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From the Editor Some time back, Tony Cuccio told me that if you are a good person good karma will always come back to you. I believe that mine just did. The last few months were amazing. Starting with a great photo shoot with Gemma Lambert, followed by a crazy trip to London for the Nailympics, where we met so many kind and inspiring people, who were willing to help us in growing the magazine, finishing with an uber satisfying participation in Professional Beauty Show in Dublin. We received unbelievably positive feedback from our readers regarding the autumn issue at the PB, which gave us even more confidence to keep going. I would love to wish all our readers, a warm and happy Christmas. Let the next year be successful for you and bring more joy and love into your hearts.

Suzanne Alcock Thompson Her career started in this industry in 2003 when she landed the role of Brand Manager for Fake Bake Tanning products which she helped launch in Ireland. After a hard year’s work for Fake Bake, Suzanne moved and became an Educator for a nail and beauty school in 2004. In 2009 she decided to open her second business - Asu Nail & Beauty Supplies / Training Academy, also based in Swords, Co. Dublin. “We have a showroom, web store at www. , training room and have the largest team of Nail Educators in Ireland”. Their exclusive brands are Astonishing Nails, Nfu. Oh Nail Creations, Perfect Match UV Nail Polish, Sun Laboratories Tanning Products, Hollywood Semi-Permanent Lashes, Bransus Eyelashes and many more.

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Simone Ragazzoni Born in Rome and lived in Italy for 30 years, he has always loved travelling, visiting new countries and meeting new people and cultures. Simone fell in love for the Emerald Isle and has spent the last 8 years in Ireland having the chance to develop his creativity and passion for photography. He loves capturing the feelings, the emotions and the beauty everyone has as human being. Portrait photography is his favorite, a moment of intimate connection with the subjects, the love for letting them “feel” amazing and not only “look” beautiful. He is amazed by people and loves working with his team; it really makes the difference in every photo he gets. Photography for him is more than a hobby or a passion. It’s a journey with unrestricted opportunities to express himself through the lens and the way Simone sees beauty in all the people he meets.


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UV Nail Polishes from the new Make-up BOX fl atter every woman’s nails. A touch of class – softly caressing nude colours, emphasising the woman‘s natural beauty. They ensure timeless elegance – for the soft moments in life. To name but a few qualities of the product: timeless and elegant colours, high opacity, long lasting. What’s not to like? Single nail polishes are only available in 18 ml size. Get a free poster (DIN A4) with every box. 5UV nail polishes in the make-up box. 4.5ml each. Price: €78 Incl. VAT

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“Mistero Milano UV PERMANENTO” Gel-polish from the Nail Fashion Academy is definitely up-to-date with the gel polish trend taking over the world! Mistero Milano UV Permanento Gel polish is an innovative product, which combines the long wearing benefits of a gel, with the application ease of a polish. A patented formula and ideal combination of pigments gives the Mistero Milano UV gel-polish its excellent product quality, cuts the service time in half and guarantees perfect application without staining. It is a long-lasting and chip-resistant colour which lasts for 2-3 weeks. Available in 55 colours Price is €13.25 Size 11ml Nail FashionAcademy

TRINIT Y BEAUT Y CLEAR ACRYLIC POLYMER Trinity Beauty is a new company for the Irish nail product market, which distributes a brand created by famous Pink & White virtuoso – Tom Holcomb. As expected, their top products are acrylic powders in pink, white and clear. This narrow specialisation ensures the highest quality of the product. The clear acrylic powder is a product based on the rich experience of Tom and his perfectionism. It is made with nail stylists’ needs in mind, as its creator was a nail tech himself. It surely is a must-have purchase for everyone who does acrylics. Trinity Beauty uses an easy application, which gives you total control of the product – just combine Trinity Beauty Polymer with Liquid Monomer to create strong and beautiful nails. Price €15.99 (£12.89) Size: 59 ml (28gms) Trinity Beauty Ireland


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Watercolour “Mijello” - due to the premium quality pigments, mossion gold class watercolour paints have ideal features and beautiful, rich, vivid colours. “Mijello” is a highly recognised art paint manufacturer which uses a special technology to produce their watercolour paint. Due to this procedure, the paint distributes very evenly when used, making watercolour painting on nails easier. Choose from two different sets - 34 pieces set, 15ml each colour (standard price €120) and 34 pieces set, 7ml each colour + palette (standard price €90). Don’t miss out on a special winter offer – 15% off when you buy “Mijello” wotercolour set. Asteria Nail Studio



When working with gel or acrylics a high quality brush is essential to your success. The acrylic line brush has been stocked with the finest hairs handpicked by a master brush maker. In 2 different shapes developed for sculpting and nail-art in a convenient pocket brush design. Price: from €30 Nail Artists Ireland +353419802694

Charisma Soak Off Gel Additive Charisma Nail Innovations Soak Off Gel Additive. Now you will always have the shade your clients love. Using Charisma Soak Off Gel Additive is financially rewarding. 8oz bottle makes 30 x 1/2 oz bottles of soak off gel polish. The cost normally of purchasing 30 bottles of soak off polish, on average is €508.50 + vat. Using the additive you can save yourself over €350 on 30 bottles. Nail & Beauty Systems | +353 1840 9124 |

Nero Merlo 1 – Italian style gel brush with rounded end! It has natural hair perfect for nail building and painting too.

Price €15.00


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Kristina Kruglova Beauty therapist, nail technician Lanails Magherafelt

Innocent Passion









1. Prep the nails and apply the

3. Extend the nail bed with cover

2. With a clear acrylic form the

4. Apply a red, glass effect,


stiletto nail shape.



acrylic on the nail tip, and then add some glitter into the middle

WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

of the free edge and finally some solid red powder with glitter onto the smile line. Make sure you cover the sides.

5. Apply a clear acrylic powder to

the whole nail. File and buff.

6. With a white acrylic paint draw the swirls.

7. Apply a high gloss UV top coat.


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All I want for

Christmas is …

Check out the hottest goodies this season from your favorite suppliers. 1 Mosaic Gel-Paints, Price €10,55 | Size 5 ml Nail Fashion Academy

2 Crystal Blue Hard Builder Gel | Diamond Nails

3 Chameleon Crystalac Gel Polish Kit includes 6x4ml of Crystalac Price €50.00 4 Eyelash Paradise


Nail Artists Ireland

5 Acrylic Nail Kit Trinity Beauty Ireland | Price €270 6 Ezflow NEW Trugel Colour Collection Nail & Beauty Systems

7 Glitter Powder “Vamp”



WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Price €2.50 | Size 5g Asteria Nail Studio




Perfect, sculptured browz‌ brows‌ we have the answer 3D Browz, the unique treatment for eyebrow reconstruction, now you really can have the perfect eyebrow. A product as individual as you, offering a full range of browdefiners, colours and enhancing-products

Posh International, Nail & Beauty Salon, 52A Bow Street, Lisburn, BT28 1BN. Phone +44 28 9266 1617.

Perfect SculPtured Browz Call +44 28 92661617 for more information on becoming a certified 3D Browz Salon or Stylist



care By Niamh O’Reilly


race yourself ladies, the cold weather is upon us. And if the last couple of winters are anything to go by, then it’s probably going to be a nasty one. Yes that means its time to batten down the hatches and pull on the heavy winter coats, hats, scarves, boots and thick tights. But don’t forget to protect your skin as well! Many women spend fortunes on wardrobes full of snazzy winter fashions, but don’t pay quite as much attention to their skin at this time of year; namely our hands and faces. These areas are on the front lines of the cold weather and they really do take a battering. Think how often we have both exposed during the cold winter days? Driving rain, biting wind, snow and who out there hasn’t, when running late, used their bare hands to get frost off the car windscreen and are left with uber red stingy hands afterwards? We’ve all done it! So no wonder we end up with sore, chapped and dry hands with ragged cuticles and tired, red faces. All in all, it’s a recipe for a beauty disaster and no one wants to end up with a blotchy face and corpse style uber dry hands come festive season.


ut just why is the cold weather so bad for our skin? Well the minute cold weather hits your skin, it gets dry and chapped, partly because the colder the air, the less moisture skin can hold. According to Dr David Orentreich, Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist; ‘whenever the temperature changes, skin’s balance is thrown off, and certain mechanisms just don’t work properly anymore – cells don’t turn over at the same rate, leading to flakiness and dullness. If it’s cold and dry, the air around you can suck the moisture out of your skin. Wind further dehydrates the skin and can cause it to chafe and crack. Snow reflects sunlight, intensifying UV penetration into skin. So even though the sun’s UVB rays are not as strong in Winter as in Summer (in most parts of the world), the combination of sun, temperature extremes, wind and other conditions can be extremely damaging to skin.” So the bottom line is that moisture is essential for keeping the skin radiant and soft and when that is sapped out by the cold conditions, that’s when your skin is at


hankfully though, salons and shelves are teaming with a dizzying array of uber fab hand and face creams to keep skin protected. A bargain version that can be chucked into the handbag is old favourite E45 Hand Cream €5.99. It gives an intensive, long-lasting moisturisation and contains a combination of lipids to help to restore your skin’s natural barrier and leaves it feeling soft and supple. It’s not the prettiest bottle in your beauty arsenal but it’s certainly a

risk. Hands are a prime target simply because we use them so often. The change from being out in cold dry air and then inside to warm dry indoor heating can also undermine the moisture barrier function of the skin. Cold weather can also make the nails themselves literally more brittle because it makes the protein more rigid and easier to break. That’s not all! We all know that Winter brings with it a whole heap of nasty flu’s, winter vomiting bugs and colds, so of course you’ll be washing your hands more and more. But, this isn’t good for already dry and stressed-out skin and if you’re a fan of hand sanitizers go for ones with zero alcohol as this is another major culprit in drying out and irritating the skin. Go for gentle soaps and a good tip is to have a small tube of hand cream in the handbag and give them a quick moisturise after washing.

beauty bargain. Another cheap as chips hand cream worth checking out is Garnier’s Intensive 7 Day hand Cream at just €4.49, packed with Aloe Vera it’s a quick absorber you can use daily on the go. For something a little more luxurious but still bargain-tastic, try ETAT PUR Hand repair care B62 €8.45. This ultrasoft cream moisturises, nourishes and protects dry and damaged hands in a flash.

Nuxe are known for their naturally inspired skin care products that really work and their deliciously scented Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream €12.20 is a must for dry hands. Completely non-greasy, it gets to work repairing damaged and sensitive hands. It also strengthens nails and softens cuticles, plus it smells like pure summer on your hands; guaranteed to give you a total winter mood boost, just close your eyes, sniff and imagine you’re on a warm beach! Fans of natural sk-

incare regimes will also love A’kin’s Lavender Geranium & Jojoba Hand Nail & Cuticle Crème €10.99, packed with skin loving goodies like Vitamins E and B5, combined with certified organic Shea butter and Lavender Oil as well as Australian Jojoba oil, to moisturise hands and cuticles, this is another one that smells great. You can also pick it up in and unscented version. hose who crave a supergorge scent from their hand creams will love OPI’s Avojuice Skin Quenchers Hand & Body Lotion, from Hennessey Hair & Beauty. Try their limited edition Vanilla Snowflake version that smells like a heavenly mix of sweet vanilla and buttercream! Plus it’s full of skin-loving rich moisturisers Avocado and Aloe extracts to keep skin super soft. It also comes in a fresh Peppermint Shimmer version which as well as injecting moisture into the skin leaves it with a super fab hint of sparkle! Ideal for the festive season. Mavala the cult nail brand who turns 50 this year have always been a go to brand for nail and hand care and their Mava + €10.20,


intense repairing and moisturising hand treatment calms, soften and smooth’s irritated and hyper sensitive skin that’s been exposed to the harsh weather. Scarily, the winter weather will not only lead to dry, irritated and chapped skin, but it is also a cause of skin aging. Environmental factors, including UV rays which can still harm skin in the winter will accelerate the aging process so if you’re worried that your pretty paws are turning into corpse-style hands, like what you’ll see on Madonna, then go for a really rich cream like Dr Nick Lowe Double Duty SPF15 Hand Cream Rich €16.50 which contains effective stable SPF15 sunscreens and has been formally tested to the new EU sunscreen standards for both SPF and UVA protection. Eve Lom Hand Cream €30 with SPF 10 is another good choice for an ultra-rich cream. boosts skin condition, while also protecting against the sun, environmental damage and signs of ageing. It will plump and smooth skin tone and ease signs of ageing. Nimue’s Active Hand Repair €24.10 is another heavy hitter for damaged



voplex High Intensity Hand & Nail Cream, distributed by Hennessey Hair & Beauty, is a must for hands in need of TLC. Think of it as a paw plumper extraordinaire. Full of deep penetrating protein peptides and an exclusive blend of Shea, Cocoa, Avocado and Almond butters it comes in an uber handy hand-bag size! The essence of rich avocado Replenish essential moisture with soothing, smoothing Avoplex from OPI. Nails too need extra care during the winter months, as many become brittle

and dry and yucky hangnails are rife. Give nails and cuticles a daily dose of TLC with this nifty Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Pen €29.30. Massage into cuticles once a day to see results. Another oldie, but goodie Mavala also do a decent Cuticle Cream and at €8.04 it’s a bargain. Again use daily to soften the skin around the nail so it can be easily rolled back. For a supercharged salon version try the Hennessey Nail & Beauty distributed Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil, which is rich in therapeutic, skin-loving avocado oil, and is the professional way to pamper nails and cuticles. Its also non-drip, so it’s perfect for on-thego nail pampering. And don’t forget to use a good nail strengthener, like the OPI Nail Envy range, ideal for weak or damaged nails. Apply two coats to the bare nail and then a further coat every other day to see results. Choose from

paws. Packed with AHAs to improve skin texture and exfoliate dead, damaged skin, hands are left feeling softer. Key ingredients Kigelia Africana assists in several skin conditions and restores the skin, including decreasing inflammation and redness of the skin. Clinique are always trying to improve upon their already good formulas and their new Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF 15 €29.50 is fantastic. The appearance of those nasty Mr Burn style age spots on hands strikes fear into the hearts of many a woman out there, but using something like this to specifically target these nasty dark spots can really help. This stuff works to effectively diminish the appearance of dark spots and brown spots, while defending against environmental aggressors, such as those found at winter time. It will also nourish dry and dehydrated hands. Something of a cult beauty secret until now, Supernail distributed Qtica Intense range is ideal for damaged skin during the colder months. It is fab at hydrating and repairing dry cracked skin in need of some TLC. A big hit with in America, it’s now on Irish shores and set to become a cult beauty must-have. For hands, try the Intense Overnight Hand Repair Balm. Rich and thick with an intense formula of honey, beeswax, essential oil and vitamins A, C, and E, it’s like a supercharged moisture punch for the skin. Plus those worried about saggy paws will be delighted to hear it contains anti-aging Retinol Palmitate which softens fine lines and speeds cellular renewal so hands never betray age. There’s also a foot balm, lip balm and body lotion in the range.

