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! l a c L e r ’ e W ing pets since 2006 Help

og D Y I D t Bes in Town! Wash

: u o Y o t s t n e m it Our Comm s

Competitive Price y Program lt a y o L g in v a -S t s Co ate Staff n io s s a p m o C & t Competen lection e S t c u d ro P e iv s Comprehen

Daisy, 2000-2015

9800 Montgomery NE (at Eubank) Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: (505) 299-8800 Mon-Fri: 10-7 / Sat-Sun:10-6

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Dogs Coolerduring HotterWeather Keeping

By Norm Shrout

It’s that time of year when the mercury creeps up toward triple digits. Our canine best friends need our help to keep cool and summertime safe. First, look at Fido’s food. Being genetically similar to wolves; a healthy canine diet is a hydrating canine diet. Dry food alone can dehydrate dogs and increase their risk for heat-related stresses. Just like an automobile low on radiator fluid is prone to overheating, so is a dehydrated dog. Moist format foods, including home-made, raw, canned and refrigerated pet food as well as (reconstituted) dehydrated and freeze-dried food can better help maintain a pup’s hydration in the long haul. Another heat consideration is a dog’s body weight. The extra insulation from unnecessary body fat will not help keep Fido cool in summer, but can interfere with breathing (i.e., panting to cool himself down), and contribute to a variety of other serious health consequences. Another potential overheating contributor is a dog’s permanent fur coat. Consistent brushing and de-shedding removes excess coat. Together with regular baths, this can help keep the skin/coat healthier and keep your dog cooler. If considering shaving your dog, consult with a breed specialist or your vet as some breeds actually stay cooler with a full coat. Next, look at your dog’s overall health. Are they conditioned well enough for summer activities? If your dog is brachycephalic (short-nosed) use caution; these breeds have a lower exercise and heat tolerance. Nowadays, plenty of summeroriented puppy paraphernalia can help keep Fido comfortably cool and safe. Sunscreen for noses and light-skinned dogs can extend the quantity of time outdoors. Booties, visors, sunglasses, cooling-collars and evaporative-cooling vests can all add to the intensity of summertime fun.

To escape the hottest temperatures, restrict activities to early morning or late evening. Shade is a must, along with frequent dog-wetting opportunities. Many dogs enjoy a hose-down or a dip in a kiddie pool. Keep in mind, it is not recommended to leave dogs unattended near a pool or body of water, regardless of how skilled they might be at swimming. Each time you venture out into the heat; bring water enough for both of you. Frequent, small drinks can help keep you both hydrated. Also, try drinking prior to your adventure; the majority of dogs enjoy chilled chicken broth or goat’s milk as an adventure appetizer. Once outside, avoid hot surfaces, like concrete and asphalt, which can seriously burn a dog’s feet. When traveling, it is not recommended to transport loose dogs in the open-air back of a truck, (it’s actually illegal in many cities, including Albuquerque.) Perhaps, most importantly, a dog should never be left in a vehicle at any time while the ambient temperature ventures above 60 degrees. Learn the symptoms of heat stroke and work to prevent it. Heavy panting, drooling, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and seizures can indicate a potentially dangerous problem from over-heating. By knowing your dog’s normal body temperature (approximately 101), you can take quick action if it deviates a bit above normal. Offering chilled treats, like dog-appropriate frozen yogurt and cool water can help reduce their internal temperature. Wetting their fur with cooler water, applying ice packs to their groin, or applying isopropyl alcohol to their paw pads can help cool them externally. Always be ready to rush them to the vet if their symptoms don’t improve or if their temperature stays high. In sum, when you educate yourself about the potential dangers of heat, take the necessary heat-related precautions and apply pet-parenting common sense, you can more safely enjoy a plethora of outdoor summer exploits with your favorite canine companions. What are you waiting for…let’s get out there! @yourpetnm


