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September 2019


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Perspective on FDA Reporton Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) This month’s featured rescue is...

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Because we care

services spaying & neutering euthanasia dental care life stage pet care surgery

Family Care for Family Pets! ABQ PetCare is a well-established, full-service, animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic services for your pet through our in-house laboratory and several external laboratories. Our veterinarians are well experienced, so you can feel your pets are in the best care!

pet Behavior laser therapy microchipping

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Meet Bandit!

If you ever meet Bandit, he will steal your heart and take all your treats! Bandit, is always ready for the day and whatever it brings. He is well trained and very loveable and loyal. He is super photogenic and loves to strike a pose, and those eyes! Wow! In fact, follow him on Instagram


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California avocados are a key ingredient in AvoDerm® recipes because they’re packed with a lot of the nutrients that your pet needs - all in one amazing superfood. Nutrient dense with nearly 20 vitamins & minerals for overall health. Rich in Omega-6 & Omega-3 fatty acids to promote healthy skin & coat

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Pet Food Retailers Perspective FDA Report

on on

of New Mexico

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)


reetings fellow animal lovers! We share your concern about Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) as recently featured in the media. Our local group of Independent Natural Pet Food Retailers (INPFR) in New Mexico ventured into the pet food industry based on our genuine love for pets. The same caring philosophy applies to the high integrity pet food manufacturers we represent. Their commitment to formulating pet diets and sourcing quality ingredients results in a variety of healthful pet food products. To this day, we all continue to have a vested interest in the well-being of your pets. As you may know, on June 27, 2019, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement regarding DCM that has caused considerable confusion among dog (and cat) parents. We hope this document will help clarify the situation.

What is DCM? How common is it? Are there known causes? DCM is a serious, but uncommon heart condition that occurs in a genetically predisposed set of dog breeds, as well as dogs deficient in the amino acid Taurine. Over the last five years, an unknown percentage of the reported DCM cases do not specifically fit these usual DCM parameters. This type of scattered data reporting has inhibited DCM investigations. For example, approximately 10% of reported dogs have heart disease, and approximately 8% of those cases are myocardial disease, such as dilated cardiomyopathy, according to Dr. Ruth MacPete, DVM, in an article

on pethealthnetwork.com. In essence, dogs with a variety of heart issues have been lumped together in the 500 reported cases since 2014, making it difficult to differentiate between genetic DCM and this suspected newer version. It is important to note that a great deal of other, more common diseases in dogs occur in significantly higher rates than DCM. Up to 60,000 dogs are afflicted with bloat annually and experience a 30% mortality rate. Serious allergies, morbid obesity, diabetes and kidney disease affect thousands to millions of pets annually. And nearly half of dogs reaching age 10 will succumb to cancer. Many pet advocates feel these common and deadly diseases deserve much more consideration, research and preventive measures.

Do grain free diets cause DCM? According to the FDA, less than 1% out of 77 million dogs have developed DCM since 2014, meaning that 99% of dogs are consuming all types of pet food, including grain free, without any link to DCM. In fact, the FDA report states “It’s important to note that the heart-related reports include dogs that have eaten grain-free and graincontaining foods and also include vegetarian or vegan formulations. Therefore, we do not think these cases can be explained simply by whether or not they contain grains, or by brand or manufacturer.” (Q#17 REF1)

Should I change from a grain free to a grain inclusive diet? We recognize and understand how important your companion animals are to you and your family. Ultimately, it is your decision whether or not to change diets (from grain free), and we will support your decision. Our collective group of stores offer a wide variety of grain free as well as grain inclusive pet foods which are professionally formulated and manufactured utilizing universally accepted pet food manufacturing techniques as well as Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines. Our experienced in-store pet industry professionals can help select a food that will work well for your beloved pets. In addition, our retail pet food experts would be happy to help you implement a healthy rotational diet plan as well as incorporate some high protein toppings or treats that are rich in Taurine and its precursors. These types of dietary upgrades are highly recommended by one of our esteemed pet industry mentors. Board certified veterinary nutritionist Justin Shmalberg suggests these may be helpful in both reducing DCM risks and improving overall pet health. In conjunction with regular veterinary care, we all share the genuine intention of keeping your furry family happy and healthy for years to come.

