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2013 Leadership Series:

FEATURED LEADERSHIP SPONSOR: “As your next Mayor, I will fight for you. I will fight to make government more efficient. I will work to do more with less; providing the services you so richly deserve, but collecting less from you. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and will work hard to earn your vote.” -- Ben Hall, Candidate for Mayor



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MASTER LEADERSHIP: “True leadership is when others follow you even when they don’t have to.” -- EDWIN HAYNES




Mayor Annise Parker is paying attention to the details -- so the best city in America can get even better. -- P.34 MAYOR OWEN


A TRUE LEADER: Mayor Allen Owen, of Missouri City was the first leader to find value in our “2013 Leadership Series”. We would like to publicly thank Mayor Owen; and ask you to consider him in 2014.





POLITICAL LEADER: Houston City Council Member C.O. “Brad” Bradford shares how he goes about selecting the best candidate in an election; and a few of the characteristics he looks for in a leader.


PLEASE SEE Mayor Annise Parker will be seeking voter approval in her bid for re-election on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 in the Mayoral Election. She is currently serving her second term as mayor of Houston.


You Have Permission to Succeed!

Edwin Haynes


As a motivational speaker, successful businessman, award winning author, and “TITLE SPONSOR” of the “2013 Leadership Series” Edwin Haynes continues to dominate his industry as a multi-million dollar earner while empowering individuals worldwide to advance on both personal and professional levels. As a Trainer and International Business Consultant, he continues to make an indelible impression on those who he encounters daily. In an effort to satisfy an overwhelming demand for his knowledge and plan for success, Haynes has penned the first installment of a series of motivational publications entitled: “You Have Permission to Succeed.”





POLITICAL LEADER: Houston City Council Member Ellen Cohen takes a moment to share how she goes about selecting the best candidate in an election; and a few qualities she looks for in a leader..





POLITICAL LEADER: Houston City Council Member Andrew C. Burks, Jr. shares how he goes about selecting the best candidate in an election; and a few qualities he looks for in a leader

Learn How to Navigate Your Road to Success! --

DANNY GLOVER: “Edwin’s book has truly been a blessing” “I feel unequivocally blessed and honored to be involved in a partnership and friendship with Edwin. As a speaker, he has a genuine spirit that allows him to positively impact the lives of others in a way that forces them to reassess their lives and begin to make a change. Through his message, Edwin evokes an awakening deep inside that has been forgotten or lost. Edwin’s book has truly been a blessing. Edwin has the ability to shape his ideas and translate them into real life principles that people can actually use to improve their lives.” -- Mr. Danny Glover, Actor

We support Ben Hall for mayor of Houston 2013

Testimonials from former Houston Mayors “[Ben Hall] was one of the fine public servants in my team...In addition to his superior academic accomplishments, Ben possessed a sensitivity and humanity about the application of law that well-served this City and its citizens...Ben was committed to affirmative competition and business opportunities for all Houstoniansa principal dear to my own heart. Such commitment is a desired quality in a public servant.” -Former Houston Mayor Robert “Bob” Lanier “Ben Hall is a strong leader who will confidently guide the City of Houston and increase its economic and fiscal success for many decades to come. He possesses the temperament and demeanor not to prejudge any idea and is patient enough to work with others to move the City forward. He is exactly what Houston needs at this time.” -Former Houston Mayor Lee P. Brown

Yolanda Adams Mary Addison Carline Alexander Caleen Allen Stacy M. Allen Ricky Anderson, Esq. Deborah Anderson Pastor Terry Anderson Sheila Artis Cynthia Bailey Nina Bailey George Barbosa Joseph Battles Tonja Battles Tom Bazan Kimberley Bennett Hon. Levi Benton Doreen Bhatt Mabale Bochanagra Willie Belle Boone Olan J. Boudreaux Revered John W. Bowie Drunette Bozeman Max Bozeman Tonya Bozeman Council Member C. O. Bradford Sylvia Brooks Hon. Lee P. Brown J. Anthony Brown Phara Buffalos Sharon Burney Quincy Caldwell Kevin Calvin Roy Camberg Jesse Cantu Janaeya Carmouche Theresa Carmouche Wilvin Carter Martina E. Cartwright Sergeant Grady Castleberry Rosie Cedillo Debbie Chen Dr. M. Annette Cluff Makeba Collins Mark Collmer Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby Leslie Coward Claude Cummings Earl M. Cummings Christa Curry Marida Curry Davetta Daniels Lucinda Daniels Brandi Davis Constable Reuben Davis Dannette Davis Keith Davis J. David Dickson Georgette Dixon Kimberly Dixon Rev. Timothy Dixon Bishop James Dixon, II James W. E. Dixon, Sr. Trina Dotson Andrea Downey

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Richard L. Josephson Yong Kwon Michael Kubosh Paul Kubosh Julius J. Larry, III Osama Latif Audrey Lawson Rev. Dr. William A. Lawson Joseph LeDe' Alan F. Levin Colette Lewis Alane Lillie Tiffany J. Lillie Byron Lundy Darcy Mackey Patrick Mahoney Dr. Terrence Malone Janelle T. Marshall Rev. Lee Maxey Dr. Thomas Mayor Drayton McClane Kayla McCray Dr. Carol McCree Jewell L. McGowen Gary McGuire Preston Middleton Pastor Max Miller Marilyn Mims Robert Moore Dwayne Morgan Daphne Moss Dave Moss Wanda Mott Erica A. Murray Dikembe Mutombo Stephanie D. Nellons-Paige Cheryl Nelson-Butler Waverly Nolley John Noukas John Olgetree Hon. Chris Oliver Adesuwa Omoruyi Gary N. Oradat Dr. Rod Paige Deloyd Parker Larry Payne Tony Petkas Michael Phillips Goodwille Pierre Dr. Anthony Pinn Zeb F. Poindexter Edward Pollard Donald Queen Mary Ramos Dr. Doris Gardner Ratliff Dr. Joe Ratliff Ricky Raven Esq. Chief Rey Reyes Reginald Rhodes Michael Roa Laurie Robinson Roy Rodney Steve Rogers Marcus Roland Constable Alan Rosen

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pd pol ad. All for Hall Committee | Alvin Zimmerman and Bill Lawson, Treasurers | P.O. Box 34545, Houston, Texas 77006


LEADERSHIP EADERSHIP WITH V VISION ISION “As your ur next Mayor Mayor, r,, I will fight forr you. I wil will lll fight fig to make government more ef efficient. fficient. fi ficient. I will work to do more with less; pproviding roviding the services you so richly deserve, but collecting less from you. I loo lookk forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and will work hard to earn your vote.” -Ben Hall


pd pd pol ad. All forr Hall Committee Alvin Zimmerman and Bill Lawson, T Treasurers reasurers P.O. P .O. Box 34545, 3 Houston, T Texas exas 77006


06 - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LEADER SERIES -- PART ONE “Your Thought Matters Newspaper Blog is the Spot Where Your Thought Matters!” --






True leadership is when others follow you even when they don't have to. There is a distinct difference between being a leader and being a dictator. Dictators are followed out of fear, but true leaders are followed out of respect. A leader’s job is to steer or influence others to work toward obtaining a desired goal. It takes an extraordinary person to convince and inspire others to take action or to follow your lead. I mentor thousands of people therefore, being a leader means being a leader in every aspect of my life, not just in a professional world. My prerequisite for leadership has everything to do with the maintenance of my personal, professional and spiritual life. Without that my organization would never be able to trust me in any aspect of life, including business. As a child, I loved watching my father work to build his business. I was always right by his side trying to learn how to be just like him. It seemed that he did everything with determined effort that consistently produced winning results. I possessed an enduring yearning to be like my father. This yearning could only be nourished by his powerful example of leadership. Good leaders do just that: they possess the ability to take people forward. The best leaders are those who can relate to a wide variety of personalities with a positive attitude. Keeping an open mind and educating myself on various cultural, community and regional business practices is very important to me. I invest in relationship building, books, videos, DVD’s and CD’s to aid continuous education on how to respect various personalities as well as humbly communicate with others. Leadership is never solely about me—how far I’ve come, nor how far I’m going. I desire to empower and to create the conditions that allow others to develop and prosper. Strong leaders are dedicated to the economic, emotional, and spiritual advancement of others. Several years ago, my business partners and I developed an operating philosophy that includes taking a look at our personal goals once a year. This allows us to finalize our personal goals prior to entering a new year. More importantly, this practice allows us to focus on the goals of the thousands of individuals we serve. It’s all about service. Our motto: We believe that as you advance and acquire a leadership role, you should continue to serve others.

Edwin Haynes Best Selling Author, International Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Coach “You Have Permission to Succeed”

LEARN HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR ROAD TO SUCCESS - WWW.EDWINHAYNES.COM - 07 “Your Thought Matters Newspaper Blog is the Spot Where Your Thought Matters!” --


Edwin Haynes pictured here with his wife Andrea is a motivational speaker, successful businessman, and an award winning author.



“Your Matters Newspaper BlogBLOG is the Where Your Thought Matters!” -- THOUGHT MATTERS NEWSPAPER ISSpot THE BLOG FOR OPEN-MINDED PEOPLE!” -- “YOURThought

Mayor Annise Parker Shares A Few Thoughts On How She Goes About Identifying the best Candidate In An Election

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election? And what are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?”

MAYOR ANNISE PARKER: “It is wrong to run for office just to be in politics; elected officeholders should want to work toward change that will improve the lives of those they represent. I have often said that my job is the best job available because I have the opportunity everyday to truly impact our great city and its residents for the better. When I am personally deciding which candidates to support in an election, obviously, I look for someone who shares my views and positions on the issues. I also look for someone who is passionate, exhibits leadership qualities and is motivated to serve.

Leadership is not simply taking the reigns and getting the job done. A leader also has to be willing to listen to different points of view, flexible enough to change course when the original path proves unworkable or will create an undesirable outcome. And a leader must be willing to compromise. They need to be genuinely concerned about their constituents, and about improving the area they will represent. Ultimately, however, a leader needs to be able to generate consensus through a cooperative approach and stand strong even when the final decision may not be politically popular.”

Annise Parker

Annise Parker The 61st Mayor of Houston, Texas



THOUGHT MATTERS NEWSPAPER IS Spot THE BLOG FOR OPEN-MINDED PEOPLE!” “YOUR “Your Thought Matters Newspaper BlogBLOG is the Where Your Thought Matters!” --

Mayor Annise Parker is currently serving her second term as the mayor of Houston. She will be running for re-election on the November 2013 ballot.



THOUGHT MATTERS NEWSPAPER THE BLOG FOR OPEN-MINDED PEOPLE!” -- “YOURThought “Your Matters Newspaper BlogBLOG is theISSpot Where Your Thought Matters!” --

Vice Mayor Pro-Tem Bradford Shares A Few Thoughts On How he Goes About Identifying the best Candidate In An Election

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election?”

VICE MAYOR PRO-TEM BRADFORD: “Who is the best candidate will surely, and properly so, vary from voter to voter. As a voter, I am concerned with someone who brings experience, training and education to the arena. Many of the issues facing our city, state and nation today are complex and multifaceted. The demand for services constantly increases and public resources seem to dwindle. Our population is more and more diverse with high, varied expectations. Therefore, it is my belief that managing the financial and human resources, along with capital assets entrusted to public officials today requires in-depth knowledge and skills.” AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “What are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?”

VICE MAYOR PRO-TEM BRADFORD: “Leaders need to be able to inspire! Transforming a vision into a plan and subsequent implementation is no easy task. Leaders understand that reward is attached to performance and that anything worth having isn’t easy to get. Leaders demonstrate that it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice. And, at the end of the day, when it is all said and done, it is not going to matter how many degrees we have, what titles or what positions we’ve held. The question is going to be, ‘what have you done to help others?’ Leaders have a love for humanity and a passion to make a difference for the greater good of all.”

Annise Parker

C.O. “Brad” Bradford Vice Mayor Pro-Tem Houston City Council, At Large Position 4



THOUGHTMatters MATTERS NEWSPAPER BLOG IS Spot THE BLOG FOR OPEN-MINDED PEOPLE!” “YOUR “Your Thought Newspaper Blog is the Where Your Thought Matters!” --

Vice Mayor Pro-Tem C.O. Brad Bradford is currently serving his second term as the At-Large Position #4 Council Member for the City of Houston. He will be running for re-election on the November 2013 ballot. Bradford is also openly endorsing former Houston City Attorney Ben Hall in the 2013 Mayoral Election taking place on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.



THOUGHT MATTERS NEWSPAPER IS Spot THE BLOG FOR OPEN-MINDED PEOPLE!” “YOUR Matters Newspaper BlogBLOG is the Where Your Thought Matters!” -- “Your Thought

At-Large City of Houston Council Member Andrew C. Burks, Jr. Shares A Few Thoughts On How he Goes About Identifying the best Candidate In An Election

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election? And what are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?”

COUNCIL MEMBER BURKS: “Our leaders should share our goals and values. When I am personally deciding who to vote for, I look for the candidate who best understands my needs and the aspirations of the community. Strong leaders listen to the people they represent, understand their concerns and aspirations and form a plan to deliver a solution. Successful candidates should be able to empathize with their voters and proactively work to solve the problems brought to their attention. Our neighbors who are hands-on and involved in the community make the best leaders.