Sensitive and Peeling, Dry and Brittle, Original, Matte, Maintenance, and Soft and Thin. Another little salon nail gem is Nubar’s Nu Nail Growth Formula (Strengthener) from Euro Products which promotes stronger, resilient natural nails and is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Phthalates inally it’s no good spending all this time and effort using the latest and best nail and hand creams if you don’t keep hands covered with a good pair of gloves, or yes that temptation to use your bare hands to get the frost off the car might creep into your mind. Invest in a cute pair of gloves and keep them in your bag and chuck them on, in the morning and evening commute to help keep in all that hard skincare routine you’ve worked on. These sweet purple Layla Ruffle Cuff Leather Glove - €28 from are super pretty, as are these chic grey rosette gloves and beige suede bow gloves both €34 from Accessorize. Monochrome never goes out of fashion so these smart Pepe Jeans gloves €44 are a real investment. And designer lovers will adore these John Rocha side rushed leather gloves €40 from Debenhams. Finally, these quirky black and beaded ¾ gloves from F&F at Tesco are totally funky and at just €10 they won’t break the bank.



WIN TE R N O.4/2012


Norka (Andrea Szalay) International Nail Designer Norka Nail Design on FB









Build a base layer with a clear gel on the prepared natural nail and extend it to the form.


Work up the nail bed with a Cover Pink gel.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2





Cover the free edge with a metal white colour gel and Stardust powder.

Work up the nail with a clear builder gel and file to give a nice shape.

Paint the abstract design with brown and green watercolour paint, add dots with a white colour acrylic paint along the edge of the design. Add stones and cover it with a top shine gel.




Hot Frocks

for the

By Niamh O’Reilly

FESTIVE SEASON ‘Tis the season to get glam ladies! For most of the year we don’t really get to go all-out with the makeup, frocks and shoes so we look forward to the Christmas time! The whole idea is to channel some of the season trends and inject it with some festive bling where you can. Sadly for some, the winter season has been dominated by the dark romance, goth, high drama theme, which has meant lots of dark colours like greys, blacks, burgundy’s and deep colour pallets being key. Textures like lace and tweed have also been huge and the peplum has become king. On the plus side, flecks of colour have come through from the introduction of luxe fabrics like brocade in an array of beautiful gold’s, silvers and sequins, which is perfect when you’re thinking about what to wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Colour has also been showing up thanks to winter florals and the country chic trend as well as colour blocking and colour popping - that is adding a flash of brights alongside more reserved shades for maximum impact. A great way to add a striking colour injection into your Christmas look is by going all out with your nails taking them from bland to bling in an instant.

Glitter Bug Nothing says Christmas like sequins and these frocks will add a serious pinch of elegance to your festive look; great for New Year’s Eve action especially. This stunning red Jenny Packham sequin dress £160 from Debenhams ticks practically every box. The cut will drape beautifully, while the shimmer from the sequins will add lots of diva fabulousness. Go for minimal accessories with this one and match it with a dark shade like the alluring navy blue shimmering darkness of CND’s Shellac in Midnight Swim. If you want to add even more drama then try these Nail Rock 3D wraps in Doodad Black which gives a luxurious nail caviar effect. If red is a little too dramatic but you still crave that stunning sequin look, then go for something like this sexy Gestuz dress €219 from Arnotts. Figure hugging with a rather daring v-neckline this will be ideal with heels to show off your pins. CND Shellac Faux Fur in a rich chocolate brown colour will be the ideal way to match the deep gold of the dress. Or try a dazzling shade from the new Bond inspired OPI Skyfall like this silver gold The World is Not Enough. You can still channel sequin-sexy without showing any cleavage and this backless Sturani Dress €205 from Coast is a great way to do it. With a real touch of retro glamour to it, it will be a total wardrobe keep. The perfect match for its green sequin hues is something


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

like this luxe metallic green Gold By Giles Nail Polish €3.99 from New Look or the misty green pewter shades of OPI’s On Her Maje¬sty’s Secret Service from their Skyfall collection. For the girly gals out there then this Ava sequin prom dress €265 from Monsoon is ideal. The super-feminine pink shade along with the flecks of sequins and glitter make this a great choice for the festive season. Pick up on the sequins by going uber glittery with this Candy Shop Nail Lacquer £16 Deborah Lippmann at House of Fraser or this Great Gatsby inspired Daisy Darling from No.7 which contains larger glitter ‘discs’ to create a stand out look. For an even girlier effect try the super-cute pink hues of OPI’S Glitter Be Good to Me and I Think in Pink, from their Pink of Hearts range which supports Breast Cancer Awareness.

Make your pals green with envy with this stunning oriental style jacquard skater dress €119 from Oasis. The luxe finish to the fabric makes it ideal for the festive season. Great with heels and tights too. Make a stunning nail statement with these Glister Gold Nail Rock 3D wraps featuring a glam gold finish to bring out the metallic hues in the dress. Or keep it simple with the matte lush green of Nails Inc polish in Bruton Mews. This Diamond By Julien Macdonald Jewel peplum dress £120 Debenhams is for the fashionista who like to bring her own quirky stamp to the style table. With elements of brocade and beading this super short embellished frock is made for perfect pins, so hike them up in a pair of killer heels. Do match with opaque’s if you’re feeling a tad nervous though. This Limited Collection Polish in Gold from M&S is just €3.50 and will really set off the look. As will this luxe OPI Designer Series DS Classic gold shade. It’s the season for gold and this Coast Carla Metallic Dress €160 with beautiful jacquard style fabric is a total wardrobe keeper. A great shape and the addition of the pretty belt flatter your shape. Play to the dresses strong points by getting a CND Shellac in Sugared Spice.

Glam Gal For all the glam-loving festive gals out there it has to be this stunning McQ dress €750 at Harvey Nichols. The beading around the

neckline guarantees for a dramatic entrance to any Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, plus it means you don’t even have to think about putting on a necklace or other jewellery as the dress is the centrepiece. Compliment and pick up on the uber fab neck gem detailing with these fab gold Doodad Nail Rock 3D Wraps or the luxuriously rich, brilliant silver or OPI’s DS Radiance. Great for a Christmas night out, this embellished shift dress €87 from Next is super stunning thanks to its stark white fabric and hot gold fan/scallop detailing. The bodycon shape mean the sexiness is turned way up so keep it going by matching your nails with a striking metallic shade like this bright gold Golden Eye from OPI’s Skyfall collection. For a posh New Year’s Eve gala dinner or ball then this Ben De Lisi embellished maxi dress £150 Debenhams cannot be beaten and an ideal match for it, is something like these Nail Rock 3D Nail wraps in silver Glister or the beautiful metallic violet finish of Essie’s Nothing Else Metals. Or make your talons dazzle in this metallic sultry silver in Moonraker from OPI’s Skyfall collection.

Classic Chic There’s nothing wrong with opting for a more classical dress in the festive season. Irish brand FeeG have been going from strength to strength with their classically cut clothes which are now stocked in Harvey Nichols, and this beautiful deep blue shift style dress €225 is fantastic. A great choice for the festive season as it’s bold, yet different from the well-worn road of reds and sequins. The neck embellishment draws the eye in so make your nails stand out with a touch of shimmer from this dazzling metallic blue shade from Nails Inc or this intense blue shade in Gold by Giles Nail Polish €3.99 New Look, or this deep blue/ purple of OPI’s Gel Colour Tomorrow Never Dies from their Bond Collection. Red is a classic at Christmas and for a reason! It’s a stunning colour on most people. This classically cut dress from Fran and Jane screams festive chic and the addition of the glitter detail bow on the waist make it really feminine. Play to the dresses strengths by going to full on red with these great pillar box red shades from Inglot and Essie. Or add a touch of sparkle with this DS Luxurious captivating coral-red with a golden glisten from OPI’s Designer Series collection.


Glitter Bug

Hot Frocks for the

Barcode Babe

Glam Gal

Classic Chic


WIN TE R N O.4/2012




Kelly Marie Daly

Emma Abbot


Zsuzsanna Varg

Laura McC


Nina I. Hribar

Ekaterina Lutsenko 18 YOURNAILS

WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Oksana Kovale

Zsuzsanna Varga

1. Prep the nail plate. Fit the form under the free edge. If the form doesn’t fit just cut a small semicircle in the middle of the top of the form.

Va nessa D.

Nail Art By Vanessa D. Monaco, France

2. Extend the nail bed using a pink acrylic. Using dark silver metallic acrylic

powder, apply a thin layer to create a half-length extension.

3. Add a silver glitter acrylic extending nail to the full length of the nail. 4. Cover with a clear acrylic. 5. Pinch the nail using a pinch tool to create the right ‘C’ curve. 6. File and shape the nail. Create swirls and dots with a black paint. 7. To add depth to the design, add details with white paint. 8. Glue the crystals on in zone 3. Apply a top coat and nourish the cuticles


with oil.




4. 6.




WIN TE R N O.4/2012




Paulina Pastuszak

Nail Art World Champion, multiple Polish national champion, championship judge, speaker on cosmetic congresses, and author of over a hundred publications in the trade press in Poland, USA, Italy, Germany and Ukraine. One of the twelve international instructors for Trinity Beauty by Tom Holcomb in the world.


hat makes this shape unique among all the others? On the first sight it seems to be a simple stiletto. Well, the secret is to create three different surfaces on the nail plate. Each of these surfaces could easily be separated from the rest and still be considered to be one piece. Thanks to that feature you have more possibilities when it comes to nail art. The best way to describe this shape is to say that the nail “from the top is sharp and from the bottom is smooth”. First, fit the form under free edge same as for a stiletto – gently slanting down. The difference is that the form should be fitted in a specific way to ensure that the whole of free edge should be perfectly smooth and flat from the bottom. Eliminate complete concavity of the tunnel (called inner C curve). To achieve that effect double bend the form in order to create a perfectly smooth shape, without its characteristic bulge. After fitting the form apply the acrylic on the flattened part of the surface, which is limited by the folds of the form. Remove the form after the shape becomes hard. Another feature that distinguishes this form from stiletto shape is the existence of a clear crease running along the axis of the nail - the same as in the typical Edge form. However, the Edge shape is being created by the application of the product onto a duly bent form, whereas in this case we have to gently build the nail ourselves. The stress line seen from the side runs normally, but when you look at the form centrally from the front you see an ideal triangle shape. An important factor is: appropriate, precise and accurate, application of the product and efficient shaping of the nail during filing. The use of an electric nail file is definitely recommended, when working on long nails. It can save a lot of time and energy. Those of you who worry that the nail without the tunnel will be weaker and exposed to trauma can relax. The lack of the tunnel is completely offset by the strengthening of the central axis of the nail by our “crease”. The nail shaped in Polygon style is not at all much thicker or less graceful than a typical stiletto. The amount of product applied to strengthen the design and to build up the apex is similar to the one we put in a typical stiletto. The effect of a large amount of product is only magnified an optical illusion created by the height difference between the thin material located on the side edges and a big “hill” in the center of the nail.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

To sum up, the shape is relatively easy to build and nice to wear. You can build this type of nail in your salon - not necessarily in the long form. A short almond or oval shape enriched with perfectly smooth and straight bottom of the nail is definitely something your clients would like.


1. 1. Prepare the nail plate.

3. 3. Fit the form under the free edge. Using cover pink

acrylic, extend the nail bed.


2. 2. Apply a primer to increase


4. 4. Form a French tip with white acrylic powder. Apply a clear acrylic to the whole nail.


5. Shape and refine the nail. 6. Create patterns using white and black acrylic paints. Apply a UV top coat. Gently matt the surface where the 3D flowers will be built. Mix white and pink acrylic powders to construct flowers. Repeat the same actions underneath the nail – matt the surface, apply acrylic paint, cover with a UV top coat and build 3D acrylic flowers

In the

SPOTLIGHT I, Louise McKee, have just opened the doors to the new Cuccio Centre of Excellence/Wholesales in the heart of Belfast. With over 11 years of experience in the nail industry, my interest for nails first began when I was a child and I remember fondly how I would spend all my pocket money on false nails and nail polishes. After finishing high school, I started a degree in occupational studies at the University of Ulster and enrolled in a 36 week-long NVQ level 3 nail technology course. After a year, I decided this was the job for me and dropped out of university and it was then that I really discovered my passion and drive for the industry. My first line of work was in a local salon where I gained a lot of experience from a very passionate boss. However, very sadly she passed away and the salon closed and for a long while I felt sad at the loss of a great friend and mentor. After some time, I started to work mobile and continued to acquire a group of satisfied and loyal customers. Once I had built a large client base I opened my very own salon, Flawless Day Spa and only 1 year later continued my success by opening Flawless Tanning studio - two very busy salons with a total of eight staff members. I then began studying to become an educator in the industry I loved, becoming a nail assessor and received a job offer from the college I trained with, as a NVQ and VTCT assessor. I worked with the college for 3 years, which was something I really enjoyed. Then an opportunity came up for me to start a new and exciting company with fantastic product lines and exclusivity to Ireland. I began my task of selling, marketing and introducing Cuccio to every salon, showing them what

they were missing by not offering our products. Our Naturale spa range is the most luxurious on the market, with our 24 hour patent hydrating body butters. I continued to offer diplomas, training in every product line to all salons throughout Ireland. What I get the most satisfaction from is providing education to new nail technicians. I feel really proud of the hard-driven students who have been out of work and with great teaching and guidance then gain independence and find a new path in a new industry. My success has continued to grow with Cuccio’s fantastic products and after 2 successful years of sales for the company, I received the honour of getting an award for being the best sales achiever throughout the UK. I was presented with a fantastic prize by Tony Cuccio himself and received nail training education by Elaine Watson, the world famous Nail Technician from America. Representing Cuccio Ireland, I recently attended the professional Beauty show in Dublin. The positive feedback and results I received on our products was massive. My greatest achievement is opening the new Cuccio Centre of Excellence/Wholesalers. Giving salons and nail techs the opportunity to discover the fantastic Cuccio products I have discovered and have brought to Ireland. The passion that keeps me driven for the company and the industry comes from the satisfaction of educating to the highest of standards and offering a unique product range.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012




T Angelika Sidiripoulou International Master’s Educator & Nail Designer for 15 years. Owner of Nail Academies in Greece & Cyprus. Offers Exclusive training, creating new techniques, and works with many well-known nail artists all over the world. Author of new nail form “FEMME”. Greece


The One Stroke Technique has become very popular over the last few years. This method is a simple way to create stunning, colourful designs, with just one stroke of a brush. It is usually used to paint flowers, fruits and leaves. It is well-known among artists, however for a number of years it was used only to create paintings. Nowadays it has become a common tool for nail stylists. It enriched the range of nail art and it is a much needed breath of fresh air. One stroke uses the application of the paint with a specific flat brush. The main rule is to mix two colours – dark and light. The brush should be wet but not dripping (dry it with a towel if needed). The movement of the brush allows the colours to mix and ensures depth and shading. It creates the illusion that numerous colours were used in the design. There are various combinations of colors that can be used to create a beautiful stroke (see picture ‘color combinations’). Special one stroke paints are much better to use than the regular acrylic ones .The coverage is sufficient while at the same time it gives a nice graduation of colors. There are two different types of One Stroke Brushes on the nail market - the flat square ones and the diagonal ones. A helpful tip for beginners is to use different size brushes. It makes it much easier to create more detailed designs. For example – use the larger brush for outer petals and big leaves, and the thin brush – for the center of the flower, stems, ribbons and details. If you want to create a new design simply change the colours - the same design can look totally different in other color combinations. If you are a beginner, first practice on bigger surfaces than nail tips.

