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Jamaica and Blackberry: Ahead of the curve Andre Burnett - Your Money Reporter


ou may have observed a growing phenomenon that has occurred across the length and breadth of Jamaica or you may even have been struck by this condition which manifests itself by forcing the afflicted to exhibit certain strange characteristics. Yes, you may have noticed a number of motorists vigorously typing on a handheld object while weaving through traffic or you may have seen people bumping into objects and hardly being fazed. It has certainly not escaped your attention that the vendors at the stoplight have taken to peddling car chargers in lieu of steering wheel covers. You probably would have been more intrigued if you had not been checking your email on your Blackberry handset.

Whatever the reason, the Island has become a poster child for RIM’s initiative with the company making special efforts to show their appreciation in recent months. Savvy, stylish and ahead of the curve, Jamaica is now garnering a lot more respect than many larger territories and there is no wonder why.


The Blackberry, for that one uninitiated person out there, is a “smartphone” manufactured by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). The device is renowned for its e-mail capabilities and simplicity and up until a number of years ago was perceived as being a tool suited for businesspeople and a device not suited for the masses. That view has somewhat changed and Jamaica, normally lambasted for its tendency to follow the lead of our neighbours to the north, has this time been at the forefront of a global revolution. Blackberry has an almost vice-like grip on the smartphone market in Jamaica and unlike the situation in the rest of the world, the introduction of such competitors such as the “hipper” Apple IPhone has not fazed RIM’s dominance in Jamaica. This phenomenon has as much to with the cultural makeup of the Jamaican people as it has to do with a kind of helping hand that was granted to Blackberry by our mobile providers. From a social viewpoint, the Blackberry was first viewed as a sign that a person meant business, then it moved to being a symbol that a person wanted to be efficient with his work, now it has reached a point where to be without a Blackberry is to exclude one’s self from a rather large social circle.

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As mentioned before, the ease with which our mobile providers provided internet and email capabilities also helped cement the device into psyche of the Jamaican landscape. Internet usage on any other phone is a costly experience and even the introduction of the IPhone with a similar payment structure of the Blackberry struggled to gain any traction on the rock.

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money smart - Raise Your Financial IQ!

5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Company’s Identity Provided by Gail’s Graphic Designs

“Add a spark to your corporate identity and boost your online presence.” 1. Add a Blog to your website

Have an open discussion online about your company and the products and services you provide. Blogging is a fun and affordable way to have direct involvement with your clients. It allows you to offer advice, news, or promotions about your company on a regular basis. A blog also exhibits you and your business as the expert in your field, boosting your credibility and confidence with potential and existing customers. Blogging can open the door for feedback and discussion between you and your clients. By providing an open forum, you can gauge your company’s performance and your customer’s wants or needs.

5. Electronic Brochure

An electronic brochure is a great way to grab a client’s attention. Sending your clients an electronic version of your print brochure reminds them of your business’ unique services or products. It’s a great informational tool, which can also contain hyperlinks right to your webpage. This way, customers will always know how to find you. ……………………………………………………… Based in New York, Gail’s Graphic Designs offers a broad spectrum of creative design and communication solutions to assist in the marketing of your small business. Contact Gail Lewis at or visit Gail’s Graphic Designs at Contributing writer Joe Witte

2. Email Signature

Let your clients know who you are and what company you represent. Sign all of your outgoing email messages with your name and company logo. A graphic signature will immediately be attached and included inside all of your outgoing emails. Ditch your boring text signature, and send a visual reminder about your brand with every outgoing message.


3. Email Marketing Template

Impress current and potential customers, by sending a professionally designed email message. By establishing your brand in the valuable real estate of your customer’s inbox, you can cheaply and effectively advertise your business and build brand awareness to already prequalified customers. Unlike a blog, your customers don’t need to search to find out about your company, the news comes right to them!

4. Post Card

Update current or former clients of what your business is up to. If you have a new product or service that you are promoting, no one will know about it unless you inform them of your updates. A branded post card is an excellent way to show off your identity and bring in more business by making sure your clients know of your new ideas. Not only will a postcard enforce your branded identity, it can be an affordable sales and promotional tool.

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Andrew Simpson, CEO of SymSure Explains His Journey to Entrepreneurship - Part 2 Andre Burnett - Your Money Reporter


pending a one time cost to build a bridge and then collecting a toll for the rest of its existence is the kind of business model that one should seek to achieve, this analogy is a perfect one when it comes to describing the recurring income that is generated in the business of software development”. With this kind of vision it was obvious to Andrew Simpson, CEO of SymSure Ltd, that his software company could not be restricted to the 2.5 million people that are residents of our fair isle. As a result Andrew Simpson is well on his way to achieving his dream of global domination. Symsure, with its flagship product called SymSure Monitor and its efficient marketing and channel partnering methodology has been making huge global strides in the software market. The product which is an exhaustive software framework, allows companies to oversee all of their business processes and monitoring controls and risks within the company. With this software, institutions can expect to lower and even eliminate security risks with an unrivaled technical support that has garnered praise from as far away as the world down under.

our rapid advancements have been because of some wonderful employees that we had the fortune of hiring, said the CEO, “to make a company a massive unexplained success you cannot have only one person within the company with the vision, everybody has to be an entrepreneur.” With the recent news about the Junior Jamaican stock exchange Mr. Simpson said that he thought it was a fantastic idea. “I would definitely be interested in the prospect of going that route with Symptai but at this time it’s not really the right fit for Symsure” stated Mr. Simpson. He explained that at this time the driving force behind Symsure’s expansion was not solely the acquisition of capital but also the acquiring of human capital to go along with it. This strategy shows the care with which Mr. Simpson guards his vision and it also evokes a sense of surety that Mr. Simpson is bound to succeed, lifting his country with him.

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Andrew Simpson

CEO and Founder of SymSure Ltd.

Symsure is a Jamaican company that is registered in Trinidad and Canada with channel partners all over the world. When asked how the Trinidadian connection was made, Mr. Simpson explained that in the early stages, he was seeking investment in Jamaica but was finding very little success where that was concerned. It was in Trinidad that a Venture Capital firm expressed interest and within a week of that initial contact the deal was sealed. The Canadian arm of SymSure is focused solely on marketing and is positioned strategically to allow make a foray into the eventual targets, the US and Europe. “People” was the answer when Mr. Simpson was quizzed about experiences that had made himself and his business better. “Some of the most trying experiences in my entrepreneurial life have been because of hiring blunders that cost us dearly, but at the same time

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October 28, 2009

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