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Fleas,Ticks, Mosquitoes‌

OH By Jeff Smith & Lisa McKitrick


he arrival of summer generally means the arrival of something else in our lives: BUGS. Although Albuquerque’s dry desert climate means we aren’t subjected to the massive numbers of insects (particularly fleas and mosquitoes) that commonly infest other parts of the country, there are still enough around to annoy us and our pets. Unfortunately, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can be more than just annoyances -- they can transmit serious or even life-threatening diseases to companion animals and humans. Lyme disease, heartworm, ehrlichiosis, tapeworm, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and plague are just some of the diseases transmitted by insect bites, and these diseases are on the rise. In fact, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of cases of diseases transmitted by ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes has TRIPLED in the United States within the last 15 years. So how do we keep these insects away from our animals? Repellents vs. Insecticides


called permethrin. These work by causing distress to insects when they land or climb onto your pet. The chemical is thought to cause a burning sensation, which causes the insect to leave your pet alone. You can find lotions, shampoos, sprays, and collars made with permethrin. Natural repellents are typically essential oils that insects find unappealing, including citronella, cedar oil, peppermint oil, and others. These are often used in combination as active ingredients, and can also be found in lotions, shampoos, sprays, collars, and spot treatments. Natural repellents work by encouraging insects to never land on your pet in the first place.

The second major type of insect control products are insecticides. These include some of the most popular spot treatments, flea collars, and prescription tablets in use today. The most common active ingredients include fipronil, deltamethrin, dinotefuran, imidacloprid, indoxacarb, permethrin, pyriproxifen, and selamectin. These toxic chemicals are also often used in insect sprays and roach baits. For example, fipronil is one of the most common ingredients used in roach baits. These treatments work by killing insects, which is great when you are dealing with an There are two major type of insect control products available to pet infestation and need a quick solution. However, the downside is that parents: repellents and insecticides. Repellents work by keeping in order to get the active ingredient into the insect, it has to bite your bugs from ever biting your pet in the first place. There are several pet. This is not an effective way to stop the spread of insect-borne types of repellents. Chemical repellents use an active ingredient diseases, since diseases can still be spread with a single bite. Continued on page 11

pet food

rio rancho

gone wild

Get your pets Wild about their Pet food! Hello Everyone! It’s Pet Food Gone Wild! Your family-owned pet food store (only in Rio Rancho). We wish to take this moment to share with you a little bit about our furry family, and hopefully we can meet yours at our store one day soon! We have four amazing pups that we absolutely LOVE. If you don’t believe me, I’m here to tell you that they have four pup-beds, and a whole sofa to relax or sleep on whenever they wish; in addition to mom and dad’s bed, they have an extra sofa in our living room. They have all been rescued, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s our 11-year old, Hercules; 7-year old, Maximus; 7-year old, Leopoldo; and 5-year old, Lola. I’m sure you can imagine who rules the roost at home. We do all that we can to keep them safe and healthy; we do believe that these furry companions of ours are family members. Many of you can attest to this . . . we get greeted at the door with so much excitement; and when we don’t feel well, they wish to be at our side in hopes of making us feel good again. Then there are the wiggles, kisses, and hugs that are definitely irreplaceable— at least that’s what we believe. All of these loving gestures that our pets give to us, it’s because the only thing they know is unconditional LOVE. This is what drives us to to try to keep them as healthy as possible, and we do it through great nutrition, supplements, and exercise. Hmm . . . someone said the same thing to me not so long ago but it was a human, lol. (I need to keep that in mind). Of the four, all but one are special-needs. What we mean by that, is that we do a bit extra for the three who are special-needs due to allergies, hip displaysia, chronic yeast infection, terrified of loud noises, and advanced age.

It’s not difficult to contribute to their diet some amazing all-natural supplements, that have been very good for their health. For allergies, we try to keep a grain-free and potato-free diet. For the hip displaysia, we use a variety of hip and joint supplements that help with pain. For the fear of the sound of fireworks and thunder, we give calming supplements; these help keep them from freaking out when those sounds are going strong, and so far, so good with all of them. Now that the weather is very hot, we do a bit more to keep them cool as well as safe from the heat and other elements. A couple of tips: we do not leave our pups in the hot car; and when going for walks, make it very early or very late, as asphalt can get very hot very quickly. As far as water goes, we have five bowls everywhere for them. Since they depend on us, we do all we can for them.

Self -Serve Dog Wash! We have 3 very convenient bath stations. No more bending over to bath them or getting your bathroom dirty…..come bathe your pup and Leave the Mess to us! Our stations are open M-F 10am-5:30pm, Sat9-5pm and Sun 11-3pm. So, if you’re in the neighborhood stop by and see what we have for your furry companions. You will always be greeted with a smile and if you have any questions we will always try to assist you in your pets needs.