Keep in mind a few


1. Use only high quality brushes and paints! 2. The surface that you will be painting on should be clear and smooth.

3. Plan your design on a piece of paper so you know how to place details on the nail, in order to fit the whole design. 4. The design should give the impression that its individual elements create a coherent whole. 5. Always remember to apply a top coat onto your design. Use a UV finish gel or top coat.

Another useful tip for nail techs – create a variety of sample tips for your clients to choose from. Use one stroke techniques to paint on different surfaces around your work desk (brush holder, UV lamp) to promote your designs, and remember:



Usually it is enough to mix a small drop of the tempered water to your paints on the palette before you start to draw. Mix it well and be sure that the consistence is not too much thin or thick. It might have a “yogurt” consistency. Be careful – if you add to much water, your paint will not cover enough, if your paints are too thick, you won’t make a nice graduation of colours and your paint will dry to fast on your brush.


Rinse one side of your brush in the light colour and the other in the dark, immediately paint a stroke on your palette, repeat it a few times in the same place, turn your brush and repeat the same near the first stroke, be careful not to mix the colours. This way you are loading your brush and make a nice graduation of colours. Now you’re ready to paint your One Stroke Design. Load your brush in the same way after drawing 2-3 strokes, sometimes you need to load your brush after each petal. Clean it each time with water and load again, this way you can get nice clean strokes. Also, keep your brush clean every time you stop to draw, this way you will keep your brushes in good condition for a long time!


Paint one petal or part of the flower; don’t stop your brush in the center of your stroke. Do some practice, drawing with movements - like a “Wave” or “Zigzag” or a “shell”. These are the most famous stroke movements. Remember – every petal or part must be painted using one stroke. That is the secret of this wonderful technique. Next time I will show you that it is not only flowers you can paint, but things like any animal, butterflies, birds and even landscapes! Good luck and enjoy your One Stroke Paintings!

PEONY STEP BY STEP 1. Begin the Peony always from the center. Draw one small circle petal, like a “shell”. Use your light colour inside your stroke and the dark outside. 2. Continue with the same petals near the first. 3. Draw larger petals; be sure that your petals create the shape of a circle.

4, 5, 6. Continue with large petals 7. Then turn your brush and draw the outside large petals with the light colour on the outside and dark on the inside this time. 8, 9. Continue and finish with outside petals.

STEP BY STEP ROSE 1. Paint 3 petals near each other; each petal is a continuation

6. Draw the side petal. Always use a Small One Stroke Brush,

of the other. Use your light colour outside and the dark inside your strokes. 2. Paint a large petal under the petals before. 3. Draw an inside petal using a small One Stroke brush. 4. Draw the smallest petal inside. 5. Close the center of the rose. Start off in the center and end it on the right side of the smallest petal.

make it slimmer on the end, and press your brush more lightly there. 7. Continue with the other petals inside the flower. 8. Paint one side of leaves near the roses. Make your brush move like a “wave” and stop with the slim “end” 9. Close your leaves in the same way on the other side, just turn your brush.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012


r o F ing

g n o L EN D






emi-permanent eyelash extensions (Eyelash extensions 1:1) originally come from Korea, but there is little information on the subject. In 2004, in Hollywood, Daniel Dihn, a computer scientist, whose passion was for beauty, discovered that by using multiple layers the eyelashes could be extended, which is where it all began. Daniel started his activities by testing how to apply eyelash glue to the skin and, after many trials, successfully developed multi-layer, thickening eyelash extensions using 1:1. In those days, it was only used by models and famous Hollywood stars. Today, eyelash extensions are one of the most common and most popular cosmetic procedures chosen by women around the world.

This procedure is designed for people whose natural lashes are quite short and thin. Many women wear false lashes for fashion, to simply look more beautiful or for special occasions, such as, a wedding or holiday, to add the glam factor. Rejuvenated lashes make the eye look larger, more open and clearer and everyday makeup becomes much simpler or even unnecessary. The “eyelash to eyelash” method actually protects your own natural lashes, not destroying them. Once applied the extended eyelash falls out spontaneously and naturally when the life cycle of the lash is complete, and in its place there is a new eyelash. Just as the nails and hair do, eyelashes grow and have their life cycle (growth phase, the mature and final). The average life cycle of an eyelash is 90 days. Eyelash extensions are done in the middle of this life cycle. So they can last for the remainder, approximately 45 days. In fact, individual lashes can stay in place for up to 2 months. However to keep the luscious effect it is recommended that they are redone at about 3-4 weeks. Don’t forget that the number of false lashes you can apply depends on the number of natural eyelashes.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

This completely painless and even relaxing procedure is very labor intensive and takes about 2-2.5 hours. Of course it depends on the density of your own natural lashes. It is best to use a henna eyelash dye 1-2 days before surgery, because false eyelashes are placed 1 mm from the skin and this will compensate for the difference in color. Eyelash extensions are performed using a 1:1, in a horizontal position and with closed eyes.

It is best not to paint your natural eyelashes on the day of application, as it may unnecessarily weaken them and make them greasy. All remains of mascara must be removed thoroughly. They will also be fully skimmed (a special preparation) by the stylist, to help the glue to work better. The lower lashes are secured and not tangled up with the top, using collagen flakes. They have moisturizing, lifting and conditioning properties, so during the procedure the area around the eyes is also cherished.

Monika Marcinkowska EFFECT HAIR&BEAUTY LIMERICK Tel: 085 721 35 29 Photos:

Only stores using the highest quality products are authorized to do apply the lashes. The Eyelashes must be made of silk with only a touch of synthetic to ensure durability. A skilled stylist has a range of different shapes of eyelashes (from simple to elaborate); different thicknesses (thicker eyelashes are stronger and require less mascara, making eyelashes look softer and more natural); and different lengths (from short ones placed at the inner corner eye to long ones for the outside). With a variety of lashes you can achieve a theatrical, dramatic effect, depending on your needs. The adhesive used for application is safe (when the professional is certified), leaves no traces, and is completely visible.

In fact, it is best to use eye makeup remover containing no fatty substances and it is essential not to touch the eyelashes too much. Extended eyelashes should not be painted with ink. You should only use an eyelash curler so as not to damage the natural or artificial lashes. Do not under any circumstances pull off or try to extend the lashes. This can cause damage and hamper recovery. They can only be removed in a salon, by a qualified person. Not everyone can get eyelash extensions. The main contraindications include, among others: alopecia, or excessive loss of eyelashes, conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, cataract, glaucoma,

Good quality lashes are characterized by the way they: maintain a permanent curl even when wet or wet; are easy to keep clean (fat, dust, dirt and residual make-up can be washed out of them using just a stream of water in the shower); are perfectly smooth (do not attract or accumulate dirt); have profiled ends which are thin, perfectly imitating natural lashes, not going out-of-shape during sleep.

barley, infections of the eye or its immediate surroundings, allergies and hyperactivity. If you suspect you are allergic to the adhesive, you can always take a sensitivity test 24 hours before surgery. There are no contraindications for pregnant women, provided they can lie on their back for about 3 hours. There are also no contraindications for people who wear contact lenses (they should be removed only during application).

The best thing is that this type of eyelash extension doesn’t require any drastic changes your lifestyle at all. They are resistant to water, sweat, tears, warmth, so you can swim with them, bathe, exercise, sunbathe and cry. When they are wet they should only be slightly dried (gently comb lashes whenever you think it should be corrected, and only when they are dry, using brushes available in all authorized stores). However, do not use creams, oils and other fat-based cosmetics around the eyes or wash of makeup using biphasic fluids which weaken the glue.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this treatment means there is a dangerous increase in the number of people who are unqualified. Therefore, you should check whether your beautician is certified and qualified.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012


Gemma Lambert

WORKSHOP REPORT Nail stylist Gemma Lambert hosted a unique training class on the 10th of September thanks to YOUR NAILS Magazine. Gemma is Internat ional Compet it ion Technician of the year 2009, 12xUK Nail Technician, Judge and owner of The Nail Team. We wanted to organize that event for a ver y long time so when the day finally came we were the happiest nail maga zine team in the world ;-). The workshop took place at a ver y welcoming premise of Nail and Beaut y Systems in Swords. The owner, Luisa Fanagan, made sure ever ybody felt at home and that ever y thing was up to the highest standard. Cof fee was necessar y as it was an early beginning of a ver y busy day as we organized two courses: Pink & White and 3D Acr ylic Nail Ar t. During the morning training – Pink & White – Gemma explained in detail the secrets of the reverse and standard application. As Gemma said this course is about per fecting the skills that the par ticipants already had, expanding their possibilities and finding answers to their problems. The st ylists had the unique oppor tunit y to ask questions about tips on how to win a nail competition coming from an experienced judge and competition winner. Af ter a shor t break par ticipants entered the 3D world filled with ama zing flowers and decorations. The training begun from a basic three leaves flower and gradually the level of skills increased to a rose and lily. During the three hour training the st ylists learned how to per form a 3D nail ar t of rose, lily, flowers and bows. Ever yone had a chance to practice under the watchful eye of Gemma and receive constructive criticism in order to exceed in their abilit y. We also had a glimpse at the por t folio of the ar t work per formed by the ar tist. During the workshops nail techs had the chance to buy NSI and E z Flow products as well as a new useful product - Arabella Fantasy Nail Form. The form is unique as it is made out of a flexible material allowing to detach the ready nail ar t from the form and “glue” it onto the nail. The workshops ended with a group photo with Gemma Lamber t and the E xecutive Editor of YOUR NAILS Karolina Boczek. All st ylists will receive Gemma’s cer tificates. We look for ward to the nex t training and hopefully they would be as fun and educational as this one.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

“I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and loving what I do! Keep reaching for the stars people your dreams can come true!” Leah Light is most famous for being New Zealand’s own Celebrity Nail Stylist. Based in Auckland Leah started her journey 17 years ago when she first bought a set of DIY nails and now she is internationally recognized for her work as a highly qualified Celebrity Manicurist & Senior Educator. Leah’s big break came when she was introduced to Minx nails and became New Zealand’s only Senior Minx Master and distributor. She contacted local celebrities, radio and TV presenters to show off the minx designs and from there her name as a celebrity nail stylist grew and grew. Recently, Leah has worked her magic on international celebrities, such as, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rachel Hunter, Eva Longoria and, upcoming musician, Zowie. Leah is also famous for working with Artistic Nail designs colour gloss gel, a super-shiny gel polish which lasts up to three weeks and she also has a regular spot on internationally renowned celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton’s fashion and beauty website CocoPerez. Her segment

includes tutorials on the latest worldwide trends along with tips and tricks on nail care and nail art. Looking at Leah’s work, you don’t see any fancy long stiletto nails or other shapes. She is known for her endless imagination and perfection in creating amazing manicures on natural length nails. Her name is her trade mark. Working hard through all these years, raising two children it wasn’t easy, but she made it and made it in a big way. “I am a happily married mother with two amazing children and feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing job that I truly love doing” You can check Leah’s blog: or go to her facebook page to check her incredible work: leahlightcelebritynailstylist


WIN TE R N O.4/2012


Get Glam for


Glam season is here gals; that means it is time to break out the glitter eye shadow, get the fake tan done, whack on the false lashes and generally indulge yourself in a totally fab festive beauty makeover. Whether you’re going to a family Christmas party, a seasonal night out with the girls or attending a super-gorge New Year’s Eve bash, there’s no excuse not to look glam and preened, thanks to the abundance of uber amazing glitter-tastic beauty goodies on the shelves of the supermarkets and salons. First thing to tackle is the face, so stock up on a good primer, because like building a house, if you don’t get the foundations right, then the overall look is just going to literally melt away while you’re boogying on the festive dance floor. Irish brand Fuschia’s Illuminating Veil €30 is ideal if you want to get that dewy look. Simply apply a small amount under your foundation for a subtle glisten. CID, distributed by Hennessey Hair & Beauty, is a fab range of salon quality beauty goodies and their i – prime Foundation Primer is a case in point. It works to improve the appearance of the skin and help your foundation to glide on perfectly and stay on all day. Packed with skin-quenching Shea Butter, powerful antioxidant Vitamin E and pigments that help blur imperfections, it’s a must. Next you want to make sure you’ve a fab foundation that will stay put as long as you need it to. A new one from the Doyenne of beauty Bobbi Brown is their Long Wear Even Finish Foundation with SPF15. Created to give a natural looking finish that will last for up to twelve hours it is ideal for the glam gals beauty bag. The soft focus effect evens out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of any fine lines, yet its oil free and wont clog up the skin. It comes in 18 shades and will set you back €39.50. For something that’s even more natural try Clarins Skin Illusions Mineral Plant Extracts


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

in either a powder or liquid formula. Both give a pure mineral radiant finish and is packed with botanical benefits, €36. A more bargain version is Maybelline’s Superstay Foundation at just €13.99. Again it gives a natural look and claims to withstand heat, sweat and touch… so it’s perfect for the festive dance floor then! It’s also oil free. Next go for some dazzling details on the eyes, lips and nails. Here is where you can really express some festive glam and go all out in the glitter and opulence stakes. Of course nothing says opulent quite like gold and when it happens to be real gold, well who could resist? OPI’s new Skyfall collection, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bond and the upcoming release of Skyfall, is pure luxury and their The Man With the Golden Gun 18k Gold Topcoat will add a real touch of glamour to your talons. Try their red shade, The Spy who Loved Me, topped with the Man with the Golden Gun for a perfectly festive effect and yes real gold! Or experiment with their other suitably glam shades and get the Bond Manicure as sported by the actress in the film Bérénice Marlohe by putting The Spy Who Loved Me or Skyfall on top of your nails and polish the undersides with GoldenEye. Check out Hennessey Hair & Beauty for further info on the collection.

