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Natural Pet Food Market

neW nAme, SAme lOcAtIOn

Summer Savings! DIY DOG WASH


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Natural Pet Food Market

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Natural Pet Food Market

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non-profit OF THEmonth • Simply Diego’s will Donate $1 for every like to our Facebook page, up to $1,000 to the winning non-profit! • winning non-profit will be featured on the cover of Your Pet Magazine! • Visit our Facebook page to vote • loCal, animal related, new Mexico non-profits onlY! Natural Pet Food Market

Keep Your Natural PetKitty Foods & Supplies for Cats,

Dogs, Rabbits, Birds & Chickens Hydrated t l h a e H y &

Locally owned and operated, Boofy’s has been serving the pets of Albuquerque since 2010!

9th Anniversary Special Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties for Dogs, 14 oz. bags

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Earthborn Moist Grain-Free Cat Pouches

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505-890-0757 www.boofysbest.com

BOOFY’S 9 th Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate 9

Boofy’s 9th Anniversary Celebration Come celebrate 9 years of making the pets of Albuquerque happier and healthier! Specials, Prizes, Giveaways, and FUN All Day long!

years of making the pets of

Albuquerque happier and healthier! Specials, Prizes, Giveaways, Saturday, June 22nd: 9am-8pm E-Waste Recycling Collection: 11am3pm and FUN All Day long!

Lucky Paws Mobile Pet Adoptions: 10:30am-4pm -----------------------------------------------

Saturday June 22nd 9am-8pm

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Lucky Paws Mobile Pet Adoptions:


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6501 Wyoming Blvd NE Building I - Suite #1 Albuquerque, NM 87109

Help pet rescues and accept tHe...

The Blue Solo Cup challenge will be receiving a $300 donation to a charity selected from our list and dinner for two at savoy Bar and Grill.





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Meet..... Ahimsa

www.YourPetNM.com June 2019 At Your Pet Magazine our mission is to be the Pet owner’s guide to information regarding events, lifestyles, trends, and wellness throughout the Albuquerque metro, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe areas. Your Pet Magazine is a free publication.

Meet Ahimsa ~ rescued from a dairy hours before being sent to auction ~ she has traveled from commodity to compassion. She will live her amazing life at Santuario de Karuna with her sister cow Karuna. Ahimsa is now 10 months old, Friend not Food

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40% off sunwear some restrictions apply.

505-891-2020 4100 Crestview Dr SE Rio Rancho, NM 87124 visionsource-rioeyecare.com @VisionSourceRio

Your Pet SPecial




e found Chaco on Petfinder while searching for a puppy to add to our family. He was in a pound in Utah. Since we lived in Albuquerque and it had been a very bitter winter, getting to him was going to be difficult. Our contact at the pound said he only had until the end of the week before he was to be put down. He and his littermates had been found abandoned in a cardboard box. They had been waiting for homes for several weeks. When Friday rolled around, we contacted the pound and tearfully asked what we could do to make sure he was not put down. Our contact said she just felt right about this little guy and told us if we bought him a plane ticket, she would take him to the airport. We expected to see a scared little puppy cowering at the back of the crate when we went to pick him up, but instead he bounded out with a “tah dah” kind of attitude. That attitude never stopped. He made himself at home and showed an aptitude for learning as well as a love for all people. By the age of one and a half, he passed his first therapy dog certification. We were able to bring him to the school where we both taught. He began working with children of all ages: visiting classes, listening to kids read, teaching autistic and blind students how to touch and pet appropriately, as well as bringing smiles to the faces of all the staff members and parents. During his birthday month, we put a large box in the school lobby. He barked along to the morning announcements to encourage the kids to bring dog/ pet items for the birthday box. Sometimes the box would get filled several times. Chaco picked out one favorite treat from his birthday box and the rest was donated to local animal shelters. He is definitely a “be kind to others” and “pay it forward” kind of dog. Chaco also has a Shutterfly book about his life. We use it to teach students when we visit classrooms. Discussions range from dog safety tips to rescuing animals in shelters, as well as spaying and neutering pets. The children also learn about what a therapy dog does and how that is different from service dogs who also wear vests.