Leadership is about more than just making decisions and giving speeches – it is about listening. Selecting a candidate who takes time out of their schedule to visit with you or an organization you are a part of goes a long way. I look for candidates who can roll up their sleeves and accomplish their goals. This takes hard work, perseverance and a willingness to find common ground. On Election Day, the candidate who understands the needs of the community with a plan to improve the lives of all he or she represents earns my vote.”

Andrew C. Burks Andrew C. Burks Jr. Houston City Council At-Large Position 2

Houston City Council Member Ellen Cohen Shares A Few Thoughts On How she Identifies the best Candidate

Houston City Council Member Andrew C. Burks is currently serving his first term as the Houston City Council At-Large Position 2 representative and will be up for re-election on the November 2013 Election ballot.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election? And what are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?”

COUNCIL MEMBER COHEN: “As both an elected official and a long-time voter, I have become familiar with both sides of the coin when it comes to choosing between political candidates. The question of who will represent you at the local, state, and federal level of government could not be more critical, so it is important to be well-informed about the candidates and the issues.

I believe all politics is local, so when selecting a representative, my first step is to research the issues the elected official will actually be voting on, and find out what each candidate’s views are on those specific issues. I am drawn to leaders that are passionate about these local issues and pragmatic about problem-solving. Grandstanding about challenges is no substitute for a solid plan of action, so the ability to think critically is also imperative to me.

As a Council Member and a former State Representative, I have found that another trait essential to good governance is the ability to work with those whose opinions differ from your own. Without the ability to build a consensus, a lawmaker will come to a stalemate in office.

Ultimately, I vote for candidates who share my viewpoint, are passionate about local issues, and are able to implement effective solutions for bettering their community.”

Ellen Cohen Ellen Cohen Houston City Council District C

Houston City Council Member Ellen Cohen is currently serving her first term as the Houston City Council District C representative and will be running for re-election on the November 2013 ballot.


Letter from Georgia D. Provost, Candidate for Houston City Council District D

Election Day for the 2013 Mayoral Election is Tuesday, Nov.,5th Dear Citizens-District D:

I am Georgia Provost, a candidate for City Council District D. I am a mother, a proud graduate of historic “TSU” Texas Southern University and a business owner in the City of Houston. I want to be your “SERVANT” at City Hall. I will prayerfully listen to your concerns and issues, and together, we will find solutions and move forward with a “YES WE CAN ATTITUDE”. I believe the citizens in District D are productive, resourceful and responsible. Therefore: We will tackle crime together. We will improve the growth of small business and create avenues for future business and employment.

We will improve the quality of life in our neighboroods by reducing blight and substandard living conditions. We will improve the relationship with law enforcement and Citizens of District D. We will make sure our Civic Clubs and neighborhood associations continue to have a voice at City Hall. I pledge to be accessible to constituents through an open-door policy and community outreach meetings throughout the district. I am making only one promise. “TO WORK FOR YOU AND WITH YOU!” I am Georgia D. Provost, a candidate and servant for City Council District D and I am ask-


ing for your VOTE on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Love You! Sincerely,

Georgia D. Provost 3821 N. MacGregor Way Houston, Texas 77004 (713)942-7374 I (281)704-6655 Email:


14 - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LEADER SERIES --PART ONE “Your Thought Matters Newspaper Blog is the Spot Where Your Thought Matters!” --



Sean Seibert -- Republican for United States Congress -- District 18

Thank you in advance for all of your support and looking forward to a great and successful election run for 2014. Your Humble Servant,

Sean Seibert Sean Seibert

Dear 18th Congressional District Voters, During our 2012 campaign, you helped us achieve history on many levels. Because of your efforts, we received more votes than anyone ever has against Sheila Jackson Lee. Additionally, your donations and efforts had our campaign named to the Republican National Congressional Committees’ “Young Gun Program”, another first for the 18thDistrict. Out of the 264 precincts in the district, we received votes in all but 20 of them, and in 84 of those, we were less than 200 votes behind. I want to thank those of you that became Neighborhood

Leaders. Your efforts ensured we dominated those precincts, with average vote count above 60%. In addition we won 8 of the 11 precincts we block walked. I will be entering the race for the 2014 election as a Republican Candidate for District 18. For the past six months, I have been working on building relationships in many communities and building our winning team for the 2014 Campaign. Now I need your help in recruiting Neighborhood Leaders, area leaders, spreading the word of our campaign, and fundraising. Please email to begin your support for Sean Seibert today! We appreciate and need your support to win.!/sean.seibert.for.congress Federal election law requires political committees to use best efforts to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 during an election cycle. An individual may not contribute more than a total of $2500 per election to the committee. Federal law prohibits contributions to the committee from the general treasury funds of a corporation, labor organizations or national banks (including corporate or other business entity credit cards), from any person contributing another’s funds, from a Federal government contractor, or from a foreign national who lacks permanent resident status. Contributions are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Pd. Pol. Ad by Sean Seibert for Congress: P.O. Box 31758, Houston, Texas 77231

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VISIT US AT: for more highlights... A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to all the 2013 HISD High School Seniors Recently Recognized by the Texas Board of Education as Outstanding Young Men and Women Each year the Board of Education recognizes distinguished seniors from HISD high schools in recognition of their total accomplishments exemplified by their character, academic achievement, leadership, and service. Selection is made by a school committee appointed by the principal and the award is presented by the board trustee during commencement exercises. An outstanding young man and young woman are selected as well as up to five honorable mention students from each high school. If you would like to see the complee list visit:

Board of Education Award recipient Sara Jamison, right, gets a hug from Booker T. Washington magnet coordinator Kathleen Moreland, left, after commencement.

A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to TSU President Dr. John M. Rudley for Being named Chair of the SWAC Council of Presidents and Chancellors TSU President named Chair of the SWAC Council of Presidents and Chancellors


NEW ORLEANS – Texas Southern University President Dr. John M. Rudley has been named Chair

of the Southwestern Athletic Conference Council of Presidents and Chancellors for 2013-2015. As the new Chair of the Southwestern Athletic Conference Council (SWAC) of Presidents and Chancellors, President Rudley has shared his vision for the conference during his term. Branding of the SWAC and assuring that student athletes graduate on time head the top of his list of priorities. "We must do a better job of telling the many stories of our successes," Rudley says. "Our student athletes have made significant accomplishments both on the fields of play and in the classrooms and have achieved in various arena's post graduation including: entrepre-

16 - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LEADER SERIES --PART ONE “Your Thought Matters Newspaper Blog is the Spot Where Your Thought Matters!” --





VISIT US AT: for more highlights... neurship, the music and entertainment industry, research, science and technology, politics, and from classrooms to boardrooms. Highlighting these accomplishments will serve to further the mission of each individual institution." In addition to his appointment as Chair, Dr. Rudley is leading the NCAA's Advisory Group that is assisting with academic challenges that impact Limited Resource Institutions (LRI). The formation of this advisory group represents a collaborative and proactive effort between HBCU institutions and the NCAA to serve as a conduit to communicate issues and concerns that may impact LRIs collectively within the Academic Performance Program (APP). Prior to joining Texas Southern University, Dr. Rudley served as interim chancellor of the University of Houston System and interim president of the University Of Houston. He also served six years at that institution as vice chancellor/vice president for administration and finance.

country’s “10 Least Expensive Public B-Schools for Out-of-State Students.” The most recent mention on the list analyzes nearly 500 business schools across the United States and notes the 10 schools with the highest yield of accepted students for the Fall 2012 semester. U.S. News notes that Bauer’s yield rate of 72.8 percent is part of a large surge in popularity among public business schools, which make up six places in the top 10 list. “This acknowledgment from U.S. News signifies not only the growth that we are seeing in our conversion rate at Bauer but also stands to show that the college is becoming a destination of first choice for students,” said Dean Latha Ramchand. -- By Jessica Navarro

Tavis Smiley School of Communications at Texas Southern University. The award honors those individuals who have assisted the School in achieving its goals in educating the next generation of communications professionals. Billingsley previously served as adjunct professor of communications in the School. He has also taught communications classes in the Department of Languages and Communications in the PVAMU Marvin D. and June Samuel Brailsford College of Arts and Sciences.

JUAN VASQUEZ Bauer College’s high yield rate puts it in a recent top 10 list from U.S. News. DR. MIRON P. BILLINGSLEY A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" for being named one of the "10 Most Goes out to Dr. Miron P. Billingsley for being honored as a "2013 Stellar Popular B-Schools" in America Communicator" by the Tavis Smiley School of Communications at TSU U.S. News Short List Puts Bauer College Among BSchools Most Popular with Students U.S. News recently released a list of the 10 Most Popular B-Schools, including the C. T. Bauer College of Business among the graduate business schools across the country with the highest yield rates, or percent of students who choose to enroll in an institution after being offered admission. The ranking is part of the U.S. News Short List, which has previously included Bauer as one of the

Dr. Miron P. Billingsley named a 2013 Stellar Communicator Dr. Miron Billingsley Honored by the Tavis Smiley School of Communications at Texas Southern University as a 2013 Stellar Communicator Dr. Miron P. Billingsley, associate vice president for Student Affairs at Prairie View A&M University, was recently awarded a Stellar Communicator Honor by the

A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to Bush High School's Juan Vasquez for being named a 2013 Dell Scholar Bush High School’s Juan Vasquez named a 2013 Dell Scholar, earns a $20,000 Scholarship FORT BEND ISD - Bush High School senior, Juan Vasquez, was named a 2013 Dell Scholar earning a $20,000 scholarship from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. He is among more than 300 students nationwide honored among the Dell Scholars Program Class of 2013. Juan is the second person in his family to be named a Dell Scholar. His sister, Raisa, was a 2007 Dell Scholar and participant of the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. Like his sister, Juan is also a participant of the AVID program, which has prepared him for college readiness and success in a global society. Many AVID students are first-generation college

LEARN HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR ROAD TO SUCCESS - WWW.EDWINHAYNES.COM - 17 “Your Thought Matters Newspaper Blog is the Spot Where Your Thought Matters!” --





VISIT US AT: for more highlights... goers. Although Juan is among that group of students, his parents still stressed the importance of education and made sure that he and his siblings completed their school assignments, homework and became actively involved in school activities. During his high school career, Juan participated in DECA, serving as the 2012-2013 vice president and the 2011-2012 alumni president. He was also a member of the Technology Student Association, Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) and played for the Bush Broncos’ Junior Varsity Football team as an offensive tackle for two years. In his spare time, he volunteered for such organizations as Habitat for Humanity and the Houston Humane Society. Juan will attend Stephen F. Austin University in the fall, where he will major in International Business and minor in Mathematics. The Dell Scholars Program is an initiative of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and provides its students with resources and mentoring beyond initial financial assistance to ensure they have the support they need to obtain a college degree. The program looks beyond academic performance and grades and rewards students for their individuality, unique experiences in and outside of the classroom, need for financial assistance, willingness to work hard, and determination to succeed through higher education.

Charles Dupre, Superintendent of Schools, commended students for their involvement in the program.

Pictured at the reception are Jim Rice, Board President; students Prema Kamnani of Elkins, Sanjana Srikanth of Clements and Jasmine Medina of Willowridge; Susan Hohnbaum, Board Member; and Dr. Javier Villarreal, Assistant Superintendent.

A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to Fort Bend ISD's Junior Leadership Program for Producing Our Future Leaders Year-End Activities Mark another Successful Year for FBISD’s Junior Student Leadership Program FORT BEND ISD - Participants of Fort Bend ISD’s Junior Student Leadership Program concluded the seven-month program that helped build their awareness, understanding and appreciation of leadership

Shown on the ROPES course is Cody Price of Bush High School.

roles in our community. Through the FBISD Boardsponsored program, 24 high school juniors were given the opportunity to explore leadership roles of professionals who work in the volunteerism, judicial, medical, government and business industries. The 2012-2013 Junior Student Leadership Cohort included: Mary Abella (Austin), Erin Breaux (Hightower), Reina Chang (Dulles), Anthony Espinal (Hightower), Danielle Fournier (Kempner), Katherine Goss (Ridge Point), Ashley Gough (Kempner), Justine Hall (Travis), Prema Kamnani (Elkins), Helen Li (Travis), Hilario Lumbreras(Austin), Jasmine Medina (Willowridge), Jonathan Mohammad (Hightower), Carolyn Nguyen (Bush), Emmanuel Nnali (Bush), Caleb Pete (Marshall), Natasha Pirani(Marshall), Cody Price (Bush), Christi Reynolds (Austin), Ruhika Roy (Elkins), Conner Smith (Dulles), Sanjana Srikanth (Clements), Kaylan Whitaker (Willowridge) andNatalie Wolf (Clements). The students devoted a full day each month to attending leadership sessions that included completing StrengthsFinder lessons, led by Yolanda Young, Coordinator in the Department of Organizational Development, to help determine their personal strengths. The sessions also included monthly field trips where the students met with various community leaders, including Carolyn Tarver, Founder of Project SMILE; Judge

18 - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LEADER SERIES --PART ONE “Your Thought Matters Newspaper Blog is the Spot Where Your Thought Matters!” --





VISIT US AT: for more highlights...

Board Member, Susan Hohnbaum, is shown climbing the ROPES ladder as the “spotters” guard her every move.