And if you want to go one step further in channelling your inner Bond Girl, Bérénice Marlohe, then you have to try Sensai Lipstick by Kanebo in the hot red TSUYABENI shade €50. It was used by Naomi Donne, the makeup Artist on SKYFALL, who says; ‘It’s rare to find a lipstick that can accomplish a mixture of vibrancy and staying p o w e r whilst keeping the lips moist. The red shade of T S U YA B E N I by SENSAI is a fantastic colour that seems to suit all skin tones and is perfect for use on films when a dramatic effect is required with the minimum amount of maintenance which is why I selected it for use on SKYFALL’. While most of the year we may shy away from things like red lips and gold, Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to indulge, and this bargain-tastic Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow €7.49 could be an ideal match for your lids at the Christmas Party. Alternatively, this beautiful BareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadow 8.0 Palette €40 is a great choice for the party season thanks to its eyelid primer and long wearing colour which means your lids will still be pretty after the party.

Elizabeth Arden may be an old classic, but their new Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow provides uber strong colour coupled with and outstanding wear. The smooth texture of the luxurious new formula is crease-proof, allowing for a multi-finish application that smooths, brightens and lifts the look of eyes with a look that lasts for hours €25.00. Salon brand CID’s i- colour LongWear Cream Eyeshadow comes in a whole host of fab colours for the party season and its long lasting, mousse texture is a doddle to blend. For a smokey look that will make your eyes ultra-sexy try L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Quad Eyeshadows €7.69 or for a touch of sparkle try Clarins

new Ombres Minerale €20 wet and dry eye shadows. For something more budget friendly make like Olivia Wilde and try Revlon’s ColorStay™ Eyeshadow which now lasts an additional four hours for sixteen full hours of impactful, longwearing colour €11.25

Lots of products on the shelves at the moment can be used on various places on the face and body, so if you’re a gal-on-the-go who likes to multi-task then try something like Fushcia’s Candle Glow which gives a subtle, glistening glow and can be used to highlight the brows, cheek bones, the eyes or mix it with foundation for a shimmering effect €25. For a real treat check out the limited edition Ombre Contraste Notorious from Chanel which can be swept over the lids and cheekbones for a subtle yet stunning shadowy effect €37. Little details like the brows are also so important so try something like Clinique’s Instant Lift for Brows €13.50 which includes a brow filling pencil on one end and a brow bone highlighter on the other. The pencil is designed to

Finally don’t forget the tan and while you don’t want to end up looking overly tangoed like Katie Price, a hint of glow is important. For a salon style secret try Sunjunkie Shimmer Drops for totally sparkle-tastic effect. Just add two droplets of the concentrated shimmer liquid to 57mls of your tanning solution to and voila! Shimmer gal. And if you fancy giving the tan a try at home them something like St. Tropez’s Wash Off Mousse €20.29 or WOW Brown DIY Tan which has an instant brown colour guide and is fragranced with Wow Brown’s addictive signature scent and rich and creamy texture, We’re declaring DIY with ‘musthave’ status! Alternatively sweep some St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks €50.74 over your décolletage and arms for a shimmering glow.

fill-in brows and even out sparse areas to create perfectly defined, natural looking brows. When applied under the brow, the highlighter instantly brightens your appearance and gives the illusion of a lifted look, using light reflecting ingredients to highlight the brow, a must for the festive makeup bag. And instead of plain old mascara try something really OTT like these Miss Flicklash gold and blingy false eyelashes €14 from Harvey Nichols.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012



Monika Jędrzejewska INDIGO Nails Lab. Educator Author of many covers and publications in trade magazines Poland


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

1 Prepare nails, degrease, fit the form under the free edge, then using the cover acrylic powder, extend the nail bed.

3 Put more colours of acrylic powders containing golden shimmers onto the free edge: gold, light green and champagne.

5 Cover the nails with a clear acrylic. Shape and refine the nails. Remove any dust. Paint thin, delicate lines using diluted black paint.

2 Next to the smile line apply a green acrylic with golden flecks. Repeat this step on all the nails.

4 Where the colours merge gently shade using black acrylic with golden flecks.

6 Decorate with golden acrylic paint creating thin wavy lines. Put green rhinestones around the smile line. Finish with a UV top coat. YOURNAILS

WIN TE R N O.4/2012



A set of Perfect Match Mood Colour Changing Gel Polishes by ASU Nail & Beauty Supplies








WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2



IS AN IRISH COMPANY WITH A PASSION FOR NAILS. EVERY SECOND PERSON NOW WANTS TO HAVE GEL NAILS WHETHER THEY ASK FOR THE CLASSIC FRENCH TIP, COLOUR OR FUNKY NAIL DESIGNS LIKE BOWS OR SKULLS. HNS UV Gel Systems provides naturally beautiful, healthy looking enhancements that are strong, long lasting, and non-yellowing with an amazing long lasting shine. Gel is the latest innovation in the world of professional nail enhancements and it is easier to apply than acrylic. Now with HNS you can provide this service from your salon or enjoy it in the comfort of your own home with confidence of our top quality products. You are supported by professional nail training competitive prices. Thanks to all this you can offer low prices to your clients, which will keep them happy and coming back for more. HNS is an ever expanding company with stands at beauty shows all over Ireland. Our products are made of high quality ingredients, which makes HNS your only option for all your gel nail requirements. So why not kick start your nail technician career now with Hollywood Nail Systems? If you’re already a beauty worker or just want to learn new skills and make some all-important extra cash, what’s stopping you? Contact us right now!

Our very successful gel nail technician course has been running from Newbridge in Co. Kildare. It is a four day course, which runs over a four week period every Sunday. The schedule is easy to fit around your salon hours or busy school runs. Our course covers everything from basic nail anatomy to complete application, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished nail tech. Thanks to our course you will be able to offer modern services. Our basic course costs €420.00, which includes a full UV NAIL kit worth €120.00. You just need to bring yourself and a model. All details will be explained upon booking of your HNS Gel nail Course. Email HNS on! Ever heard of the two week mani or pedi? Well HNS also offers a UV nail polish course, which starts at €180 including your nail kit. HNS wants to help you to get your nail tech career moving, so we also have specials deals for training and beauty colleges. Ok, so you have done the course but you just feel that you’re not getting the most from your products and your gel nail service? Well, here at HNS we can help to solve that problem. Our products are 20% cheaper than our leading competitors. We supply to Ireland, Europe and the USA! You name it! We deliver by courier direct to your store. We also have a store in Newbridge in Co. Kildare, which you can pop into any time to re-stock or check out what we have to offer. If you appreciate comfort why not order online at You will get your entire gel nail requirements there– from nail files to coloured gels and the latest UV nail polishes.



Laura, Beauty Salon owner and HNS trained Gel nail Tech and retailer | South East Ireland


Gemma Lambert | Nail artist Gemma Lambert is one of Europe’s top nail technicians, a 12 times UK champion and winner of Nail Technician of the Year award in 2009. Gemma has a massive following and her designs have been displayed on the covers of many industry magazines and in fashion shows. Gemma has a rare talent and her passion for nail design started at a young age while she was babysitting for a family friend. As a driven youngster who loved art and design, she found within the nail industry a way to show her creativity. It wasn’t long before Gemma enrolled on a 22 -week nail course. From there she quickly went on to start a traineeship at a salon in Doncaster in 1999, then she started as a mobile nail technician and soon found herself as a salon manager in 2000 and a salon owner in 2002. It was in 2002 that she first started to enter competitions and has been competing and improving ever since. In 2008 Gemma started THE Nail Team to help educate other nail technicians and though she has since left, she now travels throughout the UK, Europe and Canada educating. Gemma also continues to work on photo shoots for covers, teach, compete and judge - Gemma is an inspiration to all nail technicians.

On the day of the shoot it was the beginning of a foggy, rainy Irish autumn, but when Louisa Flanagan brought Christmas tree into the room, it felt like the festive season was just around the corner. Everybody was very busy and the room started to resemble Santa’s workshop - Gemma decorated the tree with blue, silver and red baubles and model, Lisa Fitzsimmons, put on a beautiful red gown, complemented by diamond Starlit Jewellery. The only thing missing were the presents underneath the Christmas tree. When talented makeup artist Emma Howard finished creating the frosty jet festive makeup, it was time for the magic to happen. The nails designed by Gemma Lambert were meticulously sculpted to tell a story of their own. Little bows created by the touch of two fingers, colourful, sparkly baubles floating from one nail onto the next. It all created an enchanted composition captured perfectly by passionate photographer, Simmone Ragazzoni.

GRACE KEOGH Hairdresser

EMMA HOWARD Make-up artist

*A full step by step on how to create these nails can be found on the website.


Imagine – a small cottage at the end of a road, folds of snow hanging from the roof and a starry Christmas night. You approach the house and try to have a peek through an icy window frosted with magical snowflake shapes. Inside you see a warm open fire, a Christmas tree and presents. You can almost smell the mulled wine and hear children’s laughter. The nail design was a miniature recreation of that atmosphere – cobalt blue gel as the winter sky, glitter as the twinkling stars, red colour symbolising fire, small baubles and ribbons as Christmas decorations, Swarovski rhinestones as the

Touch of frost…


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

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Step 1 Prep the nails by cleansing yours and your client’s hands. Remove any existing polish, push back the cuticles and remove any excess cuticle from the nail plate, file the surface of the nail with an Endurance 180 or 240 grit buffer to remove shine, file free edge and remove any dust. Step 2 Fit the Platinum Nail Forms and apply a thin layer of NSI Attract (Acid Free) Primer. Step 3 Build a base layer with a crystal clear acrylic from the Competition Collection and extend the nail bed with a rose blush cover pink from the Masquerade Collection of Attraction Nail Powders. Step 4 Using a thin wet layer of Technailcolor Mixable Colored Acrylics in cobalt blue, apply and blend down. Then, do the same with Fire Engine Red and Plum. Step 5 Blend the design onto the nail bed area with NSI Sparkling Silver Glitter. Step 6 Cap the whole nail with Extreme Pink to make the colours pop out. Wait for the acrylic to start setting before you pinch the nail to give it a deeper c-curve. Step 7 File the nail into shape with an Endurance 150 grit file, remove any dust and apply a layer of Glaze ‘n’ Go and set under the UV lamp for 2 minutes to get the best shine. Step 8 Give the Glaze ‘n’ Go 30-60 seconds to cool down out of the lamp before applying your Nurture Oil and massaging it into the cuticles. To make the design stand out you can add rhinestones and create 3D bows using Radiant White Attraction Acrylic Powder. Create a bead by mixing the Technailcolor Mixable Colored Acrylics in Cobalt Blue with Radiant White. Gently apply the bead to the nail and swirl it. Place rhinestones around the bead to make it look like a Christmas bauble. Do the same using Fire Engine Red and Plum. Add some ribbons.




Bow Street in Lisburn, Co Down is the home of Posh International Nail & Beauty Salon – the brainchild of local entrepreneur and general go-getter Pamela Kennedy. Posh International Nail and Beauty was established by Pamela in 2002, to service the nail and beauty needs of the people living in her home town of Lisburn and beyond – but who knew how far this passionate lady would take it. Nestled upstairs over Carphone Warehouse, Pamela has over the last ten years created a luxurious salon, complete with beautiful gilt edged furnishings, chandeliers and accented with sophisticated animal prints. Pamela explains that “Here at Posh International, we are committed to bringing our clients the newest products on the market, and delivering a superior service in comfortable surroundings.” It is perhaps, for this very reason, that Posh International has become the first 5 Star Gold Salon Award in Northern Ireland.

was only when setting up Posh International that she discovered that there was a real need for quality products and training in Ireland – both North and South. It was with this in mind, that Posh International including Nail Harmony Ireland came to be. Pamela has developed a mission and a passion to empower salon & spa owners, beauty technicians and therapists - by supplying and training them in the use of the highest quality products, technology, tools and ideas. At Posh International, Pamela demands innovation in all products, thus she says raising the bar of the industry. Their products and brands include:

• GELISH Soak-off Gel Polish from Nail Harmony

• Fusion Acrylic from Nail Harmony

Having nurtured a passion in the nail and beauty industry from the tender age of seven, Pamela wasted no time after completing school and enrolled at the Lillian Maund International College in Chester. Pamela’s start in the nail industry came just a year later when she was given the opportunity to train with EzFlow across Europe and the UK - as they didn’t have a presence in Ireland at that stage.

• Reveal Gel

Passionate and driven it was always her intention to work for herself, she tells us, but it

• Dermedique Skincare


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

from Nail Harmony

• Artistic Nail Design • LASH beLONG • 3d Browz • Tan Organic

Expert training in these brands and products is available from their very own training academy Posh International Training Academy and of course are used in Posh International Nail and Beauty Salon. Competitive from a young age, Pamela soon discovered nail competitions, where she not only could showcase her skills but also her vivid imagination and eye for colour. All too soon, merely showcasing her talents was not enough for Pamela and within a few years she was winning competitions and bringing home prizes, including:

awards, exhibited at European and Irish trade shows, participated in Milan and Belfast Fashion Weeks and worked with a number of celebrities. Pamela is also on the committee for the Northern Ireland Beauty Association and Vice Chairperson for the National Beauty Awards. Posh International Nail and Beauty truly is a one-stop show for all your nail and beauty needs! For further information contact Pamela and her team - and allow them empower and impassion you too!!