In addition to our school, Chaco began visiting a home for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Elderly people in homes have often left their pets behind, so he happily went to see people who missed having a furry one around. His presence would encourage those with quiet and withdrawn personalities to join in a group and love on this happy dog. We have seen many eyes light up as he made his visits. Chaco also volunteers at a local hospice. He has been there to offer his special brand of love for those about to die and to comfort their families during this difficult time. Managing to bring smiles under these circumstances is nothing short of a miracle, but we have seen it time and time again. Because of Chaco’s magic, we have met people from all over the world and heard many amazing life stories. We have also found Chaco to be incredibly comforting to the nurses and staff at the hospice, who do their amazing work under such difficult circumstances. He has even been requested to attend memorial services. Our awesome pup’s next accomplishment has been his work at the Children’s Psychiatric Center. More than once, the counselors have told us that Chaco’s presence has encouraged a patient to talk and engage when they have been silent all week. He gets sad kids to smile, angry kids to calm, frightened kids to hug and pet him… it is truly magical to watch. Recently, he has begun to visit an assisted living facility. He has quickly made new friends and looks forward to visiting each week. The people at this facility miss having their pets and enjoy being able to have

Chaco to love. It’s definitely a win-win situation. Chaco has eagerly done his therapy work for the past 9 years. He has recertified 4 times. Now that we have retired, our work at school has changed, but Chaco still gets to visit once or twice a week. He truly misses the kids if he does not get to go and is like a rock star on the playground, happily letting the kids swarm him, calling his name like a chant. We once had a person studying animal therapy shadow us for a day to see him work. His main question was, “How do we know Chaco likes what he does?” Once he saw Chaco out on the playground with the kids, he just smiled and nodded, because his question was answered without a doubt. Chaco is the ultimate professional while wearing his therapy vest and working. At home, he is happy to kick back, bark at the fence, steal bones from his brother and sisters, and dig an occasional hole. He loves going on walks and riding in the car. He has never met a cat he doesn’t want to chase (or a bunny, or a lizard). We love Chaco for all the doors he has opened for us. He has shown unconditional love for people of all ages and abilities. Through him we have learned to be more compassionate, patient, and loving. We have learned to slow down and enjoy the moment because having him with us gives us the opportunity to see the world through his eyes. Instead of us saving him, he has saved us. Instead of us teaching him, he has taught us. His happy, smiling face has grayed over the years, but he continues to wag his tail and look expectantly at us each morning as we start the day, ever hopeful that he gets to, “Go to work.” Although, we know that for him it is not work, it is a pleasure.

Chaco recently won a $10,00 video contest sponsored by Ellen & PetSmart. He donated his winnings to local shelters and animals in need because of Hurricane Harvey. His video is available on YouTube. We have found out Chaco has a disease called degenerative myelopathy. This is causing him to slowly lose the use of his rear legs. He still wants to ‘go to work’ and do everything he used to, so we have explored all options to help him do that, including acupuncture, a wheelchair and a stroller. Chaco has given so much love and happiness that he deserves the best we can offer in the area of medical treatment. Sincerely, Peg Biedermann & Paula Willis

Because we care

services spaying & neutering euthanasia dental care life stage pet care surgery

Family Care for Family Pets! ABQ PetCare is a well-established, full-service, animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic services for your pet through our in-house laboratory and several external laboratories. Our veterinarians are well experienced, so you can feel your pets are in the best care!

pet Behavior laser therapy microchipping

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Your pet Magazine | @yourpetnm

Veterinary Discount for Teachers

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Must present teacher’s ID at time of appointment. Mention code TEACH when scheduling. Discount only applies to exams.

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Nail Trim & Anal Gland Promo

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subsequent exams

How to choose the rigHt pet sitter 1.


Where to look for a pet sitter?

Do your homework and GOOGLE “pet sitters Santa Fe�. Scroll down from big tech companies advertisers to local pet sitters. Read the reviews. Look for consistency, current dates in reviews. Visit pet sitters’ websitee, contacting them via website is the best way to approach them because pet sitters often drive around town or walk dogs and are not always available to answer the phone right away.

Does the pet sitter have the proper business license?

City of Santa Fe requires pet sitters, dog walkers, dog trainers, groomers and other pet care businesses to obtain annually: a). Business License (Business License Ordinance. Business means any commercial activity or enterprise for financial gain, benefit, advantage or livelihood) and b). Professional Animal Care Permit issued by Animal Control (Animal Services Ordinance) renewed by February 1 of the following year. When interviewing a potential pet sitter ask for these documents.


Is the pet sitter insured and bonded?