Your Independent Pet Food Retailers of New Mexico Chad Autry, Bath Brush and Beyond Jeff Smith and Lisa McKitrick, Boofy’s Best for Pets Patrick and Samantha Sanchez, Jack and Rascal’s Norm Shrout and Ken Wormser, Long Leash On Life Susana Vasquez, Pet Food Gone Wild Arie Deller, Arie’s Dogland LLC Laura Moore, Critters and Me

In closing, our retail group is completely dedicated to the Lisa Boegl, Eldorado Country Pet health and well-being of your companion animals. ThankLaurie Wilson, Teca Tu fully, researchers are now studying DCM at a deeper level than ever before. As more information becomes available, Kelley Webb, The Wild Birdhouse & Pet Supplies you can be sure that your Independent Natural Pet Food Retailers will continue to learn more and help guide you in a beneficial direction.

Reference--Thank you for your time, we look forward to working with https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/animal-health-literacy/questions-answers-fda-center-veterinary-medicinesyou and your pets. investigation-possible-connection-between-diet-and

505.263.4888 www.cardinalfinancial.com



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Help pet rescues and accept tHe...

The Blue Solo Cup challenge will be receiving a $300 donation to a charity selected from our list and dinner for two at savoy Bar and Grill.






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Cat Care 101 Dr. Veronica M. Bingamon - Zia Pet Hospital Where family pets find loving care


eptember is take your cat to the vet month and a great time to think about your cat’s health care. Senior cats are no exception, they need routine biyearly physical exams and blood work to ensure they are healthy and address any medical issues before they become a problem. A senior cat is considered any cat six years of age and older. Cats are stoic animals and it can take up to several months until they showing illness. In fact, about 90% of cats over the age of 12 years old have arthritis and hurt in silence. As veterinarians, we want to provide the best medical care for your senior cat so they are comfortable in their silver years. According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), there are preventative steps that you can take to create a health plan for your senior cat. Here are 10 tips for your senior cat: Schedule Regular Wellness Physical Exam • Develop a close relationship with your cat’s veterinarian while your cat is still healthy. This will allow their doctor to get to know your cat and detect subtle changes that may indicate a health condition or disease. • Cats need to visit their veterinarian more often as they age, usually about every 6 months, even if your cat appears healthy. Please remember that 6 months in cat years is roughly equivalent to 2 years for a person and a lot can change in that time. • Yearly blood work is mandatory. Cats are at risk for developing kidney failure, hyperthyroid, diabetes and many other conditions. With early intervention, many of these conditions can be identified and managed before illness appears and too late.

• The best thing you can do for your senior cat (and dog) every year is to have an exam, blood work, x-rays and ultrasound to perform a full body assessment. This is an invaluable financial investment for the health of your feline family member! Set Your Senior Cat Up for Success at the Veterinarian • Reduce the stress of veterinary visits by getting your cat comfortable with her carrier. Make the carrier cozy with soft, familiar bedding. Spray soothing feline pheromones. This makes it easier to get your cat into the carrier on the day of your appointment. • Leave plenty of time to arrive so you are unhurried and calm. • Prepare a list of questions or concerns to ask your veterinarian at your cat’s regular check-up. Learn Your Cat’s Habits and Pay Attention to Changes • Cats are masters at hiding illness. Signs are often subtle and easily missed. • If you notice a difference in behavior, such as sleeping more or hiding, increased urinating or decrease in appetite, don’t ignore it! Speak up and tell your veterinarian. • It can be helpful to keep a diary to track of appetite, vomiting, and bowel movements. • Tell your veterinarian about any changes in your cat’s behavior even if they are minor. You know your cat and their routines better than anyone.