Ruby Shaw, Fort Bend County Truancy Court; Dr. Kulvinder Bajwa, Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Hospital-Sugar Land; Mayor Allen Owen, City of Missouri City; and Keri Schmidt, CEO and President of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. “Being in the Leadership Program has helped me understand how the world is such a busy place,” said Kaylan Whitaker of Willowridge High School. “I have grown significantly over the past few months by being in this program and have gained a greater outlook on my community.” The students’ final session involved participating in a ROPES course that tested their strength and ability to work as a team. Leading the group were program facilitators Lynda Ruther, Mike Madden and ROPES Facilitator Jim Harton. Susan Hohnbaum, FBISD Board Member, joined the students in the final session, volunteering to take the first climb on the ROPES course. Charles Dupre, Superintendent of Schools, also stopped by to commend the students on their involvement in the program and hear about their experiences.

Program Facilitator Lynda Ruther (left) is pictured with leadership student Hilario Lumbreras (right) and his mother.

“During our session on volunteering, Becky Torres told us about her role in founding Bethel Ministries, which serves underprivileged children in our community,” said Katherine Goss of Ridge Point High School. “I was so inspired by her that I went to my Destination Imagination group and expressed how much I wanted to help with the ministry. Since then, we have volunteered multiple times at the facility.” During their senior year of the Leadership Program, the juniors will have more “hands-on” experiences in community service. During the spring leadership sessions this year, the students developed and presented ideas for community service projects (such as health fairs and other community awareness events) that they can help sponsor. To help mark the conclusion of this year’s Junior Student Leadership Program, the FBISD Board of Trustees held a reception in honor of the students, and recognized them and the program facilitators at their May 20 Regular Meeting.

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VISIT US AT: for more highlights... The Houston Astrodome Could Have A New Life on the Horizon Aubrey R. Taylor Your Thought Matters Newspaper In 1965 the Harris County Domed Stadium (today known as the Reliant Astrodome) was nicknamed the “Eight Wonder of the World”. But the structure once called “a wonder” by some, is being called “an eyesore” and even an ugly old building whose days are number by others. But for me, I can remember visiting the massive structure known as the Houston Astrodome and marveling at its awesomeness and splendor as a child. I didn’t go there much — as we couldn’t afford too. But I think that was why the times I was able to go were so special to me. There’s a part of me that somehow just doesn’t seem to want to let go; so I’m pulling for the dome to live on and I’m hoping you’re doing the same. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND The world’s first multipurpose domed sports stadium has brought us both good times and bad; memories we would like to hold on to forever, and a few we would like to perhaps forget as it relates to sports.

The Houston Astrodome was the first of its kind domed stadium.

READY FOR A NEW DOME EXPERIENCE? The Harris County Sports & Convention Corp plans to honor the dome’s legacy through a $194 million project dubbed “The New Dome Experience”. Are you ready for a new dome experience?

A “2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE” Goes out to all the Exhibitors and Vendors who Supported the 2013 Texas Black Expo By Aubrey R. Taylor Your Thought Matters Newspaper On Sunday, June 23, 2013 I went to church at Lakewood and on the way home decided to stop by the Texas Black Expo. Nope, Aubrey R. Taylor Communications the publisher of Your Thought Matters Newspaper wasn’t a sponsor. But I thought it would be really nice to give my readers an inside look at expo. Perhaps the highlight of my visit was getting the opportunity to meet Ms.Black Texas USA Cover girl and PreTeen Black Beauty for 2012-2013 (Freje Miss Cover girl Randall) whom you will see picture below.Freje Randall is ten years old and attends FBISD Goodman Elementary. She is a member of the Kids in Dance Studio and Houston Ballet. Freje at-

THE MISSION: The Texas Black Expo is a non-profit organization created in 2007. It operates with a mission to foster business growth and development, educate and expose youths to the world of entrepreneurship, and provide events designed to inform, economically empower and establish the local community.

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ABC Health Connection Inc Booth

HEB Supplier Diversity Booth

Council Member Larry V. Green Booth

tends Southwest Baptist Church the Bridge and her platform is Dancing for Diabetes.She is also the two-time pre-teen talent winner, and the recipient of the Community Service Award. While at the 2013 Texas Black Expo, I also had the opportunity to visit several booths. Here are a few I visited: The ABC Health Connection Inc booth; The Advocare Mother and Daughter Team Houston booth; The ASG Security booth; The Bleek Technologies booth; The Congresswoman Sheila Lee booth; The Council Member Green booth; The Tattoff Booth; The Greater Houston Black Chamber Booth; The Green Mountain Energy booth; The H2H Salon booth; The HEB Diversity booth; The Houston Association of Black Psychologists booth; The Houston Chronicle Booth; The Houston Fire Department booth; The Houston Public Library; The Insphere Insurance Solutions booth; The Just Poppin booth; The Kenyan Kandy booth; The Kingdom School of Ministry booth; The KTSU Radio booth; The Mizani booth; The NAACP booth; The Nationwide Insurance booth; The NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care booth; The NouriTress Perfect Hair Products booth; The Personal Virgin Indian Hair Supplier booth; The Planned Parenthood booth; The Spinning to Win a Vacation booth; The Amazing Rubber Broom booth; The Velocity booth; and The Verizon booth. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit every booth. But you may want to consider attending or support The Texas Black Expo next year. The Texas Black Expo is designed to highlight African-American culture. HERE’S THE HISTORY OF THE TEXAS BLACK EXPO PER THEIR WEBSITE

2013 Texas Black Expo Ms.Black Texas USA Cover girl and PreTeen Black Beauty for 2012-2013 (Freje Miss Cover girl Randall) visits Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s booth

The Texas Black Expo is a nonprofit organization created in 2007. It operates with a mission to foster business growth and development, educate and expose youths to the world of entrepreneurship, and provide events designed to inform, economically empower and establish the local community. The producers of the Houston Black Expo, President Jerome

Love and Vice President Shannon Cormier, Ph.D., formed the Texas Black Expo with a desire to brand the organization as more than a once-per-year tradeshow organization. Rather, the focus will be on delivering year-round community development events, connecting Texas businesses to the communities it serves, and developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Texas Black Expo establishes affiliate chapters throughout the state of Texas that are committed to fostering the same organizational initiatives as the headquarters organization located in Houston, Texas, allowing the Texas Black Expo to expand its reach more extensively. Prior to founding the Texas Black Expo, Jerome Love and Dr. Cormier produced the Houston Black Expo for four years first at the Reliant Center and later at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Operated by the Black Expo of Houston, LLC, the Houston Black Expo has served the Houston community since 2004 with its signature event, the “Summer Celebration.” This event has grown to become the largest African-American marketing tradeshow in the state of Texas, now drawing close to 20,000 attendees, more than 250 vendors, and numerous attractions over the course of the nationally recognized two-day weekend. The “Summer Celebration” unites hundreds of small business vendors, corporate exhibitors, seminars, activities for children, health screenings, hair and fashion shows, and national entertainment such as Angie Stone, India Arie, Will Downing, Shirley Caesar, Deitrick Haddon, and Karen Clark & Kiki Sheard. The event is highly anticipated and locals view it as an integrated part of Houston’s community fabric. The founders of the Texas Black Expo look forward to serving African-American Texas business communities. For more information on how to establish a local chapter in a city located within the state of Texas, please contact the organization’s headquarters office in Houston, Texas.

Joanie Haley, Alison Meador, Melissa Pardue, and Brenda Swinney have been appointed to OneStar Foundation AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry has appointed four members to the OneStar Foundation. The foundation furthers volunteerism and community service in Texas. Joanie Haley of Houston is executive director of the Robert and Janice McNair Foundation. She is a member of Women in Philanthropy and the Neuhaus Education Center Advisory Board, membership committee chair of the University of Texas College of Education Advisory Council, and a volunteer with the Houston American Cancer Society. She is also a past board member of the Texas Business and Education Coalition and Texas Association of Partners in Education. Haley received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is reappointed for a term to expire March 15, 2016. Alison Meador of Austin is a private special events coordinator and fundraiser. She is a member of the Texas Conference for Women Advisory Board and Helping Hand Home for Children. She is also a past board member of Hospice Austin, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Board and the Capital of Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and past president of the Good Shepherd Episcopal School Board of Trustees. Meador received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama. She is appointed for a term to expire March 15, 2014. Melissa Pardue of Austin is a part-time private public policy consultant, former deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and former associate director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. She is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Group of Austin, and a past member of the National Association of Christians in Social Work and National Council on Family Relations. Pardue re-

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VISIT US AT: for more highlights... ceived a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and a master’s degree in social work and public policy from Columbia University. She is reappointed for a term to expire March 15, 2016. Brenda Swinney of Paige is owner and trustee of the Son Dau Trust in Bastrop County. She is a member of and volunteer for Texas Alliance for Life, and a past member of Altrusa International Inc. She is appointed for a term to expire March 15, 2016.

Texas Faithful Services Award. Smith received a bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State University, a Master of Business Administration from Touro University, and a master’s degree in strategic studies from the United States Army War College.

Steven J. Austin, Kirby Bunel Jr., Tim O’Hare, Louis Palermo, and Lewis Brigadier General William “Len” Smith White have been has been named As- appointed to Texas Board of Dental sistant Adjutant Examiners General for Army AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry has named Brigadier General William “Len” Smith of Austin as the Assistant Adjutant General for Army effective June 16, 2013, for a term to expire at the pleasure of the governor. Smith is director of joint staff and commander of domestic operation for the Texas Military Forces. He is commander of the Joint Counterdrug Task Force and the Homeland Response Force, a member of the United States and Texas National Guard associations and the United States and Lone Star Chapter of the Armor Association, and a distinguished knight of the Order of Saint George. He previously served in the 36th Infantry Division G3 and as deputy commander of Kosovo Forces 7, as chief of staff of the Texas Army National Guard, and as deputy commanding general-maneuver of the 36th Infantry Division and the United States Division in Iraq. He has received a Bronze Star Medal, Legion of Merit award, Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Kosovo and Iraq Campaign medals, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Army and Overseas Service ribbons, the NATO Medal, Adjutant General’s Individual Achievement Award, and the

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry has appointed five members to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners for terms to expire Feb. 1, 2019. The board oversees licensing and regulation of dental care providers in Texas, and enforces Texas laws regulating the practice of dentistry. Steven J. Austin of Amarillo is a dentist in private practice and past adjunct faculty member at the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. He is a member of the American and Texas Dental associations, Panhandle District Dental Society and Western Regional Examination Board, and a member and past president of the Panhandle Academy of General Dentistry. Austin received a bachelor’s degree from West Texas State University, a master’s degree in theology from the Dallas Theological Institute, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. He is reappointed to the board. Kirby Bunel Jr. of Texarkana is president of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Northeast Texas. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and American Dental Society of Anesthesia, and a diplomat of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He is also a member and past president of the Texas Dental Association and Texas Dental Society of Anesthesia, and a board mem-

ber and past president of the Texas Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He is a volunteer dentist for Texas Mission of Mercy in Texarkana and Atlanta, and a member of the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. Bunel received a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Baylor College of Dentistry, and completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Tim O’Hare of Farmers Branch is an attorney in private practice and owner of O’Hare Real Estate. He is former mayor and former city councilman for the City of Farmers Branch. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Dallas Bar Association and Alliance Defense Fund Honor Corps, and president of the Christian Legal Society of Dallas. He is also a member of the Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce, a founding board member of Reclaiming Texas for Christ, and past president of the Rotary Club of Farmers Branch. O’Hare received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and a law degree from the Southern Methodist University School of Law. Lois Palermo of League City is a dental hygienist at Castille and Castille PC. She is chair of the Dental Hygiene Advisory Board, an examiner for the Western Regional Examination Board, board member and past president of the Texas Dental Hygienists Association, and a member and past board member of the Bay Area Dental Hygienists Society. She is also a past board member of the Space City Aquatic Team and a volunteer for the Bay Wind Village Convalescent Center. Palermo received an associate degree in dental hygiene from Del Mar College and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. Lewis White of Humble is an attorney and corporate counsel for Innovative Paradigm Solutions. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, past president of the Fort Bend and Ector County Texas Young Lawyers associations, and a past member of Safer Dallas Better Dallas. White received a bachelor’s degree from McMurry University and a law degree from the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He is reappointed to the board.

Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza and Andrew C. Burks, Jr., AtLarge Position 2 Houston City Council Member. We caught up with the pair talking at The Museum District Bistro event honoring Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

Joe Ablaza (left) and his wife Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza (far right) with Trebor and Melissa Gordon. We caught up with them at The Museum District Bistro event honoring Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

Joe Ablaza (left) and his wife Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza (middle) talking with Sean Seibert, a 2014 Candidate for U.S. Congress for the 18th Congressional District of Texas. We caught up with them at The Museum District Bistro event honoring Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

Sean Seibert and Brian Taef, a 2013 Candidate for Houston City Council for District G. We caught up with them at The Museum District Bistro event honoring Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

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Boutte-Phillips Recognition Reception held at the Museum District Bistro & Lounge 2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES: Stephanie Boutte-Phillips was recognized as the 2013 Community Person of the Year by The Museum District Bistro By Aubrey R. Taylor Publisher of Your Thought Matters Newspaper Stephanie Boutte-Phillips, the founder of (HTEC) Houston’s Training & Education Centers knows a thing or two about what it means to fight battles. She’s been fighting to beat the odds all her life. You see, Boutte-Phillips was born and raised in a little town called Opelousas, Louisiana to a teenage mother and father who pretty much left the responsibility of raising her on the shoulders of her elderly grandmother and grandfather. “As a child growing up I can remember starving at the end of the month because of a lack of food. But not having enough was a normal thing, because most of the kids I went to school with either lived alone with their grandparents or with (their parents) who were also living with their grandparents,” Boutte-Phillips explains. “But one of the things I remember the most about growing up with my grandparents was that they were honorable people. My grandfather, would say, “It doesn’t matter who much money you have, if your name and word doesn’t mean anything, then you’re nothing,” says Boutte-Phillips.