It is not required and it is up to pet sitter to decide use or not to use business insurance. Bonding is required for pet sitting company with employees. If pet sitting company, including match making companies like Rover, uses an independent contractors - each of them has to have a business license, a Professional Animal Care Permit. May be and a plus: business insurance, Pet First Aid certificate, Higher Education certificate or Diploma, any other training certificates. Also, plus if a pet sitter supports and volunteers for pet non profit organizations and supports pet related community events.

4. Can the pet sitter provide proof of clear criminal history?

The person you choose to hire will have access to your property and your beloved companion(s). Public reviews on Google, social media is the best answer. You can also ask for a references and to show to you a criminal records check.

5. Will the pet sitter use a pet-sitting services agreement or contract?

Pet sitter should have a document which outlines information about a pet(s), environment, duties and responsibilities between pet owner and a pet sitter.

6. How do I pay for pet sitting service?

Pet sitter should have an invoice/schedule presented to a client which outlines exact type of a pet sitting service provided (dog walks, overnights, day&night), dates, fees, gross receipt taxes payable separately for city and county. Pet sitters may accept cash, checks, credit cards, electronic transactions. Paying 100% of your bill on a first day of services is a normal practice. There is no industry standard for payment terms, so be sure you understand in advance the terms of the pet-sitting business you use.

7. How much notice does the pet sitter need in order to schedule my request for a pet sit? It depends on availability. It is recommended that after pet sitter confirmed availability (especially for overnights), to place a 50% deposit to secure your booking, so you can be assured in requested services.




Does the pet sitter have established fees for pet care they can quote over the phone and/or on company’s website?

11. Will pet sitter share pictures of my pet and my house on social media?

A professional pet sitter should have published list of fees that cover the most common pet care requests. Fees for special pet services may be worked out on a case-by-case basis. Published pet sitting company’s policies on a website or as a reminder on an invoice is a good sign of a professionalism.

What does pet sitter do if medical care is needed for my pet?


Arrangements should be made with your veterinarian to allow the sitter to seek medical attention for your pet while you are away prior to your departure. Some pet sitters have the clause in Pet Sitting agreement; some veterinarians require to make an arrangements every time you go away. Check with your veterinarian.

A professional pet sitter will not use images of your pet on social media without your written consent or photo release. If you agree for posting a pictures of your pet on social media - It is a good idea to ask pet sitter to remove all location data in phone settings. Check a social media pages of your pet sitter for pictures of your pet and make sure that pet picture is cropped tight and there is nothing of your property shown.

What if I want to leave my notes and instructions for pet and house care?

It is a very good idea. A professional pet sitter will study them and will attach them to a Pet Sitting Contract and must follow your instructions

Can I live a key under door mat for a pet sitter?

2019©PetAngel, LLC Professional Pet Sitting and Photography, www.PetAngel.biz, www. PetAngelPhotography.com, www.PixIrina.com

NO. A professional pet sitter must obtain 1-2 copies of working keys. Garage openers, digital locks are not accepted without a physical key due to possible malfunction or dead batteries.


www.FUZZYFRIENDSPS.com In-Home Custom Care VaCatIon Pet sIttIng serVICes

mId-day VIsIts (m-F) Potty breaks & dog Walks

lICensed, Insured & bonded WItH baCkground CHeCks

Because There's No Place...



ZIA PET HOSPITAL Dr. Veronica Bingamon


373 Unser Blvd. SE Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Where family pets find loving care Improve your pet’s quality of life with therapeutic laser therapy at Zia Pet Hospital. Laser therapy is a painless application of healing light. Commonly Treated Conditions:

REDucE PAIn. REDucE InfLAmmAtIon. REStoRE mobILIty. therapeutic Laser therapy is fast, effective and affordable!

Arthritis • Wounds • Post-Surgical Swelling • Inflamed Ears Lick Granuloma • Hip Dysplasia • Disc (Spine) Disease Lameness • Sinusitis …and many more!

fREE LASER TREATmENT with purchase of 7 packages of laser sessions. Some Restrictions may apply. Not valid with other discounts or promotions. Expires 7/31/2019.

