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Why Outsourcing in India is the Best Decision?

TOPIC OVERVIEW: India continues its dominance with a 67% share in the global outsourcing market in 2018. Today, India has become one of the top IT outsourcing destinations extending its services across the globe. Indian development services have become the first choice for companies looking for personal & professional online presence. The IT boom that India has experienced in the last two decades has led to unprecedented growth, making India the number one choice for IT outsourcing destination.

What the Experts has to say about India IT Outsourcing Growth? Head of research at the National Association of Software and Services Companies, Achyuta Ghosh said: “India is a unique example of the ‘big getting bigger’ in an extremely competitive landscape. Its IT-BPM exports have doubled in the last six years, driven by increasing focus of the industry in new drivers such as digital technologies, growth of an innovative start-up ecosystem, and adoption of multiple business models such as partnerships, collaboration, local presence and mergers, and acquisitions.”

1. Large & Talented Workforce 2. Less Labour Cost 3. Reliable Work 4. Effective Communication 5. Time Zone Difference

Why Companies Outsource to India?

Talent Acquisition and Vast Pool of Professionals: Being the world’s second highly populated country, India has a huge pool of young and technically sound trained professionals. The abundance and easy availability of dedicated off shore developers makes India tick faster and better when it comes to off ering a large and intricate solution in time. Besides, it helps various countries to provide solutions in ranging value bracket which preferably suits their business needs. Moreover, virtual teams have a high potential to adopt new technologies and maturely grasp them to create better solutions.

Outsourcing in India is Budget-Friendly: The cost is the most decisive factor and perhaps the most enticing reason why other countries prefer outsourcing in India. The development cost in India is 30-35% lower as compared to the US and Europe. Most of the off shore development centers in India off er their clients per hour, per lead or fi xed monthly prices so that they can choose as per their convenience. By hiring Indian software developers, 65% of operational expenses can be saved, thereby increasing the company’s profi t.

Reliability and HighQuality Standards: Companies that provide outsourcing services in India provide highquality work, meeting international standards. • The Capability Maturing Model (CMM) • The International Standard Organization (ISO 9000) • Total Quality Management (TQM) • Six Sigma Quality certification • Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) • Over 75% of the world’s CMM Level 5 certified companies are in India. In fact, the highest number of ISO-9000 certified software companies are in India.

Communication is the Key:

•All in all, communication is the root of the beginning, maintaining and growing a positive relationship with the fi rm. Also, good communication guarantees expected results and resolved issues. According to a survey, approximately 350 million people speak English in India. And India is the second largest English speaking country in the world after the US. That’s why communication is no barrier, and the provider can keep in touch with the client. India prides its reliable communication which facilitates good band connectivity with the rest of the world, and for this reason, there are no connection hurdles.

Round the Clock Services: •Software outsourcing in India is a globally proved model because numerous companies have successfully delivered great results. In this fast track world, Indian remote teams have managed to comply with the demanding situations and manage tasks eff ectively. Email services, chat support, audio-video conferencing made it possible to collaborate in an eff ective manner. Focusing on the client business, the professionals monitor the digital presence off ering support as per convenience.

Over the years, top Indian outsourcing companies have adapted to internal and external challenges offering the best-in-class services. The world is gradually realizing the fact that outsourcing in India over the other countries is the best decision.


Everything feels sorted when you have clarity regarding your project goals and dispositions. So, you can choose the best outsourcing company based on your requirements, cost, quality, time and policies.

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Why Outsourcing in India is the Best Decision?  

Most companies around the globe prefer outsourcing in India. Do you want to know why? Check out this PPT & find out the reasons.

Why Outsourcing in India is the Best Decision?  

Most companies around the globe prefer outsourcing in India. Do you want to know why? Check out this PPT & find out the reasons.