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Tiffany Lue-Yen In Front of The Lens

Never mind that her career hasn’t taken her to any exotic location presently, she is still focused seeing that her career is in its blooming stage. Lue-Yen is not selling herself short as she is currently focused on going back into school in the field of Cinematography specific for motion picture and television. “I believe in jumping on every opportunity you can get, never waste them, there is always opportunities within opportunity to excel in whatever it is that you do” says Ms. Lue-Yen who is presently working on a shoot for the second season of College TV series.

WHEN it’s okay to move on I am a perfectionist at heart so once the job is completed to the best of my abilities, if I am satisfied, then I know that my clients will be satisfied. Satisfaction is key. WHERE will you find her after a brutal day Lying down chilling at home watching TV, TLC of course and sometimes MTV or singing Karaoke. WHY she’s a true Sagittarius [She believes that no job is ever too small]: Always jump on an opportunity and any experience is worth it whether its family or friends. HOW she stays focused and grounded I am naturally a humble a person and I don’t have a big ego.


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WHO do you consider your role model My father, he is very hard working man and I think that’s where I get my work ethic from. Watching him over the years working seven days a week and dabbling in all different markets has truly motivated me. WHAT drives you towards excellence Wanting to be successful and making my parents, family and my friends proud and wanting to have a good lifestyle. You have to work hard if you want to achieve it.


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April 5, 2010

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April 5, 2010