They’re Not Just “Slowing Down” • Slowing down is often a sign of underlying discomfort or pain. If your cat has difficulty going up or down steps, does not jump like he used to, or isn’t using the litter box, talk with your veterinarian. • Arthritis, or degenerative joint disease, dental disease are present in most older cats. Appropriate treatment can help them remain active and engaged. • Dental disease is proven to be painful and also is a constant source of bacteria circulating throughout the body. Do not fall into the misconception that “my cat is eating, they don’t oral pain” that is not true, dental disease absolutely is painful and needs to be treated. Your veterinarian will perform pre-anesthetic tests to ensure your pet is able to undergo anesthesia. • No pet should have pain and your veterinarian can be there to prescribe appropriate procedure, medications, proven supplements, laser therapy and more to make your cat comfortable. Beware of Changes in Weight • Both weight gain AND unplanned weight loss requires a visit to the veterinarian. • Weight gain can make your cat more likely to get chronic diseases and have a shortened life span. • Weight loss in senior cats is usually a sign that something is wrong. Some of the most common diseases causing weight loss – hyperthyroidism, intestinal disease, and diabetes – occur with a normal or even increased appetite. • Gradual changes in weight are hard to notice.  Monitoring your cat’s weight is one of the most important reasons for routine examinations by your veterinarian. Look When You Scoop • Are your cat’s stools softer, harder, or changing color? Is your cat defecating daily? Constipation is a common, yet under recognized sign of dehydration in older cats. If attended to early, your veterinarian can help your kitty feeling comfortable again. • Has the amount of urine in the litter box changed? Increased urine output can signal some of the most common illnesses in elderly cats including diabetes or an over active thyroid gland to kidney disease and high blood pressure. Take a “Cat’s Eye View” of the Litter Box • If your cat starts to miss the litter box and or have “accidents”  around your house, there may be a medical issue causing your cat to inappropriately urination.

• Urinary infections (UTI), constipation, arthritis, and muscle weakness are just a few of the reasons an older cat may develop litter box issues. • Your veterinarian can assess the various medical issues and help address home or environmental concerns that may be contributing to changes in your cat’s behavior. • Is the litter box easy for your elderly cat to get into (i.e. there a high step into the box)? • Does the location of the litter box make it easy for your cat to access so they don’t have to go up or down stairs? Are you scooping and cleaning the litter box often enough to keep up with that increased urine output? Is the litter gentle on your senior kitty’s paws? • The litter box is a valuable insight to your cat’s health and monitoring is essential. Know That Your Senior Cat’s needs change with age • You will need to make some adjustments in your household to accommodate your senior cat. As cats grow older, they often need extra padding and warmth for comfort, so provide soft sleeping places. Make their preferred sleeping and resting spots easily accessible by using stepping stools, ramps, and other ways to assist. At the end of the day, cats will be cats and will jump to get to places they need to go regardless of pain they may be feeling. It is best to accommodate a senior cat’s needs as they age. Know How Much Your Cat is Eating • Nutritional needs change with chronic diseases and for some healthy older cats as well. Discuss nutrition with your cat’s veterinarian and get recommendations for your cat. • Monitor food intake so you know immediately if your cat is eating less. This helps your veterinarian intervene when there are problems. Enjoy Your Special Bond • Bonds with our older companions are special and we rely on our cats as much as they rely on us.

åå • Elderly cats often crave more attention than they had earlier in life. Continue to provide physical and mental stimulation by petting, playing, and interacting with your kitty. • Help out with grooming by gently brushing or combing, and keep nails from becoming overgrown with regular nail trims. The nails of older arthritic cats sometimes overgrow into the paw pads, and this is painful. Following these tips will set your senior cat up for health success and longevity. It has become more common for cats to live into their twenty’s and that is because of how amazing and diligent cat parents are! Age is not a disease, and our senior cats deserve regular veterinary care. Do not let finances hinder you, just an exam will allow your cat to been seen and talk to your veterinarian to create a plan that can be performed over the year. Though the internet is a great source for general information, your veterinarian is the specialist and the expert in your cat’s health. If you can’t remember the last time you took your cat to the veterinarian, it’s time to make the call and take your cat to the vet! Your cat will be paw-sitively thankful!

Veronica M. Bingamon, DVM Zia Pet Hospital • 373 Unser Blvd. SE Rio Rancho, NM 87124 • www.ZiaVet.com 505-314-8024 • hospital@ziavet.com

4501 Juan Tabo NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 505-275-8311

CLEAN DOG! HAPPY DOG! WITH HEAD TO PAW GROOMING. Introducing Dog Grooming at Three Dog Bakery Albuquerque! Your pup will love our head to paw treatment! Experienced staff, great prices, and a FREE Pupcake with every service! Make an appointment today,

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ery The Bak for Dogs

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Why My CBD Shop? Educational and Self Tested At My CBD Shop we are Certified and very passionate about educating our customers on the wonderful CBD products we carry. Come in and ask any questions you may have about CBD and the health benefits it provides. Our products are all natural and made in the USA. we carry earth conscious products, Personally tested by US! the owners. We carry products for humans and pets. We have been serving Albuquerque for over 3 Years.

