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2010 Quote of The Week What Men Think... Dating Women with Children Your News: Five Things We Are Talking About

“I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face...I say to myself, I’ve lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Book Review: On Seraph Wings

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This week we have decided to get the males involved, as we hit the streets to see what men think about dating women with children. Also, check out what is happening in our community, plus much more in this edition of Your Style eZine, where you are guaranteed to get something new and fresh every week

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What Men Think...

cover story

Dating Women With Children


ouldn’t we all prefer to have children with the one true love of our life? Truth be told, life doesn’t always go according to the way we dreamt when we were children. In today’s society there are a lot of single parents, particularly single females and the dating scene can be extremely tough, as the older you become the chances increase that you may find a partner with children. Therefore it leads us to the question, are there men in today’s society that will date women with children? This has been a buzzing topic of recent, as men fear the thought of competing with the demanding hectic schedule of a mother, while others are not prepared to compete for attention. We had a discussion with four gentlemen to get their thoughts h on dating women with children.

“ Leighton Campbell, Technical Sales Consultant “I really do not see myself dating a woman with a child, primarily because I don’t see myself raising a child that isn’t mine. Secondly, I think once two people have a child together they will always have that connection and I refuse to get myself entangled in that situation and I do not have the patience to deal with the “daddy drama”. I feel that there will always be a connection between the two parents and you can never be too sure if it has ended. ”

I am willing to date based simply on my attraction to the female, so it really doesn’t matter to me if she has children or not.

Emmanuel Hall, Web Developer

“I am willing to date based simply on my attraction to the female, so it really doesn’t matter to me if she has children or not. Life is not necessarily straightforward, so even if it is a case where she is looking to me for financial support I simply believe that if you can, then you should go ahead.”

Leighton Campbell, 24 Technical Sales Consultant

Emmanuel Hall, 29 Web Developer

I love children so dating a woman with children would not pose a problem for me.

“It varies, because I have been involved with a woman who has a son for over 10 years and we are very happy. It is very common for women to date men with children so I really don’t see the fuss about it being the other way around. If it’s a case where the woman is looking for a partner to share life with then it is fine. However, there are women who are out there seeking partners solely for the purpose of finding fathers for their children and that is where I draw the line.” Chris Wong, 34 Customer Care Representative

“I love children so dating a woman with children would not pose a problem for me. If the person is interesting then I focus on that and also the way she attends to her children is a bonus to the overall package, which can be an indication that she is a great woman.” Antonio Wilson, 31 Software Engineer

Antonio Wilson, Software Engineer your style eZine

your news

Five Things We Are Talking About


To Be or Not To Be

The Prime Ministers’ admission in parliament on May 11, 2010 that he sanctioned the hiring of US law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, has sparked a firestorm of differing opinions with many calling for his resignation on the basis that he lied to the Jamaican people. “If the JLP, which is the governing party, is so lost in the forest that it is unable to comprehend the outrage of the people and the wrong done to the state, then perhaps it is more than the prime minister who needs to resign.” – Carolyn Gomes, Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)

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Five Things

We Are Talking About 360 Degrees

Crime and violence have unfortunately been a constant blight on the face of our country for far too long, and with a murder toll of 609 as of May 11, 2010, the outlook is grim. The situation has hit home for many, with a series of seemingly unrelated attacks on Jamaican entertainers in the course of a week. For years, dancehall music has been chided by social commentators for the glorification of violence and the violent lifestyle, and the crime monster has apparently come full circle. Voicemail member O’Neil Edwards was gunned down at the entrance of his home in Duhaney Park on May 10. The following day Ewart Everton Brown, known to most as Mad Cobra, was shot in the upper body in Portmore, St. Catherine. Not long after on May 15, Everton Minott, producer of the popular Mavado song, Gal Over Gun, became the third person from the sector to be shot in just one week. “If parliamentarians, the media, the Church, community organisations, the trade-union movement and non-governmental organisations commit to solving crime and focus on doing so, we will defeat this monster,” –Portia Simpson Miller, Leader of Opposition.


Higher Learning

Fighting fire with fire, the Minister of Education recently announced that there will be no extended vacation for teachers and students after the Labour Day holiday, as a result of industrial action by teachers on May 3rd and 4th. The teachers are demanding $8 billion in retroactive pay that is owed to them. There has been a constant back and forth between the teachers and the government.


Oil Spill


Stay Conservative

Gordon Brown stepped down as Britain’s Prime Minister and David Cameron is now the man that occupies the front office. In an unprecedented general election there was no clear winner as to who should govern the country. In response to this, Cameron has formed a coalition government with Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg who is now the Deputy Prime Minister.

