisturizer: Barrier to p reve nt m a ke u p f ro m entering the pores. Primer: Helps to keep the foundation in place and makes it last for hours. Setting spray: This holds the entire look together after the whole application process. Lashes: Whether the strips or fusions‌these are a must have! SKINCARE H20: Make water your best friend! Drink LOTS of it to flush the system of toxins. Moisturize: Invest in a good moisturizer for your skin type to block impurities from getting into pores and give a youthful glow (for daytime use make sure it has at least SPF 15). Cleanse: Make sure all traces of makeup are removed and the face is properly cleansed before bedtime. Hands Off: Refrain from putting dirty hands on your face as this can cause unsightly pimples.

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trends for Girls

trends for Guys

A lot of Denim


African prints


Air Jordans

Long line tee

Women and Men Clothing, Shoes and Accessories 32-36 Orange Street, Kingston, Jamaica. (Corner of Orange & Tower Streets.)


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