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At My CBD Shop we truly care about your health and your pets, we carry a lot of products that are very beneficial to your health and offering an all natural way to live a better quality of life. Visit us at www.my-cbd-shop.com.

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ZIA PET HOSPITAL Dr. Veronica Bingamon


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Where family pets find loving care Improve your pet’s quality of life with therapeutic laser therapy at Zia Pet Hospital. Laser therapy is a painless application of healing light. Commonly Treated Conditions:

REDucE PAIn. REDucE InfLAmmAtIon. REStoRE mobILIty. therapeutic Laser therapy is fast, effective and affordable!

Arthritis • Wounds • Post-Surgical Swelling • Inflamed Ears Lick Granuloma • Hip Dysplasia • Disc (Spine) Disease Lameness • Sinusitis …and many more!

fREE LASER TREATmENT with purchase of 7 packages of laser sessions. Some Restrictions may apply. Not valid with other discounts or promotions. Expires 9/30/2019.

in r abdominal pa Laser therapy fo s. feline pancreatiti associated with

e eating Ella’s spin Dr. Bingamon tr s and hip arthriti


w w w. Z I AV E T. c o m

Veterinary Emergency

& Specialty Centers Albuquerque • Santa Fe



4000 Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87109

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Phone: (505) 884-3433 • Fax: (505) 884-6679

Phone: (505) 984-0625 • Fax: (505) 984-8705

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Veterinary Specialty Referral Center

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Phone: (505) 216-3351 • Fax: (505) 984-8705

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Surgery | Internal Medicine | Dermatology Ophthalmology | Animal Behavior | Acupuncture


A New Vision In Advanced Animal Health Care

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Make your

LABOR DAaY tions reserv soon!

t e P r u o Y

ty i r o i r p t s r i f is our

! s g n i v A s


g n i m O O R g

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to serve you and your pet better

Perfect option for day trips!

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Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service, Inc. 132 Mountain Park Place NW Albuquerque, NM 87114




re you looking for a caring, dignified, and respectful way to honor your beloved companion? At Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service, Inc. we offer a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and jewelry to create the perfect

memorial for your best friend. Our caring and professional staff are ready to care for you and your family in your time of need. We offer free home removal, Equine included, in Albuquerque and Corrales (a pick-up fee is applicable outside of these areas). We also pick up and deliver, free of charge, from and to ANY veterinary clinic in our service area (charges may apply for Equine services). Our service area extends as far North as Taos, as far West as Gallup, East Mountains, as far South as Truth or Consequences, and everything in between! We also highly respect and offer discounts to our Military (both active duty and veteran) and their families, first responders, rescue and foster families, senior citizens, and more!

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I’m So Happy I Have A Champion Pet Door!! • New 3-flap system offers best protection from extreme heat and

cold, drafts, insects, or driving rain

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To serve you better, Champion Window Mfg. reservres the right to make improvements to the products. Therefore some products and product information may change. Not all Champion stores have all products. Product style maye vary from state to state. ®Champion LLC 2018

Your Beloved Companion Deserves the Best.

Feline Update www.fandfnm.org • 505-316-2281

wanting to use the litter box. Once they have lost their ability to utilize their claws to hide their droppings and urine in the litter, they lose interest in using it; and may ultimately go to the bathroom and even spray in random areas of the house. Even worse, the surgery is so invasive that it can create serious infections, as well as nerve and tissue damage, which can cause a cat to be physically impaired for life—not to mention what the pain, possible, spinal (balance) issues, lameness and deformities do to them psychologically. According to The Humane Society of the United States, the three main types of procedures to declaw cats are as follows: 1. The standard method of declawing is amputating with a scalpel or guillotine clipper. The wounds are closed with stitches or surgical glue, and the feet are bandaged. 2. Another method is laser surgery, in which a small, intense beam of light cuts through tissue by heating and vaporizing it. However, it’s still the amputation of the last toe bone of the cat and carries with it the same long-term risks of lameness and behavioral problems as does declawing with scalpels or clippers.