in r abdominal pa Laser therapy fo s. iti at re nc pa feline associated with

e eating Ella’s spin Dr. Bingamon tr s ti ri th and hip ar


w w w. Z I AV E T. c o m

Veterinary Emergency

& Specialty Centers Albuquerque • Santa Fe



4000 Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87109

2001 Vivigen Way Santa Fe, NM 87505

Albuquerque Animal Emergency Clinic

Santa Fe Animal Emergency Clinic

Phone: (505) 884-3433 • Fax: (505) 884-6679

Phone: (505) 984-0625 • Fax: (505) 984-8705

Veterinary Specialty Referral Center

Veterinary Specialty Referral Center

Phone: (505) 883-8387 • Fax: (505) 338-3842

Phone: (505) 216-3351 • Fax: (505) 984-8705

Surgery | Internal Medicine | Dermatology Oncology | Animal Behavior | Acupuncture

Surgery | Internal Medicine | Dermatology Ophthalmology | Animal Behavior | Acupuncture


A New Vision In Advanced Animal Health Care

Your Furry Companion Needs Natural Relief Too!



NEW LOCATION CONTACT 7900 San Pedro Dr. NE Suite C4 (505) 856.2600 mycbdshop@gmail.com Albuquerque, NM 87109


Made in the USA 16321 East Arrow Hwy Irwindale, CA 91706

An exceptional expertise in nutrition, an uncompromising dedication to quality and a passion for pets - that’s the Pinnacle pet food holistic difference!

• Pinnacle is a Fresh Meat Line • Pinnacle contains Quinoa which supplies Amino Acids which are the Building Blocks for the tissues and major organs • Pinnacle is a Super Premium Food with Super Foods to build the Immune System and sustain quality of Health


$ .00



Discount available at these participating stores. Pet Food Gone Wild, Clarks Pet Emporium, Bone a Fide Dog, Long Leash on Life, Boofy’s Best for Pets, Village Mercantile, Wild Pet Food Plus and many other pet food retailers. Expires 07/31/19

Full-Service Pet Grooming at Your Doorstep since 2004!

Temperatures are Rising. Keep Your Pets Happy and Cool!

Bath & Brush also available

“Personal Loving Care - From My Home To Yours”

Linda Simon, Owner / Pet Stylist Call for appointment 505-342-5766 Locally owned, family friendly, great service, pet friendly patio, & quality food!

You’ll find them all here at the Range Café.

RANGE CAFÉ COTTONWOOD 505.835.5495 / www.rangecafe.com 10019 Coors Blvd NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 Sun – Thur 7AM TO 9PM / Fri – Sat 7AM TO 9PM

• Heating Cooling Switch-Over • Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Service • Free Estimates •24/7 Service

Call Today!


Authorized Bryant Dealers

I’m So Happy I Have A Champion Pet Door!! • New 3-flap system offers best protection from extreme heat and

cold, drafts, insects, or driving rain

• Maximum energy efficiency is at least

3.5 times that of a single-flap pet door

• Smart Door Remote • Pet Door Options For Your

Champion Sliding Glass Patio Door

• Highest Quality • Efficiency and Protection • Backed by a limited, no-fault 5-year prorated warranty • Soft, flexible PVC vinyl flaps allow for easy pet access • No exposed screws to harm pets • Impact-resistant GE Lexan1 security cover

with positive-action pin lock • 3 different colors to match your Champion door

• 11 standard sizes




To serve you better, Champion Window Mfg. reservres the right to make improvements to the products. Therefore some products and product information may change. Not all Champion stores have all products. Product style maye vary from state to state. ®Champion LLC 2018

e u q r e u q u b l A

t p e K t s e b v o r o f

t e P r u o Y

y t i r o i pr t s r i f t e g t is our a h t s t e p for those

e c a l p t a e r g e we ar s k r o w e r i f scared with

s t r e p x e e trust th




Hours M P AM to 8


week A s y A d 7 Great for ys! tawa Quick Ge

4201 Marna Lynn NW • Albuquerque, NM

visit us online @ www.caninecountryclub.com 20  Your pet Magazine | @yourpetnm


! t e r t sec ! s r A e y 0 2 r e

r u o y ake

f o 4th ly Ju s


on i t a v r rese on! so

Close to the Big I! More awards than we can fit on a wall!


dad’s love clean pets too!

expanded hours


Annual, Paperless digital Boarding Agreement!! to serve you and your pet better Perfect option for day trips!

and you Both receive

$25 oFF

Family Owned and Operated Since 1999

Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service, Inc. 132 Mountain Park Place NW Albuquerque, NM 87114




re you looking for a caring, dignified, and respectful way to honor your beloved companion? At Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service, Inc. we offer a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, and jewelry to create the perfect

memorial for your best friend. Our caring and professional staff are ready to care for you and your family in your time of need. We offer free home removal, Equine included, in Albuquerque and Corrales (a pick-up fee is applicable outside of these areas). We also pick up and deliver, free of charge, from and to ANY veterinary clinic in our service area (charges may apply for Equine services). Our service area extends as far North as Taos, as far West as Gallup, East Mountains, as far South as Truth or Consequences, and everything in between! We also highly respect and offer discounts to our Military (both active duty and veteran) and their families, first responders, rescue and foster families, senior citizens, and more!


