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november 15,2010 Accessories Women Love Let’s Eat Out Restaurant Week 2010 An Affair-Proof Relationship: Is It Possible?

Quote of The Week

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”

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- Adelle Davis

Editor’s Note Hi Readers,

It is Restaurant Week, so the question is, where will you be dining? If you are having a bit of a dilemma, Your Style presents our three picks from across the island. They are sure to help when deciding where to dine this week. Also, see why women love to accessorize their attire and much more.

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Accessories Women Love

ost women can undoubtedly recall fond childhood memories of dressing up in their mother’s or older sibling’s high heels and jewellery, and transforming the hallways into the runways of Milan. Most of us have not lost that feeling, it has merely been transformed into our love for accessorizing and getting dolled up. Though having a lot of jewellery and accessories can be a very expensive passion, it is one that many women are quite willing to pay for. Fashion accessories go beyond just pearls and diamonds, in fact they include: bags, purses, shades, belt, scarves, hats, headbands and much more. See some of this season’s must-have accessories.

COACH HANDBAG For the past number of years, Coach has radically revamped its line of products by using more colours to attract the females and it has been working, as the brand that was once on the decline h a s seen its sales skyrocket. PEACE-IS OF BIANCA This necklace line is definitely a statement maker that says “I am bold”. The line is designed by Bianca Bartley who provided exclusive pieces for our Miss Universe first Runner-up Yendi Phillipps. SCARVES It is sometimes thought that scarves are inappropriate for Jamaica because of our climate, but this is not necessarily so since there are scarves that are both practical for the Caribbean and also head-turning. A light printed scarf can turn a basic outfit into something really special.

HAIR ACCESSORIES Hair clips with veils are definitely in and can add a sweet innocent look that compliments the right outfit for church or for a party.

BELTS Every woman should have them in all different sizes, colours and shapes. They suit a pair of jeans, a skirt, a shirt or even a dress and have been the new craze for the last couple of years.

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Restaurant Week 2010


t’s that time of the year when dining out at your favourite place is definitely in; it’s Restaurant Week. In recent times, it is becoming more commonplace for Jamaicans to eat out regularly as we trend towards the lifestyle of those in the US and Europe. Nonetheless, Restaurant Week represents an opportunity to try an eatery that you would not have tried on a regular outing or you can carry out a group of friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Whatever the occasion might be, Your Style has you covered with our picks of the restaurants in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay courtesy of this year’s “Let’s Eat Out” restaurant guide. Here we feature Strawberry Hill, Miss-T’s and Twisted Kilt.

strawberry hill - Kingston Strawberry Hill combines traditional Jamaican dishes and spices with international recipes to create the “New Jamaican Cuisine”. The restaurant also offers a full vegetarian menu and on a Sunday features Kingston’s best brunch, all enjoyed with a breathtaking view. The restaurant has a variety of dinner locations, each with a unique personality – The Library Veranda and Bamboo Room for private dining and small parties, The Jade Vine Terrace and Great Lawn for weddings and entertainment, The Gold Room for conferences and multimedia meetings and the poolside and bar veranda for general relaxation and romance.

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cover story Miss T’s kitchen - Ocho Rios Bringing the Irish Pub to the North Coast, the Twisted Kilt Pub is the newest addition to Montego Bay’s Hip Strip. They toast the ladies with a nightly two for one martini special. When the clock strikes six, all ladies get their fix, is the theme between 6pm and 9pm every evening. The popular eatery has also become well renowned for its unique pizza style flat breads, the 100 percent certified Angus beef burgers, and its signature fish and chips.

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Twisted Kilt - Montego Bay In a quiet cul-de-sac off Main Street in the heart of Ochi’s bustling town centre is a welcome oasis a stone’s throw from the clock. The innovative, “Jamaican – style” cuisine of Miss T’s Kitchen combined with the rocking rhythms of Old Time Jamaican music, set the scene to bring you back to the good times. The freshly-made, crispy plantain chips, country-style roast yam and salt fish, authentic spicy jerk chicken salad and mouthwatering run down shrimp, are just a few of the delights coming out of their kitchen. Not to mention Miss T’s special oxtail and her famous curry goat and rice and peas.

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Be sure to pick up your copy of Let’s Eat Out Guide at Major Hotels and Pharmacies islandwide.

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An Affair-Proof Relationship:


he term “affair-proof ” implies that there are steps that can be taken to completely remove the possibility of infidelity in marriages or just about any relationship. There are people who cheat even when they have no obvious reason to; their partners are beautiful, interesting, intelligent, attentive, yet they find the lowest common denominator to choose to have a fling with. With the knowledge that there are no absolutes when it comes to the variable of all variables, the human being, we can take steps in our relationship that will make the chance of any infidelity on either part very unlikely.

Keep doing things together that will encourage conversation and sharing. Find common interests and use these to maintain a healthy non-romantic discourse between the two of you.

How we engage our partners is going to be very important in the course of any relationship. Bored people are usually boring and this is when the relationship could start to lose its verve. Go on regular dates with your partner; remember that it was during the initial dates and excursions that you got to know your partner. Keep doing things together that will encourage conversation and sharing. Find common interests and use these to maintain a healthy non-romantic discourse between the two of you. As the little ones come along and get bigger and careers intervene, it is more important than ever to keep the lines of communication open and fresh.

back into play. Never stop talking to your significant other. Appreciate your partner; find ways to show appreciation as frequently as possible and make sure that your relationship is at the top of the importance food chain. Have positive friends who are of the same mindset and relationship status as you are, and try to maintain the boundaries between these friendships and your relationship. At the end of it all, be open in your relationship and try to be as excited and as energetic as you were in the beginning. There is no magic wand for success but work hard at it and hope for the best. .


Sex is healthy and normal; therefore, if the frequency of sex has decreased dramatically then you may be headed for a problem. Keep the energy and the invention up; sexual interaction has probably decreased because of the amount of time spent together, so the above points will more than likely impact your sex life favourably. Stick with it and make sure to talk about any problems because communication will always be key. Look out for warning signs such as distracted behaviour and behaviour that is out of the norm. People with nothing to hide will hide nothing. At the same time, be careful not to create fantasies in your head that will blur the lines between reality and make believe. This is dangerous territory and at this point that old communication strength needs to come

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