Paws for Claws By Diana Dorantes, MSHA, MSP Our precious little cats are actually perfectly designed, stealth-like hunters, with their superior ability to climb, jump, sense and swat prey, as well as to pounce and bite. Now that we have domesticated felines, many cat owners find ways to engage them with scratching posts or boards, cat trees, staggered wall shelves and catnip toys so they can use their skills and not get bored. Moreover, many of their physical activities in the home or yard entail using their claws to grip or bury things. They also use their paws and claws as their primary form of protection. Hopefully, your cat is not exposed to the dangers of being outdoors, which include many types of predators. Therefore, if you haven’t already, invest in several indoor cat habitats, scratching devices scattered around the house, and perhaps some toys you can fill with catnip or treats. Furthermore, switching up these items, and adding new ones occasionally, will keep your cat interested and occupied—allowing it to get the necessary mental stimulation and the exercise it needs. In particular, it is an inherent trait for cats to scratch, and most start this ‘grooming,’ stretching and strengthening habit when they are about eight weeks old. This is a good time to begin performing blunt nail trimming monthly or even weekly; and introduce appropriate scratching options, so they learn not to go for the furniture. If you are thinking about getting a kitten or cat, and wish to have them declawed in order to protect your sofa, please reconsider if you truly need one as a pet. There are so many humane, reasonable and effective alternatives to permanently removing an animal’s nails. Maybe this was the trend for our parents or grandparents, but nowadays most animal welfare organizations and veterinarians are vehemently opposed to the cruel practice of declawing. Still, there are some cat owners who insist this procedure is safe and promote it to others as “No big deal,” and claim it will not hurt the cat. This is not true, and actually puts your cat at great risk for all sorts of behavioral issues, lifelong bad habits, chronic pain and possible ambulatory issues or disfigurement. Specifically, removing their claws can actually prevent your cat from

If performed on a human being, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. 3. A third procedure is the tendonectomy, in which the tendon that controls the claw in each toe is severed. The cat keeps their claws, but can’t control them or extend them to scratch. This procedure is associated with a high incidence of abnormally thick claw growth. Therefore, more frequent and challenging nail trims are required to prevent the cat’s claws from snagging on people, carpet, furniture, and drapes, or from growing into the cat’s paw pads. Because of complications, a cat that has been given a tendonectomy may require declawing later. Although a tendonectomy is not actually amputation, a 1998 study published in the “Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association” found the incidence of bleeding, lameness, and infection was similar between tendonectomy and declawing. Finally, there is a great deal of misinformation about the dangers of cat claws. We certainly don’t want to be scratched by them, yet a cat’s bite is far more infectious. So, we must work with the behaviors centered around scratching or general aggression rather than just opt for surgery. Please, consider the alternatives to this grisly and unnecessary operation. As mentioned, make sure there are appropriate vertical, diagonal and horizontal scratching options in your house; talk to your vet or a licensed feline groomer about the soft plastic claw covers now available for cats; and if necessary, purchase the special sticky tape to dissuade your kitty from scratching up furniture. Whether you are adopting a kitten or a full grown cat, or you already have one who has developed bad habits, know that they can be trained or re-trained properly to scratch their own things and not rip up your stuff. Catnip Tip: The cardboard cat scratching platforms come is all shapes and sizes, are inexpensive and disposable as well. Most brands provide a packet or two of dried catnip to sprinkle in the grooves to entice your cat. They are highly effective for teaching your kitten or cat where to scratch and provide hours of enjoyment. Invest in more than one, and place them in different rooms. The ideal scratching post should be sisal and not carpet; sturdy, as cats won’t use wobbly cat furniture; and at least 28” to 30” high so they can fully stretch their spine when scratching.

The mission of Felines & Friends is to provide a second chance for cats and kittens so that they may be able to live out their lives in loving homes.

We’re ALWAYS happy to help with your canine, feline and wild bird needs.


Proudly serving companion animals and their people (and wild birds) in Eldorado and surrounding communities for 12 years.