Here’s A Little About Stephanie Boutte-Phillips & HTEC -- Houston’s Training & Education Center Stephanie Boutte-Phillips, the founder of (H-TEC) Houston’s Training and Education Center, Inc., is a prime example of what it means to be caring. Her mission is to create a coherent system of training to increase academic achievement where participants will have the ability to handle the minimal demands of daily living competently, and compete in a complex and technologically oriented society. H-TEC not only equips individuals with training that meets and exceeds the standards set by the business community, but they also teach students how to make their personal and professional lives work together, by maintaining balanced lives. Call HTEC today at (281)219-3305.

Houston Businesswoman Stephanie Boutte-Phillips, the founder of Houston's Training and Education Center, Inc, was recognized for her commitment to Houston-area veterans and others seeking to better themselves.BouttePhillips is pictured above with Businessman Larry Crisswell the vice president of the Musueum District Bistro.Crisswell honored Boutte-Phillps as the “2013 Leadersship Series” Community Person of the Year. Computerized Accounting Specialist The Computerized Accounting Specialist program is designed to provide the student with the skills needed to perform a variety of accounting applications with emphasis on computer technology. This program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level employment and advancement in accounting positions. Upon completion of the program, the graduate will have basic accounting skills in journalizing and posting, and a basic working knowledge of accounting systems, as well as other general business skills. The graduate will also have practical skills in computer spreadsheet applica-

tions and word processing. These skills will allow the graduate to find employment in businesses, which have an accounting department or position. Our graduates will possess the skills and competencies that place them at the top of the entry-level market for career employment. Students will be prepared for employment positions such as full-charge bookkeeper, bookkeeper assistant, accounting clerk, automated records clerk, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, payroll clerk, auditing clerk, data entry clerk, customer service representative, office manager, general office clerk, accounting receptionist, and other related office assignments. Employment opportunities can

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VISIT US AT: for more highlights... be found in both public and private industries and large and small alike i.e. Accounting firms, business offices, medical facilities, and etc. The overall program will require 11 months, approximately (45 ½ weeks) to complete for the full time student (depending on Holidays, in between term breaks and in-service days, etc.) The individual completing this program will receive a certificate upon completion. Computer Support Specialist This course of instruction prepares individuals for entry-level jobs as a computer repair and help-desk support. Graduates may find suitable employment with computer manufacturing, computer sales, and companies with IT departments on the help desk. Students will learn to troubleshoot and repair personal computers and network devices as well as conduct computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems and/or provide technical assistance and support.. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to install, upgrade, and support personal computers and associated peripheral devices in a network environment.

Travis McGee and Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

Allen Grundy, M.Ed, Stephanie Boutte-Phillips, and Ralphena Dodson at The Museum District Bistro & Lounge.

Medical Assistant The Medical Assistant program is designed to provide the graduate with the key skills essential to success in the medical office world of today. The Medical Assistant performs routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the medical office running smoothly in both the front and back office. The Medical Assistant program also prepares the student for the basics of clinical care of patients in a long- term care facility. (They should not be confused with Physician Assistant.) Since medical assistants are trained in both administrative and clinical procedures, they are capable of filing a variety of entry-level positions, including clinical or administrative assistant, medical receptionist, medical secretary and medical insurance biller. The Medical Assistant performs many administrative duties as well as clinical duties. The medical assistant performs such duties as: scheduling patient appointments, processing insurance claims, weighing patients, taking vital signs, giving shots, taking blood, assisting the physician, etc. The program assures that all students will develop and possess the hands-on experience in both the clinical and automated office environment. Our graduates will possess the skills and competencies that place them at the top of the entry-level market for career employment. They will be prepared to work in various types of medical environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, private doctor’s offices, clinics, medical billing and collection companies, and insurance companies. The overall program will require 10 months, approximately (40 weeks) to complete for the full time student (depending on Holidays, In between term breaks and in-service days, etc.) The individual completing this program will receive a certificate upon completion. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Jacq Mayberry talking about Boutte-Phillips.

Bro. Gary Smith (left), his wife Karen (far right) and Stephanie Boutte-Phillips (center). Brother Gary and Karen Smith are from the Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Charlotte H. Grimes and Arbolina L. Jennings inside The Museum District Bistro.

Passion (The Museum District Bistro Manager) and Houston City Councilman Andrew C. Burks, Jr.

Stephanie Johnson, a graduate of HTEC talking about how Stephanie Boutte-Phillips impacted her life for the better.

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VISIT US AT: for more highlights... (HVAC/R) Program at HTEC Program Description: Houston’s Training and Education Center’s (H-TEC) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning /Refrigeration program is a comprehensive course designed to train women and men regardless of previous training in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning / Refrigeration. The objective of the program is to provide the student with technical skills based on HVAC/R systems repair, operation diagnosis, and troubleshooting so he/she can obtain job entry or advancement within the Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration industries. The graduate may have opportunities in many facets of the Heating, Cooling, or Refrigeration industries such as Heating/Cooling Technician, Refrigeration Technician, Industrial Maintenance Technician, Counter sales or sales representative typically listed for these industries. Our HVAC/R environment will be task oriented, so every student will undergo written and performance-based learning. This hands-on approach will successfully prepare our students for employment in various HVAC/R positions in the field. Our instructors, under NCCER standards, will be Craft certified in the HVAC/R field and our facility is designed with technology including overhead projectors, an HVAC/R lab containing various HVAC/R equipment and components, a student-assisted tool crib and web-based learning and research work stations for students. H-TEC will utilize the ContrenConnect™ curriculum developed by NCCER ( ContrenConnect is an interactive webbased tool that partners textbooks and internet driven materials to give the student a multi-dimensional learning experience.

Diva White, Andre Carron, Jr. (son of Stephanie Boutte-Phillips), and Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.


Get Enrolled Today Houston’s Training and Education Center, Inc., is located at 5335 Aldine Bender, Houston, Texas 77032. Call (281)219-3305 today for more information on classes offered at Houston’s Training and Education Center, Inc.

Stephanie Boutte-Phillips and Lecresha Brown.

Ashley Carron (daughter of Stephanie Boutte-Phillips delivering remarks about Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

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Assata Richards and Stephanie Boutte-Phillips

Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza, her husband Joe, talking with Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

At-Large Position 2 Houston City Council Member Andrew C. Burks, Jr. delivering remarks.

Tammi Durden and Stephanie Boutte-Phillips at The Museum District Bistro & Lounge.

Herlinda Garcia, HCC Trustee came out to support Businesswoman Stephanie-Boutte.

Stephanie Boutte-Phillips (center), with Troy and Katie Harris on the patio of The Museum District Bistro.

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A Special ‘Thank You’ to Ben Hall a 2013 Candidate for Mayor of Houston for finding value in our “2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES” We salute Ben Hall for rising above the challenges He’s Faced HERE'S A LITTLE ABOUT BEN HALL Born into a family of meager financial means, Benjamin Hall, III has experienced firsthand the struggle that accompanies difficult economic times. Ben also encountered challenges in the academic world, where teachers doubted his ability to rise above his humble beginnings and achieve higher education; however, he knew he had the potential to succeed and refused to compromise his goals. In 1975, Ben enrolled at the University of South Carolina, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977, with honors. His thirst for knowledge and desire to help others led him to continue his education at Duke University; obtaining a Master of Divinity degree in 1979 and a Ph.D. in 1985. Others might have stopped at that point, but Ben saw a real opportunity to help underrepresented communities as an attorney. In 1986, Ben earned a law degree from Harvard Law School and began working at the Vinson & Elkins law firm in Houston, Texas. He went on to serve as the City Attorney for the City of Houston in Mayor Bob Lanier’s administration. Through his legal practice, Ben has applied the principles of courage, tenacity and justice that he learned as a young man; speaking out on behalf of those who need a strong voice to champion their causes. In 2000, Ben founded the nationally recognized Hall Law Firm. Additionally, Ben has served the Houston community through his numerous pro bono efforts on behalf of groups, corporations and individuals in need of representation. Ben is grateful for his professional successes, but also recognizes his personal blessings. He describes his family as his greatest treasure. Ben and Saundra, his wife of 31 years, have two sons. The entire Hall family remains committed to serving the Houston community. Leadership with Vision Houston is a great city – rich in diversity, talent and potential. Our collective future can be brighter than our past. Houston needs a mayor who is more than a manager; it needs a world-class leader with vision. We also

LEADERSHIP WITH VISION: “As your next Mayor, I will fight for you. I will fight to make government more efficient. I will work to do more with less; providing the services you so richly deserve, but collecting less from you. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and will work hard to earn your vote.” -- Ben Hall need a leader with the energetic ability to tackle broad issues and implement meaningful change. Rome was not built in a day, but it also was not built by tinkering with food carts and small matters. We have a choice to make in November between mere management and leadership with vision. Houstonians believe in fair play for all. This is one of our great strengths. We also believe in the power of fresh ideas and forward-looking policies. We believe that government should not act as a barrier to success,

but as a catalyst to achieve it. Government must be business-friendly, while still protecting our prized individual liberties. Through the application of new technologies, entrepreneurial governance, and innovative leadership, Houston can expand its position as a global business capital. Ben Hall on Crime Criminal conduct will not be tolerated in Houston!

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VISIT US AT: for more highlights... Criminals will be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. For those offenders convicted of nonviolent crimes, I will seek to have them give back to our community by mowing overgrown lots and cleaning illegally dumped trash from streets and waterways. Those non-violent criminals should actively pay their debt to society, rather than sit idly in jail, watching television at the additional expense of taxpayers. Ben Hall on Education Our future as a world-class city depends on a superb educational system and no one – especially not a mayor – can remain silent on this pressing issue. As mayor, I will use my office to set a tone of excellence in education and will work to achieve that goal through collaborative efforts with area school districts. We have the teachers, staff and civic leaders to turn around any real or perceived issues with educating the next generation of Houstonians. I believe city government has a responsibility to assist school districts in increasing the number of educational opportunities for students. As mayor, I will work with Houston’s school districts to help them create the best educational experience for our students, advancing pragmatic city/school district initiatives to integrate education with real world business experiences. This will be a top priority item for my administration. Ben Hall on Transportation Houston’s transportation issues can only be fully addressed through a combination of planning and transit options. Automotive travel is here to stay, but we must also promote shared transit ridership through expanded high-occupancy vehicle lanes, better bus access, smart rail options, and other transit innovations. Additionally, Houston’s city government must plan and work with TXDOT to coordinate travel patterns through and around the city. Better transportation practices and policies do more than reduce congestion on the highways; they also assist with air quality issues, making Houston safer and even more enjoyable. Ben Hall on Downtown Our downtown is a vibrant business district with an impressive array of world-class companies, restaurants, and hotels. I envision an active downtown where more people will want to live, work and play. At the same time, I hope to channel the energy of that bustling city center to attract a greater number of international conventions and increase the level of downtown tourism. My administration will actively encourage the development of a thriving downtown shopping and entertainment center by fostering innovative public-private partnerships. In that way, we will work to encourage the development of a larger retail business footprint downtown.

LEADERSHIP WITH VISION: Through his legal practice, Ben has applied the principles of courage, tenacity and justice that he learned as a young man; speaking out on behalf of those who need a strong voice to champion their causes. In 2000, Ben founded the nationally recognized Hall Law Firm. Additionally, Ben has served the Houston community through his numerous pro bono efforts on behalf of groups, corporations and individuals in need of representation. port road problems and track the city’s response and repairs in real-time on your computers or cell phones. We will also explore new technologies to fortify roadway repairs and end the costly practice of repeatedly refilling the same potholes. Repairing city roads will be job-one-on-day-one of the Hall administration.

problem in this world-class city. By challenging the current approach and employing innovative drainage solutions, we will dramatically improve the way we handle storm water and flooding in our city.

Ben Hall on Drainage

In Houston, we find people from every continent, ethnicity and belief system. We applaud our respective heritages and are all made better by the great span of our cultures and diversity. As Mayor, I will continue the proud tradition of showcasing the impressive intercultural acceptance that has made Houston strong.

Ben Hall on Infrastructure/Road Repairs Houston’s roads must be repaired and upgraded immediately! A Hall administration will implement the latest technologies available to allow citizens to self-re-

As a city that has always stood at the forefront of engineering and science, Houston has the capacity to develop a cutting-edge drainage system that can handle surface water. Flooding should not be a recurring

Ben Hall on Diversity

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A Special ‘Thank You’ to Trebor Gordon, and Amy Peck, both candidates for Houston City Council in the 2013 Mayoral Election Between us we have 7 beautiful children. Just as I ensure my family’s well being, education, safety and, development, I want all families in Houston to have the same sense of safety in their neighborhood, access to education and healthcare, and an avenue for future growth and opportunity.

