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Ask us anything… about staying fit at 50-plus

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Say goodbye to stress If you feel you’re being pushed from pillar to post with caring commitments, looking after your grandchildren, part-time work or just juggling a busy social calendar, it’s no wonder you feel worn out at times. Beat stress by indulging in a little ‘me’ time – just 15 minutes of relaxation a day is enough to help recharge those batteries. And don’t forget to make time for a good night’s sleep which will help to destress you mentally as well as physically.

Beat the menopausal slump Combat menopausal symptoms with a few simple lifestyle changes. “Avoid foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolate that are likely to trigger or worsen hot flushes – especially in the evening if you want to banish night sweats,” says Claire Kerr, Head of Healthcare Development for Lloydspharmacy. “Feeling tired and irritable are common symptoms so combat tiredness by not snacking on sugary foods as the sharp rise in your blood glucose level will be followed by a sharp dip, leaving you feeling



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even more drained.” Instead, choose healthy, energy-boosting snacks, such as almonds and walnuts.

Tackle diabetes Now is a good time to visit your GP for a diabetes check. Alternatively, Lloydspharmacy has a free, quick and easy diabetes check-up service that enables you to find out if you are at risk and, if necessary, refer you to your GP. “There are also lots of diet and lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of diabetes,” explains Claire. “Eating in moderation, sticking to regular mealtimes and including a variety of fruit, vegetables and whole grains in your diet will all help, as will keeping your weight in check and staying active.” “If you do have diabetes, cut back on refined carbohydrates such as cakes, sweets, biscuits and sugary drinks and exercise to control your weight, lower your blood sugar and also lower your risk of heart disease which is a common complication of diabetes.


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