Your Truly Susana , Owner & the PFGW

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Shiva! July 2018 At Your Pet Magazine our mission is to be the dog owner’s guide to information regarding events, lifestyles, trends, and wellness throughout the Albuquerque metro, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe areas. Your Pet Magazine is a free publication. Publishers Joe Guiles David Lansa

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Your Pet memorandums JoJo 1/11/2003 ~ 12/10/2016 NMDOG CoFounder, Mascot, SoulDog, Partner, Teacher, Best Friend & SoulDog.


oJo was rescued from his chain in 2004 by NMDOG Founder/Director, Angela Stell. That began the foundation of the work for NMs chained & Forgotten Dogs, that is known today as NMDOG. JoJo spent the next few years grooming Angela for rescue & as she explains...taught her all she knows about dogs. In 2010, NMDOG was formed. JoJo played an active part in daily operations, field rescues, in the direct rehabilitation of many dogs & so much more. Together, Angela & JoJo have brought the of plight chained & Forgotten Dogs to the forefront of animal welfare in NM. JoJo also held the very important job of pack leader to his canine brothers & sisters & very best friend to Angela. In 2015 at the age of 12, JoJo retired from daily operations but he remained very active as the NMDOG Mascot & in his many behind the scenes duties. Also in 2015, JoJo was honored as the APNM Milagro Awards “Animal Hero” winner for his exceptional intelligence, courage & for his lifetime of service to the Forgotten Dogs of NM. JoJo passed away in December of 2016...leaving a hole in Angela’s heart & a void in her life. Yet his spirit lives on each day in the important, lifesaving work of NMDOG, as their Mission continues. Thank you for your service, were the the Best. Dog. Ever.

Your Pet is special. learn about Your Pet Memorandums only $99/mo visit for more information and online order details.

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continued from page 5

Another more alarming downside is that in order to get the insecticide into the insects, you must first put the insecticide inside your pet, either through ingestion or absorption through the skin. In fact, the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for products containing fipronil instructs you to not allow contact with skin due to the chance of causing seizures! If fipronil is known to cause seizures in humans through skin contact, why would you ever want to put it on your pet’s skin, much less apply it once a month as many of these products recommend? At Boofy’s, we offer many natural alternatives for concerned pet parents who want to minimize the risk of insect-borne diseases without using chemical repellents or insecticides. Our products include sprays, shampoos, spot treatments, powders, and supplements that can be used individually, or in combination for increased strength and effectiveness. We also carry non-toxic products such as cedar oil and diatomaceous earth powder for treating bedding, play areas, and outdoor areas in order to keep insects away from your home and yard. We do not carry any toxic chemical products due to the health risks these can present to your companion animals. Other helpful tips: While insect repellents do their job well, you can also reduce the likelihood of appearance of insects in the environment through frequent vacuuming or washing of carpets and bedding, and eliminating areas of standing water, trash, and organic debris such as fallen leaves or dead vegetation. The health and quality of skin and coat can also be a key factor in how attractive your pet is to insects. Damaged or diseased skin can alert insects to a potential feeding opportunity. A good diet which includes high quality proteins and well-balanced oils, and no irritating ingredients such as poor quality fillers, chemical preservatives, or food colorings goes a long way towards improving skin and coat quality, and reducing attractiveness to insects. As always, you can count on the experts at Boofy’s to help find quality foods and treats for your companion animals to help keep them in good health.

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email: / Mike Montoya (Manager)

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What’s it like to... Befriend an exotic creature


by Monica poMpeo hen I walked thru the door into Desert Reef and Exotics, I left behind daylight, humdrum, and dehydration. I literally entered another realm: a wild, watery world populated by feathery, finned, and furry creatures of unusual persuasion. In spite of the fact that each is living in decidedly separate ecosystems, there was, nevertheless, a sense of unison that gave the place a very high vibe, indeed. A dark-green mural filled with entwining vegetation covers the walls; simultaneously conjuring the mystery of the sea, as well as the spirit of a river, its bank alit with twinkling fireflies. After I accepted shop-owner, J.T.’s invitation of a guided tour, we embarked upon a journey as he casually, yet ceremoniously, introduced me to what can only be described as a labor of love. An enormous, convex salt-water aquarium commands the center of the shop. Within the glass walls of this miniature ocean, a variety of fantastical fish, some striped, others polka-dotted, and even a queen (Angel Fish) wearing a tiara, all thrive in harmony. And