We salute Trebor Gordon for answering the call to public service

My Church Life

Meet Trebor Gordon a candidate for Houston City Council for At-Large Posi, #2 in the 2013 Mayoral Election Dear Houstonians, I am a husband, father, minister, soldier, organizer, businessman, teacher, student and Houstonian. I am grateful to have called Houston my hometown for over 25 years and I possess an undying passion to see Houston become THE greatest city in the entire United States. This drives me to seek your vote on November 5th. As your representative, my diverse life experiences will uniquely enable me to make the often difficult decisions which are in the best interest of all Houstonians. I’m prepared to be your “Voice” in City Hall and I’m personally requesting your vote for the Houston City Council At-large Position 2. Below you will see a brief synopsis of my life and understand why my qualifications along with my passion positions me to be YOUR VOICE for Houston City Council. Military service in the United States Army My service consists of seven (7) years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1979 to 1986 and three (3) years in the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps from 1988 to1990. During this time I traveled the globe while fulfilling various roles including Combat Medic, Acting Sergeant, Sergeant E-5 (P), Intelligence Analyst and, Sr. intelligence Analyst. I quickly learned the importance of teamwork, structure, and how to utilize systems, processes, and resources to accomplish my objectives. Each station I held assisted me in honing the qualities of discipline, planning, execution, communication, and critical thinking. I consistently performed under extreme stress and pressure. For example, in my role as a Sr. Intelligence Analyst, I briefed the Commanding General daily during Operation Desert Storm. Based on the vital intelligence my team provided, the Commanding General would make high-risk decisions affecting thousands of soldier’s lives. These experiences provided me with a clear sense of responsibility, the ability to remain above reproach, a unique understanding of the impor-

TREBOR GORDON tance of following protocol, and a clear focus to provide key solutions for Houstonians. I will act during my time in service to my city with the same gravity, concentration, and discernment that I utilized during my time in service to my country. The Importance of Family Born in Louisville, KY in 1962, I grew up in a multicultural family raised by my single mother that worked up to three jobs in order to provide for us. She taught us, at an early age, the meaning of sacrifice, strong family values, and the concept that “actions have consequences” for which everyone must take responsibility. Because of her teachings I consider all angles of a situation to arrive at the best scenario for everyone involved. Due to my mother’s chronic illness, I was placed into a position of responsibility at the young age of 11, performing tasks such as balancing the family checkbook, grocery shopping, helping with maintenance around the house as well as being responsible for preserving order & peace among my siblings. While growing up, my family considered me the primary cohesive element, possessing the ability to empathize with everyone’s difficulties and position simultaneously. Being raised in an Anglo/African American household exposed me to perspectives and cultures true to form, preparing me thoroughly for the difficulties I would face in the real world while teaching me to embrace cultural diversity. Now I have a family of my own. I have been happily married for 8 years to my wonderful wife, Melissa.

I’ve been an active Christian for over 35 years. Currently I attend Central Canaan Christian Church. Formally, my duties in ministry began at Life Christian Center. There, I worked as the Worship Service Audio/Visual Supervisor (2005-2008). Currently, I attend Central Canaan Christian Church and I work as the Associate Pastor and Co-Administrator from 20082010, and the Sr. High & Young Adult Instructor since 2010. I am privileged to work in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and sit on the Board of Elders, aiding in execution of business negotiations on behalf of the church. I also appreciate the church as an outlet for community outreach, one of my greatest passions. I strongly believe that HOUSTON is, in a sense, “One Big Family” and that it is critical for our city leadership to stand up for those who have no voice and to help those who are in need, I will be there for you and I will be your voice! Sincerely,

Trebor Gordon Trebor Gordon 2013 Candidate for Houston City Council

We salute Amy Peck for answering the call to public service Meet Amy Peck a candidate for Houston City Council for District A in the 2013 Mayoral Election Dear Houstonians, Thank you for taking the time to read about the campaign. My name is Amy Peck, and I’m running for Houston City Council District A. I would be honored to

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VISIT US AT: for more salutes... represent you, share my platform, and tell you a little bit more about myself. With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. As the District Director for Senator Dan Patrick for the past six years, I have assisted thousands of Houstonians. I have been working with Senator Dan Patrick since the day he took office, so I know what it means to see a job through. This has been wonderfully rewarding work, and I look forward to taking this experience to the city level. Before my time in Senator Dan Patrick’s office, I worked for Senator Jon Lindsay in both his Austin and Houston offices. I have volunteered my time for the Harris County Republican Party and the county precinct chairs as well as many republican groups. I

Amy Peck (right), and her husband Jayson have also dedicated myself to working on the campaign of numerous elected officials, as well as with Texas Children’s Hospital as an activity room volunteer. I also counseled at the VA Hospital in Houston where I assisted returning veterans who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, helping them receive the resources, benefits, and psychological support

they so badly needed. I hold Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Psychology and Government from the University of Texas-Austin, and I earned my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston. As a life-long Houstonian dedicated to serving those around me, I have the educational background and hands-on experience to help our community. I live in Spring Branch with my husband, Jayson, and our two dogs, Charlie and Lucy. Thank you for this opportunity,

Amy Peck Amy Peck Candidate for Houston City Council for District A

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Missouri City has double digit commercial growth, says Mayor By BARBARA FULENWIDER Fort Bend Independent Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen told his audience of more than 300 guests that giving his annual state of the city address this year was a “milestone” because the event was being held in Missouri City for the first time at the recently completed City Centre in Quail Valley. He then went on to say that Rice University recently named Missouri City as one of the most diverse cities in the region. “Diversity has become a very important part of our community,” he said, and added that the strategic proximity and a highly educated workforce continually attract new businesses. Because the city’s goal has been to attract businesses and lower homeowner property taxes, Owen said that over the past five years Missouri City has had a double digit increase in commercial growth and that development is taking place city wide, not just in certain areas. “Companies choosing to break new business ground here,” Owen said, include Niagara Bottling, Southwest Electronic Energy, Warren Alloy, Bimbo Bakeries, CNC Manufacturing and they have all located in Lakeview Business Park. “Niagara Bottling,” Owen said, “is the nation’s second largest water bottling firm. It has started production in its 356,000 square-foot plant and will soon install a second line, with a third to be added in 2014.” Warren Alloy is a major supplier of stainless steel pipe, fittings and flanges and is operating out of its 156,00-squarefoot building. In 2014 its parent company, Allied Fittings Group, plans to build a 250,000-square-foot distribution facility in Lakeview. Southwest Electronic Energy designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs in its 62,500-square-foot facility in Lakeview Business Park, and Bimbo Bakeries, owner of Mrs. Baird Bread and other bakery brands, is building a 20,000-square-foot facility and will distribute products throughout the Houston area. CNC Manufacturing is to start construction on its 72,000-square-foot high automated computerized machine shop late in the second quarter of this year and plans to occupy the space by the first quarter of 2014. Owen also said that the Missouri City staff is currently working with a food manufacturer about buying 20 acres in Lakeview to build a 250,000-square-foot facility. While the Lakeview Business Park continues to fill up with businesses so does the South Gessner Road business corridor. In the Beltway Crossing Complex, Owen said, Ben E. Keith Foods is close to completing its 450,000-squarefoot facility that will be the company’s base for Gulf Coast distributions of hot and cold food products to restaurants, convenience stores and companies that prepare food. Ben E. Keith will open in June with its current 250 employees and will grow that. “They are and will be the city’s largest employer.” The mayor noted that “Ben E. Keith trucks say ‘Missouri City, Texas’ on the bottom, so thank you.” Then he talked about Twin Star Packaging, the company that packages trays of Frito-Lay products. They have built two more buildings, and American Tire is leasing space also. Fort Bend Brewing Co. is the first craft brewery to open in Missouri City. Their product is sold in grocery stores, restaurants and around town. You can also take a tour of the brewery on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. The mayor also noted that Twin Star Bakery is cooking up sweet treats in its 276,000-square-foot bakery and distri-

Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen will be up for re-election in May of 2014. bution center. Stream Realty Group, which originally built two buildings in the complex and leased them to Charming Charlie’s and Professional Packaging, recently built two more. American Tire Distributors leased one and Frank’s Supply, an automotive parts distributor leased the other. Stream Realty is looking at buying another 15 acres on which to build two more buildings, Owen said. Bearden Development, which built the office/warehouse buildings on Stafford Road at Pike Road, has announced they will build two new warehouses of about 25,000 square feet each. Trammel Crow, the developer of Lakeview Business Park, also plans to build two new warehouses. One would be about 95,000 square feet and the other 150,000. Owen said Missouri City now has a second Wal-Mart near Fort Bend Parkway and a Dunkin Donuts at Sienna Parkway and Hwy. 6. There is also a new Raising Cane’s at Murphy Road and Hwy. 6 and a second hotel, Hampton Inn, is to open at Colonial Lake Drive and Hwy. 6. “What all of this means for Missouri City is over $500 million worth of new business to the city and over 1,500 new jobs. Companies like Ben E. Keith and Niagara have held employment workshops and seminars here where they’ve hired local people. “We will have a daily workforce that will actually work in the city. When we talk to restaurants about coming into our city they want people all day long, so with a workforce of some 1,500 people we can now talk about how many people we have who are going somewhere else to eat,” the mayor said. Owen also said there will be an ongoing dialogue with the city’s business people every second Thursday of each month. On June 13th he said the group will tour the Port of Houston and on June 28th Houston Community College personnel will give a presentation and on Aug. 15, the new Fort Bend ISD Superintendent Charles Dupre will talk about his

“first three months on the job.” The mayor also noted that next year the city will “have a significant bond issue on the ballot for necessary improvements throughout the city.” He said the bond exploratory committee made up of residents from all over the community is deciding what the bonds will pay for. “There are now $27 million authorized in bonds that will be used for drainage projects citywide. The bond issue next year will build on previous referendums and benefit the city over the next decade,” he said. He then thanked Bob Graf, the economic development director of Missouri City who got the ball rolling and who is retiring at the end of June. “You’ve worked with half of the people in this room and the school district, the water district, the county. It was your leadership that has directed us and guided us through all that growth,” Owen told Graf. The mayor noted that the city’s $50 million wastewater and fresh water treatment plant is up and running. “This program started 12 years ago and we now have it in place and it holds 100 million gallons of water. There were 40 different partners in this. “We have so many MUDS (municipal utility districts) that I jokingly call Missouri City the MUD capital of the world but it took all the MUDs, the county and FBISD working together” to make the plan a reality. He then went on to talk about mobility and how he will continue to work to get a commuter rail line to his town, how the esplanades along Hwy. 6 may not be liked by motorists but are necessary for safety, how much the public likes the blinking yellow lights that are turn signals and noted that Missouri City and Stafford now share a new and larger animal shelter. “Our main priority are our citizens and our community partnership,” Owen said.

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Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen, (pictured center), along with other area dignitaries and Niagara Bottling Co. officials cut the ribbon at the company's new plant in Missouri City.

Niagara Bottling Company Holds Grand Opening and Open House at New Plant in Missouri City Niagara Bottling Company, the second largest private label bottling company in the United States and officials with the City of Missouri City hosted an invitation-only Grand Opening and Open House at the 356,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Missouri City, located at 14810 Fairway Pines in Lakeview Business Park. The event was held on Friday, July 12, as Niagara officially “opened for business” in the “Show Me City.” The high-stepping Mighty Eagle Band from Willowridge High School performed at the Grand Opening, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the new facility by area dignitaries and Niagara Bottling Company representatives. About 125 people attended the Grand Opening and Open House, held under large tents outside the facility and were served a delicious lunch of steak wrapped in bacon, chicken, sausage, rice, mashed potatoes and dessert. Attendees were invited to tour the plant and see the latest technology inside its walls. According to Niagara officials, the plant has a capacity to make 1350 water bottles a minute, 81,000 bottles an hour and 2.3 to 2.5 million bottles each day. The company makes its own water bottles, which are distributed nationwide under several brand names and Niagara’s private label bottled water. Mayor Allen Owen stated that Missouri City is proud to be chosen as the location for the new state-of-the art bottling company that has been in operation for 50 years, with Missouri City as the location for the company’s 12th plant. Mayor Owen also praised members of Missouri City’s team responsible for bringing the plant to the “Show Me City,” including City Manager Ed Broussard, Assistant City Manager Scott Elmer and Economic Development Coordinator Bob Graf. “We’re behind you 100 percent,” said Owen, “We had to compete against different states and cities to get you here and we wanted to show you what the “Show Me City” can do. For many years Missouri City was a bedroom community. Your business is something we’ve wanted for a long