Like us on Facebook! Your pet Magazine | @yourpetnm

In Loving memory

Nail Clips Always $5. All Breeds Cat & Dog Grooming.



5700 4th St. NW Suite C / 505.342.1876 / Lois Landavazo

In Loving memory


K-9 Companions Grooming Salon

Your Beloved Companion Deserves the Best.

Noodles -Adopted 1/15/2008- Passed 10/21/2018-

She began life as “Angie”. I changed her name to Noodles when I found her at the pound. My brother John later nicknamed her “Muffinhead”. She was loving and intelligent, a real friend. She liked people, even strangers. When she got cancer, I had her put to sleep. I believe that Noodles was a beautiful gift to me from God.

Elizabeth Romero Owner 2906 Juan tabo Blvd. NE Suite #C Albuquerque, NM 87112


Feline Update www.fandfnm.org • 505-316-2281

Declawing Cats

Declawing is an unnecessary surgery that provides no medical benefit to the cat. Educated pet parents can easily train their cats to use their claws in a manner that allows everyone in the household to live together happily.


The standard method of declawing is amputating with a scalpel or guilotine clipper. The wounds are closed with stitches or surgical glue, and the feet are bandaged. Another method is laser surgery in which a small, intense beam of light cuts through tissue by heating and vaporizing it. However, this still amounts to the amputation of the last toe bone, and carries with it the same long-term risks of lameness and behavioral problems associated with the removal of claws by using scalpel or clippers. A third procedure is “tendonectomy,” in which the tendon that controls the claw in each toe is severed. The cat keeps their claws but can’t control or extend them. This procedure is associated with a high incidence of abnormally thick claw growth. Therefore more frequent and challenging nail trims are required to prevent the cat’s claws from growing into the cat’s paw pads. Because of complications, a cat that has had a tendonectomy often “requires” declawing later on.



eople often mistakenly believe that declawing their cats is a harmless “quick fix” for unwanted scratching. They don’t realize that declawing can make a cat less likely to use the litter box or more likely to bite. Declawing can also cause lasting pain and physical problems for your cat. Many countries have outlawed declawing. The Humane Society of United States opposes declawing except for the rare cases when it is necessary for medical purposes, such as the removal of cancerous nail-bed tumors. People who are worried about being scratched, especially those with autoimmune deficiencies or bleeding disorders, may be told, incorrectly, that their health will be protected by declawing their cats.


Scratching is normal cat behavior. It isn’t done to destroy a favorite chair or “get even.” Cats scratch in order to remove the dead husks from their claws, mark territory, and stretch their muscles. Cats are usually about eight (8) weeks old when they begin scratching. This is the ideal time to train kittens to use a scratching post and allow nail trims. Pet caregivers should never consider declawing as a routine prevention for unwanted scratching. Declawing can actually lead to an entirely different set of behavior problems that may be worse than shredding a couch.


Too often, people think that declawing is a simple surgery that removes a cat’s nails — the equivalent of having your own fingernails trimmed. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Declawing traditionally involves the amputation of the last bone of each toe. If this were performed on a human being, it would be like cutting off each finger at the knuckle!

Pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain are some of the drawbacks. Removing the claws changes the way a cat’s foot meets the ground, and can cause pain that is similar to wearing a very uncomfortable pair of shoes. Regrowth of improperly removed claws, nerve damage, and bone spurs may occur as well. Several days after surgery, shredded newspaper is used in the litter box to prevent the litter from irritating the cat’s declawed feet. This unfamiliar litter substitute accompanied by pain, may lead cats to stop using the litter box. Some cats may become “biters” because they no longer have their claws for defense.