- Winner of the Photographic Nail Art Category at the Irish Nail Championships 2011 - Winner of Irish Nail Salon at the Irish Nail Championships 2007/2008 - Winner of International Nail Technician at the Irish Nail Championships 2009/2010 - Winner of UK Photographic Nail Art Competition 2010 Pamela would encourage every Nail Technician to enter competitions as she feels they encourage competitors to raise their standards whether they are students or working in /own a salon. The last few years have been Pamela’s most successful. Together with her, they team have won clients across the island of Ireland, run over 1000 training courses, won ďŹ ve prestigious

Posh International Nail and Beauty Salon, 52a Bow Street, BT28 1XZ, Lisburn Tel: +44 28 9266 1617 Email: Twitter: @pamelakennedy14 Facebook: Posh International Nail & Beauty Salon & Posh International Distribution in Association with Nail Harmony Ireland


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Anita Podoba Budapest, BrillBird Hungary

Prep the nail and fit the form. Extend the nail bed using a pink acrylic. Create a French tip using a blue glitter acrylic powder. If you prefer to go for a more everyday version of this design you can by creating a shorter extension. Apply green foil flakes along the smile line. They should be applied to no more than half of the length of the nail. Cover the free edge with a clear acrylic. Wait until it dries, shape and refine. Using a white acrylic powder create a 3D flower (to find out more on how to perform 3D nail art go to page 43). Form 5 petals – each different sizes. Layer them onto each other to add depth to the design. To finish the flower apply a small bead of clear acrylic and glue Swarovski rhinestones on the top. When the white acrylic is dry add some more details to the 3D flower. Dim the inner part of petals with a dark blue paint to emphasize the flower cup. Outline the petals and create ruffles with a white paint.

Glue clear, green and blue rhinestones just below the smile line.

Cover each of the flower petals with a clear gel or high gloss UV nail polish to add a frozen look. Apply a UV gel top coat to the extension, except the flower.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2




by Karen Conroy

Nail preparation:


One of the most important steps before carrying out any enhancement service is the preparation of the nails. This is something that should never be rushed, as cutting corners will inevitably lead to problems, such as lifting and bacterial infections. The main reason we prep the nails is to remove oils and contaminants so we can ensure the product adheres to the nail plate without lifting, resulting in longer lasting enhancements.

The following steps should be taken… Step 1 – Sanitizing Start by sanitizing both yours and your client’s hands. Remember to do this, even if you are wearing protecting gloves.

Step 2 – Remove Nail Polish

Step 3 – Trimming and Shaping

Remove nail enamel using an acetone-based polish remover on a lint free wipe. Apply nail polish remover onto the wipe and press it down onto the nail. Hold it for few seconds to allow the nail polish to dissolve. This way you can remove the colour without smudging it onto the cuticles. Use clean wipe to go over the nail again...

Trim the natural nails if necessary by using a 240 grit file. A stronger nail file will cause the nail to split. It might be a reason why the nails are separating from the tip, after building the extension.

Step 4 – Cleaning Make sure you clean under the nails too. You can use the edge of the wipe dipped in acetone, or a wooden stick. It is very common for nails to lift, if they haven’t been cleaned properly.

Step 5 – Removing Cuticle 5a) Apply a small amount of cuticle remover and spread it onto the cuticle with a metal pusher. (This step is optional).

5b) Lift and loosen any non-living tissue from the nail plate using the metal pusher. Be careful, but be confident at the same time. This is a very important step. If you leave any excess skin on the nail plate and cover it with gel/acrylic, it will start lifting straight after the application.

5c) Use a curette flat to the nail and use small circular movements to complete the removal of any non-living tissue; taking extra care around the eponychium and lateral folds.

5d) If you use a cuticle remover, you will need to de-activate and remove it by washing the hands and nails with soap and water; otherwise it can lead to skin irritation, as well as lifting of the enhancement product.


Cuticle is non- living tissue and is not only located near the eponychium and around the proximal and lateral folds, but it can also be found in the centre of the nail plate!

Step 6 – Buffing Remove the shine from the surface of the nails by lightly buffing in the direction of the nail growth using a 240-grit file (or buffer). Never use a lower grit on the natural nail, as it will thin the nail plate.


Step 7 – Dusting This helps to avoid dust getting trapped under the enhancement. Brush any dust from the surface and under the free edge.

You only need to remove the shine from the nails, so ‘etching’ the natural nail with anything lower than a 240-grit file will only thin and weaken natural nails which can lead to lifting and breaking of the nail enhancement.

Step 8 – Removing oil Scrub the nail plate with a nail sanitizer on a lint free wipe and allow to dry for a chalky white finish.


You are now ready to apply your enhancement product!

To ensure perfect dryness, use a nail dehydrator and wait until it is completely dry before applying next product.

Never touch the nails after you have sanitized them, as you risk transferring oils back onto them.


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

1. Prep the nail and apply a base coat.

2. Apply the first layer of

nail polish in a dark plum shade.

3. Apply the second layer

of nail polish. When it is still wet, sprinkle some silver rainbow glitter on the free edge of the nail. Skip the ring-finger.

4. Glue the crystal sticker onto the ring-finger. To visually elongate the nail apply it diagonally.


Paint little stars using silver nail art enamel.

HoHoHo 1.

Prep the nail and apply a base coat.


Apply a red nail polish starting from the cuticle area painting towards the free edge. Leave the nail tip unpainted.

3. Using a thin brush with

white nail art polish create a French tip. Apply it precisely to the sides.

4. To make sure that the

velvet will stick, apply a solid layer of clear nail polish onto the nail tip.

5. Using tweezers or nail

clippers apply a white velvet powder onto the nail tip. You can gently tap it down so it will combine better with the nail polish.


6. To finish apply a high gloss top coat.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Glue the crystal sticker onto the middle-finger. If you wish you can apply stickers to all fingers or, as we did, paint a thin line with silver glitter just under the white velvet.

3 Leaf

Acrylic Flower


Wet the brush in the monomer. First quickly dip an acrylic nail art no. 4 brush into white then purple acrylic powder. This way the leaf will be white inside with a purple border. If you’d like to create a with the colours in reverse, change the order of dipping the brush into the powders. Take the liquid out of the bead by gently tapping it on a paper towel (not the brush, just the bead). Apply the bead on top of the nail. Remember to apply it in an appropriate place so the whole flower will be distributed proportionately. If you are just starting to do 3D nail art apply one bead at a time. Do not apply three beads at the same time. Make sure there is no liquid left on your brush. Wait till the bead turns from a shiny consistency to a matt finish. This way it will be easier to mold it. (NOTE: if you want your petals to be pointy gently point the bead at this stage)

2. 3.

Place the point of the brush just next to the bead (where the center of the flower is going to be). Hold the brush at a 45° angle and gently press the belly of the brush down to flatten the bead and create a petal. The point of the brush should not go into the petal as it would create holes in it. This way the middle area of the petal will be thin and the outside will create a nice rim.

Repeat step 1 and place a second bead next to the first petal, close to the center of the flower. Remember to leave enough space to form the petal.

4. 5.

Repeat step 2. Remember that if the brush is coming at too flat an angle the center of the petal will not be as thin as it should. The petal should not be a perfect circle as real flowers do not look like that. Do the same with the third petal. Create the center of the flower. Place the bead in the middle of the flower. Come in at a 90° angle in the center of the bead. Roll a circle to create a donut shape. Press the sides, create an imperfect circle. ADVICE – If you want you can use Swarovski crystals instead of the central bead to add a bit of sparkle

6. 7.

To create a leaf, dip the brush into white and green acrylic powder (if you prefer it can be yellow and green). Place the bead close to the flower (between two petals) and move with your brush while it is still wet into a point.

Wait a few seconds for the acrylic to get a matt finish. Press it gently the same as the petal to form the shape. To create the veins use a sharp tool or the thin edge of your brush. Press it to create the middle line and then the diagonal lines. Using a brush will give a more natural effect.

Tip for advanced 3D nail artist

If you have a bit more experience in creating 3D nail art, instead of working one bead at a time, try to place three beads at the same time. Remember to place them at a bit of a distance, as you will need space to form petals.

The Art of

Watercolour Painting by Irina Zotova – Asteria Nail Studio Watercolour is a tradition that spans the chronicles of history. Watercolour, also called aquarelle in French, is painting with watersoluble pigments on paper. In the early ages, primitive pigments were mixed with water to create cave paintings by applying the paint with fingers, sticks and bones. Ancient Egyptians used waterbased paints to decorate the walls of temples and tombs and created some of the first works on papyrus paper. However, it was in the Far and Middle East that the first watercolour schools or predominant styles emerged in the modern sense. Chinese and Japanese masters painted on silk as well as on exquisite handmade paper. Their art was filled with literary allusion and calligraphy, but the primary image was typically a contemplative landscape. This characteristic anticipated what was to be a central aspect of Western watercolour traditions in later centuries. In India and Persia, the opaque gouache paintings created by the Moslems depicted religious incidents derived from Byzantine art. This method of painting nails is quite new to the industry, but it became very popular. It might be a bit messy when used in the salon, but the effect is amazing and definitely worth a few splashes. Watercolour painting is a very artistic method allowing you to create the most stunning and adventurous designs. It gives you the chance to create semi-transparent, pearl, iridescent or metallic styles. For those of you that haven’t tried it before we advise first that you practice on tips before offering it to your clients as part of your nail art. You can use the paints on tips or natural nails – however when applying it to the natural nail make sure you use the correct base coat


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

nail polish and top coat. If you use the wrong products the paint may crack when applying the top coat or run down the nail. The watercolour paints can be applied onto a gel base coat or after the last layer of building gel (after it is cured and buffed). After applying the paints you should finish off with a high shine gel top coat. When it comes to acrylic it is quite similar – you can use paints after you build the nail or on the final layer of acrylic finishing off with a top coat. If you are using watercolour paints for a while the consistency can change into a thicker one. All you need to do is add a few drops of water and they will be as good as new. When buying the paints, check if there is a lead ball in the container. This will make it easier to mix the paint. Watercolour paints allow your imagination to run freely creating a fairytale world of colours, shadows and lights.

1. Matt the nails using a buffer. 2. Mix blue watercolour paint with water to make it very smooth. Using brush N0 or N00 draw a very fine contour of the picture (some stylists use a pencil in the colour of the flower to draw contours). Avoid adding excessive amounts of water to your paint after you’ve washed your brush

by dabbing the brush onto a dry paper towel before putting it in the paint again. If you’ve loaded a brush with too much paint, use a clean paper towel to soak up some of the excess. Doing this helps to keep the pigment at the tip of the brush.

3. Using the same liquid paint apply shadows onto the petals creating folds. The usual rule when painting with watercolours is to start with the lightest colours and tones and build your way up to the darkest.

4. Using the Norka brush make deeper shadows and separate the petals. If you make a mistake here there are some ways of correcing them. If you notice the mistake straight away try lifting the paint off by tapping very gently using a piece of paper towel to absorb it. Don’t press to hard or rub as you can make more damages. A clean, dry brush will also work – touch the place you want to correct with the very tip of it and the brush should absorb the excess paint. If you spot the mistake after the paint has already began to dry just wait till it is totally dry. Then using a clean, slightly damp, brush (not too wet) gently brush on the


Watercolor paint consists of four principal ingredients: • pigments, natural or synthetic, mineral or organic; • arabic gum as a binder to hold the pigment in suspension and fix the pigment to the painting surface; • additives like glycerin, ox gall, honey, preservatives: to alter the viscosity, hiding, durability or color of the pigment and vehicle mixture; and • solvent, the substance used to thin or dilute the paint for application and that evaporates when the paint hardens or dries.

area you want to remove, working into an adjacent bit of the painting, then use a paper towel to lift the paint.

5. Using the fine brush N0 or N00

draw the contours and shade in the

centre of the flower. A good tip is to invest in high quality brushes. Sometimes it can be better to have just one good brush rather than a handful of cheap ones that splay out and drop hairs. A good brush retains its shape so you can get a very fine brushmark from the point. It is also more economical as it holds a good quantity of paint so you need to reload it less often.

use a dripping wet brush you can accidentally damage other parts of the design.

7. Create the background using the colours: yellow, blue, green and pink. Take into consideration that

with watercolour paint a colour will always look more intense (stronger and darker) when it is wet. A colour will always be lighter and paler when dry. It is important to remember that when choosing paints for your design. If your nail art looks insipid, intensify the colours by using more paint and less water, or by painting a second layer over the first.

see through the layers of colour, that is why it is harder to hide a mistake. If something like that happens don’t fight against it, but embrace it and work with it. Sometimes our best nail art is created from a mistake.


6. Colour the centre of the flowers

with yellow paint and add shading to it using orange and brown colours. A good feature of water paints is that when it is dry it is still soluble. So, if you spot a mistake you can simply re-wet the dried paint with water on a brush and you will be able to lift the paint off the nail to fix a mistake, lighten a colour by removing some of it, or even mix it with new paint to change the colour. Just bear in mind that you have to be very accurate as if you

10. Add details applying green and black paint. On the top flower draw pollen using yellow and orange paints. Highlight some details using a thick white paint. Remember that watercolour paints are transparent which means that you are able to

Cover the nails with a finishing gel. Very important – before applying the gel make sure that the paint is dry!

8. Draw the stems and leaves using green paint.

9. Colour the leaves using thicker

paint. Then “wash out” the shadows with a clean brush.


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… h is n r a v a ’s t I l… e g a It ’s

NO!!! It ’s a

! ! ! ! ! ! H S I L O P L GE By Iza

Recently, the nail market has been dominated by hybrid gel polishes. Not only manicurist and beauticians, but most nail salon clients love them. It is no exaggeration to say that hybrid coatings are the hit of the season! What is a gel polish and what makes them stand out from the other methods? What are their pros and cons as well as features? In this article you will find answers to these questions. A hybrid is basically a mix. Gel polish is a combination of nail polish pigment with the flexibility and the durability of an acrylic, which gives a 100% guarantee for the fast coloring of your natural nail. This method makes it as simple to perform as a nail varnish application. It gives you the chance to use a full range of colors while looking as natural and pristine as gel nails. When applied in a very thin layer it protects the natural nail plate while maintaining its flexibility and elasticity. Gel polish is also as durable as acrylic, remaining on the nail plates without cracks, scratches, or any damage to the surface until the next application. The use of hybrid gel in manicures or pedicures ensures the nails look perfect for 2-3 weeks (up to a month), thanks to the high gloss finish and flexibility of the plate. Nails are dry directly after curing them under a UV lamp. This product is intended primarily for natural nails, even very weak and splitting once as well as artificial nails as a durable finish. It is a good idea to offer Hybrid coatings to clients who don’t want to go for artificial nails but want to care for their natural nail plate and have a long lasting colour at the same time. It is also a perfect product for those who have stopped wearing gel or acrylic extensions and want to grow natural nails, as well as for clients who are planning longer holidays and want to keep an elegant manicure throughout that time. The main benefit of gel polish is that you can easily

and quickly change the colour by filing the old layer or by using a pure acetone to remove them. At the same time the use of non-acetone varnish remover doesn’t affect the look of the hybrid, which is also an advantage for the nail techs themselves as they usually don’t have time to nurture their own nails. Gel polish is an alternative to other products such as acrylic or gel. The additional advantage is the fact that it significantly reduces the time of the service and does not emit fumes, odors or large amounts of dust in the process of application or removal. That is why it is particularly recommended for people suffering from allergies. In addition, hybrid coatings protect the natural nail plate against external and mechanical damage, leaving it healthier and stronger after removing gel or acrylic extensions. However, there are also drawbacks, as in all other cases. First of all, remember to properly buff the nail and distribute the product evenly over the entire nail plate, including the outer edge. Remember that such products when exposed to UV light can shrink. If the gel polish wasn’t cured correctly (e.g. fingers positioned lightly on the side while in UV lamp) can cause discoloration of the colour, so you should repeat the procedure. The durability of this product is also determined by the characteristics of the nail plate and the way customers work (working with your fingertips, not your fingernails!). That is why it varies from two-three weeks, and in some cases lasts up to a month.