Willowridge High School Marching Band provided entertainment for the grand opening at Niagara Bottling Co. time, and provides a workplace and jobs for our residents.” He continued, “I love seeing Missouri City on your water bottles. When Costco opens its new store in Sugar Land, it will be selling Niagara water, so the people in Sugar Land can drink Missouri City water.” Niagara Bottling Company President Andrew Peykoff the Second spoke about his father, who founded the company. “My father, Andy Peykoff, Senior, came to the United States from Macedonia in 1963 when he was 25 years old and settled in California. He began his career as a milkman and later became a water man. After the business got off the ground, one of his sons went door-to-door selling water, and the company has grown from those humble beginnings.” Andrew Peykoff, Sr., started bottling high quality, low cost water in five-gallon glass containers for home and office delivery. In the early 1990’s, Niagara expanded into offering single-serve private label bottled water for grocery and convenience stores, as well as wholesale customers with a focus on offering an

unmatched combination of quality, price, and service. Throughout the following decade, Niagara’s significant developments in vertical integration, innovative bottle design, and high speed manufacturing positioned the company as the industry leading private label bottled water supplier in the Western United States. The Niagara family owns and operates the company, with Andrew Peykoff II becoming President and CEO in 2002. Since then, Niagara has established itself as a national leader in energy saving techniques at its geographically diversified production facilities throughout the United States. According to Andrew Peykoff, Senior, “We produce the lightest bottles in the world with the least carbon footprint. We are proud that Niagara leads the way in every green initiative including lightweight bottles, lightweight bottle caps and with bottles that weigh one-third of what they did just a few years ago. We are also the most energy efficient. We developed “nested packaging” that

does not include cardboard which saves 900,000 trees a year. Our bottles are also 100 percent recyclable.” He concluded, “It’s amazing that less than a year ago this was a field. The new plant is good for us and good for this community.” Many other dignitaries were in attendance including Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Wyatt, and Council Members Don Smith, Floyd Emery, and Yolanda Ford, Former City Council Member Buddy Jimerson, Meadows Place Mayor Charles Jessup, Rosenberg Mayor Vincent Morales, a representative from Fort Bend ISD, County Commissioners Grady Prestage and James Patterson, and representatives from the offices of Governor Rick Perry and State Senator Rodney Ellis, among others. Congressman Al Green lauded Niagara Bottling Company’s 50th anniversary celebration. “America is the greatest country to live in and we are proud to have Niagara Bottling Company locate in Missouri City.” State Representative Ron Reynolds said, “You have chosen the greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country to locate in. It’s also the best County and this is just the beginning. We know Niagara will eventually double their production, making it necessary to build more houses for future employees.” Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage also welcomed Niagara Bottling Company to Missouri City. “I want Niagara to know that Missouri City is the best city in the State to locate in,” proclaimed Prestage. Currently 88 people are employed at the factory with a target of 94. The plant features laser guided vehicles that are the latest technology in the world. They assist with loading bottles onto trucks and other duties throughout the facility. For its efforts in attracting Niagara Bottling Company to Missouri City and the City’s commitment to private-public partnerships, the “Show Me City” was recognized with the prestigious 2012 Community Economic Development Award from the Texas Economic Development Council.

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“Community Servant” Travis McGee is Running For Houston City Council for District D Travis McGee Service Highlights: *Doing Some Good In the Hood *Mobile Food Pantry (Feed over 1200 individuals monthly) *Summer Lunch Programs *Donation of clothes and shoes to the homeless *Back to School Drives *Toy Drives *Annual Turkey Drives (Feed over 300 families a year) *3M scholarship (awarded thousands to high school seniors) *Mentorship program *Ike victim, but post Ike delivered food, gas, and water to seniors and others. Contributed to Red Cross, Search, and various flood victims. Travis McGee, a native Houstonian, was born and raised in historic Sunnyside. He attended B.H. Grimes Elementary School, Attucks Middle School and Evan E. Worthing High School, respectively. While a Worthing Colt, he participated in track and field and was also a member of the 1992 Region III Basketball Championship team that advanced to state during his senior year. Determined to become a positive, productive citizen, Travis briefly attended Texas Southern University, but due to financial aid ineligibility had to withdraw. Undeterred, Travis transitioned into the work force, and later enrolled in Texas Barber College. After fulfilling the coursework necessary to become a licensed barber, he began working at Player’s Barbershop located in Southpark area of Southeast Houston. A year and a half later, he became owner and sole proprietor of McGee’s Hall of Famers Barbershop. McGee’s Hall of Famers Barbershop, which is located in the Sunnyside Garden neighborhood, opened for business in October, 2005. Travis is a dedicated family man who has been married to

his wife, Nikea Bradford-McGee, for more than ten years. He is father to four beautiful children, Tra’Vecia, Nia, and twins, Leana and Travis, Jr. He and his family are residents, business owners, and property owners in the Sunnyside/South Park area as well as members of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist where he serves on the Board of Trustees.

Travis is diligent in his improvement efforts and participation within our community. In 2006, Travis became the president of the Sunnyside Garden/Bayou Estates Civic Club. He is also the Vice President of the Sunnyside/South Park super neighborhood. He is a member of TOP, Texas Organization Project and CEO of the Jireh Community Life Center, which is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. He is President of a 3M Scholarship Fund as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Evan E. Worthing High School. More importantly, Travis serves as a mentor and basketball coach to several at-risk youth within the Sunnyside/South Park areas. Determined, dedicated, and diligent, Travis lives by the scripture, "if God be for us, who can be against us!" He has continually fought for better schools, better neighborhoods and an overall better quality of life for District D residents. He continues to do so by spearheading various projects which lead to much needed improvements in our sidewalks, speed bumps, police presence, street lights and community assistance programs such as monthly mobile food pantries. Yet, there is still more work to be done! His favorite motto is, “if everyone does something, then everything will get done.” As his motto suggests, Travis is committed to getting more work done and improving Houston's District D! With our help, it can be achieved! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't forget that the 2013 Mayoral Election featuring Travis McGee will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 in Houston, Texas. TRAVIS MCGEE -- 2013 CANDIDATE


Travis McGee is diligent in his improvement efforts and participation within our community. In 2006, Travis became the president of the Sunnyside Garden/Bayou Estates Civic Club. He is also the Vice President of the Sunnyside/South Park super neighborhood. He is a member of TOP, Texas Organization Project and CEO of the Jireh Community Life Center, which is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. He is President of a 3M Scholarship Fund as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Evan E. Worthing High School. More importantly, Travis serves as a mentor and basketball coach to several at-risk youth within the Sunnyside/South Park areas.


McGee for District D

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things the matter.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Houston City Council A voice for “We the People”, 100% for “We The People”


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Political Ad Paid for by the Annise Parker Campaign

Mayor Annise Parker: Working to Make the Best City in America Even Better. Mayor Annise Parker has always known that Houston is the best place in America to live, work and raise a family. And now America is catching on in a big way. We’re leading the nation in job creation. We’re “America’s Coolest City” (Forbes) and the 7th best place in the world to visit in 2013 (New York Times). We’re the #1 city in America to further a career ( And those are just a few examples in just the last year. But Annise knows that we can do even better. That’s why, under her leadership, Houston’s city government is borrowing less and doing more on a pay-as-yougo basis. We’ve created a dedicated fund for street repairs and flood prevention. We’ve secured funding for new libraries and laid the foundation for a parks and trails system that most cities can only dream of. Crime is down. We’re demolishing crack houses and dangerous abandoned apartment complexes – and we’re modernizing our police and fire stations.

Decisive, Responsible Leadership Annise hit the ground running as Houston’s mayor in the midst of the worst recession in generations. She worked quickly with a bi-partisan coalition to save 5,000 jobs at the Johnson Space Center, put a new reform team in place at METRO that acted aggressively to preserve millions of dollars in threatened federal funds, and led the rescue of our financially troubled water system to ensure a safe and stable supply of drinking water for generations. With a laser focus on jobs and the economy, Annise pioneered the Hire Houston First program to encourage the use of local companies and workers on

taxpayer-funded projects. In the first year of the program, more than $139 million of city business had been awarded to certified Hire Houston First firms, sustaining more than 6,000 jobs. “I am proud of our progress, but I know there is much more work to be done if we want to make sure Houston lives up to our full promise and potential,” says Annise. 

Annise, who pioneered the regular use of performance audits as city controller, knows that a business approach to managing our tax dollars will help us afford vital priorities like public safety, after-school programs and senior centers, a cleaner environment and economic growth that sustains our quality of life.

and a transportation measure that will provide the infrastructure Houston needs to support its growing economy. In addition to her duties as mayor, Parker is an active member of the U.S.

Park Society. The Holocaust Museum of Houston honored Annise with its 2010 Guardian of the Human Spirit Award for her lifetime of working to enhance the lives of others and to better humankind.

Conference of Mayors and serves as a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary’s Advisory Council and on the boards of the Texas Environmental Research Consortium and Houston Galveston Area Council.

Time Magazine named Annise in 2010 one of the 100 people who most affect our world. Annise and her life partner, Kathy Hubbard, are strong advocates for adoption. Their family includes two adopted daughters and a son.

 “A culture of community and public service is one of the greatest assets of our city. I see my job as mayor as a call to civic engagement,” Annise says. “It takes all of us to make Houston the best,” says the mayor. “And I am honored to work with Houstonians every single day to keep making it better.”

A Mayor Who Gets It – and Gets the Job Done Like many Houstonians, Annise understands what it feels like to suddenly not know how you’re going to make ends meet. “When I was growing up, my father invested all his savings to start a fishing camp on the Gulf Coast,” Annise says. “It was his dream, and it was a success – until one day a barge knocked down the only bridge to the peninsula where we were located. It wasn’t his fault, but my dad went broke. I can still see the worry in his eyes. It took a long time for our family to get back on its feet. And I know there are a lot of families like that in Houston today.” That’s why Annise is working so hard to make sure that economic opportunity and a high quality of life are available to every Houston family. She led the fight to create Rebuild Houston, a payas-you-go comprehensive street and drainage improvement program that will provide jobs for Houstonians for years to come, and won voter approval last year of a public improvement bond program

A Businesswoman and Neighborhood Leader Annise spent 20 years in Houston’s oil and gas industry after graduating from Rice University. She has served the people of Houston for six years as a city councilmember, six years as city controller – and is completing her second term as mayor. Annise’s advocacy for quality of life issues earned her Scenic Houston’s 2010 Scenic Visionary Award and the Distinguished Local Elected Official Award from the Texas Recreation and

Accomplishments and Leadership Mayor Annise Parker has led Houston through the worst recession in generations and helped put our city on

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Political Ad Paid for by the Annise Parker Campaign Visit website to endorse Mayor Parker!

the path to a brighter and more sustainable future. Annise’s relentless focus on creating jobs, fighting crime and building a more livable city has helped energize the spirit of hard work, innovation and optimism shared by all Houstonians.

“It takes all of us to make Houston the best city in America,” says Annise, “and we all share the credit for Houston’s success.” On Annise Parker’s watch, Houston has… Become the job-producing capital of the nation Become the relocation capital of the nation Created Hire Houston First – in its first year, more than $139 million of city business was awarded to designated Hire Houston First firms, sustaining more than 6,000 jobs Expanded assistance for small, minority, women-owned businesses Unveiled an innovative jobs app – Tweet My Jobs, Houston – to help match employers with local residents Unlike other major U.S. cities, balanced every budget during the recession without raising taxes and without laying off police and fire fighters Experienced the lowest murder rate in decades and an overall crime rate that is down 8 percent compared to the three years prior to 2010 Demolished 2,000 dangerous structures that had become

havens for crime and drugs, including six apartment complexes dubbed our original dirty halfdozen – the worst of the worst Implemented a long-overdue plan to eliminate its rape-kit backlog Launched the creation of an independent crime lab to help solve cases more quickly, make sure innocent people are not locked up and criminals are held responsible for their crimes Opened an innovative sobering center that allows police to focus on more serious crimes Produced the Run, Hide, Fight video that teaches people what to do in an active shooter incident and has been viewed more than 2.3 million times. Created a first-ever, pay-asyou-go dedicated fund for street construction and flood prevention improvements that will transform our city over time – with $180 million in infrastructure improvements made so far United a super-majority of Houston voters to pass public improvement bonds that will fund new libraries, police and fire stations and a parks and trails system unparalleled in America. Secured $900 million in funding for METRO rail expansion Helped pass a METRO ballot measure that protected funding for vital road projects and added more funds for buses – with 79 percent voter approval Stabilized our financially ailing city water and sewer systems Restored the 311 information line to 24/7 service and launched new smart phone app Organized a downtown retail task force to continue our downtown’s transformation as a place to live, work and play

Won the return of the Super Bowl in 2017 Secured developer for a second convention center hotel that will bring more business and visitors to Houston Secured a $100 million expansion of Hobby Airport for international service at no capital cost to taxpayers Completed the Terminal B renovation at Bush Intercontinental Airport Secured the first non-stop flight to China from Houston in more than 30 years Restored library hours cut during tough economic times Launched a high-profile antitexting while driving campaign Launched Make Safe Saturdays neighborhood cleanup initiative Strengthened protections for historic districts Housed more than 1,000 homeless vets Developed an innovative One Bin for All proposal that was a Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor’s Challenge winner and will revolutionize recycling in our city Named Houston’s first Poet Laureate Raised the percentage of renewable energy used by city government to 50 percent and become the largest municipal purchaser of renewable power in the nation Created Houston BCycle bike sharing program with more than 200 bicycles so far

And we’re not done yet!