when, like a maestro, J.T. signaled that it was feeding time, the entire zany school swam to the precise point where he delivered miniscule, reddish flakes which were instantly devoured. When I inquired as to why there were separate living quarters for King Kamfa Flowerhorns and Convict Cichlids, I was assured that it had nothing to do with conflicting social status, but rather it was because all Kings would make a certain meal of any Convict caught swimming in royal territory. Nearby, another smaller salt-water tank housed gorgeous, vertical, multi-colored living reef that swayed gently in the water, rhythmically dancing to oceanic music. Along the way there were sightings of whimsical Seahorses, a Tarantula, one beautiful and very yellow Banana Snake, as well as a luxurious Chinchilla, whom I christened, Chanelle. A couple of sweet Chameleons were hanging-ten in a mini jungle that included an automatic water mister. While the light rain did appear divine, it’s more about survival than comfort. Chameleons cannot sense any water that is standing still. They also absorb droplets of water aimed in their direction via a hand-held spray bottle. A small, delicate, and somewhat trans-










P 14 

C Your pet Magazine | @yourpetnm

parent egg that encased a shark embryo was brought to my attention. It’s something that anyone with a keen interest can take home in order to oversee the eventual hatching of a baby shark (within a properly prepared salt-water tank, of course). In one corner of the shop, J.T. stopped in front of a pen that housed several lovely rabbits; he bent down over the siding and lifted, not a bunny, but rather, a sleek, dark-winged duck named Daphne. After he spent a few minutes fawning over her, which she seemed to relish, he placed her back down among her furry friends. Assistant manager, Gayle waited on a variety of customers while my tour continued. I caught a glimpse of Gayle boxing up (separately) not only a long, gray snake, but also a slithering Iguana for regular customer, Jynisis, who purchased both to use for her at-home, reptile-breeding business. Gayle is clearly devoted to all tenants of the shop; and, not so coincidentally, she has quite the penchant and skill for nursing ailing creatures back to health. Be it bearded dragon or tiny mouse, Gayle keeps he or she with her 24/7 until it has fully recovered.

Among her daily duties, Gayle chops up fresh cucumbers, carrots, and kale; she then serves the green-n-orange concoction to all herbivores and omnivores, with nary a complaint from the carnivorous lizards who aren’t served a salad with their dinner. The tour began to wind down, but not before we acknowledged some Turtles (who require mostly water to survive), as well as gave a quick hello to fellow Testudines (Tortoises) who prefer to dwell on land; several slimy frogs were respectfully greeted as well. Desert Reef has all the equipment and accessories required to help anyone set up either fresh or salt-water aquariums at a residence, business or private studio. Once installed, prepared, and populated, an aquarium transforms any space into an exotic paradise. Inhabited aquariums are at once both exciting and soothing to the soul. I’m going to suggest having an aquarium installed at the salon where I get my weekly pedicure. Additionally, aquariums are a musthave for any sushi joint wishing to be taken seriously. For any and all who are interested in befriending a precious, precarious pet (or two), who doesn’t require aquarium water or filtering equipment, there are variations of darling Reptiles, Lagomorpha, and other critters who dwell among and in-between the foliage at Desert Reef and Exotics. Photos courtesy of Pfeiffer Photography.

Desert Reef and Exotics 940 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112 (505) 717-1542


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Sunday, June 10th from 10:00-11:00am Sunday, June 10th from 1:00-2:00pm Wednesday, June 20th from 6:00-7:00pm Saturday, June 23rd from 9:00-10:00am Thursday, June 28th from 6:00-7:00pm

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Meet the Greyhounds @ Boofy’s Best for Pets with Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. April 14

UNM Wolf Fest @ UNM Campus April 21


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Mutt Strutt / May 12 Photos by Allen Winston


your event @yourpetnm

Los Ranchos Art Market & Pet Parade May 19



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does yo u r dog suffer




O by lisa fulcher


t’s that magical time of the year. The flowers and trees are in bloom, the grass is turning green and allergies are in full force. Unfortunately, allergies can attack our beloved dogs and leave us feeling quite helpless. There are several factors that may contribute to your dog’s allergy problems. The cause may be environmental, food allergies or dermatitis which is causes by fleas. Whatever the cause, it can be very frustrating to figure out what is actually the culprit of your dog’s allergies. Although any breed of dog can suffer from allergies, terriers, flat faced breeds such as pugs, bulldogs, and Boston Terriers seem to be more susceptible. By paying attention to several factors, there may be several things that you can do to fight the symptom of allergies. Does your dog become itchy after taking a walk? Do you notice if your dog has digestive issues after eating (i.e. vomiting or diarrhea) or if you have a


