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MY VIEW by Dean Kalahar

The Afghanistan ‘thank you’ to the U.S. • And other immeasurable acts of goodwill, support and humanitarianism

• 1,906 U.S. fatalities to date

The thanks America received for its efforts? Yes, Americans are deeply saddened by the lone act of an apparently mentally ill soldier. And that act tarnishes the U.S. Nonetheless, the thanks we receive? Afghanis murder U.S. citizens and protest against us after some Korans, which had been defaced and used as a means of illegal communication by Muslim prisoners to begin with, were burned. Let’s cut the nonsense and realize we are not dealing with humans who want to live in a civilization. The United States should end all aid, pack up the troops and leave Afghanistan immediately under a new Doctrine of Ungratefulness, which should say: “The U.S. will bomb and eviscerate to dust any and all suspected al-Qaida, Taliban or Afghan activity that might be seen as a threat to U.S. national security at anytime and in any place without warning and without apology.”

• $500 billion • Security and protection • Improved women’s rights • Built 608 schools • Built 670 healthcare clinics • Trained nearly 17,000 health workers • Built Islamic centers of worship • Vaccinated nearly 7 million against polio • Worked to control TB and AIDS


• Built 3,000 miles of


• Expanded agriculture • Spread democracy and liberty • Gave health care to 750,000 patients • Economic growth • Increased the standard of living • Lowered poverty rates

Dear Editor: In Rod Thomson’s My View, he said The Salvation Army is a place homeless people can go ... In Sarasota it costs $10 a night to stay at the Salvation Army. Yes, they have a program, but to get in that program  one must have a job — and then still pay $70 a week for a bed in a dorm. He says that the homeless need a dose of tough love, which would mean tougher laws and requirements placed on them. Mr. Thomson is another coldhearted person who has no idea what it’s like to go hungry and have nowhere to sleep. I was at lunch recently at the Salvation Army and encountered a young couple with two small children.  They man and woman were both cleancut-looking and told me they cannot find work. They are all sleeping in the woods near the airport. Will someone tell Mr. Thomson to wake up and look around and talk to people who are homeless because our political leaders let us all down? David Cantrell   Sarasota

Dean Kalahar, a 40-year Sarasota resident, is an economics teacher at Sarasota High School and author of four books, including “Practical Economics.”

• Saved countless lives • Built and repaired infrastructure • Bent over backward to be culturally sensitive

s s llow e pi rdine 2 fren of sase of a ca ha & a h purc or set wit matt

+ Homeless do not need tougher laws

sleep king

+ Good manners never go out of style

Dear Editor: Bravo to you, Dr. Peter Wish. I could

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not have said it any better than you in your recent My View in the Sarasota Observer, “People behaving badly.” Somewhere along the line we have lost the idea that treating each other with good manners counts. I just had to let you know that article was right on the money. It is frustrating to see Sarasota now. We came to Sarasota in 1977. This home we live in was my mother-in-law’s. We sold everything in New Jersey to come here because we so loved the charm of Sarasota. All our neighbors here in the Gulf Gate area knew each other, had open houses, parties and really watched out for one another. Even our community association was very active. I cannot believe the loss of all the small-town closeness. Manners? Wow, that’s gone, especially on the beach and in restaurants, even in grocery stores. Yes, it is a me-me society ... is this the price we pay for upgrades and more culture moving in? I remember the swing bridge going to our lovely beach. We did not mind waiting and always had a parking spot. Gone ... all gone. I suppose I am getting old? No .... good manners never grow old just gets lost in the shuffle. I hope I can teach my grandchildren the art of good manners. Thanks again for the article. I cut it out to save. Rose Marie Canino Sarasota

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In its war effort to stop international terrorism, the United States has given Afghanistan:


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Sarasota Observer 03.22.12  

Sarasota Observer 03.22.12

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