7 Avenida Vista Grande • Santa Fe, NM 87508 In the Agora Shopping Center


Monday - Friday 9-6 • Saturdays 9-5

Tullivers Natural Pet Food in Santa Fe offers High-Quality

Natural Dog and Cat Food, Raw Pet Foods, Supplements,


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AWARENESS MONTH BY DR. HEDEMANN Southwest Veterinary Medical Center September is pain awareness month in both humans and animals. Many of the same things that cause pain in people cause pain in animals. The difference lies in how animals respond to pain compared to people. If you or I hurt somewhere, we can tell someone and do something about it. Our pets can’t tell us in english (or Spanish, or Portuguese, etc) that they hurt, but they can tell us something through body language. Focusing on dogs for the moment, we’ll explore the difference between acute (sudden) pain and chronic pain. For acute pain, we think of things like surgery where our job as a veterinary team is to minimize the pain associated with the procedure. Another type of acute pain would be some sort of traumatic injury. Some dogs may just show up with a little bit of a limp and let you feel the leg up and down and not show any signs. Other dogs may yelp and cry when you go to touch their leg. While these differences may be related to how bad the injury is, it can also be a difference in temperament of the dog. After an injury, the vet will assess the injury and look for subtle signs of pain in the goofy dog who may not be showing signs of pain but isn’t putting any weight on it’s foot. If there is an obviously painful area, the vet will often recommend x-rays or other diagnostic tools (e.g. ultrasound if painful in the abdomen) to look for a cause. If there isn’t a specific area of pain found, a trial of pain medication may be used to see if that helps.

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Chronic pain is a little trickier to get a grasp on for some people. One of the most common causes of chronic pain in dogs is arthritis. As this often starts to show up as the dog gets older, many people just assume any changes in their four-legged friend are related to aging and slowing down. Things like having more difficulty getting up in the morning are sometimes just accepted, but is likely due to chronic arthritis. Signs to look for in your dog that may be related to chronic pain include stiffness, general comfort, and their attitude. A once playful dog who seems to resent his younger housemate of many years may just be too sore to play. Some dogs may whine or groan either at rest or when asked to move. As with an injury, we can trial pain medication to see if that helps. While medications may only be needed in the short term for an injury, something like arthritis usually needs some form of management for the rest of the dog’s life. There are many different kinds of drugs that can be used alone or in combination to make our dogs more comfortable. We are also happy to recommend other forms of pain management such as acupuncture or physical therapy to try and keep the drugs at a minimum. If you think your dog is painful or may have some arthritis, please contact our office for an appointment to discuss your concerns with one of our vets. We want your dog to live a long, happy, comfortable life.

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The dangers of foxtail grass to your dog by Lisa fuLcher Prairie Dog g rooming Foxtail grass or “foxtails”, although innocent looking, can be dangerous or even fatal to your dog. The barbed seed heads of the foxtail weed can work their way into any part of your dog (or cat), from the nose to between the toes, inside the ears, eyes and mouth. They can even dig their way directly under the skin. The danger of foxtails can be more than a simple irritation. The seeds of the weed don’t break down inside the body; therefore, an embedded foxtail can lead to a serious infection or can be fatal if not treated. The foxtails can travel through your dog’s nose to the brain. They can also be inhaled through the nose and could possibly cause serious condition such as a perforated lung.

It is important to notice if your dog seems to be licking their paws more frequently or if you notice any open sores or redness and swelling. Another sign to watch for is if they are shaking their head or scratching at their ears. This could possibly be a sign that a foxtail is lodged within the ear. As a groomer, we see many dogs that come to the shop with foxtails, which have often been undetected by their humans. Sometimes they are just impossible to see unless you are clipping the coat down. Foxtail season is usually May through December. Some important steps you can take to prevent your dog’s exposure to foxtails are: • Try to keep any foxtail grass/weed out of the yard. • Avoid walking your dog where there might be tall grass or weeds. • Frequently check your pet, especially in the “arm pit” area, ears, corners of the eyes, toes and pads of feet, mouth and genital area. • If your dog has longer coat you may want to consider a shorter length during the warmer season. As always, if you suspect your pet may have a foxtail issue, consult your vet immediately so that they can access the situation. Have a safe and amazing rest of your summer and enjoy your fur babies.