Your pet Magazine | @yourpetnm

O flea issue does your dog itch to the point of making himself bleed? The environment can have a huge factor on allergies. If your dog seems instantly affected by a walk or coming in from outside consider wiping him off with a damp cotton cloth or a hypoallergenic wipe. You may also want to rinse his feet off with a mild soap or vinegar to reduce any allergens he may have picked up on his feet while outside. Also a bath with a mild or hypoallergenic shampoo may help. Always use caution with frequent baths as it may dry the skin. Figuring out if you dog has food allergies can be somewhat challenging. If you are noticing his stomach seems to be in distress after eating than your dog could possibly have food allergies. Food allergies can also manifest themselves in conditions such as skin irritations or chronic ear infections. If you suspect your dog may have

a food allergy, try switching the protein of their food. For example, if they are eating a food with a main ingredient such as chicken, try a beef, duck or fish ingredient. It may take a bit, but by eliminating possible allergic proteins, you may find a more agreeable diet for your dog. Prevention is the best treatment for allergies caused by fleas. Stat by talking to your vet about a good flea control program. Remember it can take as little as one flea to give your dog dermatitis. Also one dog can transfer fleas to another dog so checking periodically for fleas is important. In any of these cases it is best to check with your veterinarian to see what course of action should be taken. In some cases your veterinarian may be able to prescribe medications to alleviate your dog’s allergies. Best wishes for a happy and healthy spring and summer season.




Prairie Dog Grooming 1419 Eubank Blvd. NE Albuquerque 505-292-4270 / Lisa Fulcher, Owner

we treat all

pets like family.

“YOUR PET, OUR PASSION” 656 Camino Del Pueblo, Bernalillo, NM / 505.867.2632 Open: Mon-Fri 6:30am-10pm Sat 7am-9pm Sun 8am-7pm

Custom Haircut ∕ Hand Scissoring / Hand Drying We Use Playpens / 3-4 Hour Turnaround Time Grooming By Appointment Extra Care & Attention Open 7 Days 2525 Madison St NE DOGGie DeN GrOOmiNG

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& BOarDiNG


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5700 4th St. NW Suite C / 505.342.1876 / Lois Landavazo


Full-Service Pet Grooming at Your Doorstep since 2004! Bath & Brush also available Linda Simon, Owner / Pet Stylist Call for appointment 505-342-5766


Get LOBO Pet Gear.


different styles to ! rom choose f

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Officially licensed New Mexico Lobos Pet gear.


Now available at these local pet suppliers: Long Leash on Life, Pet Food Gone Wild, Boofy’s Best for Pets, TLC Pet Hospital, Animal Humane, Vet-Co, Petland and many more locations in New Mexico.

Wolf photography provided by Wolf participants, Angel & Bindi provided by Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue.


BAXTER CAPE is a sweet, gentle senior boy who longs to spend his golden years in a loving home with his best friend, NMDOG RAINA & a family to call their very own.

BAXTER RAINA has found the love of her life here at NMDOG, sweet little ol BAXTER CAPE. She dreams of a home where they can grow old together. RAINA & BAXTER CAPE are available for foster or adoption together ~ their adoption fees have been sponsored.


AUTUMN wants to be the only dog in your life & she promises to give you the love of 10 dogs in return. Snuggly, silly, affectionate, & kind....AUTUMN is a dreampuff & she has been patiently waiting for the perfect forever home. AUTUMN is also in need of a foster home.


