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 Gulf Gate Prod

a location on Osprey Avenue and now in the Gulf Gate location, where she has been for the last decade. Everything sold in the shop is made in the shop. And the store offers more than just chocolate bark in varieties from white and milk to very dark (70% cacao) and even 80% cacao bars studded with everything from cranberries to cornflakes. It also offers an impressive assortment of truffles. 8. Piccolo Italian Market & Deli 2128 Gulf Gate Drive 923-2202 Subs with meaty names such as Tony Soprano and Sly Stallone, along with vegetarian options such as the Floridian and Palm Springs, are made here. This deli also caters, offering specialties such as lasagna ($35 for a half tray) and chicken parmigiana ($45 for a half tray).

pe  A Taste of Euro

10. A Taste of Europe 2212 Gulf Gate Drive 921-9084 Alla Shifman has been the owner and hospitable manager of this international-food market since 1996. Although she is Russian, her merchandise comes from many countries, including Poland, Ukraine, and Czechoslovakia, as well as Russia. Be sure


Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara

to check out the charming tea sets — they make great gifts at $25 to $30 for six cups. 11. Oriental Food & Gift Mart 2234 Gulf Gate Drive| 924-8066 Sue Kim, her husband and her mother own this immaculate shop that features foods from nine different countries. The selection of soy sauce, teas, rice and such is mind-boggling, but whatever you are looking for is remarkably easy to find. Kim’s mother comes into the shop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays to make sushi and Korean foods to-go. There is a section of gifts and a lovely selection of bamboos Kim arranges. 12. Tastefully British 2236 Gulf Gate Drive 927-2612 | Tastefully British is a combination gift shop and grocery, with a full-fledged tea room in the back where all the food is prepared from scratch using natural ingredients and family recipes. The tea room seats 26 and can be booked for private parties or meetings.

13. Gulf Gate Produce 2320 Gulf Gate Drive | 552-6122 This is a no-frills store that stocks produce that is about 80% local, plus local milk, butter and eggs. The produce is not certified organic but is grown using “sustainable growing methods.” Asked why she shops here, a customer said, “They have better stuff, cheaper prices. It’s more convenient and healthier.” Enough said. 14. Jim’s Small Batch Bakery 2336 Gulf Gate | 922-2253 Jim Plocharsky is to baking what Kelli Kamm at the other end of the strip is to chocolate — a passionate and highly skilled practitioner of his chosen food art and a creative entrepreneur. He bakes different bread every

 Jim’s Small Batch Bakery

day, and there is always a fine assortment of sweet treats often including a carrot cake that Plocharsky says, “Is what I’d throw down Bobby Flay with.” My vote goes to his almond croissant. Of note: The best lunch buy in town may be here, with two sandwiches, two waters and one dessert to share for $12.

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9. Scandinavian Gifts, Baked Goods & Grocery 2166 Gulf Gate Drive 923-4313

This is the place to go for foods from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, including cookies, candy, chocolates, cheese, breads and crisp breads. Add to the list beverages, meats and sausages and more. Need lingonberries or matjes herring? You’ll find them here.


Diversions eEdition 01.10.13  

Diversions eEdition 01.10.13

Diversions eEdition 01.10.13  

Diversions eEdition 01.10.13