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Take a chance for get Casting Director

At first you can introduce yourself to them by sending your head shot and resume with a cover letter telling them about yourself.

Write a personalized message on the back and put their address try to send it to them. And send one to the same casting directors every 4 to 6 weeks for as long as you know they are casting projects you could be right for it.

the casting director may give you a little feedback about how you did, and then they go on to the next scene. Because, there are many studios in Los Angeles that offer workshops where you pay to meet a casting director.

You will also find some bigger casting companies that have not only the main CDs, but several assistants. You can try to crash an audition, although that can be difficult and potentially embarrassing if you get called on it, but you can at least drop your headshot off and let them see how great you are.

11967 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 Phone 818.788.2075 Email:

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Take a chance for get director  

Your Studio Productions offer actors the good opportunity to meet casting director for develop acting skill. Contact 818.788.2075 for colle...