NMDOG rescues dogs from the end of chains, cruelty cases & neglectful situations. At NMDOG its all about the dogs, their journey to forever & setting them up for success! Every NMDOG receives a full medical & behavioral clearance prior to placement. Each dog is spayed or neutered, current on all vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, heartworm tested (-) & on year round preventative. All NMDOG adoptions include a 7 wk obedience class to get everyone started off on the right paw. NMDOG backs their dogs for life..”Once an NMDOG, always an NMDOG” & when you adopt or foster for NMDOG, you become part of the family. Join our amazing team today, become a treasured foster guardian or a forever guardian angel to one of our awesome dogs in need. Visit the website to learn more.

tha and scr it i a g wo wa live hea Th (Hu tiat and ga ent

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Skin Care by daniel levenson, dvm

S out hw es t Vet erinary M edi c al Cent er

Just like people, there are lots of dogs (and some cats) out there that really look forward to the warm weather and blue skies.


e all know about keeping our pets cool and well hydrated in the heat, but I want to talk about keeping the skin healthy as well. So here are some things to watch for as the sun gets hotter and the temperature gets warmer. Most of what is mentioned goes for both dogs and cats, but really the numbers are higher for dogs for a few reasons: many of our cats stay safely indoors, if they do go out they tend to avoid the direct sun in the heat of the day, and most cats have a denser coat than dogs. That coat protects most (but not all) of their body from UV damage. The first obvious problem is direct sun. It’s pretty logical, really, but doesn’t always dawn on us till it’s too late. We live at 5000 feet or more which puts us closer to the sun than, say on the coast. Plus we are known for our cloudless, beautiful sunny days – over 310 days per year. Now, add to that a dog with a very short hair coat that is white

or light colored and it can be a problem. White or pink skin is very susceptible to sun damage and can result in “precancerous” lesions or sometimes even true malignant cancers on the skin. Light skin or light-colored cats are very susceptible to sun damage but usually on areas with less fur – like the nose, tips of the ears, or sometimes the eyelids. Be very careful if you have a dog with a thin coat and white skin who likes to sunbathe. And some do! Dalmatians, Boxers, Pit bulls and Pit bull crosses are the ones we most commonly see. Sometimes yellow Labradors and Rhodesian ridgebacks are in that sunbathing group. Make sure you have lots of shade for them during the day. If your dog likes to lie in the sun, you may have to take extra precautions like keeping them indoors during the worst heat of the day or maybe using some sunscreen. I have even suggested t-shirts on certain dogs during the day if you just can’t stop the sun worshipping. Please talk to your veterinarian if you think your dog or cat is at risk or if you find changes in the skin that look like a problem. In the more agricultural or semi-rural parts of the city we also have to worry about parasites. Of course most of know to look for fleas and ticks and there are lots of things on the market to help with that. But there are other bugs too. “Fly strike” is a

problem we see with dogs outside during the day, usually around livestock but not always. The flies will bite the tips of the ears and generally it is dogs with ears that stand up away from the head (German Sheppard’s, Huskies, etc..). The dogs are really uncomfortable and you’ll find crusts and/or scabs on the tips or edges of the ear flaps. This can be easily treated and prevented with fly repellant if you can’t bring the dogs inside. Another insect problem is the cuterebra larvae or botfly. This large fly lays eggs at the burrow of small mammals and then the eggs attach to the fur of dogs, cats, rabbits or any warm mammal that comes by. The larvae migrate through the body and emerge just under the skin where they form a bump with a hole they made to breathe through. They are not life-threatening unless they die or rupture under the skin; so have them removed very carefully by your vet. This is a common problem in the Corrales area where we have more open yards and lots of rabbits and burrowing animals. So go out and have fun this summer! Check your pets over really well and if you find any lumps or bumps that seem abnormal to you, don’t hesitate to bring them to your veterinarian’s attention. A quick response will hopefully result in a better outcome.





• • • • • •


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Wish to own a unique pet, which is overloaded in cuteness and needs pure motherly care? Potbellied pigs are very intelligent. Pot bellied pigs are social, fun to play with and trainable. They adapt very well to children, other pets and to the environment.

Auto Glass Services, Inc.


Multiple Colors / Males Are Neutered / Potty Trained Starter Pack Included / Lifetime Support / Call 505-492-3718 RANCH OF THE LITTLE HEARTS

Southwest Veterinary Medical Center is proud to serve Corrales, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque Westside, North Valley and surrounding areas.

Auto Glass Services, Inc. (AGS) is a family owned local business established in Albuquerque in 1987. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:

• Mobile Service • Insurance approved • Auto & Truck glass • All glass needs • Automotive window tinting • Rock chip repair.