“Homes for Dogs” National Adoption Weekend SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2019 10:00AM-3:00PM

On September 28th Coldwell Banker Legacy is joining hundreds of Coldwell Banker offices and animal shelters around the country for the Coldwell Banker

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Casas de Guadalupe


asas de Guadalupe is a small enclave of lovingly restored historic adobe casitas located off the Santa Fe Plaza. Originally constructed in the 1940’s, using traditional adobe methods, you will sense the charm and enchanting history of the area while enjoying all the modern amenities in one of our twelve unique and beautifully restored casitas. Whether you are here for a family vacation, romantic get-away, personal retreat or for business, you will find Santa Fe is a great destination full of friendly faces and unparalleled natural beauty. Pet and family approved! Enjoy one of our twelve, authentically decorated, Santa Fe vacation rentals at Casas de Guadalupe. Originally built in the 1940’s around the time when Georgia O’Keepfe moved to New Mexico, Casas de Guadalupe was constructed using traditional adobe building methods to create 12 detachable dwellings, each with a private entrance. Today each casita has been lovingly restored with all the modern amenities surrounded by the southwestern ambiance of wooden vigas, serene portals, and kiva fireplaces. Each casita offers a unique experience. One and two bedroom casitas sleeping anywhere from one to six individuals. Located three blocks from Santa Fe Plaza, in the heart of the historic district, guests can enjoy overnight stay with family and friends. Enjoy the brilliant azure sky and feel the inspiring soul of the city as you walk, literally only minutes, to the legendary Santa Fe plaza, the railyard district, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and many art galleries, dining and events. Artist pleasures and cultural adventures abound in Santa Fe all year long. Casas de Guadalupe casitas are just a short drive to the Santa Fe ski basin, the art galleries of Canyon Road, and the Santa Fe Opera. Our casitas are located in close proximity to one another, making it perfect for large family gatherings. Why stay in hotel, when you can stay in a home? The word “Casita” in Spanish means “Little House”. Different from a Santa Fe hotel, our casitas radiate warmth, provide a fully furnished home away from home, and welcome visitors to explore “The City Different” and New Mexico’s enchanting history. Let us help with your arrangements and prove our commitment to personal service. Contact Casas de Guadalupe, or book online http://santafe-vacationrentals.com Each Casita has a private patio with an enclosed Coyote fence making it safe for your family dog to enjoy the great outdoors, while sneaking peaks of guests as they pass by. So many guests leave the front door open and allow their pets to sit on the patio and enjoy the view. Santa Fe is a walkable city with its adobe architecture, delicious restaurants, top shelf museums, beautiful arts and crafts displayed on sidewalks by local artisans, and displays in every window along the beautiful Santa Fe Plaza. What dog wouldn’t want to take a walk! Santa Fe is pet friendly and you’ll see many people walking with their best friends by their sides. Dishes of water line the streets for our four

legged friends, and people stop and say hello! There’s a dog under most ever bench on the plaza! Several restaurants and shops allow dogs inside, but those that do not usually have a place to allow your pet to rest for a few minutes. Guests enjoy morning and evening walks along Alameda, just a block from the casitas. Park benches and beautiful grass line the street along the arroyo. There are many restaurants that have patios and are pet friendly and welcoming right in the area – Macalicious, The Shed, Tune Up Café, Fire & Hops, Cowgirls, The Teahouse just to name a few!

Casas de Guadalupe Sa n t a Fe Va c at i o n R e n t a l s

Why stay in hotel, when you can stay in a home?


njoy one of our twelve, authentically decorated, Santa Fe vacation rentals at Casas de Guadalupe. Originally built in the 1940’s around the time when Georgia O’Keepfe moved to New Mexico, Casas de Guadalupe was constructed using traditional adobe building methods to create 12 detachable dwellings, each with a private entrance. Today each casita has been lovingly restored with all the modern amenities surrounded by the southwestern ambiance of wooden vigas, serene portals, and kiva fireplaces. Each casita offers a unique experience. One and two bedroom casitas sleeping anywhere from one to six individuals. Located three blocks from Santa Fe Plaza, in the heart of the historic district, guests can enjoy overnight stay with family and friends. Enjoy the brilliant azure sky and feel the inspiring soul of the city as you walk, literally only minutes, to the legendary Santa Fe plaza, the railyard district, the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and many art galleries, dining and events. Artist pleasures and cultural adventures abound in Santa Fe all year long. Casas de Guadalupe casitas are just a short drive to the Santa Fe ski basin, the art galleries of Canyon Road, and the Santa Fe Opera. Our casitas are located in close proximity to one another, making it perfect for large family gatherings. Why stay in hotel, when you can stay in a home? The word “Casita” in Spanish means “Little House”. Different from a Santa Fe hotel, our casitas radiate warmth, provide a fully furnished home away from home, and welcome visitors to explore “The City Different” and New Mexico’s enchanting history.

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