Bio Izabela Stelmaszyk – Master of cosmetology, owner, educator and main distributor of IMS Center for Professional Cosmetics; with a Master’s Diploma from Swiss Company SAREMCO Cosmetics and an educator’s diploma from TROSANI. She has had her brand of professional cosmetics IMS NAILS since 2003 and is an International championship judge for nail extensions and nail art. She is also a lecturer at numerous beauty schools.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

The gel polish is the key to long-lasting, pristine colour and high gloss finish, without flaking and chipping!

Products needed: - primer - base/top coat - gel polish - cleanser Primer Apply a small amount of primer to each nail and leave to dry. Primer will balance the pH of the nail, dehydrate and degrease the nail’s surface. This will prepare the nail for bonding and extend its durability.

Base / Top Coat A base/top Coat product is a product that contains a base (primer) and top coat in one. Their purpose is to increase the adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail. Apply a thin layer and cure for 2 min. Applied to the surface of the nail it will give a glassy luster. Cure in a UV or LED lamp.

Gel polish Product used on the natural nail, after it has been prepared with a primer/base coat. Mix the gel polish thoroughly before using. Apply two layers - each should be cured in UV or LED lamp. This may product a sticky residue which can be removed by using the cleanser.

Cleanser The cleanser will remove from the surface of the nail, the sticky layer that curing creates.

Nail Art Using Hybrids

The fashion for short, but well-kept nails always continues. Here you will find the guide how to obtain the effect of French manicure using gel polish.

1. First disinfect yours and customers hands. 2. Prepare the nail surface matting them with a 180 grit file. Carefully remove all the excess cuticles. Shape the nails. 3. Apply a thin layer of primer and allow it to dry. 4. Apply the Base / top coat and cure for 2 min. Remember to apply it to the outer edge of the nail. 5. Apply a layer of pink hybrid gel and cure for 2 min.

Carefully apply it to the plate and edges of the nail. It should be applied quite high and wide, but without flooding the cuticles. Remove the sticky residue. Apply a thin line of white gel polish on the tip of the nail to create a smile line. Apply it with a thin brush for decorating, or chisel. Cure in the lamp. In order to obtain a less intense white tip of the nail, first apply white gel polish and then cover the entire surface of the nail with pink gel polish. Cure.

6. Apply the Base / Top Coat. Cure and remove the sticky residue with the cleanser. 7. Apply antiseptic fluid (“Antifungal Solution”) under the nails and the cuticle oil with vitamins onto the cuticles.

For those clients who love glitter and patterns - offer various kinds of decoration using hybrid coatings. Keep in mind; however, that natural nails are usually short, so try to keep a sense of aesthetics and balance while doing nail art. Go for subtle and more modest nail art.

1. Create French manicure using gel polish. Do not cover with top coat. 2. Dip a thin brush into white gel polish and paint

small, thin lines (one next to another) to create a cone shape.

3. 4. Using first red and then black gel polish paint small

Starting from the free edge create longer and shorter lines, imitating leaves and grass.

dots. This way you will create blooming poppies. Cure.

5. Cover the whole surface of the nail with Base / Top Coat and cure it in the lamp. Remove sticky residue. Apply cuticle oil and antiseptic fluid.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012


Anna Amelina Kiev, Ukraine Global Celebrity Nail Artist Jury of international competitions Owner of Celebrity Studio & Academy “French Guru” Author of patented “Monroe” nail shape

1. Sanitize yours and your client’s hands and nails. Push back the cuticles and remove pterygium from the nail plate. Apply a lacquer base coat.

4. Draw blue lines – Polycolor 400.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Splish Splash

2. Apply a turquoise colour of acrylic paint Polycolor 356.

3. Draw black lines Polycolor 530.

5. Apply oil to the fingers, to prevent the paint from staining the skin.

6. Splash the nails with the same paint colours, turquoise and blue. Apply a matte lacquer to the nails and oil to the cuticles. After 10 min wash the hands.

“Hey and talk about controversy, who would have thought that the Gel Polish category would become such an area of hot debate and stress.”

Let’s Talk CUCCIO W

ell I can honestly say the past two years, have been the biggest period in the history of my company!! My research and development team have worked harder, than even I could imagine to bring, to market two great products. Products that we believe will give our company a major boost as we continue to develop our Cuccio line into a truly all encompassing nail product and services brand. These two products are in the two most popular and controversial categories I have ever seen in the nail industry; two categories which are causing major arguments and conflicts the entire world over at the moment. It is true to say that nails have never been hotter than they are now. Whether it is funky nail art, with court cases about who invented the caviar manicure (seriously folks there is more to life) but this case has made the pages of the mainstream newspapers. I guess the market must be getting big enough to worry about if companies are taking court action about who invented what and when. I recently watched the film Duplicity with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts; a film about two spies working in the corporate world and how their two companies went cloak and dagger about the launch of a phantom shampoo that would re-grow dead hair. I had to laugh at how the two CEO’s would stoop to any depth to find out the companies secrets and eventually the two CEO’s came to blows in an unseemly fight. I thought this was beyond reality, then I remember about two distributors who shall remain nameless, who came to blows at an exhibition over who used a name first. Hey and talk about controversy, who would have thought that the Gel Polish category would become such an area of hot debate and stress. Seriously from literally

whether someone has the rights to a name to if the product sets in the bottle or the pigment separates or if there is long term damage to the natural nail from the effects of the solvents in the product – the list is endless. I have listened to all the arguments and fallings out from competitors, as has my head of product development - to such a degree that even though we are now, after having taken our time and not rushing to market with a product that hasn’t had long term trials, we have taken a very important decision. We will not call it a gel polish or a soak off gel it is a new category a fourth generation if you will of these product types, we feel there is just so much negativity rising about gel polishes from the professionals perspective that we don’t want to get mixed up in all the fuss - we may be a little late to the party but I feel better that than rush to market and be regretful. However if you want real, real controversy - than look no further than the recent acquisitions of OPI by Coty International (Sally Hansen) and Essie by L’Oreal. These are two professional salon companies, who built their names on the back of great marketing and the toil, sweat and support of the nail professional. The bulk of their product sales were in the polish category, which we all know is really hot at the moment and now they are going mainstream retail. This means that OPI can be seen in Walgreens and drugstores in the USA; this is causing major controversy in the professional business and salons are having to decide if they want to sell a product that the shop down the road is selling for less. In fact talking to my partners in the UK they tell me you can now find these products in department stores and very soon I am sure you will see them in Boots and Superdrug. You can’t blame the companies though, they have to increase their bottom line and repay the money they borrowed to purchase these companies from the original owners, but you have to feel sorry for the techs and the position they are in now. So, controversy and arguments in an industry that has never had stronger growth and innovation, and companies willing to spend big to support their customers. Wow what a great time to be in the business, as I said this is the biggest period in our history - two great launches which complete the Cuccio brand, great products, great industry, great times!! Tony Cuccio


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SON E LI N DA R EI N WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2











’m mobile and need a way to carry nail polish remover around. I use an acetone free remover and bought the pumps from a wholesaler but after a while it ate away at the plastic bottle and leaked all over my van. I also have a bottle with a lid that you push down on one side, but that started opening really easily in my kit bag, leaking and ruining a lot of my stuff. Any ideas would be appreciated. Regardless of if your nail polish remover is acetone free or not, I would still use a container that is acetone safe. I recommend you use the acetone safe pump bottles from a retailer such as Sally’s, as they usually last a while. It is also a good idea to put them in the cup holder of your car, as then they won’t spill.


want to start Swarovski crystal pedicures but need to know what the best adhesive bond to use with them is. Also, how do you apply them with shellac?


TIPcoat L I A V top


lU sh, t Ge el poli u p g ’t Don top of crack. on t will i




The best way to make sure the crystals really bond and won’t come off is to put them into the top coat of Shellac before curing the nails. For longevity, I would recommend that you really push them in fi rmly. Lastly, try to use smaller crystals for a more professional look.


would like to know if it is better to apply any kind of top coat to Minx nails to make them last longer.

Minx nails don’t come off in the bath or shower and are quite resistant to many household cleaning products. However, putting on a clear topcoat or shellac can really help to prolong their life. You can make them last longer by advising your clients to: wear gloves when cleaning to protect them from abrasion; smooth them over with a finger whilst still warm after a bath or shower; use a cuticle oil on the nails everyday as it will not lift or damage the Minx; and if they do start to wear at the edges, smooth them by using a very fine file, filing in one direction.


did my fi rst French Shellac on Thursday night for a friend as one of my NVQ case studies. Although it took me an hour and a half, I was really pleased as I have only ever done this once before and that was on my course last year! Anyway, she has just texted me saying that bubbles have appeared in the white on her thumb nail. I followed correct Shellac procedure, have a CND lamp and rolled the polishes instead of shaking them. How can I avoid this in the future? There could be a few reasons why this has happened; you say you rolled the polishes instead of giving them a shake? CND Shellac needs to be shaken to mix the solids and solvents together. Otherwise, you will be using only the solvents making the Shellac thick and gloopy. Alternatively, you could have applied the white too thickly and not noticed a wrinkle before applying your top coat, which would have disguised them. Have you taken a CND Shellac class? You should, you will get loads of tips to help you perform a great treatment.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012


SPARKLY ICICLES Małgorzata Ollek Serenity Day Spa Nuala Woulfe Dublin Winner of Professional Beauty 2011 & 2012 Tip & Overlay and Pink & White Competition Style category

2. Fit the form under

the natural free edge, apply a clear gel onto Begin by prepping zone 1,2,3. Create the For this design, use a the nails. Lightly buff the shape of your choice. thick white building gel. nails using a block or 240 Cure it for 2 minutes. With a pink cover gel, Just tap it randomly on grit file. Gently remove the forms. extend the nail bed. the top of the extension.






Cover the tip, Add a silver glitter including white bits, gel. with a blue glitter colour gel. Cure it for 3 minutes.

7. Cover the extensions 8. Remove the sticky with a clear gel.

layer. Shape and refine the nails. Finish by applying UV top coat.

Faye Lewsam

Hi can anyone help? I am wondering what’s people’s opinions on gel polish, which brand is the best for durability? Like · Comment · Share

Ingute B’Shine

Hi girls :) I want to ask what kind of sterilizing liquid do you use to disinfect your manicure tools? and where do you buy it. Which one is the best for you? Like · Comment · Share Debbie Jones I use barbicide, its what I was taught to use in college. 11 October at 21:09 · Like Jillian Woodward I’ve just started using Mundo. I ordered it from Ellisons as delivery was cheaper than Mundos! I have liquid for tools and a spray for files etc 11 October at 21:19 · Like Justine Yidprincess Head Barbicide to do a proper job but i use nsi spray sanitizer between back-toback clients. smells better than most. 11 October at 21:29 · Like Karen Perfectly Polished I used Mundo for years believing it was the best disinfection solution and never got the 5 day usage out of it with out the solution turning orange! Yes it rusts your tools and I use cnd tools. I was fed up forgetting to take my tools out the jar overnight and them going rusty by morning so I decided to give barbicide a try and it’s brilliant. I can leave my tools in the same solution for a week if I wanted to and the solution stays its true blue colour without rusting. I changed my hard spray to barbecued too has its cheaper and you get 6 refill 1liter capsules with it. X 12 October at 21:31 · Like Write a comment...

Angela Maxwell-Brow I’m using gelore, but they only do a small colour range so would like too add more colours with another brand. 13 October at 11:06 · Like Carla Louise Carrott I have had Gelax last about 4 weeks on a registered busy child minder, she just had a lot of nail growth so that’s why she rebooked. I only invested in gelish too as I wanted more colours. 13 October at 11:26 · Like Sarah Nash I think using different brands of l&p in the same set is risking it, but the uv gel polish is actually cured so really you are not mixing the brands together as such. 13 October at 11:26 · Like Write a comment...

Aly Beau Treatment

Just quickly , when applying gel polish , what’s the quickest and best way to ‘rid’ of any polish that may attach itself onto the skin surrounding nail whilst applying pls? Like · Comment · Share Barbara Hanley-Smith Orange wood stick or as i have a polish corrector pen just incase.

15 October at 9:23 · Like Cassandra Trower For those of you that work within a salon, what do you pay to rent space / a room / nail table etc or do you recommend setting up an agreement where the salon takes a percentage or earnings?

15 October at 10:23 · Like Write a comment...


WIN TE R N O.4/2012





The word Leukonychia derives from the latin words “leuk” meaning white and “onyx” meaning nail. It is a condition which can be identified by a characteristic whiteness on the nail. Sometimes white spots appear on part of the nail in flecks or spots; this is known as Leukonychia partialis. On other occasions, lines appear on the nails, this is Leukonychia striata. In more rare cases, the whole nail turns white, otherwise referred to as, Leukonychia totalis.


The most common cause of Leukonychia is injury or trauma to the base of the nail (matrix), for example, from a bang or knocks. Often it can be caused by common bad habits, such as, picking and biting the nails or frequent application of false nails. After a trauma, new cells which grow at the root of the nail are white in appearance and as they grow out, they harden & flatten, seeming almost translucent. On some occasions, white spots may not appear until the nail grows out and you have completely forgotten about the trauma. These spots fade away as the nail grows. Leukonychia has also been associated with zinc deficiency and other less common causes of Leukonychia include; certain medications, arsenic poisoning, heart, liver or kidney disease. If you feel you may have a serious underlying medical condition, you should contact a physician.