TIPS TO STOP UNWANTED SCRATCHING IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CAT DAMAGING YOUR HOME Keep claws trimmed, and provide stable scratching posts and boards around your home. Offer different textures like carpet, sisal, wood, and cardboard as well as different styles (vertical/horizontal). Use toys and catnip to entice your cat to use the posts and boards.

Ask your veterinarian about soft plastic caps that fit over claws (they must be changed every six weeks). You can also attach a special tape (sticky paws) to furniture that deters cats from scratching it. *It is undeniably inhumane to subject a cat to being declawed*

The mission of Felines & Friends is to provide a second chance for cats and kittens so that they may be able to live out their lives in loving homes.

Tullivers Natural Pet Food in Santa Fe offers High-Quality Natural Dog and Cat Food, Raw Pet Foods, Supplements, Remedies & a Variety of Pet Supplies. Visit us Today!


$ We’re ALWAYS happy to help with your canine, feline and wild bird needs.




your first $20.00 purchase

With this coupon only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires July 31, 2019

Proudly serving companion animals and their people (and wild birds) in Eldorado and surrounding communities for 12 years.

7 Avenida Vista Grande • Santa Fe, NM 87508 In the Agora Shopping Center


Monday - Friday 9-6 • Saturdays 9-5

See us at the DeVargas Center 542 N. Guadalupe St, Santa Fe NM

807 Cerrillos Rd • Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 (505) 992-3388 • www.tulliverspetfood.com

Dog Parks & Friendly Eateries By Margaret Trousdale

When I visited my son and daughter-in-law in Atlanta, we went to a dog cafe with their giant poodles. We enjoyed breakfast and coffee while watching the canines play. In the private dog park were benches, fire hydrants, used tires, statues, and cute signs with shade trees. Gourmet dog treats were sold inside. I’ve not found such a combination dog-owner cafe in Albuquerque yet, although we definitely have dog friendly restaurants. They’re listed on the Bring Fido website for Albuquerque with 24 having the highest five dog bone rating. Our city supports 17 dog parks, I counted in my search. Some are more popular than others. The highest reviews are for Roosevelt Park on 500 Spruce Street SE with an average stay to play one hour. Next to that in popularity is the USS Bulldog Park (named after a World War II submarine) with high sounding comments, the best repeatedly is “Great place to bring the dogs”. After that is the North Domingo Baca Dog Park on 7520 Corona Avenue NE with comments such as “very well maintained”; “tons of space to run and play”; and “areas for small, medium, and large dogs”. People who visit the North Domingo Baca Park stay on average 45 minutes. Our city’s website has a Dog Park Map with 15 destinations. It has guidelines that are worth noting. From my observations on ABQ dog parks, they’re most popular with the big dogs like Malamutes, Huskies, Samoyeds, Australian Shepherds, Boxers, Labradors, Rottweilers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Pitbulls.

Copyright retained by the author. Permission granted PetMag.

As for my two dogs, they’re on the small side. We aren’t too jazzed about running free among the big dogs, but we LOVE taking long walks. The most popular of these dog parks are on very large grounds with sidewalks and trails. They sound enchanting, especially the ones with hillside views.


Duke City Doggery

Compassionate Grooming Self-Serve Tubs


7634 Louisiana Blvd, Suite B Albuquerque, NM 87109 505-200-0624 www.dukecitydoggery.com

*Apollo Vicens was not harmed in this explosion

Still independently owned and operated for over 40 years!

505-344-5353 | myriograndevet.com The best care for you pets in the North Valley, Los Ranchos, and Country Club areas.

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CLEAN DOG! HAPPY DOG! WITH HEAD TO PAW GROOMING. Introducing Dog Grooming at Three Dog Bakery Albuquerque! Your pup will love our head to paw treatment! Experienced staff, great prices, and a FREE Pupcake with every service! Make an appointment today,

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ery The Bak for Dogs

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By Ada McVean, OSS Intern This article was originally published at McGill.ca/OSS