Campaign Co-Chairs DeeDee & Gilbert Garcia Bobbie & John Nau Angelique & Hon. Garnet Coleman

Organizations American Council of Engineering Companies – Houston Annie’s List Bay Area New Democrats Christians For Better Government EMILY’s List Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Greater Harris County Democrats Greater Houston Home Builders’ Association Harris County AFL-CIO Harris County Council of Organizations Houston Apartment Association Houston Association of Realtors Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Houston Contractors Association Houston Educational Support Personnel (HESP) Union, Local 6315 Houston Police Officers Union Houston Stonewall Young Democrats Human Rights Campaign Ironworkers Local 84 LPAC Montrose Area Democrats Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Action Fund Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 847 Small Independent Motel Owners Association UNITE HERE! Local 23 Women’s Campaign Fund Elected and Appointed Officials Former Congressman Chris Bell State Rep. Garnet Coleman State Rep. Jessica Farrar State Rep. Borris Miles Former State Rep. Debra Danburg Former State Rep. Scott Hochberg Former State Rep. Glen Maxey Former State Rep. Kristi Thibaut Former State District Judge Dwight Jefferson Ft. Bend County Commissioner Richard Morrison Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan Councilmember Ellen Cohen Councilmember Stephen Costello Councilmember Ed Gonzalez Councilmember Al Hoang Former Councilmember Peter Brown Former Councilmember Ada Edwards Former Councilmember Graciela Saenz HCDE Trustee Debby Kerner HCDE Trustee Erica Lee HCDE Trustee Diane Trautman HISD Trustee Anna Eastman HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche HISD Trustee Paula Harris Former HCC Trustee Jay K. Aiyer Missouri City Councilmember Danny Nguyen Ambassador Arthur Schechter


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...And many more working with our mayor to make the best city in America even better! Martin Aaron Mohammed Abbas Moiz Abbas Raza Abbas Cindy Abel Laura Abel Heather Able Sarith G. Abramowitz Philip Acquaro Betty C. Adam Eric Adamcik Rick Adame Jack Adams Jason Adams Michael Adee Nelvin Joseph J. Adriatico Nelvin Joseph Adriatico Martin Aguero Jennifer Aguilar Tito X. Aguilar Jackie Aguilera Sami Ahmad Janis Ahrens Wayne G. Ahrens Juuhi Ahuja Marco Aieta Janice Aikman Mary E. Ainslie Jay K. Aiyer Chris Akbari Ike Akbari Barbara S. Aksamit David Alamia Nick Alanis John Albert Erica G. Alderete Andrew M. Alexander J Britt Alexander Joan Alexander Mitchell Alexander Stanford J. Alexander Jay Allen Mary D. Allen Nancy C. Allen Scarlett Alley Stephen Allison Jack S. Allyn Tammy Allyn

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Thoughts from President Obama on Trayvon Martin

“You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago. And when you think about why, in the African American community at least, there’s a lot of pain around what happened here, I think it’s important to recognize that the African American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away. There are very few African American men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. That includes me. There are very few African American men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. That happens to me -- at least before I was a senator. There are very few African Americans who haven't had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had a chance to get off. That happens often. And I don't want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences inform how the African American community interprets what happened one night in Florida. And it’s inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear. The African American community is also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws -- everything from the death penalty to enforcement of our drug laws. And that ends up having an impact in terms of how people interpret the case. Now, this isn't to say that the African American community is naïve about the fact that African American young men are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system; that they’re disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence. It’s not to make excuses for that fact -- although black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context. They understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history. And so the fact that sometimes that’s unacknowledged adds to the frustration. And the fact that a lot of African American boys are painted with a broad brush and the excuse is given, well, there are these statistics out there that show that African American boys are more violent -- using that as an excuse to then see sons treated differently causes pain. I think the African American community is also not naïve in understanding that, statistically, somebody like Trayvon Martin was statistically more likely to be shot by a peer than he was by somebody else. So folks understand the challenges that exist for African American boys. But they get frustrated, I think, if they feel that there’s no context for it and that context is being denied. And that all contributes I think to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different. Now, the question for me at least, and I think for a lot of folks, is where do we take this? How do we learn some lessons from this and move in a positive direction? I think it’s understandable that there have been demonstrations and vigils and protests, and some of that stuff is just going to have to work its way through, as long as it remains nonviolent. If I see any violence, then I will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family. But beyond protests or vigils, the question is, are there some concrete things that we might be able to do. I know that Eric Holder is review-

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YOUR THOUGHT MATTERS NEWSPAPER -832.212.8735 ing what happened down there, but I think it’s important for people to have some clear expectations here. Traditionally, these are issues of state and local government, the criminal code. And law enforcement is traditionally done at the state and local levels, not at the federal levels. That doesn’t mean, though, that as a nation we can’t do some things that I think would be productive. So let me just give a couple of specifics that I’m still bouncing around with my staff, so we’re not rolling out some five-point plan, but some areas where I think all of us could potentially focus. Number one, precisely because law enforcement is often determined at the state and local level, I think it would be productive for the Justice Department, governors, mayors to work with law enforcement about training at the state and local levels in order to reduce the kind of mistrust in the system that sometimes currently exists. When I was in Illinois, I passed racial profiling legislation, and it actually did just two simple things. One, it collected data on traffic stops and the race of the person who was stopped. But the other thing was it resourced us training police departments across the state on how to think about potential racial bias and ways to further professionalize what they were doing. And initially, the police departments across the state were resistant, but actually they came to recognize that if it was done in a fair, straightforward way that it would allow them to do their jobs better and communities would have more confidence in them and, in turn, be more helpful in applying the law. And obviously, law enforcement has got a very tough job. So that’s one area where I think there are a lot of resources and best practices that could be brought to bear if state and local governments are receptive. And I think a lot of them would be. And let's figure out are there ways for us to push out that kind of training. Along the same lines, I think it would be useful for us to examine some state and local laws to see if it -- if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than diffuse potential altercations. I know that there's been commentary about the fact that the "stand your ground" laws in Florida were not used as a defense in the case. On the other hand, if we're sending a message as a society in our communities that someone who is armed potentially has the right to use those firearms even if there's a way for them to exit from a situation, is that really going to be contributing to the kind of peace and security and order that we'd like to see? And for those who resist that idea that we should think about something like these "stand your ground" laws, I'd just ask people to consider, if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? And do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened? And if the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, then it seems to me that we might want to examine those kinds of laws. Number three -- and this is a long-term project -- we need to spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reinforce our African American boys. And this is something that Michelle and I talk a lot about. There are a lot of kids out there who need help who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them? I'm not naïve about the prospects of some grand, new federal program. I'm not sure that that’s what we're talking about here. But I do recognize that as President, I've got some convening power, and there are a lot of good programs that are being done across the country on this front. And for us to be able to gather together business leaders and local elected officials and clergy and celebrities and athletes, and figure out how are we doing a better job helping young African American men feel that they're a full part of this society and that they've got pathways and avenues to succeed -- I think that would be a pretty good outcome from what was obviously a tragic situation. And we're going to spend some time working on that and thinking about that. And then, finally, I think it's going to be important for all of us to do some soul-searching. There has been talk about should we convene a conversation on race. I haven't seen that be particularly productive when politicians try to organize conversations. They end up being stilted and politicized, and folks are locked into the positions they already have. On the other hand, in families and churches and workplaces, there's the possibility that people are a little bit more honest, and at least you ask yourself your own questions about, am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can? Am I judging people as much as I can, based on not the color of their skin, but the content of their character? That would, I think, be an appropriate exercise in the wake of this tragedy. And let me just leave you with a final thought that, as difficult and challenging as this whole episode has been for a lot of people, I don’t want us to lose sight that things are getting better. Each successive generation seems to be making progress in changing attitudes when it comes to race. It doesn’t mean we’re in a post-racial society. It doesn’t mean that racism is eliminated. But when I talk to Malia and Sasha, and I listen to their friends and I seem them interact, they’re better than we are -- they’re better than we were -- on these issues. And that’s true in every community that I’ve visited all across the country. And so we have to be vigilant and we have to work on these issues. And those of us in authority should be doing everything we can to encourage the better angels of our nature, as opposed to using these episodes to heighten divisions. But we should also have confidence that kids these days, I think, have more sense than we did back then, and certainly more than our parents did or our

grandparents did; and that along this long, difficult journey, we’re becoming a more perfect union -- not a perfect union, but a more perfect union.”

self in a battle, now fearing he may be in danger, have a right to pull his gun and shoot the child and claim self defense? This jury said "Yes", but my common sense says "No"."

Congresswoman Corrine Brown (5th Congressional District of Florida) expresses how she's Extremely Disappointed by Verdict in Trayvon Martin Case (Washington, DC) With regard to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, Congresswoman Corrine Brown made the following statement:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (19th Congressional District of Texas) in Response to Verdict in Trayvon Martin Murder Trial

"I am heartbroken and angered by the verdict in this decision. My prayers go out to the Martin family in their grief as they are faced to live with a justice system that has failed them, a system that did not exact even minimal punishment on the man who killed their 17 year old son. This is a blatant example of our justice system being entirely broken. Along with the NAACP and other civil rights groups, I pledge to fight for the removal of Stand Your Ground laws here in Florida and across the nation, and do everything within my power as a Member of Congress to put an end to racial profiling. Last year, an innocent young man was killed in Sanford, Florida while returning from a 7-11 grocery store, and the perpetrator was not even convicted of a crime...clearly, there is something very wrong with a system of justice that legally sanctions such a heinous act. Two cases involving Stand Your Ground laws in my congressional district highlight the hypocrisy and disparities in this law's interpretation. In this case, in Sanford, a white man shot a black teenager, Trayvon Martin, and the justice system ruled it was an act of self defense under Stand Your Ground. In Jacksonville, Marissa Alexander, a young black mother fired a warning shot because she

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a senior member of the House Judiciary and Homeland Security Committee, released the following statement today: “Today was a questionable day as it relates to the life of a young child. America’s justice system is often viewed as coddling and protecting our children, the most vulnerable members of our society. As someone who has devoted much of my public life to advocating for the protection of children, whether from gun violence, bullying at school and in cyberspace, drugs, and unhealthy foodstuffs, I am dismayed that the Florida judicial system did not recognize and value the life of young Trayvon Martin. Trayvon’s family and friends missed him on the day he was killed and they still miss him today. They are right to wonder why others seemed to attach so little value to his life. “The federal government stands to serve justice in cases where there is much doubt as to whether justice was done by the local authorities. I expect to join with others in discussions with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the killing of Trayvon Martin, who was but 16 years and 21 days old when he was shot to death. I am also calling for the Congress to hold oversight hearings regarding the treatment of the killing of a juvenile in the circumstances that occurred in Sanford, Florida as well as the manner in which the criminal justice system treats victims of gun violence, especially young black male victims like Trayvon Martin. “Many mothers tonight are praying, as I am, hopeful that things remain calm but also hoping that justice for young Trayvon Martin will be pursued. “To the the young people who have grown to see Trayvon Martin as themselves, we encourage you to continue to invest in improving your nation, working with people of all backgrounds who feel as you do – disappointed – but will join with you in the fight for justice. “We are all Trayvon.”

State Rep. Sylvester Turner (HD-139 in Texas) on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict "The parents of Trayvon Martin have every right to question why their son who was not doing anything wrong while walking home was shot and killed. When approached by an armed man whom he did not know, did Trayvon have the responsibility of running away or did this teenager have the right to defend himself against this adult aggressor? How did the victim (Trayvon) become the villain in the eyes of the law? Does an adult, contrary to the advice of law enforcement, have the right to confront a child, find him-

feared another possible attack by her abusive husband, yet she was not allowed a stand your ground defense during her trial. If ever there were a case where Stand Your Ground should apply, it would have been that of Marissa Alexander. As Martin Luther King said, ‘The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ However, it is not going to bend until everyone gets involved and becomes active in the fight for equality and equal protection under the law. We have made progress, but still have a long way to go.”

Statement from State Rep. Garnet F. Coleman (HD-147 in Texas) on the jury finding George Zimmerman “not guilty”: “Only two people know exactly what happened that night, and one of them can no longer speak. What we do know is that Trayvon Martin’s parents had to bury their son because George Zimmerman saw an unarmed, black teenager and viewed him as a threat. We also know that Zimmerman’s actions – the killing arising out of suspicion, unjustified fear, and stalking of an unarmed teenager – are apparently protected by Florida’s “self-defense” laws, including the infamous “Stand Your Ground” provision.“

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A study conducted by Texas A&M University found that enacting Stand Your Ground laws result in more homicides. A further study conducted by the Urban Institute and PBS show a racial bias in Stand Your Ground laws: whites who kill blacks in Stand Your Ground states are 354% more likely to be found justified in their killing than those who killed another white person.

race is still playing a major role in our judicial system and society. I know Mr. Till didn't have a jury of his peers and neither did Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was actually murdered twice once by Zimmerman and then again in the Florida court room. I pray that this world we live in wouldn't see color, but instead just good and bad people. I can't began to imagine what the parents are going through on either side, but I pray for them."

Rep. Coleman continued: “Unfortunately, as of 2007, Texas is also a Stand Your Ground state. I was one of only 14 Representatives to vote against the law, and it was because I understand how it makes a target out of people of color, particularly young males like Trayvon Martin. His death was tragic but unfortunately quite predictable. That is why I am fighting to change the law back to the more reasonable standard we had prior to 2007. My bill filed this past session, House Bill 3773, would reinstate the “duty to retreat” in most situations while preserving the right to defend oneself and one’s family. There would be no requirement to retreat if an individual is in his or her own home or if the deadly force were used to stop the commission of a serious crime. The 2007 law just went too far. My bill would balance the right to self-defense with public safety. We can have reasonable self-defense laws that do not also authorize armed and untrained individuals to seek out conflicts and then fire their gun when the situation deteriorates. We have a trained police force for a reason; we do not need people “playing cop.” As long as these laws are on the books, I’m afraid there will be more Trayvon Martins.”