With Leukonychia partialis you may see small white flecks or bubbles at the base of the nail. There may be pain at the time of trauma but otherwise it is generally painless. If you have Leukonychia striata, you will see a whitening or discoloration of the nail in bands or “stria” that run parallel to the nail base. In more serious cases of Leukonychia totalis the whole nail bed will turn white.


As most cases of Leukonchia are caused by trauma avoid picking and biting the nails. Be especially careful when pushing back the cuticle. Avoid any other bad habits which may cause damage to the nail. However, if the whiteness is persistent and you feel that you may have an underlying vitamin deficiency, you should try taking zinc supplements or increase the quantity of grains, vegetables and nuts in your diet.


For Leukonychia caused by trauma, the best course of action is to wait until the discolouration grows out. If the appearance of the white spots is an issue for you, you may want to apply a nail polish to camouflage them. It is also best to keep affected nails out of harms way when using chemicals of any kind, as they can further damage the nail. If you are concerned in any way, seek medical advice.

YOURNAILS WINTER COMPETITION YOUR NAILS is entering the New Year with Latin spirit and our theme for the upcoming competition is inspired by the Rio Carnival. So unleash your wild side and enjoy the buildup to lent by showing off your most outrageous, extravagant and overthe top nail designs. We want to see an explosion of colours, textures and sparkle, fit for the carnival queen. Now is the time to really wow the world with your designs. We would like to invite all nail technicians, artists, students and nail lovers to create their own Carnival Nails. Send us your photos… everyone is welcome to participate! The winner will receive an amazing prize – Veneer First Crush Kit– from Cuccio Ireland. The set includes: Veneer Colour A Kiss in Paris in a traditional red colour with warm tone, PREP (natural nail dehydrator), FUSE (a non-acid, pHbalanced bonder), BASE (base coat), TOP (top coat).


Veneer First Crush Kit Veneer 4th generation, 100% polish free formula. - No evaporation/thickening / hardening / yellowing- we guarantee the product until the last drop. - Triple Pigmentation- true coverage in just 2 thin coats - Led/ Uv formula - Veneer Micro-shatter resistant technology armour coated flawless wear - Reflective Mirror shine for the entire length of wear - Extended Wear- product will stay on until you want it remover it - 36 colours that match our Cuccio Colour nail lacquer - Double your income- a cost-effective product in comparison to other brands especially as it remains stable until the end of the bottle. Available at: The Cuccio Centre of excellence and wholesale Unit 4 Argyle Business Centre Belfast BT13 2AP Web: Tel: 02890319000 / 07919464508


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Do not share your entry material online before the results of the competition are announced The competition is open to ALL nail technicians that register online through Only work performed personally by the participant may be submitted. A live model must be used (one or both hands). Any type of enhancement may be used: acrylic, gel, fiberglass or silk. Any type of shape may be used: stiletto, square, almond, pipe, edge, bridge, oval. Top coat, base coat, cuticle oil and gel finish products may be used. All types of nail art may be used (glitters, crystals, acrylic paint). Send a maximum of 4 pictures (of 1 design), JPG format, maximum 2 MB size. All pictures need to be of sufficiently good quality for printing. Each participant is required to include the following information: the title of the work. By submitting your work to the competition you agree to the presentation of images on websites, in publications and in other media belonging to the organizer. The organizer has the right to prohibit photos from the competition, without informing the participant. The organizer is not responsible for entries that have not reached him for reasons beyond his control, including failure of internet connections or a participant’s system. The organizer is not responsible for any false information or third party data provided by the participants. False data will result in disqualification from the competition.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted by Friday, 4th January 2012. PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in the competition you must fill in the registration form on:

Carnival Contest

Martina Meloni Master Educator Morgana Nails & Make-up Italy


Prep the nails. Dehydrate the nail plate and apply primer for better adhesion.

5. File and buff.



Draw red roses and white piano keys. Apply UV Top Coat



Fit the form under Create the extension the nail. Extend the nail with some black acrylic bed with some pink cover powder. acrylic powder.

WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

4. Apply clear acrylic powder to the whole extension. Pinch the nails to give them a slimmer shape.


Snowen Que

a little bit 1. Mixnwhitande,pink acrylic

of brow paints to create a skin colour, paint the face and the body. Remember to leave enough space at the top for the hair.

4. Outline the eye with black y and grey paint creating “smoke eyes�. With light grey draw a gleam into the iris, outline it with black paint.

Yuliya Novikava Spain

2. Draw the eye with a

white colour. The eyes should be almond shaped.

3. To create the iris

of the eye, mix grey and blue paint.

5. Make eyelashes,

eyebrows and pupil of the eye with black colour.

6. Paint the nose and

outline the face and body with a brown color. Paint lips with a light pink and outline them with a brown. Make the hair with violet and blue colors.

h on cheek. With 7. Apply a bitteofhighpinklightpains ont tohairadd. Wia blus th black paint create

white paint crea . Apply small purple tattoo on the shoulder and paint the earring . rhinestone to add a bit of bling to the earring YOURNAILS

WIN TE R N O.4/2012


How to run a

business from home “ “ There are many things to consider when you are running any business from home by suzanne Alcock Thompson aSu nail & Beauty Supplies

1. set up:

If it is your intention to setup your business from a private residence, you must first apply for planning permission. running a business that provides a service to the public without permission is illegal. In order to receive planning permission, you must apply to your local council authority before starting or setting up. Your local authority will erect a sign at the front of your residence, so that the people in your locality can see that it is your intention to run a business from your home. assuming no objections arise, from your application – permission will be granted. the sign is usually a great way to build awareness amongst your neighbours and you may even have bookings before you open.

2. naming your business:

when selecting a business name try to create a name that is unique and memorable. Business names stick with you forever so choice them wisely. Modern technology has taken much of the pain out of setting up your business. online resources are especially helpful. Visit to register your business name and set up your company.

3. insurance:

You would not drive your car without insurance so why would you work without insurance. You cannot get insurance to work from your home without having proper planning permission from your local council. Many professionals in our industry avail of cheap insurance for mobile work, but this does not cover you to perform treatments from premises, especially your home. Insurance that covers public liability would need to be in place.

4. Pricing:

when you price your services for a home run business it is important to factor in all costs for example: insurance, advertising, time, stock cost, electricity, heating, phone bills and anything else used in your business. Many home run businesses in the nail and beauty industry, assume they should be cheaper than a normal salon but this is a very silly mistake. You have to factor in all your costs and then price accordingly. If your price is too low or you try to beat salon prices you may be working at a loss - so be wise when you do your pricing.

5. marketing:

there are hundreds of ways to market your business

and you must dedicate time every day to do some form of advertising. without this you cannot build a business. there are obvious ways to advertise like business cards, flyers, price lists, Facebook, twitter, web site and emails. Ideally, you should have two marketing plans. the first is a plan to maintain your existing client base and the second plan should aim to attract new clients and make them aware of your business. Promotion and marketing can be expensive but there are many ways you can do this for FrEE, yes FrEE. word of mouth and networking with people is a start!

6. Products: when offering treatments it is always best to be able to sell the brands you use too. Know the uSP (unique selling points) of your brands. If you don’t, your supplier will gladly give these to you. See what training they can give you on the brands and learn as much as you can about them. Just because you are doing nails or beauty a long time doesn’t mean you know everything. times change, products develop and new technology is introduced so try to learn as much as you can. Pass the product information onto every client and this will make them feel like they are in safe and confident hands. Clients want to know the benefits of what they are having done and many clients want to take these benefits home so knowing your brands well will help increase retail sales too. 7. education:

Education is the key to any business’s success. You can never stop learning things. Get yourself to any class that relates to beauty or business. the harder you train – the stronger you will be. Contact your local enterprise board. they usually run free classes for business set ups that are extremely useful. always mention to clients when you are going on a class or training, as it shows your client that you are constantly trying to improve your business in any way.

8. financial:

Before you even start a business you need to work out how much you need to earn each week / month to cover your costs and your income. Cash flow keeps a business afloat. Maintaining a low bank balance will put your business under pressure or maybe even at risk. Some businesses even allow their accounts go into red - this is better known as an overdraft. once you go into this zone, you are

liable to pay very high interest rates and it can become stressful. I think it’s a good idea, when you have your figures worked out, to decide on a figure you want to always maintain in your bank account. this way you will always stay in a safe zone and have a better credit rating with your bank. Showing a good cash flow in your bank account will not only help your keep focused but it will also help you in the future if you ever want to get a business loan. Having an amount in your safe zone will help when you hit quieter times in your business too. another thing to factor in is if you go above that safety figure, then start to think reinvestment.

9: reinvestment:

when you get to a stage in your business, that you have a fund over your safety amount, then start to plan on reinvestment in your business. You can increase or improve your business in many ways and by doing this you will help your business grow. think of a new machine, a new product or service, a computerised system, redecorating your treatment rooms, advertising, marketing and so on. this can be anything that helps to improve what you are already doing. when clients see this input from you, it keeps them excited and interested too.

10. Accounts:

using a good accountant is vital to keeping your finances stable. You need to make sure you understand the jargon accountant’s use as it is important you know everything. Keep records of all your treatments and services. Basic book keeping is a simple task that can be done by you and should help to reduce your accountancy fees - but ensure that your accountant guides you correctly.

11. Customer service:

this doesn’t cost you a single cent! Being friendly, helpful and putting a smile on your face is the simplest

way to give your client a reason to come back to you. Sometimes we take our regular customers for granted so always keep in the back of your mind that he or she is a paying customer and that they deserve the best customer service possible. Seeing a client every month and building a friendship is fine, but remember she doesn’t always want to hear about your problems!

12. retailing:

Many professionals within our industry think they only have to perform a treatment and that that is their job done. However if clients can help benefit from buying a retail item such as hand cream, or a cuticle oil, then it is part of your role as a professional to advise this. aftercare is an essential part of a treatment, so recommending a homecare item, to help improve your service is a must. retail sales can increase your revenue; therefore, increasing your business.

INSURANCE FOR NAIL TECHNICIANS HAVING TROUBLE FINDING A LOCAL INSURANCE PROVIDER FOR NAIL TECHNICIANS? BEAUTY INSURANCE IN IRELAND COULD NOT BE EASIER “DON’T RENWE YOUR PRESENT POLICY WITHOUT TALKING TO US FIRST; YOU’LL BE HAPPY YOU DID.” We are Ireland’s specialists in providing insurance for the professional beauty industry and professional nail and hair industry for over 19 years and have an exclusive insurance policy designed for salons and therapists which can give you: • Very Competitive Terms • Widest Available Cover • Beauty and Hair Treatment Risk can be included • Cover for sun-bed use available • Fast and efficient claims handling service • Full range of financial services • Premium can be spread over 8 months • Personal and prompt service • Cover for nail technicians, mobile therapists and make-up artists • Visit us at • Best home and car insurance rates

For a competitive quote

CALL US TODAY! w w w.g r

13. fear:

Many business owners have a FEar of doing something in case it doesn’t work, but, if you do not try, how will you know? If you do something and it does not work then at least you can learn by this and move on. Every step in business is a learning curve, so don’t be afraid to try new things. I always wonder if it is the fear that drives me or is it that I am fearless? Sometimes I think I have a bit of both. However you feel just go with it - what will be, will be!

The Salon Insurance Specialist

i run free business talks for mobile technicians and salon owners at Asu nail & beauty supplies / Training. for next dates for these free talks email me at or LiKe our page on facebook - Asu nail & beauty supplies / Training Academy




NAIL WORKSHOPS & COURSES IN IRELAND Organiser N&B Nail and Beauty Systems

Catherine Nail Collection Ireland

Trinity Beauty Ireland



Book either Gel or Acrylic Course (4 full days) and receive 3 FREE courses: - Tanning Course - Eyelash Course - UV Gel Polish training

Unit A4 Metropoint Business Park, Kettles Lane, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Courses available: Gel, Acrylic, Manicure and more.

Unit D5 Market Place Shopping Centre, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

Different dates available. Please contact us for more details. +353 87 314 7793

Acrylic Nail Course 2 Full Day Courses Dates are not yet scheduled For more information please contact Trinity Beauty +353(0)894347521 Limerick area

+353 (0) 1 840 9124


SHOW THE WORLD YOUR NAIL DESIGN!!! If you are a nail technician and love nails like us, why not show your nail design to the world? Send us photos of a step by step nail design and the ready design and we will create an article with your photos, contact details and a short description! You will also receive a free copy of YOUR NAILS featuring your nail art.

How to send the step by step: 1. Send us photos of each step of the design (6-10 steps). The

photos should show one nail in close up.

2. The size of the photo should be a minimum of 1600 x1200 pixels, 300dpi. Photos must be sharp and not have any text, logo or watermark on them.

3. Background of the step by step photos should be pure white (the ready design can be on a different background). 4. Provide your full name, full address, contact details and a short description of yourself (the description is not compulsory), include a profile picture. 5. Send us a detailed description of each step. 6. Please send your work to . By submitting your work, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. 7. Do not publish the pictures online or in any other publications before printing in Your Nails Magazine.

Terms & Conditions Once all materials are received, Your Nails Magazine reserves the rights to publish the pictures in the magazine and on the company’s website, or republish in the future’s issues without any permission to do so. Materials cannot be published anywhere else (online, magazines) before being released in the magazine in which the designs are printed. Your Nails Magazine reserves the rights to refuse publishing supplied materials without explanations or due to insufficient quality.


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Vanessa D Nail Art By Vanessa D. Monaco, France



2. Begin by prepping the nails.

4. 7. 9.

Pinch the extension to create a C curve. Remove the form.


Apply the nail form under the free edge of the nails.

File the sides of the nails to create a proper nail shape

Start creating nail art by painting the outer contour of the balloons. Create balloons on the free edge of the nail, painting them in different sizes for diversity and creating the illusion of perspective.

Using the white paint add light to the upper part of each of the balloons.



6. 8.

Use a pink acrylic powder to extend the nail bed. Build the extension with a white acrylic.

Shape the nail. Remove excess dust.

Using a watercolour, fill the contours in 4 different colours: yellow, blue, pink and red.

Apply a UV top coat and cuticle oil for the final touches.


