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Tips to maintain oral hygiene Maintaining oral hygiene not only provides you a charming smile but it can also help to maintain your self esteem and confidence. Not to mention, poor oral hygiene can affect the general health of the body. According to a recent research conducted it has been found that cardiovascular diseases have direct link with oral hygiene. Gum diseases are caused by bacteria and it can enter the blood stream and affect heart and other vital organs of the body. One can avoid serious diseases and conditions by following simple tips to maintain oral hygiene. Change your brush at regular intervals Tooth brush has to be changed within a period of 1 or 2 months. Majority of the people have a misconception that tooth brush can be used for a longer period of time or until bristles get frayed. If you do not change your toothbrush at regular interval then it means you are adding risk of getting more bacteria into your mouth. Tongue scrapper Food particles and residues on tongue cannot be removed perfectly by using a tooth brush. A tongue scrapper is the best way to clean your tongue perfectly. Residues present on tongue including sulfurous and acidic compounds can affect the teeth causing tooth decay and bad breath. Diet to avoid for white teeth There are some diets which must be avoided to get sparkling and white teeth and these include coffee, soda, red wine, etc. Even if you happen to take them, rinse the mouth immediately which will prevent staining of your teeth. Foods to be taken Fresh celery, popcorn, carrot, etc are good for teeth. These foods act as a natural brush and remove the unwanted bacteria and residue completely from the mouth. These foods can be taken as a last part of the meal especially when you lack time to brush your teeth. Floss

Make flossing as your regular habit; you can easily carry a flossing wire in your bag or wallet. Food stuck between teeth gaps is one of the main places for bacteria to breed. Floss your teeth regularly other than brushing twice a day. It is good to floss your teeth during morning as it is the time when your mouth will be flooded with bacteria. Consult dentist once in 6 months It is essential to consult dentists at least once in 6 months to maintain your oral health perfectly. You can contact experts like Snellville dentist who have years of experience in the field of dentistry. About the Author Snellville Cosmetic Dentist is expert and they take care of all your dental needs. Snellville dentist office has all the latest equipments and facilities.

Tips to maintain oral hygiene