6201 Copper NE Albuquerque, NM

Call to schedule an appointment

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

10141 Coors Blvd NW Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87114

(505) 890-8810

505-604-5104 / Licensed, Insured and Bonded






1000 OFF


• Waterfalls

Sprinkler Installation & Repairs Fertilizing Services • Weekly Maintenance Programs • Power Raking • Landscape Consultant & Design • Planting & Sodding • Xeriscaping • Pond Installation & Maintenance • Retaining Walls • Sprinkler Start-up • Low-Voltage Lighting • CONTRACTS AVAILABLE • •


On purchase of $5000 or more. MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF SIGNED AGREEMENT. With this coupon only. Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 7/31/18.



Planned Pethood de Juarez Low cost, or free spay and neuter in Juarez, Mexico to address the very tragic pet overpopulation. Limited rescue of small dogs. The primary focus of PPHJ is to spay and neuter for no cost, as many dogs and cats as funding will allow. To go to the heart of the problem to end the suffering of 1000’s of Juarez’s abandoned street dogs and for families who have no access to vet care for their pets. We will go into the communities that have no veterinarian services and provide sterilization of dogs and cats to stop the endless cycle of endless litters of puppies and kittens being born into starvation and suffering. We will continue to do some direct rescue through our rescue partner, Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico, on a limited basis.



501c3 Planned Pethood De Juarez was started as the result of 15 years of working together to do small street dog rescue from Juarez, Mexico to ABQ. New Mexico. We are now working on providing very low cost spay and neuter for people who have limited access to veterinarian care and spay and neuter clinics to stop the large surplus of pet overpopulation and street dog suffering. PPHJ does some small dog rescue with our partner organization Lap Dog Rescue of mainly low shedding, healthy small dogs. All dogs rescued are completely vetted and healthy prior to transport. A nonprofit dedicated to spay and neuter in Juarez, Mexico, to do our part in ending the intense suffering of 1000’s of unsterilized dogs-to end the cycle.

Email: phone: 505-980-8540 @plannedpethooddejuarez



Summer Pet Fun & Safety Tips by anne lambert

Summer, what a wonderful time of year! Just the name brings about visions of bright sun, pools, bikes, hiking and camping. It is, undeniably, a time for outdoor activities. Many people include their dogs in their activities. When you know you’re going to be outside for the majority of the day, it’s quite common to grab some sunscreen, a bottle of water and a

few snacks before rushing out for an active day. Your car is all packed, the kids are racing around the front yard, your partner is looking a bit impatient, and your canine friend is sitting in the entry holding his leash in his mouth, whining, with a pleading look in his eyes and his tail thumping wildly. Sure, pop him into the car and take off. This is a family activity!

First, if you’ve shaved your dog for summer, and he hasn’t spent much time in the sun, you might include some sunscreen. Check with your local pet store for a type that is safe if your dog decides it tastes great. But nose and shaved parts covered with sunscreen are a must. Next, have you considered the temperature out there? Your pup will definitely need something to drink as the rays beat down on them. Water is great. A dog generally needs an ounce of water per ten pounds of body weight daily, and more if it is active in the heat. So make sure you take plenty of water and a collapsible water bowl. If you are walking anywhere that includes pavement and roads, the temperature of the asphalt will also come into play. When it’s only 87 degrees outside, the asphalt in the afternoon is likely to be a minimum of 145 degrees. If your dog is trying to walk on it, he’s likely to burn his paws, which not only leads to discomfort but frequently to infections and a trip to the vet. Dog boots are not that expensive and can be a lifesaver.

Let’s stop this lovely scene right here. Let’s consider what we need for your pet. It’s hot out there. Racing over the rocks on a mountain hike, camping and fishing with you, or playing a game of tag on the beach, you’re going to be out in the sun and heat, and your dog needs protection as much as you and your kids do.

If you are camping, or spending time in hot, dry places, remember, there are snakes out there, and your pup might be jumping in to protect you or even just think he’s found a new playmate, but this one could, depending on the species, kill him, or at the very least, make him seriously ill. Vets have an anti-venom shot they can give that can at least slow the action of the poison in their system while you get them to the vet. I would definitely advise it. A final addition to your pets comfort in an emergency would be a cooling pad. If the dog is left in the car too long, even with the windows down, we all know that death can follow, even with those who never dreamed it would happen to them. Accidents happen. I am not in any way trying to absolve those individuals of guilt, but I also know that people, even the most loving and caring, sometimes get distracted. Should that happen, a cooling pad can bring your dogs temperature down on the trip to the vet. There are a number of them for sale online. We all love dogs and want to see them safe, happy and enjoying our lives with us. A few precautions can make that a reality. Enjoy your summer, everyone!