Earth Day as we know it is a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Coincidentally,on that day April 22, there wasan oil spill as a consequence of a blast sinking of an oil rig in the Gulf ofMexico. It has been one of the biggestoil spills in recent time by Beyond Petroleum(BP) and has posed numerous hazards to the environment, as scientists struggle to contain the five week oil spill.

“We will continue to build on the deep and abiding trust that exists between the British and American people for a very long time,” – Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State

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On Seraph Wings: Memoirs of a Country Girl by Dr. Sandra Palmer-Peart


Reviewed by Glenford Smith

n Seraph Wings: Memoirs of a Country Girl is a highly inspirational real-life chronicle of a simple Jamaican ‘country girl’, who dared to dream of making her mother proud by becoming someone extraordinary – and is doing just that.

This simply written and motivating memoir details the author’s life from her childhood days of dreaming under a star-apple tree to becoming a successful mother, entrepreneur, and university lecturer with an earned PhD. Even occasional readers will find it an easy, enjoyable and engaging book to read within a couple hours at most. The centrepiece around which Sandra Palmer-Peart has weaved a compelling life story seems to be the conviction, born from her experience, that: “No matter who you are, and what your current life circumstances may be, you can dream big, because if you can dream it you can do it, if you are willing to pay the price, and if you live in the consciousness that whatever circumstances you find yourself in, there is always an angel – a Seraph - sent to see you through.” Sandra Palmer-Peart writes in a simple, unpretentious style that evokes the feeling of having an intimate conversation with a trusted friend about deeply personal but important details of her life. No area of her life seems to be off limits as she shares more that the bare facts of her journey – she dares to bare her soul: sharing deep feelings of selfdoubt, insecurities, anger, frustration and disappointment on the one hand, and joy, confidence, courage and determination, love, tenderness and humility on the other. Readers of both genders and of every age will be emotionally touched by stories and experiences that are sure to resonate with them at some level. On Seraph Wings: Memoirs of a Country Girl is a gripping account of the triumph of resilience over adversity, of the power of perseverance to overcome challenges, setbacks, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The author relates the story of her incredulity, embarrassment, and intense feeling of disappointment at failing the nationally administered Common Entrance Examination on her first attempt, and her relief and joy at succeeding the following year. Readers will find themselves impelled to turn the next page as Sandra reveals her high school spirit of competitiveness, her devastation at not being chosen for head girl, and the outcome

of her skilful manoeuvrings to wrest the valedictorian honour from her nemesis who dared to steal her head girl dream. The absorbing accounts of her first Kingston job experience; of failing her first year at the University of West Indies (UWI), and how a miracle saved her from dropping out all together will stimulate hope, kindle optimism, and stir readers with renewed determination to keep on persevering. Her traumatic motorbike accident which nearly cost her life – and then her university dream – is a particularly poignant tale of resilience. An almost surreal account of being saved from certain rape by a complete stranger in the nick of time is a stark validation of her faith that no matter what happens, there is an angel there to help in times of desperate need. Women everywhere will especially be empowered by Sandra Palmer-Peart’s real life drama of having to deal with a failed marriage, while taking care of a young child in a foreign country. They will also draw enormous inspiration from her resolute attitude to succeed as a sales professional, and then as a female entrepreneur competing in a generally male dominated field, yet demonstrating the gutsy character to succeed against the odds. Her life changing quest to complete her PhD dissertation reads like an emotional roller coaster ride, and will provide powerful lessons in perseverance for both men and women with intellectual and scholarly ambitions. Sandra doesn’t just tell her story but also clearly identifies the important lessons she has learned along the way, perchance some readers might miss them. These lessons include the importance of thinking positively, the value of selfreliance balanced against the wisdom of asking for help when needed, the truth that every adversity has an equivalent benefit, and most importantly – that every dream has a PRICE that has to be paid before it can be realized. For the author, that PRICE is an acronymic template for success, and stands for Persistence, Resoluteness, Intrapreneurship, Commitment, and Extraordinariness. The US$22.00 price tag to purchase this thrilling Caribbean gem is very small in comparison to the inestimable inspirational value readers will get from On Seraph Wings: Memoirs of a Country Girl. Sandra Palmer-Peart has provided people of all every age, gender, calling, profession, and walk of life with a powerful reason to dream: her own life. Her fascinating life story will be a reservoir of hope and inspiration for generations of dreamers to come.

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