WIN TE R N O.4/2012




Diamond Nails launched their new product - UV Nail Polish Gel which is a base and top coat in one! What a saving of money! Special guest on the stand was – Izabela Stelmaszyk from Poland

Irina Zotova – author of the cover of the autumn issue of YOUR NAILS during a workshop on the live stage at PB explaining how to create cover nails


PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY – buzzing with life, filled with amazing offers, bursting with colours and finally shocking with novelties! In those few words it is hard to describe the atmosphere of the show. It was definitely a place to be for all nail techs! This year’s event brought together 8,287 beauty professionals. You could have chosen from various demonstrations and lectures on the live stage and knowledge arena, from business skills conferences, to Tanning Workshops and a New Trends Conference. The cherry on top was the possibility to learn from Nail Championships Director and International Educator Denise Wright. We also had a chance to shine on the Live Stage as the creator of YOUR NAILS autumn cover – Irina Zotova – showed in detail how to perform the design.


If you like bling – you will love the new trend – Swarovski Pedicure! On the Live Stage Louisa Flanagan head of education from NSI explained how to immerse your toes in diamonds! As always Flair’s stand was buzzing with new promotions and crowds of customers.

If you are a bargain hunter it was certainly your dream hunting area with 50% off, buy 1 get one free, lots of free samples, goodie

During those two days you could also test your skills and compete in Irish Nail Championships or if you preferred just admire the work of others. The competition was divided into two divisions- professional & novice. The more advanced nail techs battled in categories such as: Pink & White Competition Style, Manicure, Salon Nail, Irish Nail Art Championship, Permanent Polish, and Irish Nail Championship. The beginners could test themselves in Student Tip & Overlay and Student Manicure. For the photographic competition this year’s theme was “7 Wonders of the World”. And the results sure were wonderful! We would like to congratulate Amie Pike, winner of the second place in the Pink&White Competition Style. Amie participated in the Pink & White workshop with Gemma Lambert organized by YOUR NAILS Magazine in September. It is good to see how creative and imaginative people are in the nail industry. To all of you that entered the competition – BIG CONGRATS and all the best next year!

Presentation of Svarowski pedicure by NSI! Workshops available. Dimonds sure are girl’s best friend!



bags to mention but a few temptations that nail producers threw at visitors.

WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Cuccio is now available in Ireland! Louise McKee, distributor and educator, is wearing their new best seller – nail varnish – A Kiss in Paris! Which one of us girls wouldn’t like that ;-)

30th September & 1st October 2012 RDS Dublin RESULTS Manicure 1st 2nd 3rd

Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur Diana Bedunkeviciute Korakod Wilairak

Salon Nail 1st 2nd 3rd

Caroline Cunningham – winner of Showcase Nail Art and her creation

Tina Kangley Amy Hayes Natalja Harkova

Pink & White Competition Style 1st 2nd 3rd

Ekaterina Lutsenko Amie Pike Malgorzata Ollek

Permanent Polish Joanna Figasinska – winner of Photographic Classic

Virag Halasz – Irish Nail Championship

Ekaterina Lustenko – winner of Pink & White Competition Style

1st 2nd 3rd

Korakod Wilairak Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur Diana Bedunkeviciute

Showcase Nail Art 1st 2nd 3rd

Caroline Cunningham Neringa Skirgailiene Joanna Figasinska

Photographic Classic 1st 2nd 3rd Manicurist of the Year – Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur

Anna Bonko – 2nd place Ptotographic Nail Art – online voter’s choice

Tina Kangley – winner of Photographic Nail Art

Nail Artists and their colourful stand.



Joanna Figasinska Berenice Sullivan Caroline Cunningham

Photographic Nail Art 1st 2nd 3rd

Tina Kangley Anna Banko Caroline Cunningham

Irish Nail Championship Virag Halasz

Irish Nail Art Championship Jessica launched a new colour collection – Spicy Dream fall collection: Cinnamon Kiss, Pumpkin Delight, Gingersnap, Crimson Tattoo, Champagne Bubbles and Brown Sugar

Ekaterina Lutsenko

Manicurist of the Year

Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur

What, where, when... New Nail Company - Nail Artists Launch Party, Cork, Ireland On the 10th of September 2012 new to the Irish market premium class acrylic and gel products were introduced by Nail Artists. During the launch party, experts explained in detail and presented the secrets of different techniques and benefits of Nail Artists products. ‘Nail Artists’ supplies, training academy and beauty treatments is now newly opened in Cork city. Find out more on Facebook. Facebook: Nail Artists Cork E-mail:

Magnetic Nail Design Ireland

Famous instructor and award winning nail technician Ingeborg Mensonides presented her unique techniques at the Magnetic stand during Professional Beauty Show. That was some treat! If you didn’t have a chance to see her in person, check out her tutorials on YouTube.

Soak Off Gel Manicure – Div 3 - Top 3

Highest Individual Scorer Virginia Arleo - Argentina


WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Happy Winner of Summer YOUR NAILS Photo Competition – Kinga Micaci

Nailympics Competition

Olympia Beauty London, United Kingdom YOUR NAILS team had a chance to see the third Olympic events taking place in London this year up close! 149 top class nail technicians from 24 countries gathered in the Grand Hall of Olympia to take part in one of the most creative competitions in the nail industry. They all were competing for ten trophies and 96 medals. The nail stylists were using a broad variety of gels, acrylics, rhinestones, wraps, glitters, flowers, stickers, wraps and accessories beyond our imagination! The categories were as follows: Soak Off Gel Manicure, Stiletto, Acrylic Nail Sculpture, Mixed Media, Fantasy, Acrylic Tip and Overlay, Gel Open, Nail Embellishment. All participants were competing at three deferent divisions:


Div 1 – Novice for anyone that has never competed before Div 2 – Apprentice for anyone that has competed before anywhere in the world but never placed Div 3 – Master for anyone that has placed or won a competition anywhere in the world.


Soak off Gel Manicure Div 1 1st – Laura D’Avino Italy 2nd – Anna Pobedinskaya Estonia 3rd – Trang Thu Nguyen UK Div 2 1st – Pepi Ivanova Bulgaria 2nd – Simona Ganderova Italy 3rd – Rachel Furr UK Div 3 1st – Noemi Olah Italy 2nd – Lydmila Lysenko Ukraine 3rd – Helle Vammen Denmark

Div 1 1st – Dora Gyimesi Hungary 2nd – Sara Cordigliani Italy 3rd – Laura D’Avino Italy Div 2 1st – Kristina Berzina Schafer Germany 2nd – Irene Merlo Italy 3rd – Ksenia Gubara Russia Div 3 1st – Anna Wesolowska Italy 2nd – Hazel Dixon UK 3rd – Virag Halasz Hungary

Acrylic Nail Sculpture

Fantasy – Div 3 Winner – Dario Marzello, Italy

Div 1 1st – Dora Gyimesi Hungary 2nd – Piotr Wesolowski Italy 3rd – Emese Skribanekne Hungary Div 2 1st – Nikoletta Assenbrenner Hungary 2nd – Ekaterina Kuznetsova Russia 3rd – Natalia Zhenina Russia Div 3 1st – Eva Darabos Hungary 2nd – Nikoletta Ban Hungary 3rd – Linn Himberg Larsson Norway

Mixed Media Div 1 1st – Bettina Marton Hungary 2nd – Sayaka Hasegawa Japan 3rd – Mayumi Araki Japan Div 2 1st – Anna Scherbakova Russia 2nd – Anita Podoba Hungary 3rd – Viktoriya Raspopova Russia Div 3 1st – Maria De Lourdes Mexico 2nd – Megumi Mizuno Japan 3rd – Kirsty Meakin UK

Fantasy Div 1 1st – Corinne Bailey UK 2nd – Edit Gutpinter Hungary 3rd – Bethany James UK Div 2 1st – Mariya Vasileva Bulgaria 2nd – Theresa Dickson UK 3rd – Zhanna Gurkina Russia

Stiletto – Div 3 – Top 3

Div 3 1st – Dario Marzello Italy 2nd – Kirsty Meakin UK 3rd – Lorena Amici Italy

Acrylic Tip and Overlay Div 1 1st – Viktoriia Kysil Ukraine 2nd – Piotr Wesolowski Italy 3rd – Alexandra Monard Belgium Div 2 1st – Ekaterina Kaznetsova Russia 2nd – Ksenia Gubara Russia 3rd – Sari Kantelo Finland Div 3 1st – Nikoletta Ban Hungary 2nd – Linn Himberg Larsson Norway 3rd – Jessica Strom Sweden

Gel Open Div 1 1st – Anna Pobedinskaya Estonia 2nd – Filomena Barletta Italy 3rd – Sara Cordigliani Italy Div 2 1st – Natalya Zhenina Russia 2nd – Nikoletta Assenbrenner Hungary 3rd – Ekaterina Kuznetsova Russia Div 3 1st – Elizaveta Ermilova Russia 2nd – Cindy Andersson Sweden 3rd – Noemi Olah Italy

Nail Embellishment Div 1 1st – Rosalia Fama Italy 2nd – Anna Pobedinskaya Estonia 3rd – Olesja Lovcinovska UK Div 2 1st – Anita Podoba Hungary 2nd – Svetlana Azarova Russia 3rd – Maria Teplova Russia Div 3 1st – Federica De Rosa Italy 2nd – Brenda Skermont USA 3rd – Hazel Dixon UK

Top UK Tech Div 1 Thuy Tran Div 2 Olga Clapcott Div 3 Hazel Dixon

Team Trophy Div 1 Nail Harmony Belgium Div 2 Rome Nail Academy Div 3 Crystal Nails Best

Winner of Winners Div 1 Viktoriia Kysil Ukraine Div 2 Pepi Ivanova Bulgaria Div 3 Eva Darabos Hungary

Highest Individual Scorer Virginia Arleo - Argentina


WIN TE R N O.4/2012


NAIL INDUSTRY DIRECTORY Artisan 1 Gray Street The Liberties Republic of Ireland +353 (0)868632933

En Voque Sculptured Nails Ireland Unit 7, Greenhills Business Park Dublin 24 Republic of Ireland +353 (0)14057933

Asteria Nail Studio Dublin Republic of Ireland +353 (0)851454116

Cuccio Ireland 279 Conway Street Belfast BT13 1LR +44(028)90237377

Asu Nail & Beauty Supplies Unit 3 Feltrim Ind Estate Feltrim Road Swords Republic of Ireland +353 (0)18077066 Beauty Express Evanton Drive Thornliebank Ind Est Glasgow United Kingdom +44(0)1416202810 Bellissima Gel UK PO Box 15407 Tamworth Staffordshire B77 9HP United Kingdom +44 (0)7718339766 Bio Sculpture The Graphic Village Unit 1 Cornwell Rd Pinner Middlesex United Kingdom +44(0)2084283344 +353(0)1850005 CND - Creative Academy & Spa Ltd 43B Fashion City Ballymount Dublin 24 Republic of Ireland +353(0)14295122 Crystal Nails 59a North Leinster Street Phibsborough Dublin 7 Republic of Ireland +353 (0)851512541 Diamond Nails 6 Parnell Street Limerick Republic of Ireland +353 (0)87063 6846


Euro Products Block B Carryduff Business Park Comber Road Carryduff Belfast BT8 8AN Northern Ireland +44 (0) 8453012107 Magnetic Pink Distribution Dublin Ireland (0)12166693 Flair Hair and Beauty Supplies Unit D10 North City Business Park North Road Finglas Dublin 11 Republic of Ireland +353 (0)18641086 Hennessy Hair and Beauty Limited Unit 28 Doughcloyne Industrial Estate Sarsfield Road Wilton Cork Republic of Ireland +353 (0)214343436 Hollywood Nail System Hollywood Cross Hollywood Co.Wicklow Republic of Ireland +353 (0)87 9800 974 House of G ( Ireland ) Ltd 428 Lisburn Road Belfast Northern Ireland +44(0)2890660447 Kooky Nail Fashionistas Unit 6 Acorn Business Park Killingback Drive Leeds United Kingdom +44(0)1132497025

WINT ER NO.4 /2 0 1 2

Nail Fashion Academy Unit 1D, KCR Industrial Estate Ravensdale Park Kimmage Dublin 12 Republic of Ireland +353 (0)857153599

Pro Salon Direct Unit i4B Edenderry Industrial Estate 326 Crumlin Road Belfast Northern Ireland +353 (0)1 664 1646

Nail Harmony 94 Pier Avenue Claxton On Sea Essex CO15 1NJ United Kingdom +44 0800 014 8300

Pro Impressions Imperial House St Nicolas Circle Leicester United Kingdom +44(0)1162765150

Ninxae Nail Wraps Nail Wraps 28 Elm Park Tramore Co. Waterford Ireland +353 (0)85 8180976 NSI - Nail and Beauty Systems Unit B5 Metro Business Park Kettles Lane Swords Co. Dublin Republic of Ireland +353 (0)18409124 Odyssey Nail System OMG Nails +44 (0)2088309220 Pembroke College of Beauty & Body Therapy 123 O’Connell Street Limerick Republic of Ireland +353 (0)61410628 Perfect Lady Unit 9 James Joyce Street Dublin 1 The Liberties +353 (0)18944769 Pro Beaute 69 Heather Road Sandyford Ind Estate Dublin 18 Republic of Ireland +353 (0)868143144

Young Nails Ireland Unit 44 Orion Bus Centre Ballycoolin Blanchardstown Dublin 15 Republic of Ireland +353(0)18991200 Angelic Features Beauty Salon Colette Flynn T/A 91A Cabra Road Phibsborough, Dublin 7 Ann Tobin Beuty and Holistic College and Clinic Unit 14C N5 Business Park Castlebar +353(0)949023000 Nail Artists Ireland The Mall Drogheda Co. Louth +353(0)419802694 Dashing Diva UK 8 Jubilee Parkway Stores Road Derby DE21 4BJ 08448019934 Platinum Beauty Distribution Ltd 402 Kefron House Deansgrange Business Park Deansgrange, Co.Dublin +353(0)12190292 BAAM Consmetics 1 Willington Avenue Templeogue D6W +353(0)14507573


DESIGNS FROM THE BEST NAIL STYLISTS Marina Shyvtsova, Anna Amelina, Cheryl Atkins, Oksana Kovale Erika Kovacs, Ilona Musik, Hazel Dixon, Agi Majsa, Edit Gutpinter Erin Eng, Anita Podoba and Liliya Sereditskaya


Your Nails Magazine  

Your Nails Issue 4, A Touch of Frost

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