You’ll find them all here at the Range Café.

Locally owned, family friendly, great service,pet friendly patio, & quality food!

Sunday Brunch, your daily coffee, lunch with friends or a catered event & our Pet Friendly Patio, The Grove is here to serve you.


600 Central Ave SE Albuquerque, NM


10019 Coors Blvd NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 Sun – Thur 7AM TO 9PM / Fri – Sat 7AM TO 9PM

Visit our restaurant within a wine shop, bakery, grocery , general store, & our pet friendly patio. 138 Tesuque Village Road, Santa Fe, NM 505- 988-8848 / tesuque

Cazuela’s Mexican Grill & Brewery

F Our Restaurant & Brewery opens onto our large pet friendly outdoor patio where you can enjoy our fountain, floral arrangements and a view of the Sandia Mountains.

4051 Sara Rd Rio Rancho


Pizzeria Luca Italian Bistro & Wine bar B “We are really proud of the clientele that we have, and our famous patio which is now pet friendly”

ring your friends, family, and four-legged companions GECKO’S ACADEMY , on our for asignature wonderful food time out pet-friendly patio. En5801 Academy Rd NE drinks, great fun, joy a day evening out with 505-821-8291 your furry loved ones. and our ordog friendly patio at our Mon-Thurs -11am-9pm Taste some of our world wines & localGECKO’S beers and NOBenjoy HILL a truly Fri-Sat-11am-10pm academy location 3500 Central Ave SE Sun-10:30am-9pm authentic Italian experience. Paws up! Sun Brunch505-262-1848 10500 4th Street 505.898.1771

10:30am - 2pm


O’ Niell’s

NOB HILL: 4310 Central Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 505.255.6782 HEIGHTS: 3301 Juan Tabo Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 505.293.1122


Your pet Magazine | @yourpetnm



Pizzeria Luca iTaLiaN BiSTrO & WiNe Bar

2 killer patios 8850 Holly ave. Ne Suite J West of Trader Joe’sfriendly, on Paseo norte Our patios are, music dogDel friendly, checkgame out friendly, our menu and@ girlfriend friendly so feel Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-10pm free to bring the entire family.

Bring your 4 legged companions & Enjoy our Pet Friendly Patio! 471 South Hill Rd, Bernalillo, NM 505.818.7285


iendly Pet Fr Patio

4800 Montgomery Blvd NE • ABQ, N.M

505.465-8188 | Mon-Thu 11:00 am – 11:00 pm • Fri 11:00 am – Midnight • Sat 10:00 am – Midnight • Sun 10:00 am – 11:00 pm


Call New Mexico Tint at 505.872.8468 We care about your pets safety and comfort. Tinted windows. It’s not just about looking cool, IT’S ABOUT STAYING SAFE AND COOL.


A car can be 60% cooler with tinted windows.

Protection against glare and 99% of UV rays.

Keeps shattered glass together in case of an accident.

Your Perfect Brew, Food, & Pet Friendly Patio Is Waiting For You

At The Barley Room!

5200 Eubank Blvd NE / SEE OUR PET MENU

4501 Juan Tabo NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 505-275-8311

Visit our Petio! Locally owned, family friendly, great service, pet friendly patio, & quality food!

You’ll find them all here at the Range Café.

RANGE CAFÉ COTTONWOOD 505.835.5495 / 10019 Coors Blvd NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 Sun – Thur 7AM TO 9PM / Fri – Sat 7AM TO 9PM

3219 Candelaria Rd NE /

D.I .Y

Th e B e s t

h s a W g D o ABQ! in




DIY Dog Wash




One coupon per visit. Expires 07/31/18


GET 1 FREE! 3301 Menaul Blvd NE Suite 10 Albuquerque, NM 87106


aria Blv


Menaul Blvd.

Carlisle Blvd


Richmond Dr.

Restrictions apply. All brands. Lesser value can food will be free. One coupon per visit. Expires 07/31/18

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Your Pet Magazine July 2018  

July issue is here! Inside you will find fantastic deals and savigns from our local pet community businesses. Also meet Shiva, our July cove...

Your Pet Magazine July 2018  

July issue is here! Inside you will find fantastic deals and savigns from our local pet community businesses. Also meet Shiva, our July cove...