Leopard geckos (Eublepharis macuThis lizard is named for larius) are a popular pet in many counits resemblance to the tries. They’re fairly easy to take care of, large cat, although not all small, rarely bite, (and when they do it’s leopard geckos feature the pretty painless) and can live up to 25 familiar black spots on yelyears! low skin. Variations ranging This lizard is named for its resemblance from stripes instead of to the large cat, although not all leopspots to albino, to a spotard geckos feature the familiar black less body and spotted tail spots on yellow skin. Variations ranging are all possible, although from stripes instead of spots to albino, to leopard spots are the norm. a spot-less body and spotted tail are all possible, although leopard spots are the norm. Leopard geckos get their coloring from special pigment-containing cells called chromatophores in their skin. Chromatophores are found in reptiles, fish, crustaceans and cephalopods, whereas birds and mammals instead have chromatocytes. There are a few different types of chromatophores that can be categorized according to what pigments they contain. Ones containing yellow are named xanthophores, while those containing red or orange are called erythrophores. Melanophores contain a dark brown pigment while cyanophores contain, you guessed it, cyan pigments. There are even chromatophores which make an animal appear iridescent called iridophores or leucophores. Some animals that use these include chameleons and squids. Some squids can change their colour by migrating different types of chromatophores to different locations on their body. The relative concentration of each type of chromatophore will determine the overall colour of the skin. About once a month (more often when younger) leopard geckos will shed their skin. They shed to allow themselves to keep growing, and after the skin is removed, they eat it! There are two theories as to why they consume the skin. It may be that they are attempting to hide signs that they have been in an area, or it may be that they are recapturing the vitamins and minerals (especially calcium) that the skin is full of. The skin that was placed under the microscope to generate this image was taken from an all yellow part of the shed skin of my 14-year-old leopard gecko, Geico, but nonetheless, a few melanophores are visible as dark dots within the cells. 40x magnification

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PounD PuPPy Dog Show

Enter your Dog

for a chance to win! Best in Puppy Strut Best in Senior Stroll Best in Dutiful Doggie Best Special needs Best Attempt at Agility

Sunday, June 23, 2019

HAynES PARk Rio RAncHo 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM



Best Wiggle Butt Judges Pick

Local Rescues! Entertainment! & A Fun time for the whole family! pet food

rio rancho

gone wild

Animal Humane New Mexico

Expands its pawprint and opens state-of-the art facility Shelter adds new business venture to generate funds for mission.


nimal Humane New Mexico has developed the largest private investment project in the Southeast Heights within the last 10 years outside of Sandia Science & Tech Park, 615 Wyoming Blvd SE.

The private, nonprofit shelter has added to its Main Campus a $2.5 million state-of-the-art boarding and day care facility, as well as training area and dog agility fields on a 2.3acre property, called The Center at Animal Humane. This expands the pawprint of Animal Humane’s Main Campus directly across the street at 615 Virginia St. SE to a total of 6.5 acres. It is designed to provide canine comfort, safety and playtime, while reinforcing the shelter’s mission as it is an important part of this 501(c)(3) organization. Renovating the historic Albuquerque building, which was built in 1948, has allowed Animal Humane to cost-effectively realize its vision of offering a dog day care and boarding facility that will help support its life-saving mission for years to come. “This carefully planned addition will not only serve as a continual revenue stream to help Animal Humane sustain and enhance its mission of saving the lives of homeless cats and dogs,” said Executive Director Donna M. Stump, “it is also sure to become a destination for pet owners seeking a truly unique, safe and healthy environment for their beloved pups.” The Center began full operations on May 19 and is open seven days a week. It boasts many amenities for both boarding and day care. Instead of kennels, The Center provides its canine boarding clients with 19 private suites, 6 indoor/outdoor, with 5 sizes to select from, password-protected cameras for viewing the suites and training options available during clients’ stay. Other amenities include flooring selected for pet safety; open-air covered outdoor play areas that can be separated by dog size and play style and a Zen room for downtime. “When building The Center, we always had comfort in mind for all our guests. Our boarding suites allow quality sound proofing, private air exchanges between other guests and ample space to provide an enriching experience,” said Trevor Driggs, Operations Director for The Center.

“Our day care space has areas that can be sectioned off to groups that play well with one another to keep stress levels down and help socialize in an appropriate manner. We also offer training options using only positive and rewardsfocused methods that help increase confidence in pets and communication with their parents.” To sign up pets for boarding and/or day care, visit https:// thecenter.animalhumanenm.org

About Animal Humane New Mexico Animal Humane New Mexico’s mission is to support and improve the lives of New Mexico’s cats and dogs through sheltering, adoptions, humane education and veterinary services. As our state’s leading private nonprofit animal welfare organization, Animal Humane cares for over 10,000 homeless and at-risk New Mexican pets annually and provides vital resources for the humans who love them. Learn more at AnimalHumaneNM.org.

