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Tiffany Lue-Yen In Front of The Lens


t age 24, while most are still trying to figure out their purpose in life, Tiffany Lue-Yen is already a seasoned professional photographer. After picking up her first disposable camera at age 10, there was little doubt left in her mind that she was destined to become a photographer. This tenacious and petite young lady considers herself blessed to have found her passion in a lucrative and exciting industry where she is constantly meeting different people, such as models and celebrities. There is no coincidence why “the little girl with big camera” prefers to shoot weddings. “I started taking picture professionally in 2005 at a wedding that my aunt had coordinated”, stated the graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, “I love doing weddings, being there for a couple’s special moment and capturing it, especially when they call me back saying that the photos were wonderful, it just means so much more to me”. Unfazed by the competiveness of the industry, Tiffany manages to make her work stands out. “Jamaica is pretty small


and we have a lot of good photographers so I try to do the best that I can do with clean work and good quality, get good equipment and always trying to improve on my work”, says Lue-Yen. Admiring the works of photographers such as David Lechapelle, Mario Testino and Anni Leibovitz, Tiffany admits there is still a far way to go with her craft but nonetheless she is satisfied with her results thus far. “These guys photograph all the celebrities, their sets are creative and very elaborate, their quality is amazing and they work with interesting people”, says the talented photographer.

I believe in jumping on every opportunity you can get, never waste them, there is always opportunities within opportunity to excel in whatever it is that you do.

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April 5, 2010

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April 5, 2010