Former Houston City Attorney and 2013 Candidate for Mayor of Houston Ben Hall on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict "I am disappointed with the Trayvon Martin verdict. There can be no satisfaction or celebration in that case. A 17 year old life has been taken. How could an innocent trip to buy candy turn into death? Parents and communities are left with q...uestions on all sides. We have a verdict indeed, but there remain nagging uncertainties about the story upon which that verdict is based. Death has robbed us of Trayvon's account of events -- silenced by a lone bullet to his heart. I am also disappointed that the fatal events on that rainy night in Florida began simply by the way Trayvon looked. In a diverse world, we must insist that people be judged by what they do rather than how they look. This case renews my commitment to the principles of acceptance, tolerance and diversity in our world. If elected Houston's next mayor, I will remain steadfast in ensuring that our law enforcement and forensic personnel continue to receive the necessary training, equipment and resources to protect the rights not only of the living but also the dead who can speak no more. My prayers are with the families, communities, and this great country."

Businessman and 2013 Candidate for Houston City Council for District D Travis McGee on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict "As a father I was very disturbed about the Trayvon Martin murder, but wasn't surprised by the verdict. I think anytime a grown man in his right mind stalks and kills a child commonsense should outweigh nonsense. In many ways history does repeat itself, because in 1955 a young man by the name of Emmett Till was not just murdered, he was also mutilated beyond recognition for merely admiring a white woman. Even though this particular event mobilized the civil rights movement 58 years later

Businesswoman Jill Honeck on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict "This is just not a race issue. It is a personal safety issue. I am sure Zimmerman never wanted to kill somebody. He really just did not have a choice and from everything I heard during the trial I would have done the same thing...I also am upset that people who disagree with the verdict believe they can go brake the law themselves to express that. I don't know how destroying your own community helps getting your opinion respected."

Statement from Dena Francois on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict in case of Florida vs. Zimmerman "In my opinion there was another alternative, does anyone stop to ponder what would have happened if "GZ" George Zimmerman would have offered "TM" Trayvon Martin a ride home out of the rain or offered to call his parents or simply identified himself or ask TM for Id that is what neighborhood watch is suppose to do I also know damn well the DOJ would not give this issue the time of day had it not been for the peaceful protest of people calling for more actions also this case is bigger than race to me it is about a grown man that killed a teenager regardless of what he was doing grown ups should not kill kids I don't give a damn if they purple!"

businesswoman Tammi Durden on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict "Today in 2013, in The United States Of America with all of the advances in technology, a plethora of opportunities, and with all of the money that is being made -- living better than we ever have before; what kind of people have we become? Have we really become a nation where human life is devalued and overlooked? A man can be imprisoned for killing a dog, but not for murdering a human being? A young man has lost his life at no fault of his own. A mother is without her child. A father no longer has his son. The world has been cheated of the unique and special gifts that only Trayvon Martin was born with to give to the world. What a tragedy and a shame. Who have we become?"

Businessman Derrick Thomas McKinney on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict “As I lay here & try to go to sleep I can’t help but feel really pissed off at the Not Guilty verdict. I think the lack of effort from the head of the DA’s office Angela Colley (I believe) was piss poor!!! Somehow she decided not to be the lead prosecutor in this case with an all women jury. But she sentenced an African American woman to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at an abusive husband. She was forced to press charges in the Zimmerman case & went after the maximum when there apparently wasn’t enough evidence or facts for that charge. Why did they not push the issue on manslaughter? Why didn’t the prosecution attack!!! They were so scared of the racial tone of the trial. How can the prosecution say in closing arguments it’s not about race??? THAT’S WHY HE WAS PROFILED!!! How could she stand there and give a victory speech?!!! I like to think we live in a world that we have a fair shot in the justice system. But again I’ve been shown otherwise. How can this country convict, & persecute a man for killing dogs, but not a man who killed a 17 year old unarmed child. Smh I’m at a loss. How do I explain to my son that the system is not designed to protect us? I can’t let him walk to the store, to the gym, to a friend’s house without the fear of him getting killed. We already have to walk on egg shells for overzealous police officers, now we have to worry about civilians who are cowards & armed with guns. I’m not blind to the fact that there’s so many black on black crimes that mirror the Zimmerman case & we must address that as well. We have to stand firm & commit 100% to prosecuting all crimes. We must stop praising celebrities and hiphop artist for going to jail & committing crimes. There has to be an end to the #FREE my favorite rapper campaign. We have to show our kids that we stand for more than what they see in videos & movies. I can go on & on but I just had to get that off my chest. It won’t stop here. I promise I will find a way to contribute.

Statement from Mychal Massie a Hard Hitting Black Conservative on the Ugly Truth About Trayvon Martin There is one reason and one reason alone that Trayvon Martin is dead today and that reason is he attacked a man with a licensed firearm who used it. It’s not pretty – it’s not pleasant – but it’s true.

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YOUR THOUGHT MATTERS NEWSPAPER -832.212.8735 for what amounts to no reason at all and that speaks volumes pursuant to his real character. How many reading this have children who would physically attack someone for the reasons Martin did? I know, without hesitation, that my son wouldn’t. The ugly truth is that Martin was given to the violent mentality of thinking he could bully a white person, and it cost him his life.

Bishop KJ Brown on the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict

George Zimmerman did not jump (read attack) Martin. Just the opposite. Martin attacked him. All else notwithstanding, Martin jumped Zimmerman for no defendable reason, and he paid the ultimate price for his ill-conceived decision. George Zimmerman did not kill Martin because of the color of his skin, and it is a damnable lie to claim otherwise. George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin because Martin was attacking and beating him. The ugly truth is just that simple. To raise the specter of skin color and to clothe the event in vestiges of racialization and a zeitgeist of rampant racism is nothing more than an attempt to obfuscate that single, salient truth. George Zimmerman was a member of his neighborhood watch. The function of a neighborhood watch is to watch and report suspicious and/or unlawful activities taking place in a particular neighborhood. It was dark, it was raining, and Martin appeared to be acting suspiciously. A neighborhood watch volunteer following for purposes of observation and giving the police accurate information is not an assault on color. I submit it is inculcated denial to not recognize this. The jury might have been prevented from hearing certain facts about Martin, but those of us in the public weren’t. Space doesn’t permit me to detail all in print as I will in on-air interviews, but suffice it to say the figurative exhumation of Martin in the image of Emmett Till is an affront to even the most ignorant of racialists and morally opprobrious in the truest definition, but it’s obviously not out of character for those eager to do same. Emmett Till was the 14-year-old young man who was brutally murdered and mutilated specifically because of his skin color after he allegedly engaged flirtatiously with a 21-year-old white woman who owned a store in Money, Mississippi. For Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder to now announce the Department of Justice (DOJ) is opening an investigation to see if Martin’s civil rights were violated by George Zimmerman is cruel irony. Holder refused to have the DOJ investigate much less prosecute one of the most undeniably grievous incidents of civil rights violations since the end of Jim Crow. I’m speaking of the New Black Panthers voter intimidation in Philadelphia, PA in 2008. I returned home to Florida Saturday after spending some three weeks on the road. About two hours after the jury in the George Zimmerman trial handed down the “not guilty” verdict, as I was exiting my local pharmacy, I overheard a man say, with a degree of sarcasm, to the man with him “They feel if we don’t care about killing ourselves why should they?” The man, who happened to be an American of color, was wrong. We (read Americans) do care that blacks are killing themselves in record numbers. It’s those they extol as so-called leaders who do not care. Holder isn’t having the DOJ look into the civil rights of the more than 200 people killed in Chicago so far this year. Jesse Jackson lives in Chicago, but he isn’t leading any marches or protests against the black-on-black murders there. And perhaps it’s out of respect for territory, but Al Sharpton isn’t leading any there either. Sarcasm intended. A report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows 8,000-9,000 blacks are murdered in the United States each year, and 93 percent of those murders are committed by other blacks. How many of those families have Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, or the same media trollops who are fanning the flames of “It’s because Martin was black,” spoken out regarding those ugly statistics? Those who emphasize that Martin was unarmed should be asked “what if he had been?” If Martin was violent enough to attack and beat George Zimmerman when Martin didn’t have a weapon – what would he have done were he to have had one? No parents should outlive their children. To do so creates a vacuum of inconsolable loss. And certainly the Martin family is suffering from the loss of their son. But specific to that point, it is a transpicuous and vulgar display of race-mongering by mobocrats who use race as currency to validate their own existence. Like it or not, agree or not, Martin made a decision to behave like a common street thug and gangsta when he attacked George Zimmerman. That decision speaks volumes about his character, (or lack thereof). There is an attempt to portray Martin as worthy of deification, but I submit that he chose to attack another person

“I was shocked, confused and grieved by the verdict handed down by the jury in the George Zimmerman case. I simply did not understand how our system of justice could free one individual where a life was taken and incarcerate another where a young black mother in an abusive relationship fired warning shots…pray, community, and change were my next thoughts. How can we as Americans repel and prevent laws that steal lives? I am praying that we increase our involvement at the national, state, city, and community level going forward. We need involvement from the White House to the Church House. We need to be engaging in productive discussion and activity to prevent, repel, and review any and all laws that steals the lives of Americans on our own soil. Our laws should protect, preserve, and defend the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans no matter what our ethnicity happens to be. We have much prayer and work to do as we plan to move America forward. We live in the best country in the world – and our criminal justice system needs to reflect that. God Bless America! And remember, that God wants you to win!

eye, responsible for his own death from a man who in spite of instructions, decided upon himself to pull a trigger and kill this young man because “he judged” Trayvon was in the wrong place at the wrong time because of "the way he appeared." I digress, "things are not always as they appear." How can we be angry when we constantly argue, “it’s not a jury of our peers?” if we don’t represent ourselves in court as a juror? We need to stop excusing our way out of jury duty and we need to vote! Tragedies like these should compel us (business owners, community leaders, citizens, parents, teachers, and all with the right to vote), to become and remain involved with who we place in elected positions and educate ourselves to the erred judicial system and work together for positive solutions. If not, we are just as irresponsible as the people we point the finger at. We, the people, have been given much. “And to whom much is given, much is required.”

The Nation Bar Association is Demanding Justice for Trayvon Martin, says George Zimmerman Verdict Highlights Continued Injustices in Legal System “We are extremely disappointed by the verdict in the case of State of Florida v. George Zimmerman. As lawyers we respect the rule of law, but in this instance the Zimmerman verdict sadly highlights the continued injustices Black Americans face in the U.S. legal system. "The verdict," stated NBA President John E. Page "says an unarmed college-bound Black teen can be profiled, stalked, confronted and killed by an armed neighborhood watchman with hollow tip point bullets. We express our heartfelt condolences to Trayvon Martin's family on this tragic verdict. We also say 'Enough is Enough - It is NOT OK to kill our youth'." The fact is the jury delivered a not guilty verdict. The TRUTH is justice has not been served. In these most challenging of times, we are called upon to act. We must move from outrage to action. It starts today with the NBA and YOU! "Injustice anywhere," as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "is a threat to justice everywhere." We have work to do to achieve justice for Trayvon Martin. As social agitators, the members of the NBA are continuing the struggle for "equal justice under the law" for Trayvon Martin. At the forefront of this struggle are NBA members Daryl Parks (Past NBA President) and Ben Crump, of the Tallahassee, Florida law firm Parks & Crump, LLC, that are representing Trayvon's family in advocating for "equal justice under the law." We proudly stand with them. We urge the Department of Justice to act. The Department can still address the violation of Trayvon's most fundamental civil right - the right to life. Upon a thorough investigation of the matter, we expect the Department to vigorously pursue all appropriate claims. We urge all lawyers to act. Join us in Miami, Florida on Saturday, July 27 and Monday, July 29 in a CALL TO ACTION to collectively address the affront to and devaluing of civil rights of all men and women regardless of race who have been unfairly served by the justice system. We must not allow anyone to succumb to violence at the hands of vigilantes who ferment the devaluing of human life. It is now time to stand up.

‘Irresponsible Responsibility’ Businessman Regina Baker on the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict “When Aubrey asked me to share my thoughts on the Trayvon Martin guilty verdict, the exact inner emotions resumed to what I felt the night I heard the verdict. Uncontrollable sobbing. My immediate thought was how can a person who is no longer on this earth be tried in a court room? In other words, I didn’t feel as though the trial as stated was for George Zimmerman, somehow, somewhere, something went wrong…it turned into a trial for Trayvon Martin. I’m an Internet Marketing Consultant so I’m online every single day. Social media exploded into its own “virtual rally.” I was appalled at how some people could turn this tragedy into a radical profile of how someone looks, what they did in their past and how in an instant decision to walk to the store to pick up some tea and skittles, turned into a weed smoking, bad grades, wearing a hoodie to protect himself from the rain individual, in the twinkle of an

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AUBREY R. TAYLOR: "I'm encouraging all Houstonians to get involved in the process of electing those who govern our city. Early voting for th...

Your Thought Matters Newspaper -- 2013 Leadership Series 1 of 6  

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: "I'm encouraging all Houstonians to get involved in the process of electing those who govern our city. Early voting for th...