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h s a W g o D Fundraiser



Bring your pooch to Bring your pooch to get wet and wild with the Rio Rancho Police Department with the Rio Rancho Police Department & The Special Olympics of NM

Get Wet



JUNE 8 th , 2019 JUNE 8th, 2019 10:00 am to 3:00 pm 10:00am to 3:00pm at

rio rancho

2415 Southern Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho

2415 Southern Blvd. , SE Rio Rancho All proceeds benefit Special Olympics New Mexico.



Only in Rio Rancho!

Where your Pet goes Wild about their


pet food

rio rancho

gone wild

Premium Dog Food • Premium Cat Food Frozen & Dehydrated Food • Natural Treats Toys & Leashes • Accessories and More....



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NM K-911 was founded in 2015 as an all volunteer, non-profit 501c3 foster based organization. We are a rescue that gives animals hope where there truly is none. We pull the animals that are on euthanasia lists in the shelters. These are dogs and cats that were overlooked by people and other rescues and are many times simply out of time due to space issues. We take in animals that are ill or injured and need medical assistance as we have pulled several animals through Parvo, Distemper, respiratory illness, traumas and serious health issues. We try to work diligently with the shelters and try to pull the animals the shelters will contact us about asking for our assistance. We also will take in abandoned, neglected and abused animals. We operate throughout the entire state of New Mexico. NM K-911 was originally founded as a dog rescue but in 2018 we launched NM K-911’s Casanova Cats as well so we now can take in both dogs and cats. NM K-911 currently provides sanctuary to a handful of unadoptable dogs. These dogs are primarily seniors with health issues, bonded pairs and dogs that had behavioral issues that we felt would be better off under our care and supervision so they could thrive and live a full life in a forever loving home. Our rescue will care for these

animals throughout their lives. NM K-911 provides educational and outreach programs as well. In 2018 we set up booths at local growers markets all over Albuquerque handing out spay and neuter vouchers throughout the summer. That program ended in November of 2018 and we are currently looking into other programs to continue the effort to reduce the overpopulation problem of companion animals in NM. In 2018 we began to assist with transports up north to Colorado rescues and then in 2019 we decided to Go BIG and coordinated the rescue of 43 shelter dogs to various rescues in Washington and Oregon states. It was a huge effort as it was a long distance transport that required the use of a commercial transporter and was very successful! We continue to help with transport as needed and hope to coordinate another large transport back to WA sometime this summer. We are a PetSmart Charities partner and our home store is PetSmart Enchanted Hills in Rio Rancho, NM. We hold adoption events there at least once a month and our cats are available for viewing at the store. We also have cats available at PetSense Rio Rancho and also hold adoption events there at least once a month.


Jo Jo





IT’S TIME TO LOOK INTO SOLAR. Positive Energy Solar will donate $100 to a local animal rescue when you schedule a free solar consultation today. Love what you hear? We’ll donate $400 more when you go solar with us!

Schedule your FREE consultation today at: PositiveEnergySolar.com/1for1

These dogs found loving homes thanks to generosity of people like you. Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico (LDRNM) is a rescue organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and permanently rehome New Mexico’s small companion dogs who find themselves living in shelters, unsuitable homes or navigating other harsh conditions. The stories are ongoing and the needs never end. Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico was founded during the mid-1990’s and granted its Federal 501C-3 status as a non-profit charitable organization in 2001. LDRNM is supported by dedicated volunteers from all over the state. Our small army of animal champions enables us to respond whenever the need arises and wherever it arises.

These are just are just a small handful of the

THOUSANDS of DOGS we have rescued over the years.


July 20

ABQ PetCare

Teca Tu Pet Emporium August 10

Adoption Event 11:00 – 2:00

June 15

Adoption Event 12:00-3:00

Adoption Event 12:00-3:00

Adoption Event 11:00 – 2:00

July 13

ABQ PetCare August 17


Marty’s Meals

Teca Tu Pet Emporium Adoption Event 11:00-2:00

Adoption Event 12:00-3:00

P.O. Box 56565 Albuquerque, NM 87187 www.YourPetNM.com #yourpetmagazine #yourpetnm #loveyourpet

Dogs • Cats • BirDs reptiles • Fish small animal

serViCe annoUnCement

Clark’s reminds you that the temperature in your car may be as much as 20 degrees more than outside. 85 degrees outside could reach 102 to 120.

please, don’t leave your pets in the car. Official


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